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THE "OREGON r DAIIiY jUU.KrAit .ruxiAftiiJ. imuksuai : iiv iuimiimu, immwja q,
v r
c Governor Rejoices Also in
: Amicable Relations in
' Oregon.
(Special Dtpatefa t Tbf )mmL) "
v Salem. Or., Aug. I. Governor Chara
bsrlaln today issued the following proo
lama f Ion: -
' Whereas, the first Monday In Septem
ber of each year has been let aside- by
the legislature of thla state and de-
dared to be a public holiday under the
.name and tiue oi wiDor way.
Now, therefore, I, Oeorg E. Cham-
' berlaln. aa governor of the atate of Ore-
Jon, do, In pursuance of the duty n
oined upon me by law, aet apart and
'declare Monday, the second day of Sep
tember, A. 13., 1607, a public holiday to
be observed aa Labor bay, and I do
request all the people of this common-
' wealth to lay aside their .ordinary avo
, cations on said day and make it day
of rest and recreation, rejoicing In the
fact that the relations , between labor
and capital continue to be amicable,
thus Inauring the continued prosperity
f of our people and the permanent growth
l and development of the state.
In witness thereof, ' I have hereunto
f aet my hand, and caused the aoal of
V the state of Oregon to bo hereunto af-
fixed, at the capital In Salem, thla
.eighth day of August, A. XX 1(07.
, itsigoea.;
...,. Governor,
TJniqua Fender lorented bj W. J. Half ht for Portland Streetcar,
,.Vi,.ni mmmtmmmm , mi9
Two Engloema and Two Threaher-
men Badly Hurt la Collision
Garfield, Waah.
' , " 'Tl . . . ..
(Bpeelal nTlea to III ftmraal.)
Oarfleld. Waah., Aug. . -The four
i men Injured In the wreck of the North-
. ore Vaclflo train a mile east of. hero
' ' yesterday will recover. They were ro--!"
, moved from Oarfleld by the railway
J. com can r thla mornln to the company a
' Spokane hospital. The fireman of the
" . passenger train, who jumped, had a leg
and a collarbone broken and la In a
more serious condition than the othera.
; The wreck was cleared by this morning
; and traffic la todav resumed.
The train waa No. 10, bound to Bpo
- - kane. It was behind and making up
time, when it ran into a tnreaninic en
v vine at a sharp curve where it could not
be seen. The threshing outfit waa de
. ' , mollshed and two men with It badly In-
jureo. xne victims or tno collision are:
Elmer Vetter. engineer of passenger
train, shoulder broken, bead cut, inter
nallr Injured. - - -
IX Nelson, fireman passenger engine,
ankle and shoulder dislocated and head
- Alva A. Bee, engineer or threshing
engine, shoulder broken, head out and
I injured internally. .
V , Claua Knopp, fireman of threshing en-
r glne, bruised and leg; disabled.
f,.. Nelxon'a borne is at Spokane, Bee's at
' Beatue and Knopp at Oarfleld.
" (JoornU apeclal Service.)
New York; Aug. L-When John Arm
' strong Chanler, former tniaband of
Amelia Klves,' the authoress, returns to
'New Tork to prosecute the suit he haa
V instituted to regain possession of his
vast estates, he may be placed in the
tato Insane asylum. Chanler waa cora
ii mitted to the -asylum but escaped to
i Virginia where the courts adjudged him
; sane. His estates had. In the meantime,
been placed In the hands of a guardian.
Chanler sought a restraining order
, . which would assaro him that' while re
. . covering- his property he would not be
r laced iu the asylum again but this pe
ltion was denied . yesterday by Judge
Journal Special fcrrlce.) '
Louisville, Aug. 8. A vote on whether
ton tobacco workers all over the coun
try will strike against the American
Tobacco. Company Is being received to
dav at the headquarters of the Inter-
1 national Tobacco workers' union. Should
the American Federation of Labor de
cide to assist the workers a strike of
the allied traces would affect 70,000
. (Joornil Special Service.)
Berlin, Aug. 8- On the strength of a
statement made by Baron Von Llndenau
who Is now -under arrest, that Olga Mo
liter and not Carl Uau, who is under
sentence to he beheaded, killed her
mother, Olga has been arrested at Baden
Baden. The Baron makes the charge
in a letter to the prosecutor at Carls
: rune.
Preparations are being mads by the
Juvenile court to send about 60 boys
to the hopyards early In September,
where they will spend their summer
outing In Industrial camps and pick
hops. These excursions to the hopyards
are to take the place of trips to the
seashore which were given the Juvenile
court wards last year and the year before.
Probation Officer Marion R. Jonnson
haa been entrusted with the prepara
tion for the hop-picking trips. , He Is
now engaged In arranging; the detail.
Some hopyard up the winamette river
will probably De selected. I
It Is planned to have at least two
camps, each in charts of a probation
officer. Transportation, tents and camp
Ins; outfit are supplied by the Juvenile
court. The boys furnish their own
bedding and at the end of the season
each boy pays his share of the board
bllL If any boy Is so slothful that he
does cot earn enough to pay hl share
oi me cost or living, ue Daiance la
made up by the Juvenile Improvement
association, so that the burden does not
rail on the mors Industrious boys.
Similar camps were established last
year, and many of the boys earned
snug sums for themselves, besides hav
Ing enjoyed the benefit of the fresh
country air.
v. ,
W. J. Haight 'Invents v New
Style of Life-saving De
vice for Use in Portland.
Former City Official Pays
High Price for Ains
worth" Property.
William M. Davis, formerly deputy
city attorney, haa purchased through
the agency of Knepp & Mackay the lot
at the northwest corner of Fifteenth
and Raleigh streets. The property be
longed to J. C. Alnsworth and John
Beck and was sold for IIS, 000. The
Site, which Is unimproved, is In that
part of the warehouse district where
values have increased rapidly in the
Daat few months.
Charles H Hall, who has purchased
the half block on the north side of Mar
ket street, between Front and Water
streets, announces that as soon as the
ease on the property expires two years
hence ne wiu erect moaern ones: dusi
ness houses on the half block.
District Attorney Suspects
He Knows Who Killed
E. Benomi.
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Washington, Aug. 8. The Northern
Pacific list of lieu land selections, con
sisting of 18. 000 acres, in The Dalles.
Burns, Portland. Roseburg, La Grande
and- Lakeview districts, made under the
act Of July, 1898, was approved today.
(Journal Special Serrlcs.)
Denver, Colo., Aug. 8. Charles o
H. Moyer, president of the West- o
ern Federation of Miners, will o)
probably decide tonight upon 0
which attorney he wants to de- o
fend him when he Is tried for
the murder of former Governor
Frank Steunenberg of Idaho. 4
He la conferring with Clarence 0
Darrow today and if the matter
Is left entirely to Moyer, Darrow e
0wlll be selected.
Hot Weather
A Uttlo Fruit, and some .
with Cream.
There' Reason?
to the charters' Of the cities In such
Deputy District Attorney Gus C Mo
ser also oeueves mat tne Question in
volved In the Sunday closing cases i
the same as that raised by Hedtres.
Deputy District Attorney Adams took
this view of the matter and believed
that aambllnar , in Milwaukle has not
been authorised by the legislature.
senator Heages, attorney ror tne Mil
waukle club, contends that the club haa
a legal right to exist at Milwaukle and
to continue selling pools and playing
poacr, ana By 111m 1 11 one wno are
clamoring for obedience to the law are
merely urging that the Milwaukle club
be permitted to continue. senator
Hedges issued a statement in spport of
nis contention in winch he says in part
as ronows:
"The legislature of this state has
power to license pool selling, poker play
ing, or even maintenance or tne so-
called "social evil." Only the first two
01 tnese it is assorted are earned on
at the club.
"The legislature further has the right
to delegate to a municipality the power
within its boundaries to matte lawful.
so far as the public Is concerned, a work
or business or an act or state of affairs
generally which without such authorlz
atlon would constitute a nubile nuis
ance, and the person for whose benefit
the authorization is made will be ex
empt from liability to suits, civil and
criminal, at the instance of the state.
firovided, always, he keeps strictly wlth
n the terms of the legislative license
or permission
"If. therefore, by the act creatine the
municipality or in tne cnarter tne now-
er Is granted to license pool-selling and
poker playing and, under ordinance duly
and regumriy passed and approved, a
license is granted to a person to prose
cute this line of business or conduct
such vocation, the licensee Is immune
from punishment for pursuing the cal
line or business.
"The state cannot prosecute as a
nuisance that which It has authorized.
The term 'public nuisance' applies only
to something occasioned by acts done In
violation of law. A work which Is au
thorized by law cannot be a nuisance.
"Now the legislature of this state In
the year 1903, Incorporated the city of
Milwaukle and In the charter granted to
the city council the power to 'prevent,
remove and -abate nuisances by general
ordinances,' and to 'suppress bawdy
hotlses, houses of ill fame, gambling
houses and gaming.'
"In its wisdom In 190S the legislature
changed these powers and gave to the
city council power within Milwaukle to
license, tax and rtgxtlate and restrain
and to license the different branches of
business or professions which in theff
Judgment should be licensed.
"It will be noted that the special act
creating Milwaukle and granting the
powers above enumerated to the council
was. pawed long after section 1930, B.
& C. code, so often referred to In the
press during the past few days.
"In strictness, therefore. If those who
are so persistent in having the officers
or mis county compel eoecuence 10 mo
law but knew it, they s re urging that
the Milwaukle County club be permitted
to continue Its business unmolested."
Special Dlipttch to The Journal.)
The Dalles, Or.. Aug. 8. After care
fully examining the evidence offered
at the coroner's Inquest on the body of
E. Benomi. who was murdered at his
home on Mill creek Tuesday morning,
the district attorney today Issued a war
rant, for the arrest of Ed.
the party responsible for the killing;- It
is not Known where Uosson is. but of
ficers are on his track and he will be I
under arrest in a few Hours.
W. J. Ralght has Invented a street
ear fender which he claims will Ml the
requirements of that life-saving device.
Mr. Height's fender la en entlroly new
departure In the line of streetcar fend'
ers. Heretofore, the idea has been to
attach some scoop-Uke device to pick
up end carry' any obstruction which
may be on the track.
"As long aa the fenders are screens
or scoops, a victim nas little or no
Halght In dlscussln his fender. "He Is
pound to orag. Let his arm get beneath
me lenaer ana tne rest or mm win roi
low. and he will be terribly mansied.
ine main ining is to get mm orr tne
track and out of harm's way without
. . . .
Mr. xiaignra rentier is a very simple
device. It Is comDOsed of two sheet
steel wheels with one axis. The larger
wiieel extends horizontally over the
rails of the track. This upper wheel is
to 11a in pusning uie victim out or tne
Fain 01 ins car, as tno wneei turns
reelT anv obstruction Is oushed to the
side of the track nearest the edge of
the wheel. There Is no chanoe for any
one's being dragged If he should be
thrown upon 'the wheeL there is en
emple screen to protect htm. Four men
can stand on the wheel at One.
The appliance has been attached to
foru&no Heignis oar iz ror tne past
two weeks. ' - Experiments performed
with boxes and barrels have proved the
fender to be effective. The management
of the Portland Railway, Light A Power
company is willing to adopt Mr.
Height's fender If the oubllo thinks well
or nis invention.
fJesrea! BoecUl terries.)
Baltimore, Md., Aug. I. The grain
elevator of the Baltimore A Ohio rail
way was destroyed this morning. The
loss on the building Is about 150,000
end nearly aa heavy on the contents.
(Joaraal Special Berrlee.)
Belfast, Aug. 8. The coal trades
strike was settled and work waa re
umtfl todav. Trooos will retake .pos
session of the streets when the factories
A Niw, Back for o Old One
, HoW it it Done in Portland '
' The back aches at times with a dull
Indescribable feeling, making you weary
and restless: piercing pains shoot
across the region of the kidneys, and
again the loins are so lame to stoop Is
agony. No use to rub or apply a plaster
to the back In this condition, sou can
not reach the cause. Exchange the bed
back for a new and stronger one. Fol
low the example of this Portland clt-
Mrs. Captain C. 3. Orovsr, ef SI4
Ralelah street. Portland, Oregon, says;
"Lapse of time has not lessened the
confidence I have round, in uoan a sua
ney Pills sines February, 1901, when X
nubllclr recommonded this remedy. I
had used them in treating kidney trouble
of several years' standing. It origin
ally started with dull aching . In the
small of my back over the kidneya.
Colds aggravated the trouble and made
the pain sharp and acute. Any extra
exertion would Druig on a proairaung
attack. I had tried various remedies
for the trouble without avail, but
Doan'a Kidney Pills began to help me
right efter I started using tnem. xney
gradually banished the bachacne and
pain In the loins, strengthened the kid
neys and helped me In every way. I
can conscientiously recommend Doan's
Kidney Pills to any sufferer from kid
ney complaint' ,
For sale or ell dealers, rrioe 00
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Burraio,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no other.
(Joaraal tpeeial terries.)
Pittsburg, Aug. 8. Andrew end
Stephen Starstoncky, brothers, were
shot today by Ludwlg Sseslel, e former
Polish priest Stephen died and Andrew
la in e critical condition. Sseslel Is said
to be erased on account Of some recent
A nw Dlac hu been found for tht
investmMit of American capital. Frank
U. wouii i voiuatit vs aw rw aa vvuaiwa
of Siasl, Sulu, haa written to the Port
land chamber of commerce eettlng forth
the great resources and advantages of
that Island, and Invltlns Investors snd
homeseekers to Investigate. He says
the variety and richness of opportunity
for American enegry and capital there
are Indescribable.
First showing of new St
shirts for fall Excep- M CA
tionally smart effects........ 1 "
SPECIAL Men's iine Pajamas, in a variety
of shades and 'pattern effects. Ex Q A
traordinary values at special '. P 1 awU.
SPECIAL Men's light weight dropstitch
Underwear. Full line of sizes. Bar- QK
gain values at special, per garment. . . VOv
The Store Noted for Best Goods at Lowest Price
18c Hosiery at 10c Pair
Children's fine ribbed Hosiery, dou-.
ble heel and toe, best garter top,
warranted fast black and best 18c
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ay and Saturday special, pr. 1UC
Nazareth Knit Waists for boys and
girls have no equal, come in ages 2 to
12. On special sale here Friday and
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20c Handkerchiefs at 121c
Men's hemstitched pure linen Hand
kerchiefs, Yt and -inch hems;
best 20c quality. Friday and Sat
urday at extra special, 1 O I
each 1Z2C
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about 6. o'clock, a day late on account of
iogs ana strong wmas along tne coast, 1
not to mention the few hours lost at
the mouth of the Willamette last night
The news of the grounding of the Al
liance was brought to the city at mid
night by Pilot Turner who came up m
a launch, and Agent F. P. Baumgartner
immediately sent the steamer Diamond
u to assist in mating her. The steam
er Charles R. Spencer, returning from
The Dalles, made fast a line and tried
to help, but the hawser parted and the
Spencer proceeded to her dock with her
impatient passengers.
This afternoon the dredge Portland
Is suckinr out the mud that holds th
steamer prisoner and it is believed
she can be released by this method of
procedure some time tonight or at any
rate tomorrow morning. The dredge
naa Deen at tne moutn or tne Wil
lamette a couple of days deepening ..he
channel and had to shift only a few
hundred feet to get to work under the
Pair, best quality silk with
double tips, all the leading
colors including white and a
full range of sizes ; standard
75c grade. Two days only.
2-Clasp -
A pair. Our new fall stock
is now ready, made from
best quality French kid, all
the new shades. Every pair
fitted and warranted.
'Continued from Page One.)
Cotton Towels at 4c Each
100 dozen fringed white Cotton
Towels, red border, size 14x29
inches: reerular price 75c a dozen.
On sale Friday and Saturday
at special, each
Cambric Corset Covers with two rows
torchon lace insertion, lace around
neck and arms, extra full and Of
best 40c val. Extra special, ea. UtOQ,
85c Fancy Silks at 49c Yd.
Fancy Taffetas, in checks and
stripes, in all the leading shades in
cluding browns, blues, grays, greens
and tans; best 85c and $1.00 jq
grades, yard TuC
be a good and fine boat in some people's
estimation," said Mr. omlth in speaking
of his trip north, "but as for being a
passenger boat there is a mistake some
where. The staterooms are without
anything in the way of modern conven
iences sucn as ngnts, etc., and I doubt
If the speed would average over eleht I
knots an hour in favorable weather and
with the engines going full speed."
Mr. smun is ner- on a Drier visit.
Tomorrow and Saturday, last.davs to I
receive discount on west side gas bills.
divide More profits
New Tork. Aug. 8. The Union Pa-
cifio today declared its regular quar
terly dividend of 2 per cent on com
mon and the regular semi-annual divi
dend of 2 per cent on the preferred
A yard, Friday and Saturday
only at this price, full 36
inches wide and standard
15c grade. New patterns in
both light and dark colors.
Tailored Suits at $7.98
A Great 2-Day Special
For Friday and Saturday we place on sale about three
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Come in neat checks, plaids and plain grays, rony
Jacket styles with full plaited skirts, jackets trimmed
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great bargain. See window.... 0 feeO
A dozen, extra quality and
weight and sold regularly at
$1 a dozen. On sale Friday
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low price.
Jackson, Miss.. Aug. 8. The Demo
cratic state executive committee today
declared Williams as the party nominee
for United States senator. WUllams
had a majority of 643. There will be no
' " (Journal Special Serrtce.) -llexieo
City, Aug. 8. Philip Shabin,
Abraham c Desiatoff and Brln A. Urin
?S J Anffelea are hero negotiating for
10,000 acres of land for a Jewish col
ony of 150,000 parsons, 2,000 of whom
will come from California, the rest from
itussia. . ... .-.'.r .
Covert Goats
Women's and Misses' 25-inch Cov
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perfect rjentifrice rthe one
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White Duck Wash
Belts with gilt buckles ;
reg. 25c grade, while
they last jj
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. M I
V t