The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 20, 1910, Page 11, Image 11

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Cipro Open Evenings Until 9:30-EvcnlnQ Luncheon In Tea Room SI3Q to 8Mugic by ttic Orplicurra Cretic:;ti
Chriotmab Candies in Basement-French Paoirics, Delicatessen and Balcery Fourth FloorT-Shoppcrs' Lunch Bcscme:
n o
Esttra DIviciericia Declared on Account of Great Success of Yesterday's Coupon Sales Sensational
Barnalns in All Departments pf the Store for Tomorrow's Xmas. Gift ScckeroTakeAdvantageShop in the Morning
v.- MUa!
g2.50 Voliies on Sale 85c
.. - ' . " .......... ' '
"Vith only four more' days in which- to do Christma9 shop
ping -we am to make the task easier for our customers, as
well as. ourselves, by displaying'" our 'great bargains- so" as.'
to make choosing easy.; Here's men's pureSillc Mufflers,
in plain or lancy Drocaaeci enects, cream or wnne,
flam or lancy orocaaea enects, cream or wi
size, neat patterns; $1.50 to $2.50 values
5 O Ot D bs eii ; iVlefT a Coat - S t y le ! SlilFts
... ' - i i ii ' ...I I 'I .... . II' l . .- -1 n - - -T-lll T ' i. i li i.. i ii . i.i .i ! ill mi ill I ii Mil. .11 I 1 WWHII ii.
C51ISO aiiclC32.00 .Values; at ; 9Sc lEacli
500 dozen men's coat-style Shirts with coffi attached Beautiful assortnient of dark and light pat,
terns of fine imported madray chambray, percale, zephyr ginghams, Russian cords, etc The biggest
and best assortment shown in the city. Shirts to please every taste; Many regular lines Q g A
are included. 1 Thrifty men should look to their needs. Regular, values to $2.00; on sale ': &SfiVj
iomeiVs Men's
S4Umbrellas !NoS'i95'
Tomorrow's. shoppers will realize a substantial saving on
these Umbrellas. 5 Sizes 26 and 2&-inch' tops, of good qual
ity silk and Unen, mounted on paragon frames with eight
ribs, absolutely rustproof, good waterproof tops. A splen
did selection of handles, all new and attractive. CO QC
Regular' $4.00 Rvalues priced this sale at,1 each vm9iI,
Toilet 'Sets'
Q7.5Q Vals. Q3.98
Tomorrow we shaH Christmas dividends
by offering a beautiful assortment of
three-piece Toilet Sets comb, brush and
nlate srlass mirror: heavy silver-plated
and attractive designs;1 values' "AO'
to $7.50, . special at, the set Vf y,
G3 CigarBoxes
Special at ff
Tomorrow, main floor; a special sale of
well-made aluminum lined Cigar Boxes;
each box holds; 50 cigars and will keep
them moist and in fine cqnditioa Boxes
are very attractively trimmed; (fljl Q
regular $3.00. values, special at el;
Eiibon gale
85c Values at 37c
Tomorrow the Ribbon Department will
share dividends by offering 20,000 yards
of Silk Dresden Ribbon in all the newest
and light color combinations; just the.
thing for Christmas finishing ,07
touches; values to, 85c, the yard ,IC
H ol ly Ribbon
'For .Packalgegi
Fine quality Silk Ribbon in holly pat
terns, for; tying Christmas , packages:
No. 1, full 10-yard bolt, special at;' 14
No: "1 Vi, full 10-yd. bolt, special at 23
No. 2, full 10-yard' bolt, special at 29
No. 3, 45c, and No. 5, special, only 65
gaill3 off Meo-s
Hops'e. CoaHs
Salle ofi Meant' s
Matt la. IRolbes
A final Christmas sale of men's House Coats
in all sizes, colors and kinds; hundreds to
choose from. Well tailored, neat fitting,
Remarkable Values in men's Bath Robes in
all the newest designs and patterns; cut full,
neatly trimmed and very well made. Tha
ideal Christmas gift Values to $20 HALF
pleasing patterns; values to $15 AT HAL.
Sale of ; Boy sV ; Coat Sweaters
Regular 82,00 Values (lor GL19
The acceptable and sensible gift for the boy is a good coat style Sweater. .'We show
th?m in blue, gray and brown, nicely woven, pertect titnng garments, uur bhi ri ij
regular $2 values. To share Christmas dividends, we offer, them at this sale ipltiy
Goods aft i4 05J
Tomorrow, main floor, we share 25 per
cent dividends on all Parisian Ivory
Combs,-; Hair - Brushes, - Cloth ; Brushes,
Hat Brushes.1 Mirrors.: Puff Boxes, etc.!
finest quality,, new and beautiful. Pop--
iu( ; gins, icuuiu wnuryuinH,
Readlno Lamp
C?13 fVal S7,25
1 1 'i 1 . - . , 1
Tomorrow in the third floor tamp and
Electric Portable Department we offer a
fine line of Electric Reading Lamps, 22
inches high, 13-inch square shade, square
stand; an attractive " $13.00 OC
value, special tomorrow, each v
35c Values 23 c
Tomorrow we place on sale a line of pure
Irish Linen Kerchiefs, embroidered in
many new and pleasing designs; OO
our regular 35c -values for, each OC
Women's hemstitched, and initialed Lin
en Kerchiefs, 25c vals., box of 6 $1.00
SOctHoQics py
Tliree Falra CI
You will never fail to please her if you
give hosiery, i Here's a line of new Rib
bon Embroidered Stockings in many very
attractive floral patterns. Our best reg
ular 50c values buy all you Aft
want of them at 3 pairs for V It"w
SI .;.''" 1
j i n i ,' i .- '.. i i r til r-m
S35 Fur Scarf for Q17.SO
G22.50 FurMufl for
Other Furs at Fourth Off
; -i. - - ,. ; . , , t. , , ,, .1 mil ;
In the Fur Section, Second Floor, we offer
a splendid line tf Large Shoulder Pieces,
with front tabs, lined with chiffon satin
, taffeta, trimmed with plaited ribbons and
v tassels; also plain' shawl collars with silk
tassels. Reg. g35.00 val
ues for this sale at, each
Large $32.50 Pillow! Muffs only $1&25
Large $220 . Pillow Muffs only $1L25
Our entire stock of Women's and Chil
dren's Furs, in CoatspSets, Neckpieces,
Muffs, - etc - Children's 'Furs $1.49 to
$32.50; Women's from $8.50 to $35a00.
Every kind and quality. ' Very best values (
in the Northwest, reduced ONE FOURTH
Red Cross Stamps
On Sale Main Floor
Assist in this great charity; help fight tuberculosis in Ore
gon and elsewhere.7; Decorate Christmas packages with
Red Cross Stamps. r Tpmorrow's booth In charge of Mrs.
George MarshaA, Miss Carolyn BensonMiss Jessie Hurley
Men's Neckwear
S2.QO Values Now 98c
75c Values Special ,23c
. mi ii i ' ' 1 " 1 " !' '. . ' '. . ' ..
LOT -j-i-A great showing, of men's" Four-brHand Ties in
patterns and qualities that will appeal to every woman's
sense of the beautiful and to every, man's sense of econ
omy. Gift-seekers, as well as those buying for their own
use, should lay in a good supply. Fine peau de soie, peau
de cygne, barathea, satin, faille silk, Persian, Dresden and
Roman striped silks; wide end scarf styles, well QQ
made.'- Values to $200, on. sale at low price of VOC
LOT 2 In the Basement "Underprice Storer a showing
of wide-end foor-tn-hand and reversible Ties : for close
fitting collars. Values which are pronounced by judges
to be the best in the city. Ties regularly worth
50c and :75c, special at the low, price of, each JC
Reg. g25.06Siilts $i5;85
Stop! Think! Study the easel Ms there a time? in all
the year when you need new clothing more than dur
ing the holidays? ' Then remember our Clothing Store
is in its first winter" season and every suit we show is
new and the very latest style. In this sale we include
the swellest lot of Scotch and English mixtures you ever
saw. All styled according to latest vogue, g P ; Q C
Reg. $25.00 values now marked at, suit ,'3)1 0OQ
Men's Overcoats and Cravenette Raincoats, those very
popular styles such as are being worn by the fashion
able young 'fellows and particular business men. All
the latest styles. A full line of sizes. Our I P O C
y regular $25.00 values now on sale for tUlUUU
domes 1 (
Bolls Reduced
Our celebrated lines of "Sweetheart Dolls"
thatVere" made expressly iot us in Germany.'
They? are full-1 .ball-and-socket jointed, have
sewed wigs and natural hair. - Some have
sleeping eyes,.- some .flirting eyes.' A1J sizes are
placed on sale' at th' following reductions:
Ske'18-bcb, regular $1.7S values, at $lt3
Size 20-inch, regular $2.25 values, st f 1.69
Size ?l-inch, - regular $2J0 values,- at f 1.88
Size 23-fochregidar $2JS values t 82.05
Size 24-inch, regnlar $35 valaes, at f2.44
Sire 25-rnch, regnhr $4.00 values, at 82a
Site 2S-inch, regular $40 values, at $3.33
Size 27-inch,' regular $5.50 vslnea, at 1 4.14
Sire 29-inch, regular $&50 values, at " f 4.48'
Size 32-inch, regular $7 JO values, ' at f 5.48
Size 33-inch, regular $9.00 values, at 8 T.28
The largest and most complete stock of Dolls
ih all the great Northwest, displayed in a way
to make choosing easy. Don't fail to see them.
Men's Kerchiefs
; ir '. .n - - - " -i- ---i - v.. -,--, it. T. tgio
Gl.OO Values at 79c
Men's finest . quality of ' pure Linen Ker
chiefs, neatly hemstitched, narrow .herns,
made for real particular fellows; reg. 7Q
$1 values, 6 in box for 84.50, each I J C
ANOTHER LOT of men's real Irish . Lin
en Kerchiefs, full size, neatrr hemstitched.
The most appropriate and most acceptable'
of gifts; ' Regular 75c values, put up CQ'
6 in a box for 83.25, or spec'l, each
Hate Ol.OO
.'. :. .. .... ' .,; - rr
In! the Basement "Underprise- Store" we'
offer your choice of a fine line of Women's
Trimmed Hats, made on the best felt
foundations. The latest styles. Regular
$5.00 , to $7i0 values, special, to fr AA
share s dividends, . at only, , each, VlUU
S2 Values at 01.15
1 1 , 4 r ' - "' ' " "
50 dozen men's Outrng FUnnel Pajamas in
all wanted sizes and colors, including neat
striped effects, in blue or pink; very ac
ceptable and useful Christmas C
gifts; big showing of values to $2 $1ID
Main Floor
Between the Elevators
S2.50 Values for gl.09 women's Slippers
03.50 Values lor $1.89
WOMEN'S JUL1KTTKS, the ideal hoose sHpper, made
of high-grade' felt with leather soles? all wanted
sizes and colors; $2.00 and $2.50 values, pair yAlrf
MEN'S Slippers, in every wanted leather.
calf, via kid; tan or black, opera or Everett
and Romeo styles; $3 to $3,50 vala special
51.89 Pair
Men's Slippers
S1.75 Values at 98c
03 Values at C1.C9
In ; the "Basement Underprice Store" a
sale of men's Romeo Slippers, in P1 OA
gray and black; good $2 grade felt
Men's tal and black Morocco Leath- QQ
er Slippers, good $1.75 , values, pair ; OC
Men's tan and black . vici kid Romeo style
Slippers; our best regular $3 val- fljl Q
ues, underpriced at. special, pair , v 1 wJ,
Q1.5Q Values at 89c
Toe Slippers at 39c
In basement TJnderprice Store," women's
-Fur Trimmed Felt Juliettes, the best OQi
house slipper; reg. $1.50 value, pair 03C
1000 pairs women's, misses and children's
Velvet and Felt Toe Slippers, trim'd 9Q
in .bows,' underpriccd at only,' pair Oa
Great Sale of Christmas Slippers
on Main Floor at Very Low Prices
Sale j Boy g9 ?Hato
05 Valueo G3 G
g l.O O VatlucG 69c
Give the boy a new hat for a Christmas pres
ent 'i Here's a line of fine imported Beavers in
medium and large shapes; blue, brown and
black; regular $5.00 values, special- j
ized for tomorrow at only, each v5TW
Children's Hats, in serges and cheviots; come
in red, tan, brown, blue and gray colors; all
sizes and the newest shapes; regular
$1.00 values, on sale at low price of OJC
OS Values 03.OS
G12 Values S9.-42
Tomorrow, a general sale, of new Radiopticon
Postcard Projectors; all sizes Included in sale.
Regular $ 5.00 values reduced to, each 83.05
Regular $ 8.00 values reduced to, each 86.38
Regular $10.00 values reduced to, each $7.95
Regular $12.00 values reduced to, each 8 9.43
OecfliPfigTiigr Ouvirleiifl3,oii,Toy
Oollsi?:a'm2?''s amdl IPucflujipes
Train Accessories at a Third Off
All the things needed to improve the sys
tem; such as switches,; block signals, tun
nels, depots, roundhouses, signal lights, ;
extra cars, etc., all sizes and prices. I A.
offered during sale at a reduction 61 . J
v -V . ' C' ' ' 1
Automobiles at One Third Off
3oys' and girls' ; Automobiles, one and.
two-seated cars,l very attractive line of ,
values from $4.50. to $25.00; otfered
during this week at a reduction oi
Printing Presses at a Third Off
A" complete stock of practical Printing
Presses,- regular $1.25 to $25 vat- f
Th entire' stock at reduction '
$40 Swinging Horses at $3.65
An attractive.' substantial toy for a child.
Swinging Horse, mounted on stationary
Dase; a very auracxrve t.jw
value, special for this sale
at $3.65
40c Baby Chairs Now Only 31c
Handsomely painted ! in has- fine,
bentwood" back, stronjtly) constructed;
- good, comfortable seat,'84x9 ins.; 0 '
jost the thing for the tot, special J1C
- 50c Baby Rockers Now Onry37r
, ,TT ... .' , , . ., ; . , ... .... , v- "TT.:
Strong, handsome bentwood back, paint
ed in red; has fine, comfortable seat. 8x9
ins., stands 18 ins. high; our regu- ;07
lari seller at 50c, special at only Of C
35c Roller Chimes for Only 26c
This very neat and amusing toy for the
little tots is made to pull on the floor;
nice blue, enameled wheels, strong- O
ry constructed; 35c values, each , &vv
Stationary Engine at a Third Off
Electrically t welded steel 'boiler, "t safety
valve, boiler pump, throttle, water glasses,
ett; complete in every detail; vaJ- J A.
ues from $12 to $45, at reduction of ,
This ever popular pet of the youngsters
has jointed arms and neck;, very cute lit
tle Teddv that they all like; our OQ.
rcgular 50c value at only, each ' OjC
III' IH" 111 " ' " 1 . ' ' I' . I . mvmm-mmh.hmm M-MMMMW-.
Gorffoniol CIimi This excellent JQf
imported brami of cheB at, tha lb.
Almond ChHstirM goleetlou nf V
Fancy Paper-Shell AlmonUs at. lb Aw V
Btrlnf liMi New stock Golden Wax Iff.
Hum Nicely exrni. snwtl 1b, rwri 7c '
Usty; ,ln for Cbmtmaa breakfast v
PopooTB Tba . btmt quality ' of tin OJT
dry popcorn; five pound for only v
Mm acoat AtrooM'a beat Quality:5 4Ap
th only kind to use, at. per pound
Xlaoa afaaS .Beat quality, pat up In 07
large le buckea; epeclal at. each y
Tlrtm mddUir Atmore's best. jb. R5
29. 1 pounds 58. I pounda for
Stuffed Sates aad riaTVery finest selec
tion, put up lu peat Jars fo caarlrtmaa
Ckffe a W, - K. beat quality, C AA
otti- rx. 46e biand: aoel at I lbs. VvV
asarmtanallowa of highest rrade. put fi
up in aloe tins; fine, freah; tin at "t
Bmrua-nga-nw eiy--ntwwr-1nrJ-9flA
ported; brands, prlca, the pound, only; ,v
Xalalaa Our rerulr 10c ( quality fKg
Seeded Raisins; three packages for
Olnfar Ala Cantell & Coekrane's f JS
lmpTd Ginger Ale, Sarsaparllla, doa !
Cbooolate.Peter'a Best Koliler Choc- ICa
elates, tilled with haael nuts, cake at v
Seeded Bataias -- Extra Fancy Mo- 1An
watte, always sold 3 for 25c. at.pkf. ;
; Oermaa WeffarmauasThesa dalrity" !
and popular Chriatmaa cookies at, lb.; i
ISlzad aTuta Extra quality New QAje
Assorted Nuta, special at, the pound 'VT;
' Cluster Bateina Choicest quality, in . 1Q
nice, neat l-lb, packages, at each;!rVj
Xoose aCusoatel Baielna Atiothw big" 9v
Christrnaa special in raisins, 4 lbs. .
Umi Juice Rose famous Imported CAa
brand, special at,' the bottle, 30 or
Stifa Corn SuocotaaB -Finest Fancy. Jl?
Maine Corn or Succotash, at 2 cans
Battas Our Justly famous Bohemian 77n
, brand la 3-lb. squares, redue'd to, aq. . s v .
Btslaga awims-rinesr qnATrtrbfIISi;""
Imported Spanish brand, at, the pkg.
Imported Cheese English Stilton
Cheese; beat, put up In Jars, each
Cora Starch Klngsford'a best brand 4A
nt f?nrn or niosi ' Starr.h. t. nkar. v
of Corn ; or Gloss ' Starch, at. pkg.
Boll aSopa BUrmarok Herrtny Kxtra f.
special for Christmas at low price, ea
Beans; reg. 15c quality, at, the tin
Bunt's Extra rralt Hand-peeled, IT
with every doa. bought here, one 1
White Beans New, Fancy . Quality Of n
Beans, spe'l price, 6 pounds for only
rard Dates The special date for
etufflng purpoeea, special, the pound
Sultana , Baiatos Fixtra Fancy Se-
lected Quality Baisina, lbs, only
Pineapple Choice Quality PUditi 4 n
BItced Pineapptej'j'p'l .Rii.Ji' Bt .ntily
" tloa-.'Kitra ' Fin Quality Carolina t j
Head 'Bice; ig. 10c lb. quality, 7 ll . - " "
Ooooa Bensdorf a Hoyel Dutch Hrand -j f .
Cocoa,- beat,-small sisa tins, sp'l, a. -
Boiled Cider Beet irrale, siohII i l " -
large slzo bottlp, at cud). Us m i
aapsraynn Fnnry, nr?,
tt'iulor. .so .-.: y to rn.)'r-"1 J .