The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 18, 1911, Page 39, Image 39

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Run v to Indianapolis From
a . fc
tp. Pittsburg Made In ; 12
v Hours, 40 Minutes. ,
I" III II, I I I) III III I Ill II I I I 1 I I I I 111 I I II I II J
Advertising Cars Are r Proving
I . II
j Scene at Sandy, Or. .
The picture- shown ' here was taken
recently t. Sandys Or- and efioWe a
Warren "lOcer, owned and driven by
P. iBueckfli "manager .of . the- ColumbU
Wire and Iron Works' of Portland. Mr.
, ., .
- i -
Some Day This Fond Hone
'Will Be Realized, De--55
dares Expert.
Tea care aUrted-oa Mt. Hood trip,
Buecke'nas, summer home out near
the foot of 'Mount Hood and drivea his
car out for week end trips frequently.
Recently he learned that several cars In
tended -making the trip from Portland
ta Government Camp- on Mount Hood,
Three) .completed couraev
so Mr. Buecke decided that ha woo Id
make the trip along with the hunch.
Ten cars started on this trying trip,
but at the finish there war only three
cara In at the death, among them being
the Warren 70." , . . .?,,
"The effort to apply the magneto
for lighting as well aa for ignition work
Is , not making very much progress, if
reports from sclenUflo electrical cen
ters ra to ba relied upon." says a A.
Eastman, manager of the White com
any at 8Uh and Madison streets.
"I don't want to blast that lingering
nope we all have had that most any
lay would see the magneto doing double
National Company Secures
Services of Driver Who
Won Denver flace.
From out of the west cornea another
speed king who In, the future may par
ticipate In high speed contests In the
east. The National, company la new
negotiating with Eaton McMillan -the
winner ot the 100 mile event, on the
Sable Speedway near Denver, Colo., on
May SO, for hla services In the future
hng distance events that the National
will enter. McMillan, while not an In-
I luty, because I really think we will i experienced driver, has had little, ex
lee it done some day, but Just-when I perlenee with one of the big blue speed
am unable to even nsUmste. I am
niwerlng your question on this sub
lect from information that I have been
isernbllng for some time In order to
latlsfy the feeling of Impatience that
baa been registering at this office reg
ularly ever since the first of the year.
A dosen reasons , altogether., are
quoted by as many, dlfferent-authori-tiee,
explaining why this plan Is glvi
Ing ;so much trouble. - Hera's, a letter
from one of America's leading electrical
authorities, which, perhaps, is the most
comprehensive, and, which -you may
I quote if you wish," concluded Mr.' East
nan, '
The letter In part, follows: . "It la
apparent to the man who haa given
the matter any attention at all, that
a magneto la ao designed that the out
put' Is contrary to that which Is em-
I ployed In lighting work. The voltage
I In Tnagneto work Is Very high,-bat the!
Icurntnt is correspondingly low. In
monsters before this season and his
performance in whipping off the victory
In such record time over the three and
one-third mile course, - shows that ha
has the makings of a successful long
dlatanc driver,
The dirt course was particularly hard
on tires, many, of .the cars In the light
division being obliged -to Change seven
and. eight times, while McMillan, .drove
his car In such a careful manner that
very few atope ware made for this pur
From the very start there was never
a time that the National's chance for
first place was jeopardised. Lap after
lap be threw the big machlte around
the dangerous turns . maintaining the
dlssy pace that put hla nearest eompetl
tors out of the running. There wai
never a time that McMillan was obliged
to. open .the throttle to the . last notch,
so- that the 0 mil an .hour clip of
which-Ma car was capable was not
The speedway la t miled around and
the 40 cara In the race maintained an
average speed of more than TO mil
an hour, so that one catapulted past
the Judges' stand every three seconds
for aeven hours. Yet in all those jeeven
hours, only two collisions occurred.
' lUch ' Accessories.
Accessories costing ISOQ were fitted
to a two-passenger Columbia roadster
recently shipped to Howard Baker,
northwest manager of Butler Brothers'
greaj wholesale business In Minneapolis.
Of shipments involving added equip
ments, this -Is the record of the big
works in Hartford, Conn. Ths car was
painted black with -all exposed metal
parts black nickeled. - Cigar lighters,
touring map Illumination and features
without end were Included to make Mr.
BakerVcar "complete.
On eat of the Itamblcr Agency.
,A. 3. JCleimeyer,' assistant manager of
the, Thomas B. effrey company, Ban
Francisco, is in Portland as ths guest
of the Rambler automobile agency. Mr.
Klelmeyer la speaking' of conditions In
general, . is extremely pleased at the
present outlook for the automobile
If definite results that can be inter
preted Into terms of dollars and .cents
as they come from, the owner's pocket
book are the aim of automobile eon
teats of all natures, then quite surely
the endurance contest is of far greater
value aa a demonstration- of the car's
worth to the owner than speclaj speed
trials in cars which are stock cars only
aa the details meet the standards 'of
the blue prints. Here Is a story of an
endurance- contest - participated in by
three cara taken from the floor of the
garages Just aa-they were ready to go
to any owner who. wished to order them
aent over to hla garage.
On the morning of May IS, three
Regal "20" roadsters left the sales room
of the .Buhl-Regal Car company of
Pittsburg, on a non-stop run from Pitts
burg to Indianapolis. 110 miles.
, The cara left Pittsburg on Sunday
morning at S:IO'a. m. and struck out
Over the rough roads of West Virginia,
reaching Zanesvllle, Ohio, at compara
tively slow rate of speed because of
the conditions, of travel. Immediately
upon leaving Zanesvllle, the roads be
came fit for fast going, and the three
little cara hit it out on the National
highway aa fast as the wheela would
turn over.
Just as ths hands on the clock 1n
Thomas Bros.' garage on North pela
ware street, Indianapolis, pointed to
1:10 p. m the sturdy little Regals
pulled up with the occupants hot, tired
and dirty. But there was this eatmrao
tlon In the- run. All records for time
between Pittsburg and Indianapolis in
a motor car had been shattered by al
most six hours. The best previous time
was It hours. The actual running time
for theae cars was 12 hours and 40
minutes, making an average speed of 10
miles an hour.
The object of the trip was two fold.
It was made not only for the purpose
of showing what actually could be done
In a non-stop run by underslung road
sters, but also to demonstrate how
economical the car Is. In the whole
stretch of 140 miles, but one of the csrs
allowed a-puncture; there were no blow
outs. The gasoline consumption for
each car amounted to to gallons, which
at an average price of IS cents per
gallon, makes f 3 per car. The two gal-
U -e!; y,
. ssssft -'i.1ne.Xv,..--:v
, - VxeBBsasHMLi
l i -it' i
'' "n -
The above picture shows one of the
fsst growing popular ' advertising
schemes of the esstern manufacturers.
The Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake com
pany haa purchased from the Cartercar
people St model Cartercar s, and
distributed them to their branch man.
gers for the purpose of covering the
territories in which they sre located and
putting up all kinds of advertising mat
ter. They are using this method of pub'
llclty in conjunction with their news
Ions of lubricstln ott used in each car
added n B to that expense. The total
expense of running each car 180 miles
was only It considerably less than
two cents per mile.
Flooring Bull Bnjra Track.
A three-ton Kelly truck wss purchased
during the past week by the Corvallla
Flouring Mills -company, of Corvallla,
Or. The truck la to be used for haul
ing flour from their mill at Corvallla
to their warehouse, which is two miles
from thers. August Fischer, the secre
tary of the flouring mills company, cam
to Portland Wednesday afternoon to se
lect a truck. After' looking the field
over carefully, he decided on the Kelly,
Mr. Fischer left Portland Thursday
morning st t o'clock and drove the
truck to Corvallla, reaching Corvallla
early in the -evening, covering a dis
tance of over 100 miles. ' -
lllghting work, the voltage. Is very low, forced to the limit The time for the
I and, (he current is correspondingly law,
i in magneto worn or the present high-
tension sort, the voltage from the fine
winding of the motor, is not far from
1000 'as aa minimum, and it may exceed
10.6je volts.. But even assuming that
I ail of these matters will bow to treat
ment, there still remains a crop of dif
ficulties that will have to be set to
I one side before it can be claimed that
magnetos would do good ignition work,
and 'serve as lighting equipment at
the same time."
Mr. Eastman said upon being aues-
Itioned further, that there has been some
I progress, of course, that in his opinion
there would continue to be progress of
I a marked degree along this line, that
aome of his Information was of a very
optimistic nature, that - there is goo j
reason to continue to keep alive the
I "spark" of hope, but that he can't dls
cover any reason to expect Immediate
success in solving the problem.
two century glide was 1:10:30, while
many lapa were done at a 71 mile an
hour rate. McMillan pulled down 11200
in prise money.
Motor racing will prove very popular
in the west If the Denverltes can con
tinue to stage contests aa classy as the
one they pulled Off on Decoration day.
Represent the Locomobile.
J. Murray Page, Pacific coast repre
sentative for the Locomobile Company
f America, with headquarters at Ban
Francisco, is spending a few days in
Portland. While here he will renew
contract with Neate & McCarthy. ' Ina,
for the sale of the Locomobile line in
1912.' After leaving Portland Mr. Page
will make a trip through the northwest
In the interest of the company. He
states that he Is making oontracta
about 00 days earlier than ever be
fore because of the fact that the Loco
mobile company is in position to make
much earlier deliveries than usual. De
liveries of the 1912 models will figure
In the very near future. Neate ft Mc
Carthy, Inc., expect -to have them on
display at their salesrooms within the
next. .week.
Twenty-nine Out of 40 Cars in
Indianapolis Race Stood H
Terrific Strain. - ,
IS Eastern Rates
The next sale date for special round
trip , tickets to eastern points via the
Canadian Paclflo liner ta June 21. Make
your reservations now. Office. 142 Third
street) ' tf: ? -.-.
- : f i "" i. .
";'. ! :"
"Seventy odd miles an hour for near
ly seven hours,, including all stops
that is the feat accomplished by 29 out
of 40 cara of 24 different makes at the
800-mile race at Indianapolis;", eo says
Crittenden Marriott, the well known
writer, who, visited Indianapolis to wit
ness the race In the interests of the
Hudson Motor Car company. "The name
of the winner, how much he won, and
how near he came to losing are of little
consequence except to tthose who took
part In the struggle. But it is of enor
moua consequence to every owner of a
motor car, present or prospective, to
know that practically three-fourths of
all the cara subjected to that terrific
and long-continued strain sustained the
teat Really more than three-fourths
sustained it 'or at least three cara were
wrecked, not by any defect In them
selves, but by the errors and mishaps
of others.. . ,J . 'V '-.or'
"Scarcely less Important la the dem
onstration of the wonderful controlll
bllity of the: present day automobile.
t 9
Hardware, Tools, Auto Supplies,
Sporting Goods and Fishing Tackle
1 Business In our new home the first two weeks was. far beyond our expecta
tions, for wjiich we are very thankful, and hope we may continue to grow in the
same proportion.
We are each day receiving new goods and are better prepared to take care of
your wants than in the past. Our aim is to have what you want, when you want
it, at the right prices.
If you-want omethtn,r in a hurryv call us up. WE DELIVER THE GOODS.
Westa Hardware & Auto Supply Co.
Phones Main 8828, A-2016
paper advertising. At the wheel is
William W. McBrlde, sales agent of the
Seattle branch of Kellogg'e Toasted
Corn Flake company. Mr, McBrlde came
down from Seattle several, days ago,
covering the territory between here and
there, and reports that be finds the
road conditions between .'Seattle and
Portland much better then he expected.
After working the territory adjacent to.
Portland. Mr. McBrlde will make a trip
throuah the southern part of Oregon
distributing advertising matter , and
boosting the Corn Make game.
THE MOST SEVERE TEST an automobile can be put to is to
turn it loose in the hands of an inexperienced driver.- There
are E-M-F cars running on the streets of Portland today owned
and operated by people whose knowledge of an , automobile
stops at their ability to handle the controlling levers, steer it
and put in gas and oil. v
Columbus Electric Coupe Is Shaft-Driven
, ;
v " t j
f-' -
X , ' - '
- IteT '
H;B-Wakeman, secretary ot the'Aus-
In IJme A plaster Company, ' recently
urchased the Columbus electric coupe
ere- sho wn from heA Oregon Electrio
ipiiisaweiiiiii"i' wiafjSjg
Vehicle company, Thla electric la
shaft driven and la ne of . the high
cusa electrics in the western field. Mr.
Wakeman statea he gets from JS to tiu
miles from each charge of tba batteries.
feel Car Bpaiflinis
Stearns 15-30...
Pope - Hartford
Stevens -Duryea
tourist Roadster
1910 Model, 4-passenger, equipped top,
wind shield, demountable runs, Gabriel
horn, cost $3500; run about 2000 miles
1910 Model, equipped top, wind shield,
Warnerjs speedometer, demountable
rims, Gabriel horn, run about 2500
miles, repainted and fully guaranteed.
Just overhauled, Bosch 'dual system,
demountable rims, top and wind shield,
cost about $4000.
1910 Model, just overhauled, top and
c wind shield. ; 1
1909 Model, 2-cylinder, in . fine shaped
just overhauled, double bucket' seat on .
back. - ; :,i-:A i -- Vi'-v-
rAIr 1910 S-passenger touring car, in fine
sTgifrkloai I condition, equipped with top and Wind
V. T . shield.
$ 850
'f '-'. ' t- v
A MAN NEARLY 70 YEARS OF AGE stopped at, our building
on Friday on his way in an E-M-F 30 from Vancouver, B. C. -to
San Francisco. He left San Francisco on May 26th with ,
his daughter 'and granddaughter. . ' '
HE ARRIVED IN PORTLAND five days later, went on to Se
attle and Vancouver,. C, and on arriving here on his return '
trip and telling of his experiences; on all .sorts of roads' and.
grades, stated that during the entire journey he had not stopped
once on account of trouble of any sort beyond the repairs of
five punctures. . '
r .
THREE HOURS AFTER ARRIVING in Portland he was on
his way south, and could you have listened to his quietly run
ning motor and seen his car move off down the street you
would have marveled to think that a vehicle could be built to
stand such vigorous. wori? and come through it in the hands
of , a man whose knowledge hardly goes beyond the points
above mentioned and ability to repair a damaged tire, i :- '
AND REMEMBER this man is twice the age of 80 per cent of
you who read this note and nothing butesupreme confidence
in the car he is driving makes it possible for him to undertake
such a trip. '"'.)
EVERY E-M-F that is turned out will do just such work as this,
and continue to do it day in and day out, for nobody knows
how long, as no E-M-F has yet worn out, and we are keeping,
tab of several of the early ones which have over 70,000 miles
each to its credit (9 years of average running). ' ;? ,
DO YOU SUPPOSE for a moment that, if the Studebaker Cor- ,
poration did not kno'w to a certainty that the E-M-F SO would ,
d0 all and more than they claim for it, they would cover it with
the character of guarantee under which it is sold? - ,
DO YOU-KNOW that E-M-F owners are the biggest boosters
and the greatest advertisement we have ?
WOULD THEY BE SUCH if the car did not deserve it?
DO YOU KNOW that out of 51 makes of automobiles represented ;
in Oregon, over 18 per cent of all the cars sold in this state
since January 1, 1911, have been E-M-F and Flanders?
"Ask the man who owns one.". Then come to our, building and '
learn for yourself what is meant by "E-M-F Service."
YOU WILL FIND it time well spent, and even should your choice
settle on some other car you will have gained some valuable :
information as to real business methods used to sell a man an ?
automobile of highest type at a moderate price and keep him
always satisfied in its possession.
The E. ffl. F. Northwest Co.
MAIN 1853
Direct Branch
The Studebaker Corporation
E-M-F Factories ,
Manager -
E-M-F BUILDING, Chapman and Alder Streets, Portland.
ARTHUR H. HERTZ, Manager,?
PHONES! 094,WA5tt. ST. COR. KlNG.ST.IA-737
- ---- -