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1 sociEfYM
' (Continued from Pace Forty-six.)
1 erred by the hostess, as til ted by Mrs.
',. Eager, Mrs. Leber, Mr. Howard. Mia
i Jocelyn, Miss JiteClure, Miss Osburn and
-the: Misses Fetey. . .The; following
v women were present: Mrs. W. W.
;. Spaulding, Mrs. James Loton, Mrs, Alice
Wlester, Mrs. J. D. Corastock, Mrs.
. Clyde Sager, Mlas Myrtle B. Moffatt,
Mrs. welter Dunford, Mrs. Joseph Burk,
v ;Mlss Jean McClure, Miss Oaburn, Mrs.
'Stacey Matlack, Mrs. John Stewart,
r Miss Helen Spauldinir. Mrs. W. H. Pat-
terson, Mrs. Ks L. Whittlesey, Mrs. E.
',,'E. McClure, Mrs. C. C. Chapman, Mrs,
fitlmson, Mrs. Dove, Mrs. C K. Fety,
Mrs. W. I.. Howard. Ma. O. O. Bailey.
Mrs. Fred Bay, Mlas Fety, Miss Tho
- mine FetD, Mrs. Henrietta Mundt, Mrs
John Barnard, MIhs Julia Jocelyn, Dr.
. Mary Thompson, Mrs. John Leber and
. Mrs. William Parsons.
;''- The Four Leaf Clover , Launching
: club save a pleasant. boating trip down
the Columbia on Decoration day on the
launch Constitution. Among those who
' furnished entertainment "were . James
' n-it. . MIA . M. . .. ... ... ,
1 I . I TT .
' who sang. The . club expects to make
Several such trips through the summer.
Those making the party were Miss
B. K. Tatham. Miss McNelL Miss fitra
Miss McTatham. Miss Klrkpatrick, Miss
, Weber, Mies Stuart. Miss Davy. Mlas
Moaner, Miss Marshall, Mr. Dunne, Mr,
; Howath, Mr. Pannell, Mr. Kees, :.; Mr,
. Trine, Mr. Cain, Mr. Mlnnlnger, Mr.
1Lfltnh11 Mr Marn Mr UIIIm ir.
, u. uw. w , ... m . . ,1 ' u. a.,,
arson, Mr. Bauragart . and Mt. Lager
' - Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Williams enter
tained a few friends Mondays evening
in celebration or their third wedding an
nlversery. . The rooms were decorated
.wit)-, red flowering hawthornes and
ferns. Whist was played and the prises.
a recent novel and an embossed leather
cara case, were won oy, Frank .Jr.
' Georges and Mrs. Anna Simpson. . Re
freshments were served at the card'
tables by Miss Alva Rhoades. Miss
Cieota Button, Miss Mabel Parker and
MJas Jessie Williams. .
The guests for the evening were Mr,
and Mrs. Arthur Woolsey. Mr. and Mrs.
Richard T.- Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
P. Georges,' Mr and Mrs. W. G. Green,
Mrs. Anna Simpson, Mrs. ' Frank Ed
wards. Miss Lulu Horton, Miss Char
lotte Stone, Henry T. Wheeler, George
D. Hawk. Frederick Peebles and. Will-
lam F, Brown, r
., '
The Hee Hee Kalaganie club spent the
afternoon and evening of Decoration day
at Clackamas- Games, singing and
boating were Indulged In. and a general
good time Is planned for next Monday,
at the residence of Miss Amies Spencer,
77 Jrvlng street, x
: :'y:y:J:
Mrs. H. & Reed was the hostess, en
tertaining the Monday Evening Social
club at five hundred last, week. Re
freshmsnts were served In the dining
room, which was ' prettily decorated
with carnations and. ferns.
Marshall street. The home was prat
tlly decorated with ferns and rosesj The
ceremony was performed by Rev. John
Simpson . of St. Mark's pariah. The
bride wore a gown of white ehlffon
over satin, in .sunburst plaiting, and
carried J3rlde rosea. Only the relatives
snd a few friends were present The
wedding march was played by - Miss
Grace Owen. Tho out-of-town "guests
were Miss Mabel Breeae of - Seattle,
Mlas Grace Owen of Tacoma, Mr, and
Mrs. Sweltser of Lewlatown,' Montana
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayes, Mr. and
Mrs. C. D. Hayes of Vancouver. The
bride's bouquet , was caught by Miss
Mabel ' Breeae. .
'Mr; and Mrs. Brown leave tomorrow
for Lewlaton, to make their home.
... -':-'.
There was quIetNiome wedding at
636 . East Burnslds street May 28, at
the bride's home, when William A. Mc
Klnnon of Albany and Mlas Mettle A.
Peebler were married. Rev. Henry A.
Bard en performed the ceremony. After
the ceremony a-wedding dinner was
served. V Mr. and Mrs. T. Taylor, Mr.
and Mrs. T., W. Klhi Dolph J. Taylor.
Harry Taylor, Mr. Vameson, the bride's
sister. Miss Mary Feebler, Frank layior,
A. Van Nortwick, Clyde Peebler and
Diners were among ins fu,n. Mr. uiu
Mra McKlnnon will visit . friends la
Albsny. :
' :, .. ' V"'',
Miss Eva F. Ealdern and Walter A.
Packard were married at the home-of
the bride's parents. 2t( Crosby street
May 17. br Rev. Henry A. Barden, The
bride was attended by her niece, Flor
ins Farmer, and the groom - by Tils
brothsr. R, C Packard. After the cer
emony an elaborate dinner was served.
There were present the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. L. Saldern, the groom's
mother, Mrs. Helen M. Packard. Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Healey, Mrs. A, L. Shane,
J. H. North. Masters Norman Healey
and Donaia ration ana Miss uori jea-
ley and the bridal attendants. .
O. C. Thayer and Mrs. Alma Thomas
were married at 'the M. B. Parsonage
In Spokane. Washington, May t5, Rev.
Mr. Davis officiating. . The bridegroom
4s a well-known traveling man and the
bride has long resided In Portland.
Mrs. Minnie R. Wolcka and Sherman
H. Webber were married Friday even
ing at the brides home In Portsmouth
by Rev, John, Bentiien. . .
and Mrs. Harry Starr Attlx of this city,
was married to Cyrus G. Brown of Lew
latown, Montana, Thursday evening, - at
Vie heme of the .bride's parents, til
The Eaat Side Athletlo elub has sent
out invitations for a shirtwaist party at
the new Rlngler.hall Wednesday even
ing. Everest's orchestra will play. The
Satroneases are: Mrs. W. T. Masters,
Irs. M. M. Rlngler, Mrs. J. E. Werleln,
Mrs. C. .C. Newcastle and Mrs. F. S.
Bennett : The committee consists of M.
M Ringler, Frank Brobet, C. M. Peter
son, L. CThompsoiiFrank Howell, L.
B. Smith and Dr. W.W. Bruce.
The summer dancing and card party
to be given by the Swastika club of
Corinthian chapter, O. E. 8., promises
to be a very enjoyable affair. . Rooms
have been set aside for card - playing,
so that danoers will not be Interfered
with. Mr. and Mrs.; J. N. Brown will
have charge of ihe card rooms. Mem
bers of the order of Eastern Star are
Invited to attend. . . - , -..' .:.y-
The Woodmen of the World wUl close
a successful campaign on Friday -even-
leal in ' their Woodmen temple. The
comhiittee in charge ef arrangenjf nts
has outlined a program, including whist,
refreshments, dancing and ths award
of prises to the victors in the several
contests. General Organiser Day
launched, the movement to build UP th
order, socially and numerically, with
good results. Several members of the
camps offered prises for attendance at
the meeting, and for applications. Bev
eral of tho business houses gave prises
for tug-of-war. pillow fights, wood saw
Ing and nall-drlvlng contests, and tbeee
have helped the members to work. All
who have attend nd 10 of the aeries of
14 meetings will be entitled to two
seat at a banquet next Friday night
The beautiful drama entitled "EJisa
both of Thuringln" will be preoented by
the students', of St Francis' academy
at tho Empire . theatre Monday night
June 10. Tho event promises to be one
of importance, t .' , --
The eurrent topier department of the
Women's club will have its annual
plcnlo at the Oaks Monday, meeting at
First and Alder streets at 10:41 in ths
morning. All. members are urged, to
attend. - ',:
' Mr. and '.Mrs." T. Posner announce
the engagement of their daughter. Miss
Sara, to ur. Samuel Morse Oellert. They
will receive from to 8 next Sunday
afternoon at 163 Johnson street.
' Mr. and Mrs. A. P. jOohler are visit
ing Mrs. C. E. Stone, Mrs. Lechler's
aunt In Marysvlllo, California. .
Miss Juanlta Mae Miller, daughter of
Senator M. A. Miller of Lebanon, Is
vlaltlng Mrs. Frank M. Miles 1 or 1ST
Eugene, street this week.
Miss Alice Hallaran of Eureka, Cali
fornia, Is tho guest of Miss Margaret
Mra R. F. Henley recently visited
friends for several days In Portland on.
her way from Pendleton to San Fran
elsoo, where she will Join Mr. Henley,
who preceded her to the Bay : City to
make their borne. ?-"...
Everybody In Bangkok Turns Oat to
;y'-, View th Vevr Arrival.
Amid general rejoicing what was ex
pected to be a new white elephant was
landed In Bangkok, says tho Times of
that city. Its arrival being witnessed
by royalty and largo crowds of people
in holiday garb. ;
Between 4 ana s o'clock tne landing
near the grand palaoo presented a very
pretty sight Tho roadway from the
corner of tho palace wall was lined with
troops to tho water's edze, . while la
front of these wsro the llctors and ban
ner carriers. , A pavilion was erected
midway between the river and tho pal
ace' for the king and his suite.
The raft on 'which the new elephant
with his mother arrived from Ayuthia
was moored, to tho landing. At 1:10
o'clock the strains of tho national an
them heralded the arrival of tho king,
who came in a motor ear. His majesty,
who was looking very well, at once pro
ceeded to the roval pavilion, with him
belne? several' young ' princesses and
prince. The . crown prince was also
present Tho pavilion was surrounded,
by high official , or tne army, and the
navy. , r' ; --.,.' .
The preparations for the landing of
tho elephant were at once begun, and in
few momenta tno weird conch shell
music told- tho- waiting . crowds '- who
could not see that the elephant was on
terra firms. The animal, which is about
nlna months old and surprisingly woolly
In appearance, showed a very playful
disposition as It was led to the front
of the royal pavilion for his majesty to
see. Afterward . accompanied by Its
mother and two of the elephants al
ready at Duslt park, flanked by banner
bearers, and to the sound of drums. It
was taken In procession slowly to Duslt
park, large crowds following. L,
Most Minute Details Are Reproduced
:';'.; - ".. tA Great Expense.
' Stuffing tho skins of birds and of
animals is no lonrerthe method used
in up to date taxidermy. , The latest
thing la the manikin system. to the method employed In the
preparation of . the so-called habitat
groups, showing blcds and animals In
their natural surroundings. v In making
these groups expenee is not spared. '
Fleoes of reck, stones, shells, trees.
plants and oven earth are brought from
tho localities whoso general characteris
tics are to bo produced. The artist who
Is to paint the background goes- to tho
very plaoe Itself and paints from nature.
If leaves or small, soft twigs aro to
be reproduced, plaster impressions are
taken of tho real objects and melted
wax Is run Into these moulds, so that
every lino and vein Is shown. Tho wax
leaf or twig Is then sprayed with paint
says a writer In Fur News, tho operator
using an air brush so as not to put on
more paint than is necessary.
In some instances tho leaves aro
punctured to represent Injuries Inflicted
by Insects. The finished leaves ars at
tached to the stems of the plants or
trees so skilfully that they have every
appearance of growing there. Two men
and two women aro employed at tho
museum continually la this branch of
the work alone. - r ' . i .'
In representing water, sheets of cel
luloid aro . used, which are so strong
that when plaeed In position In tho esse
they will bear tho weight of a man.
This substance Is need ' to great ad
vantage In this branch of the work,
as It may bo cut to any shape and may
also bo bored full of holes to admit the
stems of water grasses, cattails, eta,
without danger of breaking, ,
Faked Coronation Scene.
From the London Chronicle. 5 v
Probably the most notable faked liv
ing picture ever produced was that
which purported to give a representation
of tho actual soeno inside Westminster
Abbey at the king's coronation. , . : v
The production waa tho Work of an
inventive Frenchmen, who had special
scenery of the abbey painted and repro
ductions of ths historical costumes
made. . Then a number of French aotors
were "made up" to represent tho king.
tho aged primate and other central fig
ures, and remarkably lifelike they were.
plaoe at a quiet little Tillage in Brittany
and tho films wers sent to London for
reproduction In one of the leading
houses of entertainment The man
agers, however, made no attempt to Im
pose on tho publlo and openly confessed
that the scene was a "fake."
V-'N; . 2OSTI I I 1 " '('
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