The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 18, 1907, Page 3, Image 3

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Sale Women's Blatk Hosieiy
50c, 75c and 85c Values at 29c Pair
5,000 of Women's Black Stock,
trigs of every style and . high
class imported grades, fine black
lisle lace boots, " all-over laces,
gauze lisle, gauze cotton, garter
tops,- crow foot, - in fast-black
hdsiery cf all descriptions, all
finest imported qualities, real
Hermsdorf dye. The qualities are
equal to those given in our fa
mous 29c sales, and the fine
weaves and desirable color make
these the greatest bargains of the
season. Every woman who wants!
to be sure of getting her share
ought to be here early in the
morningr Regular- 50c, 75c - and
85c values. A bargain that will
brings an enthusiastic
crowd of shoppers at. . .
On Mlat Bargain Table,-Third street en-trance.-
None C O. no phona ordere.
m ' . , n- - - -
-t -
See Window."
2000PCS. Fancy Ribbon
Vali. to $3 at $1.25 Yd.
2,000 pieces. 20,000 yards, of heavy all-tilk
'Fancy Ribbons for easheg, . girdlea, opera
and shopping bags, hat trimmings and
waists; 9 to 12 inches wide, all extra heavy
quality and new patterns. Values 1 OP
to $3.00 yard. Special Friday....
See Washington street window. '
25c Turnover Colrs 7c
5,000 Tnrnorer Collars in embroidered and
Japanese hand-drawn work; values ?
to 25c each, 4 for 25c; each. ......... I C
Sewing Silk Veiling, 18 inches wide, in
white,-black and colors; can be used for
draping sailors or can be worn at the C
beach; most extraordinary value, yt.,JC
Sale Auto Veils $1.25
Auto Veils, 3 yards long, of a good heavy
auality of wash chiffon, Vi-inch hem
-stitch; extremely, popular i to wear with
sailor hate this summer. Choice Pi nr
of any shade or color at
Children's 65c Rompers 45c
Children's pink and blue Chambrar Romp
ers, made with yoke, pocket, " belt and
drop belt Regularly soja at 65c; very AK
good special value at . . "JC
4 5 Women VTailoid Wasfr S
55 Women's Summery Wash Dresses
Regular Values Up to $8.50 Xach
Special f or Frickjr-we -off cr-aur extrWorfinary -double-Baleol-Wash- Dreaaes and ,
Suits at one price, a follows ; 45 strictly Tailor made Suits, in a variety of styles
similar to illustration, rather mannish styles, in Pony and Cutaway effects, or those
long swagger" styles, cut generously fulL Also 85 beautiful' summery Women's
Wash Presses," in eight distinct styles, made of union linen and lawn, in pleasing
effects. A number of the popular jumper styles, 'also the breezy college blouse
effects, with pink or blue collars and cuffs and sailor tie; others in fancy lingerie
styles,' with lace, insertion and ruck trimmed waists ; some with jl g
panels of embroidery. Skirts in all styles, plain and tucked. Reg. H J J
v'. )')! '!
"v--nWT" ..."
.... . wr,
F "t e V -
See corner window dltplay. Mall ortUrg filled. No phone orders none rewenred, none CO.D
it:.' H ' ' --
in. m .yft
Ladies, Regular $L26 Short Lawn
Kimonos at 78c
Special for Friday HargaTnDay we offer a gTearspec?atsaleof Ladles Fancy Fignred
Lawn Kimonos, Nightingales and Dressing Sacques, trimmed with scalloped edges, lace,
ribbon and plain bands, with or without belt. Dainty effects in pink, blue,
lavender, black and white; sites 54 to 44. Regular values to $1.25 for..
- See "window display. Mall orders filled..
"6000 Yards White Irish -Linen Finish Suiting 10c Yard
For Friday Bargain Day, 6,000 yards of Irish Linen Finiah Suiting, in white only, lOc
a yard. We need not make further comment. The simple announcement of this well
known suiting and skirting at 10c a yard is sufficient to crowd our wash goods t A
aisle to suffocation tomorrow morning.
J9c-75c Millinery Flowers for 15c
75c-$1.25 Mfllihery riowcrs, 39c
Hundreds of pretty flowr trlramlnvs for rim
mr bats popples, iwm! peas, forget-me-nots,
roses, geraniums, maiden-hair ferns,
norelty . follaa-e, fancy silk flowers.
So 75e values, special FYiday at only.. .18o
76o-tl.i yalues, special Friday at only. .SS
&eatfialf-Pricc Piptnrc Sale
Thousands of framed Pictures at Half Price AH Kinds of Subjects
50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.13 $1.25; $1.50 to $7.50
It,. . . 1
'.JJU. Hi. I
j iii
t. ' m ST'. ' i t mm
THE reason ia quickly told wo have decided to sacrifice a
great part of superb stock of Framed Pictures at EXACT
y v ii a x rr norrr 1 li t- . t ' j
make room for the thousands of new pictures arriving for fall
display. The collection embraces Water Colors, Carbons, Etchings, Hand-Colored Platmums,
Pastels, Cravures, Artotypcs, bepias, etc, in great variety. Cut, ebony, mahogany, rosewood,
black and brown oaks, chestnut and imported hardwood frames. The subjects embrace nearly
every artistic conception; many reproductions of famous foreign paintings, a large number being
U exclusive imported prints. REMEM BEfy-Exactly half the regular price. The U
Z bargain opportunity of the year to buy pictures to decorate your home........ I
White Linen Parasols
This Is the treat Parasol opportunity of the entire rear, a sale of hlrhest
trade pore white linen Parasols, sellins; regularly from $3.50 to 15.00,
and the warmest July and August lingerie days are still .ahead 1 Ck C
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AiBig Friday Special-$i.50-
Choice of 300 White Lawn Waists in" a number of,
pleasing styles; some with plain embroidered fronts,
some with panels of embroidery and tucking, some
tailored style with plaited fronts; also popular Marie
Antoinette Waists with plaited fronts; tucked backs,
sleeves, lace trimmed collars and
cuffs. Regular $1.50 and $1.75 values.
See them in window today and
choose early Friday at, only . . . . .. .
-J 1 -jm .
W r
Sale All Children's Wash Dresses
S Values to $3.75 for $1.45
1 Values to $6.50 for $2.55
.LThia biur clearance sale . of all our Children's Wash Dresses and Suita in
V V i. -a 1 1 i b t. - i i c : i? j
wane sua an tuiurs, ages o iu -xo, 01 gingnuii, mauiaa, onus, tinon ana
other-materials, offers two great specials:
All Values Up to $3.75, Special $L4F
All Values Up to $6.50, Special $2.55
Subjects of .Mikado Worldnff in Logging Camps Near
Tortland Plead Ignorance "Wlien Questioned Eegard
, : ing Sunday . Skirmish Drills Held in Forest. v
In a remote and isolated clearing in
the deep forest neas Currtnsyllle, on
the O. W. P. Estacada line, Japanese
soldiers have ' been assembllnc every
Sunday for several' weeks and practic
ing the tactics of war. Whether they
are devoting this half day every' week
to military " practice "' merely for, the
exercise or whether they are aotlnt
under . instruction from . Toklo Is not
At anv'int. thev have selected, an
Meal spot either to carry out secret in
structions or simply to while awav a
fA. hours at the asms of which' thev
profftus to he so fond. Deep In the al
most Impenetrable forest which thrives
In the valleys and on the hills of the
f lfickamas there la a terse cleartnM.
Wooilmen Ion seo chopped away the
. his; trees which stood here for veers
I i forest flres have bereft It Of the
1 't :.
stamps end underbrush - which usually
remain. " .
. Just the riaee to Drill. ' ,
' Bo. now It la a veritable pasture, a
fleld of wavins; grass, uninterrupted by
stumps or trees. In I tie midst of an im
mense foreftt. It Is located several miles
perhaps from the station of Currins
vllle, which, by the way, Is not even a
village, merely a slopping place with a
waiting room where excuralonlats may
await the arrival of trains.
It Is In this Isolated but Ideal parade
ground that a company of Japanese
soldiers has been solns through regular
Infantry evolutions and maneuvers for
several weeks. Ourlng the week these
little brown soldiers labor lit the Camps
which abound along the line of the O.
w. P. and on Bunday assemble In this
clnsrlng to Imagine they sre once more
on the banks of the Yalu with an oppos
ing army of Russians on the other side.
During their maneuvers a portion of
the Japs are armed with rifles. Others
who have no firearms use sticks as
weapons. - They drill as If they were tn
the fleld, under oommand of the regular
omrers 01 a company or inrantry.
hut they have frequently been attracted
on Sunday afternoons by the noise of
the ununlforroed troops. The sharp
commands of the officers, the reporta
of volleys of rifles attracted their at
tention, but until the last few days
they gave the matter little or no atten
tion. -
Last Sunday, however, a larre num.
bar of Portland people went out the
O. W. P. line to seek a quiet piece to
spend the day. Many selected the neigh
borhood of Currlneville and In the af
ternoon had an opportunity to observe
the drills of the Japanese laborer-soldiers.
They also thought little of It at
nrst, cut arter It nad continued for
several hours they watched the actions
of the Japanese more carefully.
Company rally Off leered,
' The Japs were under the command of
an Individual who. In manner and ac
tion, eorresponded to a captain. He
gave order with a sharp voice of com
mand and under him ware 'lieutenants
end other subalterns.' In their prsctine
the enldlers had a target at the far
We want the credit of
ours and are willing to
take the responsibility for
it .J-,-.-.-t..,: :
Tear grocer terms year sioney It rea soa't
10m SchuHage Best: we gat elav------
end of the clearing. ' From their aetlona
the Japanese led thefr observers to be
lieve that they were maneuvering
against the target ae If It were an
enemy. -.i .
Advancing diagonally across the
clearing on the run they would sudden
ly drop to the ground and open fire
upon the supposed enemy or fort. Ris
ing quickly tney would run aorosa the
clearing, still, however, advancing to
wards the target. After running a short
aistance rney wouia arop to tae ground
svnln mnA niwtt fir.
Thosn who witnessed (he actions of
the Jans declare that the little brown
men were undoubtedly going through
skirmish tactics and that they contin
ued at their occupation all tne after
noon. Late In the afternoon many of
the Portland people who had aeen the
practice met at the currlnsvuie station
and agreed that the Japa were practic
ing their Infantry tactics.' No one made
a thorough examination or went cloae
enough to the Japs to scrutinise their
aennss aiuaiousiy.
There are hundreds of Japanese era-
floyed at the -various logging camps In
hat vicinity and in the conntructlon
gangs of the Oregon Water Power A
Railway company. Many sre recent ar
rivals and are veterans of fhe Russo
Japanese war. They atlll retain their
connection with the Japanese armv. for
all Japaneee are subject at any time
m en oroer to report ror amy.
Whether these Oregon Japanese are
going through these military tactics
merely as a pastime In remembrance
of their deeds in the recent' war. nr
whether they have received orders to
be In readiness for call to arms is
not known. Those who sre emnlnred at
a logging eamp near Currlneville and
who are known Jo have participated tn
the drilling last Sunday1 refuse to dis
cuss It at all.- Thev . "no tfc.w
say, and efforts to ascertain from then
Inquiries Being Carried On
With View to Building
I Automobile Road. :
Inquiries are being carried on with a
View to pushing the movement to build
an automobile road irrom Portland to
the eea beach at some point In Tilla
mook county, . probably . at 'Tillamook
City. ft. O. Raid, presldest of the Port,
land chamber of commerce, and mem
bers of the Portland Automobile elub
are back of the project, and are receiv
Ing warm support front Tillamook citt
aens. ' .
R. W. Watson ef Tillamook ' believes
the idea Is a very vsiusole and practical
one, and has ofered to asslat bv sub
scription and in other way. He says
many others in Tillamook county wlli
subscribe and lend all poealble assist
ance. Regarding the feasible route he
said. In reply to a letter from K. C
Whether Or not thev are acting nn their
own initiative er under orders were fu
Olltnar, secretary of the Portland cham
ber of commerce:
"The Wilson Rivet route la exactly
IT miles from JTorest drove to Tilla
mook, and1 In the neighborhood of 44
miles from rorest Grove to Portland,
which makes it 7 miles from Portland
to Tillamook Instead of IT to miles,
ss stated In your letter. It la tS mllee
from Portland to Tillamook as the crow
"The summit of the Coast rang on
the Wilson river s In the neighborhood
of J.000 feet above sea level. The flrsi
five miles from Galea City to the too of
the steep climb is a rise of 1.609 feet,
and tbla elevation cannot to my knowl
edge be lowered unless another rout
and naaa la found, but this would neces
sitate another road, and perhaps an In
crease of distance.
"The southern route from Portland to
Tillamook via Sheridan and Dolph, Is
exactly lit mile, and the Increased dis
tance Is easily made up as against tha
poor road on the 1 mile route via the
Wilson river. The Wilson river rout
com through green timber for 40
miles, where the sun rarely spreads its
rays beneath the green foliage, while
on the Sheridan route the roada dry out
quickly, being an open and cleared coun
try, with little green timber along the
road." r
Mr. Watson added that he would lend
assistance to the building of either road
that should b selected after thev were
viewed by a man competent to Judge and
select the beat route. He eeld consider
able aaslatanc could he seenred in Til
lamook county by subecrlntlons of eauh
and work. The road cnuld be Improved
so that tha sutnmnhlle trio could be
made from Portland ta Tlilamofik In
six ta elhtxhours. .
Tomorrow and Finr1T r"-'Mv.'v
the lt days for t ..nut on jt i.,e
gs bills.
Same kind all enr
reliable dentlot
make; only dif
ference Is toe
profit w aak.
Brldgw worg er
teeth without
plates, per to.ui,
at - aa . .
Oold Fillings, tip from . i ,
Sliver Fillings, up from -
Crowns, gold or
pore. Iain tS.OO-f- " "
Painless Kxtractlon
A guarantee for II) year wltu a .
work. Ldy attendant.
Lily Dcntr.l Cr.
tkjjld Atra cov" r
Open evening i ' f :
ntU I p. tn.
radio r
U L: J
CAH .'. rr .