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Top Stuff Sells at 75c While
Others Range Down to 50c
Along the Street.
Portland wholesale Market!.
Dreesed meats firm.
Egg marker mixed. V
Chickens very firm.
Peaches are lower.
Grape niarkei quiet. 4
4 Fresh salmon scarce".
This being a holiday there was a
lightly lowor price for fruits generally
In the Front street trade. Peaches were
offered from 60 to 76c a box, the latter
being the extreme top with average
ales of quality around 70c. Some
mall sired stock sold at the lower fig
Some small lot of Muirs are now
cominsr forward, and are showing very
good quality. By some parties these are
considered the Ideal fruit for canning
purposes, therefore future shipments are
eagerly eweuea.
Some dry rot has developed In the
peaches from southern Oregon, and for
mat reason lime or mis irun is nvaii
able for anvthinir except fresh use.
Front street expects quite liberal
shipments to market tomorrow, although
the size of the arrivals Is likely to show
decrease owing to the general rains
throughout the Pacific northwest during
the past o pouro.
-' Better sucpllea of razor clams are
offering In the local market today and
' for that reason prices are fractionally
, off. Most sales are reported at 12 per
All lines of dressed meats are show
ing strength in the Front street market.
Veals are quoted as high as 14 Ho for
. tops and few of this class or in fact
any other, are now coming forward.
A slightly better tone is apparent
. In the dressed hog market with tops at
v lie and ordinary Tots of quality around
An excellent demand continues in the
poultry market and the trade is of the
opinion that business will be good all
through the week. The demand for
springer is now showing as good as
hens and both are quoted from 15 H to
- 16 He a pound. Ducks are firm at the
prices quoted during the latter part of
; the week.
Considerable soarclty Is showing in
supplies of fresh salmon in the Front
street trade. The catch at coast streams
shows no Improvement and as most of
the supplies come from there, whole
salers have experienced considerable
difficulty in filling their orders at 10
to lie a pound.
A further decline is showing here in
the price of sweeV potatoes. ReceiDts
have increased considerably of late and
this has let the price down to 8c a
pound. Quality is the best of the pres
ent seasons onering.
Quite a liberal amount of hop busi
ness has been passing in the hop mar
ket, but has been kept quiet by dealers.
. Trade In both this state and iri Wash-
lngton ha been reported at 86c to J 7c
' a pound.
- . 1
(: Grain, Hour and Bay.
WHEAT New crop nominal. Track
delivery, club, 80c; bluestem, 83c: for
tyfold 81c; Willamette valley, 81c; red
.Russian 79o; Turkey red, 81c.
BARLEY New crop. Producer'
prices 1811 Feed $31.60; rolled.
:: $86; brewing, 386c.
. OATS New crop, nominal. Produc
. er-s price Track No. 1 white, 327.60
$28.00; nay, 327.00(g) 27.60.
MTLL0TUFF8 Selling price Bran.
$25.00 fi 26.50; middlings. 331.00; shorts,
$26.0026.60: chop. J la.00N25.00
HAT Producers' price 1911 crop
Valley timothy, fancy. 31415: ordi
nary, $1814; eastern Oregon, $16,500
17; mixed, ( ); clover, $910; wheat,
$910; cheat, 3910; alfalfa, new,
$11.501012; oats, $10.00.
FLOUR Old crop, patents. $4.85:
Willamette, $4.80 per 'barrel: local
straight $3. 86CM.6R; bakers, $4.4504.65;
export grades, $3.60.
Batter, Eggs and Poultry.
BUTTER Extra creamery, cubes and
tubs. Sic; prints, 82c; ordinary prints,
80Ile: dairy, 18c.
BUTTER FAT J", o. b. Portland, per
cound 28c
EGGS Local extras 263'27c; case,
count, fresh, 24o; spot buying price,
. lie f. o. b. Portland; eastern, 17 H 21c
POULTRY Fancy hens, 16V417c;
ordinary, 16V4; springs, 16H17c; geese,
10c; live young ducks. 18c; old ducks,
17e; turkeys, alive, nominal; dressed,
" nominal; pigeons, old, $1; young, 12.00
.. CHEESE New Oregon ancy full
cream, triplets and daisies. lBtfJlEHc
lb.; Young Americas. lfi16Hc
Meats, pih and Provisions.
DRESSED MEATS Front street:
Hogs, fancy, 10Hc per lb.; ordi
nary, 9 10c; heavy. 7 8c; veals, ex
tra, 1414c: ordinary, 13c; poor, 10'
Jlc; spring lambs, 7ViiHc; mutton, ' 6
"c; goats, 4c; beef. 69c.
HAMS, BACON, etc. Harns, 18
20c; breakfast bacon, 6g. 27c; boiled
ham, 29 30c; picnics, 11 He; cottage,
1 1 16o: regular short clears, smoked,
13Vic; bocks. smoked, 12 gpMVic;
pickled tongues. 66c lb.
). LARD Kettle leaf tierces. 13c lb.;
, steam rendered, tierce. 11 He per lb.;
.. compound, tierces. "!c per lb.
FISH Nominal Rock co.l. 10c lb.;
i flounders. 6c; halibut, 6?c: striped
i, , bass, 20c: catfish. 12igil2Hc; salmon,
10V4c lb.; soles. 7c per lb.; shrimps,
, . .' UHc lb; perch, 7Ho; tomcod. 8c; lob
f,' Sters, 25c; herrirgd, 5S6c; black bans,
t , ' 2c; sturgeon, 12V4e per lb.; silver
f smelt, 8c lb.; blam corf, 7c; dressed
shad, 7c- roe shad. 10. shad roe, 20c lb.
OYSTERS Shoalwater tin", per gal
, Ion, ( ; per 100 h, sack. $6.50; Olym
' t ..ipla, per gallon, $3.00; per 100 lb. pack,
t , 311.60; canned e.-istern. 65c can. $6,611
I .T. do.: rastern In yl.ll. $1 7502 per 100.
Y v ntot clams, $2.00132.25 box.
. . rraits and vegetables.
4 1 APPLES New crop, $1.002.60.
. JV 9 POTATOEH-Selllng prices Selected
; i 1 'Oregon, ! $1,2541,50; ordinary, $1.00;
Buying- price, n.iiuqj i.xo, sweets, 4C.
ONIONS Yellow, 1.601.li6; garllo,
- FRESH FRUITS Oranges, $4.50 per
box; benitnas, 5c lb.; lemons, 14.50 'if 6;
limes, II a case; grapefruit 33. 25: nlne-
' spplea. Be lb.; blackberries. $1.60;
, cherries, ' Royal Ann. 10c; Lamberts.
lic; blacks, 46c: watermelons, tirw
, ;j $1.25; peaches, Sof 76o; pears, . 75c
5i 1.26: rrapes, tl1.76; prunes, 76c.
VEGETABLE ft -New turnips. $11.25
ack; beets, $1.00; carrpts. $1.25
.60 sack; cabbage $H81.25 cental; toma-
toes, 60c; beans. 4o per pound;
corn. 164 20a dos.; green onions, 15c do.;
Sieppws, bell, :oo lb.; heed lettuoe, 20
to do ; hothouse. 31 650tl.7 box; rad
she. 15e do, bunches: celery, 75&8So,
do.; eggplant. $1.25 1.60 box; U(um.
ber. $i nack; peas -rr-)l caull
tlower, local, $i.ooi.I$. v. i
BOB. Wool and Bldea .
mVLnnlnAt. .... ItAtl.
$10 croo. 30c: 190$ crowth. 50.
. wooir-Nomina J, 111. vuxameiiai
Price Drops Down to 78q a
Pound Today; Trade Not
Yet Taking Hold.
Huckleberries are showing extreme
weakness in the Front street trade, and
Bales are being made down to 7c and
8c a pound with retailors slow buyers.
Receipts of huckleberries are much
heavier and for that reason there has
been a steady decline in the quotation
during tile past week. The prlco
started at ISc a pound and by swift
stages dropped to the present low level.
On account of the lower markets for
other fruits it is believed that huckle
berries will also drop to a lower level
than usual. Generally the bottom of
the market is reached at 6c a pound for
good quality, although sales of "leaky"
goods are sometimes made down to 6c
or even lower.
As the public has scarcely started to
take hold of huckleberries to date thin
season, the outlook seems favorably for
the low level of recent years. Quality
of present offerings is very good.
Lakevlew, Or., Sept. 4. The harvest
of the grain and hay crops for Lake
county are almost completed and In
Goose lake valley are the best for sev
eral years, though there never is a
total crop failure in the county.
This season's crops demonstrate the
desirability of farming without irriga
tion, even though "Dry Farming" meth
ods are not followed absolutely as
me rain rail is surncient to grow abun
dant crops without the thorough soil
tillage that sections with less rainfall
are obliged to contend with. J. H. Carey
a new settler on the "west side" of
Goose lake valley has just completed
his grain harvest and the yield will
reach 40 bushels of wheat, 60 bushels
of barley and 60 to 60 bushels of oats
to the acre, while he has a fine oroo
of hay stacked. There was absolutely
no irrigation practiced on the Carey
A nne crop or soo ton or "Blue joint '
grass was produced from the William
Bodkins ranch in Chewaucan valley,
somd of which Is four feet In height,
and without irrigation. Thousands of
bushels of fine unlrrlgated potatoes,
the best as regards quality grown In
the gtate, will be marketed this year
from the valley here. Christmas lake
valley, where the people that sowed
their grain late last spring thought
there would be a total crop failure,
is looming up In fine shape and their
hay will reach two or three tons to the
acre, while oats yield 40 bushels, wheat
20 to 25 bushels, rye from 15 to 30 bush
els to the acre. The settlers that re
mained there and harvested their grain
will be in good shape financially this
fialem, Or., Sept. i. That it would
take several weeks of raining to seri
ously Injure hops in this section was
the declaration of several prominent
growers and dealers today.
"There is no danger of mold because
there are no lice," said T. A. Llvesly.
"It would take a week of damp weather
and rain to develop such conditions."
Rain is cleaning the vines and damp
ening the ground, which will make con.
ditlon better, providing the weather
clear up in the near future. Tempo
rarily there 1 confusion and wrath be
ing stirred up among the hoppickers,
who are In the yards by the hundreds,
pitching camps and preparing for the
work which was to have started the
middle of the week.
situation at Chehalls is one of the best
from the viewpoint of growers that has
existed for veers. Lice have been prac
tically eliminated from any considera
tion, and aside from some few red
plJ?r that have been found at the
Dig yard or tne Herman Klaber Hop
company at Klaber. no pests are feared.
The vines are In splendid condition and
the yield will be good. Picking will
begin the th of the month In tome
yards, hut most growers will not ftesHn
till the 10th.
Pickers are reported numerous. Manv
Indians have already arrived to pick in
the yards here. Most of these come
from Grays and Wtllapa harbor points.
Local pickers are also numerous, and
grower with but one exception report
tbelr quota full. One dollar per box
will be naid for nicking in this vicinity,
In one yard near Toledo a erower wilt
pay $1.25. There have been no sales
of late.
valley, 14H17Hc; eastern Oregon, 9 9
TALLOW Prime. Der lb.. Be: No.
and grease, 2 2 He.
CIIJTT1M BARK-'-im. nominal. 6H
6c: 1810, 5H04C,
HIDES Dry hides. lSUOlIUe lb.:
green, 78Hc: bulls, green, salt, $Hc
in.; Kips, (giuc; calves, green, ISO
16c per lb.
MOHAIR 1911. selected. S57c.
SUGAR Cube $7.76: powdered. I8.R5:
fruit or berry, $6.85; dry granulated,
$6.85: D vellow. $7.15: beet. $7.8fi: Hon
olulu plantation can granulated, 6c less.
tADove quotations are so days net cash.)
SALT Coarse, half ground 100a. I8 60
per ton; 60s, $.00: table dalrv. 60s, $13;
100s, $17; bales, $2.20: extra fine bar
rels. 2s. 5s and 10s. $4(ffl5: lumn rock
$20.60 per ton.
Elbert Hubbard Says
"The man with the savings-bank habit never gets
laid off; he is the one who can get along without
you, but you can't get along without him. The
savings bank book means sound sleep, good diges
tion, judgment and manly independence."
-v 'assures safety of savings (deposited in the
National bank
CAPITAL $1,000,000
. 4 on Savtafls
Former 10c Up While Latter
Is 15 to 25c Better Than
on Saturday.
Today's tlvtitock Market.
4 Hogs Valley stuff sells at
4 $8.35, which means $8.60 for
4 eastern Oregon tops.
4 Cattle Sales are made about
4 10c higher than last week.
4 Sheep and? iambs Market bet- 4
4 ter at an advance of 16 to 26c
4 over Saturday.
Hogs. Cattle. Calves. Sheep
Monday 420 473 V 82 2727
Saturday ..... 9 337
Friday 166 ...
Thursday 792 774 104 619
Wednesday ...103 806 ... 646
Thursday : . 26 11
Week ago ... .. 70 648 ... 1019
There was a better tone all through
the local livestock market today, hogs
excepted. This confirmed the exclusive
forecasts made by this paper during
the past few days. Lambs sold aa thigh
as $4.90 this morning or 16o above pre
vious quotations and the sheep trade
In general was about 16 to 26o better
than last week.
While there was quite a fair run in
the mutton division over Sunday, buy
ers at North Portland took hold some
what more eagerly. This was probably
due to the cooler weather.
Total offerings of sheep and lambs
at North Portland this morning were
2727 head, compared with 337 on Sat
urday and 1019 head last Monday.
At South Omaha the sheep and lamb
trade was steady for killers while feed
ers were lower. Following quotations
were available there during the day:
Lambs, .$5.40(06.00; yearlings, $4. 00(g)
4.40; wethers, $3.803.60; ewes, $2.90
Shippers of sheep today: L. Short &
Son. Cliffs, Wash., 1 load; C. P. Ketch
urn & Son, The Dalles, Or., 8 loads:
Clough & Patterson, Mitchell, Or., 3
loads; Albert Morgan, Enterprise, Or., 8
loads; Thomas Morgan, 1 load; S. H.
Howard, Baker, Or., 2 loads.
North Portland sheep and lamb
range :
Select lambs $ 4.76
Ordinary lambs 4.254.60
Best wethers 3. 30 3.60
Common lambs 2.7603.00
Best ewes 8.00
Ordinary ewes 2.00 2.60
Cattle Doing Bstttr.
From the action of the cattle market
at North Portland thi morning the
price was about a dime higher than last
week. Selected stuff would sell at $5.76
on the basis of recent sales. Quite a
fair bunch of cattle came forward from
Montana this morning. It consisted of
almost everything In that line, and
therefore prices were not at an unuorm.
At South Omaha there was a steady
to weak tone in the cattle trade, with
top steers at 7.90 and best cows and
heifers at $5.76.
Cattle shippers in the yards today:
H. A. Cowell, Conrad, Mont. 10 loads
cattle and calves; C F. Walker, Pendle
ton, Or., 3 loads; H. B. Rooper, Shanlko,
Or., 1 load.
North Portland range:
Bost steers $ 5.65
Choice steers 6.60
Ordinary 4.60 5.00
Common steers 4.00(8)4.26
Fancy heifers 4. 804.90
Fancy cows 4.60
Ordinary cows 8.004.40
Fancy bulls 2.603.00
Good ordinary bulls 2.60
Common bulls .00 2.7 5
Fancy light calves 7.00
Medium calves 6.606.00
Ordinary calves 4.000 6.00
Bog Market X tower.
There was a' weaker tone in the awlne
trade at North Portland today. Only
one load arrived for the market This
came from the Willamette valley, and
fnnnri sale at $8.35. which means orao-
tically that tops are worth $8.40, or 6c
less than last week.
The run of hogs from the east for
local Dackers was not as neavy as usual
onlv four loads coming forward, or
lust about half of the usual supply.
At South Omaha today there was
strong tone in the swine trade with tops
at Be hlnher at $7.35. This means $8.46
to land here or the same quotations as
now in effect.
Hog shippers today: D. Taylor, Hal
sey. Or., one load; Henllne A Son, Ne
braska, four loads.
Nnminal North Portland hoar nrlces:
Kxtra choice light $8 60
Medium light 8 f
Smooth and heavy 7.25
Rough and heavy 6.60
Konaay's iivertoc bum,
Hermlston, Or.. Sept. 4. Lat week
there were two carloads of hogs shipped
into the project. Max Stewart, former
ly of Axtel. Neb., arrived here. He
leased the alfalfa ranch of Ross New
port, and expects to engage In the hog
business on an extensive scale. Dr.
Lassen of Pendleton was here and in
spected the stock on arrival and passed
the entire drove as being in first class
Increase Canning Capacity.
Florence. Or., Sept. 4. The Florence
salmon cannery has Just received a
fourth machine for crimping the top
on tbe cans without the use of solder.
Fifteen hundred case of empty can
were received at the same time.
Corner Fifth
and Stark
Avg. Wgt.
1 steer 60
25 steers 949
4 cows 966
28 cows 9S8
29 cows 980
77 valley hogs 194
3 valley hog 363
546 lambs 66
107 cull lambs 63
Market Not Quite So Good
During latter Part of the
Week; Small Sizes Hurt.
An improvement in the ess- market
Is anticipated by the local trade an soon
as weather conditions are cooler. "While
tne main run or Oregon eggs recently
has been of good quality, quite a few
shipment were received In had shape
owing to the warm weather. Naturally
this had an effect upon the trade.
Poor eggs always help to demoralize
prices, and this is said to be the cause
of the condition which forced leading
local egg handlers to fractionally lower
their prices during the latter part of
last week.
The weakness was caused, too, by the
fact that so much very poor eastern
eggs are being offered, and a these
had to be moved at any price available,
the cheaper trade took them in prefer
ence to the better quality Oregon stock.
Front street dealers have had many
complaints recently regarding small
eggs. According to oiio prominent hand
ler, a large per cent of his arrival re
cently have been of small size, and for
that reason he has been forced to ac
cept a slightly lower price In order to
unload more promptly than would have
been the case had he held for the full
limit. 1 -
Surplus and Profits
J. C. AINSWORTH, Pres. R. W. SCHMEER, Cashier
R. LEA BARNES, Vice-President
A. M. WRIGHT, Assistant Cashier
W. A. HOLT, Assistant Cashier
Established 1886
Merchants National Bank
Second and Washington Streets. -v4-- ,
Capital and Surplus, $600,000.00-
Accounts of corporations, firms, and individuals invited.
Four per cent interest paid on time deposits.
Ladd & Tilton Bank
Capital 7 - $1,000,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits $800,000.00
Letters of credit, drafts and travelers checks Issued available on
all parts of the world.
CAPITAL $1,500,000
SURPLUS . $750,000
Oldest National Bank West of the
Rocky Mountains
I Cure Men
$1 o
Pay Whn Ouiad.
0nrl Debil
ity, wak Vrva,
or exposure, overwork and other vio
lation or Hanww' law, Diseases of
Bladder and Xldnsys, Varlooa
Tain, nlokly and permanently
onred at imtll expense.
SPBOXII. AILMEMTS Newly con tracted
and chronlo cases cured.
All burning itching and inflamma
tion stopped In 24 hours. Cures ef
fected In seven day. Consultation
free. If unable to call, write for
lilt of question.
Office hours A- M. to I F. M
Sundays, 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
834 la Washington i at., Cot. first.
Portland, Oreg-on
Wheat Finding Bids Up to 80c
Basis Track; New High
Record for Barley. ,
O Exporter Buy Seavily. 4
4 Wheat Exporter are buying
4 heavily, with price ruling from
4 79 He to 8O0 for club, track de-
4 llvory. . 4
4 Oats Market again higher. 4
Barley Highest prlc 1
4 reached at interior point. 4
4 Hay Offering Increase; de- 4
4 mand 1 fair.
While today wa a holiday; the de
mand for wheat continue unabated and
buyer were freely bidding 70o for club
In the country which mean practically
79 Ho a bushel here. A high a 8O0
basis Is being bid for some and thi
figure can be paid by all on the present
export basts.
The export wheat market w firmer
an around and . the demand for Euro
pean ahlpment Is the best known for
several season. The very firm tone at
Berlin recently was due entirely to the
. 900,000.00
COKSTO.T m nun
I cur to tay cured
whera other falL I
am known aa th
specialist of last re
sort th man of
trustworthy charac
ter and unerring
knowledge. I cur
Blood Aliment.
XT.. T1 1,
Varicose Vein, Hy J.
drocele. Ohetruntlnna ? .
Pile, Rupture Kid- 5,
ney, Bladder. Pro.
. t n ,4 at .,,
a.., . miu . .11 Mil- m tr -
SrSl" Ziy11? t0 m- Conaultatjon al.
Dr. Lindsay
Th Old maliabl Specialist.
Corner Alder and Second street. En
trance 128 Second street. Portland,
Or. Office hours A. M. to t P. M.
Sunday. 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. . ,.
orotraoted dry weather which cut down
the alia of the wheat yield all over
continental it,urope. u n recent ad
vance In the wheat and hop market
were au to me same cause.
California miliar are bidding for Tur
key red and for bluestem, but sale at
una t(m are mostly ior export,, ,
The barlev market ha reached an
other high record and, a high a $8$
ha been paid In the- Interior for No. 1
brewing, making the local landing price
better than $$8 a ton track.
Oat market 1 firm and' $17.50 to
3 i oeing ireeiy orrerea. in in wu
lamatt Taller for uPDlle.
A meeting of Washington miller is
expected . wlthlo a day. or so to name
tne price vi. new crop patent nour.
South OmahaCattle. 1800: market
eteady to wean. -Bteers, 7.07.0;
cows and heifer, $4.40 6.75.
Hogs, 1400; market 60 higher. Sale,
Sheep, 40,000; killer steady; feeders
tower. leaning, i.uub.u: wetners.
I8.S0iB3.6O; lambs, $5.40) 8.00; ewes
Timber Lands
Neuhausen & Co.
Overbeck &
Cooke Co.
Commission Merchants
Stocks, Bonds
Cotton, Grain, Etc.
Board of Trade BuOcBnf
OMo Bovtf at
Qrpiapt at SjOCm
CIM yo. New Tk. Boatvn.
W Wwi tb mar prtvat
ftortland wtta
s - r
Men's Specialist
In Pnrt 1. n A nnKK.h.. Ci.
tohntnarranh. nprmnnllv rnnitut. mr.A
manages his own office and consults
with and treats all his own patients.
I have more qualification and ex
psrience than any other specialist ad
vertising In this, city.
Every man calling at my office 1
assured of my personal and Individ
ual treatment until a cure is effect
ed. My fee are one fourth that ex
acted by the various "medical com-
g antes," "Institutes" and "museums."
e sure to consult me before treat
ing elsewhere.
. Why treat with Incompetents when
you can secure th expert services
of a competent specialist?
Com to me If you have any of the
following disorder: Varloose Veins,
Kydrocele, Obstructions, irerve. Blood
and Skin Disorder, Bladder Trou
bles, Blood Polaona, Eruptions, tTl.
oer, Weakaa, Proatatltl, Pile or
9 to 57 to 8 Daily) Bun day, 10 to 1.
Summation Advice Pre.
3134 Washing-ton rt., corner Sixth,
Men &Women Cared
The WU Znowm
S. K. Chan
Chinese Medical Co.
Dr. Chaa
Ur. Chaa
DM. S. K. CHAJf with their Chinese
medicine of herbs and roots, cure won
derfully. They have cured many suf
ferer wnn au otner remedies have
failed. Sure cure for both internal and
external sickness and all chronlo, pri
vate ailment. Our remedies are harm
leas and 'give quick result. Ho opera
tions. Consultation free. Examinations
for ladle by Mr. Chan. Call or write
for symptom blank to B. X. CKAW CHI
tram MXDICIWD Ca, aaevt Morrison
at between 1st and Sd, Portland, Or..
Pimple, spot on th akin, sore in th
mouth, ulcere, falling hair,' bone pains,
catarrh, etc, are symptoms. Delay are
dangerous. Send at once to Dr. Brown,
9St Arch at, Philadephla, for Brown's
Blood Cure. Convincing proof is a aa.00
bottle last a month. Said tn Portland
by Owl Drug Co. and by all druggist.
tke Mm m IkM wfll .W M
PEOPLE uay.awmaftMltea. .aetoaaf
, 7 ro Mr. or mnf M M tec
vjrjra mvn ahb wmmrw tomic
Tkm T.Mrt will ran hi.iw ( Mmuw. 4
";l '"4
x I
A. G. Smith M. D.
Leading Spslallst
; for Aln
I am the only Bpeclallat in Port
land who use hi true nam and
photograph la hi announcement. I
see and treat my patient! personally,
and am not a "medics! company."
medical Institute" or a "medica.
system." AU men should knorr who
th doctor I they consult, and
snouid. carefully consider whether
they desire to entrust their health
with a hired doctor of a medical
company. I ue my photograph c
that when you come to see me per
sonally you will recognise me. In
vestigate my personal standlnc be.
for accepting treatment from a doe
tor of unknown Identity or refuta
tion. Are You
Being treated In a satlsfactorr mmn.
ner by your present doctor? Is he
fftrrvlntf out ki. nMmlu.i u.. h.
cured you !i reasonable time, and
uvea up co ma atiaranteear Are you
raying him exorbitant prices for
medicine? Doe he emnlov thor
oughly c?-to-date and aclentlflo
method, which would be approve
by the resrjlar family doctor? If
you cannot answer these questions
favorably to yourself, come and have
a confidential talk with m about
your rase. 11 win cost you nothing.
Cured In Five Days
I cure euch disorders Varlen-
Veins. Hvdroeele. Pllea. Bneclfto
Blood Poison. etc eomoletelv and
permanently, often with only a In
gle treatment No severe operation
employed, nor detention from busi
ness. I especially solicit stubborn
end long standing: cases that other
doctors have failed to cure.
Examination Free
I offer not onlv FREE consulta
tion and advice, but of every caa
that come to m I will make a care
ful examination an diagnosis with
out charge. No ailing man should
neglect thi opportunity to get ex
pert opinion about hi trouble
If you cannot call, write for diag
nosis chart. My offices are ooen all
day from A. H. to. I P. M, and
Sunday from 1 to I.
Dr. A. Q. Smith
834 Vi Korrisoa Street, Co, geoond.
reruana. or.
It matter not what your ail
ment Is. nor who has treated it. if It
1 curable we will give you Immedi
ate benefit and a quick and lastlnsT
Do not allow mnnev tn
keen you from rettlnr well. We
charge nothing to prove our meth
ods win cure you. our offer
SATISFIED Is your absolute pro
tection. Consultation, examination
and diagnosis free.
We claim for our treatment noth
ing "wonderful" or "secret" It la
almply our successful way of doing
APPUCTSD KXH, before treating
lsewhtre, honestly investigate our
proven method. Ton, will than under
stand how easily and quickly w our
all ourebl casaa of VABICOSB VEINS
without severe anrrlcal operation:
cutting or burning SPECIFIC BLOOD
POISOIT without Injurious drugs (60S
skillfully administered when preferred) i
tlmnlatlv remedies; POSTATIC,
BZ,ADDEB and KIDNEY trouble i
OOWTBACTSD disorders t PXZ.E8, bbo
TAI, oomplalat. and all ailments of
What you want la a cuV. Come
to u and get it. Once under our
treatment, you will quickly realise
how simple a thing it Is to getwell
In the hands of a specialist who
knows his business. Our cures add
not only year to life, but life to
year. Office hours, daily. 9 to B;
evening, 7 to 8; Sundays, 10 to 1.
368 Waahlagtea PL, Portland, Or.
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