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Famous Ooebel Assassination Case Called Before Judge
' Hobbins of Graves County, Kentucky, Who Is Ap- s ,
' ; V " , " pointed a Special Court, y; r.y-T;--TT
Severn Tears of Iww Oese.
Kmh 10, loe. Arrested on
charge of complicity In murder
f Governor QoebeL
July . 100 First trial began.
','' August J. 100 Convloted
nd sentenced to Imprisonment
for life. " ,
March IS, 1101 Court of ap
4 peals reversed and ordered new
trial. ' -.. " . - ' '
, October V101 escondtrtal e
began. : . '
e - November C 1101 A rain eon- e
rioted and aentenoad to lmprls- e
onmant for life. e
- Deoember . 1 Ctrart ef e
appeals ravaraad decision In seo- e
oad trial ..' . ..'
ogust I, 1101 Third trial be-e
Aogust 14, 1101 Oonvlcted.
and aaotanoad to death.
' Deoember . 1104 Court of ap-.
pea la reversed the verdict for tha
third time. t ; v
March It. 10S Cnltad' BUtaa
oowrt aant the, ease back to tha
tat aorta. .
March I, HOT OPowera com
pleted seven yeare ta JalL v " . " "
; " 1
(Joeraal Special tatTlea,) "'.?, ''"
, Oeovgetowu. Ky, July t7A. special
" tana af tha Boott circuit court convened
e"ajr-ve"try the- case of Caleb Poirara
for' conspiracy In tha murder of the
lata Governor William Goebet Tha ease
ease will ba triad before Judsa J. E.
Hobblns of Oravea county, who presided
at Powers' laat trlaL and who haa bean
.designated, b Governor- B9ckhama I
Special judge for tha preaent trial. I
in trial aooul to Degin la me xourtn
the famous ease. Three times has
owara bean convicted of - conriDllclty
In the Ooebel assassination. V Twloe he
haa been- sentenced to Imprisonment for
lire, and onoe to be banged.
.. : The present trial la the outcome of
a decision by Justice Harlan of the
United States supreme court, who ren
dered -hls-epinbm-ihat-the-ittrlsdlotleii
or tne state and not tne leasrai courts
i times gone to the court of appeals,
which ordered a new trial each time.
The friends of Powers desired to have
the present trial held before a federal
court, advancing- for their argument
the statement that Powers was being
deprived of his oonstltutlonar rights of
a fair trial. They based their charges
'on Powers' two former trials, when the
juries were composed of It Ooebel men,
while at his last trial, 11 of the men
who held his fate In their hands were
followers of the Ooebel faction, al
though the remaining Juror waa nut
clonely allied to any party. " .s
The story of the murder of Wil
liam Ooebel la one of the most unusual
In the criminal annals of the country.
Jim Howard and Henry Toutsey, two
friends of Powers, have already been
eonvioted of complicity In tha. murder
and are now' serving life sentences in
the penitentiary, while ei-Oovernor Wil
liam Taylor, in whose interests the con
victed - men - are said to have acted, - la
still at large In Indiana, whither he
fled aa soon aa his name waa brought
into the matter and where he now lives
by grace of the magistrate of that state,
who refuse to give hint up' to, tha Ken
tucky courts. .
The Kentucky legislature appropriated
f 100,000 to ferret . out the assassins
and bring them to Justice. This, large
sum has never been acoounted for and
tha vail of mystery that enshrouded the
killing from the very beginning la stlil'
present, , r- '"..,.;.;.,,.',.
: (vwki Am sevog. ,
The case of Powers, who la still a
Ityoung man, haa exolted no little aym-
patny in many parts oi tna country, and
tie Is dally la receipt of a largo num
ber ef letteas expressing tha hope that
he may win his hard-fought battle for
lfe. Powers' friends have atood by him
loyally, and were It not for the assist
ance they -have rendered him be would
have long since beenln the Donltentlary
and forgotten. When ho was elf res ted
he did not have a dollar and publio aen-
timent waa' against hlmr bat -when the
legislature appropriated - 1100.000 to
roseoute mm and those indicted with
lm his friends went to work to raise
funds to assist him. w
It haa been said that averr nromlnent
Republican In tha United States haa
waa paramount after the case had three
ttoned the names of President Roosevelt,
Becretarv Taft and tha lata Senators
Quay and Hanna. .
powers apparently naa not aurrered in
health from his seven years' - confine
ment in Jail. Ha takes exercise regu
larly every day and spends much of his
time In reading and writing. During
his stay In prison he has written a hts-
tory of hie life, which- haa bees placed
on tne market and from which he haa
derived a considerable aum. - .sZ''
City Auditor Barber . this morning
stated that ha had received Informal
notice from City Attorney Xavanaugh'a
office confirming tha legality of tha
1460.000 Madison street bridge Improve
ment bond voted at tha June election.
Mr. Barber will at once advertise- for
bide for tha aale of tba bonda, which
will give an opportunity to test tha mat
ter tn tha courts to a - friendly ault
Possibly one . of tha members of the
ways and means committee of tha coun
cil will bring the ault at once, after
which, the bonds may be gold.' It Is not
expected that there will be any loes of
time In disposing of tha bonds.
Both former City Attorney McNary
and City Attorney Kavanaugh are of
the opinion that failure to post notices
of the bond Issue does not Invalidate
4he- lsaue, The Washington supreme
wua v " vauivu Hnq iv asoiae a caee i
ahould stand. The fact that tha ques
tion originated In the council and not
with the people, the two attorneys say,
Is purely technical and 'haa no effect on
the legality of the election or the bond
Issue. . . .
Secretary Is Carried Away
With Scenic Marvels of
' ; i - That Region.
. . (Special' I1 patch te The Joaraal.)
Medford. Or, July il. Mayor J. F.
Reddy and party have Just returned
from a camping trip to Crater lake and
. .... . . . '
surrounaing mountains. . "v -lowed
that made by Secretary Garfield,
who waa accompanied part way by the
mayor. Mayor Reddy reports the roads
leading from Medford to tha Crater
Lake park la fair condition, and states
that a few hundred dollars would put
them in shape for automobiles. On tha
Klamath side of the lake roads are In
excellent condition. -
Secretary Garfield reached Crater lake
at t o'clock In tha morning, and waa en
tertained bv Will O Steele.', president
of the company which is to build the
hotel and operate atage lines tnrougn
the park. Secretary Garfield expressed
himeelf as much pleased with the lake,
which ha described as one of the scenic
pole -of America, end well -worth the
hardshlpa of the Journey. Ha expreeeed
hla intention of visiting tha lake again
In toe near future, when he couia epena
more time viewing Its marvels. .
: Win Keoomanead Boada.
Mr. Garfield promised that the gov
ernment would build good roads through
the park and forest reserve, and that he
would recommend to congress In his
next report an appropriation for this
uroose. -rne secretary atatea mat jea-
rai officials would cooperate to the
purpose. Tha secretary stated that fed
eral officials would cooperate to th
fullest extent with the county and atate
officials in making Crater laks accea
albla. He alao fully confirmed the con
cessions granted the Crater I-aWe com-
fany by Secretary Hitchcock and atated
hat the franchises granted ware "ex
clusive and perpetual?'
Mr. uarneia enmoea several ox tne
highest points about the lake, one of
mally christened "Garfield Point," to
which, the high peak to the rig!
patn leading aown to tne iax
of the
waa for-
oommemorate the first visit paid by any
cabinet of floor to Crater lake. He also
took a swim In the lake, aa well as a
boat ride to the Island. , -,
v Oaaollne Tnaeh on Xka, -Mr.
Steele haa established a camp on
the banks of tha lake where visitors can
obtain meals and feed for horses. - Until
contributed .to the-big sum roiaed for fa- hotyj is built.-a tented city- haa been
hla -uefense, ana among, them are men-) temporarily established, The nrst meal
to d served was mat given oecretary
Garfield, who described the banquet as
In every way fit for a king. Over to
trout f ronv the lake were eerved aa one
of the courses.
A gasoline launch ?haa been placed on
the waters of the lake and la used to
convey sight-seers across to the (aland
where the crater, still filled with anow,
is vielteoV Ontl 1- a f ew day a- ago, si gh t
seers were not permitted to go down to
the shores of the lake on account of the
danger along the trail which la still par
tially covered with snow. In climbing
to tha shores of the lake It is still nec
essary to go over snowbank. .
! merator om the rraorpJoa.
Tha aita of tha proposed hotel la on
the divide over , which the rood from
Klamath' reaches ths lake's brim. A
spring on tha mountain aide above will
furnish plenty of water. It la the cont
inuation to erect an elevator
lea leadlnr to tha
water'a edge, so that tourists can avoid
taking the 1,600-foot climb from tha
water to the hotel. -
Mayor Reddy haa received tha fol
lowing communication: "
"I wish again to express to yon and
tha eitisens of Medford mw annreeiatlon
of the courtesies extended to me. The
pany'a lntei
down the -
arrangements you made for our trip to
Crater luke were most convenient. I
have enjoyed It thoroughly. The lake
is a wonaeriul pli
ne mana more access
Very trul
wonderful place and should
to travelers.
truly yours,
. Wash neckwear, the very thing for
?.ot. w".Vh.r' on al. Robinson it
Co. a, m Washington street
referred Stock. Canned (foods,
Allen at Lewis' Beat Brand.
. (Continues from Pat OnO -
trains between Spokane and Portland,
but It la believed they will undertake
to beat tha O. R. A. N. t'rae by several
hours, i
Kapld Progress on JTsw Boad.
Tha rapid progress that Is bslng made
by the north hank line toward comple
tion has spurred the O. R. A N. Co. to
inaugurate plana for successfully (om
peting with it for the Birakana and east
ern Washington business and frequent
conferences will be held from this time
forwsrd by tha t riffle and operating
departments of I lie Oregon road. Work
of straightening th- O. K. at N. main
line, for which an initial appropriation
of 1600.000 waa made last year, is be
ing pushed by a large force Of men
under Contractor Huson.
The bridges between Portland and
Umatilla are being taken out and heav.
ier Steel structures substituted, not be
cause the old bridgee were dilapidated,
but because of the necessity for heavier
bridges to carry the monster locomo
tives that ars already being put into
service on the O. K. a N. Tinea The
forts . will be . made by the Harrlman
road to maintain ta prestige in. the
through and local business all along the
lino between Portland and Spokane.
Seid Back Jr. Admitted to
Practice in the Local
-Federal Courts. .
Scld Back Jr.. who waa admitted to
practice before both the United States
district and circuit courts thia morning
by Judge Charlea E. Wolverton, la be
lieved to be the first Chinese who aver
gained that distinction.
for many years, long before Judge
Wolverton entered upon the Judicial
Autlaa in tha local federal courts, Seid
Back waa the official Chinese Inter
preter. Everybody grew accustomed to
see him in the federal courtroom and
few knew he was a native born Port
lander. When Lawyer Charles J. Schna-
bei moved tne admission or eeia mci
surprise was expressed upon the faces
a oltlsea of the
of thoss In court, and Judge Wolverton
United Btatesf
asked "Did you say ,
Yea vour honor." was the reply.
Very well," replied the court: let
an order be entered admitting him . to
- Seid
smiled In true oriental fashion,
Seid - Backwaa - happr -and
He was
Improvement policy la to be carried intolthe recipient of the congratulations of
eastern Washington and determined ef- I ail the court attaches and
offlcera, as
well ss ths other lawyers preasnt He
Is a native of Portland and la the eon
of one of the most prominent Chinamen
In Portland. Although his real name
, , ,
I i
KNOWS nttad8". o .
provocative of good humor as
Ghlnirdelll's Cocoa. Its dellc- ;
Ions fragrance and sustaining '
-goodness fill the most-exiict--Ing
guest with generous im
pulses. The best thing too
fo? trig oerg
breaktast to
la Seid Oaln. he chose to be a-lttted
under the faternal eoicnomen wun tha
ne.esry title to pr.vrnt confusion in
thplr rieotive bank accounts.
Seid iiack Jr. Is well educated and
popular among the Chines, residents of
Portland, among whom he will probably
derive hie principal clientage.
If you want tit r- ;t
niahe.i room lv,i s; i
ntehml liottine" ciiu"f
Kate one cent a wuta.
can t bring it.
Wref erred tHock Ceenet Cot is.
Allen aV Iwla' best rn.l.
Hill Military Academy
rmTr r 'i ir-urm ni jgrrr-T-arariiTiixiiiiiasiisas4..L-. .j,, , L ..w ; in m-
asSSwiH ,i ''' ' 'MMim'rHH'iirtTii -ii'ii i unifii n i 11 1 1 ii n i M-fc. ir ' 1 1 i fi ' I ' ' llir II n m i i i i
A Boarding and pay School for Young Men and Boys.
Preparation for colleges, U. 0. Military and Naval Academies. Ac
credited to Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell, Amherst and all State Universities
and Agricultural Colleges. Military discipline. . Manual training.
course. The principal hag had 1 years experience In Portland. Com
fortable quarters. - Best environments. Make reservations now.. Fat Illus
trated catalog and other literature address . '- . -
J., W. HILL, M. D., Principal and Proprietor
T Consuiacii Coal Co. Stock
Advances romorrow to
: : S13.CD per Share : :
If joa r tcperttidouBV jwtdt nntQ ntxt week and bay at
$14.00 PER. SCARE
. If ytm want to know why thia stock U advancing go fast, go aea
the' mine. Then you will wonder why we axe mot aellins at $30.00
;:,.'''":.; ."" '.'".'per ahare.'"'. v-3 ' v ,' -
Seventeen railway mail elsrks oper
ating oa the run between Portland and
' Dnaatniitr, California, are preparing a
petition to forward to Chief Clerk Frank
X." Whitney In which they wlU atate
their refusal to further use the mall
' ear provided for' them on the ran.
. The oar haa been In use for 1 years
. and ta tn suoh a oondltion that tha mea
ooasldar tt unsafe for further use. The
- wood haa rotted and decayed until one
aa kick hole, through the floor and
idea of the car. . Tha men are afraid to
rid. la the ear which la always placed
. totwaea a heavy -engine and a Jong train1
of heavy Pullman cars. Tba . mea do
not necessarily fear a wrack bat nay
they are afraid tha ear will get smashed
between tha heavy cars when the long
train oomea to an abrupt atop.
' All th. man k.v. WA . I m .
peuiioa out aa soon as they have it
oe piaoed in the hands of Mr. Whit
and If immediate action la not taken
will be
ney am
fh"1Vrn wU1 I01- ThT contend
that they are entitled to soma considera
tion for the work which they have to do
and wUJ Insist that the car they, work
In be made as safe as possible. Just
who is to blame for the ramshackle ve
hicle being kept on the run la unknown
to. the men, but they will lnalat that it
be taken off or they will ault work.
iu Liiuiiiiinu
Unamath rallto LakeTiew,
"- There to Connect With
. . : Party From Soutli. . .
i sOamath Falls, Or, July ll-Bngl-saef
Jowney with 10 assistants haa
- arrived la Klamath Falls from Odell to
begin tha preliminary work; ef surveying
from Klamath Falls east. Ever since
tha oonstrvotloa of ths Natron-Klaus
ath Falls line and tha Oregon Eastern
' line was decided on, surveys hays been
yua for the purpose of securing an
..ay grade for the Oregon Keatern from
Its Junction with the Natron branch,
feurveye will be run, the work com
mencing In a few days, and will ba con
tinued until Lakevlsw Is reached, where
a Junction la made with a party that
Is running south from tha Una of the
Oregon Eastern. - .
Coal Land Cto-nsjrlracy, (
Mttwankee, Wla, July J. Hearing
jrea resumed before United Stateo Com
.tnlastoner Bloodgood today- In the case
of Ouy D. Ooff and six other prominent
Milwaukee men Indicted by the federal
grand Jury of Colorado la connection
with tha alleged Colorado coal land con
Cream, Sugar and a
Squeeze of lemon In
1 Delicious for hot days. v
leaa MTb l4 te WtllvHU" ! tilt.
!ThtrVi a Reaton' ...
Seven Stand for Conviction
-and Five for Acquittal r:
r ion Final Ballot--
Ooaraat apeelal torvlce.)
Baa ' Francisoo, July It. Standing
seven for conviction and five for aa
qulttal tha Olaaa Jury failed to reaoh
aa agreement and was discharged yes
terday afternoon by' Judge Lawlor, The
Jurora atated' that they war unable to
determine whether Zl ranter or Glass waa
guilty. Tha court haa get tha re-trial
f tha vioe-presldent of tha telephone
company for August S. and tha prosecu
tion Is confident of being able to eecure
a conviction. , " .
v,tat5 7.-tn Xwooutlon that
unless Vlce-Preeident Ziramer testifies
agalnst'Glaas in the next trial he will
be glv.ii the fuU penalty of the Califor
nia law, which provides six months' Im
prisonment for each offense and would
mean that he would go to jell f for
nearly five yeara. .
(gpeelal bwpstek te Te XsorsaM .
Aberdeen, "Wash., July SI. Tha Union
Pacific railroad bridge, - which la to
cross the Chehalla river Bear tha An
derson as Mlddlaton mUl. will ba tha
largest here. Its draw spaa being lit
feet Major J. U. Clapp, the govern
ment enslneer, eaya the proposed with
drawal of the engineers now in the field
ta no oause for discouragement. He
says that It will be- necessary to go
over all ths information secured by
them tn order to secure the neoesssry
appropriations to' csrry on the work
now. begun. It Is his belief that en
other year will see tha road built Into
this place.
The Northern Padflo railroad gas
been given permission to rsplace Its
present structure across the Wlahkal
river with a steel brtrigs, snd it is un
derstood work will aooa begin.
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