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VOL, IV. NO. 25.
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Whole Northwest Will Appeal to Con-
gress for Aid Letters Are Sent to
Every Senator arid Congressman; in
Oregon, Washington , and. Idahoi
CouIdmplele -
. The Celflo canal must be placed eo
the continuing contract basis, "
. Tfivttrv aiihatantla anmmeralal and
agricultural Interest , In . the Paclflo
-' northwest demands that the Celtlo canal
be completed and th Columbia river
opened aa tar eaat and north as navlga-
perative that the canal work be placed
on a continuing contract baals and that
the government thus provide funds tor
Its rapid and economical construction.
Letters are being sent to every sena
tor and congressman in, Oregon, Wash
ington and Idaho urging that they con
centrate their efforts and at the com
ing session compel congress to reoog
tvlse these facts.
Cam Complete la. Two Team ,
Colonel '8. W. Boessler, United States
engineer in charge of Columbia river
Improvements, Is credited with the
completed within two ) ears if worlc is
.funds has- prevented such a policy, al
though Colonel Roessler has, It is satu,
used every resource -and precaution' in
money from, year to year and be baa
made the meagre appropriations go as
far as they will reach.
That. the Celllo canal meet be plaoed
on the -continuing contract basis, the
; fumbla river Jetty, Is the, determination
Bnf falo Bill's Friend 1 and
' Companion Goes to Jail .
- f united rrM oy upecui usm wwt
Sterling, Colo., Aug. II. Philemon B.
- Cookr a veteran of the civil war and
friend and "fellow scout and Indian
ja a. a. ,. .at h .. m - at a... ... ...
;days, Is in Jail here, charged with ob
v talnlnc property undee falsa renresenta-
' and the charge against htm was pre
ferred by D. C Gbddard, president of
fhik t1att VaTlatr . . T.tirtiHai x J. nnmvkli
company. - - .
Biz weeks aro Cook ansa red Miss M.
I.' Morey ef Denver as his housekeeper.
ter he- introduced her as his bride.
ciowuna.. tney Jiad been ouietiy married
at i
odlst church. Cook presenting a letter
.' of Introduction- and credentials' from
, Bhenannlng, Michlgari. , ' ' t
Three , weeks ago. Cook suddenly
'dropped out of sight, without bidding
his wife good-bye.- Yesterday he was
located at Raton, Now Mexico, where, a
week ago he married Mrs. Annie Dillon,
after a four-days' courtship.-1
Dftlmas and Associates Rav
. Company Tnrew Down Glass and Caused His Con-
' . lictions -Should. Haro
(Beant Weir by tengest leased Wire.) "
San Franolsqo, 'Aug. ,81. Attorneys
for Glass are angrily accusing Evan, S.'
Pillsbury, chief counsel of the Paclflo
Telephone' Telegraph , Company ot
"throwing down" .their client They
elalra it was through his testimony that
the vice-president - of the 1 corporation
was oonvicted.
Delmas, Coogan and MpPlke are loud
In their denunciations of Pillsbury and
charge him with deliberate bad faith.
They sw that as chief counsel for the
corpveiuon be should have protected its
woaCka and - availed himself of the Old
UML . 1 1 -I..1T. .. J AAnWMk.l A M fillip.
-jclare that Glass could not have been
convicted naa it not oeen ior me state
ments made by Pillsbury from the wit
ness chair. v f , , j,
What Buaf Drew ay Vox.
Pillsburv la blamed by the attorneys
'or supplying the link connecting the
'ormer vice-president - of . the Paclflo
reiepnone lemBrnpn company.j wiin
lie actual Drine-giving oi wnicn u nns
een contended ne was in Ignorance.
Usbury testified to a conversation M
Canal - iihvo - Years
of all the great interests affected, and
a powerful effort will be exerted at
the coming session of congress to se
oure action that will permit the engi
neers to crowd on ail possible forces and
drive the great Improvement to a finish.
Three States Demand Aotloa. :
There - will be no general . river and
harbor appropriation bill to be passed
by congress this year. Such a bill Is
considered only at every alternate sea.
slon. and "this is the off vear. There
will be leas of the pull and haul taotloa
this session that usually characterise
the 'sessions in which the rivers and
harbors of the entire country are atrlv
lng for recognition ; and "tle.r i'
The res) needs of waterway improve
ment can. it Is believed, receive con
siderate attention and as the Columbia
river has gained a standing In congress
second only to - the Mississippi, It is
thought that this will be as good a time
as any for making a strong; united and
effective flrht for- a. reaannahls .nn.l
policy. There Is - but one way for the
Kuvornmoni u carry on tnis reat work,
it is aeciarea, ana experience Jiae proven
that the cotitiuliuCxaantcaet system is
we most economical and satisfactory.
steps are oein g taken to - eliolt an
adequate expression of the great popu
lar demand in the Pacific northwest for
the promot onanlna of tas Poinmhia.
rlver.j. Already a strong appeal has
w.n inno nnn lira senators ana
nd con
gressmen oi tne tnrea statei
aner this
rresslvs movement by the commercial
ooaiea or au ine oines in tnese states.,
Scout Ship -Arranges For
Coal For Big Battleship
(Burst Mews by Leagest Lessee Wire.)
Ban Diego, CaL, Aug. il. The firgt
warship te report on the California
coast since the ordsrs were issued from
L Washington to mobilise the big fleet
on the Pacific coast, arrived here last
night, when the cruiser St. Louis put
into port The St Louis came around
the Horn as a sort of scout shin. In ad
vance of the Atlantic fleet, and on the
way naa maae arrangements lor coai
inn the big ships when they make the
trip. ' She -came up the coast from
Acapuloo, Mexloo, and had been heard
from - by wireless Thursday i morning.
She la the sister ship of the cruiser
Charleston, the flagship of the Paclflo
aauadron. - '
The ships of the first division of the
Pacific fleet of cruisers are on their
way to this coast now from Yokohama
via Honolulu, under command of Rear
Admiral -Dayton. The division Is made
of the Pennsylvania, West Virginia,
tryiand and Colorado, and should be
In Calif ornis . waters by the middle of
next month.
- V
(Thief rnnnspl.Trtr TnhrvnA
Protected Secrets. v
which Glass told him that Abe Buef
was on the payroll of the company,' not
as a legal adviser, but to perform some
other service the nature of which was
not mentioned, but which could, be
easily Implied. - . T
When the defendant is arraigned for
sentence on Wednesday a request will
be made for a longer continuance In
order to prepare papers in support of
a motion for a new trial and la arrest
ot Judgment. Probably a week will be
decupled with this tank, ' . . .
In the meantime -Glass will, be held a
prisoner at the- county JaiL with no
chance of regaining his liberty. , ,
. , - f . .. , , ; j
V ,' K , , , i, ,..f ( f"
Official Said Improvement - Would
1 1 tJost Ten Millions. ,"
, ' (Hennrt News tty Loivrect Leiied Wire.)
San Francisco, Aug. SI. With . the
conviction of Louis Glass, ; vice presi
dent of the - Paclflo ' "Pelephone com
pany, for bribing members of the board
ot supervisors for franchises,- - Assist-
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" " ' r .-"-v.. -
t rt nf - - -' 7l '"i Uv-ir f-'-
ill r. i v , fi : i
t-tt. F-,r w t' ' ' lalQaUaQSaa . .
Frightful Quebec Disaster
Believed Due to Failure
to Send Message,
(Hearst Hews by Longest Leased Wire.)
New Tork, Aug, 81. A sensation was
created today by a charge made on
behalf of the Phoenix Bridge company
that the long delay In transmission of
a Western Union telegram was re
sponsibls for the terrible loss of life
In the Quebec bridge disaster. The col
lapse, which killed 7A men, among them
1 skilled American ' mechanics, em
ployed on the. huge ' eantlleves bridge
across the St. Lawrence river, occurred
Thursday evening at 6:30 p. m almost
nve hours after a warning telegram
had been filed in New York by the con
sulting engineer,' Theodore Cooper, to
(Continued on Page Four.) .
Railroad Magnate Changes
Plans Returns Through;
Crook County." ;
L By another sudden and unexpected
enanga o urogram, b. a. uarnman naa
again upset the calculations of those
who ares watching with much -Interest
for Him to emerge from central Oregon.
Instead of coming-out via Bhanlkq and
arriving in Portland today, he will, re
turn to; the first announoed , route via
Sisters, the Mlnto pass and Detroit, and
will not reach Portland. for two or three
days. i . t '. -' ' ' , ' i
', , In obedience to rush orders received
in this city at noon yesterday from
General Uanager J. P. O'Brien at Bend
tne operating department ot tne aiuea
lines made -up a special .'train and - It
was about to be dispatched to Shanlko
to recelva the returning party. .
Changs Plans guddenly, . ,
Departure of the train was delayed,
and at ; o'clock yesterday afternoon
when it was about to start. Mr. O'Brien
telephoned from Bend that the plana .of
ths Harriman party-were being altered,
and . that ther would not return via
Shanlko. It was ordered that the Pull
man car "Cascade"' be cut out, and the
train later In -th afternoon proceeded
with only a locomotive and baggage
car to SUanlko. , - .
---It- is presumed the object of this run
is to gel the private car of Mr. O'Hrien
and the three freight cars" la which; the
A 1
Postal Superintendent Capen Declares Mechanical De
vices and Eight Dollar Girls !Have Broken Strike
Telegraphers Confident of Winning Victory.
(United Preas by Special leased Win.)
Chicago, Aug. 81. Claims that the
telegraphers' strike has been broken by,
machines are made tonight by officials
of -the telegraph companies.' General
Secretary Wesley Russell of ths 'teleg
raphers' union says these claims are
preposterous, that the union can hold
out 80 day or more with present re
sources;' and asserts .the belief that the
operators will surely win.
w General Superintendent Capen of the
Postal company. In summing up ths
situation, said:
"The telegraphers' strike is broken.
The operators are defeated more signal
ly titan they were in 1888, The walk
out -of the men has educated the tele-
' l " -. S ' f cl f -K
. ; It-: "r- . , .
rraphTcompahles. They ' have learned
how to use octoplez machines with $8-a-week
girl operators, snd to double their
sending capacity. This will reduce the
number "of employes at least 26 per cent
The strike has also started an Inventive
research which will result in still fur
ther Improvement and consequent great
er eflciency in the mechanical telegraph
After ' three weeks of the
Secretary Russell issued a state
ment to tne eirect that the men
have won the strike and asserts
the strikers have positive evidence
of the weakening of the companies with
the resolution formed by their directors
to yield If the operators remain out
another fortnight He declared the men
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Party Will Go Over Moun
tains Reaching Portland
v Tuesday via Detroit.
automobiles used by the Harriman party
Will ha ahinnart hack- n' -
Harriman and his friends and offisjalir
wilt mma nxtt vt ri..i .uA-wi.iikT
special train has since Thursday been
awaiting his arrival.
A special dispatch from The Journal's
correspondent at prlnevUle was received
late last night, giving details of the
movements of the Harriman party. J Mr.
Harriman arrived at PrlnevUle at 7
o'clock' last' evening, after visiting Bend
and- the segregated lands of the Des
chutes 'Irrigation & Power company. -
' Magnate Speaks at rrlmerUIe. '
He. went tq PrlnevUle on invitation of
the PrlnevUle chamber of . commerce.
At a meeting of citizens last evening he
attended and responded to an invitation
to make a few remarks. - Reviewing
briefly his remarkable trip through the
Interior from Klamath Falls, he said:
1 have given out no Information nor
statements on this trip concerning rail
road matters. - I will say. however, that
had - not the money market been so
stringent as it has-: been in recent
months, a railroad would npw be Under
construction Into central Oreon. Vhen
the unfavorable conditions of the money
market are changed, the prospect will
he hrlsrht i tfir Immsiftot apHnn . ttar 'I
The llarrirnan nnrtv will leave Prlne
vUle ,. today tnd . travel northward
through ahe grain growing sections of
V h (Continued on Page rourJi
3I3ss Palmer Wears Toga
and Sandals and Says
Stockings are Bad. .
(Hearst News by Leagest Leased Wire.) :
New Tork, Aug. 81. Wouldst . be
Parisian a la modal - Then take off
your shoes and stockings, toss cruel
corsets out of the fourth story window,
don a toga and sandals and with your
bare nfeet peering - out at every step,
pass through the main corridor of the
Hotel : Buckingham as did Miss Eva
Cortland Palmer today. If you aren't
frowsy,, but' have masses of rich, red
f old hair, the face of a Minerva and the
orm of a Venus de Milo, the same sort
of a gasping sensation aa Miss Palmer
created Is guaranteed.
Miss Palmer is a society girt Of In
(Continued- on Page Four.) ,
paai tdiit
bUHU I nuo I I VIIIHLU i u
Pennsylvania Barons Declare Government is Scandalous
ly Impertinent to Start Actions Against Them At- .
ter Their Service
(Hearst News by Longest Leased Wire.) ;
. Philadelphia. Aug. 81. Ths Reading
company, the Philadelphia & Reading
company and the, Philadelphia. & Read
ing Coal & Iron company tiled remarks
'able sets Of answers to the suits ot the
United States government to break up
the anthracite coal trust. . Ths answers
of the three concerns,, ot which Goorge,
P. Baer is president, characterise the
government's charges aa - "impertinent
and scandalous," and declare the def end
ants were coerced by the-late Senator
Marcus Hanna into buying their peace
with the striking -miners in 1800 in order
to assist the Republican presidential
ticket All the companies make the
same answers to the government's
charges that they entered into aa un
lawful combination to control the pro?
duction and sale ot coal.-
They refer to the strike 'of "1900, and
say that substantially all the workmen
In the anthracite regions "abandoned
their work, under the force and erieet
6t -Violence, turbulence and intimiila
tlon.' and that shortly afterward It w
reiwtad-ln. substance to t:. uf... ' ..j
1 V
Southern Oregon; Residents
Up In Arms Over Contin
ual Delay oi ' Two ' To
Three Days in Delivery of
Mail By Southern Pacific,
Harriman Lines prop .Ore-,
Train ; at Green ; EiTer,
picked- Up By Slower
Train Hours Later. -,
A united protest steadily increasing!
in volume and - vehemence . la rising
throughout Southern Oregon and being
lodged in Portland against the unsatis
factory mall service given by the Har
riman lines to that part of the state,
especially in regard to all 'mail .whlolt
comes from the east. - - . - '
J Ail weai-Douna mau irum puinia
of Green River, Wyoming, is being nei
by the Harriman mall train schedule
from three to four hours, thus throw,
ing It practically one business day bo
hind time in reaching Portland.
Mot satisfied with this delay the mall
for Southern. Oregon oolnta is now be
ing sent out - - of Portland on the
Southern Pacific train which leave
Portland at 11:80 iO'clock In the evening
instead of at 7:40 o'clock aa formerly,
and thrs erttlad delay- 1ms tlx ctifect at
shutting the Coos Bay country, clea
put of the running-'
While the mail to Roseburg, Ashland,
Medford. Jacksonville and all the other
stations along the main Ime'is de
layed practically another day by being
sent out of Portland at such a late
hour, the interior districts are cut off
entirely by the failure some four days
nut nf MKh vmIi tn me ka connections
between the trains and the star routes.
Kail Delayed Three Days.
Mall out of Portland, not taking Into
consideration the day lost at Green
River, is two and three days late la
reaching Coos Bay because of the lost
connections at Roseburg, owing to lata
Southern Pacific trains and the conse
quent fact that the mail on those
trains is missed by the stage and thug
left over another day,
According to the Harriman plan of
serving the northwest with mall a fast
mall train leaves Chicago; running be
tween that city and San Francisco. On
this train is put the Portland mall an 1
when the traln 'reachea Green River thig
mail is dumped off while the fast train
makes the remainder of its run to Ban
Francisco. This train reaches . Greet
tv.i . g-SA in thi mnrnlni.i , t .,.
At that ttme the Oregon mat lsj
dumped upon the siding and remains
there until picked up by a Jater and
much slower overland train at 10:40
o'clock in (the morning, four hours and
ten minutes laterS.By this arrangement
the Oregon mail from the east loses)
what la to all practical Intenta a wholtj
business day at Green River, .
Postofflcs Officials Act. " -,.(
The slow overland train bearing Its";
accumulation of Portland mall reaches;
Portland at 7:30 o clock when it la on
time, which is a rare, occurrence, is
the train was on time It would-be-oos. .
sible to-throw eastern mail bound for
southern Oregon points onto :; the T;4ft
Southern Paclflo train.
lUlliaru fttuixiv vi-M. . . " 1 ' r ' ;
Owtna- to the fact, however, that th
train never came on time and, the Har
riman management did - not seem t
have power to make it keep Its sched
ule, . tne railway mail officials some
time ago arbitrarily out the majl aerv
Ice out of the 7:40 Southern Paclflo
train and sent all eastern mall out oft
passenger train. '
It is this arbitrary action on the par
- (Continued on Page Pour.)
monnirn ta
to Roosevelt
ot the defendant and the ropresnnraH
of other mining companies by nun ;. i;ir.
cus A. Hanna, acting; n rlmlr.n.irn r
the Republican national cotumiti,.,,
the then pending political t-j.,... ,,t
the election of candidate- ( , ), t
and vice-president of the ri., j- , ,t -
that if the strike shout, l n..i
settled by an advance In t!
the workmen in and Bb.iot t t , , x ' s
the entire anthraoite ri;iim, t ,
of Mr. WcKinli-y ami . ,,r. ,
would be emianKt'r.l. '
. It is set forth that the
agree to advance the , . ,
and colliery wormnoi, i, t
principal mlneowivi i , , , .
conference with ?.ir !1j ,,i ,
to the same cnnr -.- ,.
It Is stated ; , i ? . -advance
in wn jr. v i i
sary to Increaeo th j i tJ , ,
contracts. . ).... . .
In reference to t!e ! .-.r.
Readlnir eonif "iy c
orporations, vi sivv..r.- .
company gdmi t .t i
holis a smai i j. r i
phla & i;Riiin r , .,
aacipiil-i a i
v. I t ri