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EKgh Grade Uphol-
:Cit Council Took Action1 Upon Lists Submitted by the
ft-: "m 'i ' ' i ' n . . i 1 ''J ' ' t "11. i ti1' a
unainnen oi uenirju uraimiuees oi uom ranies
V!K'''Kanied,Jne8ted to Be on Hand.
Vacancies, In the list of Judges, and! O. S. George, 651tt Third. Judge; W..H.
Oraham, eoitt Tbira. .clerk. , ., . -
.t.r iftiniooii from , mcmei Nft irai ooara, n.
J. . r mi,J7h. f t 71 Bate. 414 Eleventh, Judge; John Bar-
Ust tha chairmen of e u$ Betenth( eUrV B,0Olul boa.
eentnu eommiueee oi ia wpuwiw. a D Hamblet, 41 . Harrison,. Judge;
and Democratic parties. Tne nets suo. jj. i Stevenson, 406- Seventh, clerk.
nltted were approved. ... "'VI Preolnot ' No. 10 Firet board. X. ; A.
I A eoaelal meetlne- of the council waslCurrey. B20 SDrinev Judges a N. . Monroe,
ailed for the consideration of election I2 Davenport, clerk. Second board, M. I and the lists had been pre- C Benfleld,' Twenty-first-and Vleta,
cared becauae of the fact that many
who had been appointed bad signified
' clerk.
Frank McManamy, 414 Carter,
their Intention not to serve. Inaerauch L ; Precinct No, lir-A. Nolfner, 104 Shor
es ne notice will be given of the ap
pointments made at the special meeting,
It is deelred by the committeemen that
all thoee named be on hand when the
polls are opened ready to take their
places without further notice. The; list
as prepared follows: '
, Precinct No. 1 First board, ... A.,
prtetaer,, 407 North Twenty-fourth,
Judge; J. K , Kern, III Savier. clerk.
Second board, H. P, HolmsryW Qulm
;by. Judge; B. . A. Powers, 411 North
' Twenty-fourth, elerk. .,'
Precinct No. t First board, 3. Krim-
bel, 44J-Twenty-flrst, Judge; Enoe B.
Palmer, 171 North Nineteenth, clerk.
Second .board. J. J. Mannion. '11
man, Judge; Mark O'Neill. 400 Fourth,
Clerk. Second board. B. I Kelly,, B SO
Second,' Judge: XX W. Taylor Jr., .eOS
First., clerk. : i . '""'!.' v
Precinct ' No, II First board. ' H.
Kurth, S4 "Water. Judge; K. C. Johnson.
4ttt First clerk. Second board. B. C.
Failing.. 181 Seoond, Judge; H. Kurth,
184 Water, clerk. y
, Precinct No. II First board, S, Ply.
male, 710 Corbett Judge; H. N. Spencer,
700 First, clerk. Second board, A. AD
bott; 180 Hooker, judge; I. Bwett, Til
Hood, clerk. 't
. Preolnct No. 14 First board, H. jr.
Carlton. 80 First. Judge: E. J. Wood, I
814 Water, clerk. Second board, John
Our display of the above furniture enjoysithe distinction of I
being the most exclusive and the best selected in the entire west
good, dependable, stylish pieces where the work of modern de-
signers and skilled workmen is combined with materials of the high- r
est quality. We are continually adding to our showing of High- ,
Grade Upholstered Furniture, with the result that our stock y
throughout embraces the most recent productions of the leading :
makers of furniture of this character. We mention particularly
the heaw uoholstered Librarv and Living-Room Pieces, in the
massive Colonial and other designs Davenports, Arm Chairs and Arm Rockers in the carved and plainer frames; the luxuriously up
holstered English Fireside and Easy Arm Chairs, and the daintier Parlor Suites and various other odd pieces in the French and Eng- :I
Ush period designs. In Furniture Coverings we show a line of silk, wool and mohair fabrics in designs and effects specially intended
for thetipholsterings of period furniture.
Vaughn, 'judge; X. D. Harold, 747 Rooee, Burke, Judge r B. J. Wood, 114 Weter,
vlt. clerk.
Preclnot No. I First board, XL B.
Daecomb. lit North Eighteenth, Judge;
H. K. Crandall, ISO Savier, clerk. Beo
ond board, 'F. B. Descomb, 111 North
Eighteenth.,. Judge; H. C Husselbrock,
161 Pettygrove, elerk.
Preclnot No. II First board, C A.
wnamoriam,'-ii n.iiay, jui,
Sprlngmeyer, 1011 First,, clerk. Second
board, W. J. KeUey. 101 Corbett. Judge;
B. 8. Flack, 14 Hamilton, clerk.
Precinct No. 18 First osra, J. I.
PwiMt ka 1-rtnt board. Cr M. dl-1 Richardson Judse: O. C. Lee, clerk,
son. Judge;1 J. J. Murphy, 101 North second board, W. A. Douglas, 1515 Mae.
-Ninth. Judge; James W. Thomas, Nsw aadeavJudge; p. P-Courtney, lit Ver.
Grand Central clerk; P. Klnt, clerk. montrlerk. S'r. .
Second board, H. M. Hughes, 101 North Precinct No. ,,7 First board. J. B.
Eighth. Judge; J, J. Murphy, 101 North Croeler, 141 Unn, Judge; H. W. Lng,
SUth, clerk. 1707 East Seventh, clerk. , Second board,
Precinct No. 5 First board, Thomas D. M. Donough S40,Teolno, Judge; O. J,
Whaleiv 551. Everett, Judge; John B. Wallbers. 84 Umatilla, clerk. ' '
Cronan. 10 North Slxteenth.clerk, Precinct No. 8 Flret board, S. W.
Second board. , R. J. O'Neill. Ill North Gregory, 1I01( MUwaukie. Judge; W. A.
Fourteenth, Judge; John B. Cronan, 140 Sanders. .M; Harrold, clerk. . Second
North Sixteenth, clerk. board. D. T, Sharrett llOl Mllwaukle,
Precinct No. I First, board. J. W. Judge; W. A. Sanders, 57 Harrold, clerk.
McGinn, 181 North Fourteenth, Judge; - Preolnct No. I First board. J. C
Frank Schlegel, 127 LoveJoy, clerk. Johnson,' 04 Eaet Fourteenth, Judge;
Second board. Charles Duggan, 111 F.. O. Urfer, MUwaukie, clerk. Seo
North Eleventh. -Judge; B. O. Manning, ond board, Frank le, 874 Eaet Seventh,
151 Pettygrove, clerk. , Judge; J. K. Haveley, 711 East Eleventh,
Precinct No. 7 First board, J. Berg- clerk. , - . '
man, S4 Hoyt, Judge; Albert Ackerman, Precinct No. 40 Flret board, James
lie Nnrth Klarhteenth, clerk. Second Spenee. 100 East Sixth. Judge; M. D,
wiin. Tandmiiott 110 North rwhlte.1 107 East BUth. clerk. Second
Seventeenth, Judge; S. K. Bergman, M board, N. Doerlng. 188 Eaet Seventh,
Hoyt. clerk. ' Judge', A. Looney. 18 East SUth, clerk.
Precinct No.- First board, F. J. Precinct No, . 41 Flret board. George
Barr. 68 Marshall. Judge; p. C. Camp- Shearer. Ill East Twentieth, Judge; a
bell. 681 Kearney, clerk. Seoond, board, F. Gray, 104 East Caruthers. clerk.
P H Flynn. Judge; B. F. Campbell, ,681 Second board, Thomas Duffey, 47 Bast
vm.W. iude: -W. F. Edwards. 741 Twelfth Judge; Beth Roberta, 90 Stey.
na. cleric.
Precinct No. 41 Flret board, A. 1
Noltner. 6.47, East Thirty-seaond, Judge
H. S. ' Harcourt, 100 Eaer Thirty-first;
clerk. Second board, ' John A. Jeffrey,
Judget J. G. Meybruah, 711 Ellsworth,
4J Flret board. H. H.
ti ma ' 1 ATtrit iord F. 'Ac i Parker. Catlln revenue, Judtfe; James
Berry;' Judge; A. D. Madgwlck, 89 North Kepcha, Flfpvflrst sndt-ents, clerk
Fourth, clerk. Second board, O. D. Dun, Second board, H. H. Parker, Catlln eve
ning Judge; F. T. Berry, clerk; Henry hue, JudS; James Kpcha, Flfty-flnt
M. Warner. IJIH Pine, Judge; John and Treats, clerk.
'-RyfcwSIrir' - - .fWlnt No. 4eiFlrst board,-. Theo-
Preclnct No. 11. First noara, itoDen i ao omuou, , umun i.u.l
Rehfer. 188 East
Murphy, 161 East
r aimr.rt tit mamb or rum.. I biiio. ctvrK.
' merce clerk. r I i rcinci xio. w-nni Doara. .
; Precinct Na II Flret board, David Aljj. 616 ist Salmon. Judge; Orlesby
vri rr.nth mA Wa.hlnartmri 1unn: I Xvuns. DDI MBl oumtin. cisrK. oovuau
?..,"7t,;k ii P.,iT.iark sn; board. H. Hatfield. 607 Bast Washing.
'Cd hoard J. F. CahallnT 411 Starfclton. Judge; J. W. Bulrgy. 11 East Thlr-
IJudge; F. A. Frtschkorn, 61 North Tenth, teenth, clerk.
Jii.JL - ..s , . .-, , ., precinct No.' 48 First boar-W. P.
4 vZit Kn il rlnt boaL.'-Bl. J. I Snook, 14 , East Thirty-second, Judge;
i w..kfHM Mm,), a. I F. J. McMolnes, 816 Eaet Washington,
P - . . Mh... Ir.l- ...Jt.A. TTT TT ....All
SI WUhlllftOn. J-Uau. . -..
Pettvrrove. Clerk.
Praclnct No. Flret board. W. P.
Kernan. Judge; F. G. Ef finger, it
North Third. Judge: T. C Foley, 111 I
Riimnlde: clerk. Second board. -It.
T .mnn. etu North Third. Judge; Wll
it. m 3 MpOlnrA. 186 North Fourteenth. I olerki
'.i.,v ' . i., . .'A Preolnct No.
Precinct No. 11. First boara. Robert aoro biodbib, jii union
Vmdyy iudgB. VX Dratos M&pm :9AX? East ;
Ifgton. clerk. Seoond board, William.. Second board. B. Reh
? Foley. Chamber of Commerce, Judge; Washington, Judge; J. Mi
Glassware Specials Art Designs in Mission
t Basement Dept. Wallpapers gP
For tomorrow only, the following
pieces in best quality glass, in fancy
and cut-glass designs: '
CusUrd Dishes special, each' '. 5
Olive Dishes special, each .5)
Finger Bowls- special, each 10)
Telly Dishes ipeciacach 10)
6-in. Footed Telly Dishes special, ea. .10)
6-in. Footed Jelly' Dishes ripecial, ea,.15f
Vi-m. Footed' Jelly Dishes special, ea. 20)
'8-in. Berry, Bowls special, each 15)
8-in. Berry Bowls special, each 20)
FootedTake Stands special, each S5
Water Bottles-Hipecial, each 50 .
Foreign Wallpapers In novel designs and
colorings that suggest harmonious effects
entirely different from the severe designs so
common In ordinary wallpapers. Our stock
includes papers for all rooms heavy' em
bossed leather and hand-beaten metal ef
fects for dining-rooms, libraries and halls;
dainty floral and stripe designs for parlors
and sleeping-rooms; plain effects for all
rooms; pleasing designs for nurseries.
Through our up-to-date facilities we are en
abled to suggest and execute correct treat
ments in interior decoration.
Fifty of these 1
Comfortable Arm
-Rockers, in the
characteristic Mis
sion design, frame
of solid oak, in the
weathered finish, seat covered in genuine leather.
Special, commencing tomorrow, at the above ex
ceptional price. Your credit is good.
Cyco Bearing Carpet
: you
The Ideal Summer
Floor Coverings .
board. E. J. Jeffrey,
judge; U P. Beno, 61 North Twentieth,
''clerk. ' " "' '
Precinct' No. 14 Flret board, R. W.
sMatJon Marquam building. Judge; A.
;A. Ayti, Oregonlan building, clerk;
Oeorfce H. Prue, clerk. Second board,
T,0. Thornton. Second and Morrison,
" jldtre; H. C. Berrian, 101 -Oregonlan
,bullding. clerk. k
frecinct wo. xo rri oowv, juiui
Eaet Thlrty-aecond, clerk.
Precinct No. 7 Flret boara, N. . A.
Raymond. 1001 Beet Waahlngton, Judge;
C. R. Ay Is worth, 2SI Eaet Thirty-ninth,
clerk. Second board, A. K. Wataon, 195
Eaet Thlrty-eixth, Judge; J. B. Clark,
HIT Eaet Main, clerk.
Preolnct Na 48 Flret board, S. E.
Holcomb, Mount Tabor, Judge; C Hall,
1265 Eaet Madlaon, clerks Second board,
V- huiMin A. . Kumeey. neimont ana w. A.,
iuiu, wwi,.,." .f, -. ,,.., u V Ullla 111 Inrin.
T.'u..h iaU Waahlnvton Clark: I J -r-...,
Precinct no. rrret boaro. c. m.
D. TBrueb, I8H Waahlngton clerk;
Cart Andereon, clerk. Second board, F.
I A Englleh, Selllng-Hlrech building,
'.udge; C. W. Lewie, Weat Park and Mor-
rleon, clerk. '
' Prwninxt Nit 18 Flret board. Oeorre
, aker, Tlilrd and, Yamhill. Judge: J.
B. FlthlaJi, clerk. Beoona ooara, ueorge
Pennell. 481 Eaet Pine, Judge; Phil
Hen. 11 Eaet Seventh, clerk. Second
board, W. C. Mancheeter, 4 Eaet Oak,
Judge; Q. I Matthewe, 74 Beat Seventh,
Precinct NO. 80 Firet board, Qeorge
ma. a., m . m vn. 1 1 .a
S""Au"."..rV.Vtn V,v Tenth, clerk. Second board. A. P. Nel
wnammon. nJr uu v... i ... ,.,,., T.nth inrfMv Willi. m V
Precinct No. 17-Flret boara. H. W. S-i f ;jV.'.;"o
. nr w lltmm 1 . , P - -
, ". V.n,Mll l.rlr
'Stone. T. M. C. A.. Judge;
174 YarohJU, clerk. Second board, E.
rrown,- 407 Yamhill, clerk.
Precinct No. is iriret Doara, J.
'Weetervelt, 190 Salmon, Judge; W. I
Starr, 266 Taylor, clerk. Second board,
J. F. Shield, 285 Sixth, Judge; D. M.
'S!.::; Z'rWr.t w, t.. Harder. Twenty-ev.nth North.
' - I tuAtrth- 1
fWilhelm. 110 Thirteenth, Judge; A. T.
Jam..8kr84ClTaor1ud Oe.Eak.;
LfH?,PCL?Z T,51 ' Precinct No. 6I-Firt board. W. H.
f .V."u '. rir'ri.S' Calavan. iei Orand, north. Judge; F. C,
::t w:"Vl i!:":. Z:;:?. Pyle, SO Eaet Sixth, clerk. Second
.f:- "' ir"'' "f;1",",. ' board. William Reldt. 195 Union,, Judge
4:" r"-i I H.- E. Craw, 280 Eaet Second, north.
Jefferaon, Judge; J. B. v'
Yamhill, clerk,
, Precinct No. II Flret board, B. F.
Welch, 80 East Sixteenth North, Judge;
J. B. Soott, 814 Eaat Ankeny, clerk.
Seoond board, S. P. Burke, 680 Eaet
Oak, Judge; A. O. Parrott. 804 Eaet
Couch, clerk. - y" , . "
precinct no. B2 Fir noara, aeorge
'Sheldon. 809
' Keith, 174 Fourth, clerk. Second board,
Phil Harris, 330ty Mill, judge; ouy B.
VTrombly, 109 Jeffereon, clerk. .
j Preclnot No. .22 Flret boardW,. P..
: Floyd, 414 Main, Judge; V. a Howard,
'268 Seventh, clerk. Seoond, board, K.
Quackenbuah, 249 Thirteenth, Judge; V.
,8. Howard, (368 Seventh, clerk,
v Precinct 'No. 23 Firet board,. J. H.
j Struble, 80S Third, Judge; O. M. Davie,
; 884 Fourth, clerk; 8. O. Richardeon,
. clerk, second noara, w. xn. jrarmmg,
i Ji' mi
Preclnot No. 54 First board, A. I
Neville, 841 Roea, Judge; W. N. Neville,
849 Rose, clerk. Second board, Herman
Grimm, 351 Williams, Judge; Frank
Robinson, 411 Broadway, clerk.
Precinct No 65 First board. George
8. Lewis, 514 Mlesiselppi. judge; A. J,
Stoldt, 456 aoldemlth.. cleric , 8econd
board, U . Houston, 621K Delay,
judge; A. J. Stoldt, 468 Goldsmith,
clerk. -, . - . i
Precinct No. 56 First board. J. J,
Ryan, 668 Alblna, Judge; A. LeRoy, 617
rrl.JrryZmr- ... k.- t-,, 1 Farmer, 68-Van0ttverr Judge;
ftn m mfth ittdw' C J Burkhart!llenhoW' 687 Vancouver, cleric
.Berry, 84 Fifth, Juflge, , C. J. Burxnart, ,peomct No m.., board.
BO OUrin, ciera. bwooh uuaru, a, I
Doup 285 Third, Judge; H. W. Cooke,
"Precinct No. 57 First board. H. M.
Young, 640 H Williams, Judge; ' J. P.
O'Neill, 290 Eufene, clerk. Second
I board, L. T. Peery, Judge; Henry Freed
lander, 265 Morris, clerk.
; Preolnct " No. 68 Flret board, r Louie
tvan vieet. 144 seuwooa,' judge; A. F,
Velguth, 420 Tillamook, clerk. Second
board, J. A. Estea, 437 ' Union, Judge;
J. Wi Ferguaonu, 825 East Twelfth, N.,
clerk. '.-I-- " - ,
..A -tk r Trntmn. SS, ThlrtMnth. I Precmci NO. o irsi Doara. E. ver-
ajudge; I L Hartley, 0f Twelfth, teeg. 632 East - Thirty-fourth, Judge; J.
"Olerk! A. Dryden, Twenty-eighth and East
:h- Precinct No. 27 First board, H. O. Knott, clerk.; Second board. Newton Mc
Colton, 887 Market, judge; Browniow oy,-o nanooiw. juaa, v., cooper,
Chaneey. 606 H Conimbla, clerk.: Becondl U" ocnuyjer cipra.
'board. John CHare, 168 Sixteenth,
v 840 Front, clerk.
praclnot No. 25 First board, M. J.
i'Oleaeon, 268 Seventh, Judge; W, Bidden
) VYfllll, 11V11 tuilk , BOVUIIU
'.'board. Ed Cahalini 80 Weet Park.
:ludae: W. P. Adems, 888 Park, clerk.
r Precinct No. 36 First board, H.
niinle. 161 Thirteenth, Judge: H.
4F. Cover, 260 Fourteenth, clerk. Second
Judge; - W. .ft Ott, , 628 Montgomery,
clerk. . . . .
i Precinct No. 18 First board, A.
, Baumgartner, 441 Front, Judge; H.
"Brown, 847 Lincoln, clerk. Second board.
Precinct No. 60 First board. F. M.
Ogdenil5 Humboldt, Judge; E. V, Rues,
831 Michigan, clerk. Second board, J.
P. Burkhart, 46 Willamette, Judge; J. W.
Montag, 860 Mtseourl, clerk.
Precinct No. 61 First bord, C A.
Mathena. 1017 Union, Judge; J. H. Mar-
nert. 826 Cleveland, clerk. Seoond board,
C A, Mathena, 1017 Union. Judge; J. H.
Marpert. 825 Clevelana. clerk.
Preclnot No. 62 First board. Timothy
Wood, 435 Presoot. Judge; Peter F. Ble-
vere, 876 Eaet Ninth, clerk. Second
board, J. W. Slmmone, 821 East
Eleventh, Judge; W. F. Coffey, 1091 Eaat
Fifteenth, clerk.
Preolnct No, 61 First board, John
Gatchet 1194 East Ninth, Judge; L.
N, Ambroae, 1414 Oneonta, clerk. Seo
ond board, W. T. Vaughn, 167 Dekum,
Judge; G. t A. t Ambrose, 1414 Oneonta,
Preclnot No. 14 First board, A. B.
Beers, 1226 Atlantic, Judge; C. L. Dag
gett, 1167 Borthwlok, elerk. Second
board, J. T. Dempeey, '878 McPherson,
Judge; W. J. Cook, 111 Kllllngswortb,
Precinct No. 65 First board, Johnson
White. 1674 Hodge, Judge; O. A. Apple.
907 Yale, clerk. Second boara, C. L.
McKenna, 1681 Woolsey, Judge; R. V.
Rand, , 1598 Jordan, clerk.
Precinct No. 66 First board, A. R.
Myere, Northern Hill, Judge Walter
Butler, Northern Hill, clerk. Second
board, John Mardorf, Smith Crossing.
Judge; O. H. Epperson, Newell, clerk.
Precinct No. 69 rlrst board, I. J.
Dennis, 14 Eaet FUty-fourth, Judge
H. R. Koehn, Mount Tabor clerk. Seo
ond board, Robert Olenn, Mount Tabor,
Judge; I. J. Dennis, 14 East Fifty-fourth,
Preolnct No. 74 Firet board. H. A
Darling, Montartlla, Judge; W. C. Alls-
worth, 684 Hlbbard, clerk. Second board,
Charles Hyle, Montavllla, Judge; Otto
G.- Kiel, Montavllla, clerk.
., 6.
Lighting Fixtures. -
For all kinds of electrlo and gaa fix
tures following .ie different periods
from the classic to the most modern
can be secured from the M. J. Waleh
company, 311 Stark street.
They also carry a beautiful selection
of art glass dining room domea with
side brackets to match. Builders will
do well before purchasing to call upon
The stock is the largest and ttnost
complete, and anything that is wanted
In the fixture lines to make the home.
building or office more comfortable or
complete will be found at the store of
M. J. Walsh company, 811 Stark street
. -' ''Sweet Sunset.
Give me bright eyes at sunset.
And silence o'er the scene.
With deeper shades and softer hues
' . Than through the day have been.
Give me bright ayes at sunset.
And music on the sea,
Give me those faery siren strains,
. Of nature's melody. .....
lve me bright eyes at sunset, T y
That in the waning light
They'll glow In dreams of beauty.
And speak a sweet "good night."
La Touohe Hancock,
. Seaside Property for Sale.
Will offer for sale my handsome six-
room, modern, welf-bul!t cottage at Sea
side, having electrlo light, city water,
patent - toilet, with ground, 111 feet
frontlnar en the river and 265 feet back
to the Street, comprising one full acre.
with beautiful treea and lawn,
Also bars three other tracts facing on
the river and running to county road.
For prices and terms, call spon Charles
K. Henry A Son.' 111 Third street, fort-
land, Oregon. , s- -
Isaac Stephenson, the millionaire Wis
consin lumberman, who Is to occupy
the seat in - tha United States senate
vacated by John C Spooner, will bo 78,
Very Lb w Rates
All Points East
Are jroti going esitf Do not for
get our excellent service and thit '
?'OU can make the renowned Yel- f
owstone Park trip when uaing our
line at very little additional cost .
el For rates and information call on or address
Portland, Oregon. -
Ticket Office Third and Morrison Streets.
If? (Electric
1M FlAtirons
Same TO Time
Save Tonr Health
Save Your Weary Step
Save Ton Money
Save Ton? Clothes
Save Tonr Temper
Save Tom Complexion
t Ton ee a now make your arrangements to visit tha
Or any other point in the east, this summer, and take advantage of
the very low ROUND TRIP rates that have just been fixed upon by
Chicago ....... . . .$71.50
St Louis $67.50
St PaU $63.15
Omaha. ......... . .$60.00
Sioux City .$60.00
Kansas City..... .$60.00
A E'rot routes both ways. B One-way through California.
Ten days allowed for going trip, to days for return. Stopovers at
pleasure within limits.
Tickets will be on tale June 6. 7, 8; July 3, 4, 5;
Auxu.t 8, 9, 10; September II, 12, 13
Corresponding" redaction is rates from the eltleo named to jramestowa
and return. Tor full partleulars Inquire of
General 2rassenger Agent City Ticket Agent
Third and Washington Streets.
years bid In June. Jn spits of his years,
he la reported to be alert and agile. ' He
Is of the same age as Senator Allison
of Iowa and Senator Cullora of Illinois.
Senator Morgan of Alabama and Sen
ator Whyte of Maryland each Is five
years the senior of Stephenson,- while
Senator Pettua of Alabama, the oldest
membr tn the upper branch of- con
gress, will round out St years In July.
Metsger flts your eyes for IL 111
Waahlngton street, corner Seventh,
formerly at 111 Sixth street.
Fill in coupon and mail to us
The iron will be delivered, with
all necessary equipment, abso
lutely free of charge-No delay
First and Alder Streets, Portland, Oregon, , ,
Gentlemen You ; may deliver to me one Electric Flat
iron, which I agree to try, and if unsatisfactory to me, to
return to you within 30 days from date of delivery. If I'
do not return it at that time you maychargv aame to my
account at $4.00. It is understood that no charge will be
made for the iroa if I return it within 30 days.
Address .
dept. j...' - - . .