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matter all during tha summer months
to take a trip o Coos Bay." 7
. . , ' : -. ,
(thilM Pims Li Wlrs. '
Los Angeles,' June IT. That Gall
.Washington. June jj.-a bill placing
sugar on the free list and raising the
Internal revenue duty on manufactored
tobacco, was introduced In tha house
today by Representative -Warburton, '
(Republican. V Washington.) . to make
Borden, son , of the millionaire con
densed milk manufacturer, will not
contest the divorce suit filed by . his
wife, Helea, here, was virtually admit
ted by his attorneys today. They re
ferred pointedly to tha fact that act
tlement had been effected between the
up for the revenue lost on sugar the bill
proposes to tsx the sale of snuffs at
cents "m pound; loose tobacco prepared
for sale, It cents a pound, and cigar
and clgarettea, a. graduated Increase
over the present tax. . i , , , .?
I J.
Number of New Roses to Be
.Shown for First Time in
W. Bennett Says Portland
two and that the question of DroDorty
or the custody of their daughter. Ra-
People Should Take Advan
mona, j, did not enter Into th case.
Journal Want Ada bring 'result.
This Country by Mrs. A. C
. tage ,of ; Pleasant Outing
During Summer.
i v
' V t"
i;. 'Y . ..... ,'. . .. .. ..."
Whea rfce display of roses to be given
Y at the PortUnd Height elub next
Thursday and Friday afternoons aad
evening opens there will be abowa for
: tha first time In thta country a number
J of new roses and they promise to at-
'" tract mor than usual attention.
', Mrs. X. C. ranton. president of tha
V Portland Koee society, whose handaoro
' " gardens at Roaemont adjoin the (rounds
. "' of tha Portland Heights elub. last year
, . . ' Imported from England, Ireland and
Franee a number of new roaes, whloh
' 'she had intruded to rive their first
Y American display at the armory show
' but e win to the altitude of the height
and tha lateness or the evaann sne was
tinabla to do so. therefore she will ex
hibit a number of new roses at the
,; . Portland HelfhU elub.
Yew mose U Be shows.
V On rose which Mrs. panton will how
j Y and which no doubt will attract much
, attention la a new roae called "His Ma.
- Jesty." named In honor of King George
of England. When Mrs. Panton was
abroad several years ago she visited the
Urge gardens of Samuel McCredy at
; Fortadown. Ireland, known a the great
at roaartan of the Emerald Isle.
Mr. McCredy promised that when he
. , produced a new rose that he considered
: a marvel he would send Mrs. Panton a
plant to let her have the distinction of
. giving it Its first American exhibition.
. Immt year Mr. MeCredy produced aad
. ' daraloped handsome red rose. It ro
. matnad aanamed for soma time, but
vpon the proclamation of tha' then
Prince of Wales to succeed King Ed'
" ward be called the rose "HI Majesty."
True to his word. Mr. McCredy aent one
of tha first bushes to Mrs. Panton and
ha has watched Jealously over It
. trowing to her garden.
- - Xa Choi Bloom.
The reault la that It Is Just now
breaking Into blossoms aad next Thurs
' day It will have some choice blooms,
, ;J which Mr. Panton will exhibit at tha
' Portland Heights club. Therefore, tha
rose which In a few year promises to
take a leading place as red rose -will
' he seen In display In America for tha
' . first time In Portland.
In addition to "His Majesty." Mrs.
Panton will have on display a number
of other roses and in all probability will
: show for the first time In America,
.. eight of ten new rosea, and la addition
to these will giro the second presenta
tion of several other varieties. She
,' promises to 'have a very fin display of
"J. B. Clark" rosea, which was the rose
that last year won the prise aa being
the best roaa in the Portland show.
Mrs. Pantos haa about ten other roses,
i all of thorn gold medal winners, at tha
- London show, and she will exhibit
, these.
Simplicity Bom.
Tbre Is one other rose, called "Sim
plicity," which will probably reach per-"
fectloa la a few days, and If it does. It
will also be exhibited and It promises
to attract vnusual attention because It
baa been praised at tha London show as
. the finest single rose ever grown. An
' announcement will bo made later
. whether or not this rose will ba ex
hibited. The show at the Portland Heights
- clubwlll surpass the one given at tha
armory In aeveral respects. One reason
m that tba rosea are now finer than
s" : they were at the big exhibition. At the
armory only one box of specimen roses
was shown by an amateur, while at the
exhibition at the club there will be
' eight or ten boxes shown by leading
rosarlans. In addition to the specimen
-1 flowers there will be an exceedingly
tasteful and well arranged display of
other rosea
Caroline Testont.
A notable showing will probably be
made of Caroline Test out roses grown
by Mrs. F. L Puller, whose garden of
this kind of roses haa frequently been
pronounced the finest In Portland. Mrs.
Puller wUl also exhibit a number of
other choice rosea. In which will be
featured quite a number of climbers.
Among the other exhibitors will be Mrs.
A. D. Charlton, Mrs. John 8. Bradley,
Mrs. J. A. Currey, Mrs. Fletcher Linn,
John A. Keating, Mrs. Dan J. Malarkey,
, Jure. r. h. rage, Mrs. J. W Cook, Mrs.
Ralph Jenkins. Mrs. J. H. Page, Mrs. L
B. Menefee, Mrs Jay Smith, Mrs. O. W.
Lilly, Mrs. W. D. Jelllson, Blaise Lab
be. In fact practically all of the beau
tiful gardens on Portland Heights will
be represented in the display. The ex
hibit will open at 3 o'clock on Thursday
afternoon and the club house will be
open to visitors both the afternoon and
evenings of Thursday and Friday.
brV'" ' - . " " ' --. "l"": fv2Wi,A .. 1'. t H.- L.. - ' - i
lllllllll ilillll II Lll I rr-t I -1
L IvooraETi
IIWMllSiWWi .. - -
Road Districts In Lower Co
lumbia County Vote Special
Tax and Do Things Worth
The work of the Lower Columbia
County Good Roads association is an
inspiration to .any community that has
aesire ror roaa improvement, nut
think they can do nothing without the
backing of the county.
formed for tba general purpose of edu
cating the people to tha advantages of
good roads and the particular purpose
of opening a main artery through the
county, which would be a link in the
"Portland to the Sea" automobile road.
The first move to accomplish this
object was to make a passable road
for tha summer of 1(11. This required
an Immense amount of work to raise
funds, for which each road district ex
cept Rainier, from Deer Island to Ver
nonla, on the Nehalera river, voted a
special tax of from I to 10 mills. This
gave each district from $5000 to $11,000,
is per cent or which waa spent on the
main artery through the county,
rtv Crews at Work,
Last Monday Lewis Russell of the
Automobile club and F. J. Walsh of
Newell. Gossett as Walsh, angineera.
war invited to Clatakanie aa guests of
the association. Escorted by . a com
mittee, composed of Mr. Conyers, pres
ident of the association, Mr. Page and
Mr. Merrill, aI of Clatskanle, they
were ahown over the road. Between
Clatskanle and the west line of the
county not less than five crews of road
worker were encountered, repairing,
making changes In grade and alignment
and general Improvements at all points.
This part of the work is well under
way and offers no obstacle to aay kind
of vehicle. One change of location
several miles long is under considers-
Artist's idea of the latest Hamburg-American ocean greyhound, on which con
struction haa been started at the Harlan and Wolff yards In England.
The new leviathan, which is not to bo launched until 113, surpasses the
gigantic Olympic as far as the latter surpasses the Mauretanla, a year
ago the wonder oi maritime circle a. The comparative diagram on tha
right shows how ocean liners have grown in alxe since 1140.
tlon for next season, which will reduce
the grade from the Nehalem river to
the summit to but little over t per
Xany Oood Boaaa.
Between Clatskanle and Qulncy there
Is a good road, one half of which haa
been covered with crushed rock. Be
tween Qulncy and Mayger, a distance of
a boat miles, there is a fairly good
road, with the exception of two miles
Just west of Mayger, which needs some
mors repairing. An effort will be made
to have this done at once. Between
Mayger and Delena, about seven miles,
there is an oxceTlent road about one
half of which has been - macadamised.
Between Delena and Rainier one half
the road Is good, the balance needs ad
ditional work. This work Is under way.
Between Goble and Rainier Is the
worst stretch of road that was found.
A week or 10 days will put this in
condition. An entire change of location,
however. Is considered advisable over
this stretch.
In the vicinity of Goble and between
Goble and Deer Island there has been a
lot of heavy construction. The road is ,
now well located all heavy grades re
moved and in excellent condition, con
sidering the newness of the work.
Mil, mm RnrMv-M I - - I
NUW MlMSrLr Ann tS I rU valley should not find and us an en-
joyaDio meinoa oi resuming in manyi
attractions which the Coos Bay coun
try affords. A bridge haa been con-1
structed across the south Inlet of Coos I
Bay, so that automobile and teams I
can drive to Cap Arago, where there
are many .lovely location for camping
for the summer outings on tha ocean's
beach. These same point can be eas
ily reached by automobile for parties
making their headquarter at Marsh-
"Beautiful Bandon-By-The-Sea 1 lo
cated at entrance to the Coqulllel
river and the beach there possesses at
traction which can not be excelled
"The people of Marahfleld are plan
ning for a magnificent celebration n
the coming Fourth of July and It will
pay any one who can spar the time to
make the trip at that time and for that
(Special Dhpatek to Tb Jmml.)
Spokane, Wash., June 17. Captured
in Vancouver, B. C.,' Friday afternoon.
when about to board a steamer for
Australia, Wilbur L Welsh, formerly
associated with C. E. Mitchell, a min
ing broker convicted In the federal
court here of using the mail to de
fraud, la being brought here for trial
for alleged larceny. Welsh i alleged
to have embezzled $410 from 8. A. S.
King, manager of the Otis Elevator
company. King says the prisoner ob
tained 8000 shares of the Holden Gold
en Copper company from him, sold them
and kept the money. Welsh was on bad
terms with his former partner Mitchell
at the time of the latter recent trial,
and his testimony went far toward se
curing conviction.
To learn the condition of the road
from Portland to the tree, Lewis Russell,
accompanied by O. W. Taylor, L. Col
llnge and a photographer, left Portland
for Gearhsrt Park at an early hour yes
terday morning.
At Clatskanle the party will visit the
rose show, and then proceed to Astoria
Several business men of Clatskanle. in
terested In rood roads, met the party
near the town and Charles Conyers of
Clatakanie will go through to the
beach. The machine Is owned and driv
en by Mr. Colllnge.
AT? Port,and the Party followed
tha Clatskanle road, going through Go
ble, Rainier and other places to the
town of Clatskanle. From there the
roa4 lead to Mist. Jewel and Astoria.
From Aatorla to Georhart the road la In
good condition and automobiles from
Astoria make frequent trips to Clatson
beach resorts. v
("Dedal Dispatch to Tk Jt,n,i
bpojcane. Wash.. June 17. -A
fill which for uelghtb will break
all - western engineering 'records
Is te be built by the North r..
V railroad over Fleld gulch near
, Ayer Junction, Ayer, Wash. The
fill Is to bo 188 feet high and
mo feet long, requiring lOO.ooe
cubic yards of earth. Work; start
. OO. '
Whittall's Anglo-Persian Rugs are the highest
achievement in the art of weaving rugs by ma
chinery. Into their making, for more than a gener
ation, have gone the finest materials, the most
painstaking care. ,
Every thread of wool is imported from the moun
tainous regions of Persia, Afghanistan and the Cau
casus. Every particle of dyestuff is tested repeat-.
edly. Every improvement that inventive genius can
suggest is utilized in their smooth, lustrous finish,
their proved and tested serviceability.
In our windows this week is a notable display of Anglo-Persian rugs. Many
more in all sizes are on our floors. They aire new; most of them arrived last
week. They are well worth seeing.
We sell Anglo-Persian Rugs in the 9x12 size for $55.
This is no more than you would pay for the same rug in New York or Chicago.
It is some $400 less than you would pay for an Oriental rug of equal beauty
and durability. If you care about your home we believe that an Anglo-Persian
Rug will yield a larger return in permanent satisfaction than any other $55 in
vestment that you can make. J ' :Y
E3 '
5th and
G. MACK & C.'
, : -i-N:. 'V'-ii. "i' ,......;,;.
5th and
fSo muoh baa been aald In tha pa pars
aa to what Is going to be done la the!
matter 'of railroad building within the I
state of Oregon and so many of such
prophecies are still unfulfilled that It I
I now about time," said J. W. Bea-
nett. of Coo Bay, -that w begin to
talk about what ha boon done, and
from thaf Judge of the future. ,
"Coos Bay la not suffering at the
oreeent time for the want of passenger
communication with the Interior of the
state. There are at present In opera
tion four means of communication with
the soutnern .racinc, .upon wuicn an
tomoblles are operated, and these will
undoubtedly continue In active opera
tion until tha rainy season seta In and
perhaps longer as the county court of I
Coos county is taking active steps io
complete an all-winter road over the
old Coos Bay wagon road to Rosoburg.
"A line of automobile l operaiea
between Rosebura- and Marahfleld on
Coos Bay, leaving Roseburg and
Marahfleld every mornln at 1:10 a.
m., reaching the opposite point of the
route the same evening. The line or
these roads ar traveled so that during
the hot portion of the day the traveler
is naaslna through the heavy timber
where it la cool, whereas In the evening
and in the morning they are in the
valley or along the waters of Coos
Bay, where It Is pleasant and enjoy
able. The river along tb greater por
tion of this rout abound with trout
and many people take advantage of I
the beauties of the locality to spend
their vacation there.
"The proprietor of this rout are I
the owner of two 111 40 horsepower
Bulck machine and two 1110 SO horse
power Chalmers Detroit machines.
"There is a new line or automoDiies
from Drain to Allegany on-the head
water of Coo river and from there I
they are taken down a distance of 10
mile to Marahfleld by steamer. This
rout haa Just been established and
passe through on or tn most at
tractive and beautiful location in in I
state of Oregon. Then another auto
mobile haa been put on between Drain
and Scottsburg. where the passenger
Is taken down the Vmpqua on the river
boat and from the mouth of the urap-
qua by stage down tn oeacn io coos
Bay. This Is a most enjoyable trip
in the summer time.
'Automobile make numerous trips
between Roseburg and Myrtle Point I
and from there to Marahfleld. But
whether or not a regular, automobile
line ha been established on this road.
I am not able to say but 'understand It I
"Two steamers make regular trip
from Portland to Coo Bay, and there-J
fore there la no good reason at . the
T ' rTTrPl iisiii
Ls tiT V t t r JrT . rnn, r I 1. T
(kmt fire Sale
Commencing Tomojrrbw Morning;
Promptly at 8:30 Hovenden Piano
Co. Will Dispose of $SS,OOQ Stock
for Insurance Company
Positively the Lowest Prices
and Terms Ever Made
Commencing tomorrow morning promptly at 8 :30 will com
mence the greatest sale of high grade Pianos, Baby Grands
and Uprights, magnificent Player Pianos, etc., ever witnessed
in this city.
In the recent fire in our establishment most of our large
stock was more or less damagedmostly by smoke.
The Insurance companies have instructed us - to dispose
of each and every instrument for what it will bring. Accord
ingly we have cut and slashed the prices to the very bottom. :
Not until the store opens tomorrow morning willyyou fully
realize what an extraordinary money-saving event this is.
. Not Bidly Hurt
Bv far the ereater number of instruments were simply
marred and scratched in moving them to a place of safety
during the fire. Of course, some are more seriously hurt than
others. But in order to get rid of them in short order we've
made a uniform reduction so drastic as to insure all being
snapped up in a few days. Of course those who come first
will have the advantage. ;
World's Best Pianos
Each and every one of the. many fine pianos for which we
. have the exclusive agency is included. The famous I vers &
Pond, the celebrated Davenport & Tracey, the superb uabler,
the beautiful . Melville Clark, the popular Brewster, Werner,
Leslie Bros. all must go. Even the great Apollo Player
PianoKing of all. '' -
' As to prices well just say a word. A third to a half off
the regular retail selling prices prevail.. You can now get
a good piano for $115, which would ordinarily cost you $250.
The insurance company stands the loss. It's your gain. From
that on tip to the most costly and desirable Baby Grands
and Player Pianos youll find a range of selection unequaled
anywhere. ... ': . ' Y. '.'. w : . ".
we'll tell you the truth about each instrument, Well show
you the inside and outside. Well guarantee each and every
piano and piayer piano
, exactly as represented.
Furthermore, youll re
ceive a written guarantee
for a long terms of years.
You take absolutely no
chances. ' 1
As to terms, well not
i split hairs. - A .small
amount down and the
balance in small monthly
payments will do. .
The important thing Is
to be on hand, the first
thing tomorrow morning
early. Don't-wait or
delay. Be here the very
first thing when the doors
-open. - It's to four in
terest. . -x Y
Hoyeriden PismoOiGb;