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North Beach
- - 8prial Cormpooiw to Th Joarntl.)
North Beach. July K One coming
1 : to the beach this week seeking gayety
had no trouble In finding It. The aea
'on la on In full awing- and no end of
dancea, riding and driving parties, ten
, ( Ilia, and for those who prefer tlia coijr
Jiarlora to the breexy sndn, bridge and
flra hundred parties have been the
; order of the day.
. . Many improvements have been noted,
.chief among them the straightening of
the dangerous curves on the railroad
bed and the newly built line which is
r completed aa far as the Wallicut river.
Real estate la booming here on account
of Ua new railroad and property-own-ra
as well as the visitors to North
Beach are eagerly awaiting Its comple
tlen, which all hop will occur the laat
f August.
North Head la again the mecca for
aightaeers and plcnlckera. It la a beau
tiful spot In which to apend an after
rioon, and the drive to the lighthouse la
. extremely picturesque. On Tuesday a
party from The Breakera drove over In
av three-seated rig, apent the day and
had luncheon In the grove. The party
consisted of Mra. Bert Irwin. Miss Hi
teel Howe, Mra. E. Howe, Mra. Claud
Btarr and Eugene Howe, Charlea Mc
Cramm and Claud Starr.
Xanoe at gylfan XaJL
The danoe at 8ylvan hall on Saturday
plight was the greatest aucceaa In social
life at Long Beach ao far thla season.
About 76 couplea enjoyed the goo1
mualo and the splendid floor, encoring
. each dance with enthusiasm. The
. Jacobaen brother are generally com
mended for their enterprising spirit in
erecting auch a splendidly equipped hall
for thla popular eummer resort.
On Wednesday a party consisting of
It summer residents from Tioga, The
Jireakera and Sea View, drove to Shoul
. . water bay to apend the day picking the
huckleberries which grow there In such
quantitlea. walking on the sandy banks
of the bar and swimming In the still
water, which was quite a novelty after
their dally plunge In the ocean surf.
Those who enjoyed the day were: Mrs.
Buchanan. Miss Dorothy Buchanan,
Captain and Mra. Pope. Mra. A. Warl-
tier, Mlsa Annie Holmes, Lollta Holmea,
' Captain and Mra. Allen. William Allen,
Mrs. Plggott, Mra. T. Hemlnway, Mra.
R. I. Holmea, Rociua Holmea and Ed-
' Win Holmea.
Entertained at Hotel Salt Air.
A social event which waa of great
Importance to the younger set at the
; beach waa the dancing party given by
Lyle Brown and William Wheeler on
Friday evening. The dining-room of the
Hotel Salt Air, which opens off a largo
veranda, making a delightful prome-
nade between dances, waa prettily deco
rated by the hosts, who spared no pains
to make 'the evening an enjoyable one.
Pretty programs and good music were
provided for the guests, who were later
erved to delicious refreshments in the
spacious and attractive living room of
the hotel. The patronessea of the even
ing were Mlsa A. Worden, Mrs. Field
ing KeJley. Mrs. Shemaln and Miss
Bamdt. Among those invited were the
Misses M. Stutherland, Effle Johnstono,
Mary Monks, Mary Jessop. Mrs. Rupple,
M. Perkins, Miss Cralb, Margaret
Schacht, Gertrude Schacht, Mrs. Ted
Wood, Gertrude CMalley, and D. Bar
bey, L. F. Brown. William Wheeler, M.
Steele, A. Gaffney, Russell Johnstone,
H. Levlnson, Boy Kelly, Sloan Hackney,
Frank Barnes. Mark McAUen and Henry
' Gunther.
Mra. I. N. LfWman entertained at lun
cheon on Wednesday. The a;uesta were
- Mra. S. tilpman. Mrs. A. Wolfe. Miss
Stella Wolfe, Will Llpman and George
A party from The Breakers drove to
Iiong Beach Tuesday evening to attend
the dance at Sylvan hall. They were
. Mrs. Bert Irwin, Miss Teas I e Preston,
Miss Mateel Howe, Miss Marguerite
Baschskl, Mra. Claud Starr and Charlie
Arthur, Chaae MoCrumm, Claud Starr,
fugen Howe, Joe Rothchild and Mason
Five of the bachelors of the younger
set came down from Portland on Satur
day night to open the Jeffery cottage.
On Sunday they gave a dinner at The
breakers, numbering among their guests
Mlsa Tessle Preston of Seattle. Miss
O'Connor and Mlsa Germain Samuel of
Portland. The bachelors were Messrs,
Gordon Sterling. Wid Honevman. Ray
mond O'Connor, Edward and Oliver Jef-
The latest fad of the summer Is "cro
quet on the beach, the hard sand mak
ing an Ideal ground for the came. Each
evening one finds little knots of players
Bunioniing ior ine nonor OI De
1ng victor of this old though now popu
lar game. -
Tennis Tournament.
The Breakers hotel numbers among
- Ita guests some of the best tennis play
ers of Portland. A great crowd has
' been attracted to the two aylendld
courts owned by the hotel by a tourna
ment held there during the week. Com
petition waa most keen and each set
played was a battle royal. Charles Mo
Crumm of Portland rime out victor In
the finales, playing with Mrs. Bert Ir
win and defeating her 6-3, 6-4. The
gamea were called each Iay promptly
at S p. m. Claud I), Starr had boon
picked as a winner, but a weak anklo
prevented him from returning many
balls. E. A. Howe, supposed to be onr
of the best plavers at the hotel, became
slightly 'fussed by the enthuslanm of
the spectators and did not play In his
uaual form.
tonr Beach Defeats Sea TTew.
On 8undar. the 14th. a large crowd
collected at the athletic field at Long
Beach to witness un Interesting ball
game between Long Ilnach and S
View. Long before 2:30 a large crowd
had collected. The game was very In
teresting from start lo finish and Was
not decided until Mell Fell struck out.
making the third out. In the tenth In
ning. Long Beach carried - off the
honors by the score of 18 to 17. In
the ninth Inning It looked bad for Long
Mrs. 8. Julius Meier and Sain Joseph
were dinner guests of the loc Acner
mans at the Breakers on Monday.
The first deplorable accident to occur
happened at the
t,,tl u., VIaui an HlltunlHV lRSt.
i'wuci ileal . .., - -
Ml xii Jessie Henry, with a number or
friends had gone to the mine o wic
berrlea. With them they c-arrlod a shot
gun to be used In target practice. The
gun hadxeen placed on the ground and
one of the children, seeing Miss Henry
about to step on it, pulled It aelde, pull
ing the trigger ny acncieni. i no
entered llttla Mln Henry's foot, caus
ing a most painful wound. It will be
the end of the cummer before the foot
will be well noiigli to allow Mls Henry
to walk without the aid of crutches.
tlv nf K. IV McKarland are
fortunate In ponnesning one of the flnest
homes at Centervllle. where they are
now spending a delightful summer.
I)r. j.olt Wilson arrived on Saturday
t ha a H-uoKt of the Wilcox cottage.
Miss Mary Monks Is entertaining Miss
Mary Jlssop at the Monks cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Thorsen are sojourn
ing at Centervllle.
Mrs. M. Maum snd daughter Henrietta
are at Sea View.
Dr. W. L. Wood, with his wife and two
children, have been at the beach since
June. They have a horse and carriage
nnd a very fine house In which to enjoy
IllIILIl 1MI1II1K II IIIIIHfTIl IIHII 11,1 1 Jf 1 1 M I llllll B T I T 1!IIJ 1
Beach, but by bracina up and playing their atav here, which will terminate
like ex-leaguers they managed to tie j September 1, wh
Many Portland People Tail to Real
ize the Seriousness
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ing. Learn the cause then cure It
Nine times out of ten It comes from
the kidneys.
That's why Doan's Kidney Pills cure
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Here's a Portland case to prove It:
James Peterson of 382 East JefTerson
Street, Portland, Or., says: "In 1903 I
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mil for publication, stating that they
are the best ldney remedy I ever heard
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: ' medicine , recommended for such trou-
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,7fi, but -without satisfactory results
I suffered everything for two oK thro
year with awful backache, lameness
croas the. loins and a disordered corutl-
tihn of tna moneys, trie secretions on
-Whftidinr showing av. heavy brick-dust
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oiild -ijot-trct-rp -f ter-altting without
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ney remedy and I wiah overy sufferer
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For sale bv all dealers. Pries SO cents.
roster-MUburn Co., Buffalo, New .Tork,
sole ajrents for the UBltd8tates. ? s
Remember tbe name POAN S and
the score. The score stood 17 to '11
in Sea View's favor, but Long Beach
made three runs and won the game In
the tenth when Teddy Holden. who
pitched a marvelous game, knocked t)i
ball over the flelder'a head, completing
the circuit. MacDonald, who pitched
for Sea View, twirled a steady game,
walking but two men. Bob Randeel
caught a' steady game for Sea View
and batted 100 per cent, making four
singles and a two-bagger out of five
times at the bat. Long Beach was very
much elated over their victory and are
anxious for another game.
Opening Dance at The Breakers.
The first dancing party of the season
of 1907 was held at The Breakers hotel
on Saturday, the 13th. The many at
tractive girls In their summer frocks
made the dining-room of the hotel,
cleared for the dance, as brilliant as
any ballroom seen during the height
of the winter season. The music was
exoellent and the last echoes of It died
away only when it waa announced that
Sunday morning had arrived. About
40 couplea enjoyed the evening's dano
Ing. Keont Arrivals.
Dr. Oustave Baar of Portland la
among the recent arrivals at The
Miss Edwlna Mastlck and Miss On ra
Mastlok spent Tuesday at the Hotel
Breakera, returning to Sea View on the
evening train. Miss Edwlna Mastlck,
who Is soloist in the choir of the Tem
ple Beth Israel, and the First Congre
gational church of Portland, was pr'v
valled upon to sing a short repertoire
for the guests of the hotel.
Donald Woodard of Portland recently
bought the Hawkins cottage at Tioga.
Mr. Woodard spent the early part of
ine week installing his family there for
the summer.
The summer home of Judge Bloom-
field Is one of the most beautiful on the
beach. It Is situated east of the rail
road traok In Sea View and Its garden
Is one of the finest attractlona of that
The Tanner cottage at Tioga has been
sold to Dr. Fenton, whose family ar
rived here on Thursday to take posses
"Teddy" xiolden and ITolllster Mc-
Gulre are batching at the McGulre cot
tage, Centervllle.
Mrs. Soule and daughter, Mlsa Erroa,
are In thetr cottare at sea view.
Miss Mildred Vail is a guest of Louise
Bradley at Oceanslde.
Mrs. Bert Farrell. with her two chll
dren and maid, are comfortably located
for the summer In their cottage near
"Kern wood," the pretty bungalow on
Tioga ridge, owned by C. P. Hogue, Is
to be occupied by the family for the
Biding and Driving Tory Popular.
A stable of some 20 horses are quar
tered at the Breakers this summer and
aa Long Beach and Ilwaco both have
large liveries, one may find many lovers
of horseback and driving racing up and
down the beach, which Is Ideal for this
sort of recreation.
Mr. and Mrs Ted Wood and Master
Russell Wood were guests of the Break
ers on Sunday. They are registered at
the Hackney cottage, Rea View.
8. Mason Ehrman, who arrived at the
Breakers on Tuesday, Is being congratu
lated on the notification of his success
in passing the entrance examination to
Yale. After a good rest at the beach
he will leave for New Haven about the
middle of September.
Mr: and Mrs. P. Edwards, with their
two children, are again in their cottage
at Tioga.
The Briscoe house on the ridge Is oc
cupied this season by the family of W.
G. Holmea.
Mr. and Mra. A. R Diamond are at
Sea View.
. Miss Cora Mastlck arrived on Thursday.-
P. Taylor and family are at Center
vllle in their cottage.
Mark McAllen, the small son of Dan
McAllen. Is spending his summer all
alone boarding at the Salt Air. He Is
very entertaining and the pet of the
hotel. - , '
The J. Sheehy cottage at sea view
will be opened next week. v
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Knrman, Mason Knr-
man. Emily Ehrman and Mrs. I). Rider
arrived at the Breaker on Tuesday,
where they will remain tuntu tne miadie
of August.
Mrs. Max Levlnson and three daugh
ters are at Sea View.
Pioneers at tie Beach.
The family of E. J. Jeffery, pl'oneer
visitors of North Beacn, wnere mey
have owned a cottage and spent their
summers for 17 years, are again mem
bers of the summer colony at Tioga.
Mrs. Millard C. Holbrook arrived with
the Jeffery family on Wednesday for a
two weeks' visit with her mother.
Will Llpman is taking a quiet vaca
tion at Centervllle, where he is a guest
of the I. N. Lipmans. James Rosenfeld
is also visiting his sister, Mrs. Llpman.
Charles Arthur, son of the manager
of the Breakers, has a 1907 moaei
Pierce Arrow, 28-SJ horsepower, at tne
beach. The car is In big demand and is
almost constantly In une.
Miss Hannah Slotn, who reiurnea re
cently from Berkeley. California, Is with
hrr mother In a cottage at Long Beach.
Miss lnea Hansen is visiting Miss
Agnes Mcintosh at the Willows.
Mrs. H. W. Lemcko is occupying a
cottage at Long Beach. Mrs. Otto Burk
hardt has been a guest of the Lemcke
cottage lor the past week. Mr. wmcK
and jit. Burkhardt arrived on Satur
day s Potter and after a brief visit took
a reluctant leave of the beach. On Mon
day. . - .
The Hlslop cottage at Sea View is ten
anted by Mrs. Sam Lock wood, her two
children and sister. Miss Eugenie Morse.
Mrs. niddell baa been a guest of the
The Misses Anna Chance, Winifred
Chance and M. Robertson are In the
Robertson cottage at Sea, View.
The Catholic church at Centervllle
July 22' regul"r 8"day .services from
,hr Br2.wn. "nd William Wheeier,
after batching for a couple of weeks
at , the Wheeler cottage, were glad to
welcome the family ' on Monday. Tha
.Wfcoeler cottage is at CenUrvllla.
ien Dr. Wood will Ujave
Portland for a European trip.
The cosy Plxon cottage at Tioga is
again opened for the season.
Mrs. Julius Meier accompanied her
husband when he left the beach for
Portland on Monday.
I. Gevurtx. the furniture dealer, has
boueht a house at Centervllle.
The Johnston cottage Is occupied by
Russell Johnston, Miss Mabel Johnston
and Miss ElTle Johnston.
Mrs. Chemaln and Miss Julia Che
main are enjoying beach life In their
house at Centervllle.
Que Pfunder waa seen as the An
nand cottage Sunday, where Mrs. Pfun
der and Master Jack are Installed for
the hot summer months.
Ed Schiller believes In taking life
easy and has sent his family to the
beach to keep cool during July and
August. Thev are at Centervllle.
The Ruppell camp Is one of the most
attractive at North Beach this year..
Thursday's Potter numbered among
Its passengers the family of Fred Roth
child of Portland. They will be at the
Breakers for about six weeks.
Miss Emma Gerspach Is staying at
the Hackney cottage.
Bob Ramsdell and Melville Fell are
batching at Sea View, where they seem
to find many fascinating attractions.
At Hotel Breakers.
James Hlslop, O. W. Cutbert, Mr. and
Mrs. John Clemens, K. W. Mathews. Joe
Rothschild, Harold Felt, C. R Price, Mrs.
Adolphe Wolfe, George Wolfe, Stella
Wolfe, A R. Diamond. C. H. Moore, M.
CI. Mears. Mrs. M. G- Me.urs, Duncan
Mears. L. Samuel, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Samuel, N. A. Bergman, Mrs. (J. M.
Wells, Mrs. Emma Wells Blandford.
Mrs. E. B. Comon. Mrs. Frances Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Laudette, G. W.
Boschke Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Wrood and
son, Miss Edwlna Mastlck, Miss Cora
Mastlck, James F. Crandall, Frank R.
Chambers Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ehrman,
8. Mason B:hrman Miss Emily Ehrman,
Mrs. E. Rider of Portland, Oregon, George
F. Felt of Salt Lrke City, J. D. McGowan
of Ilwaco. 'Washington. D. M. Arenson
of Pittsburg. Pennsylvania, Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Preston. Tessie Preston of Se
attle, Mrs. E. Morgansteln and children
Mrs. M. A Gottstein and children of
Seattle, P. S. Mitchell of Fort Dodge,
Iowa, Susie Fungate, Marlon O'Malley,
Emma Rapp of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
Harold Keys of Alameda, California, Mr.
and Mrs. S. Blum and child of Valdez,
Alaska. Mrs. T. Leopold of Seattle. Mr.
and Mrs. W. Sexton and boy of Denver.
Colorado, Mrs. C. A. Hastings, Kister
Hastings, L. A. Hastings of Boise, Idaho.
Reed Allen, A. Hawkins of Seattle. Mr.
and Mrs. Rees of Fort Columbia, Wash
ington, pan Williams, J. D. Williams of
Chinook, Washington, Mr. and Mrs. IS.
G. Ewlng, Mrs. S. ROSenhaupt. Miss May
Rosenhaupt, Miss Amy Rouenhaupt of
Spokane, Washington.
At Garden Grove.
Mr. A. Elgin and family, Miss Julia
Johnston, Lawrenco Erlckson, Mae C
Gleason, Annie Kennedy, L. J. Bro
naugh, B. O. Sawyer. A. Mickels, Mr.
Murdock, Mrs. Murdock. Mrs. F. D.
Northrup, Audrey Northrup, Mrs. A. H.
Bauman, Walter Bauman of Portland,
At the Portland.
A. S. Delp, M. E. Lee and family,
Ralph Carpenter, W. C. Harmon, N. G.
Venator. E. Flanders. W. H. Vasey, A.
Gall. H. E. Kauter. Irene Welse. Marv
.Welse, Edna Pendleton, Alice Richard
son, wm. sen w art z, . Turner, m. l..
Gale, W. Holt, T. Giles, Thos. H. Rich
ardson, Audrey Borger, Victor Bode,
Frank Bode, J. C. Drlscoll, G. Rogers,
Bert J. Lockwood. Bishop B. McCarter.
of Portland. Oregon: Mr. and Mrs. James
fciaver, Kelso, waanington; Mr. ana Mrs.
C. E. Eads, Raymond, Washington; J.
Portland: Miss D. Mosher, Nampa,
Idaho; Mrs. F. Parker. Scappoose.
t The WlokHam,
Miss Helen Teal, D. L. Devain, Miss
Hllma Strum, Mlsa E. M. Stiles Mr. and
Mrs. H. Krleger, Mr. and Mrs. R.
1 iwlgia, T. Rodgera, Harry Ross,
Ray T. Williams, C. J. Ilton, Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Cook, Mr. R. L. Laf
ferty, of Portland; Clarence Heaui,
Arleta; Miss Ora Block, Miss Steha
Block, Los Angeles.
Kt. Hood Attracts Many Tlsltors.
Cloud Cap Inn, Mt. Hood, July 19
Recent arrivals at Cloud Cat) Inn in
clude: J. Thorburn Ross. Charles F.
fiwlgert and family. Tom Richardson,
Mr. and Mrs. George Good, Miss F
I-ewte. Mrs. C. C. Smith. Miss Luclle
Smith. William F. Woodward, Miss
Woodward, F. W. Baltes and family.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. B. Marlarkey, A. B.
Stelnbach. Miss Jess B. Park. Miss K.
K. Barette. C. F. Fisher. G. M. Welster.
Miss C. Wilson, Mrs. Mundt. Mrs. Ross.
Mrs. Dolan, Howard M. Covey E. B.
Hyatt. George H. Corman. W. B. Holi
Ingshead and wife, Portland; Malcolm
A. Moody, Miss Annie M. Lang, Miss
Elisabeth L. Lang. Mrs. W. H. Wilson,
Mrs. Maud S. Mitchell. The Dalles: Mr
and Mra. R. H. Wallace. Miss Margaret
Wallace, K. O Blancher, Hood River;
B. Conner, Mr. and Mra. Frank
Donnelly, Nolan Rloe Beet. Chicago;
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Feagan, Mr. and
Mrs. k. t. Lioomis, New York: Mrs. F.
A Wilson Tjffhanrtn Til - A XT xni.-
North Yakima; Mrs. J. 'MaeLean, Mrs!
D. J. Mac Lean Edinburgh. Rcotl unil' Mr
and Mrs. John Vert, Pendleton; Miss
Coggswell Albanv. N. Y.; E. W. Brlr
ham, William Ellery, Boston, Mass
Mlsa Marie H. Slate, Brooklyn, N. ...
Clatsop Beach
C. Taylor, F. Henderson, W. A. Car
uthers. Nahcotta, Washington; F. A.
McKlnnon. Spokane, Washington; Minnie
Evans, Mae Evans, Mrs. Joe Har'rls. of
Snlem, Oregon: R. Herbot, Gus H. Rip
ley, Vancouver, Washington.
At Iiong Beach Hotel.
Miss Sadye Kindred. Mrs. F. A. Kin
dred, Miss Edna Kindred. J. M. Jost,
Mr. and Mrs. Chan.. Harris, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Weber, E. E. Buster, Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. Kesslar. Mr. and Mrs. F. Babuck.
Miss Minnie Rabor, J. T. Gregg, L. W.
Pettlt. F. Bradley, M. Linden. J. C.
Marks, w. E. Connolly, Lydla D. Smith,
of Portland, Oregon; Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. Ryan, Miss Strelns, Miss Whitney,
Jack O'Lrlen. G. E. Leland. V. Millard,
Mr. and Mrs. C. CI. Gingenit, E. S. Rice,
of Seattle. Washington; Minnie Evans,
Mae Evans, Mra. Joe Harris,1 Salem,
Oregon; H. G. Heckman. J. D. Smith, of
Clark, South Dakota: E. S. Dorland.
North Bend, Oregon; H. J. Hall, Nelson
Hall, W. J. Poole, Guy Honk, South
Bend, Washington; Will Miller, K. W.
Miles, A. L. Miles. Goble. Oregon; Philo
Richardson, Seattle; Mrs. E. Marshall,
E. Marshall, Spokane, Washington, Q.
R. Hughes. Nahcotta. Washington; Mr.
and Mrs. O. W. Metcalf, Salt Lake City;
E. D. Clark. Boise City, Idaho; F. C.
Rlppe. Tacoma. Washington; M. A.
Leael, Oscar Lang, Sam Schmltfler, of
Heppner, uregon.
The Driftwood.
Miss Bertha Newberg, Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. Abrams. Chas. B. Logan, Wm.
Schmorl, H. Towraine, C. A. Hunter.
Mrs. Hunter. Mr. and Mrs. Wlfont. M.
Cranson, Ethel McDonald, of, Portland;
Mrs. Ernest stunt. Mrs. jpe Harris,
Mae Evans. Minnie Evans, of Salem,
Oregon: Miss Linden, Boston, Massachu
setts; Mlssw Pearl Lindey. New York;
Miss C B. Maquam, San Francisco, Cal
ifornia; M. Phenlx, Breakers, Washing
ton. At Hotel Salt Air.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Robinson, Mr. and
Mrs J W. Burke. Master Fred Burke.
M,-X.-Bruce, Ethel M. Cralb. Lillian
Gevurtz. Harvey uevurw. ciyae forter,
John Dltchburn, Mr. Coleman, of Port
land. - .
Sackaey Cottage.
E. A. Bertelsen, 8. Frelnvald F. Top
ken, Emma Gerspoch, Mrs. Gerspoch,
Fred - Gerspoch, Ed Dunlap, Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph - Gardner and child, John
Gardner, Maude Moore, Eleanor Ganza
mlller, , M. B. Wells, Mrs. M. B.
Wells, ' Master Bruce Wells, Willard
Wells, Miss Madaline Bruce, Mrs. Dan
Kellaher. Miss May Coon, J. H. Reven
sky, Miss A. Warnock, William Schmoll,
H..Fournln, Mr. and Mrs. H. O.
Kapas, L. F. Buck, H. El wood, Mrs. A.
H. SchaXaer, . lira, Horn Ine Hoiden, of ,
Seaside, July 1. There has been only
one subject of conversation at Seaside
during the past week the banquet at
the Hotel Moore dn Monday evening,
given in honor of Vice-President Charles
W. Fairbanks by the Astoria chamber
of commerce. If one desired to take a
summer cenaus of Clatsop beach. Mon
day night would have been an Ideal
time, as nearly every resident, cottager
and hotel guest waa present when the
vice-president gave a short address
from the balcony of the Moore.
"I renlly thought that most of these
people had made the trip from Portland
or Astoria especially to see us and Fair
banks, said Jovial Dr. Gardner of the
Charleston, "but I've concluded that
they're natives."
Farewell to Ck Soldier Boys.
The druggists and doctors are gone,
and on Tuesday evening the boys of the
Third regiment of the Oregon National
Guard said good-bye to the beach and
the numerous "summer girls" they left
behind them. Seaside misses the soldier
Doys mere are no more drills to attend
nor afternoon concerts by the regiment
band In front of the Moore.
The atmosphere at Seaside house has
been decidedly military, and the little
coterie of people from Vancouver bar
racks have had some very enjoyable
umea since tne militia nas been en
camped near there. Band concerts every
evening- and huire bonfires on th hearh
added to the gaiety, and on Wednesday
and Saturday nights there were dances
In the Shell Road pavilion and the new
octagon pavilion.
Judge George H. Williams, who came
down with the vice-president, waa the
guest of the Third regiment on Tuesday.
Judge Williams was escorted to the en
campment by a guard of honor. The
stories of the old veteran were much en
Joyed by the "boys."
On Sunday many of the beach people
enjoyed the Impressive military church
services which were held by the regi
ment in the grove between the camp
and Seaside house. Chaplain Gilbert
conducted the services, and music was
furnished by the regiment band and
male quartets from the hospital corps
and company L. Sunday evening there
was a free concert In the octagon pavilion.
Fishermen Landing; Big; Catches.
Pacific pier is growing in popularity,
and was lighted for the first time this
season on Monday night. It is an ideal
spot for deep-sea fishing, and it Is
nothing unusual to see a lucky fisher
man returning with a string of from
40 to B0 fine tomcod and polgles.
There are a number of Stanford stu
dents at 8easlde this summer, including
Paul Geisy, Kenneth Fenton, 8. Young
and Jack Bowers. Their favorite sports
are hunting and bathing, and they fully
expect to "kill a bear" as the result of
tneir prowess oerore the seaaon is over.
Many people stopped to admire the
exquisite white rose of unusual slxe and
beauty which has been displayed in the
window of the Seaside bank. The rose
Is a Grman variety, and is called the
Frau Karl Drusehkl. It waa grown by
Mrs. Louis Henrlch.
Bowling and tenpins are always popu
lar at the beach, and many people pre
fer them to more strenuous sports.
Some very good scores have been made
this year by both men and wqmen. Miss
Celeste Moore Is making quite a record
as a skillful bowler, and often has her
name on the board aa making the high
est score for the day.
Both seals and whales are seen this
year,' and many people have enjoyed the
unique spectacle oi a seal right.
Hotels Already Crowded.
The hotels are nearly all filled, and
the Hotel Moore overcrowded for the
past two weeks. Dan J. Moore Is
being petitioned to enlarge his house by
many people eager to stop at this beau
tiful hotel on the beach.
What Seaside really needs is a good
sized bathhouse and swimming tank.
and It la to be hoped that such a one
will be bunt Dy next summer.
Tha seaaon at Oearhart will not b
at its height until about the first week
In August hut cottages are rapidly
filling and Kruse's Beach hotel is gay
with the summer girl, tha summer man
and the chaperons Golf, riding 1 and
bathing are the principal amusements
and tha residents or tne oeacti'wiu leu
you that the bathing at Gearhart Is su
perior to any on the coast, owing to
the absence of rocks and the gradual
slant of the beach, which insures safety
to the bathers. Drirtwood ror Donnres
Is easily obtainable here and every eve
ning Jolly cVowds may be seen making
their way to the beach.
Very little" entertaining has been done
so far but many parties ana neacn en
tertAlnmenta are beins Dlanned by cot
tage hostesses. One of the prettiest of
the new beach homes at Oearhart is
the bunralow of Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Mnrnn Tha color scheme of the In
terlor Is brown and yellow and artlstlo
simplicity the keynote in the rurnisn
tlnss. Mrs. Morgan entertained Mrs. T.
J. Smith of Colwell, Idaho, and the Mlsaes
Eva and Grace Roach at tea last week.
In the near future Mrs. Morgan plana
to give a house warming.
Social Happenings.
A five hundred party was given by
Mrs. F. J. Smith last Wednesday In
honor of the Misses Eva and Grace
Roach Cards were played at three ta
bles, the first prlxes. a copper souvenir
trav. being won by T. W. Boone of Col
well. Idaho, and the booby, a tin pall.
by Miss Rummelln. Those present were
Mrs. Juanlta Stewart. Miss Johnson.
Miss Eva Roach, Miss Grace Roach of
Colwell, Miss Rummelln. Mrs. Cogge-
shall, Clinton Keed and 1. w. JUoone.
Mrs. H. T. Butterworth entertained
Mrs. Blaine R. Smith at dinner last
In cottages at Gearhact are as fol
Ir F. J. Ball snd family, Sherman
Hall and family, William T. Meier and
fnmllv. Hugh McGulre and- family, In
Humidor cottage, Mrs. McGulre having
ns vuests Mrs. E. J. Munson and
daughter Julia, of San Francisco; Hon.
F. J Bmitn ana ramuy or coiweu,
Idaho: A. L. Morcan and family: Dr.
P. J. Paine and family; Mrs. WMlliam
MacKenxle; Mrs. George B. Reed and
familv: F. 8 Williams snd family: John
D. Honeyman and family; 8. Rosenthal
and family; Dr. J. Whltcomb Brougher
and family Mrs. U 8. BrHise and fam
ily of Boise, Idaho, will be In town
next week.
Seaside Hons Arrivals,
Among recent arrivals at the Seaside
House are: Mrs. Frank L. Smith. F. L.
Smith Jr.. Mrs. G. Glass. Frances Smith
Alleen Smith, Alice V. Smith. Mrs. Kin-
nell, Mrs. Jim Cook, Miss Cook, Miss
Cullie Cook, Governor George E. Cham
berlain and son, Conle lxe Chamberlain
T. T. Perkins, D. L. Houston, George W.
Hagar. Dr. F. B. Eatlne, Frank L
Smith, Mrs. Ackerman, R. C. Coffey, Wil
liam Kene, Alford Hexter, Mrs. A.
Lowe, John Mason, Mr. and Mra. George
Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Lltherland,
Miss Beryl Lltherland, H. O. Stlckney.
Graham Glass, Sim R. Winch, from
Portland; Daisy McAnulty, Viola M.
Godfrey, Oregon City; Mrs. L. Kene,
Mrs. Donald Mackay, Jean L. Kene, Dr.
William Jones, Mr. and Mrs. G. M.
Whltson, W. V. Wilson Jr. and nurse,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hornbrook, Dr. E.
Hombrook, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bagley,
Mr. and Mrs. M. VL. Kline, Frank K. Lan
ton. General and Mrs. O. Summers, Mrs.
John L. Parke, Miss Genevieve Parke,
Miss Pauline Parke, Vancouver bar
racks; Miss Snell, San Francisco; Miss
Teal, Hood River; J. W. Donnellyr Cam
den; Mrs. S. T. Hoggatt, San Francisco;
Miss Harriet Ankeny, Walla Walla; Mr.
and Mrs. L. F. Griffith, Salem; Mrs.,
George H. Cattanach, Canyon City; Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Smith, Salem; F. W. Van
Dyke Grants Pass.
At Gearhart.
Recent arrivals at Kruse's beach ho
tel Include: From Portland, Mr. and
Mrs. Pollfka, R. Livingston, C. A. Bell,
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rittenberg, Mrs. D.
Halley Norrle, James Warthelmer, J.
Brady, H. L. Hamblet and wife. Donna
M. Beach, Miss Chase, Miss Brown, Miss
Adams. William McLaughlin. N. L. An
derson, A. Jubltx, Mrs. O. M. Rankin, Ot
tilia oulck. C. E. Orelle. Mrs. J. E. Bing
ham, Mason L. Bingham, R. P. Thomas
and wife, William Bruess, Wells Gilbert,
Theo. Kruse, D. I. Kruse, C. V. Chapman
and wife, L. C. Norrls, Mrs. I C. Nor
rts, Frederick Norrls, Mrs, J. Green,
Miss M. Massey, Miss A. May, Ralph
Cryster, Marcus Petersen, O. M. Rankin,
Mrs. J. S. Reed, Mra L. M. Dahymple,
Grace L. Dahymple, H. A. Webber and
wife, James B. Kerr and family. Dr.
Briggs; H. M. Bransford, South Bend,
Wash.: Mrs. F. Grelle, Miss GreUe and
Miss Frida Grelle, South Orange, N. J.;
Dr. A. C Kinney, Astoria; Miss Mar-
faret McCoskey, McMinnvllle, Or.; Mrs.
. T. Gal Ins, Grants Pass: Mane Farrell,
Grants Pass; Fred A. Wilson and wife,
Walla Walla Wash.; G. 8. Harding. Ore
gon City; Holman Ferrin, Forest Grove;
H. W, Dean and wife, Astoria.
Too Fairbanks Banquet.
The Hotel Moore presented a gala
appearance on Monday evening, the oo
caslon being the banquet given by the
Astoria chamber of commerce in honor
of Vice-President Charles Warren Fair
banks. The verandas and lawn were
lighted with Chinese lanterns and a
freat bonfire blazed on the beach in
ront of the hotel. The Third Infantry
band was stationed on the lawn.
The decorations in the lobby and din
ing hall were In charge of Georara W. i
Otten, of Portland, and were extremely
beautiful. In the lobby, ropes of klnl
klnlo vines and scarlet berries made a
canopy overhead, while the fireplace
was banked with the graceful wild
huckelberry vine.
The dining hall was decorated in a
unique and appropriate manner to sim
ulate a. ship. Great strands of rope,
tied in realistic, sailor knots, swung from
the sides of the wall, while the Amer
ican flag, numerous life preservers,
players much of thelh time Is spent
un ine uocasiey xiaii tennis court.
Mrs. Vlotor H. Smith and daughter,
Hortense. who have been traveling In
the east and south, spent a few days
at ine raoore on weir way to their homo
in Beams.
"Bridge' and "five hundred" are much
played by the women guests at the
flioore ana many impromptu oara parties
are arranged xor tne eoia, xoggy even
lngs. Among those devoted to 'bridge"
are: Mrs. . ji. larpiey, Mra uan. j.
ana Mrs. tu f. Tnomas.
Mrs. Rose Bloch-Bauer. who Is spend
ing .the summer t the Moore, very
Kindly consented to sing at in fair-
banks banquet Monday night. Mr. Fair
banks was delighted with Mrs, Bauer's
The John F. Logans will spena tne
summer at Seaside. Mlss Emma J.
nil) la a sruaat nf Mrs. Loaan.
Mlsa Jennie Seaur. who was acci
dentally shot by some boys while target
shooting, Is recovering rapidly. ,
colonel uavia M. uunne ana ismiiy
are in their cottage in tne grove.
Colonel and Mrs. Dunne ars famed for
their hospitality and guests at tne cot
tuira are always sure of a good time.
F. Frledlandar, wno is staying
t tha Moore, soends much of his time
nshlna- and has been repaid by making
one or two very good catches.
The Hotel Moore has been full for
over a week and the lobby ana wide
verandas overlooking the ocean are al
ways crowded with summer people bent
on having a good time. Webber's
orchestra entertains the guests during
m pjl! times.
Among the prominent people regis
tered at the Moore this week are:
Cliarles W. Fairbanks. Indiana; James
E. Gardner. M. D. U. S. 8.; Hon. George
H. Williams. L L. Pratt, John . tar-
roll, Frank Dekum, Mrs. J. C. Zan,
Laura Smith, J. W. Bailey, John W.
Mlnto. John Manning, George Burcher,
Mrs. M- J. Coe, H, W. Scott. Louis
Rosenblatt, Frank Rothschild. Mrs.
James F. Falling, Miss Henrietta C.
Failing, W. J. White, J. W. Cochran,
Mr. and Mrs. H. A- Webber, Mrs. R. P.
Thomas and family. B. Fleckensteln,
Dr. M. H. Cardwell, J. R. Cardwell. B.
Wight, A. E. Rockey. A. C. Churchill,
E. P. Geary, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
W. Clark, Dr. and Mrs. L.
Griffith and children, L. C
Cate, Miss Shirley Anne Eastham,
Elizabeth Stewart, W. M. Kinney,
A. Newell. H. S. Coffman. R. 8. Mac
kenzie, Maud and Mrs. J. S.-Stott, W. T.
Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lewtn-
walt and son, Henry Jennings,
F. H. Powers. Mr. and Mra
Fricdlander. Mrs. C. H. Tarpiey
and son, Edward Dunbar, from Portland;
H. R. Hoegler and uaugnter, M. lessen.
Klnnev. J. A. Fulton, jonn wuion
Holt. M. D. U. S. marine hospital serv-
Cue of Astoria, Mrs. Frank Wolf of Spo
kane. H. B. Munger of Chicago, Illinois,
Mrs. E. Gollnsky, Mrs. Harriet Meyer
of Ban Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. k. Bum
mers, M". C. Ward, William LaSaur of
Orenron Cltv. Mrs. M. ueiser. Mils L.
Uelser, Kvr. U. Mcuaniei or Bauer "jr.
Mrs. c. v. Green or BpoKane, w. m. ts.
Klnnev. A. R. Kinney of Chicago. Frank
lin Jones of New York, Mrs. victor H.
Smith, Mlsa Hortense Smith, Mr. and
Mrs T W Willis. IT. n. M. Kellocc-. Mr.
and Mra. A. J. Burrough of Seattle, J. N.
Hall of Denver, Colorado.
Locksley Hall.
Dr. Amelia Zlealer. Mrs. J. Green.
Miss M Massle. Miss A. May, Miss R.
T-nvonmrt. Dr E. F Fav. Theo. Fes-
sler. H. Jennings, Mr. and Mra. J. H.
Waddle. Dr. Marie O. Equl, Miss Helene
Anderson. W. A. Huntlev. G. W. Cash.
from Portland; William George, Chlca-
go, Illinois; L. C McCleod, Astoria; E. A.
Igglngs. Astoria; G. W. Hoboon. Salem;
John Blaand, Tacoma; E. G. Bodmer.
Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. Howard M.
Brownlee, Astoria; Mr. and Mrs. R. F.
Klein, Chicago; Miss Ethel Mynik, W.
W. Hennbaeh. Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Tahler, James J. Flynn, R. Kelly. Dick
Jones, G. Frlewald, F. Topken, Mr. and
Mrs. 8. W. Blasdell, R. D. Jackson. Miss
Amelia Anderson, Mr. A. Anderson, C.
W. Whittlesey. Robert McCarl, Nellie
Duby, James J. Flvnn, J. E. Wiley, C.
W. Hodges, Mrs. J. B. Zan, Miss Smith,
F. Kellv. E. C. Goodnow, J. M. Ambrose,
8 R. Winch, Miss Harriet Bpeckarh, L.
C. Chalmelc, Mr. and Mrs. p. Feldman.
Miss Elsie Feldman, Dr. and Mrs. J. 8.
Stott, Miss Mary O'Nen, Miss Kathar
ine Parrlsh, Mrs. J. K. Locke, Beatrice
Locke, James Gibsjn, Mr. and Mra. 1L
C. Moore. R. Dorcas, Salem; George
Sutton and ramiiy, (jnicago;,n. ts weg
ner, Spokane; pr. Frank McCauley,
Beappoos ut. j. m. tr. unaimers, van
couver; Mrs. B. E. Kennedy and chll
dren Baker City; Dr. F. M. Bell. Kelso
Dr. G. S. Biggers, La Grande; M. F.
Shaw, M. D-. Hood River.
Heoanlouia Inn.
Miss Rose Thule. Mr. and Mrs. A. 3
Clemenson and family, R. B. McClung,
Mrs. J. K. GUI, Miss Dorothy Gill, Mrs.
George G. Carl, Mrs. Win Dimneett
from Portland; Mrs. M. Donlaa and son,
Butts, Montana. t
Colonial Hotel.
' B, Rone, Mrs. A. M. Clayson, Bdna D.
Tlmms, Emma R. Makl, NeUla J. Bailey,
Marlon Bailey, Gladys Dufur, Faith Du
fur, O. Hohnaand, Mr. and Mrs. E. 8
Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hugln,
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Hughes, .Mrs. B.
Brown, Clarenoe H. Gilbert. Oscar
Charles Wells, Miss K. Woodman. Mr.
and Mrs. L Maran, Mrs. W. 8. Bryant,
Elsa C Koerber, Mr. and Mrs. E. O.
Patton. li. Neustadter, 3. B. Birch, U W.
Heroson. B. A. Thaxter, M. Mackenale,
Colin Llvingster from Portland A.
Gillette, Hoqulam, Washington VIlas
Berth rVtu.n CmmAii i is - C- . .
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Faust, Eugene. Oh
Hallon. Astoria- V4 n aniih.n u
Oregon City; Mr. and Mra R, S. Ru
ui, isuKwooo, Illinois; Miss Russell,
Kukwood. Illinois: Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Stiles and family. Seaside.
aoiflo Ylew Hotel
Mrs. C. H. WUson, Mr. and Mrs, C.
F. Huston. Mrs, W. W. Crow. Paul W.
Crow, Mrs.-N.'CampbelL Alice Camp
bell, Vlotor Campbell, Mrs. N. Blsael
Ion, Novena Blaaellon. F. 8. Howard.
Mrs. Minnie HowarfL John How. a
Harold Howard, Mr. and Mrs. R.
L. Whltcomb, Mra Eire Wilson Andrew
Sherwood, H. W. Sherwood, from Port
land; Geo. J. Whltwell, Jos. B. Whit
well, J. U Fermecott, from St PauL
Minnesota: Mr Hamiil wnnn rki--
City, Idaho; Mr. and Mra A. W. Benton,
Redmond. Oregon; Mra William Mo
Nellly, Miss Grace MoNellly, Colfax.
(Special Dispatch to Tbt Journal)
Seattle, July 10. Travel on the Hill
lines this month has been heavier than
the roads have been able to handle. Thai
capacity of the railroads was already,
taxed to the utmost, and then came the
Christian Endeavor convention. The
roada, In fact, were not at all anxious
that the convention should be held at
Seattle, and it was due to the fact that
they made no effort to set the travel in
cident to the convention that attendance
was so light The climax came when,
the Northern Pacific waa compelled to
refuse to sell local tickets on the North
Coast limited leaving St PauL Only;
those holding through tickets were per
mitted to ride on the train. Every west
bound train out of St. Paul for a month
has been filled to the limit and pass
enger officials claim that the class of
travel has been the best the roada
have ever carried.
Managers of Eastern Outfitting Com
pany Stores Leave for Hew York To
morrow Bvemlxuj om a Business Trip.
I. Shetnanskl, of Los Angeles, presi
dent of the Eastern Outfitting com
pany's chain of stores, is (n Portland
visiting J. Shemanskl, manager of the
Portland store. The two brothers, ac
companied by another brother, Alfred,
manager of the Seattle store, will start
east on Sunday evening, where they go
to buy goods for their six stores on the
coast. In New York they will meet the
resident buyer who will return from
Purls In a week.
The Eastern Outfitting company
stores are among the prominent busi
ness establishments of six of the largest
cities on the coast The Portland store
ranks among the big business houses,
and the same is true of each of the
stores. Iu each city business has been
built up by judicious advertising.
Do You Think
For Yourself ?
Or, da you open roar mouth like a young
bird and gulp down whatever food or medi
cine saaxbe offered yon f
UAS&ajreui Intelligent thinking woman.
In need oCwM from weakness, nervotuneas,
pain and auaVWhig, then tt means much to
you that therevN i,n tried and trnw honest
Thousands of persons dur
ing the past 54 years, have
been thankful for trying the
Bitters. It made them well
after all else had failed.
Don't you think it worthy of
a trial? It will cure Poor Ap
petite, Heartburn, Indiges
tion, Costiveness, Diar
rhoea, Female Ills or Malaria.
and the regulation red and green lan-
terns used on ships, further carried
out Mr. Otten's quaint and charming
Webber's orchestra played during
the banquet and Just before the toasts
Mrs. Rose Bloch Bauer sang "The Star
spangled Banner" very charmingly, the
banqueters Joining In the chorus. One
hundred and forty-three guests were
Seaside Votes.
A. F. Flegel and family have
taken a cottage in the grove near Ne
canlcum Inn for the summer. Mr,
Flegel, who is an indefatigable fisher
man, Is planning a number of fishing
Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Flelschner opened
their beautiful cottage on the Ridge
early In the season. They have visiting
mem Airs, rieiacnner s motner, Mrs.
E. Gosllnsky, of San iFranclsco.
Mrs. E. C. Johnson and children are
in their cottage, "Florallne." Mrs. John
son has visiting her, Mrs. G. W. Simp
son and daughter.
Among the guests of Locksley Hall
who are devoted to riding are: Miss Ida
Stacy, who has been invited to ride in
the New York horse show; Mrs. L. C,
Carlisle and Mr. C C. Chapman.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson have
taken "Chester Cottage" for the sum
mer. Mrs. Peterson has as visitors:
Mrs. M. A. Peterson, Mr. and Mra. J.
C. Appel and the Misses Nellie and Jess
The guests of Necanlcum Inn enjoyed
their first bonfire of the season on
Monday evening.
Mrs. Dan. J. Malarkv and children era
at the beach for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Starr and Mr. and
Mrs. H. G. Forbes are in "Plnewood"
cottage, As thai are all skillful tennia
men-Jrlne nr janwa mnpnsfrir. fold h;
drurf lti for the cure of woman's ills.
4v ii sf tft
The makers of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, for the cure of weak, nervous, run
down, over-worked, debilitated, pam-racked
women, knowing this medicine to be made up
of Ingredients, every one ot which has the
strongest possible Indorsement of the leading
and standard authorities of the several
schools of practice, are perfectly willing, and
in fact are only too glad to print as they da
the formula, or list of ingredient, of which
It la composed, in plain English, on every
ifr vjjf ijl ijf
The formula of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription will bear the most critical examina
tion of medical experts, for It! contains no
alcohol, narcotics, harmful, or habit-forming
drugs, and no agent enters Into It that Is not
highly recommended by the most advanced
and leading medical teachers 'and author
ities of their several schools ot practice.
These authorities recommend the Ingredients'
QfTrTPfercl's Favorite Prescription for th
cure of exsctly the ssme aliments foijwhlc
1 i
- No other medicine for. woman's Ills has any
such professional endorsement as Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription has received, In the un
qualified recommendation of each of its
several Ingredients by scores of leading medi
cal men of all the schools of practice. Is
such an endorsement not worthy of your
consideration 7
' - . -A
booklet of Ingredients, with numerous
authors tive profesional endorsements by the
leading medical authorities of this country,
will be mailed fret to aiy ons sending. nam
and address with request for same. Address
D&B.T. Pierce, Buffalo, N. TJ , - --
(Special Dlipstch to Tbe Journal.)
Seattle, July 20. A grand Jury la
among the possibilities for Seattle. A
few weeks ago the Renton Hill Improve
ment club adopted resolutions advocat
ing tne caning or this body and Presi
dent Bogardus appointed a committee
to gather evidence no back up the res
olutions. The names of the members
have been kept secret. It is understood
the report will assert that a grand Jury
is necessary. . - I
The committee has investigated the
conduct of certain hotels, where ques
tionable guests, it is said, are "harbored.
It la estimated that possibly the police
wink at certain violations of the law-,
and of good morals. Bathhouses ha
also been investigated.
Certain combines alleged to ejrfx In
the city, chiefly the fuel and commis
sion house combines, which are charged
with conspiring lo keep up prices, have
also been looked Into.
After the report Is made to the Y:lub
the result of the committee's investiga
tions will be placed before the proper
officials and a demand made for the
grand Jury.
Lenox Hotel.
The 'newest of Portland hostelries la
the Lenox hotel.
While it was ushered into existence
In a quiet and unostentatious manner,
everyone has heard of this hotel snd Its
luxurious appointments. Owing to its
being thrown open Just prior to fiesta
week, the town's renutatlon for good
hotels was materially strengthened In
the minds of thousands of people from .
the interior of the state. No grill was
better ptronUed by the fiesta visitor
than tne spacious and inviting dining
room of the Lenox.
Not the smallest detail has been over
looked by the management to make
guests the most comfortable. All the
help appear ao vie with each other ,in
their efforts to makn vUltnra feel at
home. Portland has Just reason to be
proud of this handsome structure facing
on its oldest public square. There are
upwards of 100 rooms provided with
hot and cold water, telephone service.
and 40 suites have private baths. The
rates are irom l a day up, while rooms
with crlvate hatha run from 12.80 UP.
The rooms are tastefully furnished
throughout and every modern accommo
dation has been Installed, whloh has
already brought the Lenox to the favor
able notice of the commercial publio.
It remained for the Lenox to Intro
duce the auto bus In this city, a oomfort
provided by the best eastern hotels
where busses are used at all.
The hotel Is onerated hv fha T)&rrett
Hotel company, of which-the leading
spirits are F. E. Daggett and C. T. W.
Unlicensed Fishers Fined.
(Soeelal Dispatch to The lonnul.)
Astoria. July 20. The trial of Thomaa
Spencer. Thomas Taylor. Harrr Spen
cer and Frank Pearson, charged with
iinning ior saimon in tne COlumDia
river without, licenses, took nlaoe In
Justice court yesterday. The defendants
pleaded, guilty and were fined B0 and
costs each, which they paid.
The Bank of England nrooerty covers
.oyer two acres, , . , .