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new duty on wine makes the price of
1 $2.E0 per pint in most places and J4.60
, a quart, soma grills and saloons charg
ing 5 a quart Needless to say. the
(Stwrlal P!fitcti to TTie Jnornal.)
BitzMlle, Wash., Dec, 21. Though
three physicians say that Taddy Holland
is insane, and was insane at the time he
shot the pretty school teacher, Josephine
rutnam. Dr. W, D. Howells of Spokane
says the" prisoner la shamming and is
not now nor was he insane when he
killpd the teacher.
The case Is proving an expensive one
to the county, tho cost so far being esti
mated, at $4500.
Journal Want Ads bring results.
E'aa Stat!! In Drunken Qjaml.'
SpHal Mnpa'-H to Th lnifnal.l
lone. Or., Doc. 21. Al , Miller fctabbel
and seriously cut Angus Monroe about'
the head and chest here last night Both
men were drinking and Miller, being of1
a quarrelsome disposition, used a knife
on Hfoiiroe without any provocation, it
is alleged.
. wine cellars are being well stocked these
days; and will also be well emptied,
j whatever may be the cost of living.
Fill'S EVE
Roller skating, K healthful exercise.
.'.2 Leg No Longer Glows
Hoy city's Quiet Christmas
-1 lauU
Rather Dull.
London. Pec. II. Tho old-fashioned
stv! of celebrating Christmas, with the
.:w:l!ig' log in the fireplace, the merry
rrnnily seated around the festive board,
which is groaning under Its load of
inice viands. Including such delicacies
ii boar's head venison and plum pud
urn, is a thing of the past so far as
l,..ndon 18 concerned. It may still sur
vive In the households of well-to-do
-ountry gentlemen, conservative enough
t preserve ancient traditions, but lit
l,"ndon the custom his died out. The
1 it h leave their town houses and take
their families to some fashionable sea
side resort, "where they spend the holl
Javs amid the discomforts of crowded
hotel life; and the poor stay at-bome
tind enjoy their holidays according to
their means and taste, but thero are no
yule logs nor any of the famed ac
cessories of an old-time yuletide cele
bration. " ; :.m' v.
- ; -i 's Royalty's ' CirUtmas. :.;"-.;:;
The royal household, still In moarninr
for the late King Edward, will spend
the holidays in a comparatively quiet
manner, The king and queen and the
members of tho royal family will cele
brate Christmas "en fainllle", at York
Cottage, their charming estate in Nor
folk. Although quietly . and un
ostentatiously,.; elaborate preparations
have been made for. the yuletide cele
bration, there will be plenty of . good
tilings for the table,; including boar's
head and cygnet and a liberal supply
at plum pudding, ' made In accordance
with the famous recipe' preserved in
the royal family for more than a cen
tury. There will te presents for all
mpmbers of the family, a family gath
ering arounfl the Christmas tree in the
hall and a distribution of presents to
the retainers of the king's estate. j
King Edward loved to have a number
of intimate friends around him at the
yuletide season and invariably had a
large house party at Sandringham at
that time, but King George, limited by
the rules of mourning etiquette, will
forego the pleasures cf a gathering of
congenial friends this Christmas, what
ever he may choose, to do in the fu
ture. " ' -' ' '
Trade Hot TJp To Maik.
Christmas trade was not quite .so
brisk as last year, owing to the un
nettled condition of things caused by
the excitement of the political campaign
and the industrial strikes and disturb
ances which have considerably reduced
the purchasing power of , the 'poorer
working classes. The demand for toys
and other holiday goods of a cheaper
grade has been larger in comparison
than for soma holiday seasons past.'.
City Attorney Says Franchises
Should -Be Revoked Jf
Agreement Violated.
Early Reservation of Tables -at
. .Cafes Indicates Jolly Time
. That Night.
Tear off this mask of mystery which
surrounds motion : ' and
come ta the Arctic regions with Dobbs
and his moving picture camera, an ex
hibition the likes of which the people
of Portland or these United States have
never seen.
?S and 29.
Hellig theatre, December
To meet the growing Inter
est and demand in beautiful
framed pictures, especially - at
this season of the year,, the
works of the most eminent ar
tists have come out la the finest
productions. We present, this
season, the finest collection of
the most meritorious pictures
we have ever been able to as
semble. It matters not what other
gifts you make, one or more
framed pictures should be In
cluded. The picture affords a
wonderful expretsion of
thought and effects a genuine
and lasting pleasure to the re
cipient when well chosen,
r; Our collection )b bo large,
we say, so varied and attract
ive and so reasonably priced
that you can easily be suited
hrre. . ,. .... ..
There are, perhaps, pictures
in your home that , need fram
ing now. Let us do that work
for you: ft will be well done,
artistic and at a reasonably low
- Countless other things In
' this big store should interest
you, when at the last moment
you haven't been abie to choose
.your gifts; Open evenings thta
week until 9 o'clock. -
. 170 First 171 Front
Ectwccn Morrison and Yamhill
, on First - "
"The ' council ought to call Mr.
Josselyn's bluff." said City Attorney
Grant yesterday afternoon, following
the adjournment of a special commute
session at which the street railway
president and other officials were pres
ent The corporation head had told the
committee that he boiieved the council
should revoke railway franchises when
ever the company violated the term of
its agreement with the city, v
The statement wa made by Mr,
Joaselyn in the course of an argument
that arcse between him and Councilman
Rushlight as to the right of the street
car 'company to abandon portions of
track at the company's pleasure. "
At the conclusion of tho conference
the committee instructed the city audi
tor to make a report showing- tb total
amount of street improvement assess
ments involved in the proposed abandon
ment by the Portland Railway Light &
Power company of a number of streets
on which it baa franchises. The most
important of these is the East Twenty
eighth street franchise,
r-.--.x Abandons rranchlse. ri- ; v
When the city built the reenforced
concrete- bridge across Sullivan's gulch
on that street the car company aban
doned its franchise, saying it had the
right to do so without the consent or
the city council. If compelled to pay
its share of the cost of the bridge the
company would have (to expend about
$15,000. It la believed by residents
who would be served by a carllne across
the viaduct that the railway system
would have been extended to their sec
tion of the city before now If the com
pany had not wished to evade the pay
ment of its assessment for the con
struction of the bridge.
On motion of Councilman Menefee the
committee instructed the city attorney
to prepare an ordinance assessing the
cost of the bridge in order that he may
have ground to bring suit against the
company in case it should refuse to pay
the assessment
Would Fay Share.
"The street car company will never
object to paying a share of the cost
of the bridge If it should decide to use
the span," declared President Josselyn.
"But we have not yet completed plans
for the extension of our system across
Sullivan's gulch in that direction, and
do not know at this time whether we
will want to use the bridge or not
'There seems to be an idea that the
company ,;has adopted the method , of
abandoning street In order to avoid
paying for improvements. This is a
mistake. The question of abandonment
Is decided simply by the utility of the
road. : We are seeking to give the pub
lic, a maximum of service and in order
to do this we are constantly making
changes. These changes are warranted
by oun franchises. ,If we violate the
terms of the franchises , the council
should revoke them. But the company
la too broadmiaded to abandon a street
just to escape paying for. part ot
street Improvement" v 1 Vr? At,
"F. V. Holman, attorney for the horn
pany, warned City Attorney Grant that
if the city should attempt tq bring the
question of the right to abandon fran
chises into the courts, it would take
several years to decide the matter.
, Despite the fact that New Tear's eve
this year comes . on Saturday night
reservations already made in the various
grillrooms and hotels indicate that Port
land's" celebration will not be subdued.
The prospects are that within a few
days all available tables will bo re
served at charges varying from IS. to 5
a person. v-"VU" -'' -"Vi? '
Both dining rooms at the Hotel Port
land will be -used for the evening. fJo
charge is being made for reservations
Where, but practically all of tho tables
are gone. There will be orchestral and
vocal music in both, the grill and main
dining ; room, and decoratlops of the
season. . , -. -.H ; ,. . ,s
At another hotel grill ' it was said
this morning , that a charge of 5 per
person was being made, and that unless
one hurried they would not be able to
get In at all. Still another grill la mak
ing a charge of 13. These prices are
supposed to cover the first outlay for
food and " wine la the grills on New
Tear's eve it is not ethical to drink any
thing but wine. . - ? .'' -.- ' 0
Portland will probably spend around
$20,000 for Its New Tear's celebration
thi year, t Saloonkeepers say that it is
a poor bar which does not take In at
least $100 for the evening, and there are
419 of them. Some of the pretentious
downtown bars figure on putting from
$500 to $2500 in the cash registers, for
wine is high and is quickly consumed..
These estimates take In consideration
the fact that the bars must close an
hour earlier than they would If New
Tear day did not come on Sunday. In
the gnus H will not make so much dif
ference. There the Saturday night cus
tom will be followed. A few minutes
before tho closing hour the patrons may
order as much liquor as they desire, to
last them half an hour, an hour or two
hows, as their thirsts may dictate.
Last year the Average spent for every
patron of a grill was about $10, but
champagne this year is higher, and
bubble water is opened on New Tear's
eve as on no other occasion. ' Three
thousand cases Is the present record of
consumption per year, and a greater part
Of this disappear? between 10 p. m. De
cember 31 and 4 a. m. January t. The
With boa t !" twa In tlie LWt of parlBS,
ard yom will that offsr w obrtantial -,r
na all wnr and r cannot ft botUr painltM
irk wruban. so wmihof Back joa pa. . .
We tnlCi plate and
I bride wort for out
f of -tow a patron, la
on itf t daairad.
i l aislma ostractioa
frna whMi piatea or
' bridm work la ordar
'M. tuiultati.g in.
ldarCraM $3.09
Mitmnn 1.C3
j Umri FiOinga 1.C3
Sihrar FiWnjt ,50
I pwm 5.C3
PIU 7.63
F'sl P"eJI BM
T1 O
' IiT1(Ti Wv 1 ill 1 iq! xc
SlaoEnecia" aiKfl Cull o 11 In e ILoveotl rJottcIIn
i 1 t n x
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Down Go Wine PriceoUp
Goes Our Popularily
.Wines that are health and strength builders wines that
are pure andttnadulteratedwines that are guar
anteed under ihe Pure Food Law.
. Do YouWantllieBest Wliisliey?
. t " Of do. But do you always get what you want?
To be on the safe side and not run the risk of 'getting- cheap,
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funded. A trial order "will convince you. - t
It is the .
thing "
in the world
to make a
hot biscuit
with !
The mid-winter meeting of the Port
land presbytery was held yesterday In
Mount Tabor church, Rev. Thomas
Holmes Walker acting as moderator.
Overture of the general assembly yere
received and discussed. An overture to
strike out th. words, 'pouring or sprink
ling," from the rules of the church, was
approved, as leniency in the mode of
baptism has been for some time prac
ticed by local Presbyterian ministers.
proposal to limit published discussions
of matters pending in the church waa
negatived. Rev. William Parsons, pastor
of the Third Presbyterian church, de
claring that such a plan would be equiv
alent to.-gae; rule." . ....
There was also disapproval of the
plan to compel a candidate for the min
istry to submit to a written examina
tion before a license to preach was
Issued to him, provided one fourth oj
the congregation voted for the written
Rev; W. R. Spier wan' received a
pastor of Trinity Presbyterian church
of Portland from the Congregational
association of Montana. The receivin
of Rev. M, C Martin, as pastor of tho
Kenllworth church, was postponed until
the next meeting,; his r credentials- not
having arrived from Minneapolis. H
will in the meantime continue pastor
work with the congregation.
All posts in the home mission field
were reported as filled. The treasurer
reported a balance of $1187 in the home
mission fund, together with an emer
gency balance of $508 and contingency
$18, Addresses on home misaiona were
made by Rev. W. 8. Holt and others.
Imncheon was served at noon in the
Mount Tabor church by the women of
the Congregation.
All $1.X) WINES, per gallon. . . .45c
ALL $1.50 WINES, per gallon .... 75c
ALL $2.00 WINES, per gallon.. .$1.00
ALL $3.00 WINES, per gallon.: .$1.50
ALL $4.00 WINES, per gallon . .$2.00
Choice of Port, Sherry, Angelica, Mus
j catel, Garet, Zinfandel, Caber-
net and Burgundy.
LOO Sffi
Bottles Exchanged or Deposit Required
. -a'
i ir... i
Rffislsr 5LC3
ALL $3.50 WHISKEYS, per gaL $2.45
ALL $4.00 WHISKS, per gaL C2.C3
ALL $5.00 WHISKEYS, per gaL $3.43
ALL $6.00 WHISKEYS, per gaL $3.95
ALL $5.00 WHISKEYS, per gal. $2.C3
BRANDY (grape or cognac), gal. $3.45
$5.75 A DOZEN
Your Choice cf four different lands-
Cuyer Special, Metropole, Carte
' Blanche, Dufleur Cc Fils
DccIIccs Apricot CrscJy CSc a Cstlls
Sunny Brook King Hill Whis- Gordon Gm Hunter; . Delightful : Cream Rye i
Whiskey key (Bottled in for Baltimore . Blackberry , : ; for
90c Bond) 95c $1.00 Rye $1.00 65c Bottle $1.00
We originate we never imitate. We lead-we never follow. We are lhe Straight Liquor House.- We are the
rf U...t M T ! U.. s an i -m. . e n ..i 1 . i - hi i fur- r ? e . .. ki '.
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lowest our policy forever truthfuL Our label your guideour label your protection. ,'"'. ' '
244 Yamhill Street, Near Second Phone M 589 A 1117
rt. W. 1. .il, rinnr urn Muum
; li Ria Kiwaa NBUat
m work fullr raranted far fifteen yean.
v 4Ai.i64.A 1efinc. i things from others' viewpoints, is It
Painless Dentists
n C Jing, Tbtrd nd WttWnftea. P0RTUKO, ORt
i...;.iiiu.: A. U. ta t. U. a&aara,SIX ,
Hih . Grade, Commercial
end Electric' Si?ns.
i:it 7Vn end rt Evtrett rts.
. 'j '0t att . UUi S-UZft.
C. C. Chapman, manager of the Port
land Commercial club, spoke very enter
tainlngly last night at the Lincoln' High
school, explaining what he understood
by the word "Personality."
Mr, Chapman stated that "personalfly
Is something that can be cultivated by
every Individual to any degree." He
defined personality as "the winning
quality that springs from within," hence
personality Is not the outward appear
ance of the man, but the real Inner man.
He said personality could be cultivated
in two ways, first by being true to the
best that 1 in one's self, and second by
anowing consideration for somebody
else. Truth toward one's self, he said,
Inspired confidence) consideration, for
others brings influence.
Only by understanding the troubles
and shortcomings of othera, toy seeing
Absolutely Pure
And when
made it is the
most delicious
of foods.
, And you are ,
. ; absolutely confident
of its absolute
iwholeMmenessV ,
that one acquires power over bis fellow.
men and sympathy and consideration
may be cultivated. "
? Squareness and? sincerity Insure per
manence of powr, sympathy and cheer
Ineas bring with them the liking and
consequent influence . that one always
,aaaciaiaaitb UlkJn BwsoMalityvAit'
of these attributes. Mr, Chapman I
Into success. The program opened with
vocal and instrumental music. Next
Tuesdny evenhig W. K -Woodward will
lecture. on - "aalfsnianship."- . ,.
if , tfo Alum J
No lime . (A
MjV Phosphate . , iJi
I XffruW
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