The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 13, 1907, SECTION 2, Image 18

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OneVnominff. about 1 wek after M Smwbcfrr-Plckifig adrentura, Nakorrvii found a trne animal's footprints in tha .aand ''
Dear thf Srok-Houte, where th fUb wer bdng cured. ;Tha tracks were aomewhat lik Llttla Bear!, except that the cjwmarka were .
' longer and aharper.-- bhe knew etne that they were maoa tfwww gwaamngayrAne WMrercnc, we oiggTrneaam ana ogueet
of all the Marten People.' So dettrocQve la Wolvefefie that the Paleface hunters call hlmCarcaVw; the OrlCUitton." : Becane he Is
such a thie and is disliked by tilths wild creatures, Big Bear had forbidden him to come into thejafcfe Ground on pain of.deaih. But . "
when the fnejl of smoked fish- was wafted acroea the Stream he yielded to the temptation tooftcw up the scent and,' creesiiig orh ,
came tnea'ting along the shore, hoping to get a chance to steal Some of the fish. But rdkomis was ready for him! ' . .
She told Biz Bear and the children that (hey must make a camp on the shore in order to watch the Smoke-Hooaa. So she packed.
no everything needful, closed the Wigwam, and "an bands" helped carry (ho stuff to the riwer bank,' They cut poles for the frame of a lit-. t A -
tkWigwancowrh with a large piecaaillQtlt ThU was to be a sleeping tent for Nokocnis and the children! the others were to --. ;
I w-.May outside, dose to the Smoke-Lodge,- to give the alarm' ahould th4 Crttdy Ctattwt'try to get in and steal the fiakv Kokomia soon bad 1
Ere started nndec the thieVkgsed coctking franMar Whlla ihfi and Biear busied themsehrea about .
" "' the Smoke-Lodge OrowUng Bird and Yellow Hair started off to fetch a pail of fresh water, but Attodak jad Little Bear planted thenv r ;
. " aclvea beside the fire 'to watch the pot boU," as they said 1
I 'in' II. 1 s .Lf . IT V 1 1 . . . . K1 SJ J . x . . , . . -x 1 -.
w - J J , . , - , wm-mmi
..The warmth oi the fare and the bubbUng song of the pot soon hilled Little Bear into dose.- (Next to eating, and playing eome mi
chief, the Lktle Cub liked to take "cat naps.") An the while Wolrerene the Greedy Glutton; waa hiding in the bushes. As eowras n
! ' saw there was nO one left to guard thinf hot the bear cub and the crow, he crawled oat and crept softly toward them.' He tlidnV pey
V much attention to Little Bear, but fuced his fierce eyes uponAiwdak, Intending to pounce on Mm and gobole him up in Jiffy 1 -But the
! - wary old crow was too sharp to be caught napping. ' He noticed s muky" sml in the air which is a peculiarity of the Marten and Wes
, "fcel People) and looked around hiat In time to see Wolverene crouched for spring! He cawed loudl:'THlEVPSt"ROBBERSII
-WAKE UP; LTTTLE PKARTT artd dodred behrmJJie fire. -
J WUFF! how Y0U.
1 . ' J wj5r. x y 1
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HE FOR CHHtfEQl) ' '"l
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.... v.r- - 1 J. -'
Th. GluHnn waa aa anm ttaeauaa ha f ailed ta ratch Aundak that he fairlv hissed With race! LHtle Bear WOke UO with S Start, th
bair on his shoulders bristling with fear.- In front of him crouched a ahaggy-haired beast about thejiaeof a bulldog, with a email head.
, gleamtng teeth, fierce eyes, and a whits band of fur across his bead. Although not so heavy as Little Bear he was longer in the body? hie .
feet were flat and bear-like and armed with long, sharp daws; hie curved tail waa thick and buahyV But little Bear put on a bold front '
and growtadr Wuffi Wuffl Go Vy,igly beast, or me give you CUFFT ' Suddenly, the fierce WolvereJwuulmghoiTibJy.leaped wf
virn,bhlueea.8beEsosctcbiivrs nKk
.-. - nereeiy. - iMcr tr re unni a cun on trie oiuttow s nowe. ana - - - . .
' Will
pwBwaBwjBwasasasaBaeBwaBBSBBBBBBBaBBBBasaaasBBB wvaaaBaBSBaaBBaaBBBBaasBBasassaaBaBBaBBBaBBBBa bbb
I ' j t e fire Wolverene tumbled, head over heels! ' He yelled and screeched as the hot coals burned his bide, and, in struggling to
-,1-1 . Kfced out one of the legs of the cooking frame. Down came the potwf bpiling water, spilling all over hint an scalding bim
t liY! Whet a row there was THEN I You couldn't see anmmg'biR .a furry baHwhlrUng ma cloud of steam and dnderat
1 !f in could scramble out he bounded away, howling frightfully anf leaving a trail of smoke behind.', Growling Bird aid
r v f ji:tt then returning with the pail of water when Wolverene came rushing toward thent"witb open )awif ",Yenow"IIair .
. , rt r,it nf hrr wit--ej5d Grow linz Bird felt pretty shaiv raw
)I' Instead, heuickly threw out the water anoe . 4
Holding the pail in front, he clapped It over Wolverene'a head aa the brute sprang at him I Greedy Glutton thought he waa caught..'
in, a trap at last, and, as most wild things do when trapped, he made for deep water. He plunged into the stream, and almost broke hia ;
- neck trying to get hia head out of the paiL When, at last, he freed himself he crawled out and limped off to his den. vowing vengeance on
Growling Bird and, especially, on Little Bear for knocking him into the fire. But no one Should fee sorry for Wolverene, because he has '
always been an "outcast" among men and beasts. But Little Bear was quite conceited over hia success. ; (See the grand air he wears as i
the children prajse hia courage!) But thTh.'we can't blame him for bragging a tittle, for a change He has had such a HARD TIME of . .
it. lately hasn't he? '.Later, you shad bear how Wolverene came back, seeking revenge, and what liappcned to himl : A.T. C -
. . . I ' . ;';r.