The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 03, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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Twenly-FIve Dcl
UrslilsWetk ;, . ' x v..,
,- -'.'r.' - ;vi -.;) v V'-'- V-
i our easy Berkele' Plan-five
dollars down and ONE DOLLAR
a week. We even do more than this all
buyers In "Berkeley" this week . SAVE
going for $100. You never had such an op
portunity to throw off the terrible rent bur-.
den, and your home will be In Portland's
beautiful new residence addition, -where
your money will soon double. "Berkeley"
is just beyond the. Golf Links, 22 minutes
from-the business center, and ONE DOL
LAR A WEEK buys a home there. See or
phone us.
. V
The Jacobs-Sline Company
Fifth Floor, Swetland BuAdlng.
Phones A2811, Main 359
. ;. . .. .
The Cnrtlss Company
309 Ablngton, Selling Agents,
i Phones A2699, Main 699 J'
k '.( i ' V " ' V I. L X! " . I
! . .. -
Closing Day of Confederate
Eeunion at Eicnmond Is
Made Great Event
i i .
Vast Concourse of 'Admirers Assem
ble to Pay Tribute to Memory of
President of Confederate States
; Veterans Cheered by Crowd.
( Richmond, Va., Jun .-Thi u the
L i .-Anini ilnv nf th most
i uccwifHl runloa trer hold by th
t Contederaw veiern wm
.': biff parade, followed by th unvUln of
' -k. T..n nnvia monument The
da was a holiday In Richmond, publlo
. building ana wre "
for the remainder of the day. Thou
' ji .itnM romlnir for" the sole
purpdee of seeing- the old soldiers, were
- a. .w. iin4 alm on the
streets. ' .
The start of the parade was made
' Lv.n-iv before noon. General Btlth
:. n.iu.. m.r.hal nf tha dar. and staff
! preceded by mounted police to clear the
- t.x , -nV-orpuMlnn. The route led
y through Ninth, Grace; Fifth and Frank-
1m .v1. At thA
Davis monument. Tne nne 01 mrcn
T a packed mass of humanity. The
;, crowd was far and away the largest
. that the ancient capital of the Con
" federacy has ever entertained. Win
dows were bright with the faces of
women and girls, W4tn waving namiKer
chlefs and flags; the sidewalks were al-
1 most Impassable By reason 01 we con
, With their Mood stirring to the same
old airs which bade them do and die
for their cause in the '60s, the veterans
r marched through tne streets, me oo
' lect of a wildly cheering throng's en
1 tbusiasm.- At the head of the proces-
slon rode General Stephen D. Lee and
" his staff. The erect figure, the alert
- ri.a hnrt white beard of the
. comroander-la-chlef were well known, to
rr.At of the apeciaiors ana no wan
; ..ih ihiri all iJnnar the line.
The distinguished guests rods in car?
. rlages nd thea came the veterans, ar
i ranged according to departments, ln-
eluding Texas, Tennessee, irans-.Mississippi,
Missouri, Arkansas, Indian Ter-
"v rltory, ciaoom, -uiuu
a northwest division and Virginia.
The Next Sale Dates
' For round-trip 'tlcketrxto the east St
- the reduced rates made the Oregon
v Railroad Navigation company are
f next Thursday. Friday and Saturday.
' June I. 7 and 8. It will be wise to
' make early arrangements, as the ac
. commbdatlons will be.much la demand.
Conditions at the Jamestown air are
reported to be very favorable now. The
Q. R. ft N. Short Line gives a direct
bd delightfully wmfortable trip - and
the eonvnine4 arev eomplete. City
ttrku oKice, Third ana Washington
street. , '
Finn ai o
Miss Gertrnde Beeks Will
Probe Kumors,' of Vice
From Canal Zone.
(Journal Special Berrice.)
New Tork, June I. Washington will
be the soene of a great gathering of
the National Civic federation the com.
ing fall, to agitate for better conditions
for government employes, according to
an announcement made today, and the
secretary of the federation, MIsa Gert
rude Beeks, will leave soon for the canal
cone to Investigate the Immoral oondi
tions said to exist there. Miss Beeks'
trip and. the coming meeting at Wash
ington have the Indorsement of Secre
tary Taft.
The chief object of the Washington
meeting Is to better the condition of
government employes and agitate the
pension question. A committee ap
pointed to carry on this work met in
Washington last week to perfect ar
rangements. The chairman of the com
mittee is Secretary of War Taft, and
vice chairmen are Governor Beckham
of Kentucky, Mayor Guthrie of Pitts
burg and Postmaster . Wilcox of New
York. There Is also a sub-committee.
composed of states and municipal off!
cials, who have to do with working
conditions of publlo employes. A state
ment given out by Secretary Beeks to-
day charges that government buildings
at Washington and elsewhere and many
state and municipal offices here and in
other parts tf the country are main
tained in an unsanitary condition and
Improvement is to be Urged for the sake
of the health of the employes.
(Journal Special SarvJcO
Chicago, June 8. Yesterday was an
extremely busy day for preachers, cab
drivers and florists. The first crop of
June weddings was enormous. Satur
day license clerks were swamped, 110
licenses being Issued in the first two
hours. The average for; the. day was a
license every minute. New records
would have been established but for the
fact that it was only a half day at the
city hall, and the license bureau closed
promptly, Inasmuch as there was a ball
game In town and lots doing otherwise.
All of yesterday cabs and automobiles
hustled up and down and around the
streets, all bearing pretty girls, great
quantities of roses, new suit cases, and
all the Impediments of the newly
wedded. Outgoing trains also carried
their quota, while ministers and Judges
found their salaries considerably aug- j
merited at the close of the day.
Government May Provide for
Men Who Are Worn Out
in Its Service.
Opposition Is Expected From People
Who Do Not Realize That the
Employes Do Hard Work for Very
Smalt Pay.
Timber Land .Deed Recorded.
Astoria, Or, June 1. A deed has been
filed for record whereby the Delhi com
pany sells to Charles P. Maginnla tim
ber land In township 4 north, range 8
wst, for 125,000.
'Suffered day and night the torment
Itching plies. - Nothing helped me un
til I used Doan's tOlntment. It cured
me permanently." Hon. , John Car.
rett, Major, Glrard, Ala,
(Washington Bureau of Tha Journal.)
Washington, June S. Secretary Gar
field of' the department of the Interior
made the positive announcement to The
Journal correspondent today that the
Keep commission, of which he is a
member, will recommend to the con
gress at the coming session the adop
tion of some system of pensioning gov
ernment employes who nave grown old
In the service and who to the last have
maintained records of good conduct
and efficiency.
"The commission Is not prepared at
this time to indicate exactly the char
acter of the measure it will "recom
mend. ' Perhaps It will be in the na
ture of an annuity, but the details
must be worked out later . to enable
the members of the commission to de
termine what they believe would Be
wise. Whatever be the result of the
future . deliberations of the commis
sion, the recommendation will be vig
orous andwill be made to meet the
obvious demhnd for some solution of
the problem of what to do with the
wornout clerks."
It Is realised that any proposal to
pension government clerks will meet
with opposition by many members of
the congress. It is the intention, how
ever, to strive to enlighten the people
as to the facts and justify the adop
tion of some plan to relieve the sit
"I am on record," Commissioner Bal-
linger of the general land office said.
"as being in favor of pensioning govern
ment clerks, and believe that in the
increased efficiency such a plan would
bring to the service, the people would
really save money."
Many other officials Indorse this
view. There is talk of an annuity for
wornout clerks, the money to be taken
from their current salaries while they
are In the service, as some corpora
tions now do, That most of the larger
corporations, ' railroad and . indus
trial, now are working under the pen
sioning plan. Inclines many to believe
that the government might be as lib
eral and just towards its employes. .
Telegraphers Make Forma
Complaint to Officials of
Western Union.
(Journal Special Berries.)
New York, June 3. The statement
of grievances prepared by the commit
tee of the Commercial Telegraphers'
Union of North America has been sent
to each member of the board of direc
tors of the . Western Union Telegraph
company. The company is asked to
concede an eight-hour work dar to all
telegraphers working on day shifts, giv
ing uniform working hours in all offices
throughout ths country and a fixed
standard' in all offices.
Both the officials of the company and
the leaders of the union still express
the belief that no strike will occur.
Preeident B. J. Small of the union says
we win not ask the company to
grant another Increase of wages at this
time. We will, however, insist that the
10 per cent increase announoed to take
effect March 1, last, be granted to all
telegraphers m the employ of the com
pany and that we be given assurance
that the 'sliding scale' will not be used
as a means to take the Increase away
trom us.
"Other concessions -we .will. ask will
involve little or no expense to the com
pany. Jt will cost nothing to stop in
tlmldating tactics, bribery, black-listing
and other acts that have a tendencv to
kill the spirit of independent action and
make the men moral cqwards because of
tne ract mat they have to submit to
brutal indignities from day to day in
order to retain their positions and earn
a livelihood at their chosen trades,"
Deaf Mate's Breach of Promise.
From ,lhe London- Express.
' What is Believed to be the
breach of promise case in which both
parties are deaf and dumb is down for
hearing before . the Johannesburg high
court. '- x ' . i, '
The plaintiff is a pretty Boer girl
and the defendant is a son of the pro
prietor . of the Grand Station hotel,
JeppesUwo, ; ,
(SpaHul .Nvspatcb o tlie JorrrnaU
Olympia, Wash., June .-The -attor
ney-general's office has given an opinion
to the effect that under the new pure
food law - every package' containing a
quantity or proportion of alcohol, mor
phine, etc., la required ' to bear a state
ment on the label indicative of .the pro
portion contained and that there can be
no exception made. in the cases of com
pounds made up on a physician's pre
scription. -. - x '
The attorney-general also holds that
druggists will be liable for the payment
or the new state license fee of $25 un
der the new law, notwithstanding they
pay a government license which au
thorizes them to sell liquors.
(Special Dlapatoh to The Journal.) 1
Astoria, Or., June 3.-At the regular
meeting of the chamber of commerce
tonight the question of representation
at the Portland rose carnival will be
decided, also the appointment, of dele-'
gates to the annuaV convention1, of the
Oregon" Development league. " Manager
Whyte of the chamber will deliver an
address before the Admen's 'league at
Portland Wednesday ' evening.
How to Exercise the
',: , BowelS ' .;
yr Intestines are lined Inside
f with millions of suckers, that
XT .... draw the Nutrition from food as
. IX it passes them. But, if the food
passes too slowly, it decays before It gets
through. Then the little suckers draw
Poison from It Instead of Nutrition. This
Poison makes a Gas that Injures your
system mors than the food should have
nourished It.
The usual remedy for this delayed
passage (called Constipation) Is to take a
big dose of Csstor Oil.
This merely make slippery the passage
for unloading the current cargo.
It does not help the Cause of delay
trifle. It does slacken the Bowel-Muscles
and weakens them for their next task.
Another remedy is to take a strong
"Physic," like Salts, Calomel, Jalap,
Phosphate of Sodium, Aperient Water,
or any of these mlxed.
This merely flushes-out the Bo wels with
a waste of DigestlveJulce.sel flowing Into
the Intestines through ths tiny suoksrs.
Casosrets are the only safe medicine
for the bowels. ,'.
They do not waste any precious fluid
of the Bowels, as "Physics" do:
They do not relax the Intestines by
greasing them inside like Castor OH or
They . simply stimulate the Bowel
Muscles to do their work naturally.
comfortably, and nutritiously. ...
. -.v ..
They are put up In thin, fist, round-
cornered Enamel boxes, so they can be
carried In a man's vest pocket, or In a
woman's' purse, all the time. ' D739
The time to take a Cascaret is not only
when you are Sick, but when you first
suspect you need one. Price, 10c a box.
Be very careful to get the genuine,
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sold In bulk. , Every
tablet stamped "CCC." All druggists.
Always) Bay
.MI! Shrunk.
' HaTe"LIKOCOBD" eyelet bnttonnolet
Xaay to button, u Strong to bold.
BO. f. IDf eOMafcers ; TSOT, M.I.
e. v
Is really the best property offered to parties
wanting to build homes, taking into consid
eration that the company is grading - the
streets, laying water mains and making ce
ment sidewalks and curbing, putting build
ing restrictions in the deeds, assuring buyers
that good dwellings will be built near them.
Prices of lots from
Each, including all these improvements.
Terms 10 per cent cash and 3 per cent per
month on selling price. '
We also have some specially good buys
in houses, and lots. Call on or write