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x i mw i b i -
m ncriTO iid
in i r 1 1 1 .i in
'Both Refineries Advance the
1 "list at the Same Time
' Early This Morning.
Today's merkef features:
Sugar market lOo higher. -."'
, Lower prices on peaches..' M. '
Loganberries sell lower .again.
... .Wild blackberries In demiuiiL ' ,'
Esse still show wide range. '
' Continued demand for poultry. .
. ' Potato market holding well.
English still after coast hops. '
Local eggplant Is still high. " '
. Suing bens still glut trade. ,
' Sugar Market Is Tea Cents TJp.
'?Alntoat at the same Instant both the
I I II I Jk Hiwi Ur ind ih. W ....
.gar Kenning companies notified the
wlocal trade today of an advance of lOo
. per 100 pounds all through the sugar
... . .MB. .Uf.UW wvuiivu mb
o'clock sharp. While the rise came In
.the nature of a aurprlee to moat deal
ere, it wss expected by some. The. late
. m larger irun crop man expeciea
short time ago both helDed to boost val.
uee on the Pacific coast. The new list
- puis ory granuiaiea at it.iTVfe.'
- Because of the small slses of a large
per cent or the fruit now arriving from
The Dalles and the much more liberal
supplies from other local points, peaches
re toaay selling as tow as too a oox
:.. along Front street Oood ordinary stock
brings f 1 a bos and it takes something
higher figure. At present only the early
varieties are being received In this city.
huh . r I tf tMUnar im i.r.Mtr ramiT.
) aboraabenrtea Sell Xowe Again.
This Bfllnv KatiirHaw mnA m mA
day tor conning, loganberries are lower
again along the street. la some quar
ters receipts were quite small but in
others supplies came thick, and fast.
' Most Of the dealers, howsver, notified
their ehlppers not to send loganberries
v fer a Saturday market, as trade In can-
nln mtuU I - alnva K. r. that Amm
Wild blackberries continue to show a
mmtmA AmwnmnA j-i f th vanrllv
malt arrivals. Sales are still being
, made along the street at lOo a pound for
the ordinary run.
" Local eggplant "Trom'TThs -Dalles
snows nne quality today. Bales at
- a crate. --.--
Dl.ln ..n.nt.ll Ika ana
in too great supply ana tow prices con
. tlnue.
fettle KuM Molding Well. .
Prices In the local potato market are
VlM In. .-11 T .--I ... . .K
. . I . . 1 1 ...
yviiib. a,, n .iiui um in. muu viidi a naw
' rt- . a a in mm Htv flhlnntnv
i Stock will likely enter the market from
local points within the next week. There
Is a good demand rulftng both hers and
' In the south. Mew spuds ruling from
i.7& to U.Z5 per sack.
Old potatoes are almost useless and
awnim nam a i lower yuuh.
. California red onions sre in only fair
. Supply and values sre holding doae to
. , ,.., U' 1 1 Walla .Inhaa ..llln
- at - rmer price. Local onions expected
ki iv xiri ol. inv coniini monio.
' - - Basils smu- Arte. .On Hops, t
a DesDita the great .Improvement report
I ill mumiiiK ujor in tiiv xwiS"H
crop condition during the past 24 hours,
reliable cables from abroad tell of back-
' ward weather with plenty or vermin.
, Kpreylng- haa been carried on so much
there that the vines sre almost killed.
The true stats Of the English hop crop
prospects oan be sarely told oy tne in-
creased number ot Inquiries being re
ceived from abroad by local people who
at tne low price, 01 course. -
.Vaj VI NW .IMP,
' Egg market continues mixed as to
duality and selling price."
Poultry demand never better than
now. Pries holds at top.
Dressed meats hardly coming at all.
Famine worse than ever. Some dealers
asking more for what few they, get
Tomatoes sre coming so fast that
salee are bslng made considerably lower.
Oregone now selling down to fl.tO for
lancy. .
Creamery butter and ' cheese firm.
Tone of former Improved by small ar
rivals, due to continued warm weather
and the lighter supply of cream. One
large city creamery waa ao short yes
terday mat it purcnasea supplies .rrom
a Front street bouse. .!.-.
Today's Front street prices:
. Oral. Tien aad Teed.
GRAIN BAQ8 Calcutta, to. large
iota: email, tots, ew
WHEAT Club, 14 15c; red Kusstan,
. . . v. . . . . -11 a . u . .
CORN Whole, 121.00; cracked. jit.SO
saw Vn
BARLET Mew reed. l21.00Ofl.00
rer ton; rouea, zi.avo; brewing.
22.00O2I.00. . : ,
RTE till oer ewt
' OAT8 New Produoera price No. 1
wnite. izs.ou per ton; grey. 1.7.00.
rjOUK Kas tern Oregon patents,
Sfrr straights, 14. 2S; export 14.00;
valleT, $4.S 14.40; graham, tta t.7l;
whole wheat 24.00; rye. eOa. Ie.00; balsa.
j- 1
MILLBTUFFB Bran. 117.00 eer ton:
middling, 125.00; shorts, country, 120;
city. tiMO: chop, ti.oo021.eo.
HAT ProUucsrs- price Timothy,
WUlsmetts valley, fancy. tlf.OO01T.OO;
ordinary, IU.UUU 14.0U; eastern Oregon,
tlt.00020.00: mixed. f 10.00O10.e0;
clover, tS R0M 00; grain. 2I.00O10.00;
cheat M 0 0 1 00. ' -
' Batter, Bggs aad yomltry.
BUTTER FAT f. o. b. Portland
Bweet cream, 26o; sour, 24a,
BUTTER City creamery 17 He; see
ends, 2iHo; outside fancy. JBc; seconds,
KviGS-Kxtra fancy candiwl.
CH EESE-New Full cream. flats,
14H01ao per lb; Toung Americas, .lltt
4914c per lb, . f -
POULTRi Mixed chickens, 12Hc;
fancy hens, 14o pr lb; roosters,
old, lOHo lb; fryers, l17o lb; broilers,
14(9 17o lb; old ducks, 16c lb: spring
ducks, li0l(o lb; geeee, old, I410o per
lb; spring geese, MHOlio per lb: tur-
keys, llyl4o lb for old; squabs. 22.10
per aoi;
doi: pigeons, 11.16 oer doa. Draamaul
poultry, iwitai per 10 nigner.
Bops, Wool sag BUdss.
HOPS 1200 crop prime to choice,
tt 07c: medium to prime, IAU; eon
tricts. l0t crop. 10110. . ' "
WOOL 1 to 7 clip Valley, 20021s
astern Oregon, It Olio.
MOHAIR New 1907 II 01
BHEKPSKINS -6heai,g. 12 0 200
each: short wool, 26040c; mllun. wool,
40 O76o each; long wool, TKcOll.OO each.
- TALLOW Prime, per lb. 2W044; No.
I and greaes, 202ViC. . ,
CHIT TIM BARK to per lb.- f .
Fraits aad Tegetables. .
POTATOES 2H 0 to per lb.
ONIONS Jobbing price New Cali
fornia red, II per sack; Nsw Walla
Walla. va .a. pviiru. w mrww fcf.
PLEB New. 11.0001.7.
mm K mm. lki
lemons.-14.6004 21 Der
box: . limes.
Mexican. J4.00 ner
100: pineapples, 13.210(00 dos, graus
fruit, Ij.ib; onerriee, tone per 10.;
fooeeberrlea, to per lb; loganberries,
6n0 21.21 per erate; peaches, 76c
2.26; cantaloupes, fancy, 21.7602.26;
raspberries, 21.26; plums, 1.2t01.eO;
wa'ernrelons, 2Ho per lb.
VEUkTABLEs Twrnlps. new, 20r"d
m a, H.b. aanwt. tk.Ci 1 Aft na, a.L
beeta, 2171 per senk: parsnips. 21000
Llt; cabbage. 12.26, tomatoes. Call
Frsewater, Or., July 12. As'
4 the season advances the differ- 0
0 ent fruits In this seotlon continue 0
0 to' corns In. At prssent the 0
0 cherry crop Is almost gons. and
4 only a few crates are obtainable.
0 Raspberries, both red and black,
0 have reached their aloas, and
0 found a ready market WlMUeln
0 season on aocount of the scarcity
0 of this .perishable f Black-
0 berrlea and dewberries are' com-
Ing .. In ..plentifully, . and -sarly -
0 peaches and apples are beginning
0 to corns In. .Apricots also are on
0 ths market , -. .
0 r" - v-
rornia, toctfii; Oregon, luo; par-
amps, ucii.uu; .wax Deans, so;
green, 4e tier lb.: oaifllflower. tl.i&iS
1.60 dosen; peas, 4 0 6o; horseradish, 8o
10; articnoKes, 07(e per dos: aspara
gus, vo per dos punches; rnubarD, io 10
froniriwHtii. 26a ner doc. bell Deo
pers, lltto per lb.: head lettuce,
) dos; cucumbere. hothouse, - 404
60o dos: outdoor. 76c 1.00 a box: rad-
lahee, 1 to dos bunches;- eggplant, (6.26
crate; screen, corn, loo aoa.
. ' ' Orocerles, Vats. JSte,
SUGAR Cube. 2f.22U: -powdered
2t.07M; berry. 26.27; dry; granulated.
2S.67V4: Btar. I6.17H: conf.-A. I6.67W:
extra b, (6.27HV golden C, (S.27U; D
yellow. 66.17V : beet sranulated. 25.77 V
barrels, lOo; half barrels, 26o; boxes,
too advance on sack teta.
(Above piicea are 20 days net eaah
quutasi inns. - i
. . i -
tvj?Tu z nor erata ,
COFFEE Pacaaae brands.' 115.120 I x .
SALT Coarse Half sound. 100s. til
per ton; noa,; table, oairy, tos.
iio.eo: iooa. ut.zt: naiea. tm
ported Liverpool, 60s, l 00i 100s. (17
224a, $16.00; extra fine, bbls, is. ba and
ios. ii.I901.ii uverrjooi ramu rw.
(20.10 per ton; tO-lb rock. (1L00; 100s,
110.60. .i
lAoovs prices sppiy to saiea or lees
than car lota Car lots at special prices
SuD)ect to fluctuations.)
RICE Imperial Japan, No. L o; No.
x, itvie; New urieana, neaa, io
Alas Kc: Creole, gsee.
BEANS Small white. 21.20; large
White, (2.21; pink. (2.26: bavou, (I.0
Limes. 6Uc: Vfezlcan red lUfi. .
NUTS Peanuta. Sum rut. Ho per lb
Virginia. 7V4o per lb: roasted. lOo per
lb; Japanea. l0IHe: roasted. 0?H
Per lb: walnuts. California. 16o per lb
pins nnts,140lB(rper 1b: Wekorr nnts,
lOo Mr lb: Brasll nuts, lie oer lb: fll-
oerts, io per 10; rancy pecana. itymo
paraoi aimonos. isoiiMc .
aaeats, risk and ro visions.
VHVeU mtmm-mPa Vaw.n mmmm.m TJ r m, m
fancy. 101 Ho per lb: large. t07o per
id; veai, extra, c per id:
io per id: poor. wio
fancy. 20 to tier lb.
par lb; mutton.
HAMS. BACON, ETC. Portland pack
r local) hams; is to ll ma. if s per id;
14 to is Jos, iso per id; it u j ids.
lb: Dlcnlcs. 12c per lb: cottage roll
11V40 per lb; regular abort clears, un-
smoked. Ho per lb: smoked. I Jo per id;
clear backs, unsmoked. 12o; smoked. 12o
per id: union butts.-10 to is ids un
amoKeo. bo dot id: emoneo. o per no
clear bellies, unsmoked, HUe per b
smosed, jiho per id; snouiaers, utu
per lb: pickled tongues. (Oo each.
, LOCAL LARD Kettle leaf. 10O. 12'
per lb; 6 a. 12 Ho per lb; 60-lb tins. 12 He
per lb; stesm rendered. 10s, 11440 per
id; os, li no per id: compouna,. ivs, lire
per lb.
VTOtf .BMb wmmA wtmmt Ik. 1m,nA-ai
to bar lb.: halibut 7c per ib. : strlDed'
base. 12c eer lb: catfish. lOo per lb: laU
mon. fresh Columbia chinook. 11 Ho per
id-; Bteeineaaa, 100 per id; nerringa, oo
oer lb: soles, to Der lb: shrlmns. lOo oer
lb; perch, to per lb: black cod, 7o per
lb; tomood. 70 per lb; lobsters, l(o per
lb; rresn macKerei, so per id: crawrisn.
20o Der dos: sturxeon. lOo per lb: black
baas. 20o per lb; Columbia river smelt
to per lb; shad, to per lb; black cod.
Ho per lb.
STERA Shoal water bay. ' per sal'
Ion. 11 60: rer 100-lb sack. 64 60: Olvm.
ria, per gallon. (i.zo; per ii-io sacs.
6.6O0t.tS; Eagle, canned, 100 , can;
(7.00 dos.
CLAMS Hardshell. Per box. 22 40:
rasor plama. (2.00 per box: lOo par doa
Faints, Coal Oil, Bto.
ROPE Pure Manila. 160: standard.
11460; sisal, lie.
COAL OIL Pearl or Astral Cases.
lHo per gal; water white. Iron bbls.
14a oer sal: wooden. 17o ner sal: head
light. 170 dg cases. 21 Ho per gal.
GASOLINE (t deg esses. 24 He per
gai; iron nnia, iso per gau
BENZINE 12 des.. caaea. 26o oar sal:
Iron bbls. 8o per gaL
TUKfEifTlMio in cases, 110 per gal;
wooden bbls. ISc rer saL
WHITE LEAD Ton lots. To' Per
Ib: 600-lb lota, to per lb; less lots. IHo
per id.
wilts n.ii.D iront oasis at
Receipts and Demand Both Light
Price Holding the Same ' '
M Friday.
Portland TJuton Stockyards. July II.
Vtiiciai receipts: - .
.- Hod Cattle.. Sheen.
Today ...... ,. in - -- (1 lis
wee ago . .. , ...
Tear aao ........ ... - 100 460
Previous year ... II 247 . 646
wttn amau arrivals and today being
mturaay, mere wss unit or interest in
ths tradlns? in the local livestock mar
ket '.'All prices held aa previously quot
ed. Today a few horaes were among
the arrival. - - v ...
A year asa today hoa-s and ahaen ware
1.. m Im JtttU .
urnciai livestock prlcea: -
Hosre Best esatsrn Oreroh. 2C.K0:
stockers and feeders, (1.000 1. 25; China
gaia,, -
t;attie Best esatern Oreron steers.
4.00; ueat cows snd heifers, bulla.
Sheep Wethers, (4.1604.60; lsmbv
Price Wrk to Five Cents Lower
r Others Hold Steady.
Chicago. July It. Official aatlmsted
Horn. Cattle. fthsen.
Chicago 2.000 600 2,000
Kanaaa City. . . t,000 200
Omaha ....10.000 ' 100 :
Hoga are wsajt to 0 cents lower, with
,100 left over. Reoetpte a year ago
were 14.000. Mixed, tS.ftO0l.ITH: heavy.
16. 4006.76; light.
vaitie nireaay,
Sheep Steady.
Portland Bank Statement.
Clearings today
do, year ago
Gain today. T-n ., 1 ........ I
Balannes- today. ..... .. . .... .
ao year ago
Change la Finn.
" The wheat stock snd cotton broksrase
firm of Overberk, Starr Cooke com
pany will hereafter be known aa. the
verneck A Cooke company. Oaer E.
Overheck and James p. Cooke purchae-
ng ths Interests of Everett O. and L. IL.
HALF fJIL 10(1
rrospcts for Crop of Five
and a Half Million Bush
els f or Umatilla Fields. :
'," oord-BreaklBg Crop. -4
' Pendleton,- Or.. July 12. Thar
4 la now ripening in TJmatMa eoun
4 ty the ' largest wheat 4kc-op ever
4 grown In ths county. .The area
4 la larger by several ' thousand
4 acres this ysar, and it Is estl
e mated that the yield for 1207
e will be 1.600,000 bushsls. half a
4 ' million bushels more than haa
4 ever been produoed In the county
4 ' before. - . " '.".'
4 ' In the wheat belt around Helix.,, $
4 Athena. Adams and Fulton are
4 ' many fields which It Is conserva
e tlvely ssumated will yield mors
than 10 bushels. '
CTMoago Wheat Yeloea,
July It. July 12. Gain. ltot.
July ......... tlH tOH. H 77
8eDt liB ' I4H H ' 71
Deo. ....... (H 7HB- (OH
stay. 101 H 102 1
Chlcaso. July II. Ths aotlon of ths
market todiy shows that liquidation of
whsst holdings haa been very thorough.
There 'waa a little tail-end . liquidation
rearly today, coupled with some holding
saies oy caan interests wno were snort
gave the market Its early strength. - As
soon as ths market began to hardsn.tha
shorts were quick to cover. The news
In general as bullish as ever. Ths im
portant news today was from ths north.
west. It caused an upturn In wheat
and at the close figures are H to lHo
better lor the trading. The trade
seemed to forret ths talk of million
bushels lncreasa in Minneapolis, the fine
weather for harvesting In the southwest
snd gavs Vsry little attsntlon to ths
MMtrn Miner reportjwnicn, ciaimatnat
farmers are Benin a wueai xreeir ana
that the yields are turning out it any
thinr better than ths orevlous estimates.
although all reporta today were just as
bullish aa-Ahey -Jiave been for some
time. -.-
Livemool was yenr bullish and olosed
with a sain of to Id hieher than yes
terday. Broomball estimated the world'a
shipments at 1,000,000 bushels and
ths prospect for a good decrease In the
quantity on passage
Official Chicago prices by Overbeck It
cooao co.
n High
102 H 102
12 t . t1k
' 63
. oats. ::
-. 42 : -42H
Sept. . . (IH
Deo. . 40 H
,4 .
July .1111 '1160 1460
Sept .1435 17 1612
r- LARD.
Sept . 100 - 02 295
00 -
Jan, . It lS l0
Sept . 217 170 , t2
Oct . . 157 1(0 S66
Liyerpool Grain Market. ,
Liverpool, July IS. Official prices:
, July 1(. July 12. Oaln.
Im lHd Ts d 1 d
7s 2Hd Ts 2Hd lHd
Deo. Ts I'
id Ts 4Hd
Sept. .......... .4sllHd 4sUUa
Xew York Grain Market.
New Tork July 12. Wheat cloee: fien-
lemoer, fiiuiit.
. Duluth Grain Market. ,
Duluth. July II. Wheat eloae: Sen-
tomDer, ii.vih.
fit. Louis Grain Market.
I T ...I. T..1 YXTha... .1.... D
temoer, aiTeo. -
Bid Prices Current on the San Fran
' cisco Exchange.
San Francisco. July 11. Official bid
Sandstorm 46c. Red Ton 24.10. Mo
hawk. (It, Columbia Mt tlo. Jumbo
4.10. Jumbo rJxt I1.87H. vernal lc
Pennsylvania tcA. Ooldfleid M. Co. 21.10.
Kendall 1 80, Booth 4 e, Blue 'Bull 2 to.
A asms 11c, Biiver not fbo. May yueen
20c. Nev. Boy to, B. B. Ext to. Blue
Bell 10c Dixie tc Q. Columbia 14c Hi-
bernla to, St. .Ives (1, Conqueror 12c
bik. kock eo, ine etar zuo. u. wonaer
2c, Oro 20c, Kendall Ext 2c, Sandst
Cr a u..... a A.i...,. . a ..
t. . . jaaaaj 11, wu, iiiam. viva.
Hen a 730, Himerone luo. Empire lie A,
Red Top Ext 24c. Florence 26. Dlsmf.
1. H. con. zee, u. uaiay Z.Z6, LAguna
1.60. uommonwealtn lie comb. Fract
(1.06, Or. Bend Ext. 15c, Or. Bend Anx.
11m 13 T . DAnaMM tm Ummm.m C
a , ... . . . ...iiii.i. ,u, nawwnr. 100,
Esmeralda 10c, Portland - 2I, - Cracker
Jack Uo. Vrancls Mohawk 11.26A. Red
Hill (2c, Mohawk. Ext, 10c, Lqu billon
BC 1. I't'f zoo, uranoma 11c B. Pick
r;xt. c, uol i, r.xt. oca, uoior. (jona
(1.66, Dlamf. Triangle llo.
Alila 1 1 1 Ua,Ua. Jla n..IJ .
VPIIll . . I w . ,.-. "I. v.u. wuiu W
Curry 12c Con. Virginia too, Savage 40c,
11.1. a I., a T.1IK 1 .
tic Belcher 23o, Confldenoe tie. Sierra
Nev, 120, jsxenequer itc union 260. ,
" Ortarlnkl to. Rullf. M. n 16c Nil
Rank tic L. Harris tc Amethyst lie
Oold Bar T2cl Btelnwsv to, Denver Buf.
Anx. lOeA, Bonnie Clare 660, Maylf.
Cons. 26o, Monty. Ohio Ext To, O. Scep
ter so, Monty. Mt. iso, tt. uaisy to,
Homeetake Cons. 10c, Yankee Girl tc
Nugget 7cA. Tramp Cona. 60a, Victor
tcA, North Star ttu.
Ton. Ney, (1(. Mont Ton. (2.21. Ton.
Ext, 21.70. MacNamara 2C Midway
21.17H, Ton. Belmont 22 46, Ton. No,
Star 14C Ohio Ton. Ic west End Cons
tOc Rescue 17o, Ton. ft Calif. IcA, Gold
en Anchor lie. Jim Butler 11.06. Ton.
Cash Boy tc. Ton. Home to. Boat Ton.
10c A, Monarch Pitts. Ex; to, Mont Mid.
Ext 4c, Oolden Crown Ic -
Manh. Cons. Tc O. Weds Be. Setler
Hump. 12c. Dexter 2c. L. Joe tcA, Crea
cent 20, Combination l7o, Qranny llo.
Ittle orey ca. t'owooy 110. Orla.
Manh. Tc Broncho 10o. Jump. Jack Tc
Inenut Ic Buffalo ltd. 8. Doa 4o. Y.
Horse tc Indian Camn 2c
Falrv. Silver Kins lOnA, Fairy. Facia
tC Nevada HUH $. No. Star Wonrter
tc, Eagle's Neat 16c- Ruby Wonder 26c
Alice of Wonder loA. . Plttabuxa BUver
I'eek (lati. . . ' ,
IOW Close
11 - I1H
14 H 24 4iB
July. tlW
Sept. . - 14
Deo. . 7H
Mav . 102 14
7V tlH
C 10IH
Boars Are Trying Again to" Crush Out
All the Hopo of the Hopgrowers for a
Living Price for Their, Crop of Hops.
Tone Acts Very "Well in New
York Copper and Union
Pacific Are Leaders.
CJoaroal SdmUI RarvtM.1
Nsw Tork. July II. Ths stock market
acted very well today and there was
good advancea all ' through the list
Union Paolflo and CooDer were the lead.
era and advanced quite extensively. The
oana statement had a good effect and
the strength continued In the most
active Hat towarda the close. The
money situation la the serious -one, snd
until this is In much better shape ths
iraae cannot nops ror any sustained ad
vance At the close the feeling was
much better an4 honafuL
Official New York prloea by Overbeck
m v.wib cumpany:
Am. c ft F. com.
Am. C. ft F. pfd.
Am. Cot O., com.
Am. Loc 00m..
Am. Bug., com..
Am. Bmlt, com.
Am. fcmlL tfd..
Anaconda Ml Co. .
T tlHl IT
Am. woolen 00m,
Atchison, com . .
Atchison, pfd....
B. ft O., com..,,
a ft O. pfd......
l H
17 H
Brook. Rap. Tr..
Can. Pac. com . .
Oen. Lsatn., pfd.
uen. 14U, pid.
C, O. W, com.
t. si. et b. sr. ....
C. ft N. W.. 00m.
147 H
Ches. ft O
tj. W. ft L. com. .
CoL So., com....
CoL Ba 2n Dfd.
CoL Bo. 1st pfd.
10 Hi to
ueia. uud. . .
D. ft R. O., c,
do preferred ,
Erie, c .......
- do 2d pfd. ..
do 1st pfd. . ,
Illinois Central
41 H
Louis, ft Nash..
UH .1I4474
xnauuiaiuin ai.
Me 1. Cent Ry.
M. K. ft I ., c
M.. K. ft T- Pfd.
Diauuera ..a...
Great -NorUu,
ure. Tracx. , . .
Mo. Paciflo ...
National Lead
N. Y. Central ..
N. O. ft W....
N. ft w.. com
do preferred
North American.
Nor. Pac,. com . .
Pac. M. & Co....
Penn. Ry. ....a.
P. O.. U ft C. Co.
V... VVIU. ...
ft st altA
do preferred
Reading, com.
do Zd pfd. ..
do 1st Dfd..
10 H
R. L ft 8., 00m
do preferred
R. 1 com 1
do nreferred
St L. ft 8. F.. 2pf
oo let pro....
Do. -ao., e. . . . .
10 U
do Dfd
80. Railway, c . .
do cfd. ......
Tenn. C ft L..
Texas ft Psc
ao era. . . .
Union Pin. a.
do pfd. I.
TJ. 8. Rub., pfd. II
U. 8. 8 . Ca c
do pfd.
ItH 100
Wabash, e.
do pfd. ......
West Un. TeL ..
771 71.
Wis. cen., c . .
do Dfd. ......
VI r. Chem.
Total sales for day, 146.600 shareaT
United States Goyernment Bonds.
New ' York. July It. ' Government
bonds: 1
Date Bid. Asked.
Twos, registsred..,..l06 106 106
do coupon ..lvos loo. .. 106
Threes, registered ..1111 101' lot
do counon ltlt 101 10144
xours, rB.i w,tiiii isa
do couoon 1014 111
Four, reg., old. ...... 107 104
do coupon 1107 104
Fours, Philippines lot
10 H
do coupon 104
Twoi, Pan new.. ... 114
District of Columbia. ... 114 H
New Tork. Bank Statement.
Maw York. July It. Bank statement:
Reserve ., (4,010,800
DO, less U. 8. , 1.142.260
uumnm .....a.... . a .........
Legaie ......... ...... ...... ,
Deposits 1,100
......... .f
New York-London SOrer.
New Tork. July 11 Bar silver. IT tin!
jLionuen, iii-ito,
New York Cotton Market,
-, July
It. It
1171 1125
1111 mi
mt nt
1111 ...
1111 1207
1145 1170
lilt 1113
111? . 110
1114 1174
lilt 1170
1171 1171
Jsn. ....
Feb. ...
March. .
,,1191 1111
V.iiit liii
May ....
July . .
Sent ...
Oct ....
DeO. mm
Liverpool Cotton Market.
ToL July II. Cotton . futures
to 7 points up; middlings.
steady, 4 points lowsr.
They Show to Best Advantage In the
Simplest Tases. '
From ths St Louts Globe-Democrat
When dlsDlaylne- flowers in vaaea. aa
on a metal or oenter table, one thing
ought to be borne in mind, and that is.
tne plainer the vase ths better ths
flowers will show.
Somebody- aava that the difference
between a vase and a "vahse" la that the
latter eosts more than 11.50. But a
Vahsa thst eosts II or It ti now
called an amphora, and both ths "vahsa"
ana tne ampnora were never
for uee, but to ba placed on stands or
In niches as evidence that their owner
has money to burn. To nut flowers In
either would spoil the effect of the'
iiowera, tor uie eys wool a oe attraetxi
by ths beauty or material of the re
ceptacle and ths flowers wpuld be over
shadowed. To get the beat possible effect ef
flowers put them In the plaineat poaal.
ble vu or bowl that will not attract 1
attentloa. then they will be appreciated
for themselves and no comparison will
be Instituted between them and the ra
reptacle that holds them. A double
and ful of exejre daisies, black-eyed
usana. rudbecklas. cornflowers or any
ether eonunoa blossom . will, show Jo
more advantage In a brown earthen
pitcher than In the costliest amphora
ever carved out of Parian marble.
The Japanese understand this princi
ple. All their flower vaaes are of tin
plainest possible construction. But ths
flower-loving Japs go to tbs opposite
extreme in displaying their flowers snd
try by Judicious arrangement to get the
beet possible reeulte from very few
flowera. , They seldom display mors
than half a dosen flowers In a vass, and
try always to havs mors foliage than
bloom, making green ths predominant
color, thus settlug off to the be si ad
vantage the tint of ths flower sgalnst
a neutral background. That' however.
Is a matter of taste. A few flowera well
displayed give an effect of dainty ele
gance. Americans like flowera In ths
mass, but the good taate of both agrees
regarding the almpllolty of the vase.
' (Joorsal Special getilee.)
London, July 12. Plerpont Morgan to
day waa a witness In a London court
against Mrs. Josephine Leslie, who Is
aacuaed of alleging friendship with Mor
gan in order to get money through her
sohemea. Morgan declared ha had never
known or aeen the woman before. '
Annie Blount an Irish heiress, chsrges
ths defendant with securing 141,600
from her on pretenses) of friendship with
Morgan. , . . ,
Gnawed Way Oat of Prison.
A burglar named Bchaarsohmldt, ' In
firlson st Oera, deliberately set to work
o gnaw through a thick oaken beam
In front of his cell window. It waa a
work of seven weeks. Ths fragments of
wood which were torn away he replaeed
with chewed bread, until ths beam was
almost gnswed through.
A final smashing nolae was heard by
the wardens, but before they could ap
pear, Bchaarsohmldt bad escaped.
The first ltnaiup of the Democrats "of
Texas on the-Bailey Issue will likely
be mads in the contest for attorney
general, This is the most Important
office to be fought for In ths Lone Star
stats nsxt year. The second term prece
dent Insures tbs renomlnatlon of Gover
nor Campbell without opposition.
, Wise Counsel Front the Booth.
-t want to give some valuable advioe
to those who suSsr with lama back and
kldnsy trouble," says J, R. Blanken
shlp of Beck, Tenn. "I have proved to
an absolute certainty that Electric Bit
tare will positively curs this distress
ing condition. Ths Aral bottle" gave me
great relief and after taking a few
more bottles I was oomplstsly oured; so
completely that It becomes a pleasure
to recommend this greet remedy." Sold
under guarantee at Red Cross Phar
macy. Price 10c
Every Vcnan
. IslaloroalaO aad ahoald ksew
.... uie wendarmi
MAEYEL harlla Spray
eel Mom CoaTaalaat.
in UM..U),
If kafcnannofc Mcalv tl
eUfcar. but aand alaaiD tar
llluatraled beot iiilat Tta
full Dertlealan end dtnwHmna in.
valuabl Is luiiaja, niavtl rtX.
as a. ssa sr.. syw iork.
2au co 0 bxoixJT; -
Scotl's Santal-Pepsin CapsuTss
FerTnflsmsiatloaj erOaterrhat
the tUedder aad DlMaaMl kid.
un. bo cuss se rax. cares
qnlotly est mi uiaseetly the
want eeM oi ej ewers hase,
aad eaiaws. ae siatur of bow
long etaodlDf, Abeeletely
baraileM. Sold by drafftata.
Bslletstslas, Pais.
by as
IldniT and Elaldir Troobln
24 Hours
Each Cap-
aula besraMIDV):
the BameSeT ;
aiS4fBxeV t( treMHRBMfMl
1 IVCfcL 1 iam DWir
iM 'W - T
Wjr f ST
4t -mf9
eases, then the leriout complex and stubborn ones thst others neither cure
nor comprehend. .1 have confined my efforts to disesses o! men exclusively
snd there is no ailment belonging to this class thst I csnnot fully conquer.
I mskc brosd and definite claims. I tell men thst I csn sure them, even
though others have failed. Jealous doctors have charged me with claiming
too much. But, I ask, wherein hsvs I fsiled to fulfill a promiss? My prac
tice is now fully twice thst of any other specialist upon ths Pacific coast
treating men's disesses. It hss grown to these dimensions bscauie I have
made promises and fulfilled them. Esch cure I hsvs effected is a triumph
and a manifestation of skill that has had its psft in ths making of my suc
cess. Each day new cures are completed, and my present growth of prac
tice is more rapid than ever before. ; '
Consultation is free., If yon sre afflicted, consult me. ' You can rely
upon what I tell you, and if I accept your esie you can reit assured that a
complete and permanent cure will follow my treatment. t
. All necessary X-Ray
examinations are abso
lutely . free to patients.
My equipment for. X-Ray
work is the finest and
most complete ever pro
duced, and equally per
fect results are not possi
ble with an inferior sppa
ratua. - .
All medicines are pre
pared from gtandardised
drugs in my own private
laboratory and are sup
plied to patients at actual
cost. , j.
(BpaeUI DUpatck to The JeeraaL) .
Eugene, Or., July II. A fire along
the Bulalaw liver a mile and a half be
low Mapleton early In the week de
stroyed 600.000 fast of fine sawiors.
vslued at 22.000, belonging to the Ore
gon California Lumber company,
wnicn owna the big sawmill at Flor
ence, formerly owned by O. W. Hurd.
It la not known hoar the fire orlslnated.
When flret discovered It had a Dread
over considerable territory, but by per-
laiou. anon on tne part or a targe
number of loggera and farm era It waa
arTeetea. no green timber was burned.
iu rmm woiu
Knows 1 that Ballard's Snow Liniment
haa no auperlor for rheumatism, stiff
Joints, cuts, sprains, lumbsgo snd all
palna, Buy It try it and you will al
JJV." i1 An,ody who has used
Ballard a Snow Liniment is a living
oroof of what It does. All we ask of
you Is to get a trlsl bottle.- Price 2 60.
(Oo and (LOO. Sold by all druggists.
Be not waste yoar life soasslttag
1 21 r&A
Cn We Cure IVHeini
VLh if 8KB
I ther the education skill nor excellence -neeeesary-f-flM ut -what yeur- )
aument is, mucn eas to cops vim it ana mass yon wail.
Thlnga that are not done right never turn out well. Beeta rlghtl
Ooaanlt ual Wo are regularly graduated University TralmaA Bpeolaolsta,
- whoss original lnvsstigatlona and long study Into the causs and our of
special diseases havs causae US to
claltsts la our llna . . .
We Cure Nervous Debility
- This Is to men who lack eourage, whoae nerves are shaky,
-eves nave toai tne sparaie, wnoew Drains ars - muoaiea. - raeae conruaeo,
sleep restless, oonf ldsnoe gone, spirits low and -easily depreeeed, -who are '
backward, heeltatlng, unable to venture because they are afraid of failure;
who want somebody to decide for them, who are weak, run down and rest
less. It la to men who have part or all of these symptoms and want new
life, new energy. We especially solicit those oasss In which many so
called treatments have failed, or where money has bsen wsstsd on other
methods of treatment Don't experiment when our direct method of
fers a certain means of sura by local treatment -
We Cure
Varicocele caussa oongeetlon of ths blood In soma of ths moat vital
blood vessels of man. It oauses a dull, hsavy, listless feeling, whloh Is
often mistaken for nervoue debility or general decline. Varicocele re- -aults
from partial paralyala of ths delicate nerve fibers that control lo
cal circulation of the blood. The muaeular costing of the velne Is deprived
of nervous control and becomes InaoUve, weakens and relaxes. The
blood vessels expand from the pressure within. The circulation becomes -sluggish
and clota form In little nooks snd pockets that oonatantly on
large as ths relaxation continues.
No Pay Unless Cured
Our reputation 'and work are
curing man tor ii years.
Write. If you csnnot call. All correspondence strictly confidential
and all replies sent la plain envelops. - Snglosa I -cent stamp to Inaure re
ply. OFFICE HOTJRS I a. m. to I p. m-t evenings, f to 1:20; Sundays,
t a. m. to 12 noon,
oobvbb noon An yaxxxu tbeits, mbtuib, oma.
I nave the Largest Prac
tice Because I Invaria
bly Fulfill My Promises
Success isn't attained at a bound. It is made
up of many little triumphs. A large medical
practics doesn't await the young physician at
ths college door. He most prove blmislf. He
mmt work toward success day sflar dsy, doing
well esch dsjrs tasks. -
It hss always been my rule to promise noth
ing: that I am not absolutely certain of accom
plishing. .'.'Realising thst no one physician can
successfully undertake to curs all diseases,' I
entered special courses of study in preparation
lor my present work. For 16 years I havs
proving ray ability and building my suc
1 nave m altered, urn tne simpler dis
The Dr. TayIc
ma Morrison St, Ccr. 2nd
PorUand, OreQon
Patients living out of the city and eomiag te
Portland for treatment wlil be furnished with
fine roam free ot cherse. Check your trunks di
rect to 214 Vfe Morrison street . .
Jearsal KmsUI Santas.)
Paris, July !(. a status of Xfarl
aartbaldl. ItaJys gtft to Parts. -wee
unveiled today with tmpoalog eivll an I
military eeremonlaa.
-Se Wa-Taaa
as aude S Ufa stsdr ef roots aad 1..W.
aad ta tkat stady diwavered aad Is glttag
to tbe wnrld bla wnaeVrrol raiedle,
ax cubks withuut vrxaaTius, oa
WITHOUT tag AID 01 A tiin. .
He gearaateee to wre CmtMrrm, Satlraa.
n. Threat. ' ftbaeanrlaai .Nat u ..
larvooa Debility, ttxmmrk. Lrear. B ld
Traebleet alao Lout M'ahend. Vesals Wees
ess ssa AH rnvate nim "
leet Xaeatnd rroa paktas. fjahta , Safe, Bass
aaa aattaaie.
tr; too ii arrticncD. Ttont siur.
If r caaaet eaD. write tar eysipeaat Msab
Sad elreslaa Isakee 4 eaata la etaass.
Sen wo csorzsi nutcira txn
mmu. w. . a. r mt -
swruaae, vrasea. .
leauaa . Taia sasesw
-We ar eur!nf mors men than any two ip
. cialisti in Portland. Our small fee enables at
to cure for less money than many self-styled
specialists ask for their lenricea. Our advice
to you will be worth much in your case if you
needtj)ienricei oi a skilled, reliable specialist
Irregular "doctors- whs nossess net-
pe duly recognised as the leading
Consultation Free
e ,
not a mushroom growth.
We have been ;
Te produce temporary aetlrlty
ef the fwnetlons In aasea ef so
called weakness la a simple mat
ter, but te permanently reetors
strength aad vigor is a problem
that but few physlclaaa have
solved, I never treat foe tem
porary effeeta. ' Under say sys
tem of treatment every nit of
Improvement la a part of a per
manent cure. Though ether
phyeldane have, through my sue
Sees In effecting permanent
earea, been eonvlneed of the fact
that premeturenese. loes ef sow-
er, etc.. are but.- symptoms re
sulting from ehronie Inflamma
tion or oongestlo la tne prostate
gland, none have as yet been
able to duplicate ray euros, My
system of looal treatment te the
?nly effeetlvf means yet knows
or restoring ths prostata te Ha
normal state, whloh always re
sults In full snd eorspiete return
ef strength snd vigor. Sach a
sure Is absolutaly permanent be
cause the condition
for the functional disorder Is en
tirely removed. It le the en if
kind ef a ears a pattest SMMr.
snd Is the only kind ef euro I
wiil treat for.
oonau ivattot mttrm.
t slate no'Mng In rv
aouneemente but te e fal '.
square Uuitv It wl I en 1
nethtn to ea.l an 1 t. o '
yeur case. T' ei r4 pu 4
atMmt your trfiM - l
Wit ifuin to !.! ' ' -any
time ro'i 1.. f '
oroprialng ten . '
Uiiul, 11. net t
equ.fv! la the