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Have a purpose In life, and
baring It, throw into your
work anch utrpngth of mind
and muscle as God lias given
you. Carlyle.
'N SOME features of the report of
the Interstate commerce com
mission given out Saturday
there Is an extraordinary slml
laxity to the arguments which the
people of Oregon hare been urging
persistently for several years past
In particular, we call attention to the
commission's strictures upon rail
roads which use their surplus fund
and credit, not for the development
of the territory through which the
road runs, but for the purchase ot
stocks and bonds In Wall street. Two
years ago the chamber of commerce
of this city directed attention to the
Ylclousness of this practice, which
was being followed by the 0. R. &
N. Co., to the detriment of the state,
and the topic has been commented
upon frequently since that time, both
' by committees of our local commer
cial organizations and by the public
press. The people of Oregon have
no disposition to wage war upon the
O. R. & N. or any other railroad, but
they da resent and protest against
the policy of piling up a huge sur
plus, through exorbitant rates, and
then using that surplus, not for the
development of the territory from
which the money Is1 drawn, but for
J the purchase Of stock in the New
York Central or some other road ab
solutely remote from this state. The
farmer who ships his wheat to the
seaboard Is willing to pay a fair
price for the haul and does not be
grudge the railroad its legitimate
profit, but he Is not willing to put
up more money for ihe sole purpose
of helping to margin Mr. Harrlman's
stock gambling transactions. The
Journal commented recently upon
some of the uses which' have been
made of the huge surplus accumu
lated by the 0. R. ft N., laying stress
particularly upon the fact that prac
tically all of this surplus has been
used In ways that are of absolutely
so benefit to the people of this state.
Furthermore, there is the glaring
fact that interior Oregon is still a
Tirgln wilderness, so far as railroad
development is concerned, and this
despite the repeated promises of the
Harrlman management to build ex
tensions and new roads. It Is plain
that the conclusions of the interstate
commerce commission were largely
Influenced by a study of conditions
In this state, and this fact affords
hope of the relief which the people
of Oregon have long sought for In
vain. '
his time and money In a saloon, cease to grow until this octopus can
even on the week's rest day. In the be made to relax Its grip on the
first place, he cannot afford to spend building Industry of the country."
the money thus; and in the seoond This is an exaggeration, as to ex-
placo, a saloon is a bad place for listing conditions, because a goodj
recreation un ouuuay. neat or 4unaing, is going on in many
But would we deny them any! towns and in the country; but there
agreeable recreation on Sunday? Is no doubt that great deal more
No, nor do we think a little mild could be done If the people wb
drink, beer or wine, on a rest dayl would like to build were not charged
nocossarlly harmful; but the gather-1 extortionate and unconsclonabl
Ing of a lot of men nto saloons leads prices by the lumber trust and th
almost in variably to excess in drink- plumbers trust, and made to con
lng and In expenditure, and If a tribute heavily on everything they
man has a family he owes it to his buy to the tariff-protected interests.
wlfo nnd children to afford them The few ar ewtin rich and many
pleasant recreation also. I who would go ahead and Improve
If in consequence of the Sunday land help build up the country are
"lid" being down tight, not only In kept poor and robbed at every turn
St. Johns, but In Portland and all by these trusts, of which the one
the other towns round about, these complained of by the Pendleton pa
worklngmen of St. Johns save In per 1 in this region perhaps one
the aggregate $1,000 or even $600 of the greatest. Wben It comes to
every Sunday, won't it be better for the golden results of prosperity we
that city in the long run than if it will find most of them In the pouches
received $1,000 or $2,000 a year of the protected interests and trusts
more revenue from licenses? The I People who do not own land and
people who spend this money on I are not In a combine are euchred
Sundays In saloons will hare It to J out of all the prosperity that Is al
Improve their oties. trpat their fam-1 lowed to reach them.
Hies to something all of them can "The people will awaken some
enjoy, buy more furniture and better day." says the East Oregonlan, "and
clothes and food, and help every- the members of the trust who are
body except the saloonkeeper to now holding the country by the
prosper. Against this Is to be throat will be forced to let loose."
debited t,he diminution of the saloon-1 Perhaps so, and then we suppose
men's expenditures, but which is bet- rthey will sit back upon their hoarded
ter the prosperity of four or five minions and plead that prices are so
or of a thousand? how that it doesn't pay to do busi
ness unless they can reduce wages.
launch bar lesions at any time against
the any ro " wnajn ror wi. inae- himself tn Japan finds that he la ham-
pendenoe of Asia, and avail tha alliance praj by tnan laws aimed at Mm. He
tha ,twMn our nations hu not. wholly Smnot owT lani ha eumot Invert In ?Bal.. creating discontent and a longing trolled bv eourta that have baan con.
err stage ot Japan's commarctal enter
prises, halptrg In a way that makas avaa
tha araflll SUBDOrt SiVSa
oy in. Uerman government to jia na
tionals sink into In.lgnlf icanca.
ina foreigner who tnea 10 idiiu
Oregon has within its territory
HE FORTHCOMING pure food today a very distinguished visitor,
show should be an affair of one of the most exalted figures of
positive value to the community the time, the vice-president of the
at large, as well as to those who United States, who as such will be
participate In It. It needs no argu- duly welcomed and listened to with
ment to prove the Importance of Interest and attention. He has vis-
pure foods, and such an exhibition lted more noted, ambitious and fash
is calculated to stimulate and en- lonable beach resorts than Seaside,
courage manufacturers and dealers but none where he would meet truer
to be more careful and conscientious Americans or better people, and
In the preparation and sale of food- therefore we are sure that he will
Btuffs, and also to cause consumers be pleased with his visit, as we all
to be more particular about what will that he came.
sell only pure foodstuffs are cer- Mrs. Roosevelt, It Is reported, has
talnly the ones for consumers to deal declared war against the corset, or
with, as against those who sell adul- at least has cast It aside as a thing
terated or Inferior goods, whenever not only uncomfortable, but nnhy-
tbe discrimination can be made, and genlc, and the cause of many feml-
those who sell only pure and honest nine ills. We doubt not that Mrs.
foods laudably . desire the public to Roosevelt Is entirely correct in her
know that fact. It is well known conclusions, whether her reported
that a large proportion of the stuff action should be followed generally
consumed for years past has been or not. If Eddie Bok Indorses her
Injuriously adulterated or treated action we shall expect a great fall-
wlth preservatives or coloring mat- lng off In the corset Industry soon
ter, or falsely labeled, and every ef
fort to reform or Improve this ne- Japanese, it Is said, are spying
farious practice Is to be encouraged around American navy yards and
by all consumers. fortifications, which will perhaps do
as an offset against the demolishing
WHY IMPORT WHEN WE CAN ' a Japanese restaurant In San
PRODUCE? Francisco. The treaty doesn t give
them a right to spy though we sup-
troUed by eourta that have baan oon
atantly charrad with favoring thalr own
By T. A. McKensle.
Ia there a yellow peril? Are
yellow men and tha brown man,
Mongol and tha Mongol-Malay, on
era of a time when they will VepTad'TK
prumacy or tn woriar I Japan la mall in numbara: bar natib-l In aolta ot all tbla foralanara bara
Thr yaara ao tha publicist wholbor, Cblna la tha moat populoua land I uccaaded -la .Japan. For intanoa, tha
V.. .11. bm 4
a monomaniac inie is no longer ma. tha human raoe Is a Chinaman, with a I great tobaooo bualnaaa In Toklo and
Today a wave of apprehension la pass-1 surplus of enough sons of Cathar to elsewhere. The Japanese government
lng over tne world. reDODulate the Brltlah lal.n. Forced ln"n I""""? w owi.nn,
Australia la planning a navy of her into line by tha example of Japan,
own, because her people realise that China Is beginning to emulate the mill-
they are at the mercy of Japan; Call- tary example of her little neighbor.
lornia is standing stuDoorniy me Uhlnaman Is not naturally a
against the coercion of the American keen soldier. Tha Japanese loves light
reaerai government and la resolved to lng for Its own sake and possesses un
drive the Japanese out from her midst; ouenohable spirit, absolute fearlessness Janan Is nothlns- to what we will have
tne unineaa mercnants. incensed ny wnai and great ambition. The Chinaman, on to faoe from China Tha Japanaae Is an
may consider the unjust treatment or the other hand. Is more a commercial amateur trade, tha Chinese la thealev-
w Americans, nave usea tne weapon man man a flghter. .rest merchant In tha world. Already
of commercial boycott with terrible ef- Tet the Chinese have shown, time factories are springing up all along the
flcacy against them; America Is aug- after time, that they present the ma-lyangtae valley. Once tha factory sya-
meniing ner racmo neet; rormoea nasi"" uuosi private aoiuier in
been largely closed to white traders;
manufacturing of tobacco Was a nation'
al monopoly.
Th British and Americans ware com
pulsorily bought out; and tha Japanese
government started competition with
them In the Chinese and other markata
a e
But tha commercial competition ot
Small Change i
"'- rW""aaasBl "
a a
e e
Ban Wanelefla lan'a bum ..
wa,w KUfMlOr 11
has any mayor or not
I e ,
Tha aravernmant Wum ..
In pretty steady circulation Bill Tart.
Don't want t knn wt a .
train will arrive, for you can't find out
e e
COflSldeitnar hoar nftan ha ki.
temper, Heney's suooess is aatonlahlng.
Chloaro has a JurlM Vaka. t-.
trusts would Ilka to have him trv
e e
Iiatead Of vlattlnar an ITna-lt.h
house, Mark Twain called on Maria Co
relli, '
a e
An Indiana man dleif frnm a Kan.
peck, but moat hen-pecked men live on
the world tern cornea into unina tno wnua worxer
C'LmIT, i..r one.rern.mber. Lord Wolseley'. will have a pght tot his Ufa as never and suff
mnAm ant.. T... ...,,.v.i. I IorCftl ana Dnillant eulogy on the hafnraL I
circumatancea that the white merchant w rlor Chln(l today la coming into line with k" k-mi I !.ia aPP1""' wortV
cannot secure. I wkL ' ... .v. . . - -m.. Jn"ohho.14ln dow hereafter yet
The command of tha Piftn 1. r..... nB man or tne north, the Bhantung tne west in many ways, xne oia oon- bear Watching.
in. . t.n.n . ,i -- '7ii v.ninese, wno now rovers tha powerful servatiam is being tnrown ore ana west I e
..i ... ." provinces arouna ine rmiow nn is a em teacninar and western laeas arei nut. ne ir m.. .w. a
iic twjm miw nocmt open wax wiin our L,ln. n . . M i -- . . - . 1 . v vn iuuuuo uuii
own on various routea. China has raised .ni msjrnlfloenl spreading everywhera fellows are convicted they will be lm-
ine cry or "China for the Chinese." and ii. vi.. X -K V V"'." , . L . Vv T. ' I "" ro punisnmen.
ntcrprets It as meanlns no more con- r,r, !t " ' nuuaini iana on aariu. rmn-omoini, ,
cession, for th. or Am.rt- : V."u diV oe.n't bell.v. th. nr.... I .aa..- .. 1 1 ' T . . IUVIS 1 SJUUniT amMlfl
a k ItaVL III B L IHIlCrl Ufa. ryi v l m I V Tir mP PSnBTV fe. laAa. f kan. aal iia Thak nnla am laaiMu . i . . '
While the birth rate In almost every
white nation Is rapidly declining, the
birth and age rates are rising "to an
MUlni rlArraa amnna- tha -T.nanaaa mnA UI mil new UDiy, I whan fhlnn la malluhl
. " " l ut autumn I Via A th. nn... I ' . " ' . ' " a a
cmnesa of examlnlna- at nr.t h, th. n.r. .. r.'L."" A t T.,i. m.n ...i i- .
. ..... i mxi . : i example, ana oy our direct leacnins. i '. . uum
ine Mongols ror long naa tneir popu
lation kept down by epidemics, by lgnor-
sane, listen to
. . . - " t guinea iiiuumTH. . uo vuiuiu iTuivvt i n a al 1 niica at Ovarap hiv
birds to eat. Today China Is attempt- by which the nation seemed likely to be " 0ytr B,y-
!n5-wli considerable auoraaa to make lulled Into the Bleep of decay and death, M.mhar. . .JI.ia-e t
thee, men Into soldiers. Tha Japanese a n0w being bravely fought. . Members of a Tlglaaf party" In Iowa
!..c.?n?I?'!'r ndc.voring to Obtain U!?T. for u. to Vse 'hi. moment t? Ir"t.i. T?f " a5 """try,
tn nnntHnna w ""v. n Auen.
lurmuacea 01 tne northern cninaaa aoi. i..: i. . ... -i i eaiinar loa cream. Rut it na
i t . . : . t: . i inBL 11 ane wuuiu imiiain us urt muii :r . .
of Ami TAr,fltoUow alone our commercial efforts, not r aumm.r glrL
ance and by miper.tltlon. The old type tlon In the country alone our fighting way., but the Ideal- -
m fhinat.A, ,, The Chineaa inVarnm.nt .a. viw lam, the faith and the moral, that have I Th. esar will try to see to It that
of Chinas, doctor learned hi. profession I inecuinese government vary kindly I T.i.nj .h.t .h. ( hereafter no undealrahla iiin k.
by walking th. hill, and .tudylng the f-"0 ZZJ;? lci lly I. for Sne. am not pretired to .coff come, a member of the douma.
tar. H. kn.w nothing of anatomy orLithni nt tr.inin. .v,.i.'Vl:' M I at the "yellow peril.' But I am car- a
life In the greatest detail. I went to I
Hla remedies wer. dtsrustlnr infl Paotlngfu expecting much, for I had we ,can d0 n?ih.ln? t0 m?-t. tJ1'" r,",n r!Tan tW" P0Pl would be on hi.
. . . . 7 m , : neara muon or the transformation made worlu Pwcr 11 a.'r u 10 w pmciu
On the coal carrying proposition Her
aide and "ae1n the aavtrnmant."
fantastic mixture., and he relied mainly hn the men. I found more than I ex- tlon now u u for 08 t0 leaa' we e
for his cures on two counter-irritants a pectus an army as well controlled as I cn leaa " w" out rise to our oppor- Vice-President Fairbanks I. ro-
black plaster and the making of wounds ,5e- maern armed and In- " coming oyio ol me ported to have quoted a .wear word, it
by puncturea He knew nothing of "'V 'l H
aaepals or of Internal surgery. He was L, JI'IY ??.hJ
nrmm 1 rvrt lr if Urnfhstr TTs). I rhinks nae.iA i
us to see that th. yellow diaclollnlng.
ii. . I xLtTory una nu neara or ine ma ttnt or it ie lor
Dowerles-) before an enldemle'or before Chinese soldier, the man whose drill In- man comes Into line with the rest of th.
serious Illness. Th. same was tru. at . exercises tne max- worm, auiu- mat mm mvwovmtni ana a picture I. labeled "John I
an earlier date In Japan. 1 . IBV. 10 rr'tfntn the enemy prowess are along tne lines or world feller as He Is." Ia Is to be
1 errors of Hi'gk
Japan has been remedying all this for f"d ""A1"1" hideous crle. to alarm him peace and proaperlty.
some yeara, ana China la rapidly cnang- r' :: , ,," "T "c"u "!P
it. a a
In 25 year, tha population of Japan . .
has risen from 88.000.000 to 48,000.600, ino n,w enmese army is dressed
a growth of 25 per cent In addition I In khaki In summer and serge In win
to this, large numbers of Japanese have ter. The soldiers are well hniiimi
spread all over the Pacific. In Honolulu armed, well clothed and well fed. For
tna mitnumhar nt nthar nation: thara I 1BU- r or
are 180,000 of them In Corea; they are i"" u-y nave up-to-date maga-
that ordinarily picture, of prominent
people are aa they aren't.
The heavier the line, against Stand
ard Oil th. higher the price will ha
raised. Imprisonment couldn't be thus
transferred to the public.
Oregon Sidelights
Gervala la to hare a 110.000 bank.
From the Jacksonville (Or.) Post
Prices on everything are soaring sky
ward at a rapid rate. Living expenses
scattering over China, and they are to sine rifle., and their artlllar have advanced at least 10 per cent with
in ManchurltL veMncr,,,,'' number from the yards of Armstrong and ln the la,t two yara. New. Item.
"whUa we talk of race aulelde. every Krupp and Bchnelder-Canet Their of- It la a .ad thing to see small children
man iu j.yiui livuoiuois " cl caaeis are now DSlng trained " " Wanlnlta haa wat.r at a Aanth nt aa
a-rAced if ha haa not a son. From I .. .... u .i .i , i .v.. k.u - . vyapinita n. water at a aeptn or B
c-..f.ii. oni f,nm manner or tne uerman mill- I """" " ' reel.
Louisiana to Siberia there are new Jap- try schools, and their non-commls- "" of tender, IrreslsUble sympathy
anesa settlements everywhere. aloned officers go to the smartest born, surge, up ln the brea.t of th. writer to
see people eating the birds off th. hat.
of th. hou.ehold. The
rue same cauee inai naa so miriea i i
n K.n.f1l.1 -..) 1 T.nan tha i. xover or riTmOUIIl.
troductlon of western medical methods J ne army of ChJ-11 number, about OI la IBU1"
Twelve Irrigon
four ouncea
dewberries weighed
is beginning to work ln China Today 60,000 men. In a very few year. It will features of this article have been lying
horctvna000ia0pan00anrcPolrta l to 100.000. with a further dormant ,n my vocal chord, for month, .wW.
number about 600.000.000. At the pres- quarter of a million a. reserves. and must com. out or a coroner will largest yi tni
Sherman county can give employment
new cannery
e state.
may be the
Similar armies are being raised ln oon sitting on my handsome but
Many additional fruit canneries are
But, seriously, how needed In the Wlllamete valley.
TRANGB conditions find their p0Be they gained little , knowledge of
way into uregon industry. At importance,
many a vital point arrangements r
. a ft a . a
ro out. oi gear, some or mem Already the cutting off of a child's
or late nave Been pointed out ln egt by ft reaper or mower has been
these columns. There are others. tho, h-
Idiotically careless as this passes
a .. . l " -
nurserymen s meeting at Salem that comnrehenslon. yet several accidents
eigni carioaas or canned strawberries of this kind are reported every sum
of this season's pack have been lm-
mer. When the farmer goes out to
ported from other states Into Ore- reap the mother would better lock
up the children ln the house. "
gon. The known fact that the best
strawberries ln the world are pro-
uut.eU m wrt-Bon. ana tne runner Secretary Garfield and his official
admitted fact that Oregon has simply Lompanon8 heard Bome straight,
E CANNOT truly express re
gret over the predicament of
some of St. Johns' saloon
keepers, who It Is said may
have to go out of business there on
account of the vclosing of their sa
loons on Sunday; the day of the week
when they did their largest busi
ness,, often taking in $200 or $300
apiece. Doubtless the growing city
of St. Johns needs a lot of revenue,
a large part of which several saloons
at $1,000 a year would supply; but
we cannot holp looking at the other
side of the shield and thinking how
much better koff those worklngmen
who have been spending hundreds
of dollars on Sundays in saloons will
Ke If the "saloons are cloned and the
money Is not thus spent.
v St. Johns is and will be Inhabited
'largely by worklngmen, men who
' work for wages in mills and fac
' torles and the meat plant. A large
proportion of the.m are married and
, are gradually paying for homes of
their own or should be doing bo.
' Their first duty, and their highest
,. pleasure as well, should be to pro
vide comfortable homes, to take good
care of wives and children, to send
the latter td school and Bet a good
example before them at home, so as
to start them on the road to good
clt(ie&ship; In word, not only
good workingmen,' but good citizens
thenftelTes-at we 'doubt Inot that
most of them atre.- ; ... ,
' But the tfood dtizea'caruiot spend
nllmlted power of soil and climate
to produce strawberries, make of
this importation a curious comment
on Oregon enterprise. Why were
Oregon strawberries not grown to
meet this demand, why did not Ore
gon capital and Oregon labor can
them, and why were they not sold
to Oregon consumers under Oregon
labels? Would we not have saved
middlemen's profits? Would we not
have saved the freight? Would not
the money sent as profits of produc
tion and manufacture to growers and
canning establishments in other
states have been saved and paid to
growers and canning concerns in
If we go on holding the soil and
failing to use it, if we go on lolling
in a heritage of prodigality that na
ture gave us and never utilize it,
if we forever let others produce
what we should and buy of us
what we can better and more cheaply
sell to them, how can we prosper,
and how make Oregon attain the
Oregon that the state for her powers
of climate and soli deserves to be?
Where are men who are seeking op
portunity? Where is enterprise that
Is enterprise?
plain talk Saturday night about that
Southern Pacific land grant ln Ore
gon, and it is to be hoped they not
only heard but heeded and will re
member It. This is a matter that the
government cannot afford to Ignore
any longer."
ent rate of Increase they will before a
finoooo to loo ooo ooo more to ther other provinces In Chins, and military busted remains.
number. critics are already anticipating the tlm. 'on ar tnes" tnievmg price, going to
w . . . . when the Chinese army will be num. laet? What 1. going to be the out-
Thls extra population must obtain an . ..." I kw,i u .a ha ik.
outlet. Japan la already overcrowded, IT:"' IV""":'"'"' I " m,n,.,., .k.
and it wa. largely the pre.sure of popu- could 'wltgn Tv. 7aar. "hav.Vn a7 Journkll.t who stood Mrl, "blj. ta th.
little tin cod ln the communltic where kaala n.l, . a Aw 4 ia. Waa
Japanese and Manchuria is absorbed, bllities of the next six year.. butcher, the baker, tha grooer and tha
' a . I - j " awa,Lisuiv vuii l a u w iirv giMifm m h n wnn iriui tun ciiiiiiiimB. i ... a . . . - - -
"ST HI "ZAVl i l....""" will bo ne;d.d"at "Union bitwaVi now
Its solemn treaty promise, and absorb a1, ' Hkely, but an army
rorea But when Corea Is overrun with of 1-(,0-000 to 1.500,000 on the field and
Corea But when corea is overrun wiui M reaervea 1. quite within the possl-
ipanese ana mancnuna i wnurum, Diiities or tne next six year.,
hat then? It thl. army la actually oontrolli
The people of Japan naturally look the Chinese themselves I anticlpat
Ith eager eyes to Australia. They see tie trouble from it. It will be a w
ere an Immense continent which Is 0f defense in the hands of China
With good management Grant county
will be out of debt in two years.
One Sherman county wheat field of
400 acres will yield 40 bushels an acre.
A Butt. Creek man win have about
1.S00 ton. from two cuttings of alfalfa
on 300 acrea
e a
weapon I and use the blue pencil unresisted.
China, and I But It Is on the newly married eou-
and October 1.
nn arSa of Just ;l 000 000 war? f"?6" 1 Pton that were in ml.termed " good times." fill the more
on an area or just s.uoo.uou square ths .i. not BO ionB. . pt ah.M I v, n.. . i. . k. I
min8th. northern territories ther. ar. V?1 MjSmb.,".M.b " renouncing single blessed- 1
A North Tamhlll man has an acre of
The harvest of the largest wheat
crop ever grown ln eastern Oregon
will begin this week, and as the
price Is certain to be good the wheat
growers up there will nave the
wherewithal to secure some of those
lots on Easy street that we have
read about.
still onlr nartlr settled br white mtn. iiii h. r.i..i, 'i" . D'1' " ? JT
. - ..maa. ... i - - - - v . 1 1 ' n nuiiin 1 1 ilia . it 1 1 1 1 m i nina inn. rnnaa nrnnmnivii na.rHnr nrnaa . . . . . . .
A Nortn lamnni man harvest ea over
two tons of Royal Anna cherries from 75
reea. leaa than an acre.
tnero are iAW , M , V.::.vT I
8 400 neonle on 628.620 eauare miles. To- " may ness nave an laea mat mey won nave
r , : . . ... i I awi A Wl It W I yi ai artae a,ar sat t aa a. a. aa1 nhaw I
day the Australian la ari ving rtne (Mnia Japanese jingoes openly speculate on think thev can live bn a smaJlbunch of pru"" that has yielded $100 a year for
s to wash them
. i K. a aaw I a I a wa a J w " uuiiuod a-UCaVll VV wj naja nv I n wa nn A 1 aa aa hOMmnlV tl a Villi VAIHaM t . r as) -- - ...
men to come in from the outside. ffJS i?t??Sk ?"Ch..m,?..,Yp.-r: moon bovothe.1" .V? " "? 1
Now. It Is morally certain mat in tne v- "rr""r."' an average raarnea ine in nno, merely w-., th. two . Mvrtle
future 'struggle for life, on this ptawt W 'Vt Ja?M a continuation of their "sparklng' nftrti?,
?uZ,th r.fhI?r"n?aZ Bit .irht" o. VcomoTlshment Sii ?-U.1 W id tnFSVZ: of land for I4.000T but thl. year he
w"i.? ""J"'r".T'"t. T k. with opportunity: and a Chinese pmv K,."rj .V"i"" has sold it in three tracts for 8,000.
II enwiva m w. i; i'v. "! anvarnii hv Jan.n wnM f. "l "V . ""T". " AY "
enougn ror a wnua nauon io unciuro i TV- """".." rr v". ,!" tne anaaes oi nigni to mrow its man lie From a half acre a man near Milton
that a stretch of land belongs to it. and "i? opportunity of being th. . ml.trew f darkness and secrecy around, so that L.. .IS a tn" -J?e DfJJi-- -23
that none other must come .there . nwon. or tne but of the they can climb their neighbor', fenc. that t0o. when they were only 1 1 per
wiii iio-vw iu nio.iv. vvv-.a,w.. - - . , m i cliiu v-a- w va bvu rrsu ann ini Troiii itiiimi nan nr thnm
1 A I tiflMIn Ywr tavrkflrl n tr Si n1 If I I m. . tirtM A e-aria. .a 4kal. ...
t It'll I Jy liuiviui. "w. I ap. -t-. 1 a I twin tUI Ul W WU I vv uav a WWIll W 1JU
v. z. Ti.hia i xne more lmmeaiAte atrti arw-in tnri j i wn v.. v. x-u I
IICCUB VU. '.a n.'B. CUIIJUKai U1IB9 - WW1 W "til VIIV U1U 1rs A. r afl-lataai TelataJ 1..4 A .11
PrAHident Rooeevelt. for one. reoor-1 racial uDremacv will be warM in th Lnn" mnrm nnrrectlv ane.klnr. th iCcnoReffiater. irriRatefl iana i well
Wl!1?"" of commerca Th. Japanese have husband. obliged to shin P will b 60.000 ore. o7Trrigated land
Vu. r rrn,,.- h nraainant nra-aH been In the past a military rather than .. " A, '" . j " IVi ".T" soon bearing values every year running
V." "'."i" T;,!';" iTv .w.i;. .- . . mo nopi. nen auu, li. nun ai y. in.- tnllllnni nf rtnllara
on mm wim an nu mra " "i,"'" I cominerciai people, xne merchant was when the Joyous young couple l. reduced
nroblem before Australia la the peopling I h. I , ....u that thav hv. tn hut..
With white men of it. northern terrl- - ""1 "r" 8 . 'uV",lun' ri wHh the appalling .7 .Albany. 1. not as large a. London.
torles. ,M . . f'""r": "."l" "uiI " 10 BOme rTJphtherla In Here; Keep OutI" In Nw York, Chicago, or even Portland.
japan or onina wuiu wuitr ui "rem i muni, out me Japanese are more and I thai front aata tn scare awav tha a man oecame luoi in mat ary town
absorb northern AustraJla They ar. a.votlnm thernlielves to trayi. Th- uhlnultous bill collector. " and wandered around for three hours
not going forever to enaure m-eaiy - v uin woman TO before he succeeded by asking quasuawis
v. . i . i. in , .., Manv AniTranana i ia.i low .years, earieciaiiv tne rwrnn i - . J. . . . ' . J . v. t m . v,..), . v. . . r.
uoniB . k , . . .. . - - must et married, li vour neart. vearn """
1n. in. war hav . . V. . J m I v . ... - . I rm r rf Alt
for double bie..eanee. ana wui not be
japan into a strong industrial position, denied, don t marry a bum doctor, an
out Many
recognise th!., and the coming Aus
tralian navy is one result of such recog
nition. What i. true of northern Aus
tralia is equally true of Hawaii and the
There is one week more of the
Chautauqua assembly at Gladstone
Park, and It deserves an Increased
attendance. Those who provide this
annual season of entertainment and
Instruction merit substantial encour
agement and support.
Just for a small piece of reform,
suppose the council prohibits those
nerve-racking little peanut stand
whistles. They are a small but to
many an annoying nuisance, not ln
the least necessary to the vendors.
HE Pendleton East Oregonlan
says that It is Informed by grav
eling men who visit all the
cities of the Pacific northwest
that building In all of them, as well
as ln that own has- practically
ceased, because "the sawmills in the
northwest lumber trust have tabled
the price of lumber until It Is- im
possible to build." Because, of this,
the Pendleton pajier eays, "the
countxy. must stagnate andLthe towns
Since it Is such a hard Job to se
lect a mayor of San Francisco, why
not consult Abe Ruef, since he has
turned reformer? He might know a
good man for the place.
The vice-president is a temperance
man and a Methodist, and if nothing
but that cocktails story stood In the
way he might be nominated and
elected president.
Critic, of automobllists will have to
admit that .o far outomoblllng haa been
more dangerous to Its devotees than to
Next to the expansion of race comes
the growth of arma. Japan Is straining
her reaourcea to increase her navy and
army. Last autumn the Dreadnaught
was launched, tha finest battleship in the
world, and the wonder of all lands.
few week, afterward Japan launched
the Satsuma, greater than th. Dread'
naught. A comparison of the two ves
vels is of interest:
Dreadnaught Displacement, 18,000
tons; length, 620 feet; beam, S3 feet
H-,..irht 2 tnut: horsepower. 23.000
armament. 10 12-inch guns; 27 12-
nniinriAra: artead. 21.6 knots.
Satsuma Displacement, 19,200 tons;
lenerth. 482 feet; beam. 88 feet;
nnht- 27 14 feet: horsepower. 18.000
armament, 4 12-inch guns; 10 10-lnch
guns; 12 120-millimeter guns; speed,
20.26 knots.
Today Japan ha. far and away the
.imnniit fleet on the Paclflc. and her
sailors are seoona to nvnv in iu wuuu.
A new 22.000-ton warship 1. now ln
course of construction. The Japanese
army has been working unceasingly
since the close of the war. to remove
the weaknesses mat were reveaiea men.
The cavalry, Japan's poorest arm, is
helna: transformed, and the artillery 1.
I being reeauipped. Four new divisions
f halt, .AA.A tn th arm v this vear.
and the introduction of a two years'
service will before long add 60 per cent
to the strength or the inrantry service.
Oreat as tha additiona have been dur
ing the past few months, they are not
sufficient to eatisfy the atrong military
party ln the mikado's dominions.
There 1. no need to speak of the
splendid courage of th. Japanese sol
dier. He has revealed himself a. one
of tha finest Infantrymen on earth.' He
will endure any hardship with a smile,
and nothing 1. too 'difficult for him to
attempt. The nation that produced tha
heroes who attacked Port Arthur, and
who swept all before them at Mukden
and at Lloayang, ha. proved It. man
hood. If the Japanese generalship did
not, in the past, prove equal to the
magnificence of the troops, .vary effort
will ln the future be mad. to do batter
next tlma
Japan, planted by nature In a position
where attack on her. horn, territories 1.
almost Impossible, is crc atlas; to .
Th- n. win, wh.h t.v ..... o.,it-a-the-heels lawyer, a seedv editor. f""cl Attorney jucraaaen oi vor-
, -...v... a, wimiw . miniat-i" nn't m.ira vains naa been -over to Newport, ana
"u",m , mainiy ouut in . British JA- f.t-l mistake these day. of .kv-hie-h M" consequence ot
one man wa. fined 1200
yaras; me new Japanese navy is belna- n... n.t . v,.;i,. ana three others iioo eacn ana th
built at home. '' hii7n,,i are other indictments against them.
great Kawasaki Xd.VoVa'w' merchant, or even a villainous plumber violating the local option law.
STr" -uaB.a?i yar?s,at Kobe- I saw and your day. will be long upon the
triuon or nearin ful1 oi P'-ant John Schmlts took up a homestead
what the" VmSr ivlm'- your heart, full of gladsome over a year ago, and this summer, on
wnalJ.n." ve8Be' wre for. lhl. is the I . whlrh is mora vital than ail new ground and without irrigation. h?
new uninese navy.- mv a-iiMa tni
1 m I 7. ' . . . . " , ..... 1 K. a ...... nnt.frn-a vVib will ,ti.l4
Tnnr vaara un k, ,,TV- v me rest put togevnor, your nungry mue !"""" . " "
jfour years ago the order, for these win full to renietinn nf thai $170. 8 acres of wheat and rye each. 14
This Date in History.
I defeated .Philip II
ship, would have gone to the Tyn. or 1.73 mf
the Clyde. Today jpan 1. getting them, fat of th' land
wiu irooiiiiij uiuen tor ouier roreign
.hip. a. well.
T .L . . . . . 1
wayan in iu near luture I. go ng to iiai Richard
b? aFat Upbuilding nation. 8h .s L.11,
oonin ShJ i nn P" Mr hz 14 10 Iole. defeated Teuton Knight.
000 tons. She Is not only going to build at Tannenberg.
her own navy, but also she will ha a ,r,. SJ.iT.JL -,.. .
rraat ahlnnlna- natinn . II iL - I ' . "- ununnu
.V. "r.. . k me rn Rtatdholder. "
clfio one finds, ln port after nnrt I -r...i vr-,i. v-i
I "i ""pianipputg ev- 1778 Pennsylvania adopted a state
n ., -Z2i 8 . v, 7 me greater constitution.
number or ships arrlvlnar tndav ara I i dai jA.t .i., A v....
?.? ' . . Pius-VII and Napoleon. '
. .Si co"r,a- ao not PPly to all 1808 Murat made king of Naples,
ports. The Japanese arovernment In I itti Tha Peril at a AofaataA ot v,J
uarnuuj metering its snipounaing and lencla.
shipping industries by heavy subsidies. 1848 Restoration of tha temporal
The Britl.h firms which try to compete power of the pope proclaimed.
with them find that they are fighting 1867 Massacre at Cawnpor. by Nana
nui an inuiviuuai out a rovemmenc with 1 Kfthih
great resources of credit behind it 1878 British flag hfflsted at Cyprus.
a a I 1883 "General -Tom Thumb") C. H.
Japan 1. becoming an enormous cot- stton)rrn.famou" dwarf died.
tf m.nnf.i,,H.. " 1880 The new Croton aqueduot
toft manufacturing country. The Jap- opened in New York.
aneses factory owner 1. not troubled 1885 Remain, of the Pltesel chll.
by humanitarian laws.. He can employ ?LaniT,u0Kd,i-ha.y,
child labor with little re.traint. The nto!' Holm,s- "".covered To-
T.n-n a- mill- t--w U.l. . - . -
V HHV': 1UIU. WI c. u intgaij mu
acres of oatsand 19 acres of barley, all
of which will ' yield well, and four
horses, three cows and 800 chlckene,
also a house, hi. place fenced, etc., and
farm machinery, all paid for from the
return, of two crops.
on woman's labor, at a fraotlon over five
pence per day, Thl. woman', labor 1.
aided by children, who earn anything
from a penny to three pence a day. The
men are paid an average wag. of about
eight pence a day.
The, mill. ar. working day and night
to cope with th. orders pouring Into
them from Japan', new dependenclea
They can obtain special rat, for their
rood. Into Manchuria: they hav. been
able, during tha last year, freely to us.
Dalny, where they pay no duty, while
the British hav. to go through New
chwang, where a custom, duty 1. added
to the cose of th. good a
Th. Japanese exporter find, that gov
ernment money can b. had at a low rat.
of. interest to help, bis MUroal trade.,
An Ad That Makes People Tired,
From the New Tork Sun.
"Now watch 'em yawn," said the
guars on a auoway express as paasen-
er. were piling aboard at the Brooklyn
ridga station. A woman wit down and
looked up at an advertisement showing
a yawning baby. Soon she yawned and
yawned and pawned. Other, near her
gazed up at the advertisement and fol
lowed suit This started th. people on
tha opposite aid. of tha car yawning,
although they didn't aee tha tod."
"I've never seen so many Open coun
tenances before in my Ufa as r hav.
.inc. that picture was placed ln these
car.." .aid the guard a. he throw open
the door and howled "Fourteenth atraat
"-&nan- tor local tnUnaV , , ,
"An East Side Bank
Side People."
for East
To save money i. to have a sav
ing, account and add to It regu
larly from your earning.
By thl. method you hav. a con
stantly growing account and on.
that will be of great 'use to you
in case of a rainy day or when
opportunity for Investment pre
If you oan open aa aooovnt with
no mora than 11.00, 70a should
do so. We invit. aoooant. of
11.00 and tip from man, women
and children, on which we pay
4 per cent Interest, compoun
Commercial Savings Bank
George w. Bates....
. S. Blrr.1.
. .President