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1 i
i -130,000 DALES
Aspects Still for a Smaller
1 !. 1 . ' gon This Year. J f
. i ';v-,"'-; . - - , :'
Today's market feature:
Hops look Ilka 130,000 bales,"
... Hop aala at 7o a pound. .
Bhsd men continue flKhlnir.
V .' ; Central Cannera' aasoclatloa price.
i y Car Brawler cantaloupea arrives.
Berry market holding steady. -'
. .: Cochalla tomatoes In fine a nape.
'i Oregon new spuds com faster. ,
Higher price rule on onion.
: i -Drcpsed veal market firmer. - 1
Mi Err are dull; liable to drop,
v Creamery butter 1 Just holding.'
tSpTiortd plneapplec- in goc4-sfcs;w
atop look lUk 130,000 Bale.
Conservative hop men: those
Jiav the growers' Interests at heart
as well as their own. are not making
predictions of record-breaking .hop pro
ductions in any section tnis season.
yJlarry I Hart of thla city, who is in
a position to estimate the hop crop aa
'wen as anyone, saye tnit tne crop ins
1 ' corains season will ranee arouna liu.
000 bales. It may go a fraction more
than that but it is more likely to fall
'under that figure.
"Hops look fins along the line of the
rmuroaa oetween mis city anff eniem,
' maid Mr. Hart this morning. "The view
. from the cars Is quite good. On the
west Bids the yards are beginning to
' ; show better growth. I don't expect over
-130,000 , bales In Oregon , thla -season
, perhaps less. Tne yard have not teen
cultivated like they were a year ago,
' and this alone will cut down he pro
.' duction. There is 'no question in my
tnind that the crop will be amaiier man
Vi m year aao. I believe that arowerS will
get ' a little better than the cost of
Production It they sell at - the rlfht
Mr. Bart, Tom Livesley and a party
xpect to make an automobile trip
tnrougn the hop yards Curing the next
. tew oaya.
i- Sersa Oam Sal at Balsa.
- That all Is not so" bad in the hop
market as some would lead tho growers
; to believe la shown by the several aales
. . lately at 7c. Yesterday th Provost lot
of about 1J0 bales of choice goods was
void to Shucking at a price said to be
To a pound. Thera has been a number
- of other sales at . thla .figure for. the
tet quality.
' ,v The Eastern , markets 'are thu re
1 viewed by the New Tork Produoers'
Frlc Current:
' ' ' "Business in the local market Is al
most st a standstill. There has been
very little inquiry, and ws only hear of
aiaies or occasional vesjr smau- ioi.
AVlth excellent ' growing weather the
froat week in New York Stat the vine
, '. iiu niaue
1 . r?F? FJ'LtP" mna '.n inoo3
;ln-whlohjthe Vine was in good
on the showing la exce lent. The
; mpre- backward yard have alao ahown
;a decided improvement,, and prospect
for a fair crop are now much better, It
is still claimed, however, that it will be
'Impossible to raise as many hops aa
..last year on account of th arge per-
- , ventage or miasms; nws in tne 01a
.-yards. The. Coast crops are reported to
: pa in very good shape, the . ehower of
'late havlag brightened up the yards.
- Tnm mnriinn mail and niviiuimr aa
iiDtt mail anq ucwipoyor u-1
.to. th affect thathe . crop
a very good tart, although
- vlcea
?. alight attack of fly la reported. This
s nothing unusual, however, and Is
1? wade" llglirorr "Tlie conUnentaT crops
ars all reported aa looking very well,'
' Central Canners 2fam ViloM.
Local Jobbers are In receipt of.'.the
opening price on canned i goods made
5 by the Central Canners' Association of
uaiixorma. wnnar- tne - exact rigures
Miavet not as, yet been made-public,' it is
i stated that they make tha figures ,of
fa. year aao look.-dirt cheap in comparl-
Sson.1 No opening prices have as yet
.' been named by- , th. caiirornia jrruit
scanners'- association. As was. told some
, i time ago in this report, tho canners
have much to contend with this season.
f First there 4s the great uncertainty re
i rardlnr the alze and Quality of the crop;
i next there Is th scarcity and high price
. of cans and boxes, and lastly, there is
the enormous shortage in labor and the
-i tugn prices ruling in tne sou in.
Shad Kea Oontlan rishisg.
Intent again on gettlng'a decision f-
garding the master lisn waraen s atanu
4 on th close of shad fishing In the
L Willamette slough, the fishers are con-1
'i tlnuing their work, ana some email ar
rivals have been lately received In this
city. The closing of shad -fishing at
t this time would caese the loss ot aoouc
$400 each to every man engaged in the
B Tf tha ml nr nf
' th Astoria official is held in the court
i th men say tnat H will a rive an tne
Shad bualness to that city. The men
: contend that soma time ago when the
V government had appropriated a large
' sum for the dredging of the Willamette
driver, a delegation from St. Helens tried
to get some of this sum expended on
tha Willamette alough; claiming that it
i was a tributary of the river. According
to th officials the alough was not a
, trfhniarv. ao thev did not work there,
iTh fiahermen base their view on this
' alleged decision of the government and
uv thev are willlna to test it in the
, courts against; tha ruling of the Astoria
' f , T3Wa ' Wntaa of tha fnda
Egg rnirket duller with some talk of
t lowering prices. ' Eastern eggs have be-
isrun to arrive, in a smau
way. and
t they are much cheaper
if nfianlra ,
' aala. f lntfnl tnrk.
!, : Chicken market In steady position
Draaaed veal was very scarce during
' -' 4Vi naiit 24 hours, and soma sales were 1
;: made a traction nigner. - ;
'- Another car of Brawler cantaloupes
' arrived in this morning. Price lower at
S HIS: v
V; Cocbella tomatoes are shown in fine
. : napo on ino - irei.. vnua mvu v
$2.25. .
Oregon new potatoes are coming In
; i faater. Sellin a a. fraction lower. --
' rnfornla red onions have advanoed
"liviSo in the local market on account of
V f m .(m( . mava fn lha amifh
Florida pineapples ar arriving in fin I
Clll,..'. ' . ..... 'r
, ahane
A straight ear of peaches Is expected
i tomorrow rrom uiuiornii, vtm teiii
t around 21.60. -
i , Today's Front street selling prices
'i.t"r-L.:V (train, rionr and reed. "Tr
QBAin UAua uaicuiia, c largo
.. v lots;; small lots. 10c. -
i U WHEAT Club, 8485c; red Russian,
sxcv niuaatem. niextssc. vaiiev. stavsao. I
cukm wnoie ..uv; cracaea, t.s.uwi
per ton.
IT A TTj flAATl ATT 4 T TmV"
'iitvi'i iTirwii uim ij i i i
----- i
"It looks at present as If the
early: crop of potatoes In Ore-.
gon will be rulte fair this sea-
son. Thus far quality has been
good but it Is hard to tell how d
th stock : Will turn out, later.
Everyone is rushing their early 4
stock to market with tha least
possible delay and : soma are
therefore'' shipping Unmatured a
potatoes, Ths price on Oregona - 4
rules today St $2.60 8.00. They ... S
ar better than caiiiornlas for
home consumption but . are not
matured enough as yet to ship
distance." BJark Levy, f Mark
Levy & Co... .
4 V .0 '
"Eggs ar coming n fairly
well, and while price are eon- 4
slderably advanced, there I no -
surplus. There are soma fresh
eastern In the city, and they are )
selltng at considerably less than )
th local.. , '
. ."Cutter 1 la unchanged, and 4
quite firm for all grades. 4
. "Poultry has to a certain x .
tent recovered, and while hens( 4
s are not any too firm, there is a
brisk demand for large spring
(very small ones art not sought 4
4 after) and at very fair prices.
Ducks are., being marketed too
freely and thera la a poor fle- - e
4 mind for them at present Old
turkeys are also dull, and the e
e same Is true as to all geese.
e The only feature of the poultry
market Is an increased demand
for large springs. J
' "".'Thr "d wnantf - for- faney"- fat a
e- veal Is very good, and the trade
is not getting nearly what It
, e needs. I hope that receipts of
fancy will toon pick up. Email
, and medium fancy nogs are good
sellers, but large and rough are a
e not wanted badly. Tom Farrell 4
tof Everdlng ft Farrell. ;
'"':.- '.
TJABTJTT New Feed t21.0O01t.Oo
rer ton; rolled, $11.00 14.00; brewing.
22.00O22.00. , . , .
hil ii. ob ner dwl
OATS New Producers Dries- No. 1
white. 128.00 per ton; gray, 127.00.
FLOUR Eastern Oregon patent.
M.80; straights, $4.25; export, 14.00;
valley, 24.20 $4.40; graham, Us. $1.76;
whole wheat, 14.00; rye. 80s, .00; bales.
$2.7. . '
MILLSTUTTS Bran, 117.00 per ton;
middllna-s. 228.00:- shorts, country. 120;
city, Jli.OO: chop. tK.00A21.OO. '
HAT Producers' price Timothy,
ordinary. $l.o0OU.GU; eastern Oregon,
$19.0020.00; mixed. - 10.0010.0;
clover, $8.6001.00; grain, I8.0010.00;
cheat. $8,60 $.00. , .
' Butter, Zrgs saa Poultry. -
BTTTTER FAT f. o. b. Portland
Sweet cream, 22 Hei sour, 21 Ho.
BUTTER City creatnerr, 2 So; seo-
onds, HHo; outside fancy, I6o; seo-
Onds. 71 He; store, Oregon. 18010.
- koos Kxtra rancy, - cacaied. iiov
24o: -uncandled, 22W2IHC
CHEESE New Full cream. f Tats.
lto per lb: Young America, Ho per lb.
POULTRTi Mixed chicken, lie;
fancy hens, 12Hc lb: roosters, ; Old.
lOHo Ib:'fryrs. 14011c lb; broUers,'14
Ol So: old duck. lOo lb: Drln
duck. itOlso id; geeae, old. soioo per
10; spring geese, 124 d iso per id; tur-
U... 11 All. IK fn, nM .nitshi f Kfl
Ps' Piseons, $1.26 per dos. Dressed
poultry. flHo per lb lUgher. f i;
' J-mrl - wide, - .
HOPS lSoi crop prims to cholcia,
7C! medium to . prime. I 7c; con
tract. i97 crop, luwiio.
WOOL 1107 clip Vallsr. .00210
eastern Oregon, 1I021& .
MOHAlK--XMeW. 111 129 Ui9 HO.
SHEEPSKINS Shearing, 18 20c
each: short wool, 26048c: medium wool,
60 16c erh; long wool, 76c $1.00 each.
TALiuw tTime, per id, vo; no.
. --A ,-mm.
J I i"lfS V
I . JJ
K 60pT ltt. '
1 , rruits and TegatabUa. ' '
JPOTATOES $20a2.25 rweeta. 4) I
per id: new potatoes, c per id,
ONIONS Jobblna- Price New Call
fornla red.-$8.76 9 4.00 per sack; garlic. I
so per id.
RESH FRUITS Oranges. $204;
bananas, 60V lb; lemons, $4.60 6.25 per
box;- limes. Mexican. $4.00 per
t s.2os.ou aos; grape
: atrawberrles. Oregon.
$1.76- per crate; - cherries., ' 4 12 Ho
per - Ibf gooseberries, 60 per lb;, ap
ricots. 81.2501.403 , loganberries. Il
1.26 pen crate: peaches, $1.351.60;
cantaloupes, 14.00; raspberries, fi.esgs
1.76: piums, -VEOETABLES
Turnips, new. : (0oO
$1.00 sack; carrots, 75c$1.00 per sack;
beets. $1.75 per sack: parsnips. $1,000
$1.26; ' cabbage. $2.50; tomatoes, Cali
fornia. $L261.50; Oregoa, $2.5002.00:
parsnips, 80c$l: string beans. -7c;
cauliflower. $1.25du.50 dos; peas. j7c;
norseraaisn. so 10: articnoses. oosji ydc i
horseradish, 80 lb; artichokes, 66 4j 76c
per dos; wuhoard squaan, l-r J oer id;
cranberries.- $10.00 11.0(r per s . bbl;
sprouts, () per lb; asparagus, 76o
per .dos bunches; rhubarb. 8 & 3 HO lb;
green onions, zoo per aos; oeu pep-
nera. xba ner in: neaa. lettuce.
( ) dos; cucumbers, ' hothouse, 65c
$1.00 dos; outdoor, $1.00(31.60; radishes.
loo aos nuncnes; eggpiant. sua per id
green corn. 36 ? 40c do.
r Oroerle. Bats, Bto.
SUGAR Cube, 26.1 2 V4 J rowdered. I
25.97U; berry, $5-77; dry granulated.
$6.77 HJ BUr, 86.87 H;
aam A . C T7 Lt I
extra B, $5 27: golden C, $5.17 H; D
yellow, $5.07 H: ot granulated, $6.67;
barrels, 10c; half barrels, 16c; boxes,
500 advance on sack basis.
(Above prices are 80 days net cash
quotations. -., ..,
f nUMGi 3.o per crate.
COFFEE Packaxe brands. 216.880
18.63. ,
BAL.T coarse Half pound, loos, til
per Hon; 60s, $11.60; table, dairy, 60
$15.60; 100s, $15.25; bales, ' $2.10; 1m-
T t..M,1 C Aa 41 O AA IHAa 17
224s. $16.00: extra fine. bbls. la I and
10s. 24.6005.60: Liverpool Iumt . rock.
$20.60 per ton; 10-lb rock, $11.00; 100s. -
(Above prloes apply to sales of less
than car lota Car lots at .special prices
subject to fluctuations.)
KICJ& imperial japan., xmo. i, c; no.
2, 5H5c; New Orleans, head, , 7c;
Ala-r Kp! rvenla. ISfA.
BEANS Small white, $2.80; 1 large !
white. $8.26; pink, $8.26: bayou. $3.yo;
Llmas, 8c; Mexican reds, 4Hc
NUTS-e-Peanuts. Jumbo, 8U0 per lb;
Virginia. 7 Ho per lb: roaated, 100 peri
lb: Jananese. 5 6He: roasted. IJ7Uo
nr lb: walnuts. California. 1 bo per lb;
pin nuts..l4915o per lb: hickory nuts,
in nAf in; srazii duii. ibo ur iu, Hu
berts, lo per lb; fancy pecans, 18 20o
per lb; almonds,-1921 He
Msats. risk and Provuions. "--
imwRM MEATS Front street Hoss.
fanny. SfflSUo oer lb: larire. SOTo per"
lb; veaL extra, BQPSttO per id: orainary.
b; veal, extra, 88Ho per id: ordinary.! poor, 8a per lb; muttoh,
tancy, 88c par Ib;- , - .
HAMS. BACON. ETC. Portland' pack
Hocal) hama. 10 to 12 lbs, 1814o per lb;
j lb lto per lb; 18 to 20 lbs.
mu., kr..vr.t. baron. uu2Z9 cer
)b. picnics. 12o per vit;
cottage roll.
per Id: regular anort clears, un
d. 12o per lbt smoked, 12o per lb;
clear backs, unsmoked. 12o; smoked, iso
"lru h
ciear vbj.4icto uuomvnv., - r
mok-sd, u
moked. 1314c per lb; shoulders, 11 lie
per lb; pickled tonguea, 0o
LOCAL- LARD Ketue leaf. 10o. 1$0
mt iht Ka. nun ner lb: SO-lb tins, 12140
per lb; steam-rendered. 10s. 1114 o per
lb: 5s. 11140 per lb: compouno. lus. iuo
8a per lb: halibut 8 He per lb: striped
bass, lie per lb; catfish, 10 per ins ti-l
tnon. fresh Columbia Chinook. Ule per
lbt bluebacki lOcrr per in; w. steel-
heads, lOc per lb: herrings. So per
lb; soles. o. per 10; BnrinipB, tw per
it i- n iK. .A.1 1 . I
tnmnnfl. 7n rter in: lonaiera. lta mri
loi Iresn macaerei, bb per crawuan.
a nr do.: sturseon. lOo ner'lb: black
baas, toe per lb; Colombia river smelt.
oo per id; enaa, c per id; roe anna, eo i
rer lot thaa roe, loo per ioj oiaca coa, i
JHc per lb . ,
nvSTFHS Phftalwater bay. ter sl-1
Inn, $2 50; vr 100-lb sa-k. $4.60: Olym-
: ' I. i.. .not, ,i ik
IlivS Jit1 -,ann,a 190 "rrwiRB NAILS-Pr..ent b...U at $J.1.
Livestock ; JIarket'..JIoldingr Jones Gives Kansas, Oklahb
Stcady Despite Fairly . ma and Teias as Seyenty .
Good Supplies.
Portland Union Stockyards, June 28V
Livestock receipts: .
. Hogs. Cattle. Sheep.
Tdday .............. 100 4 44 : 708
Veek ago .......... ... .826 127
Year ago ........... 18$ IT ...
Previous year ..,,.. 16, . 87 ' itt
' While receipts, were larger than ex
pected today, but little weakness was
displayed In the quotations. The run Of
sheep for the 14 hours was 708 head,
against 127 bead a week ago, none this
date a year ago, and 188 head for this However, -despite the
Increased arrivals in this line,, the tone
of tb sheep market held quite steady all
day and no concession in th price was
made. With the big run of sneep over
for the seaaon, and with killers' require
ments ss heavy, if not heavier, than ar
rivals, there seems nothing at this time
that could possibly affeot the price and
cause It to take th downward slids. In
fact, th evidence all leans toward an
advance. Lambs look down to tb bot
tom. N
A year ago today the sheep market
was quoted firm. - -
Better Baa Thaa Expected.
' Today's oattle market, while showing
a better run than expected on aooount
of the recent out in values, was but lit
tle better than half of what It was a
week aro. RecelDta were 448 head aa
agalnat 82S head a week ago. 27 bead a
ii mm mr IT YmA f. thla Aam in
1805. Cattle are already down to such
a level that the trade siU believes th
bottom haa been reached. 7
- A year mmn tnAm v riannKa- 4ha nrnii.
nal run. catu were anoted slow.
WatotUaf Baste ra Sogs,
Although th weather In the east is
retting so warm that It will soon be
dangerous to ship hogs to tha far west,
ravine cuui pKitrs are iuii waicningi
the values were, whil eastern quota -
iivum unuuuiira hw7, uie unm
wss weaker. Today 100 head were re-
eelvedin the yards. This compares with
none a weex ago, 11s head a year ago.
and but 16. head In 1B0B
rodajr'a mar-
ket was steady, but dull
Today 26 horses came In. , . u
: Ofifclal livestock prices: '
Hogs Best sastern Oregon, $8.60;
stockers and feeders, $6.15; China fata,
$6.00, . . .
Cattle Best aaatsrn Ore row ateera.
$4.00; best cows and ' heifers, $2.25;
bulls, $2.00. . ,
Sheep Wethers f 4.25 914.102 lamba,
$5.60. . .
Chicago Receipts Better Than Tear
fx AgoOthera Art Steady i '
Chicago, Jun 28. Livestock redelpta:
' Hoaa. Cattle, i fiheen.
Chlcaro ..... 18.000 if" .1.000 ' l.odol
Kansas t-Hy 9,009 ' . 1,600 , 1,000
Omaha- .,.; 8,600 " '; 600 ? 1.000
I . Hogs are
I with 5,400 It
I were 17,000.
weak at yesterdays close,
left over. Receipts a year ago
Ulu1 II m ft ii- a nttl ..
..v . a.vuv, 1 uu. ,u,uvur,,vi rat uvf J
16. 0606.06: rouah. t6.0 i!2 5.fi0: -llrhL
. Cattle steady.
.. . Sheep steady. ' . - ' - ,(w.lf
Bid Prices Today on .the San Fran
' '. clsco Exchange. ':. -.-San
TranclsoA. June 28. Official- bid
prices: .....
Sandstorm 40c, Red Top $3, Columbia
mi 40c, jumoo IS.Z6, jumoo jsxt. !..
Vernal ,16o, 'Pennsylvania 2& Ooldfleld
M. Co. $1.25. Kendall 8O0, Booth L41o,
Blu Bull 25c, Adams llo, SUvsr Pick
obc, way yueen 1&0, we v. Boy 70, a. a.
Ext. 7c, Blue Bell ISo. Dixie 6c, O. Co
lumbia 20c, Hlbernia 6c St. Ives 96a,
Conqueror lOo, BlIc.Rock 4 o. Lone Star
18c, O. Wonder 2c, Potlatch 60cA,. Oro
180, aienaaii iJXt. xc.- eandst. Ext. 6c
Mayne 7c, Atlanta 47c Oreat Bend 68c,
Z"'',tvtTA vV?
f 10. Empire 9c. Red Top t
rr" .
22c O. Daisy 21.60. La (run a $1.25. Com
monwealth 60c, Comb. Fract $3.1H4, Or.
Bend Ext. 12c, Or. Bend Anx. 15c Mill
et or m 4 OA, B. B. 'Bonana'6o, Kewanos
68c, Esmeralda 11c Portland 18c Crack
er Jack 16cA, Francis Mohawk $1.25A,
Red Hill 40c, Mohawk 10c, Lou Dillon
8c Y. Tiger ISc Grandma 10c, 8. Pick
Ext 6c, Y. Rone ScA, CoL Mt Ext Ic
Ooldf. - COns. $8.82 tt, Diamf. Trlanglo
20C . - ' - : t'i
Original 7c Bullf. J5c Mont, Bullf.
4c, Nat. Bank 21c L. Harris 2c Ame
thVat Sn OolaW Bar 2c Stalnwev la.
Denver BufT 'Tnx. lOeA, Bonnie fclaro
68c, Mayfl.-Cons. Sac Monty. Ohio Ext
8c Q. Sceptre lie. Monty. Mt. 14c B,
Daisy 10c Homostaka Cons. 90c Yan
kee Olrl 6c Nugget 6c Tramp Cons.
b&c, victor so, XMortn star ec
Ton, Nay. 1 $14. MonO Ton,' $8, Ton.
Ext ' $1.70, MacNamara 28a, Midway
$1.20, Ton. Belmont $3.45, Ton. No. Star
24c, Ohio Ton. Sc. West End Cons. 90o,
Rescue 17c, Ton. & Calif. 7cA. Golden
Anchor 19cv Jim Butler $1, Ton. Cash
Boy 6c, Ton. Horn 40, Bost Ton. lie.
Monarch Pitts. Ex. 8c, Mont Mid. Ext
4c, Oolden Crown 10c.
Manh. Cons. 60oA, Manh. M.- Co. 80,
G. Wedge 6c, Seyler Hump. 6c Dexter
12c L, Joe 2C, Creseent 8cA, Granny
1C Mustang 22c, Cowboy 2c, Orlg.
Manh. 13cA, Broncho 7c Pinenut 8c
Buffalo 4c S. Dog 17c T. Horse 4c In
dian Camp 6c
United , States Government Bonds.
New Tork, . Jun 2$. Government
bonds: .
, Data. Bid.
Twos, registered ,1905 10H
1 do coupon ......1905 "105
Threea registered ..1918 10214
do ocoupon . . v . ,.1918 n 10214
103 14
Throes, small bonds. lvis : iui
JToiirx- r-.. new.. ..1925 128
eoupeV ,ivi,.1925 ,128
rfnirB, reg., old... 1907 100
"do coupon ..i...l907 " 100
y0" philipplnea . .1904 .109
ds coupon ......1925 128(
Fours, Philippines
ao coupon
Twos, Panama, new. v
District of Columbia. .
San Francisco Grain Market. -
Ban .j 'Franclsco.t Jun ? 28. Official
. r ,,n . irv v 111111
Xecember, $1.25 sale.
, ' , Uverpool Cotton . Market. ' ,
'Liverpool, June 2 8. Jotton futures
closed steady It to lit points up.
CLAMS Ha rd shell, per box, $2.40
raipr clams. $2.00 per box: lOo per dos.
Paints, Coal OH,. Bto,
ROPE Pure Manila, 15 c; standard,
13e; alsal, 11c. ?; ;
r COAL OIL Pearl or- Astral Cases,
iiu. rnr tn:. wtier win is. iron. uuie.
its ucr nn.. " . . v
i light,
170 deg.. cases. 211to per gat
GASOLINE ss aeg, casaa, tv,a per
I ,s m, l
v-- r-.
irvn vuim. u.v.v ' " ' ' ' .
TURPENTINE In cases, 0 per gal;
wooden bbls, 93c per gat -
WHITE LEAD Ton -lots, : Par
Iik. ann.lK Wa kn na lb: laaa lota IVo
i 1914
t 10114
14 f 105 4
2 ,108
Ilarry L. Ilart Gives tho Hop Growers
Some Encouracmciit AVhcn ;llc Says
Tliat Prices Will Not Be Quito So Low.
Three Jlillion.
- .. Watching; Wheat Crop. , '"
. Chicago, June 28. The Record- 4
Herald aays: ..a- j' '.':.
Yesterday's remarkable ad-
'" vance In -wheat was most extra- '
ordinary, overturning of prece-
dent and showed to what extent ,
' the northwestern spring wheat
- arep prospeata - flgureariI;?
year's wheat situation. ' Now '
. wheat will undoubtedly ba ar-
riving In Kansas City by July
' 10, and at Chicago five days
later. In fact a year ago Kan-
1 sas Clay was receiving plenty of
wheat by thla Mm. 7 .;.
' . , CHiloate Wltsat Talasav . ' .
Jnn 28. Juno 27. Losa. 1908,
..I0.85U $0.81 $0.00 H $0.82
.. .SH v ,ys .0H - .83
.... 1.01 K A 1.01 H ftoij ..84
Chicago wheat held very well eon-
, 1 1
I iiaanni uia mannt (avinci luviea in ail
?!"" yssterday. The eloilnr ahowed
bu mall loss djsplts the great pres.
J sure on the market by the bears. The
lo belnar in deferred months. Llv-
erpool came with., a very sharp advance
both at the start and the finish and this
ISIwaa very eneouraa-ina tn tha bull aM a
I The tone ruled very steady all day, the
high point being made Just previous to
tne ctostnrsi opuons suosequenuy sold
1 off on s jng pressure. The report of
i j ones maaing in orop ot Kanaaa is,-
Uoo.000 rushels was on of th factors
I which caused tha market to recover its
1 early loss. Hs srlvea tha ernn at Van.
saa. Oklahoma and Texas aa 7t.OOfl.oos
bushsls, against 156,000,000 bushels a
year ago. - , . -v .. . .-'
Official Chicago prices by Overbeds.
Starr ft Cook oompany:
sHIgh. Low.
H 844
. 100 $8
1024 100
OlMtla '
- Cloaa,
5H .
101 HA
Deo. . ;
.1IS88 FORK.
July.. 1696
' 1807 ; 1 1581
1685 1620
V 'v LARtt "
' 880 875 '
' ' 805 ; 88T
' 807 102.
80 855
881 -. 577
87T '
. 877t
I pept .iei
1 j '
Sept. 4
Oct. ..
- Uverpool Grain Market.
Liverpool, June 28. Official prloes.
. . WHEAT. . '
July ,;.Ts lUd 7 ' ttd IsllKd
Sept, .. 7s td 7s 2Hd 7s S d
!" - -J -k CORN.. :' ..' V ;
Sept. i.4sll, d 4s 11 d 4sl04d
New York Ootton Market,
Open. High. Low. 28.
Jan. 1166 1188 1164 1182
Feb. 1166 , 1188 1165 ' 1188
March ....1174 1192 ,1178 1192
June ..,. .. . ... ... . 1190
July .....1175, 1117 1175 1191
Aug. ,....1178 1192 1175 1188
Bept. , ....1144 1155
Oct .K...1167 1170
1149 1168
1152 1167
1160 1166
1164 1171
Nov., 1152
Dec ......1157
iBank of California Loses $3 in Bid
; : Price Today, s'd
Bank of California lost 15 In the bid
iAJawi av Vava Ks . Itr , aha saaasi mnihanw1
iUUa VHIWl aaavsasa. - saasaas w miivihhibwi.
Associated Oil lost SOo and Home Tele-
for th latter. Alaska Petroleum gained
?a ana criusn,vpiumDi Aralina
e- caacaaa iot c wnue xaooma ateei
'Table Queen Bread, the
Queen of Evei7 Repast"
All of our happiness is quickly "seen, , , ...
,To coilie from the baker" of 'TABLE QUEEN.' (
He does more for his country by making such bread, i L
Than all the great financiers of whom you have read,
For no man could gain he hasn't the vim
WithoutTABLE QUEEN" Bread to Strengthen him. :
- No more baking days in a hot kitchen! What a relief It Is
to the fnodern housekeeper to be free from worry over baking '
bread two or three times a week all through the warm summer. -.
V "TABLE QUEEN" can be gotten fresh every day from your .
dealer. 'Always pure, wholesome and reliable.
Most Refreshing In Warm Weather Try It
Royal Recipe N. 10
' tax CUAJK
2 quarts cream. 2 quarts milk, 1H
pounds sugar, 8 whole eggs ana 8
yolks i flavoring. , Plac the milk
and bait tha sugar-on the fire to
boil. Meanwnll mix th other
half Of the sugar with the eggs, ,
: stir th boiling milk Into it re-'
place on tb (Ira and stir; until it
becomes ; creamy. Take car
not to lot it boil Take off .the
fira an4 add the cream at onto.
Let cooL strain and freese.
There are just
northwest whq
gained lHo. There was no change In
Coeur d Alene shares. -
Sales 1.000 Bullion at ' 7c, 2,000
Waahougal Extension at 2So and 10
Asnonlated Oil at $33.25.
Official prices:
V Bid. -
Bank of California $316.00
Bankers ft Lumbermen's 104.00
Merchants National.,
Oregon Tr. ft Savings
, 180.00
. .
roritana Trust uo.....
United States National 200.00
American Biscuit Co. 8s 18.75 100.00
City ft Suburban 4s. ....... 83.00
Homo Telephone 6s..., 80.00
0.W. P. ft Ry . 4s.... -101.00 '.. 108.60
Pacific Coaat Biscuit 6s 87.00 100.00
Portland Ry 6s. ............ . 98.28
Associated Oil : ..,..
jr trlw
.. 22.00
HVUI. i,IHUHn ...... ,
Pacific TeL ft Tel. nfd. . .
Pacifla Tel. ft Tel., com, 7.80
Punt Sound Tel. ......
Lakeview ,
Manhattan Crown Point .18
Potlcie Mining .U
Washougal Ext. ; ' 2S
; 16.00
1 .81
A- .20
, i
K lo.oo
Yaqulna Bay TeL..... $.60
Alaska Petroleum .... .16
British Columbia AmaL ' .03
Caacadla .............. .20
Mammoth ...,..,... . . .
Morn in a- , .02U
' .04 H
Standard Con. ......... i.OIH
Tacoma Steel ......... .10 .
.12 V
Copper Klna : .68 tf .
Happy Day .044 f .08
Bnowsho ..... ....... .40 .46
Snowstorm 1.95 - 8.05
Sharp Decline From High Prices
f 1 Selling In Heading,
.Mew York stock opened trong, bat
later sold off several points. Th' severe
weakness la Reading; bad Its affect on
tha rest of th list and this carried all
values down. London was strong for
Americans. The report that tha Chesa
peake ft Ohio had decided to shut down
all Improvement work July 1 in conse
quence of the scarcity of labor and the
high price of loans had a depressing
effect too on - prloe-maklng. Money
started at T per cent and went to 12
per cent. : ' - - -
Official New York prloes by Overbeck,
Btarr a uoos company;
Amal. Cop. Ca.
Am. Car F. .
Am. Cot Oil o.
Am. Loco., o ...
Am. Sugar o ...
Am. Smalt. .
Anaconda M. Co.
Am. Woolen o
Atchison, o, ..
a. tu vj a
R A O. D . .
Brook. Rao. tr.
8 en. Lath. e ...
a ft O. W....s
C' M, ft St Pe
C. 4k N. W. ....
Ches. Ohio ...
Cot Fuel 4k L O.
Col. Southern, e.
Del. & Hudson..
r-. -r, i .
L' cm jv. jr. a,,..
Eric e .........
Illinois cent ...
f a. r ..
Manhattan fry.'l!
Mex. Cent Ry...
M-, K. T c.
Oreat Northern..
Fed. Smelters ...
Mo. Pac ......
Nat Lead 1 , . .
11. . a xvia. . . . .
N. Y., O. W,.
Nor. 4 w, com.i
74 tk
No. Am. . , . . ,
No. Pac. com.
Pac M. & & Co.
Penn.. By.. . .. ..
Pea. O. L iC
Preit & .O, o,.
Reading, oom., .
do 2a pfd.
do 1st pfd. ..
Rep. 1. ds 8., c
Rock I., -oom.
BtL. A8.F. ZpfdJ
do isc pra...
Stu 4k aw.
So. Pao., com...
79 V4
. .
do pfd.
Sc Ry, oom.,,.
Tenn. C 4k L....
Tex. 4k Pac ....
T. St L. 4k W. .
Union Pac, 0..
do pfd.
U. 8. Rub., com.
u. o. steal cc a,
do pfd. ......
Wabash, com..,.
West uv TeL . .
Wis. Cen. oom..
Vir. Chem.
26UI 25
Total sales for day, 745,208.
-v, , Portland Bank Statement. Vi j
Clearings today . .$I0,920.74
Clearing year ago 740,812.94
Gain today ...... .$240, 107.80
Balance today ............. 77,408.79
Balance year ago ...111,651.81
Labor is In big demand around Union.
Look for
in Bottom
f of Loaf
Pictorial Adv. No. XI
two more of this series of pictorial ads, then the beautiful cook books will
have kept the series. Watch for the remaininj ones i
ill 1'JIIEilT DLT
Washington's Output to Ei-
ceed Thirty Million
v - Bushels. : '.
High Quality Forecasted bv State
Grain Inspector, With Good Prices
Oregon and Idaho Share In the
Excellent Conditions. 4 "
-i (SpeeUl Dispatch to The Jooraal.)
Tacoma, Wm-. June 28. Stat Grain
Inspector John W. Arraamlth, who has
Just returned from a trip through th
cereal districts of eastern Washington,
artisnates -that, this .season's w crop
will be from 80,000.000 to 22,000,000
bushels. . Ha saya that report h has
received from eastern Oregon and from
Idaho wheat fields Indicate that rood
crops ara also , bains; grown in tnos
states.';' ' - '-.:'?. ',':::
"While wa will cot hare an excep
tional yield in this state," said he,
"neverthelea. taking the . tat oyer.
present, conditions easily warrant the
prediction u'lTwrBt uu
th dry weather cinching us last year
we had 18,000.000 Duaneia. uur crop
thla aummer will. easily be from 2,000,
aiwi in ft nun ooa hmban mora. . v
. 'w.ahlnaton . haa between 1.800.000
and 1.800.000 acres in wheat thla season.
Of this 20 per cent is fan aown grain,
th raat belna orina- wheat If th
present cloudy weather condltlona pre
vail up to harvest giving wheat longer
to riDon. the yield of grain will be
higher than tha figure I have given.
In tha Paloua oountry spring wheat waa
sown later than usuaL tha weather
turned dry and cold there and It did
not oom up; so the spring wheat stand
thera la not uniform. There, was more
spring-sown grain thla season than
usual and It is rather backward. This
will make harvest later than aauaL
Cutting will begin, nevertheless, by the
middle oz July and narvestung ny tn
first of August New wheat will be
moving-by August 16 or 80. - -r
atone to as Shipped Bast, . , -
"All tha wheat of th Inland empire
will either find a market on tha coast
this season or go to th interior flour
ing mills. Non of It will ba shipped
east . I expect farmer to hav a good
market with wheat starting off at 70
cents in th Interior. Farmer ar now
being offered 85 oents for future deliv
ery and ar refusing, and none of tb
farmers that I heard of are contracting
at any piles. From tha present outlook
tner win t litti or no nnviea or
faulty grain in th market - Thar ara
no indication ot a drouth to h rival
wheat and heavy snows In the moun
tain th past winter render remote th
danger of hot winds, which in tha past
hav mad havoc of our wheat" .
Sapid Inor ass la Aoreag. . ' '
Mr. Arraamlth says It is gratifying
to observe th rapid Increaae of the
wheat acreage In eastern Washington.
In 1904, he says. Franklin county had
70,000 acres of land sown to wheat This
seaaon it report 200,000 acres of wheat
fields. Douglas county had 220.000
acres In wheat In 1904 and this season
it reports 275,000 acres of wheat Much
of the present wheat fields of Franklin
county, and also a large amount of th
wheat area in the southern part or
Douglas, were thought a few years ago
fit lor notning out gr axing purposes.
There has also been a large Increase In
wheat acreage along the Una of the
Oreat Northern railroad. -;
. As ; : .- 3ffw'W2iat Blstrlots. "
; A brand new wheat district that will
be known as tha Rattlesnake country
- 1 (Jooraal Special Service.) 1 v
8 San Francisco, Juno 28. The
ways and means eommlttes of
the strike campaign committee, ' 4
composed of representatives of
th central " organisations and
4 non-aff Uiated unions, Will hold
" a conference this afternoon with
4 President Calhoun of tha United
Railway with, a view of bring-
ing th street car atrika to an
and.' The : committee haa bean a
4 quietly negotiating with Calhoun 4
and this morning: b consented
to receive, it . What tha commit-
; tea has to offer Is unknown.
hie ;iiEi,j
Allegations as to rortlan!
' Combine Crop Up at
- 7 ' Qlympia.
Witnesses Travel Over Ground Made
; Familiar at Frevlons Sessions la
Effort to Establish CTaim to Joint
Wheat Rate. V
(Special Dispatch t Tb JoaraaL) '
Olympla. Wash, June 21 Th Joint
wheat rats hearing has been resumed
before tb railroad commission. In so
oordano with adjournment last week.
JahSJimijoreryabsence io Chairman
Falrcluld ana commissioner wones iue
hearing" was conducted by Commissioner
J. C Lawrano.
At th opening of the proceedings th
attorneys for the defendant railroads
waived objections and consented to pro
ceed with th hearing, to be conducted
by Commlaaioner Lawrence alone.
The witnesses Were B. J. Taylor, 4
wheat buyer of St. John, Whitman
county; Seymour Manning, a wheat
buyer of Colfax, and C A. Peplow, a
flouring mill man of Seattle.
The testimony waa along th same
lines aa inai vi om wwr. lajtvr auu
Manning testified that the Tacoma and
Seattle markets were general!' better
than Portland, and Peplow said the
mills at Portland were able to buy
wheat and sell flour several cents a
tinaHt Iha. Ka C.ttl. nllla An
aooount of tho better prices for which
they obtained their wheat -
Attorney Zera Snow, for th Oregon
Railroad 4k Navigation company, of-,
fared in evidence certain newapaper
quotations of - Portland and Tacoma.
showing that la many instances tha
same grade of wheat was Quoted at a
higher figure In Portland than la Ta
coma, on tha same day. ... . .
' Xortlaa4 Comhtns AHrd. ' 1
- The witnesses met his evldenc by
th intimation that th local Portland
market was controlled by a millers'
combine and it i understood the attorney-general
will later Introduce evi
dence to ahow that farmers at 0 R. 4k
N. points la' eastern Washington are
at the mercy of tha Portland millers
In selling their crops.
Attorney Snow spent nearly tha en
tire afternoon la the cross-examination
of Mr. Peplow. After having tha wit
ness admit that in his opinion a Joint
rate would have a tendency to raise the
price of wheat at O. R. 4k N. points in
eastern Washington, Attorney Snow
asked: !
"Thn you favor a Joint rate do you.
so It will rale th price ot wheat that
tha millers have to buyT"
"WelL" answered th witness, "I fa
vor a Joint rate so it will compel all
th miliars to nay tha aama Brina tnr
their wheat"
Tha hearing will continue tha remain
der of tha week.
haa bean opened by pioneering cereal
growers In th western part of Benton
county. Tha district is traversed by
Cold creek and lies in the angle between
the xaiuma ana tn Columbia rivers,
and Mr. Arraamlth thinks It will soon
rival the other oereal districts of the
state. Th wheat-producing area of the
Horse Heaven district which is only
a little older In cereal culture than the
Rattlesnake country, lying Just north
of: It, la being increase year by yea-
Mr. Arraamlth aays. lVe new norm
bank railroad runs "VMS th southern
boundaries of this patriot whil the
Northern Pacific main Una cuta along
th Yakima river on the north, giving
the farmers there excellent, marketing
' ' SaaSBpssasaSsaT
te r
j taii. I
M ccrrtf