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At Empire Theati-e Tonight
Governor Chamberlain,
Mayor Lane and Otlier
Prominent Speakers Will
- Close the Campaign:
, . The lest gun of the Lane campaign
will be fired tonight at the Empire thea
Ire, when Oovernot Chamberlain,
Mayor Lane and other well-known
speakers wll tall of what haa been done
by the present administration and what
. '. will be done If it la extended for another
two yeara.
Thle laat meeting la expected to be
; me beat of the lot. Governor Chamber
. lain haa not apoken before during the
campaign and bla reputation aa a force
- ful campaigner la attracting much In
tereat to the meeting scheduled for to-
; night
Special musle haa been provided for
the occasion. Ushera will be in attend
ance to see that the audience la pro
;vided with comfortable teats. It is ex
pected that the theatre will be all too
: amall for the crowd which will come to
hear the efflclal closing of the cam'
' palgn. -
The Republicans will close their cam
palgn tonight at the Armory. The
. speakers slated for that occasion are
. Judge Webster, Mr. Devlin. Wallace
McCamant and Louis Zimmerman. In
vitations ; have also been sent to the
members of the legislature from Mult
nomah county, to the various Repub
lican omciais and to the state offlclala
at SaleYn. asking them, to lend the dig
nity of- their" presence to the occasion
Tneir attendance la also desired to
, show that the Republican party is back
or Mr. Devlin and that Republlcanlam
, la the issue of the campaign.
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. great deal for the strong friendship the
young man incites that as soon aa It
.'became known here that he was lost,
several of his friends quit their posl-
, tlons and went to Fairfax to assist In
, the search for him. The little boy who
was loat with Lindsay also happened
to be a general favorite wherever he
" was known.
It waa under theae conditions that the
Wines at Fairfax and the coke ovens at
once shut down when it waa learned
. that they were loat, and all the men
were ordered by Superintendent Sterling
to quit work and form in small parties
and search ror the pair. ' . s
emtW Bttv a0 SKi)6lei
The two had no matches with which
to build a fire, they had no blankets,
and when they started bad but a light
lunch sufficient for one meaL This was
alt eaten by the man and boy the first
day, a pet dog which accompanied the
boy being encouraged to rustls for it'
self. This the dog was unable ,to do,
and during the six days they wre lost
it starvea. unaaay earned a revolver
and made many attempts to. find and
kill game, but the two .made so. much
noise going through the -woods that
not a trace of game was seen with the
exception of a wildcat -
While the two were lying, weak and
worn out. with the dog curled up be
side them, the wildcat cautiously parted
the brush 40 feet away. 'Lindsay had
already heard the animal coming
through the forest and the instant it
came into view he fired at It but
missed. The animal was gone in a
. For three days the two were penned
up In a- wild canyon, the savage steep
ness of the banks of which forbale their
climbing' out in their . weakened condi
tion. While they wandered listlessly
down the stream flowing through the
canyon Lindsay made countless at
tempts to catch with his hands small
trout that could be seen swimming, but
did not get one. It was In this canyon,
however that he caught the frog,
which proved to be their only food for
rive days.
Walked Xundred
It is estimated that the pair covered
100 miles during the time they were
out. " They did a great deal of their
traveling from S a. m. to noon, then
resting for several hours In the heat
of the day, and after beginning their
afternoon march they continued until
nlght'a shadows fell.
To appease the gnawlngs of hunger
they tried to eat various kinds of leaves,
but tnfelr stomachs refused all audi
Lindsay believes that they would
both have perished if they had not
taken frequent baths In the streams
they, followed and passed. It seemed
that these baths greatly refreshed each
of them, and whenever the boy fell un
conscious, aa he frequently did, Lind
say would have recourse to thin water
cure, sometimes be ins compelled to
ct.rry the boy a distance to reach
The dog seemed to realise the ex
tremitlea his little master was facing,
and followed closely at his heels whin
ing dismally whenever the boy stumbled
and fell.
Fairfax has never seen such a time
as It did when the two were brought
bark. They were found near Carbonado,
and 500 people from that place accom
panied the rescuing party on the train
to Fairfax, where, amid a general hur
rahing of men, weeping of women and
blowing of whlatlea. they were wel
comed as ones never expected to be
seen alive again.
None of the vicissitudes the two saw
shook '.heir courage, and there was no
crylna or hysterics cn the part of
either when found. The child laughed
when he saw his rescuers, and shouted
to one whom he knew, "Hello, Stub;
what are you doing hereT"
Judge Cleland Holds That
Justice of the Peace Is Not
Entitled 'to Salary and
Must Rely on Fees Wjll
Go Higher,
were strangers in the city or had lived
here only a short time, and from them
no expression of choice was asked.
Beginning at I o'clock on the west
side of Washington street, at First
street men who were coming down town
to tlielf places of business from their,
homes were met. , A poll .of these men
from Fifth to thirteenth streets gavo
Lane U '. votes and Devlin 4. One of
the Lane votera said: 1
I am a Republican: never voted for a
Democrat In my life, but I Intend to TnV In Pnttnn T?mnrt Am
vote, for reTjin "- V
r ruirnHionai ana Dusiness men com
ing Into their offices were unanimous
In the sentiment that "Lane is good
enough for me." On the return to Fifth
street on the north side of Washington
street, In which men living down town
were met. Lane' had no votes, every one
betnx for Devlin. Another trip up to
Charged Against Former
Department Clerk.
The supreme court of Oregon will be
railed 1 1 rn n to 1H1 whethefi Justice
of the Peioe T. C. Shreve of the Mt. .tw
Tnbor district is entitled to a salary !wor iar-.iv of the lahorlna- class that
)ty !flrnrinilv fatnrtuf wim lrtn4 tt -a tinn
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tlona in his publication of today, where
as, his former complaint bad been spe
cifically against certain houses which
bad closed 10 ireei rt" apparenuy
Just complaint
. He came, and among other things
stated that he would consent' to sell his
business, a hotel, to be used for such
purposes If he could do so and also,
quite frankly, admitted that he cared
not how much the evil waa scattered
throughout the city If he succeeded in
driving It from Its present quarters,
the objections to which, urged upon me
by many, I explained to him fully.
Belief Trom Snarling- Ours.
As a matter of fact end to be plain.
it looked and does look to me as If Mr.
Anderson hss been, engaged In an at
tempt to use1 the police force and my
self to force someone to buy him out
for hie personal profit and benefit
Whatever he states as to conditions
there- which are true and conceded by
me. but where does the limit lie? I
have forced out of business and away
from the contamination of a far larger
number of persons and young girls the
gilded dens of vice which spotted the
Earnestly and with little help, and at
times agalnat much opposition, have I
worked and fought to better the condl
of 13.400 a year from the county
do the justices of the districts In the
city of Portland, because the precinct
In which Justice Shreve holds court
was annexed to the city at the election
last June.
Judge Cleland in the circuit court
this morning decided that Shreve la
not entitled to the aame salary aa a
justice in the city snd Shreve will
have to content himself with the fees
he collect!. Shreve' attorney an
nounced Immediately after Judge Cle
land a decision ' that an appeal would
be taken to the supreme court. .
Shreve applied-to the county court
for a voucher for 11.600 which he al
leged waa due him as salary since July
X of laat year. ' The claim waa based
on the fact that the precinct In which
he holds court wna annexed to the
city laat June. The county court re
fuaed to allow the claim and proceed
ings were begun in the circuit court
for a writ of mandamus compelling the
county to pay the salary-. In passing
on the question Judge Cleland ssld:
"The part oT the Mt. Tabor district
annexed to the city waa included In
precincts S, 69, 70. 74 and a part of
87. The larger part of the district
was left without the city. It is true
that the precinct in which the Justice
resides waa brought Into the city, but
he has Jurisdiction only over those upon
whom processes are served within the
district. Therefore if the justice is to
be psid as a city Justice, the city
would be paying for a man who aervea
only those people of the city who live
In the precincts that were annexed; laat
'The court can not believe that the
justice's residence in the city Is suf
ficient to entitle htm to a salary as a
city Justice, and the proceedings for
mandamus will be dismissed.
(Journal Special Service.) '
Washington, D. C'June I. The case
Thirteenth waa taken, on the south side, I of Edwin S, Holmes Jr., ex-assistant
and t he final score stood 14 for Lane, I statistician of f the agricultural depart-
13 for Devlin.- lmnnf Invnlvtno- rhip nf ennanlrina
Tenderlola for Devlin- ' Jto defraud the government by ncrmtt-
Tho straw vote taken along Third tin the leakage nf notion nrnn statla.
street, from Morijson down toward onk, tics, Is to be called for trial here Mon
lncludlng a block of Chinatown along day. - -
(Second showed Lane 1, Devlin 25, The bio- ronfrirt rennlnn at nuh.
while 40 refused to answer and S were mond will enma tn - -in-. von. with
undecided. ' the unVelllnv nf a. tuna nf Jf .r.nn 1
jus sporting element wsseeirong ior mavis, the event to be accompanied by
nn, while those who refused to vote a parade and el.hor.t ...mi..
At M. t hrmm rlnv'i MtnMnHnn nf in rid.
apparently feared some kind of a trap pendent telephone companies to .begin in
. ... u.....-v.u-u 'n-i; l""'":u wnicago Tuesday, plana will be develop
to working men and business men. The d for unlUng. j(000 telephone Com
sporting clement mostly had no doubts panlea in the. United Statea and Canada
whatever, nor were they bashful about int nn ..v.. .i..
asserting their cbolce. I eaiI(a- telephone trust. '
The last canvass made was at Third n.m. nf Mr. rm. v.,,,... .v..
and Osk streets,' and many of those f wealth, sir.... ir.ii. i.
approached were habitues of the North charged with the murder of her hired
Lnd. As was to be expected, the voters ,ih .m .. IT
of this class were for Devlin; and the rV..u. South Dako a '
ballot showed only two Lane votes, Xt at. Paul th. trni- a i
while it were for Devlin. l.r f . .v."
Bell A Co.. Is 14 for Lane, 117 for Dev- Th. p.n-v1v.n,, ......
convention at Harrtsburg. Thursday.
will be watched with interest as llkelv
to have some bearing on the presidential
contest, .
The International horse show, in
which a number of Americana Br in
nave a. prominent part, will be opened
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4k.i V. a ei. .. 1.1 m ft . n a
iiini nv ".iiiiv txi icu . ruin s.av iu i , ,
7:2. but the running waa steady and
the grammar achool luda as they n eared
the city and finally reached the resl
dence districts were cheered by
Tou are Invited for lea cream mnA m
th. I beautrful view of Portland on Wlhar
many people who watched the progress Heights today, Saturday afternoon and
I am opposed to a wide open town.
39 X L, M. Davis on ballot
11 1 1 r
referred Stock Oaaned floods.
Allen 4 Lewis' Best Brand.
L. M. Davis, 39 on ballot, was jobbed
in the primaries. Shame on somebody.
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by pleading guilty. Then he said that
he never sent the letter through the
mail, but gave it to a young man at
the tTnlnn riennt vtirt In f 1 1 rn wom n
tlona of this city in behalf of the peo- hand It t0 Mlg, Waikerat the young
pm wno. v "t nviiio.. ... Woman's Christian association at Seat
well as other matters. Harassed and Ue. . Shuman was the pereonlficatlon of
badgered, and now set upon by all the perpleJlUy when hf endeavored t0 ar.
Interests which fatten and thrive upon;riva at an nBderstanding,. or mtsunder
or aim to make gain from i vice and !.Undlnf of how the letter reached
" grw w...t ivies W ker at Tacoma. care general
have tried to visit upon the city, it
seems 111 requital for service honestly
rendered to be so treated, and I appeal
to the people of the little homes and
to all Dersons who know Of the condi
tions which formerly existed, to help Wolverton said that he had heard
me kick from my heels the' snarling curs enough, end sentenced Shuman to serve
who seek to detract your attention inve months in the county Jail. The
Just Cried and Explained.
For 10 minutes Shuman explained and
for 10 minutes he cried. Finally, Judge
from the real and vital interests which
are at stake. HARRY LANE.
Boy at Play Breaks Arm.
(Special Dlnpatch to Tbe Journal.)
Astoria, Or., June 1. Vance Ferguson,
son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Z. Ferguson.
while at play yesterday afternoon fell
and broke hia right arm. The fracture
Is not a very bad one and no serious
results are anticipated.
I i
ract that Shuman has been In the
county Jail a month shortened his term
of imprisonment for that period of
Shuman was employed as a bartender
by Charles Pilt, 786 Washlngtonf street
prior to his arrest
of the race.
The time or the 13 relays was aa
follows: 1 6 minutes; 2 6 minute
3 6:32; 46:49; 66:39; 66:42; 7-
7:26; 5:64; 6:32; 106:46; 11
:S1; 126:30; 136:42.
The schools finished In the following
order: Roy Fluhertv. Hawthorne." 1:19:26
George Crump, Highland, 1:21:18; -Byron
Wright, Mount Tabor. 1:23:04; Joe Oe-
lestlne. Shattuck, .1:23.07; Carlyle Oels
ler, Atnnworth, 1:26:32.
Owing to a misunderstanding in the
matter of arranging the relays Alns
worth runners were seriously handi
capped after the first relay. Pensqn
was compelled to run two relays and
there was no one to finish on the home
Autos follow Bonner.
Two automobiles, bearing the timers,
Judges and a party of guests followed
the runners into the city. In the first
tuto were Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Stone,
Mrs. Philip Buehne,r, Mrs. L. W. Myers,
Miss Buehner, Miss Newhall and H. P.
Buehner. Professor H. Jenkins of At- Acf-?cli?or Ttmntic--)--i!
klnson school, A. M. Orllley and U M. T " &
Myers or the T. M. C. A. acted as time
keepers and Judges.
The race was successfully carried out
from start to finish and was in charge
of X.. M. Myers, who directed the relay
or jaei year. The runners were taken
to their various mile posts by boat and
on" street cars, and at U p"clock. when race was scheduled to start, every
one of the young participants was eager
ana waning ror tne cloud of dust which
announced the eomlne; of the runners.
It Is the intention to present the silver
cup to the winning team at the Haw
thorne school as soon as the arrange
ments can be completed.
ice cream free to all at Wlberg
iieigms today, Saturday. Take E. A.
car and get off at Wlberg lane.
Is Made by the Great Fer-
Don in Portland.
The .Strongest Fence
Against Disease is
Natural Living
Seek by right food and drink to be well and happy.
Disorders of the body cannot be helped by medicines
unless the abuses stop. When that is done the individual
is on "The Road to Wellville."
Daily ails slowly add up, until a day of reckoning
comes in the shape of a spell of sickness expensive and
always a push down the hill, in more ways than one.
It sometimes seems difficult to find the trouble until
coffee and tea are abandoned and a change made to
Preferred Stock Canned Oooda.
Allen dc Lewis' Best Brand.
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Fagan took tbe hammer with which he
had been breaking rock, selected a board
in tbe stockade that had a knot across
.its entire width, broke. It with a blow.
crawled through the hole and made a
dash for liberty. He waa fired at by
the guards, and says, that buckshot
struck him but did not penetrate the
skin. He kept on running until Engi
neer William Eschel shot him with a
38-callbre revolver at a distance of 200
Fagan then crawled into the brush,
where he lay for three hours, when the
guards found him. Commenting on
Eschel's shooting, Fagan said:
"You bet he la ace hljh with a re-1
volver, that plug."
Fagan was sentenced to serve a year
4 Journal Special Service. 4
4 Austin, Texas. June 1. The 4
4 Waters-Pierce Oil company was 4
4 today fined $1. 023,000 and had 4
Its permits to do business within
4 tbe state canceled'. 4
A jury or rarmers returned the
4 verdict In the case of the state
d against the company to oust It
4 for violations of the anti-trust
4 laws.
Don't forget ice cream treat today at
Wlberg Heights. Everybody invited.
Young Man Gives Another
Sample of Work Which
Aroused the. Eastern Cit
ies During the Past Year.
(Journal Special Service.)
Columbus, O., June 1. Secretary Taft
was In conference with the governor
for stealing some copper wire In Alblna wju l(faVe tonight for Washington with
He had been working on the rockoile ki. mmh i i. ..k.... ,... .
. - fc 0 UUIIVUIILTTU 1 1 1 BX L 1IB3 Will
leave wasiungton about. June 13 to
about a month and a half. His wound
was dressed last nisht and this morning
by County Physician Geary.
(Continued from Page One.)
It contains the necessary elements albumen, phos
phate of potash, etc., from the field grains, nature's store
house, that heal the'system suffering from the effects of
coffee and unnatural living , .
Fame and Gold await the
Sturdy and Temperate
Read "The Road to Wellville" in pkgs.
" "There's a Reason" .
' ---o -"-'. j. w mug lir
speak in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnea
polis, inspect Fort . Meade. South Da
kota, pacify the TJtes on the waroath
and sail September 10 for the Philip
declare themselves. Every voter who
came along was buttonholed and asked
the question: "Are you for Lane or
for Devlin?" The result was, there
fore as fair a test as could be devised.
Voters of every character and descrip
tion, from the hod carrier to the banker
and from the hobo to the statesman;
were polled at the corner of Washington
and Fourth streets between 9 and 10
'o'clock this morning, with the result
that out of 127 registered voters, 71
iM;mrea trtm jnayor i-ane snouia De i v
wiiLiuuru ill vaiicc, wnji,t; uo mvorea
giving Candidate Devlin an opportunity
to clean up the north end.
The 'reporter taking the straw vote
soon had a bunch of Lane and of Dev
lin partisans around him, watching the
progress of the canvass; but as the
Lane tally steadily forged ahead, the
Devlin supporters lost heart and moved
SUger to Ktate Choice.
An interestina feature of the can
vass was the eagerness with which (he
voters declared their choice. Occasion
ally" a glum, sour looking, individual
would brush past, making no response
to the request for his preference. A
few voters-looked with suspicion upon
the proceeding, rearing to announce
their choice, lest some advantage might
be taken of it Now and then a piece of
good-natured raillery was hurled at the.
canvasser, but ror the most part the
votrs were anxious to proclaim their
On .Upper VMnlng'toa.
On upper Washington street, the main
thoroughfare of Portland, where all
I classes of the pity's residents pass, the
straw vuiv xavv juayur Ajniio 40 votes
to Devlin's 13. In this case only thoso
who -are voters were asked.'- Many of
the men who were approached said they
Ask pa and ma to take you to Wlberg
Heights for Icecream today. '
4 (Journal Special SerTlce.)
; Washington. June 1. The
4 brewery workers'; union com-
prising 400 locals,: was expelled
4 today from the American Fed-
eration of Labor by the order of
President Samuel Oompers.
Is free from harmful, ele
ments. Its alkalinity de
stroys mouth acid germs. It
permeates the entire tooth
and mouth structure with its
healthy fragrance. A tonic
to the gums. SOZODONT is an
article of merit. Its popularity of
sixty years will attest to that."
Remember SOZODQNT.
On last night some remarkable demon
strations were made In public by the
Great Fer-Don, who Is Introducing Into
Portland the remarkable remedies' which
created a sensation In eastern cities.
The demonstrations, as usual, took
place at the free show grounds at Wash
ington and Twentieth streets, and were
witnessed by hundreds of -people. Fer- !
Don promised that one application of
one of his preparations would make the
deaf hear inside of three minutes, and
would also make the Jame to walk in
the same short space Of time.
There were many deaf people present,''
and about a half dozen of these were given
a demonstration of the Fer-Don Magic
Relief with unvarying success. Mr.
George Seely, who lives on East Burn
side street,- was the first to test- this
remedy. It relieved him of deafness
of long standing.
R. MpKertny, 309 Clay street, who had
long suffered from deafness, waa great
ly relieved. -
The hearing of these and others who
came upon the platform was tested
after an Interval of two and three min
utes. The test consisted of Questions
put to them in s.n ordinary conversa
tional tone at distances varying from
five to fifty feet.
The results were remarkable In the
extreme. Some of those treated had
been deaf for, a number of years. When
the first question was asked a look of
amazement would spread over their
features. Aathe questioning was re
peated the look of surprise would give
way to one- of pleasure.
In giving an account of these demon
strations, Fer-Don said: "The prepara
tion used is not the one with which I
accomplish most, as my 'Fer-Don's Med
ical Discovery,' as It is called,' and to
which I owe my success, is for treat
ment of all forms of stomach trouble,
and the general breaking down of the
system that follows In. the wake of dis
eases of this character.
"The stomach Is the seat of a great
many troubles; for Instance, my rem
edies will relieve thousands of people in
this city of rheumatism, simply by get
ting the stomach in working order,"
. Many, people 'seen who were . present
at this demonstration assert positively
that Fer-Don's remedy undoubtedly
made, these deaf people hear again.
rer-Soa Takes Boys to Theatre.
It was a happy lot of boys who as
Truest of the Great Fer-Don witnessed
the very excellent entertainment at the
Grand Saturday .afternoon. Fer-Don a"n
nouncod some days ago bis Intention of
forming this theatre party, and Invited
all the. boys of the city to accompany
him.: From the large number who took
advantage of this invitation it appears
that Fer-Don la popular with the youth
of the city.'' - -. r-,, ""' t
ftrttav. Si
) 9 A. M. TO 12 M.
.-'V:,.;;Vf. y I
Regular 40c " '. - ' . ReguUr 40c
. ( -"'t'' ' o '. '
18 inches high and can be adjusted to any window'
up to 33 inches wide
Jar ar aaaiar -tssaSHM aaaaaaa
ff.r 1 J I
If? 1J? (Llectric
JLJL- Tlatirons
Sam To- Tims
Save Tonr Health
ave Tone Weary Steps
Save Tonr Money
Save Tonr Clothes
Save Tour Temper
Say Tonr Complexion
Fill in coupon and mail to us
The iron will be delivered, with
all necessary equipment, abso
lutely free of charge-No delay
First and Alder Streets, Portland, Oregon.
Gentlemen You may deliver to me one Electric Flat
iron, which I agree to try, and if unsatisfactory to me, to
return to you within 30 days from date of delivery. If I
do no return it at that time you may charge same to my
account at $4.00. It is understood that no charge will be
made for the iron if I return it within 30 day.
Ton era aow make yon a rra ligaments to visit the '
Or any, other point in the east, this summer, and take advantage of
the very low ROUND TRIP rates that have just been fixed upon by
Chicago. ........ ..$71.50
St Louii . . . .'. . . . i .$67.S0
St. Paul, $63.15
-,,. : A B "
Omaha. . . . . . . . 60.00 $73.50
Sioux City.... -....$60.00 $73.50
Kansas City..,. . .$60.00 $73.50
A ttect routes both ways.- B One-way through California.
Ten days allowed for going trip, to days for return. Stopover at
pleasure within limits. ft t ,.
TIcktts will be on sale June 6, r, 8; Jnly 3, 4, 5;
August 8, 9, 10; September 1 1,13. 13 .
" Oorrespondlnr rednetlon In rates from the eltiea named to Jamestown
and return.--Vor fnll particulars Inquire of
J-..' Oeneral rassenfer Agent, j. city Tlekst Agent,-
- - - t Third nd Washington Streets.
v I II