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Famous Goebel Assassination Case Called Before Judge
' bobbins of Graves County, Kentucky,- Who Is Ap- t !
' a 1 pointed a Special. Court. - ;v
' '. IffM Tun of lwrs 0n.
' March 10, 1100. arrested on
eharf of eompllolty In murder
of Governor OoebeL ,v '
, July . 1 MO First trial began.
,' - August It; 100 Convicted
U4 sentenced to Imprisonment
for lit. -,
March 18, 1101 Court of ap-
Peals rvarsd and ordrd nw
trial? ;. v ' .-- . -
October 1, ,1101eaeond trial
November t, I91 aln eon
vloted and sentnod to lmprl-
onmont for Ufa. .--
Dwtmbtr I, ! Court of 4
appeal rversd decision In aao-
- oad trial
Ofuat ft. 1IW Third trial be-
and aantanood to death.
December I, 1104 Court of ap
peats rmml the verdict for tha
third time. t
March II. 1I0S UntUd States
oovrt nt tha oaaa back to tha
tat court.
March I. HOT Powers ootn
platad svn years la Jail.
. . (Jooraal Special Service.)
Oorgtown. Kjr Julr t. A apaolal
term of tha Scott circuit court convened
today to try tha caaa of Caleb Powara
for' eon pi racy In tha murder of the
lata Governor William Goebel. The case
case will be tried before Judge J. E.
Bobbin of Grave county, who presided
at Powers' laat trial, and who ha been
designated by Governor Beckham. as
Special judge for the preaent trial.
The trial about to begin la the fourth
of the famous oaaa. Three times has
Powers been convicted of complicity
In the Goebel assassination. . Twice he
haa been sentenced to imprisonment for
life, and once to be hanged.
- The present trial la the outcome of
J decision by Justice Harlan of the
'nlted States supreme court, who ren
ered his opinion that the Jurisdiction
of the etate and not the federal court
waa paramount after the case had three
times gona to tha court of appeals,
which ordered a new trial each time.
The friends of Powers desired to have
tha present trial held before a federal
court, advancing for their argument
tha statement that Powers was being
deprived of his constitutional1 rlghta of
a xair inai, xney Daaea tneir charges
on Powers' two former trials, when the
Juries were composed of It Goebel men.
wnue ai nis last mai, ll or the men
who held his fata In their hands were
follower or. the ' Goebel faction, al
though the remaining Juror waa not
cjoeeiy aiiiea to any party. 4 .
The ' atorv of tha murder of Wll.
11am Goebel la one of the most unusual
in the criminal annal of the country.
Jim Howard and Henry Toutaey, two
friend of Power, hava already been
eonvioted of complicity in tha: murder
ana are now serving; lire sentences in
the venltentlary. while si-Governor Wll
nam -rayior. in wnoae interests tne con
victed men are said to have acted, la
still at large in Indiana, whither he
nea a soon as nis name waa Drought.
into the matter and where he now lives
by grace of the magistrate of that state.
wno refuse to give nira up to the Ken
tucky court.
The Kentucky legislature annronrlated
1100,006 to ferret out the assassins
and bring them to justice. This large
sum has never been accounted for and
the veil of mystery that enshrouded the
killing from the very beginning la stUV
present. ,
rowers im toss;.
The case of Power, who Is still a
young man. haa esolted no little arm-
pathy In many parts of the country, and
he 1 daily In receipt of a large num
ber of letteas expressing the hope that
he may win his hard-fought battle for
ire. rowerr rnenaa nave atooa or him
loyally, and were It not for the assist
ance they .have rendered him he would
have Ion since been-In the penitentiary
and forgotten. When he waa ereted
he did not have a dollar and public sen
timent wa against him: but when the
legislature appropriated 1 100.000 to
prosecute him and those Indicted with
him his friends went to work to raise
funds to assist him.
It ha been said that every prominent
Republican in the United States has
contributed to tha. hi .sum -raised for
his defense, and among them are men
tioned the names of President Roosevelt
secretary Tort and tne late Senators
Quay and Hanna.
rowers aDDarentlv has not Buffered In
health from hi seven years' confine
ment In Jail. He takes exercise regu
larly every day and spends much of his
time In reading and writing. During
nis eiay in prison ne na written a nls
torv of his life, which haa beea nlamrf
on the market and from which ha hu
derived a conatderable sum.
Secretary Is Carried Away
With Scenic Marvels of V
' That Region; j;
arrangement yoo made for our trip to
nJoyed It thoroughly. The lake
!,,u wonaerrui place and should
vrm? i mor oeeaibl to traveler
v .'iJAUij RurjOLPrf OARFIELD.-I :
Wmh na(kwa twi. y.
: " .--vnwwi, Tl T VI11II ftUl
J,0 wAthr- n t Robinson &
Caa, tit Waahlngton atreet . - j
. Preferred Moc Canned Oooda. ' ,;
Allen It Lewis' Best Brand.
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' City Auditor Barber this morning
stated that he had received Informal
notice from City Attorney Kavanaugh'a
office confirming the legality of the
4S0,000 Madison atreet bridge Improve
ment bond voted at the June election.
Mr. Barber will at once advertise- for
bid for the sal of the bonds, which
will give aa opportunity to test the mat
ter In the court In a friendly suit.
Possibly on . of the members of the
way and means committee of the coun
cil will bring the suit at once, after
which the bonds may be sold. It Is not
expected that there will be any loss of
time in disposing of the bonds.
Both former City Attorney McNary
and City Attorney Kavanaugh are of
the opinion that failure to poet notlcos
of the bond issue doe not Invalidate
the lue. The Washington supreme
uuun wm upon 10 aeoiae a case i
- " - . , ' " -" wau um. l ii o latUQ
snouia siana. ine fact that the ques
tion originated In the council and not
wim me people, me two attorneys say.
Is purely technical and 'haa no effect on
the legality of the election or the bond
. , (gpeeUl JMsoatca to The Jooraal.)".
uAtnrA Cir July 11 Mayor J. V.
Reddr : nd party .have' Just returned
from a camping trip to Crater lake and
surrounding mountain. . Th trip fol
lowed that mad by Secretary Garfield,
who wa accompanied part way by th
mayor. Mayor Reaoy report ne roaus
leading from Medford to tha Crater
Lake park la fair condition, and state
that a few hundred dollar would put
them In shape for automobiles. On the
Klamath aide of the lak road are In
excellent condition. . .
Secretary Garfield reached Crater lake
at o'clock in the morning, and wa en
tertained by WUl O. Steele, president
of th company which 1 to build th
hotel and operate atage line through
the nark. Secretary Garfield expressed
himself a much pleased wltn tne iaae,
which he described on of th eoenlo
pot of America, end well -worth the
hardahlD of tha Journey. H exorcised
hi Intention of visiting the lake again
in tne near future, when he could spend
mor time viewing it marvel.
WO JUooaunead Itoads.
Mr. flarfteld nromised that th. gov
ernment would build good road through
th nark and forest reserve, and that he
would recommend . to - con r fees in his
next report an appropriation for this
purpose. The secretary stated that fed
eral officials would cooperate to the
fulleet extent with the county and state
officials in making crater laae acces
sible. He also fully confirmed the. con
cessions granted the Crater LAK com
pany by Secretary Hitchcock and etated
duaivs and nemetual. '
Mr. Garfield climbed several of the
highest point about th lake, oaa of
which, the high peak to the right or the
path leading down to th lake, waa for
mally christened HGarfleld Point.' to
oommemorate the first visit paid by any
cabinet of floor to Crater lake. He also
toole a swim in the lake, as well aa a
Doai riae 10 me isiana.
OasoUn Tmnih on &ak
Mr. Steel ha established a camp on
the banks of th lake where visitor can
obtain meals and feed for horse. Until
a hotel Is built, a tented city has been
temporarily established. Th first meal
to be aerved waa tnat given secretary
Garfield, who described the banquet as
in every way fit for a king. Over to
trout from the lak were served as one
of the courses.
A a-asollne launch 'haa been placed on
tha waters of the lake and ia used to
convey sight-seers across to th Island
where the crater, still filled with anow.
ia vieitea. - until a few days ago, sight
seers were not permitted to go down to
the shores of the lake on account of the
danger along the trail which ia still par
tially covered with snow. In climbing
to the shores of the lake It 1 still neo
essary to go over snowbanks.
Elevator on the Fradplo
Th sit of the proposed hotel i on
the divide over which the road from
Klamath reaches the lake' brim. A
spring on the mountain side above will
furnish plenty of water. It I the com
pany's intention to erect an elevator
aown the precipice leading to the
water's edge, so that tourist can avoid
taking the 1,600-foot climb from tha
water to the hotel.
Mayor Reddy ha received th fol
lowing communication:
"I wish again to express to you and
the citlsen of Medford my, appreciation
of the courtesies extended to me. The
train between Bpokan and Portland,
but It 1 believed they will undertake
to beat the O. R. A N. t'me by several
houra i
Sapid Progr on Yew Boad.
The rapid progres that Is being made
by the north bank line toward comple
tion haa spurred the O. R, A N. Co. to
nauauraie pians ror successfully torn
pet in with It for th Snokana and aaat.
em Washington business and frequent
conference will be held from this time
forward by tha truffle and
departmenta of I lie Oregon road. Work
of atraightentng th O. K. A N. main
line, for which an Initial appropriation
of $600,000 waa made last year, is be
ing pushed by a large force of men
under Contractor Huson.
Th bridge between Portland and
Umatilla are belna- taken out and heav.
ler Steel atructure ubtitutd, not be
cause the old bridges were dilapidated,
but because of the necessity for heavier
bridges to carry the monster locomo
tives that are already being put into
service on the O. R. A N. line. The
Improvement policy 1 to be carried Into
eastern Waahlngton and determined ef
fort will be made by the Haniman
road to maintain It prestige in. the
through and local business all along th
line between Portland and Spokane.
v. -77,';
Seid Back. Jr. Admitted to
':. Practice in the Xocal ;
r Federal Courts.
field Back Jr.. who waa admitted to
practice befor both th UnlUd State
district and circuit oourt thia morning
by Judg Charles B. '.Wolverton, is be
lieved to b ;th first Chin who vr
gained that distinction. '
Por many year, long before Judge
Wolverton entered upon, th Judicial
dutlee In the local federal court, Seid
Back wa th official - Chinese Inter
preter. Everybody grew acoustomea io
see him in in reoerai counrooin ana
few knew he was a native born Port
lander. When Lawyer Charles 3. flchna-
bel moved the admission or cteia aca
surprise was expressed upon th face
of those In court, and Julge Wolverton
asked "Did you say a oltlsea of th
United Biateer .
"Yea, your honor," was th reply.
very wvii, riiiQ mw wmi.
an order be entered admitting him to
Beld Back waa happy and blandly
smiled In true oriental fashion. He wa
the recipient of the congratulation of
all th court attach and officer.
well a th other lawyer present. He
is a natlva of Portland and ia th son
of on of the most prominent Chinamen
in Portland. Although bla real name
'd Oaln. he chos to be 'admitted
under th paternal cognomen wltn the
,rT title to prevent confusion In
.,otlv bnK accounta.
- Seid lisck Jr. is well educated and
popular among the Chinese residents of
Portland, among whom he will probably
derive hi principal clientage. V 7. .
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pulses. The best thing too
lor Ids owa
breakfast Is
Hill Military ' Academy
A Boarding and Day School for Young Man and Boy. .
PmuMilAii for enllMea. IT A. unitary and Naval Aaademtea. A
' , 1 . . A . . I A D..L.UW n.M.II AmKam ,Kll mII fit... ITnlvAMltlAa
and Agricultural College. Military discipline. Manual training. Business
course. Th principal ha had II years' experience In Portland. . Com-;
rortaoie quartera neat environments, atase reservauooa now. mv iuw .
t rated catalog and other literature address ' . '
J.. W. HILL, M. D., Principal and Proprietor
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" i !
Consumers Coal Co. Slock
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per ahare.
'Seventeen railway mall clerks oper
ating on the run between Portland and
Dunsmulr, CalUornla are preparing a
petition to forward to Chief Clerk Frank
XL Whitney ia which they will atate
their refusal to further us th mall
ear provided for them on the run.
. The oar has been in us for 11 year
and Is In such a oondltlon that th men
ooBsider It unsafe for further use. The
Wood ha rotted and decayed until one
can klok hole through the floor and
Side of th oar. . Th men are afraid to
rida in th car which is always placed
St ween a heavy-engine and a long train i
heavy Pullman car. Th men do'
,1104 neoessarfly fear a wreck but say
they are afraid the car will get smashed
between the heavy cars when the long
train oomes to an abrupt atop.
All the men have not yet signed the
petition but aa oon as they have It
will be placed In the hands of Mr. Whit
ney and If immediate action Is not taken
the men will quit work. They contend
that they are entitled to aome considera
tion for the work which they have to do
and wty insist that the oar they work
In be made a safe aa possible. Just
who is to blame for th ramshackle ve
hicle being kept on the run ia unknown
v" "w.' lUBjr win insist tnat It
he taken off or they will Quit work.
Klamath Fallto LakeTiew
There to Connect Wita
Party From South.
Klamath Fatta Or- Inly !. Bngl-
8er Journey with 10 assistants haa
. ..Ukt in Klamath Falls from Odell to
begin th preliminary work of surveying
from Kiamatn rang east. wver since
th eonstruotloa of: the Natron-Klamr
mXa ffliu. , .im v " . hmvwim
" line wa decided on, urvey have been
' ka nnswiAaa saniiiin an
snJH gU7 VUV ' yvt yvsv vat swvaa aaag au
Mr fT&46 for the Oregon Kastern from
Survey wu vw run, in won coin
Ue In faw A-am mm, A wall Ka aah,
JJISJUVlUal aa as, a.w ,-. eMsva w vw vwir
tlnued until tsaVkerlew la reached, where
ZTa .a la man wilk at rva r lee
. sji JUIIWUVU wv rf ihu m aaa-a aiav
is running south from th lino of the
aAuKM ITsisitsam
Coal Land Conspiracy,
MOwankee, Wla, July JJ. Hearing
ss resumed befor United States Com
missioner Blood good today in the case
of Ouy uoit ana aia uir prominent
Milwaukee men indicted by th federal
a-rand iury of Colorado in connection
with the alleged Colorado coal land con
spiracy cae. - - ----- - -y- -
Cream, Sugar and a
Squeeze of Iemonjfn
MDellciom for hot days.
"lui -TU ! t Vcllvillc" la okis.
Th-reV tf Reason rr
Seven Stand for Conviction
and Five for Acquittal
on Final Ballot.
(Journal Special Service.)
Ban Fran cisoo. July !. Staruiin.
seven for conviction and five for -
julttal th Glass jury failed to reach
an agreement and wa discharged yes
terday afternoon by'Judare Lawior. Th
Jurors stated that they were unable to
determine whether Zimmar or Ola was
guilty. Th court has set the re-trlal
of th Yioe-presldent OaT the i1kntirin
company for August 5. and th prosecu
tion is confident of being able to aecur
a conviction. .
unl?8,..X,,.ce"prf'"'nt dimmer testlfle
m.iii.i. uim in me next trial he will
be given the fuU penalty of the Califor
nia lw which n.nvM.. '.I- . 2ClT,
v. . .v.. mkJtl wunini im
prisonment for each offense and would
"""u wouia go to jail lor
II t
(Special Dtspetes t V Ioaraal.
Aberdeen. Wash.. July 18. The TTninn
Pacific .railroad bridare. which la to
cross the Chehalis river near th An
derson A Mlddleton milL will be tha
larsest here, it draw span being lit
feel Matnr J Xf niann th.
went engineer, says the proposed with
drawal of th engineers now in tha field
IS - no eatiM for lUlMRMMMU,
aya that it will be necessary to go
over all the information secured by
them in order to aecur th necessary
appropriation to ' carry on th work
now-begun. It la his belief that an-
Otnair va.r issrltl ai.. Ka iaJ V...H 4
this pic7 Tr.,w.Zurr- "w
t Th Northern Paclfio railroad ' ha
been given permission to replac Fits
present structure across the WisHkal
rir wnn eieoi Dnage, ana it is un
derstood work wlU sooa begin. - v j
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