The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 18, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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    t.i'. i m-.
fi r i .
O rr
Grape J nice
Prepared From the Choicest Concord Grapes ,
: Rich, Pure,
A deliehtful. cooline summer drink," absolutely 1
1 Mmd Bags
I ; Everything You feed c - ;. yy.;..- ' Y'. ,v;:l!';.i::.t;:;;-:y:
. Ci'fmr Dlrtfoe flfMinfc Fir . .... . V. j Tr,n n1M ttcrM' rnnl and tfurahle for summer-travel. ' 24-lnch cases,
. r - : - ...... . t -J 1 1.- f..U.. V,.. rluatasl (rim ramilar $2.7X ' SneHa.1. . . . .S.lS
double-action iock nu wm, iwuki .T-.--., -r
Heavy woren Bamboo Suit Cases, 24-inch safety lock; regular $3.75. Special1. .... .". . .f3.15.
Bamboo Hand Bags, leather bound, linen lined with pocket; regular $3.75. Special... ;..?2.79,
Waterproof Pegimond 24-inch" Suit Cases with shirt fold; regular $4.25. Special. .'.;...?2.59
New arrivals In: Horn Back Alligator Traveling. Bas and Grips frora. ;..?5.00 to $50.00
AH Wash Belts HALF PRICK tuckedstitched, hand embroidered.
New Pocket Flasks with safety topa....:........;......Vv.f ..'.i..'....y...-".50 t0;?5.00.
The hew tumiere French Films, re
Kn'iilanrv: fit anv kodak or camera. ' iir tt mmiiIii hp!a ! :. . ' x
We have facilities for making enlargement,, Jantem slides , ;; -,Y Y ? UII icyuiai pnww
or transparencies. Bring in your negatives, We develop and
print the same day. No waiting for work. ; , ; - Y'v .
' .
pure. Contains no alcohol, no coloring, no pre-. I ttAPtyjuid
seryative. Order dozen by phone today. f. KS3nS5
PINTS i... . . . ............... . . . $2.50 doren ; lfe
att a Tito ' 1 rwi ja.m E----- r-:
yunn ..v. ...,........ .p"v, mum .
Sich a Difference
In -Spices anTFlavbrbg. Extracts. Ve,; recommend the ' v f fl DELIVER V IN THE ClT
. ...... . . :. . t : i n...- imnii u W.I...
"Woodlanc Drana lor sirengin, puruy nu wijuuiw LnMUJinn munci airuii
Water Wines .. ..i....;. ... ..i.25 ;i
Tath Can, aoecial...-- ..43e. OHe '
- r. ' - I
: Kerchief Bath Caps..'..; i.....,?'?'
valuing wuwta ......... ... ....... - 7-
; Sponge Bags and Toilet Roll:Ups, in," sillc: and t
BatMrr Bathing Suit Cases, "waterproof, special.... 73 ';
Don't get lost in the woods on your
vacation. Take one of our compasses
L with you. i Prices. .V.w.;.ti...lO
17 ' . . - : II
! Proposed Harriman Line .to
Enter roruana, eaiue
and Taco'ma Thus. j
Entire Projwt lld Out With Vleir
- to Fut Tncka and HeaTy Tonnage
bm' In TrittiaDorUtlon ; of
' People and Freight la Object, i
T. nlil nrtn. "If a a. wltt do that !
knows bis own nutu," waa nr bet
tor Oluatrattd than br a little whlta
and tan Urrlar. wblob followed bia m
tar downtown thla mornlna. Tba "mu.
tor" waa on a WUIametta Haignts ear
th dor on tha sidewalk.
As the owner boarded the ear St
Twentieth street, the dog; wssred bis
tall, looked Into the man's face and
made other slg-ns In the dog lanruag-o,
whtnh riinlv uM da lone 1 will
ineet .you downtown." .
1 rue 10 ms wora -oa ni auwn u
street until be reached Nineteenth
rum. up to him. He watched to see
whether Dim masier sirppa vu. nuu
he saw the car start without bla master
..tti Aff ha barked Joyfully and
started dowa the street. At each cor
ner ha stopped until the car could eatob
him, when ha watched for the man to
-et off. . .
Aa lniereatins xeatura ta wi prmu-
In a waa tb fact that the little bellow
seemed to know on which .side of tb
street tha ' ear would stop. At Nine
tmnth atraat he waited on the west
Ida of tha street. At Sixteenth street
he stopped In front of the fire department
station. At au oinor n. iwvimi
on the east aide of tha street. "
At Twelfth street, where quite a lona
stop occurred, the dog came up to the
car and looked Into his owner's sca
and tha two held a tete-a-tete a la
canine. When tha ear once mora ' re
umiui tha tourney, the doc rave a little
bark f goodbye and trotted down tna
tr..t iln.
Arriving at fifth street, wber a con
gestion of wagons and pedestrians gen
tha doe? stooDed between
two warona sUndlng at the side of the
street and watched. Noting ha- his
till ramalned on the ear he
sped on ta Fourth street, where the
man got off and the two than pursued
t.ielr war together to the master
office. ,
I After a large amount of money bas
.been spent engineering for the proposed
Harriman railroad Una, between F6rt
i.nii Timui and' Seattle It baa been
. . mii trn-.."4f1r. null be en-
terad through tunnel tBat will each, be
a mile or mora In length to glys na
line aaar ntAtl . ( -. . .' '
Plana for all three tunnels bava been
aoranlated br tha anclneera The an
tira Una and. termmala hay been laid
out with a ( view, to Yast tracks and
bearr tonnage, ana it. h proposea, w
reduoa to an exact science the trans
portation of people and freight between
these cities, tl is said the improvement
of rail feellMiee by the four lines eon
trolled by Harriman and Hill between
Oregon ; and "Waahlnaton centem will
have the effect of greatly benefiting all
the country tributary to them and will
equally aeslst In the growth . of the
three large cltlea, while -gluing neither
One any special trade advantage.
" Benefit to Portland.
. ' T 1 . n 1 1 HM.n.rflAlu1l Ha
placed on -a better footing for Alaska
buelnees by transshipment at Beanie
; when there are two fast and competitive
railroad lines operating between thle
city ana in. counu. juw irr.wn
- sWrtea upon whtah-thls -business must
rely win ne a.1 lenet oouoino, uu
reasonablo to expect various concessions
that will be ef material assistance!".
Oroearrman. their wive and sweat-1
hearts, mothers, sisters and employes
and .the relatives of all these to 'the
number -of 1.100 or more shut up shop
from tb delivery hoy to tna. noes yes
terday and went to Bonneville to-celebrate.'
Today everyone is at work
again abundantly sat lulled with the fun
and unanimous In the voice that the
snnuai piciuo or in. pwni
the best and most successful ever given
by the Grocers' association. -
leaieromy waa an mj
picnic it being neither too hot nor too
cold. The large excursion therefore jiad
ljvyaotV"nyj ami in w
. r .i ,t i i saw
- -You can't judge cn
tkely by appearances. .
Wait till something's
' Some clothing that ;
looks good on the coun
ter goes to pieces on the
first jump." -".
. Our clothing Is made
to suit our ideas if it
fails to suit ' yoiirs we .
buy it back. s
Here's e v e r y t h ing :
complete that boys want
f or J dress orvalcation
wear, 'and at ; saving
prices. v'
( jirtihnPAcp'
i: : Tr 1 1:3 Third St.l-4
.vA-k Bids' '
Ing cam bom tired but abundanuy
"The principal event of the day as far
aa amusement waa concerned waa ths
i m. v. . ft.miuin Tm nrln.
n events from the fat man's race to
ths pie-eating contest. Substantial
? rises were given for first, secondhand
hlra events in every Instance and much
merriment waa furnished to tha pic
turing the entire trip no unpleasant
. J . mk. V. t .m-iI tmm
In good spirits and no accident great or
small, nappenaa w zzl tX. i
fair are greatly pleased at tha success
ei tna -oay.
handling Alaska business from Port
land. :
The Una meane that Portland will
have a new double track' railroad bridge
or that the present Steel bridge
will be rebuilt, with a largewidenlng
"of the east approacn to give easy ao
eess to the main Una through the tun
nel that la ta atart into the hill near
the John llock residence snd come out
at McKenna-Junetion, The tunnel will
b aproxlmately one mile long and will
be a common user tunnel with the ex
ception of Us east entrance, which the
Harriman eompanlea have suooeeded la
retaining for their own use.
- All atay Vse Taanel.-
'aaae a.-.VIaa eiMepliu aaeaaai Aaa-a.
i urn i nuiviitio w u VVi.a-
Itm own ntr&ncc at the Mist ndand
Iro now awaJtinff ordr to procd with
W . . i n-b.r V..,llHin. v than tiihnail
will iquir th Iwnr put of two
vikart. ... ! .
At tho MDM tlmo ttmnolft will4 b
driven for tho road's ntraneo into Ta-
I d rrUm fiaaaattla. tlinnatL
MflXlaTs EDU PtJUUe' w wwaW
a mile long, will enable the road to
avoid eongeeuon or irmmo n u
front, wher the space Is small and all
. r7 . . . i ' la halna handled.
or maiiio 111. . -- ,
. i . analnaara
found It necessary to run their line
througn a tunnei law -Aia
ndaa Toe - Xeavy,
" . . . .V Miit. Arfainallv
'in. RTWir. VI - , . v -
planned tor Toma werejo heavy that
oraers wer iaauau i - ,
OI I'll X oWUm lawiweiw " JZl.W
aw M..a. Arnaa At Climb.
rrora tna iuuiu -
The decision of the engineers was not
to cross or climb but to go underground.
located at the point where the Northern
racino emerges iryuji " ., '
on the way to South Tacoma. Tetun
nel will emerge en the north side, where
five blocks have been purchased for
trackage ana two nnx:. Iur
....... .i . 1 1 1 -jwai th. nrAlafitait ata-
i uin him wiu i . r ;
tlon at Seattle. In this way a ruinous
. . . . . . . & . .r-MAMa mi naan
1. 1 per ceil grauB , "
sut down more than one half, but Is
still oonmoeraoia i n .aaoa
road's entranoa to Portland U practically
a waiar nw
l i l n -i i m -i. . ' I "
"Sweet Neir Great Favorite.
Tha play being offered at the Lyric
this week by the Allen Stock eompaay
Is one of tha greatest favorites of all
dramas ever, presented In a Portland
stock house. The work of Vema Fel
ton. In the role of Nell Owynne has sur
prised even Bar moet ardent admirer.
Marquaxa'a Great Attraction. -
Portland baa never bef or bad the op
portunity ef seeing- one ef America's
leading stars for so lorrg an engagement
. I , I. ,kl. .ft.
mm Jdiaa ntavi v .' 1
Ami Portland la showlnr It SDDrecla-
linn nt tha nonortunltv. This week this
eminent tragedienne Is appearing in
Sudermann graar ptayr n Hires ot
Ht. jonn."
SUr'a - Funny Fares.
"Tb Strang Adventures of Mis
Brown" la on of th funniest farces of
th season and It la being played thla
week at the Star theatre. Instesd of
the thrills of melodrama usually found
at this house there Is nothing but
laughs this week.
Vaudeville Supreme.
It Is a good show the Grand offers
this week. Is the verdict ef everyon
who baa aeon It Dolan and Lenharr
have a bit of travesty which contains a
laugh in every line and the famous
dancing Gleasons. John and Bertha, are
among the sensational hits of the bill.
Women and Children Free at Oaks
On Saturday women and children will
be admitted to tb Oaks free of charge.
There will ba aneclal amusement fea
tures for their especial benefit. All
week many .women and children have
been visiting the park to sea the won-
aerrut oog performers or Don Carlos.
Tomorrow and Saturday positively
tb last days for discount on east aide
(Special Dtapateh te The foaraal)
- Salem, Or July 11-Salem la to have
an annual awset pea festival . In .con
neotlon with tile Salem cherry fair,
which baa won for Salem th title ef
"The Cherry City."
Th Salem board of trade Is enthus
iastic over the project and last Sight at
Its meetlne voted to make the affair a
vaarrv offerina. What the Marril rii-aa
Is to New Orleans, th Rose fleets to
Portland ana in. nesta to las Angeles,
tha Rwaet Pea festival la tn ba ta ha
Capital city. Sweet peas grow tn such
abundance In this section and of such
varied hues that they adapt themselves
to striking decorative effects snd Salem
believes that tb festival can be made
huge success. '
' A Oood Plana Zs Worth Savin.
It often happen a few dollars put In
upon work will save the tone of a
piano. While you are away on your va
cation w will do this work and have the
piano ready ror you wnen you gt earK.
Ptiond e-d-Frenrlv CMnpeny, Main 1IJ3.
It s tb plane store on iiuruslU street.
We must reduce our stock. New
to the lowest possible point and the
. rr 1 .1 .
attractive ever onerea .m uus city.
' i i ' few we have selected
' ' '
tfoods are beginning to arrive and our floors are crowded. . Prices are cut
gwwa a -& if T7..a.a-,M Pernafo nrf StrtVM afe" the ttlOSt'
Dareains wc arc uncnug i'iuiuuv, ""f'-' - , ,
Of course we can't list aU of these bargains today. Below you 11 find a
at random. wrien-you wu weu BUUW,.ur(fcUi
" an "" nm,.n naa. ta TMvrteT-aawad golden
oak and mahogany finish; reduced to..S8.3(
IT? v... -w w -hair! aaat unhoTslerei
- w. iiuni.ii laathar: back laced with
laathar atnu: reduced to... 1
a a ett mr a
lufe.a awt wat nm PaMUMd tO oil DiDM
til t Chair or Rocker: upKUt.r eat and
back la chase Spaniah leather; mission design.
finished weathered; reduoed 10 'i,v " ' ' V
11I.J0 Chair or Rocker in maU wltt lSk
bolstered seat and back jn.aanulna Spariis
leather; reduced l..,.............t'y
It.O Weathered Oak Arm Rocker aphol.t.rad
la Spanish leather: reduoed to..
tiiJOO Bed Davenport, foldea or weathered
eak frame, box for beading, wpholttered ia
"beat grade of Verona tour, redaced -t
$S7i0 Bed davenport, golden oak or jbk
hogany firriihcd frame, steel cWistrncrlon 1
and opbolatered In heavy Verona cjoar,
relaxed to ....
$65.00 golden oak Davenport Bed. heavfly
n.J frame tnfterl seat and back. tJOhol-
r gtered in heavy Verona, reduced to M0
$50.00 Bed Davenport, golden oak or manor-'
any finished frame, f ull steel construction.
Bpholstered ra chase ' ther, , induced
- ; to ....i.. ,.v......f 3W.OQ
$i00.00 Bed Davenport, golden otk frame, ion
for bedding, npholatcred in Karpen Sterling
leather tufted seat . and back, J
$85.00 Davenport. tnUtbn design, npholatered
in beet grade Spaniah leather and only best
oil-tempered springs used in it contrue-
tion, reduced to............ ..5f.,0'
." $72.50 Davenport, loose leather cushions, mls-
to :'5T:B
-$125.00 Davenp6rgenulntmah6gan 'f
full steel construction, upholstered in
velour, rednced to
.- -aass-sra
MM vTrtttng Tablej flnton wtbrl Jfj
41x1 inoheei reduoed te. 4U8.TS
SI4.M Oak tibeary TabUl top tM trwbest
hook raeks aa endat mission daalgni waathered
VWBB, mmrmmm waa .
finish; reduced te.
S.0 Oak library Tablet tJaiB-lneh top: duTl
braae trimmings weathered finish 1 Jduoed .
- te ..............................'O
Stt.e LTbrarr Table:' made ef finest euarter-
.na eak In an 1 dan flnlah: on
eeliuna base: reduoed te.
; one eenler drawerj
: tiaOO Oak Lfbrarv Tablet one drawer and
half below) flnlabed golden; reduoed to.)f).50
S&.I Center Table te euartar sawed goldan
ak and mahogany flnlah ; round top; glse
: bail feoti reduced te ...S3.T5
ltJiOentarTabiet shaped led eoaOopad
' tops; tower shelf: eiarter-sawed eak or ma
begany (lnisbj reduoed to.........,.SS.TS
$58.50 qnartered ak Combination Buffrt .L4cJhJ"
Cabinet, weathared or golden, reduced to.....
$120 Buffet In chartered golden oak, ! carred feet, glass
knobs and I8a48 otU rench bevel mlrfor.
$3500 'weathered'oak Buffet, 1840 oval
mirror, reduced to .. a?aw.v
" $370 Bufftt in qnarier-wed oak, finished weathered
or gold, reduced t , ,
$48.00 Weathered oak Buffei 1240 French bevel mir
nr and glass front, reduced to ...............'
$25.00 6-foot oak Extension Table, 45-mch top, pedes
tal base, weathered or golden finish, round top, re
duced to ;. Sir. oo
? 17.50 6-foot Extension Table, 6-inch legs, 45-inch top,
inished golden, reduced to flS.50
$29.00 Extension Table in quarter-cawed golden oak,
top extends to 6 feet, tad-polished, reduced to 91.50
$26.00 Pedestal Extension Table, square top, 6-foot ex
tension, euartcr-eawed oak - and. polished, J reduced.
to 19.00
$54.00 Quarter-eawed Oak Table, 48-inch round top.
extends to 8 fact, pedestal base, claw feet, weathered
or golden, reduced to .....r.. ......... 89.SO
75c VALUES IN OAK HAT RACKS, 4 hooks and mirror, reduced to.........
80c BATHROOM MIRKOK5 witft prusn ana.wmu y.w.icuui.w w.
$1.00 PLATE RACKS in golden oak, reduced to . . ... . .
-or a tt? DArirs in wrirtirrfH naif, reduced to.
$1.50 TO $2.75 VALUES IN TABOURETTES, metal frames, reduced to. r . . , . . ... X.
i. ...... ....
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