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The Sunday Journal
' ' ' "." Comprises ., ,' -. ; '
5 Sections- 5 3 Pcrics
Journal Circvlation
yesterday;.) V(T)
; Ths Weather Probably fair; north
east winds.
' VOL. IVTIJO. 2&.VrV'----: -.''i 'V-V;-,' ? fi..Lx;;Vr. - j PORTLAj
nmn 7nnRTnnTi
& ciluouiiiGEK
Whole Northwest Will Appeal to Con-
firess for Aid Letters Are Sent to
Eveit Senator and
' . VS., ,, ,.
Oregon, Washington - antf Idaho.
Could Com
. Tns Celflo canal nut be placed ee)
the continuing contract baala " - , :
nr substantial commercial ead
agricultural interest In th -Pacific
-' northwest demands that taw Cain canal
ba sompleted and tha Columbia river
' opened aa far aaat and north mm naviga-
Y tlon ean bsmadS-Josslbls. sHr-taH
, - psratlvs that tha canal work ba placed
s on a continuing contract baala and that
tha government thua provide fund a tor
" lta rapid and economical eonatroctlon.
Letters ara being ssnt to every sena-
, tor and congressman In,. Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho ursine that they eon
- 'eenfcnate their efforts and at tha eom-
Ing aaaaton oompal oonaraas to raoor.
. talca thaaa facta. : , u,
, Oas CampMe a,Tw.TiKt,v-.ii
Colonal B. TV. oaaalar, Unltad Btatao
anclnaar In chirsa of Columbia rlror
luproremanta, . la cradltad with - tha
atatatnant that tha Calllo canal can ba
sr " as
: com plot ad wlthlntwi'aara44-Worlt4a
paahed1" without Interruption. Lack of
-i trad a haa frmntal Much a pollcjr, u
thoush Colonal Roaaalar haa. It la aaiu.
naad avarjr raaourcaand praoaotioa la
' tha - dlaburaamant ' of - tha armUabla
. money from, year to yaar and ha haa
J,", mad tha means appropriations ga aa
; far aa thejn will reach. ,
v- That the -Celllo eanal mart. ba plaoad
cm -tha- aantlanlns oontraot baals the
aame as haa ba done with , the Co-
: ' luubla rtrer Jetty, la tha determination
Buffalo Bill's Friend and
Companion Goes to Jajl .
- inJoioraao.
IValtod Pnaa fcr Brlal Laaael WSWi
. Btertme". ColaAttf. II. PbHemon H.
Cookv a veteran of the 1t11 war and
' ' friend and ' fellow scout and Indian
fighter of Buffalo BUI during tha early
days, la in Jail here, charged with ob
,.' talnlng property undas falsa rapreaanta-
tlon. Cook la a contracting builder,
. and the charge againat him was pre
ferred by IX C. Ooddard, prealdent of
H the Platte Valley Lumber - aV Supply
, company. ' - -
biz weeks ago cook engaged Mia m.
Morar of Denver aa his housekeeper.
ter he- introduced her aa his bride.
cissn they iiad been quietly married
at i'tnaear iaaa.- oin joinea tn ietn
'odlst ebb reh. Cook Weaentlng a' letter
."of Introduction and credentials' from
,, Sbenannlng, Michigan, , '-
. Three weeks age Cook 'suddenly
'dropped oat of slgoCwlthoot bidding
hla wife good-bye.. - Teaterday he waa
located at Raton, New Mexico, where, a
week ago he married Mra. Annie Dillon,
'after a four-days' courtahlp.-, v ...
-Delmas and Associates iSay((iet Counsel For Telephone
Company Threw Down Glass and Caused His Con-
r victions-Should ITaTo
.. (Baent Haws T iaataat teaaad Wlra)
San Ttanclaoo, .'Aug. .11. Attorney a
for Glass ara angrily accusing Evan 8.
Plllabury, chief counsel of the Pacific
Telephone ' . Telegraph : Company . ot
"threwlng , down" , thslr silent - They
slalra it was through bis testimony that
tha vice-president . of the corporation
was sonvictsd.'.' f v.V .-''',;- " -
Dslmas, Coogan and MoPlka are loud
In their denunclationa of Pillahury tnd
rhargs him with del Iberau bad faith.
They mmi that ss ohlsf counsel for the
oorr'usTUon ba should bavs protected Ita
wae and availed himself of the old
le, "privileged eommunicationa.- iney
a that U
Haas could not havs been
convicted had It not been for the state
ments mads by Salisbury from the wit
ness chair. ( .) '-i-j, , ..' i
What Baaf Drew ray Von
Ptllsbtiry Is blamed by ths attorneys
if supplying 'the ling connecting tne
former vice-president Of ths Pacific
'elenhona Telerranh eomrfrr-with
he actual bribe-twins of whloh It haa
een contended na was in lsnnrance.
Ulsbury lestlflsd to a sonvsrsauoa la
. : . -.-v
of all tha sreat Interests affeoted. and
powerrui eriort wui do -aserxea at
sominc aaaaton ox oonrreaa to I
ours action that will permit the engi
neers to crowd on all noaelble foroee and
arive tne great improvement to a nnoan.
' Three states Demand Aettoa,
' There will be no genera) river, and
naraur apgropriaaen tui to ba - oaaaed
by bongreaa this yaar. Buck- a bill is
considered only at every alternate m
slon. and 'this in th off Tear. There
will be leaa of tha pull and haul taotios
mis session tnai usually oaeraotertae
ths-seasions in whloh ths rivers and
harbora of the entire country are strlv
lns- lor recognition and "Dla.' t
The rea) needs of waterway improve
ment can. it Is believed, receive con
siderate attention and aa ths Colombia
river w gamea a auuraing in consrs
second only to the Mississippi, it is
thought that this will be aa good a time
ss any for making a strong, united and
effective ftaht folr a reasonable anal
poiloy. There Is but one way for the
government to carry on this sreat work,
it Is-declared, and experience haa proven
that the ooaamiUns, .aonUaat-aeatam- Is
the most eoonomlcal and satisfactery.
swps are mn( lann vo elicit aa
sa equate expression or tne great' popu
lar demand in the Pacific northwest for
the prompt opening of taa Columbia
nver. i Aireaov a strong appeal haa
been placed before the senators and con
gressmen of the three atatea. aneTthta
action wui soon Da louowed sy a- as
sreaaiva movement oy uie commercial
ooaies or au toe tnaaa in these states.
Scont Ship Arranges J'or
Coal For Big Battleship
-r Fleet
(Bears Have by Leegeet Lieail WW)
'Baa Diego. Cair Augr It-Ths first
warship te report on ths California
coast since ths orders were issusd from
L Washington to mobilise tha big fleet
on tha Pacific coast, arrived here last
night, when the cruiser Bt. Louis pot
into port Ths St. Louis came around
the Horn aa a sort of scout ship, in ad
vance of the Atlantlo fleet, and on the
way has made arrangements for ooal?
in the big ahlpa whan they make the
trip. She ame up the coast from
Aeapuloo. Mealoo, and had been hearJ
from by wireless Thursday morning.
Bhe is ths sister ship of ths cruiser
Charleaton, tha flagship of the Paclflo
The ships of ths first division of the
Paclflo fleet of cruisers ara -on their
way to this coast now from Tokohama
via Honolulu, under oomirmnd of Rear
Admiral Dayton. The division la made
up of the Pennsylvania, West Virginia,
Maryland and Colorado, and- should be
In California .waters by ths middle of
next montn.
Protected Secrets.
which Class told
him that Aba Ruef
was on the oavroll of tha comnanv. not
m a uni aariaer, dui to perrorm soms
othsr service the nature of which was
not mentioned, but which , could, be
easily implied - , ,
Whan tha defendant is arraigned for
ssntencs on Wednesday- a request will
be made for a longer continuance in
order to prepare papers In support of
a motion for a new trial and In arrest
ot Judgment Probably a week will be
decupled with this task. - ' -s . , i
In the meantime laas held a
prisoner at the-county JalL with no
chance, of regaining his liberty. ,
.-,. ' . ,r i
;.":. ; u i.- v
Official Said Improvements Would
? v .V t)ost Tern Minions. . - '
. " Herwt Rswe' by Lsacaat Laaasd Wka.
San Francisco, Aug. SLWtth tha
conviction of I.ou1e Olsss, vice presi
dent of the Pacific- ' Telephone com
ity, for. .bribing membere of the board
of supervlaora
for franchises; . Asals-f
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S, ' raOWEXT
-,.1 iltfi " . IV. ' r Si
mammmmmmm fan 1 . I ' .' .k"T - I
(fft viM yip
i , s- .!.;:,; " ' ' - "KtS? . . fV ' ' '
Frightfnl : Quebec Disaster
Believed Due to Failure
to Send Message.
(Hearst Kews by Longest teaaad Wire J
New York, Aug, SI. A sensation was.
created today by a charge mads on
behalf of ths Phoenix Bridge sompsny
that ths long delay In transmission of
s Western Union telegram was re
sponsible for ths terrible loss of life
In ths Quebec bridge disaster. Tne col
lapse, whloh killed 7J men, among them
It skilled American ' mechanlca, em
ployed on the huge ; eantlleves bridge
serosa the 8t Lawrence river, occurred
Thuraday evening at t:I0 p. ra., almoat
Ave hours after a warning telegram
had been filed in New York rv the. con
sulting engineer, Theodore Cooper, to
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Railroad Magnate Changes
plans Returns Through
';h v v , Crook County. ' ;j
I By another sudden and unexpected
onange esaBrogram, n. H. uarnman Baa
again upset the calculations of those
who arst watching with much Interest
for him to emerge from oentral Oregon. J
Instead sf coming out via Shanlkq and
arriving In Portland today, hs will, re
turn to, ths first snnounoed routs via
Slaters, the Mints pass and Detroit and
will not reach Portland for two or three
days.' ; vv"r.. .' -"i- '
, In obedience te rush orders received
In this city at noon yesterday : from
General Manager J. "P.. CBiieri at Bend,
the operating department of the allied
lines made up a special train and It
waa about to be dispatched to Shaolko
to receive the returning party. ,
Changs plana saddsnly. '
Dapirture of ths train waa delayed
and at ( o'clock yesterday afternoon
when it was about to. start Mr. O'Brien
telephoned from Bend, that the plana -of
the Harrlman party were belne- altered,
and that ther would not return -via
Shanlko. It was ordered that the Pull
man car "Caacade" be cut out and the
train later in -the afternoon proceeded
with only a locomotive and a baggage
car to Shanlko. ' . , - .
It- is presumed the object of this ran
is to ret the private car of Mr. O'Brien
and the three freight ears la wbiot) ths
Postal 'Superintendent Capen Declares Mechanical De
vices and Eight Dollar Girls !HaTe' Broken Strike.
Telegraphers Confident of Winning Victory.
(United Frees by Special Leased Wire.) '
Chicago, Aug. 11. Claims that tha
telegraphers' strtks baa been broken by.
machines are mads tonight by officials
of -ths telegraph companies. General
Secretary "Wesley Russell of the teleg
raphers' union says these claims ara
preposterous, that ths unlov'ban hold
out to days or more with present re
sources;' and asserts, ths belief that the
operators wfu surely win,
-General Superintendent Capen of the
Postal company, in summing up ths
situation, said:
"The telegraphers' strlks is- broken.
Ths operators are defeated mora signal
ly than they were lnMSSI. The walk
out of ths men has educated the tele-
: '':- :
WF-r" " 1- i-t -"n-f -iVi1r (ffff it -y--- a" v tr -W - vi a r- iriltin1ts '
r V1 8. .'It. IIARIUMAN ' i V.'
ph comnahlea.
They " have learned
ow to use octoplex maohlnes With f S-a-
week girl operators, snd to doubls their
sending capacity. This will reduce the
number "of employes at lsast lb per cent
The strike haa alao started an inventive
research which will result In still fur
ther Improvement and cbneequent great
er eflclency in the mechanical telegraph
machine j."
After " three weeks of
Secretary Russell issued a state.
ment to the afreet that tha men
have won the atrlke and - aaaerta
the strikers have positive evidence
of the weakening of the companies with
ths resolution formed by their directors
to yieia if tne operators remain out
another fortnight- Hs declared ths men
C( In tinned on Page Pour.)
Party Will Go Over Moun
tains Reaching Portland
v : Tuesday .via. Detroit'
sutomoblles used by the Harrlman party
will ba ablpped back to Portland.' Mr.
Harrlman and bis friends and offtolals
win corns out via Detroit, where his
special train has sines Thursday been
awaiting his arrival.
"A apecial dispatch from Tha Journal's
corresponaeniat prinevuie wss received
lata last nleil, gtvinsr details Of ths
movements or the Harrlman party.- Mr.
Harrlman arrived at Prinevills . St 7
o'clock' laar evening, after visiting Behd
and the segregated lands f ths Des
chutes Irrigation at Power company. ( -L
, Kama Speaks at PrtaeviUa. .!;
Ha went to Prlnevllle on Invitation of
the Prlnevllle chamber of . oommerca
At a meeting of citizens last evening hs
attended and responded to an Invitation
to make a few remarks. - Reviewing
brieriy his remarkable trip through the
Intorlor Trom Klamnth Falls, he eald:
"I havs given out no information nnr
statements on this trip concerning rail
road matters. - I will say, however, that
had not ths money market been so
stringent ss It has been In recent
months, a railroad would now bs tinder
construction Into central Oreon. When
the Unfavorable conditions of ths money
market are chansed, the-prospect will
be bright fnr Immediate action hare."
- The llarrlrnttn party will leave Prlne
vllle today tnd . travel northward
through the grain growing sections of
(Continued on Pars fourJi
f t ;j ...
Miss -Palmer - Wears - Toga
and Sandals and Says ,
r,.; . Stockings are Bad. .
. . (Bearst News fey tsagoat teaaad Wire.) '!'
New Tors, x Aug. 11. Wouldat , bs
Parisian a la model Than take off
youf shoes and stockings, '. toes cruel
corsets out of the fourth story window,
don a toga and sandals and with your
bare feet -peering i out -at every step,
Fsss through' ths main corridor of the
lotel Buckingham as did Miss Eva
Cortland Palmar today. If yon arsn't
frowsy, but' have masses of rich, red
f old hair, the face of a Minerva and the
orm of a Venus ds MUo, ths same sort
of a gasping sensation aa Miss Palmer
created Is guaranteed. -
. Miss Palmer is a society girl of tn-
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Pennsylvania Barons Declare. Government is Scamlalone
ly Impertinent to Start Actions Against Them Af
r; I -X. ter Their Service to Roosevelt.
(Hearst Kaws ay teagaat teaaad Wire.) , ;
i, Philadelphia, - Aug. tLTh Reading
oompany, the Philadelphia '-4k Reading
oompaay and 'the. Philadelphia
Jnsv Coal tt Iron company fllod remark
able ssts Of answers to ths suits of th
United, Ststes government to break, up
tha anthraclts coal trust . Ths answsrs
of the three concerns, of which George
P. Baer Is prealdent characterise ths
govsrnmsnt's charges aa :' "Impertinent
and oandaloua," and declare the defend
ants 'were eoeroed by ths late Senator
Marcus Hanaa into saying tneir pesoe
with the strlklm
g miners in liuo in order
Republican preehletitlal
to asalst the
ticket All the
companiee make the
charges that they entered Into aa un
lawful combination to control the pro
duction and aaie of cnal.
They refer to the strike of 1900, end
sav that substantially all the workmen
Jn .ths anthraclts regions "absmlonesl
their work, umlef the force an.t f t
Of violence, turbulence and fitttmii
tlon,-" and that shortly af r n l H hi
repoi tail - la suUsunoa ti t , us
-;;V; 'if ? 1
Southern Oregon, pesidenta
- Up In Arms Over Cohtin
; ual Delay- ;pf' Two-: To
Three Days in Delivery of
Mail By Southern Pacific
Harrlman Lines Drop Ore
flron Touches Pit nFay,
; Train .-' at Green ver.
Picked- Up By Slower
A united protest steadily inorsaalnat
In volume and vehemence t Is rising
throughout - Southern Ore row an bl a g
lodged in Portland against ths unsaUa
factory mall service given- by ths Har
rlman Unas to that part of tha stats,
especially in regard to all mall whloi
comes from tha east
t ""All west-bound mail from points
of arson River, Wyoming, is oeing nei
by ths Harrlman. maU train schedules
fronV thrss to four hours, thus throw
tng It practically one business day be-.
mod urns in reacning r-ortisnu.
Mot satisfied with
delay ths mall
for Southern Oregon mitnts is now be
ing sent out of Portland on the
Southern Paclflo train which leaves
Portland at 11.J9 o'clock In the evening
Instead of at 7;40 o'clock aa formerly,
and this iMd fletny1 haa trur tiiect tt
shutting the Coos Hay couutxy. Uea
out of tha runnings - - . .
Whlls tha mall to Roseburg, Ashland,.
Medford. Jacksonville and all the other
stations along the main line is de
layed praotlcally another day by being
sent out of Portland at auch a late
hour, the interior dlstricta are cut off
entirely by the failure soms four days
out or each, week to make connections .
between the trains and th atar routes.
. Mail Delayed Tares Says.
Mall out of Portland, not teklng lnt '
oonatUeratton the day lost at Oreen
River, is two and three days late la
reaching Coos Bay because of the loat
connectione at Roseburg, owing to lata
Southern Paclflo trains and the conse
quent - fact that the mall en then ,
trains is missed by ths a tags and thua
left over another day. ..
rimrfin, 1. tha Harrlman man of
serving the northwest with mail a fast ,
mall train leaves Chicago; running be
tween that city and San Franclaco. On ,
this train is put tne rorciann mm n
when tha train 'reaches Oreen River th.s
mall is dumped off while the fast train
m sites the remainder of its run to Baa
Franciaoo. This train reacnes . uresis
River at :?0 in the morning. '
At that tims th Oregon man i
dumped upon the siding and remains
there. untu picaea up or shw.uii .
tnncK ainmr averlnnd train at 10:4J
o'clock in (the mornlwe;, four hours and
the Oregon mall : from the eaat loeee)
what is to all. practical Intenta a whoia
business day at Green River.
, (JPostofflos Officials Act.
' Ths slow overland train, bearing its)
accumulation of Portland mat reaches
Portland at T:30 o'clock when it ia o-i
time, which is a rare occurrence. II
the train was on time It would be pos
sible to- throw eastern mail bound for
southern Oregon points onto : the T;4
Southern Pacific train. ' . -
OwSna to ths fact however, that th
train never came on time and the Har
rlman management did not seem to
have power to maka It keep lts-sohecv.
ule. the railway- mall officials some
Urns ago arbitrarily out the mall serv
lea out of the 7:40 Southern Pacln
train and sent all eastern mall out oa
paaaenger train.
.. It ia this arbitrary action on tha par
.(Continued on Pag Pour.)
of the defendant and tha repreontn
Of other mining onmpaniea bv
eus A. Henna, actlnr hn
the Republlcnn nuiioinl cm,,in,-.
the then pending poliii'-nl r ,
th eleutlon of candidates i
and vice-president of the I , i
that If th etriKe ahnnhi n- i -aettled
bv sn advance l;i
the workmen In an.t eh, ,t t ,. ,
th antira anthracite rK... t
Of Mr. Mckinley ami , r. .
would be eiulmif ri.
It la eet fortii that t r
acre to advance the ,
and colliery wonen-.i
principal nilneow n.-: . , ,
conference wit N - s ,
to the same eoac. M
It le slated ! i .
advance In nn i i
aary to tncrea.x tne ., ,
In rIrfnrt. li I ;
Ree1!nff eout j 'i v
auritoi Mf ionn. ft
eon nnny a- - . r .
hoiua a "!" -
pi-'a A 1 - .
i ' i ti A