The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, June 02, 1907, Page 48, Image 48

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! J18- UESUB CARTER At th HelH fSiumday and Friday-nights' and '
Stl,rd3r ntine, In "DU Barry' tnd Saturday nlht in "Zasa."
tJIftOFLB-OIROFJUA."--At tha Marquam, ty tha San Franolseo opera
. company, all weak, beginning Monday nttfht with tha usual matlneea
, '"NEVER AOAIN"-At. tha Baker, by tha Baker stock oompaqy, all week
with' tha usual matinees. ;
DARKEST RUSSIA" AU the Sta r, by tha Star stock company, all
: week, beginning Monday night, with matinees Tuesday, Thursday.
r Saturday and Sunday.' -'n -$..
BINS OF THE FATHER" At the Xyrlo, by tha Allen stock company,
all week, with matinees Tuesda y.'.Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
VAUOEVIUUE Xi the Grand, all week with dally matinees.
DECIDEDLY the most important
event of the week in theatrical
, circles has to do with railroads,
or rather, with one particular
. railrsad, tha Southern pacific.
- That" road's failure twice during the
week to send Its trains into Portland on
schedule - time, and the consequent i
breaking into the engagements of two
. of the most important attractions of the
year, may hav important results, so
, far as , Portland's theatrical interests
' are concerned.
Early In the week Miss Henrietta
Crosman and her company, traveling
over the Southern Pacific from the
- couth, failed to reach Portland on time,
. and one .night of her engagement here
' was - lost. Then Miss Annie Russell
I and her company, traveling by the same
. route, were delayed and one night of
ner engagement also lost.
Both were Important engagements, the
financial loss to ls Russell's company
, being , especially, heavy because' of the
large numoer of people with the or
animation. The 1 management of the
Helllg. of 0uree7suffered atsoy-Tn
Because of Portland's remoteness it
naa missed the opportunity of seeing
many of tha most prominent stars and
some or the, moat important shows.
Managers are said to be reluctant about
ending expensive organisation to the
northwest becsuse of the posslbla finan
cial I oi resulting from the irregularity
,of train serrlee. The events of the
lt week may, accordingly, make them
even more timid In sending such com
" to this seeUon..-r .".
au week UeUl .patrons wlU bar
t a a : 1 i '
the opportunity of seeing Mrs. Leslie
carter in -pu JBarry" and "Zasa," Next
week Otis Skinner In a romantic drama
entitled "The Duel" will appear at the
Helllg. as will Lew Dockstsder and his
minstrels. During the Carter enga
niinireis. curing tne carter engagc -
ment ths curtain wlU rise promptly at
o clock at evening performances and at
t o'clock at matinees,
With "The Strollers" as the bill, the
Ban Francisco opera company scored an
other triumph at the Marauaro during
me week, racked bouses have been
regular at each performance since the
reopening of the Marquam. This week
the company will offer the old stand
ard, G!rofle-pirofla, considered by
many the most tuneful of all comic
After a long run of romantic plays,
farce and other attractions, ths Baker
company last week revived an old pas
lorai play. "The Dairy Farm," and
scored an immense suocess. It is' just
mo Kina mat Baker patrons want at In
lervais, and was cordially received.
ima week "Never ' Again" will be of-
rerea at the Baker. It Is a laughable
wee iransiatea rrom the French and
has never been presented in the north
west The Allen stock company at the Lyric
presented 'Tolly Primrose" to orowded
bouses during the week. Ik Is a dalntv
Comedy that is always wall received.
ana the Allen company received vnllm
ea praia ror Its efforts. "Bin of the
Father" Is the bill at the Lvri- thim
week.' "' .
t With several really eanable addltlona
Ui fltar atook oompaay Is scoring heav-,
A I M 5 a
ily at the Star. Miss Margaret Pitt,
as leading woman, and Raymond Whit
aker as leading maq won many admirers
with the Seaman company, and are in
creasing the list at the Star. The com
pany attracted considerable attention
In "Wedded, Dut No Wife,", and will of
fer "Darkest Russia" this week.
Mrs. Leslie Carter . at Heilig This
. Week. . ..
One of the . most notable theatrical
events of the season will be the appear
ance of Mrs. Leslie Carter at the Heilig
theatre next Thursday and Friday even
ing and Saturday matinee, June 6, 7 and
j v- r-, '
4 hr Watet success, "Du Barry1
t: David Belasco.
The part played by Mrs. Leslie Car
ter Is that of the milliner's girl, Jean-
ette Vaubernler, a fascinating young
woman or lowly parentage, who at
tracts the attention of King Louis
XV of France, just at a time
when he has wearied of the art!
fidelity of tha ladles of his oourt. He
Installs Jeanette as his favorite at Ver
sallies, and amid the luxuries of the
most magnificent court the world has
ever known she reigns as supreme as
though she were la reality queen of the
An engrossing love story Is introduced
at the very opening scene of. the play.
Cosse-Brissao, member of the King's
guard, falls in love with Jeanette and
she reciprocates his affection. Cosse Is
banished by the-king, but: here turns
In the third act of this play, ostensibly
to . km tne king. Tne young seiaier Is
shot while on the balcony in front of
Jeanette's bed-chamber, Into which he
staggers. Jeanette, now the Countess
du Barry, hides him in her bed, while
the king and his spies search the palaoe
for the wounded soldier. ;l ,
The sensational incident ti the next
act occurs when Jean du Barry, a
brother-in-law of the, royal favorite, at
tempts to reveal ... tha . hiding place . of
Cosse. last act of toe Inusense
H !
drama Is divided Into three scenes, the
first pictures Lady du Barry at her re
treat at Louveclennes, after the death
of Louis XV. The next scene shows
ths one-time favorite In prison, await
ing the verdict of 4 the tribunal, while
the final scene reveals the condemned
woman in the death cart on her way to
the guillotine, surrounded by a hootiag.
jcscruig muu oi revolutionists. .. , '
On Saturday evening Mrs. Leslie Car
ter will be seen in the clay in which
she achieved such a brilliant success
several years ago, "Zasa." She origl
nated the role of Zasa and her Interpre
tation ox ii nas never been approached.
The heroine of the play is a child of the
slums who becomes a music hall singer;
whose life, first as the mistress of Du
fresne and finally as' the favorite of the
fans stage, is of Intense dramatic in
The advance seat sals will onen next
xuesaay, June t at the box office of the
Helllg theatre for the entire engage
'Girofle-Girofla" at the Marquam
With the performance , this afternoon
and tonight tlte San Francisco ODrS
company win witnarawf that riot of fun
and music which Harry B. Smith and
Ludwlg Englander termed "The Stroll
ers" to make way tomorrow nla-ht for
airofle-Olrofla,' one of the ver best
of standard comic operas. It will be the
offering at the Marquam' for the week
commencing tomorrow nlgbt . ' ,
The opera requires a east of superior
vocal excellence and comedians of more
than average ability. The book la from
the pens of Albert Vanloo and Eugene
iLeterrler and too Male br the eau.
.... . ' r
brated comaoser, Charles Lecocq.
The English translation was made oy
Campbell Clark. . ' .
' All the members of the capable com
pany at the Marquam will, have exceN
lent parts. ' Miss Hemmi, who has de
lighted her old friends and surprised
her new ones, will have the title role,
Girofle-Glrofla. Some of the mcst beau
tiful music of the opera will fall to
Miss . HemmL
"See' How It Sparkles, See How It
Flows," one of the most entranclngly
beautiful waits songs, will be among
the many delightful r utsber that. Miss
iiemmi wm give. : . 7"
Teddy" Webb, as Bolero, father of
Olrofle-Olrona,j baa a comedy part to
his liking and one that, with the single
exception .of . Ko-Ko in "The Mikado,"
is his ravonte1 part.
. Carl Haydn will be heard as Maras-
quln, Florence Slnnott as Paqulta and
Qeorge Kunkel, the tall comedian, will
be seen to advantage as Morzouk, Tha
atoor cnier. aiauaa aeatty, tne Pedro.
Amiee Leicester as Aurora, wife of -lero,
Mr. Wallersted as the pirate chief
and Meivm Stokes as tha attendant will
complete the osst. -
The box Office Of the Marqusm Is
open dally from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.
and seats ar j now readr for "Girpfle-
airona." .
This afternoon and tonight that, de
lightfully melodious piece, "The Stroll
ers." will be heard .for the last time.
Never Again" at the Baker. V
One of the funniest farces that h
been Seen in Portland will be presented
this weak bg Bakat stock company,
"Never Again" is the title : of , this
laughable, piece and It will be given its
first 'production in i the northwest at
the , matinee at the Baker this after
noon, it will be the bill at the noou
far Third ..street house for the ' entire
week. .'v-...'.v :- 1
"Never Again"; Is a translation from
the French, the originators of , scream
ingly funny plays. Its success wher
ever It has been produced has been Dhe
nominal, and Portland will be no ex-t
ceptlon. Manager Baker may always be
relied upon to give patrons of his house
tha -very best -in theatrical attractions
and he has expressed his confidence
that, although it has never been seen
here before, this play will provide an
aounaance or merriment for his pa
trons. V- '' ;;. , . '.J.'.-.S . ti
- The Baker company has scored many
Druuani successes this season, but this,
the last of faring, v will undoubtedly ap
proach or even excel the former tri
umphs. Those who enjoy laughter
ana rina entertainment in a show that
causes no end of it . will' find "Never
Again-, entirely to their liking.
The play affords . members of : the
company excellent opportunities for
brilliant acting and all the old . favor
ites of the Baker company have parts
that will please .their friends. The
company hag been greatly enlarged for
this production. . ,
AH Baker patrons remember the re
markable suocess with whtoh Mr. Baume
nas handled ' those - German character
parts that have been assigned to him.
and. remember It with great pleasure. In
this play he has a German character
part that will undoubtedly b tha mna
pojfaar la iwhlch ha baa appeared. - ; '
" .
; AUEtf : STOCK CO;;
, "Never Again" will be seen at maU
inee and - evening - performances today
and will be the, bill at the Baker for
the entire week. The following is tha
t!Mt:Pr::.i-: K-:,f.,'-j"' r v -.
Fedor X Vlgnon, a young sculptor,
.....Mr. Donald Eowlea
Maud, an English model.,.,
. . . . . . . , , . ...... . .Miss Ethal Jonaa
Victoria, a inaid... .Miss Volberg Algren
Dr, Planohette, doctor and landlord, '
..Mr. Howard Russell
Marcellne, the sculptor's wifei .
.Miss Maribel Seymour
Gaston RIbot, her father, incline to v
oe gay. . . . .Mr. William L. GnPNum. I
Mrs. Rlbot, his wife and a model wi
mother-in-law. ..
....... ;.Mrs. Mlna Crollua niMmt
Herr Helnrich Katsenjammer, 'Der
ureat Jtatsenjammer' ,-
V . . . . . . . , ) . . . . . . Mr. Edcrav Dmimi
Octavle Katsenjammer, hla wife...,
. . , . , . . . Miss Louisa Vn
Mr. LavTlUe., ..... Mr. Leo Lindhard
Mrs, Lavrille..,,i..Miss Lueile Webstar -
Owners cf a Kindergarten Boardin
!?.:::' . School. ;if-3''?'''r;.''".'v
Velvalee ...... .. .Miss TEthel Holm
Toby.. ,,'4i, Miss CamUIe Kearna
Marie. ,.i,.......,...Mlso Inx Wllnm-
Harry.. . , .. . . ... . .Miss Alice Cammack
f-.AJi:;,v.; The'tr. Pupils. v;'"?. v
First Musician....... Mr. Orrin Piniwv
Second Musician. . . .Mr. Edward Wilcox
Seraph In. the Janitor.. Mr. William nm.
Chanols, the milliner. ,-. Mr. Wm. Harris i
- y - Aumors or me x,ettera - - ,
Mms. A Prudence, s. , elalryoyant. . -; C
.....Miss Elizabeth Chaneey
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