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: v.:;; ilr t . Go 6 da and I Jot lorn S i
Cushion Slip A new line of tapestry Cushion Slips,, made of beautiful rich Roman
stripe, tapestry; . good 35c value's.taspecial at, .each . . '. .,.'. '. r . ; . . . . ; r . . .... . .23f
IHIlow Tops Lithograph Pillow Tops," al!' the newest designs; very pretty, patterns:
well worth '40c, special Monday and Tuesday at.... Z5f
i Art Goods aridITotioao
Hose SupporteriWomen's hoofc-on Hose Supporters, good quality, plain and fancy
lisle elastic ; all colors; special Monday and Tuesday, pair, ... . ... ...... ... .... .23
Silk Belts Special sale' women's Silk Belts of every color and description; every
belt worth 'from 50c to 75c; special Monday and Tuesday, each... ....... .......23
Writing PaperColonial Linen Fabric Writing Paper, envelopes to match; regular
45c value, special at 33f
Dress Shields Adjustable mushn covered . Dress Shields. best made for, summer
wear; sizes 2, 3 4; (special
Galo of Xluslin
:, ' Our June Sale of women's Underwear wil
be remembered as the greatest "value giving"
event of the season. Materials ire muslins,
cambrics and , nainsook, trimmed with beau-
tuui lace ana embroidery. ; Garments are all
well made, under strictly fanitary conditions
and finished by expert hand sewers. ' A few
specials will show you how the prices are not-
wunstancung tne great advance In price of
Muslin Drawers, 5-inch
ruffle of fine embroid
ery," finished with: five
fine tucks, full, regular
size; 75c garment at
June Sale price ' .
Fine Cambric Skirts, with . deep, tucked lawn
flounces,-trimmed. with duny or. VaL lace in
sertion and .edges, deeo underlay and 1 dust
ruffle, extra full, width; skirts worth AO
$1.50, June Sale price. ......vOC
Women's ' Muslin Gowns of excellent quality
muslin: square yoke trimmed. with hemstitched
ruffle,, tucks-and insertion, also , square yokes
trimmed with' lace' and insertion gowns HC
worth $1, June Sale price. ... I JC
Corset Covers,' made of fine nainsook with
neatly embroidered yokes, others, trimmed with
lace and -ribbons; corset covers worth 9C
50c and 65c, June Sale price............ JJC
, June Brides or Graduates
This is the season of matched sets In muslin
Underwear; we. carry in stock a variety of
handsome garments in which we cart match up
two, three or ; four-piece sets, selected from
gowns, chemise, drawers .and skirts to meet
your needs; four-piece sets, especial flC
ly selected at f3.85 and ......
Qui Greyest a
The finest collection of Hieh-Oualitv Imoorted Embroideries ever shown here -
is' selling at half price and less. Hundreds and hundreds of yards of Beautiful
New Embroideries that are suitable for every purpose in which embroidery is
used. We secured these embroideries from a manufacturer . who ranks among .
' the largest and finest in the world. The entire unsold balance of his 'spring stock U
. was sold to us at a great sacrifice. Sound business logic influenced the maker to
accept our low offer. Hisapring season was over ours just in full swing. His '
traveling representatives are active in the campaign for next season. It was de
sirous to clear stockrooms of all remaining embroideries in the quickest possible
manner.. Instead of selling fractional quantities to many stores at a small dis
count, he took a big reduction andaccomplished his object quickly. THAT'S
THE HISTORY OF THESE VALUES. : It will pay to buy a full year's supply.
The values average better than ever before come early.
Grpateot Embroidery: Event of the Year
'Elaborate Embroidery Vj A
45 Inches Wide-Only, O WO
We call particular attention to the workmanship, of
this embroidery. ; It is unexcelled. Made on best
" quality fine Swiss Nainsook and Chiffon Cloth.' - An
endless assortment ot- patterns,- irom aaimy Daoy
a tli. clahrtrst ftneal Hicm in cut efforts
'and scroll patterns. Values op to fisu.
Special saie price .............
Corset Cover Embroidery
Onr 35o and 50o Values
Ten thousand yards Corset-Cover Embroidery, made
on irood erade nainsook, beautiful variety of designs,
' elaborate , ana smau aaimy enccis, Desi ojc yv- i
and 50c1 grade. Special for this sale;........ JC
Embroidery Edgringrs
Specially Heduced; J
85c and $1.00 Embroidery. Special, MQ
yard ... . . . ... .................... "Ow
r5c i
75c and 85c Embroidery. Special,
ra .. .. .. iv.
cand 65c Embroidery. Special,
and 40c Embroidery. . Special, 0 1
vara . i . . . . ...v...
25c and 30c Embroidery. . Special,- 10
yard ... . . IOC
18c and 20c ' Embroidery. Special, O
vara . . , i
' 10c and 12c Embroidery. Special, per
Allover Embroidery tc
03.00 and 03,50 Values SJ HO
A rare showing of Allover Embroidery; exclusive
designs in small, medium and large scroll and floral '
effects; made on sheerest materials; none better sold '
at less than $2.00 and $3.50 a yard. Our Off- ,
special price .vOC ;:
flouncing Embroidery ' t t
91.25 and Q2.00 Values OtfO '
18 to 24-inch Flouncing and Shirtwaist Embroidery:
the workmanship is excellent, every stitch even and
uniform, edges are well finished and overcast; sell
regularly at $125 and ,$250 yard. Special CA'-t
for. this sale ............................... OVC
1 Fivo Undorwcap
and Hosiery Bargains for
! , " ( Tomorro7 S
Will be only a part of the many extraordi
nary values to be found in this popular sec
tion tomorrow and Tuesday.. The very sub
stantial savings here noted may only be real
ized by prompt purchasers. , . v
Children's Stockings, Best 35e Values, 19.
Children's, fine mercerized lisle, lace Stock
ings in black, pink, blue, red, also plain mer
cerized lisle in champagne; best 35c lA
values, specially priced at.,. ...,...lwC
; Women's Vests, 50c Values, at 18. ' '
A special lot of women's Vests of fine lisle
thread, ecru color, all sizes; sold everywhere
at 50c, specially priced for one day , , 1A
only, at .llC
.Women's Pants,' 40c Values,
; at 29.
Women's fine bleached Pants '
and Tights of select cotton,
pants ' are. . umbrella style,
nicely trimmed with torchon
lace, all ' sizes; extra good
values at 40c, special- 00-'
ly priced at... .LVC
Sleeveless Vests, 25c
and 35c Values, 19.
About 50 dozen wo
men's fine white
sleeveless Vests,
made with nicely
trimmed yoke both
plain; and shaped
styles, ret 25c and
35c values, all at one
price, choice Ifl
while they last.......lC
Women's Hosiery, 35c and 50c Values, 23.
Extra Special for Monday and Tuesday .
Women's Tine laceJHose, in pretty allover and
boot styles, colors black, tan, pink, light blue,
navy, white, champagne, also plain hose in all
the most fashionable shades; 35c and ' Of
50c values, specially priced at..... aCOC
Our Entire Stock of Hew Spring Suits,
Coato arid SIrirts tat Beiduced Priedo
' PoIlowin' off nsual custom at this time of the year we will start our
summer clearance sale py plating our entire stocn ot reaqy-to-wear
garments at greatly reduced prices. In order to shorten dnratioiTot sale
and to clean up all spring and summer snita we will offer values that
. .' have never been equaled in Portland..- ;; , , : " , ; '.
i ... . " ...... .. 1 V :''' "i.','... i, . . ' - ' '," .. , .(
For Monday and Tuesday we will offer 50 of the smartest models shown-,
this season at about one third less than usuat prices. Remember every' '!
shape that's in demand is here Eton, fitted and box coat suits; materials I
' 'are plain color Panama, worsted, plaids, stripes and mixtures; t A A A
choice of suits worth to $1940, on sale Monday and Tuesday. $1UUU 1
J,.': Junb Sale'of Fine Tailored Skirts
' . Plan to be here this, week If yon want the best skirt values.--.
: SKIRTS, made in the ; most desirable new ; plaited ; styles, front . fine
worsted Panamas, in black, brown,. navy and gray, also new spring mix
tures, checks, and stripes;: big pile of skirts tn table worth up' d J AA
to $7.50; June Sale special ...... ......r..:...i.............$y
SKIRTS, made of Altman voile, chiffon, Panama worsteds and fancy
' ' materials, new: plaited effects, new hip panel effects; skirts d C A
. worth in any store from $10 to $12.50, our June Sale price.... . 1 UV
f: These Waists are made up in the ery handsomest style, long yokes and
;- shoulder effects, trimmed with heavy applique medallions, dunv round
" mesh, white, crearh or ecru," all lined with Jap silk; special Cyl CA
. June Sale prices, f 8.50, f 6.50 and..,....;....;............. $fl.3U .
www m
Tomorroir and laer
day You Will Find
Many Special Values
The values are extraordinary.
The styles are new and nobby.
These get special mention :
n . : -I , y-'.ri:' - '
Dress Ginghams, 12)44
Unusual Sole of Ilen'fj, Womon'o and Children's
"""" w"" vAiwrua, m mu pcsi sryies, witn piatn toe ana tip, high or J !
low neeis, ciucner or plain Mce, light or heavy soles; Oxfords that are good all through. JJ I
iv mwuu7 miu tucimj m an lonowing reoucnoni; ;: . ; ,
Bepr. 81.50 Oxfords, Monday and Tuea. , 01.00
Beg. 82.00 Oxfords; Monday and Tues. ; 81.50
Dress Percales, 10a-32 Inches' ''XSJ P0? u ,ether"' & QK
W . , . ...... M.W
50 dozen white Lawn Waists, in about V10 beautiful stylesv to selecf'
from; some are embroidery trimmed, others again are. trimmed with
lace, in many neat and clever designs; the kind that sell; readily at and ?w3; special for Monday-and :i!wCi vv5 ffl 'An
Tuesday..... .... ........ . .... ; .... ."....V. ...ylMV
Wash Suits and Skirts a, S
We are showing a beautiful line of lawn and linen Shirtwaist tf6 Cft
Suits 'from .S1.50. to.'. .',. .t' ii . '. i , .'. . .v.; ii. ,y0Ot i .
Our extra special in Gingham and Chambray ; Shirtwaist 4 AC
Suits, worth $7.50, at, only , . , . ; . . . . i ; . . , . ..... .' i'. ... . . ,. ; itVD
White Indian Head and Pique Skirts, made up-inmost 'de- CA
sirable etyles, at $Z'Q$t f 1.85 and. , . . . . . . . V " .
. . Silk Petticoat ! Social ,V ' 'V '
Black and colored Silk Petticoats specially.' priced.. - Notwithstanding
the advance price of taffeta silks we are enabled to offer for Monday
and Tuesdays selling an excellent Petticoat,: madetn.algood liberal,
... . -. t . . . J 1 j r f . . 1
moaet, wna.iucKca ana snirrca uouncc, iinisnca wim near- hv fju
silk underlay and dust ruffle;-June Sale special...... ..V...;.Vvvy'
- , Percale rappers 01.10 4
Tomorrow we place on sale , for the first time about .25 doxen Percale
Wrapoers. this season's best styles, In medium, light and dark colors.
well made and neatly trimmed, all sizes; regular $1.50 values, tt 1 A
wide, eood line of light, me
dium.,and dark colors, priced
at, per yard .... ... .101
Best Percales, ' 1S - Best
qualify 86-inch ' Percales, any
wanted style or color ; priced
at,; perj yard I X ;.f ... ..15
New Batistes, 15a New lot
of Batistes, in Kght, medium
and dark colors, large - variety
of patterns ; pricid : at; !per
yard . . . ; . ,t . . . vast
Soiesette. 255 All the want
ed plain colors, brown's, 'tans,'
blues, pinks,, etc.; also black
and white; priced at, yd., 25
Linette, 154 Hi inches "wide,
plain colors" only, light 1 blue,
navy; cadet, tan. red and white ;V
pncer per yard . . . " . , ; . . , 15f
Lfaen - Suitings 36 inches.
beautiful , line of , desirable
shades, blue, pink and brown
priced at SOf, 35 and 40
Manchester ; Galatae, 20c
Large variety of styles, light,
medium and dark colors, priced,
per yard' .....20
Cheviot Shirting, 15 32
inches wide, large assortment
of r medium and dark shades,
absolutely fast' colors ; priced
at, per yard 15f
Women's Shoes and OxfordsIn ill fash
; ionable leathers; regular $3 and $3.50 vals
. Women's. Shoes and Oxfords All up-to-
. date styles; regular 3(J and $3 values
7 lBoys and Girls Shoes Shoes that are made A A.
.ytfOt to stand hard wear; $1.50 values VitC
sin 1 Misses Oxfords Jn patent colt,' all new CI A 7
..l.Ul ,tyles; regular and $225 values....,.,; 1.4
These Silko and Drees Goodo
Are Leading- Bargains
They merit strong, special and vigorous emphasis.
better values in our whole experience of Dress Goods selling.
jfuiuiMiiiu,a uruKbAi savin us
We accord it with confidence. .Have never seen
Colored Dress Goods
$1.25 and $2.00 Values at 5 Correct 1907 Dress
Fabrics,' finest all wool and silk and wool foreign
and domestic weaves, from 42 to 50 inches wide:
' exceptionally good $1.25 and $2.00 values. QC-
onowing mis weex ai.. ......
, .Cream Dress Goods
Unequaled Values '
50-inch Cream Mohair Lustre, at, per yard, .f 1.25
45-inch Cream Mohair Lustre, at, per yard:-.)l.00
45-inch 'Cream Mohair Lustre, at, per yard. .T5
38-inch Cream Mohair Lustre, at, per yard....50f
50-inch Novelty Cream Serges, per yard.., v.f 1.25
50-inch Novelty Checks and Stripes, per yard.f l.OO
48-inch Silk and Wool Mixtures, per yard.... f 1.00
New Novelty Herringbones : priced at f 1.25-8 1.50
New Novelty French Serges; -priced at 50e) to 14
New Cream Suk and Wool Eolienne; price. . f l.OO
New Cream Wool Taffeta: oriced at 75 and 11
New Cream Nuns Veiling; priced at.. 50 and75e
New Cream Albatross; good values at 50f tnd 75
Nnr rim Prnir)! Vni1. rtrlrm ar4 ' 11 AA
on sale Monday and Tuesday, at . . . .... .V. . . v
Hundreds of Women's and Hisses' Coats and Jackets Underpriced
Short Box Coats, English fly front, - in stripes,
checks, plaids, fancy mixtures, plain or trimmed with
self-strappings some have , collar of velvet,.
Three Special Values J Ne!.c!!m French Voi!"; price vr yh00
White Bed
50-inch Cream Storm Serge, at, per yard.... f 1551
50-inch Cream Storm Serge, at, per yard. ...f l.OO
46-inch Cream Storm Serge, at, per yard......85e
38-inch Cream Storm Serge, at, per yard..,., .65
45 Cream Bedford Cords; price, per yard... .f 1.25
44 Cream Bedford Cords; price, per yard.... f 1.00
38 Silk and Wool Bedford Cords, per yard..... 65
38 Plain Cream Bedford fiords, per yard...... 50ft '
' Sale of Popular Sillis
$1.00 Plain Messallne, 85 20-inch French Messa
line, very high finish, rich and lustrous; regular $1.00
values; everyf wanted color. Special OT
price v. j s. i . . ............... .............. OO C
$1.00 Poiletta De Soie, 85 A very new and popu
lar weave, lias beautiful rich soft finish, very pli
able. 'comes in all the staple and evening shades;
spld everywhere at $1.00 per yard. -Our- CC
ttce. OJL
l.OQr Louissenes, 75 f 20-inch Swiss ' Louissenes, ;
a great favorite for elaborate evening gowns, purest
of silk, warranted not to crack or split, comes in all .
'.I. ..... ......1.. iati.fl.a i !. frm nA Kli-lr
; cannot be duplicated in the city at $1.00. , 7d
i rifr nri ............................ rt... I Wi. .
v - ' : .
All fashionable garments, suitable foxtail occa
sions long, loose and semi-fitting coats, pony, Eton,
r. box, fitted, and cuuway,, jackets, all at. June ; Sale
' Tourist Coats, tan stripes, gray stripes, fancy mix
tures, . light and medium checks, small , CA
V plaids; worth $8.50r June Sale price . , t Z . , yy y
K :('.;'V -- ' " y- y
iSfjcsoJ 8Ss.!?;.,:.$&50
Tapering W aist y'r
: 4y Their up-to-the-minute, fashionably correct style isn't the only reason why
the best-groomed women everywhere wear R. & O. Tapering. Waist Corsets. True,
they are the only ready-to-wear Corsets designed to give the tapering; defined
waist line. But there's another reason. R. & G. Tapering Waist Models allow perfect
freedom of movement that exquisite pliancy which goes only with a perfect
fitting corset. . Every woman will appreciate THAT feature. Easy to prove
Bvery, jPairiiarante-i
By a very special purchase
we are enabled to offer unusual
values in white Bed Spreads.
Three lots to choose from: .
$1.25 Values at 98 Full size
white .crochet Bed Spreads, a
good wearing qualityy neatly
hemmed ready to use, ; laree
assortment of new patterns to
choose trom. - -, '
$U0 Values at ?1:23 Full
size white Bed Spreads, extra
heavy, finished with deep hem,
beautiful Marseilles patterns :
great values at this price.
$2.00 Values at $1.69 Extra
large and heavy Bed Spreads,
in a . great assortment of pat
terns, well made, neatly hem
med ready to use, best $2.00
Great Bargains in Our Men's Store
This is very much a man's store not merely a handler of men's goods that women might pick
up but a store that mentome to and believe in. We keep pretty fine goods. We are certain to
have styles correct in every class of'goodai'we feel called on to handle. We havea good many
Inexpensive things, too there is need for them, when they 'can be had right and cheap. More to
tell it snail come in snort chapters. These five items to Judge by tomorrow and Tuesday: ; :
Men's Underwear $1.00 ,
Men's high grade ribbed worsted Shirts and
Drawers, regular summer weight, form fitting,
natural gray color, come in all sites, extra well
finished; exceptionally good garment d ft A
at, each'.'. . . . . , . . . . . , .
llenVlNefirKffelSh I
Our showing of Men's Negligee Shirts is com
plete in alt sizes from .14 to 17, colors plain white,
tan, blue, black and white, also checks, stripes
and fancy patterns. Extra good valuea QJ
Hen's Handkerchiefs 12Ko
Men's plain white cross barred or striped cambric
Kerchiefs, neat, narrow hems, soft finish, 1 0
ready to use. Good values at, each luZ .
Men's Fancy Hose 256
Just received, a new shipment of Men's Fancy
Hose, in nobby gray effects .with dots and also
a line of pretty fancy checks. Unequaled OC
values at, per pair . . ..................... LO C
MEN'S NEGLIGES SHIRTS In our" men's department can be found the largest ttock
negligee sateen shirts carried by any house in the city.. 'Come in tan, gray, cream and !
ton-down collars, quality; of sateen, make and finish the very, best Prices
n i