The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, September 04, 1911, Page 5, Image 5

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wedding celebrated in the capital Satur.
day Miss Susie Payne Trimble, of this
city, became the bride of Judge Richard
Tuthlll, of Chicago, and at th same
Urn her niece. Miss Ella Dun lap Trim
ble, of Birmingham, Ala., . was united
in marriage to the Rev. Roy llartman,
of Oklahoma.
Minister Russell Accomplishes
,:the '"Impossible" in Ad
dress in Maryland.
- Mt. Lake Park.
Md., Sept. J. "The
greatest day ever"
Is the general senti
ment here. The reg
ular session at this
Assembly City end
ed, August SO. Nev
ertheless the after
season Convention
of The International
Bible Students As
soclation eclipses all
the ln-season af
fairs. Pastor Rus
sell of Brooklyn
Tabernacle, now also
of London Taber-
naole. Is the principal speaker on the
program. Hundreds of ministers and
thousands of Bible students are in at
tendance. The program shows more
than 60 publio addresses. The asocla-
tlon is unseotarlan. Christian union
on the Bible basis and without sectar-
tan fences to separate is the sentiment
"-the Bible truths, previously misun
derstood and misinterpreted by the Jar
ring and separating' creeds, is the ex
planation. God's Love and Mercy in the
blessing of the church and the world
and the glorious salvation provided Is
the key note. The convention will con
tlnue In session another wek.
Wesley and Calvin Sight In Borne Par
Pastor Russell, remarking that the
beautiful grounds and auditorium are
the property of the Methodist brethren,
took for his text John Wesley's favor
ite slogan of free grace "And . toe
Spirit and the Bride say, Come; and
let . htm that heareth say, Come; and
let him that is athlrst come; and' who
soever will, let him take the water of
life freely" (Revelation xxil. 17). Pas
tor Russell remarked that Protestantism
In general was Calvlnlstlc when Brother
Wesley began his preaching, "Qod is
Love;" "Whosoever will may come and
take of the water of life, freely" there
Is no predestination to eternal torture!
The result of Brother Wesley's teach
lngs Is seen, not merely in the num
bers professing Methodism and Free.
Orace; his influence has overswept all
the Calvlnlstlc denominations. Their
confessions of faith still are Calvinls
tic, but In their hearts and on their
tongues they have Brother Wesley's
message, "God is Love; He never pre
destinated anybody to eternal torture."
Pastor Russell declares that Brothers
Calvin and Wesley were both right In
certain particulars and both wrong In
other particulars. Brother Calvin was
quite right In declaring an election ac
cording to grace, and In speaking of the
church as God's elect, and In exhorting
the church to make their "calling and
election sure." He was right In these
matters because he was In accord with
the Bible. But he was wrong in declar
ing that God had predestinatedtbe non
elect to an eternity of suffering be
cause there Is no Scripture to this ef
fect. The only Scripture respecting di
vine predestination relates to th
church the elect. It tells us that God
foreknew the church as a specially
elect class and predestinated that no
one could be a member of this class ex
cept such as would become copies of his
son, the Redeemer. To this, the Scrip
tural predestination, none can object. It
Is the unscrlptural deductions which
have caused us difficulty.
In God's "Sue Time."
- St Paul gives the key to the situation
In I Timothy 11:4-6. He declares that it
Is God's will that all men shall be saved
(recovered from the condemnation which
came upon all through Adam) and also
come to an accurate knowledge of the
truth. He declares that It Is for this
reason that Jesus became the medfator
between God and the world of mankind
and that the testimony of this great
fact will reach all men "In due time.".
Now Is the church's "due tlmo" to see
and to hear, but not the world's. Satan
blinds and deafens the world of mankind
now so that only a favored few, com
paratively, hear and see God's proffered
grace In Christ. Great Is the blessing
ef those who see and hear, for they
may make their calling and election sure
and become spirit beings In the resur
rection "change," Joint heirs with their
Redeemer In his Messianic kingdom,
which shortly will bless the world. Then
will come the time for the blessing of
th'e non-elect. Satan will be bound for
the thousand years of Messlah'B king
dom. Darkness, Ignorance and super
stition shall flee before the sun of
righteousness In that great thousand
year day. Those then refusing to bow
to confess under this full and gracious
opportunity will die the second death,
from which there will be no resurrec
tion, no restitution. They will perish as
brute beasts be utter'y destroyed from
amongst the people (II Peter 11:12; Acts
Brother Wesley's Good Text.
Brother Wesley's favorite text pro
claiming free grace Is a precious one
Still, though It does not belong to the
present age but to the coming one. The
proof of this, Pastor Russell declares,
Is evidenced by the context. The
church is not yet complete. She is not
yet the bride, the lamb's wife, but
merely his espoused virgin. The mar
riage, which will make her the bride,
will be her union with her lord and
redeemer at his second advent by the
"change" of the first resurrection, when
she shall enter Into the joys of her
Lord, and share his glory, honor and
immortality and kingdom.
Hence there Is no bride st the pres
ent time to say, "come." The bride will
say, "come," to the non-elect world of
mankind during the thousands years of
Messiah's kingdom. -Adam and every
member of his race will be privileged
to know then their "duo time," of God's
love and mercy in Christ. All will then
have an opportunity to gain everlasting
life not heavenly or spirit life like
the angels and . the church, but human
life such as Adam enjoyed and lost.
Adam never was an angel, and never
fell from heaven. He fell , from the
perfection of human nature end his race
with him; only the church class of this
age will experience a change of nature,
from earthly to heavenly, to be accom
plished in their resurrection "change"
(I, Corinthians xv. 60), The salvation of
thi non-elect will, therefore, be to ever
lasting life In human perfection In a
world wide Eden Paradtse restored.
As the church cannot be the bride un
til after the marriage, likewise there is
no "river of water of life" now to which
to invite the world.
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The funeral services of J. Lloyd Mag
ness were helcfyeaterday afternoon from
the Third .Presbyterian church,' East
Thirteenth and; Pin' "streets.. Many
friends gathered to pay their last re
spect to the memory of the unfortu
nate youth.' The casket and pulpit were
banked with - flowera Magness was
drowned Tuesday night, while rowing
near the Oregon Yach.t club 'and his
body was discovered Saturday.
The services were conducted by Rev.
William Rarsons, who spoke feelingly of
the sad death of the young man who had
Just reached the best part of life and
was to have been married bo, shortly.
The interment was made in Rose City
Park cemetery. The pallbearers, Mort
Fouch, E. C. Weatphal, W. S, Davis, B.
R. Brooks, R. Telfer and Dow V. Walker,
were all close personal friends of the
young man.
Mr. Magness was the Bon of Mr. and
Mrs. P. G. Magness, 752 East Oak street.
He was 26 years of age and was born
in Portland. His education was re
ceived in the public schools of the city
and the old Portland High school. He
attended Lake Forest college in Illinois
for a time. v
At the time' of his death he was em
ployed by the Northern Pacific Terminal
company as cashier in the baggage
room of the union depot and was one
of the company's most trusted employes
with excellent chances of advancement
He was to have been married to Miss
Nina Joy, daughter of Councilman Allan
R. Joy, next Wednesday night.
Hope, by This Means to Dis
credit Him With Asquith
Display Ingenuity. .
South Bend. Wash., Sept. 4. During
the last several ' weeks fully 400 men
have been fighting forest fires along
the South Bend branch of the Northern
Pacific railway almost constantly, but
an Immense amount of damage has been
done. On Mill creek a large amount of
timber was destroyed, and loggers In
one or two Instances were compelled to
bury their engines to save them from
the flames which devastated their
camps. Two of the Qulnault Lumber
company's camps in the lower Wlllapa
valley were completely destroyed along
with a large amount of tlmbell On Sat
urday a new and dangerous Mr broke
out near Holcomb In gren prober,
threatening W. W. 8oule's camp, one of
the largest In the county. Light show
ers soon began falling, however, and the
fires are in hand now.
London, Sept. 4. David Lloyd-George
is the focus of the new attack unionists
are making . uppn the Asquith radical
government in their desperate endeavor
to head off home rule.
During the autumn session of parlia
ment one of the first measures to be
taken up will be the chancellor's bill
for state insurance to victims of dls-
ablement and sickness, the unionists
are bent upon discrediting the state
ment and Its author. In the hope that
Mr. Asquith will have it withdrawn.
If these tactics should succeed, a
deadly blow would be dealt to the repu
tation of Lloyd-George as a 'construc
tive statesman and the radical coali
tion might be smashed on a social issue.
Unionists haye displayed great inge
nuity In choosing the battlefield, be
cause the insurance bill has aroused
the enmity of the trades unions, physi
cians and .. shippers and some labor M.
P.'b, who denounce It as "A half baked
importation from Germany, wholly un
suited to a population like ours."
(Publlsbera' Press lulled Wire.)
New York, Sept. 4. Director Freder
ick H. Newell of the reclamation service
is speeding across the country today
bound for Seattle, where he will meet
Secretary of ths Interior Fisher, upon
the secretary's return- from Alaska.
Director Newell will accompany the
secretary on a long tour of inspection
of reclamation projects that will bring
them gradually eastward. September
11 Secretary Fisher, Director Newell,
Chief of the Forestry Graves, and Chief
Clerk Wicker of the Interior depart
ment will attend the Tellowstone Na
tional Park convention, at which super
intendents of the national parks and
railroad officials will be in attendance.
To Visit Newport News.
Halifax. N. S., Sept. 4. Following a
two weekB" stay at Halifax the German
cruiser Victoria Louise has sailed
for Newport News. She has about 50
cadets of the German navy on board.
(United Press LmwI Wire.)
Chicago, Sept 4. The Alaskan publio
land and coal situation will be one of
the prtnolpal topics discussed at the
fourteenth anual session of the Amer
ican mining congress, which will meet
here September 26-29 inclusive. ' Two
thousand delegates will be present.
In addition to a discussion of the
Alaskan situation, other topics to be
discussed will be:
Revision Of mineral land laws, mining
Investments, conservation, the coal in
dustry, workmen's compensation, with
a plan for providing a pension fund by
assessing operators one cent on every
ton of coal mined, and others. ,
Among the speakers expected are
President Taft, John Hays Hammond,
Dr. J. A. Nelson, director of the bureau
of mines, and the governors of several
Secretary of the Interior Walter L.
Fisher will be present.
(United Press Laued Wire.)
Chicago, Sept 4,-An underground
cell, in which Inmates of the Illinois
Industrial School for Girls were locked,
has been found In the cottage of the
institution by an investigating party
led by Peter Bartzen, president of the
county board.
Margaret Saunders, a 15-year-old girl,
who declared she had been locked in a
dungeon, directed the searching party.
The officers of the school admitted that
"fibbing," lmpudenoe and similar acts
caused girls to be placed In the dungeon.
Farmer Loses Both Homes.
Dayton, Wash., Sept 4. I. Newblll. a
farmer, who lives about four miles from
here in Johnson Hollow, was expecting
to move into his newly finished house
within a few days. The new house was
about 12 feet from the old one. Friday
night fire broke ou through a defective
stovepipe in the old house, and in a few
moments took hoM of the new building,
and within a few moments both were
destroyed. Only the previous afternoon
Mr. rfewblll had insured his new house
for $2000. The loss by fire was about
Bohemian, Confesses to Black
Hand .Letter; Says He
. Wanted Money to Marry.
(Publlrhera PreM lotted Wire.)
Chicago, 111., Sept 4. Jacob Basta, 22
years of age, a Bohemian, ts under ar
rest for sending a. blackhand letter to
Jncdb Stock, 1904 West Fifty-first
street, a grocer, in which he demanded
S500, threatening Steck's family unless
the demand was met.
He was arrested by Detectives La
velle and Pavlac, by means of a de
coy package. He refused to talk about
the case when questioned by Lieuten
ant Crotty, but later confessed. De
tectives Lavolle and Pavlac secreted
themselves in the tall grass of a va
cant lot at West Fifty-fifth and Robey
streets. Presently Basta walked past
the place several times and finally went
to the tree stump and took out the
decoy package. The detectives then
leaped for him and he ran, turning up
on the officers and firing three shots
at them? The detectives fired several
shots at him, seizing him after a chase
of several blocks.
In confessing to Lieutenant Croty,
Basta said that he was broke and that
he was soon to be married to a cashier
of a department store, and that he need
ed the $500 to get a start in life.
The order of the people's charter re
vision t committee for twice a week
meetings becomes effective tonight,
with a session at 8 o'clock In the city
So far advanced Is the work of this
committee that it is believed a piecing
together of the subcommittee reports
would result in presenting nearly the
entire charter ready for the inspection
of the subcommittee on codification and
Among the Important reports to be
considered tonight are from the sub
committees on municipal ownership,
franchises, election, direct legislation
and recall. A further report pn com
mission. Its terms and powers. Is also
Aunt and Niece Wed.
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