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-f1 III . M )!
Distinguished Recruit is
Secured by Sinn Fein
. Party in Ireland.':
'Startling Figure Are Given on ,De
crea la' Birth Rate and In
- crjlf In Lunacy on the Emerald
' - By r. x cuiien: v;
' , - V (Journal Special Servlae.)
Dublin, Aug. .17. The , sensation ot
the day la Irish politics la the conver
aloa of Blr Thomaa Esmonae, M. P.. to
tba Sinn Tela policy and hla repudla-
". tlon of tha parliamentary agitation.
Nothing that haa, happened since the
'Blnn rela movement came Into being
baa given It a aTeater lift than thla
new aeoeealon to Ita strength, for there
"was no stronger man among- the par-
Uamentarlana than Blr Thomaa Grattaa
- Esmond, sir Thomaa baa eat In par
liament for North' Wexford for 11 yeera
and for a great part of that time be
. baa been the ohlef whip of the Irish
party. He la a descendant of the great
' Orattan and la one of the few arlato
crats among the Irish M. P.'. Hla eon
version to the new-policy la oomplete
and he mlncea no worda In declaring
-that he has lost all hope of obtaining
anything for Ireland by. begging from
the English politicians. In a letter to a
meeting of Blnn Felnera at Ennlacorthy,
Sir Thomas writes:
' sTotnlng can Be O aimed. . .
"I am convinced that parliamentary
.agitation J as now conducted, naa spent
Us foroejand that nothing more can be
. gained by It on Its preaent lines. Par
liamentary agitation in - the Past has
gained much Jor Ireland, it la not for
Sue to decry it, but there Is nothing
more to be bad. from It under existing
-..conditions. For SO yearn we have aup
ported the English Liberal party.. All
we hare obtained In that period and
, we have obtained much haa been won
'.from their opponents, whom we have
persistently fought. . V have eup-
ported the English Liberals In the con
fldent expectation that, when their day
came, they would concede legislative
and administrative autonomy , to Ire
- land. Oor bopesave been rudely
s appointed, s The day of that Liberal
party cam. - They got into power
largely through our help with an un
precedented .majority. ,. They haye done
nothing for us. , They will, do nothing
- 5?r.tU will not believe that ' tha English
people will ever grant home rule or
anything like It, to Ireland, if they ean
hefn It. Why then degrade ourselves
by begging for ItT- The English parlia
ment offers us nothing, and the English
V people will support their parliament in
lt refusal. As to this there can be no
! "frelanX fa no colony. Bha Is no new
creation of municipal fancy. Ireland la
sovereign nation, with a civilisation
mora ancient than , that of England,
with parllamenUry institutions far
older than hers. Why. then, should we
continue to beg with bated breath and
1 whispering humbleneaa In """a f oreign
legislature, from a foreign people, for
the restoration of our stolen liberties
liberties, whioh comes to us, net from
' England, not from England's parlia
ment, but from Almighty Goal" ;
. Advocate Union. .:'':
1 ' Blr Thomaa advocates the union ot
Irishmen of all creeds and parties In a
movement for the Industrial and .Intel-
lectual redemption of Ireland and that
. the demand for a repeal of the union
take the place of the7demand for home
rule. It- is expected that he will resign
bis seat In North Wexford and will
stand again aa the exponent of the new
policy.-. There can be little doubt aa to
his victory. Bo far no expression of
' opinion has coma from the parliamen
tarians. John Redmond has denounoed
) the Blnn Fein in a public speech, but he
bae said nothing since Bir Thomaa Ee
rnonde's defection. Blr Thomas has
been elected a member Of the Dublin
central branch of tha Blnn Fein league.
One of the most terrible Indictments
i Of English rule In Ireland Is contained
1 la some flgurea obtained from Mr. Blr
'reli.' the Irish chief aecretary, a few
days ago. In 190 the excess of births
riathk In Rnvland was 11. ner
of population. In Scotland It was
ai nd In Ireland only I f. Mr. Bl
. rei
stated that In 1861 one out of
every wai persons in ireiana was a
lunallo, While in 181 the proportion
bad grown to one In C29, and In 101 to
one in every US. - In the year 1908 the
proportion, of people suffering from
mental derangement In the three king
doms was as follows: England, one fd
146; Scotland, one In 120, and Ireland,
ae In. 178. - t ..
tra Sxplaaatlon Olven.
No explanation la given of these ter
rible figures, but the cause can be
ummed up In one word emigration.
The system which la driving the young
land strong of the country to seek re
fuge In other lands is responsible for
the alarming decline in the birth rate.
' There ia no more prolific people in the
world than the .Irish,-but the country
Is drained of the young men Sad women
of marriageable age, leaving behind
only tha old and ailing. The alarming
Insanity figures are, of course, to be
traced to the same cause. The most
frequent cause of insanity is senile de
cay and the number of old people in
Ireland Is out, Of all proportion to the
population. Another minor cause for
both the high death and Insanity rates
is the homing instinct of the Irish emi
grant. Thousands of Irish men and
women who have failed in the race for
wealth across the seas or who have suc
cumbed to the pitiless conditions In the
new countries, come home to die, and
to swell the statistics which prove the
mlKgovernment of Ireland.
. Irishmen and women abroad have al
ways been the moet generous support
ers of the fight for Irish-freedom, but
It Is to be feared that they have loet
sight of what they might do ia support
ing Irish industries and-thus enabling
the people of Ireland to more effective
ly carry on their own fight The Dub
lin Industrial Council has received two
. letters showing that Irishmen abroad
are waking up to their duty in this re
spect. One was from the Celtic club of
Perth, Western Australia, and asked
for a list of manufacturers who were
willing to ftend their goods to the Aus
tralian colony, declaring that Irishmen
in Australia were ready to create a
marit'"ror tnem.
a real rield la America, .
i he ether was from the Rev. Michael
Flanagan of Philadelphia, suggesting
that there was a great field in the
United mates for Irish manufacturers
Of fcccleslftstlral vestments, stained
rlass and other art work and atiggest
ng that, agents should be sent out
Irish, arllsls exrel in this branch Of
work and, tha recent revival has been
. - : . " -;;.'-'
We Range
Without aiu "Eclipse" tha
home is never completely fur
nished. The cook gets the credit, ,
but the "Eclipse" docs the work. '
If you have a 'range other than '
the "Eclipse" blame yourself
don't blame your cook. If we
hid the exclusive right .to tell
any other range and some one
; else had the exclusive right to
tell the "Eclipse" we would
take pur hat off to them and
go out of the range business, for
rather tha,n- sell an inferior
range we would sell none at all, -and
all ranges are inferior be
side the "ECLIPSE," . j
. , ' " . -, : '
.11.00 DOWN, $1.00 A WEEK
We Inaugurate the Commencement ofF allTrade
And step down to the lowest level of price reduction In order to start the season with a dash and swing. I
am so optimistic as to predict that the "Gevurtz" house will break all furniture records on the Pacific ,
Coast this Fall, and will do four times the business of any other Portland furniture store; and I am gener
ous enough to believe that every furniture store in town will do more business this fall than a year ago.
I have spent a week trying to decide upon a great special for' this event. Dressers, Buffets, Sideboards, !
Parlor Furniture, Tables, etc., all came in and out of my head; but "these exquisite Brass Beds, that
stuck, for I believe that right now you will more appreciate a great saving on these than on anything else.
Tremendous Reductions on All Brass. Beds
. "OTE I did not take the
; ' trouble to look " up the
. cost on these beds: I don't
cart what they cost Z looked
j at , the selling mark then
- knocked all the way from $11
, to $35 out of it which means.
that much actual saving to you.
, If you haven't the ready money
to put into one, make a small
'- payment down, then $) a week.'
re Gevurtz
The lady aewi and smiles, if
' her machine is a Gevurtz' "Spe
cial," the best cure for a frown-,
ing disposition. The price of
this machine is $25. The value
is a little better, than $60 grades.
The reason is that the Gevurtz'
. "Special" is free from agencies.
It is made, at thf factory ex
pressly for nil No ' profits
' except the small selling margin'
we ask; We sell from five, 'to
20 of these machines a day.
$1.00 DOWN, 30c A WEEK
$85 Bed $49.50! $77-50 Bed $49 $70 Bed $41.00
'No. 571 Continuous pillars, 2-inch brass
- tubing,' other tubing 1-fnch; all solid brass;
height of head 61 Ji inches; height of foot
41 inches; extra wide; pillars highly pol
ished. This bed represents the highest art
in metal bed carving. -,
No. 6067 Great missive frame; pillars of
2-inch brass tubing; 9' long and 9 short
5-inch pillars; height of head 61 Hi inches;
eight of foot 41 inches. A bed that has a :
high-stepping appearance. Pallars are of
olid brass with a handsome dull finish.
No. 551 Quite similar, to No. 6067 in ap
pearance, being of the same rich dull finish;
large brass pillars and sevtn continuous
H-inch pillars: back is of unusual large size;
rounded top frame extending out.
$60 Bed $39.50 $45 Bed $29f00 T$27.50Bed$16.50
' . ,, Wri lOftf Rraia rrimmrrf Iron fcd. has Mm- -No. 1904 Much on the order of No. 1 90S
THESE beds represent a few
of ' the choicest , numbers,
taken from this, the most ele
gant assortment in the north
west. We have at leaat 10 ot
nearly every style, and many
styles not given here, many
i cheaper ones, but none better,
for these are the beda that are
; found in the most elaborate
': bedrooms and the most select
; homes. Fit for a royal suite.
No. 6123 One of the greatest of these bed
values ia this one of massive1 brass frame.
" Pillars are of high finish. The general
makeup of the bed gives it a 'most stately,
appearance, being ox extra heavy build. .
No. 1905 Brass trimmed iron bed. has con
tinuous 2-inch pillars; bottom tubes 1 1-16- ,
; inch; height of head 61 inches; of foot 44 '
inches. It will be readily seen that this -bed
is far from the ordinary in' size, build .
and appearance.
No. 1904 Much on the order of No. 1905
is this bed. Not quite so massive, but built
along the same lines, t Many of these will
go Monday morning. Come early enough
to get tha - full - benefit of an unbroken
See Corner Window Dis
H play) First and Yamhill
See Corner Window Dis
! playr First and Yamhill ? "
stronaly fslt both among tha asslgnsra
dooldsd to circulate tha two lrf
among all tha manufacturera who mlaht
be Interested and to ura them to take
advantage of these two offera, whioh
promise much work for Irishmen.
Miss Johanna Redmond, the daughter
of John B. Redmond. M. P.. promlsej to
be one of the leading lights of Ireland s
new dramatio movement. A few days
ago two of her plays wera produced by
a company of Irish amateurs in London
and were received with enthuelaatlo ap
proval. Both are truly Celtlo in tone
and theme and they display great dra
matio ability, aa well as a thorough
grasp of the technical demands of the
Stage. "Leap Tear In the West" la a
delightful little sketch of Irish life, in
the lightest vein, while tha other waa a
more ambitious effort and displayed a
wonderful insight Into tha, sadder aids
f Irish Ufa.- - - .
An Attractive Little Book.
One of tha most attraotlve booklets
to be Issued In Portland haa just made
l . - . 1 Km AmiammA A rlvfl
w comprehensive understanding of tha
application or me new w, w re
garding the IT. 8. Inspection of meats,
and In so doing Includes an able address
k tt a OnilHnr MrTtaih on the Year's
accompliahmenta In this line. - Other
matter oi equai iov,r,i en m
ud the pages In an extremely readable
. T . 1 nPAM1tf IllnatrBteH.
iiKiilinr. v . v " ' " ,
daintily bound, and altogether pleasing
but the note to be especially commended
18 Its Doom ior urfion eiuriv. n,
illustrations are of focal scenes, and
the reading matter la designed to In-
. . .... . . M,lkm l.r.. num.
iem hd, ... m --
ber will be sent, in Oregon and the
northwest. If aM advertisers would fol.
low tne Union Meal company exam
ple In this respect, giving a boost to
the country at the same time they are
KAMMtin ih.m,.lM m. trMl deal in the
aggregate would be accomplished. ,
Tha Brooklyn Democratlo Club haa
called a conference of Democratlo gov
ernors to meet at Brighton Beach the
letter pert of this month to consider
Kncroachments of the Federal Govern
ment on the Powers of the States." i
hot resv Am wont
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Ballard's llorebound Syrup a positive
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sults have been wonderf uL Sold by all
Constabulary Begins to
Think and Objects to
r c ; Orders Erom Castle. .
Hen Overworked an! Pnt to Extra
-; Expense Which They Were Forced
to Meet From Their Own Private
.'Fonda. .;- -;V'--' v?" '
(By F. X Cullen, Staff Correspondent)
Dublin, Ang. IT. The recent revolt ot
tha Royal Irish Constabulary In Belfast
and tha sympathy with thefrautlneers
whioh waa displayed by tha members of
tha force all ever Ireland la tha most
serious blow that haa been struck at
British rule for many a long day. It
hag long'toeen tha boast of tha official
olassea that the R. I. C waa tha finest
police force In tha world ana, In many
ways the boast was fully Justified. Tha
men are a splendidly drilled and organ
ised body, of high intelligence, and they
did their duty, which meant obeying
Castle orders, with a dogged determina
tion, no matter how unpleasant that
duty waa Now. however. It Is evident
that they have begun to think for them
eelves snd that they are no longer to be
depended on as the docile Instruments
of English misrule.
The revolt in Belfast was due to local
conditions. The men were overworked
and put to extra expense which they
had to meat out of their own pockets,
but the really significant part of the
situation waa the telegrams of sympa
thy received from practically every con
stabulary barracks in Ireland. 'Uon't
forget that we are all Irishmen," waa
tha text of one message while another
from Athenry ran, X3od help tha gras-
lera If we have to Join Ton in refusing
- Aathoxttloa in Vanle.
The panlo Into which tha mutiny
tnrew uie authorities waa ludicrous.
It must be remembered that the R. I. C
is a military force and that the action
or tne neirast eonstaoiea waa rank mu
tiny. The only proper course from a
military point of view would have been
to oashler everv man who took Dart In
the demonstration at once, or at the
very least to transfer them all to Iso
lated country stations where they would
have had leisure to reflect on the dan
ger of defying discipline. Instead the
weak men who are now In control at
Dublin Castle temporised and the situa
tion Of oourse grew worse. Then In
their panlo they poured 10,000 troops,
with Maxim . guns and heavy artillery
Into Belfast and four battleships and
two cruisers were actually ordered to
anchor In the harbor to overawe about
too rebellious constables. This, be It
remembered. In the stronghold of Irish
Orangelam and loyalty.
There Is no doubt that the grievances
of the men were real and that the gov
erning olaaa of England has been re
sponsible for this most stupid of its
blunders In alienating the force on
which It relied to keep Ireland In sub
jection. After 10 years' service a con
stable. If hla record Is unblemlahed, may
be receiving a maximum of f 361 a year
and from this la deducted every
week for barrack rent. Me Is compelled
to be In readiness to leave his home at
a moment's notice and travel to the
other end of Ireland to do special duty
guarding the grass ranch of some un
popular greater, or keeping men who are
striking for higher wages In subjection.
He Is at all times exposed to the penal
ties of belonging to an unpopular ser
vice and his duties are often fraught
with danger. . '
, Are TJadraaM.
A striking IIkM on the cay of the
R. L C. Is thrown by some figures Jut
fiuhlished on the cost of the police foroe
n various cities In the United King
dom. Dublin has a municipal police
foroe and the coat of the police there
la IS cents for every tt rental value
of property In the city. ' In Belfast,
which , Is policed by the R. t C, the
cost Is 1 cents. The number of police
Is about the same in the two cities and
the rateable value In Dublin is slightly
higher, Dublin, by the way, pays more
for her boltce .nan any oily In the
ktngnom. The police force ousts every
Duhlin clttien 13.08 a head per annum
while Iomlon comes next with a charge
of 11. a head Other Knglleh cities
range from 10 cents to 11 a head.
'Sir Anthony MacDonneU, the perma
nent nmler secretary for Ireland, has
been trying: to repeat In tha case of the
antl-gr axing war the tactlca by which
he compromised the town tenants' fight
but ha haa been unsuccessful. He vis
ited Bslllntubber a few days ago and
proposed to the parish priest that he
should give a guarantee from the local
branch of the United Irish League that
cattle driving in the district should
stop. Sir Anthony promised in return
for this guarantee to withdraw the
large special foroe of police which was
guarding the erasing ranches, and to
see that the lands In question were
among the first to be derided. The local
branch of the league refused to treat
with Sir Anthony and paaaed resolutions
In favor of continuing the agitation un
til the grazing system waa totally abol
ished in Ireland. - . ,
, InooBSlsteaoy Za OomloaL
' The Inconsistency of the government
Is almost oomlo. While It Is protesting
ita friendship for the Irish people at
Westminster and while one of its chief
officials Is trying to treat With what It
must regard aa an illegal organisation
at Balllntubber, It has been putting the
Infamous coercion act into operation at
Bella In North RoscomUon. A meeting
to discuss the grsalng question which
was called there waa proclaimed under
the crimes act and a large force of po
lios sent to break It up. The word
was passed around, however, and the
meeting was held at another place while
the police enjoyed themselves watching
bullocks graalng on the landa which the
people were demanding for cultivation.
It Is Interesting aa a sidelight en the
new spirit among the police that they
have recently contrived to secure false
Information in the south and west when
a oattle-dTiving or a meeting of . this
character was contemplated. . ,
' Oghaca atoaea Toaad.
Antiquarians In Ireland are much In
terested In recent discoveries of Ogham
stones In the north and west. Fully
too of these stones have now been
brought to light They are covered with
writing In characters which have not
yet been deciphered, but antiquarians
are agreed that they are of pre-Chrta-tlan
and probably of pre-Roman origin.
The generally accepted theory la that
they are a rello of MUealan times in
Ireland and that they were brought to
Ireland from the east la r.ivnt and
Bpaln, by our MUealan ancestors. The
letters In thla strange writing are rep
resented by little groups of straight
lines. . . '
The pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick, the
'sacred mountain'' where fit. Patrick
fasted and prayed, which has been re
vived bv the Most Rev. Dr. Ileal v. arch
bishop of Tuam, after a lapse of cen
turies, waa a wnnderfull auoresa this
year. It la estimated that nearly li.OOO
persons climbed the sacred mountain
and attended the maiuiea which were
snlif In the little oratory at the summit
from t:IO a, m. until long after sun-
Ia south of the mouth of the Columbia river on the Pacific ocean
nd ia reached
Only four hours ride, paralleling the Columbia river. Two through
trains daily, leaving Portland 8 a. m. and 6 p.m. ,
This Is' the most attractive beach resort -: north of California
thousands go, there to spend their summer outing; it has many at
tractive features to please the visitor.
Modern hotels, good fishing and boat riding, dancing pavilions,
skating rinks, bowling alleys, and many other attractive amusements.
Yon should not miss this splendid opportunity to spend your vaca
tion at Clatsop Beach. , .. 7 .
Round Trip Season Tlckcb.....M.J;l...:.$4.CD
Special Saturday to Monday Round Trip $2.50
t v R- H. JENKINS, General Passenger Agent
down, At the elose of the celebration
a marriage was celebrated In the ora
tory, the flrst as far aa the records go
that haa ever taken place on the aacred
' .Oriental Excursion
Personally conducted, will eva Beat
tie September 1. for a tour
through Japan and fhlniv A month will
be spent in Japan visiting en, route the
Toklo Industrial initKn
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