The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 18, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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or Kodak
Everything You Need
Films, Plates, Mounts, Etc.
The new Lumicre French Films, remarkable for depth and
brilliancy, fit any kodak or camera.
We have facilities for making enlargements, lantern slides
or transparencies. Bring in your negatives. We develop and
print the same day. No waiting for work.
Such a Difference
In Spices and Flavoring Extracts. We recommend the
"Woodlark" brand for strength, purity and exquisite flavor.
Only a trial is needed to convince the most skeptical.
Leather, Bamboo and Wicker
Wicker Suit Cases and Hand Bags, light, cool and durable for summer travel. 24-inch cases,
double-action lock and bolts, leather bound, riveted frame; regular $2.75. Special $2.17
Heavy woven Bamboo Suit Cases, 24-inch safety lock; regular $3.75. Special $3.15
Bamboo Hand Bags, leather bound, linen lined with pocket; regular $3.75. Special $2.79
Waterproof Pegimond 24-inch Suit Cases with shirt fold; regular $4.25. Special.. $2.50
New arrivals in Horn Back Alligator Traveling Bags and Grips from $5.00 to $50.00
All Wash Belts HALF PRICE tucked, stitched, hand embroidered.
New Focket Flasks with safety top SOf to $5.00
All our Traveling Roll-Ups, hand stitched, fitted complete
at 25 per cent off regular price
r , , . . ...
Grape Juice l":::yM
MP H 5
in kjrir f n mm m
I r:- I II VI
Prepared From ' the Choicest Concord Grapes
Rich, Pure,
A delightful, cooling summer drink, absolutely
pure. Contains no alcohol, no coloring, no pre
servative. Order-a dozen by phone today.
PINTS $2.50 dozen
QUARTS , . $5.00 dozen
Coasf Needfuls ,
Water Wings . 25.J
Bath Caps, special. . 43f , 5.
Kerchief Bath Caps . . . . . 7
Bathing Shoes 15f .
Sponge Bags and Toilet Roll-Ups, in silk and '
creton , 25 up
Bathing Suit Cases, waterproof, special. .. .73
Don't et lost in the woods on your
vacation. Take one of our compasses
with you. Price 10
! Proposed Harriman Line to
Enter Portland, Seattle
and Tacoina Thns.
Entire project Laid Out With View
to Fast Tracks and Heavy Tonnage
Science In Transportation of
People and Freight Is Object.
After a larre amount of money has
been spent engineering for the proposed
Harriman railroad line between Port
land, Tacoma and Seattle It has been
found that all three cities must be en
tered through tunnels that will each be
a mile or more In length to give the
Una eeay grades.
Plana for all three tunnels have been
completed by the engineer The en
tire Una and, terminals have been laid
out with a , view to fast tracks and
heavy tonnage, and it is proposed to
j reduce to an exact science the trans
i portatlon of people and freight between
i these cities, tl Is said the Improvement
i of rail raotiitlea by the four linen con
trolled by Harriman and Hill between
; Oregon and "Washington centers will
have the effect of areatly benefiting all
the country tributary to them and will
.. equally assist in the growth or th
three large cities while giving neither
i ona any special trade advantage.
Benefit to Portland.
But Portland will unquestionably be
t: placed on a better footing for Alaska
business by transshipment at Seattl
; when there are two fast and competitive
. railroad lines operating between thi
' city and the Sound. The present tral
t service upon which this business must
' rely will be at least doubled, and It Is
reasonable to expect various concessions
that will be of material assistance in
The old saying, "It's a wise dog that
knows his own master," was never bet
ter Ulustrated than by a little white
and tan terrier, which followed his mas
ter downtown this morning. The "mas
ter" was on a Willamette Heights car
the dog on the sidewalk.
As the owner boarded the car st
Twentieth street, the dog wagged his
tall looked into the man's race and
made other signs In the dog languago.
which plainly said, "80 long, I will
meet you downtown."
True to his word he ran down the
street until be reached Nineteenth
street. There be waited until the car
came up to him. He watched to see
whether his master stepped off. When
he saw the car start without fa la master
getting off he barked Joyfully and
started down the street. At ench cor
ner he stopped until the car could catch
him, when he watched for the man to
get off.
An Interesting feature of the proceed
ing was the fact that the little fellow
seemed to know on which side of the
street the car would stop. At Nine
teenth street he waited on the west
side of the street. At Sixteenth street
he stopped in front of the fire department
station. At all other streets he stopped
on the east side of the street
At Twelfth street, where quite a long
stop occurred, the dog came up to the
car and looked into his owner's face
and the two held a tete-a-tete a la
canine. When the car once more re
sumed the Journey, the dog gave a little
bark of goodbye and trotted down the
street again.
Arriving at Fifth street, where a con
gestion of wagons and pedestrians gen
erally occurs, the dog stopped between
two wagons standing at the side of the
street and watched. Noting that his
master still remained on the car he
sped on to Fourth street, where the
man got off and the two then pursued
i.ielr way together to the master's
tsT 9
You can't judge en
tirely by appearances.
Wait till "something's
Some clothing that
looks good on the coun
ter goes to pieces on the
first jump.
Our clothing is made
to suit our ideas if it
; fails to suit yours we
buy it back.
Here's everything
complete that boys want
for.dresSu-or . vacation
wear, and at saving
prices., '
1C3 and lriThird
Ilohawk Bid
Orocerymen. their wives and aweet-
hearts, mothers, sisters and employes
and the relatives of all these to the
number of 1,500 or more shut up shop
from the delivery boy to the. boss yes
terday and went to Bonneville to cele
brate. Today everyone Is at work:
again abundantly satisfied with the fun
and unanimous in the voice that the
annual picnic of the present year was
the best and most Huccessful ever given
by the Grocers' association.
Yesterday was un ideal day for the
picnic it being neither too hot nor too
cold. The large excursion therefore had
a most enjoyable time and In the even
ing came home tired but abundantly
The principal event of the day as far
as amusement was concerned was the
program during the afternoon, ranging
in events from the fat man's race to
the pie-eating contest. Substantial
prizes were given for first, second-- and
third events In every Instance and much
merriment was furnished to the pic
nickers. During the entire trip no unpleasant
feature occurred. The big crowd was
In good spirits and no accident great or
small, happened to cause sorrow or un
pleasantness. The managers of the af
fair are greatly pleased at the success
of the day.
handling Alaska business from Port
land. The line means that Portland will
have a new double track railroad bridge
or that the present Steel bridge
will be rebuilt, with a large widening
of the east approach to give easy ac
cess to the main line through the tun
nel that Is to start into the hill near
the John Mock residence and come out
at McKenna Junction, The tunnel will
be aproxlmately one mile long and will
be a common user tunnel with the ex
ception of Its east entrance, which the
Harriman companies have succeeded in
retaining for their own use.
All Ma Us Tunnel.
The franchise provides that anv com-
fiany may use the tunnel if it win drive
ts own entrance at the east end and
nay a reasonable toll. The engineers
are now awaiting orders to proceed with
this boring. The building of the tunnel
will require tne larger part or two
At tne same time tunneis win ne
driven for the road's entrance Into Ta
coma and Seattle. The Seattle tunnel,
a mile long, will enable the road to
avoid congestion of traffic on the wator
front, where tne space is small and all
of Seattle's traffic is being handled.
Kor a different reason the engineers
found It necessary to run their line
through a tunnel Into Taooma.
Old Grades Too Heavy.
The arades of the route originally
planned for Tacoma were so heavy that
orders were Issued by Mr. Harriman
for a line that would avoid the rises
of the Tacoma tableland which any road
from the south must cross or climb.
The decision of the engineers was not
to cross or climb but to go underground.
This tunnel will ba 8,700 feet long.
The south nortal or tne Dore win De
located at the point where the Northern
Pacific emerges from gulch to prairie
on the way to soutn xacomi in tun
nel will emern on the north aide. Where
five blocks have been purchased for
trackage and two blocks for a pasaenger
tatlon tnat win rival tne projeciea sta
tion at Seattle. In this way a ruinous
.7 Der cent rrade at Tacoma naa Doen
cut down more than ona half, but Is
till considerable. The arade or tne
road's entrano to Portland la practically
a water level.
portunlty of seeing one of America's
leading stars for so long an engagement
as Miss Nance O'Nell s In this city.
And Portland Is showing Its apprecia
tion of the opportunity. This week this
eminent tragedienne is appearing in
Sudermann s great play, 'Tne t ires of
St. John."
Star's Fanny Farce.
"The Strange Adventures of Miss
Drown" Is one of the funniest farces of
the season and it 'la being played this
week at the Star theatre. Instead of
the thrills of melodrama usually found
at this house there Is nothing but
laughs this week.
Vaudeville Supreme.
It Is a good show the Grand offers
this week. Is the verdict of everyone
who has seen it. Dolan and Lenharr
have a bit of travesty which contains a
laugh In every line and the famous
dancing Gleasons, John and Bertha, are
among the sensational hits of the bill.
"Sweet Xell" Great Favorite.
The play being offered at tha Lyrlo
this week by the Allen Stock company
Is one of the greatest favorites of all
dramas ever presented In a Portland
tock house. The work of Varna Fl
ton. In the role of Nell Owynne has sur
prised even her most ardent admirers.
LIjfarqnam'L Great Attraction.
.Portland baa never before bad tha op-
Women and Children Free at Oaks.
On Saturday women and children will
be admitted to the Oaks free of charge.
There will be special amusement fea
tures for their especial benefit All
week, many women and children have
been visiting the park to see the won
derful dog performers of Don Carlos.
Tomorrow and Rulnrdiv nn.iH.ii,
the last days for discount on east slda
gas bills. it
- :
(Special Dlapttcb to The loorntL)
Salem, Or.. July IS Salem Is to hava
an annual sweet pea festival In con
nection with the 8alem cherry fair,
which has won for Salem the title of
"The Cherry City."
The Salem board of trade is enthus
iastic over the protect and lnt nih .
lta meeting voted to make the affair a
yearly offering. What the Mardl Oras
is to New Orleans, the Rose fiesta to
Portland and the fiesta to Los Angelas
the Sweet Pea festival Is to be to the
Capital city. Sweet peas grow tn such
abundance in thin section and of such
varied hues that they adapt themselvea
to striking decorative effects and Salem
believes that the festival can be made a
nuge success.
A Oood Piano Is Worth Bavliur
It often happens a few dollars put in
unon work will save the tnn. n
clano.. While you are awav on vonr vo
cation we will do this work and have the
piano reaay ior you wnen you get back.
Phone Reed-French company. ltain-4a
It' tba slaoo stora oa fiuroaido street. '
We must reduce our stock. New goods are beginning to arrive and our floors are crowded. Prices are cut
to the lowest possible point and the bargains we are offering in furniture, Larpets and Moves are tne most
ity. Of course we can t list ali ot tnese Dargams toaay. ceiow you u nna a
attractive ever offered in this city
few we have selected at random.
When you call we'll show hundreds of others.
HI 00 Roman Seat, tn auarter-sawe
a golden
oak and mahogany finish; reduced to.. SB. 25
I2B.O0 Weathored Oak Chair; seat aphoTsterad
in heit Soanlsh leather: back laced with
leather straps; reduced to f 18.50
f 12.S0 Chair or Rocker; upbolateraa seat and
back in chase Spanish leather; mission design;
finished weathered; reduoed to. ...... .07. BO
IIJ.BO Chair or Rocker in mal. With flbra seat,
back and arms; reduced to ....Sll.OO
JU.00 Oak Rocker; finish early gtlsh; up
holstered seat and back In genuine Spanish
leather; reduced to Six. 50
11.00 Weathered Oak Arm Rocker; upholstered
in Spanish leather; reduoed to S4.50 !
$35.00 Bed Davenport, golden or weathered
oak frame, box for bed din f, upholstered in
best grade of Verona velour, reduced
to ...4.0
$57.50 Bed Davenport, golden oak or ma
hogany finished frame, steel construction
and upholstered in heavy Verona velour,
reduced to 41.5
$65.00 golden oak Davenport Bed, heavily
carved frame, tufted seat and back, uphol
stered" in heavy Verona, reduced to f45.00
$50.00 Bed Davenport, golden osk or mahog
any finished frame, full steel construction,
upholstered in chase leather, reduced
to f36.00
$100.00 Bed Davenport, golden oak frame, box
for bedding, upholstered in Karpen Sterling
leather, tufted seat and back, reduced
to fT4.00
$85.00 Davenport, mission design, upholstered
in bast grade Spanish leather and only best
oil-tempered springs used in its construc
tion, reduced to f5S.0-
$72.50 Davenport, loose leather cushions, mis
sion design, weathered oak, reduced
to ..7 57.50
$125.00 Davenport, genuine mahogany frame,
full steel construction, upholstered in silk
velour, reduced to , f72.5
ithered! Kn
vrrttlng Tabla; finish
JtxSS Inoheei raduced to
114.00 Oak Library TabU; top I8xt trraheat
book reeks en and: mission deaignj waatherad
finish; raduead to.... .92350
Sst.oo Oak library Tables rTxie-tnoh top: tan
brass trimming; weathered finish; reduoed
to ... 19.50
ttl.00 Library Table made of finest euartar
sawed oak In golden finish; one center drawer)
, two-eelumn baae; reduoed to S22.50
110,00 Oak Library Tablet one drawer and
shelf below; finished golden; reduoed to. 46.50
IS.I0 Center Table in
oak ana manogany
ball foot; reduoed to
MM Center Table: shaped
$58.50 quartered oak Combination Buffet and China
Cabinet, weathered or golden, reduced to f44.00
$120 Buffet in quartered golden oak, carved feet, glass
knobs and 18x48 oval French bevel mirror, reduced
to f 88.50
$35.00 Weathered oak Buffet, 18x40 oval FTench ihevel
mirror, reduced to f 23.50
$37.50 Buffet in quarter-sawed oak, finished weathered
or gold, reduced to ...825.50
$48.00 Weathered oak Buffet, 12x40 French r
rir and glass front, reduced to f 31.75
't' in,r;'Jdj
ill swl.l,i MMM''
eraarter-aawed coldest
oak and mahogany finlanj round top; alasj
A lan natlnneil
tope; lower anelf: quarter-sawed oak or ma- I
hogany finish; reduoed to...... 88.75 K
$25.00 tf-foot oak Extension Table, 45-mch top, pedes
tal base, weathered or golden finish, round top. re
duced to f 17.00
S17.50 6-foot Extension Table, 6-ineh lega, 45-inch top,
finished golden, reduced to f 12.50
$29.00 Extension Table in quarter-sawed golden oak,
top extends to 6 feet, and-polished, reduced to 821.50
$26.00 Pedestal Extenion Table, square top, 6-foot ex
tension, quarter-sawed oak and polished, reduced
to .810.00
$54.00 Quarter-sawed Oak Table, 48-inch round top,
extends to 8 feet, pedestal base, daw feet, weathered
or golden, reduced to ,f 36.50
75c VALUES IN OAK HAT RACKS, 4 hooks and mirror, reduced to....... 2l5o
80c BATHROOM MIRRORS with rush and comb rack, reduced to 3Dc
$1.00 PLATE RACKS in golden oak, reduced to. .' 30c
90c PLATE RACKS, in weathered oak, reduced to 25c
$1.50 TO $2.75 VALUES IN TABOURETTES, metal frames, reduced to.. 65c
. and
i v. I ml M SBsaj ; AltlMgjlMBl sbbSbs3 'sbsbs8sbsssWSSWSJ1m aSMsBsMI ttMMmt0
-V Uftr