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.Shuts Out Commuters in Kumor.ilas It Mill Will Be
1 1
Hill Military Academy Ath- VahcouTer's Senior Four Ex- Race Run Over ;Two-Milo
: Prettiest Contest on Local -Pulled Off in Opposition to
Grounds This Season. Squires - Burns Fight
at Corvallis.
. wet Championship
ient Spot for Spectators.;
4 !
Red-Headed Randolph Is Knocked
Off the Mountain "Spltbair' Ho
gan. Takes His Place, Bat Is
Clouted Nearly aa Badly.
Encounter Would Broke Vast Inter I
est -Brns Has Taken Possession
of Jeffries' Old Training Quarters
to Fit nimself for Australian.
Oakland 0. Portland I. ' '
San Francisco 4, Los Angeles I.
i standing of the Clubs.
1 'w Won. Lost
,L8 Angeles ......... II 17 .',
'Ban Francisco ....... 80 II ' '
Oakland , , .. IT 18
;PorUand . If IT
. i Think of the Beavers playing an er
rorless ram!
No, it's not a dream. That's what
, ' they did yesterday really and truly.
And not for only ono Inning-. They did
' lt for- nine. -'
' The Portland ball players got down
: to business yesterday and showed what
; they can do when well, sometimes.
., Pitcher Callft deaerres much of the
, credit. Cailff reminded the fans of his
numerous shut-out fames last year.
'He and his perfect support downed
'.the Commuters In one-two-three, order
' ilnnlng- after Inning, and not until the
.'eighth, when Cailff weakened Just a
; little, did an Oaklander make the ao-
' 'qualntance of the keystone sack.
t la the eighth Cailff rare three bases
on balls and It looked as If the visitors
i were g-oing- to tally. But they didn't
Lovey Lovett was there with , the big
mitt to grather In a low, dang-erous fly
put away by Heitmuller and the same
, ended with nine bis gander eggs for the
men from the south. ,
. Xaadolph Kit Hard.
. The Beavers knocked Pitcher, Ran
dolph out of the box In the fourth and
"Splt-Bair Hogan went In In his place.
, Hogan was batted for four hits, one of
them a beautiful three-bagger by 'Bas-
sey. . ' - , -v.. .
The run in the fourth began with a
' ii i 'unit mi inn I 'i' iiMi ii i lieri iiQiswrumriir k'lj'
, ' A " i . t ;
y'Z ' i i - ;
E , v ' 1 ( " ' f - )
Mays Work, Also Brings Team Cup I Bawers, Fattlson, Lalng and Moore
to H. M, A Cspiores Three Runs
and Broad Jump Kellog and
Jay Also Distinguish Themselves.
Will Be Members of the Crew
Canadians Enter " Oarsmen in
Every Event on the Card. V
Change of Date Is Blade on Account
of the Hunt Hub ' RacesTime
Should Be Fast, as High Power
Cars WUI Run.
f " By W. W. Naughton.
(Baant Newa by Loofcit LeaMS Wire.)
San Francisco, June 1. -For several
days past there have been rumors to
the effect that BatUing Kelson, who
hasn't "turned a wheel" In nearly two
years, Is to be brought here In a hurry
from Hot Springs and signed up with
Jimmy Brltt so that the enemies of Pro
moter Coffroth, who has arranged a
Fourth of July con teat between Squires,
the Australian champion, and Tommy
Burns, mar be able to "stage" aa oppo
sition . pugilistic event on tne national
holiday. The report has been denied
weakly, but It crops up again.
The story goes that the desirs to spoil
the Colma attraction as far aa possible
has Its well-spring anlmoalties engen
dered among ths members, of that turbu
lent, organisation known as the fight
trust and that Billy Nolan, who man
ages Nelson and detests corrrotn on
account of a wrangle over moving pic
ture money, has lined up with the ant!-
Coffroth forces In the attempt to bring
oonf ualon to the plans of the Colma
TIM Old Hgnt Trust.
As to the Jars snd jealousies which
beset ths old fight trust and made It
Doming lurinor le mnj man uibi it w
C.-R. Zacharlag of the University of ' Oregon throwing the 18-pound
hammer. Zacharlas la a likely candidate for the P. N. A, track
team which will be sent to Jamestown in September. In the Trl
State meet on Decoration day he threw the hammer 165, feet, I
Inches, breaking the northwest record
a pity the game of cross purposes which
was played throughout that practically
fightlesa year should be perpetuated.
As to ths Nolan-Coffroth suit for sn
accounting, or whatever It Is, the mat
ter, I understand. Is In ths courts, and
It Is only fair to sssume that a lust
decision will be rendered when ths time
This thing of attempting to kill off
one fight by arranging another for the
same date Is something which concerns
the public, however, and aa such it Is
(ftpaetil DUpateh te Tbe VnarnaLt
Corvallis, Or.. June 1. -The strons
bunch of athletes from the Hill Military
academy of Portland . won the cup at
I the first annual tnterscholaatld track
meet neia unaer tns auspices of the stu
dent body of the Oregon Agricultural
I oouege nere this afternoon.
Mays, tne star athlete of ths same
team won the Individual medal, having
a- iciai oi xv points to bis credit.
Kellog of Baker Cltv and Jar 'of
I Pendletoa were other particular stars of
tne aay. Both of these men won three
first events. - The meet waa close and
spiritedly contested throughout. Baker
I City, with but two men, Portland High
I wun tneir strong team of point winners,
I combined with ths champion Pendleton
l team, made matters Interesting for their
rivals until the last. The track meet
i was a decided success In every respect
y. Crowd Zs Xarge,
A large crowd witnessed the contest.
and a banner of each high school waa
waving on the field. The best of feel
ing prevailed throughout, and enthusi
asm ran high as the Juniors made rec
ords that would have been creditable to
collegiate athletes.
Jay, In the high Juris, nrobablr haa
i no equal in uregon. In the pole vault
no is also above ths averase athlete.
ills, work was ths most spectacular of
aay. Tne meet went far above the
Coach Archie Hahn Agitates Scheme I Beats Record of Bear-' Catcher In
and Student Body Resolves
to Carry It Out.
Special Handicap 6a the
" Oakland Track. "
Promotes Vot Known.
No matter which angle the matter Is
viewed from It looks queer. To begin
with, It cannot possibly be a money
making venture, for no sane match
maker would think of selecting a date
walk to Donahue. . ' "TKinnT" stole aen.
j ond, Mcredie flew out and then Bas-1 tbe privilege of sporting critics to com
iiw, wno naa auaaeniy isarnea to niti"-" ...
. In the right spot, knocked a liner which
-netted him two bags and sent Donahue
, cantering home. Moore singled and
- stole, second. - Carson, who has suddenly
i got his ' range finder, singled, bringing
in Baseey. Moore crossed the pan on
Heltmuller'B Juggle of Carson's hit ' Ca
lift fanned and Lovett sent Carson
around on a three-swat scoring himself
a moment later on Hailey's fumble of
'Shinn's grounder.
;. Then "Spit-Bair' Hogan went to. ths
mountain, McCredle; Bassey, Carson
and Cailff all scored safe bits off his
twisters. Bassey made , his three-
bagger Immediately after McCredle's
(Special DUpttrt to The JooraaM I (Journal Special Service.)
Paolflo University, Forest Grove, Or I San Francisco, June 1. Santera broke
June 1. Paclflo university Is to have a! the California record for a mils at Oak-
new gymnasium Jo ooat In the
hood of 115.000 or 120.000.
This scLeme ' which haa hm in anin. I Porse bad been offered With an addi-
neighbor- land today In the special handicap for Young, La Grande,' second; Mlllerlng!
4-year-olda and up, for which aa MOO ialend City, third; distance, 10 feet
" By A. Qarvey. '
Vancouver, B. C, June 1. Vancouver
will send a strong senior crew to the
annual regatta t the North Paclflo As
aoclatlon of Amateur Oarsmen, which
will be held at Seattle July , The
Officers of the dub. are highly 'elated
over ths showing made by the -club rep
resentatives at the Victoria regatta.
They realise that the crew la the
strongest that has been turned out of
the club . for several years - and It is
safe to say that It will take a speedy
crew to pull away from tne locals,
Norman Bawers, who - last seaaon
mads such a . remarkable showing , In
ths singles and who was ' looked upon
a coming champion In- ths singles.
has forsaken the singles for this year
and will devote all of bis time to the
senior four oared crew. Bawers will
stroke. the crew. J. R. R. Moors Is a
strong oarsman and pulls a strong oar
In No. I - seat Charles Lalng, in No.
1. seat. Is well known in athletic circles
on the coast He la the holder of the
amateur heavyweight", boxing ; and
wrestling championships of tbe province
and has been rowing in the club Junior
four for two seasons. This Is his first
season In ths senior boat
Other acambers ef Crew,
In Thomas Pattlson. ths club bas-a
expectation la point of success, to the I strong and reliable man la the bow
locai managers, and au of the schools
will send representatives to a. similar
meet neia here next year. .
unuaary of Zvents.
XOO-yard dash Glass. P. ' jl first;
waiters. Island City, second; Dart
roruana nign, twra; time, 11 flat
150-yard run Maya. H. M. A. first!
Breeding, Portland high, second; Bur-
nap, uorvauis, third: time, 1:07.
Pols vaultJay. Pendleton, first:
tlon for some time, was actually crys-
taiisea yesterday afternoon at a meet
ing of the student body, when Coach
Archie Hahn laid the plan before the
that has already been preempted by an' "ebi'r for consWeratlon.
single In the seventh and tallied the
. big fellow, making Portland's only
; other run. The official scorer speaks In
.(this wise:,- : v,
: , ' . , . PORTLAND.
' Vs;.'. AB. R. H. PO. A. B.
Lovett cf. I 1110 0
iriinn, se, ........... 6 0 0 0 5
Casey, 2b. ....
f Donahue, lb I ; 1 0 t 1
McCredie, rf. I I 10 0
.Bassey, It t 1 S t 0
Moore, c. ... J ; 1 0 4 0
Carson,., lb. ..4 1 2 12 0
, Cailff, p. (tiftiiiui 9 v ie v v
? ' Totals ....81 - IT 14 -0
f - OAKLAND.' -. '
AB. R. H. PO, A. E.
. , Smith, 1C : ....
Van Haltren, cf.
J Heitmuller, rf.
'jr.agan, as. ..........
iPliss, C ............
. riaiey, zo.
' tUgOT, ID. ...
! Devereaux, tb.
, Hogan, p.
i ToUls . I.......... 80 0 -4 24 U
i Oakland ...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
, Hits . . ........0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 14
; 0
10110111 9
' Struck out By Cailff. 11: by Ran
dolph, 2: by Hogan, 1. Bases on balls
tOif Cailff. 8: off Randolph. 8: off Hosan.
j X. Two-base hit Bassey. Three-base
' hits Lovett . Bassey. Double play
'; jjonanue to uasey. ttacrince nits Bas-
' sey, Cailff, Lovett 3. Stolen bases Don
'ahue, Moore, McCredie. Hit by pitched
.' bail . Smith. First base on -error-
Portland. 1. Left on bases Portland.
: :; Oakland. 6. Innlns-s pitched Bv
, Randolph, 4: by Hogan, 4. Base hits
i Oif Randolph, 6; off Hogan, 4. Time of
t game One hour and 4b minutes. Urn
plre Derrick.
I : :
i J
:l : ' ' ' -
.-. , " 1
-a . i ' r
V ' r I
' '
William CallfTv who helped Port
land win the Coast league pennant
.last' .year. Callft has been, out of
form this year until yesterday? Trhen
he held the Commuters down to four
hits. v '
other In his line of . business. Incident
ally, one of the queerest points in this
queer business is that while it Is com
mon talk that the matching of Nelson
and Brltt for July 4 is to be gone
through with, no one Is quits sure who
Is to be the leading promoter of the
event - '
It is claimed that the details of the
bout were arranged by Billy Nolan and
Willis Brltt and that assurance is rortn
coming that a permit for holding the
fight in San Francisco-will be granted,
but In the name of what person or club
ths permit Is to be issued, or Just where
the contest Is to take place, is being
kept a secret, t- -Manager
Must Be Ashamed.
'The evident disinclination of the club
manager or head promoter to disclose
bis Identity suggests that he feels he
will be a party to a ratner unsports
manlike undertaking. There has never
been any particular demand for a Nel-son-Brltt
return match, the impression
left by that affair at Colma two years
ago being that the question of superi
ority was definitely settled -at that time.
Aa proof of this It may be cited that
while fanciful and fabulous purses have
been offered for all kinds of fights, not
oven one of the rich Nevada mining
camps has named a price for a second
meeting between the Dane and ths na
tive son."
' 'Britt however, has been persistent
in seeking another meeting with the
Norseman, and. to do him Justice, he bas
always seemed to be sincere in his de
sire to tackle the only man who has
ever knocked him out If the two men
ever do meet It will doubtless be in
20-round bout wherein Brltt can use his
cleverness as an offset to the Dane':
penchant for close-in work.
With both men allowed ample time to
train, something which Is absolutely
necessary when It Is remembered that
the fighting qlallflcatlons of each
them has lain fallow for practically two
years, and with the attendant circum
stances such that the public would be
led to believe that the old rivalry be
tween ' the pair bad been aroused,
Britt-Nelson match would appeal to fol
lowers of Queensberry sports.
But as long as someone can point to
the fact that Battling Nelson has per
sistently turned a deaf ear to Brltt for
two years, and that BatUing Nelson re
cently turned down an offer of a purse
of 140,000 to box Joe Gans at.. Ely. un
favorable comment would be of neces
sity Invited were Nelson and Britt
brought together with what might right
ly be termed indecent haste.
Burns at Harbin Springs.
Tommy Burns has gone to Harbin
Springs, Lake county, to train for his
fight with Bill Squires and will have
the use of the gymnasium erected for
Jim Jeffries when the big fellow first
went to the mountains to prepare him
self for his contest with Gus Ruhlln.
Most of the equipment put In place for
Jeffries will be available for Burns, but
Tommy says he will dispense with the
600-pound sandbag with which Jeff used
to toy when he needed a. foil for his
Immense strength and superabundant
frlsklness. j . , ;
"Nothing out of the way for me,
said Burns. .''Straight road work and
plenty of bag-punching and sparring.
with perhaps an occasional hunting trip
for atversion win about nn tne mil"
As for Sparring partners. Tommy will
have enough of them to form a drill
corps. He has arranged for the services
Billy Woods, the colored heavy;
George Brown of . Oakland and ' Jimmy
Burns, otherwise George Memslc He
Is In- hopes of securing Bob Ward, who
used to assist Jack O'Brien at Los An
geles. ,:--'
Burns . will break- , camp at Harbin
about ten days before the date of ths
fight with Squires and will put ths fin
ishing touches to aw training at the
Reliance dub Oakland. ,
William Ellaha Gwynn spoke of the
need of a- newt gymnasium and James
Ward, manager of the track team,
thought that it was by all means pos-
siDie to Duua a new gymnasium In that
ths students had raised . so much for
the ladies' dormitory.
Then a subscription was started by
tne sopnomores ana the five boys and
three girls pledged $45; the 'Juniors,
however, went them one 'better, their
three girls and five bdys pledging 65.
After that ths subscriptions cams In
tmcK and fast
Coach Hahn has drafted plans for ths
new gym. it wiu be a bandsoms two-
story structure, with swimming tank
ana tne latest equipments. Hahn has
been engaged as physical Instructor for
tne wnoie of next year. . . t ;
tlonal 1200 if the record was broken.
The daughter of Ingoldsby closed a
alight favorite over Bedford in ths bet
ting and after Indulging Optician with
ths lead, to ths three quarters went to
ths front and had ' enourh left to stall
oft the gams finish of Bedford and win
by three -quarters -of a length In 1:88 8-8.
Ths previous record was held by Bear
Catcher 1:88M. Summary:
First race, one mils and five furlongs
Talmund (McLaughlin), 4 to 1, won ;
Harbor (Klrschbaum), to I, second;
Rotrou (Alarle), 10 to 1, third. Tims,
Z:8 4-6. .
Second race, one and a sixteenth
miles Cabin (Klrschbaum), 10 to; L
won; Hugh McGowan (Sandy), T to,l,
second; Elevation (Davis), 18 to I,
third. Time, 1:48 4-6.
Third race, five furlongs. handicap-
College Widow (Gross), 4 to 1,-won;
Turnaway (Keogh), 8 to 1, second;
Balnade (McLaughlin), B0 to 1, third.
Time, 1:00 2-6. " : '
Fourth race, ens mils, special weight
handicap Banfara (Davis), 11 to-, t,
won; Bedford (Klrschbaum), 11 to 6,
TAT) mrt i trc CiTTm eonaj "pucian ianay;, 10 to x, tnira. j
x V-" J.VJLfii.1 O DI11AJ1 I Time. l;88 2-6. , . , ; , '
Fifth race. Futurity course St Fran
cis (Davis), 11 to 6, won; Bruiting Bush
Among Others Are Dunont Hand!. (Klrschba!um)r 8 to 1, second; Nothing
- . (Nichols), 80 to X, third. Tims, 1:10. '
cap Trophy, to Be Competed
for for Second Time.
The members of the Multnomah Rod
and Gun club Will comneta tndav tnr
four trophies at the club's traps. Ths
uupont trophy, which was put up for
ths first Urns last Sunday, is a handi
cap prise for the first 26 birds, and
must be won three times in ord to
Become a permanent possession.
'x ne inman diamond medal for ths
first 60 birds Is a trophy that la shot
lor every weea, to be worn by ths win
ner until the. following Sunday.
ine Multnomah Rod and Gun club
haa hung up a special gold medal as a
nanaicap pse lor toe first 100 birds
orougni aown toaay.
i nose wno made nnder 7B per cent
ibbi ounaay win compete today for the
Dupont medal. Shooting will begin at
9. O'clock. : . v"
The club is planning an open tourna
ment for the latter part of June or the
iirst pan or juiy. Sportsmen from all
Sixth race,' six and ono half furlongs
Ethel Day (Borel), 14 to 6, won; Se
curity (Fischer), 11 to 10, second; Prin
cess Tltanla (Davis), .18 to 6, third.
Tims, 1:18 4-6. ,
120-yard dash Glass. P. A., first:
Meier, Portland high, second; Slmaker,
juua-ene, vara; time, 0:24 1-6. ! v
High. Jump Jay, Pendleton, first;
n-euog, Baser city, second; ; Norrls,, p.
su, tnira; neigntn, s reet 8 inches.
Hammer throw Kellog, Baker City,
first; Thornton, Roseburg, second;
weoKS, island City, third; distance.
118 feet 6 inches.
Mils run Mays, H. M. A-, first;
Breeding, Portland high, second; Gregg,
Corvallis, third; time, 6:06 4-6.
Shot put Kellog, Baker City, first;
Taylor. H. M. A-, second; Thornton,
Roseburg, third; dlstanos, 41 feet
tt incnes. -440-yard
dash Mays. H. M. A- first
Bean, Eugene, second; Meier, Portland
nign, third: time, 0:66 4-6.
Discus Helios. . Baker Cltv. first
Taylor, H. M. A., second; Jay, Pendle
ton, uura; aiatanoe, ios feet - -110-yard,
hurdles ( Jay, Pendleton,
nrst; Hawkins, Portland high, second
McGutrs, Portland high, third; time, 18
fiat i s - r
Broad Jump Maya H. M. A., first
Jay, Pendleton, second; Woodard, Port
land high, third; distance, 18. feet 8K
-220-yard, hurdles Latouratte, Port-
iana nign, nrst; Dixon, Pendleton, seo-
ond; Hawkins, Portland high,, third
time, is flat -
Portland academy won ths 'relay
over the northwest will be invited, and I right field fence In ths seventh. He is
attractive purses will be hung up.
9tr1s.foiT lfMeaeW A traW1attJI lai OttA
JNUVY Xi VJldN UJ OJi&JJbjO olf champion of Oregon,. Mrs, W. B.
Ayor im ie woman . cuompioa at uie
same fascinating game. -
Ths finals in ths annual stats tour
nament were played on the. Waverly
links yesterday, ' Mecleay defeating
uoraon voornies ana sirs. Ayer coat
ing Miss Flanders. The men's handi
cap was won by G. R. Andrews of
Seattle and ths women's handicap by
Mrs. J. C. Alnsworth. The men's long
driving contest' was won by Voorhies,
wno Knocaea tne nttie round ball , Z18
feet: Mra Dewltt Connell won 'the
women's driving contest making -182
zest, ins tournament ended with a
dinner and dance at ths clubhouse last
night at which more than 100 golf en
thuslasts were present
(Hearst Hews by Imifeat teased Wire.)
San Franolsco, Juno 1. The Seals
took a game of the fllp-a-coin variety
from the Angels today by a score of
4 to 8. This makes them even up on
ths series of ths week. Tomorrow's
two games will decide whether Long's
or Dillon's men will carry . away the
honors for ths entire series. x,
Today's gams was in doubt until the
last Angel had died In tbe first part of
the ninth. Dolly Gray and Oscar Jones
officiated on the sending end of ths two
batteries, and each had his bad Innlnga
Carlisle tors off a homo run over that
Machine Is Blade In Los Anseles
Where It Has Taken Many
l , .Records. f
The Oregon Motor Car company, a
new agency In Portland, has opened up
temporary offices St 108 Seventh street
It Is agent for the "Tourist" motor car,
made In Los Anreles bv the Auto V.
nicie company. This car is a 22-horse-
power, two-cylinder machine, which
seats five persons. .It nas a detachable
tonneau. '
Although, not a racina- machine. It
naa taken - numerous . records in Cali
fornia, and will be seen here in the auto
reeS. The model K 7, two-cylinder 22-
horsepower stock oar, with racing gear,
broke the World's record for 26 miles
on a circular, track for any stock car
carrying four people regardless of power,
number of cylinders or price. With a
standing start it made 26 miles in 29
minutes and 47 seconds, or more than
KA mil... an tiAii T-t.1 . tm
made on Saturday, May 4, 1807, at Agri
cultural park, Los Angeles. The sams
machine cams in . second to an eastern
60-horsepower, four-cylinder car In a
five-mile free-for-all race.
Ths Tourlsf motor, car haa been on
the market, since 101. Los Angeles haa
mors than 1,000 of them.. ;
now even with Truck Eagan, each hav
ing four hocers over that ; high en
closure. The score by Innings:
Los Angeles ......0 0 0 1 0 0 0 S S 8
Hits. v...0 0 0 1 111 1 07
San Franclscp ...0 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 t
Hits . . ........14 oooios " S
Batteries Hogan and Gray; Street
and Jones. Umpire -Penins. ;;f
L.- M. Davis, 88 on ballot stands for
honorable deals no Jobbery.
(Special DlHth to Tne Jearnatl "
Vancouver, B. C,. June 1. It was re
ported here today that the VaucoirVer
franchise in the Northwest league will
be given to Portland.- Officials of the
local club deny" the story, although It
umiea m noninm xor a trans
fer of the franchise have been going on
xor sometime. , '
r Interclass Ball Game.
Ths June, '07, "basebsll team of the
Portland High school showed Its supe
riority over the February, 706 team, of
me same scnooi Friday on Multnoman
field by , the score of 8 to, 6. ,- The liner
up:, c k irw;ii ,'-''-: .
June Sherwood, 'catcher; Kendall,
pitcher; Healy, first base; VlnUn (cap
tain), second base; Gordon, shortstop;
Bruse, third base; Mullen, left field;
WheUess, center field; -Barbsy, right
field. - :. !, . t:. - -i
February A. Noyes (capUln), catch
er; Hickson, pitcher: E. ; Noyes,. first
base; Strlby, second base; Bernard,
shortstop; Sutton, third base; Buck, left
field:- Barksdale, center field r Owens,
right field. : . - -j ,
fgpeelat Dbpttek te The JoeraaLl
Eugene, Or., June 1. The .University
of Oregon defeated Arthur . Stubllng's
Dalles '. team today by heavy hitting.
Ths scors was 7 to 1. The feature of
I the gams was the delivery of Hurd,
i omy tnree mu being round off him.
The club's only run came In .the ninth
Inning, on a man being hit by a pitched
bail, Oregon's only error, and a bad
throw to cut off the runner. Oregon's
first run ' cams in ths - fourth off two
hits. Two mors were annexed In ( the
sixth. In the seventh five hits netted
four 'taJiiea.,j.s'--'-.''.t:--vy;''v:Vj:::';:ij;,
Batteries-K)regon Hurd and Kelly,
Ths Delies-fTallafero and McCoy.
Oregon 71111
The Dalies 1 2
- White Caps Wallop Eagles. .
- Ths Toung White Caps beat the
Toung Eagles yesterday by the score of
9 to 0. Grayson struck out 18 men.
The lineup: v..- . " ' - ..:
Toung White Caps S5. Glblln, catch
er; Grayson, pitcher; Wills, first base;
Twining, second base.' F. Glblln, third
base; Full, shortstop; Peterson, left
field; Hersog, right field; 'Stensman,
center field. ; , '"', .- .'
Toung Eagles O. Robinson, catcher;
Moore, . pitcher, SUrk, first . base; i G,
Weston, second basef. R. Weston, third
base; Hammond, shortstop; ,J. McTlm
peny, left field; ' C McTlmpeny, ' right
field; Oliver, center field. , - ; r
seat - He has had lots Of experience
and can ba depended on to pull his best
thts season. With Walts as a partner
Pattlson - won the junior doubles of
ths N. P. A. A. C two' years ago.
and last season won ths senior doubles
at ths regatta held at Nelson. Dllla-boua-h.
who was in ths senior boat last
season, is now residing la Portland and
Is pulling sn oar la ths Oregon City's
senior crew.
With ths sxoeptlon of . the senior
crew. Captain George Seymour has not
yet decided who the other club repre
sentatives shall be. Entries will be
made In every ' championship event
while the club will also be represented
la the canoe events.
Junior prows Working.
Oaptaln Seymour has three Junior
crews working every evening, but will
not select the crew to represent the
club till ths middle' of next month.
There is some good material on band
this season from which- the junior rep
resentatives will ba chosen. .
Although nothing definite has been
announced regarding the club's plans,
It Is understood' that unless soms other
aspirant for honors In the senior singles
presents himself within ths pext two
weeks, Sa were, will represent ths club
In the senior event However, it is
thought, that some other member may
be tried out in ths singles within the
next few weeks. In which event Bawers
would retain bis , seat in the : senior
The officers of the. club have decided
to hold a club regatta early r next
month.' This will be pulled off In or
der to ,glvs the officials an, opportun
ity to get a line on the trews and to
strengthen any weak spots for the an
nual regatta of the N. P. A. A. . O.
y The Automobile Dealers' association
of Oregon will hold its first annual hill
climbing contest on Friday, June 7.
The contest, will be beld on . the bill
leading from the Shoals Valley rosup
to ths Mount Zlon church. - Tbe
wUl start at the bridge; Just beyond ths
schoolhouse at the foot of ths hill and
finish In front of the church. ,
This Is an Ideal hill for such s con
test, as ths road Is hard, there are no
dangerous turns, and very nearly the
sntlrs progress of tne .cars - can, be
watched from the south sids of Council
Crest People desiring to use ths street-'
car can take the Counoll Crest osr di
rectly to ths spot
It is expected that there will be about
20 cars In the contest,-21 already hav
ing been entered. ;
' XJit of Cars Zntered.
,' Following are the cars entered, and
their respective classes: , ,
Runabout 81.600 and under: Reo,
Fred Ai Bennett; Bulck. H- L. Keats
Auto company; Auto Car, Cook Motor
Car company; Ford, Fred A. Bennett
Runabout 81.800 and under: Stevens
Duryea, Cook Motor Car company;
Whits Steamer, Pullman Auto Car com
pany; Thomas, 40., H. L. Keats Ante
company;. 8toddaqs Dayton, H. A. Bur
seas. - v. -
. Touring Car, 11000 and under: Mltoh
ell. Miners V Cohen; Cadallac, H. M.
Covey; Bulck. IL I Keats Auto com
pany. ' :
Touring ears, ana unaer: ca
dallac. H. M. Covey; Ford. 6-40,. Fred A.
Bennett; Stoddard Dayton, H. A. Bur
gess; Pope, Hartford. H. L. Keats Auto
company; Auto Car. Cook Motor Car
oompany. . -
. Touring cars, $1,001 and ever: Big
Six Stevens, Cook Motor Car oompany;
White Steamer, J. B. Kelly; Little Six
Stevens, Cook Motor Car , .company;
Thomas 60, H. L. Keats Auto oompany;
Royal -Tourist Cook Motor Car . com
pany. .. !.. .
. Oa Friday Afternoon. .
Ths -dealers intended . to- hold their
contest j on Saturday, June 8, but en
account of that being the date of the
Hunt club raoes the dealers, at the re
quest of the members of the Hunt club.
a rreed to hold their contest June 7.
There are a number of hiali-powsr oars
entered, and some very fast time should I
be made over ths two-mils course.
-As this is ths first contest of this
kind held by the dealers, they are all
entering their cars, snd this guarantees
that It will be a successful and excjtlng
contest-- --... -j,. ft
. Tbe climb will begin at 1 o'clock in I
the afternoon. . -,; :., :
1 First race, seven furlongs--Rose
mount (Radtke) 16 to 6; Acrobat (Mll-I
ler) 10 to 1, second;, Royal Onyx (Lle-
bert) 16 to 1, third; time, 1:28 2-6.
Second race, four and one-half fur-l
longs Cohort (Lowe) 7 to 1, won;!
Beauoop (B. Dugan) 10 to 1, seoond;!
Uncle (Miller) 6 to 6. third; time.. :62.
Third race, five furlongs Colin (MllH
ler) 16 to, 20, won; Bar Nope (Koerner)l
8 to 1. second: Ben Fleet (Preston) 101
A MlMTriKN A'V Ml Ml H: to 1. third; time. :68.
AM-VWAM iiV .-... .... .K. -.11..
A vui vii a sa-VxWa eivui v w iiiuue evevuis
chase Pagan Bey (Header) 9 to 1,1
won; Mr, McCann (Stone) 8 to 1, seo
ond; Fellaheen (Rogan) 10 to 1, third;
time. 8:69.
Fifth race.' one mile Dolly Spanker
(Miller) 1 to 10, won; Tllelng (Sumter)l
4 'to 1, second; Sir Toddington (Mui
grave) 8 to 1, third; time, 1:89.
Sixth race, seven furlongs Glenha
(Medlcott) 2 to 1, wort; Bright Boy
(Powers) S to 1, second; Rio GranJa
(Walsh) 16 to 1. third; time, 1:26 2-6J
Will Be First Opportunity of Local
Fans to See Indians
Work2' -
- L. ::.V -
Standing of tbe Tri-Clty Xague Teams.
sO. P. Won. Lost P. C.
St Johns
JVOi,W a..........
Wood burn
The St Johns Apostles will cross bats
today at Hill Park at 8 o'clock sharp
witn the woodburn Indians. St Johns
is the leader in the Trl-Clty and Wood-
burn Is not far behind.
The fans will havs the pleasure of
seeing tbe first appearance otihe Wood
burn Indians, Just fresh after trimming
the Frakes on Decoration ' day by
score of 2 to 1. . The fans are also alive
to the game played last Sunday at St
Johns,, when Charlie Moore was In his
best form and trimmed the Frakes by a
score oi b to . Hoore says ns is fit
to oltch the game of his life against
woodburn. ' This game will-be a red
hot .contest between Charlie Moors and
Tim Concanndn, the Woodburn wonder.
assisted by Huddleson, the . premier
catcher The teams will line up as fol
lOWS: ' J; , .
St Johns. Woodburn.
O. Moore ......... e , . . Huddleson
C. Moore, .........p. Concanoon
Bcngoln ss.. Shorey
Moore-Clark lb., Lavler
Gains ,.2b Coleman
Porterfleld .8b...... Hunt
Adams .......if........... Michel
Gains ..i White
Lee-Smith rf.. Hunt
, Goulds Beat Vernons. ' '
The Gould oompany ball nine beat the
vernons yesterday, 12 to 8. : Tbe feature
was Bateman's catch of a long fly., Ths
lineup: - - :
: The Gould t- Company Fleemlns-,
catcher; Clem, center field; Monroe,
pitcher; Jackson, first base; " Stevens,
snortstop; Tayior. third base: Dowllnar.
lert neia: Andrews, right field; Roxy,
second base. ::' ' -. - . v'
Vernons Woodward, catcher;- Clarke.
center field; Finley, pitcher; Hayes,
first base; Eastman, shortstop; Heath,
third base; Miller, left field; Bateman,
right field; Crump, second base.
I favor no special pavlns contractor
or firm, L M. Davis, 89 oa ballot ,
Watts Beats Waverleys.
The Watts and Matthews nine beat!
the Waverlys yesterday by the score off
6 to 1.
i Watts and Matthews Nelson, t
Gleason, p; Harris, lb: Brady. 2b; Evans
8b; Hewitt ss; comns, ix; crooks ci
Donland, rf, -.- -
Waverly Dawson, c; Lange, p; Black
lb; Caples, 2b; Detempie, sb; Smith, ss
W. Nelson, If; C Nelson, cf; Stroneche,
rf. 1
- Yacht Races Postponed.
On account of the heavy wind the!
Decoration day races planned bythd
Oregon yacht, club did not come oft
The races will be sailed next Saturday
afternoon. t
ft ' '
i v- - I: i:
f ;
Archie Haha, Coach of Athletics a
. , Paclfle University. -