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The Struggle Discourages Many.a
. Qtizen of Portland. , ,
The- jO .. ' js. T' I Tho
:r.Ioot, U j if. 'W(fJ v "rll Ecsi
tWH Known Contributor to The' Oregon Journal Returns From
vTv'VWt to Orient Inborn Courtesy of Flowery Kingdom In- j,
U : , ' spiring Feature--Engli8h. Teaching VVidespread V
Polly Evan, who fcolda a warm place
In the hearts of Juvenile readers of The
Journal, has recently returned from
trip to the orient and spoke before an
enthuslnetla and admiring audience Bun-
day Jn tha rooms of the ,T. w. C. A,
her topic was "Tha Women of Japan,'
and aha dealt with tha position of worn
an In tne 'Xand of the Rlslna: Bun,"
their characteristics and their needs.
' ' ' I
' . ..i' f ... - .. ' 1
Y-nZ .... '"1
Miss Polly Evans.
.: Miss Evans tells of tha inborn eour
. (.lesy of all Japanese, perfected by tha
, education and tha customs of tha coun-
try, which marks aU classes from tha
poor anl haggard old "women searching
; In tha muudy canals for snails, to tha
gracefully garbed woman of tha higher
.classea who express In every-way their
care for the comfort anAf. welfare of
others.. The little wom "san," which
is so commonly used In connection with
the possessions and property of others,
and which , we translate . honorable, la
.indicative . of the politeness of their
common speech. L '
- ''--.: : Honorable Znaldea topty.
- . On one occasion only did the speaker
remember to have heard the word used
! as. applied ta that which belonged to
- the person himself, and that waa ' ia
the case of the guide who took a party
up the active volcano, Aaama-Yama-San.
. Lunch had not been provided and
,. rit waa a- matter of seven or eight hours
, before they could reaoh the bottom of
tha mountain again-where food awaited
them. : "Please,, madams, to make
.haste," said the guide, "for my fconor-
.able lnsldea are, empty." , Thia waa a
slip of the tongue but waa perhaps
to ba excused under the circumstances.
The speaker spoke la the moat inter
" sting .way, of soma of the prominent
Women of Japan and of what they are
doing to help In the education of the
women. .One of the leading women and
a pioneer In educational nfettera la the
Marquise Oyama, wife of the famous
general, who waa educated In this coun
try and whose Influence hss been large
ly felt; another is Madame Urlyu. one
of two leading unmarried women of
Japan, where unmarried women are rare.
Bhe, as well as the other noted spinster
who is largely influential In eduoatlonal
matters, Miss Tsuda, remalna unmar
ried from choice, becauae aha feela that
she has a mission and a call which can
not be disregarded. , . ; ....
'r Teach Sagllsb, '
The appellation Madame Is a courtesy.
Mlsa . Tsuda eonduota a sohool In Eng
lish and for teaching English. At the
time of her visit a class in Browning
was In progress.- Another remarkable
woman of Japan in Madame Schlmoda,
who conducts a school for peeresses.
6h : la . considered by statesmen of
Japan to be 'one of the most able and
influential personalities in the . entire
country. A famous buslneee woman of
Japan 1 Madame Hlroka of Osoka, one
or the most famous Mitsui family, who,
When tna family fortunes were In peril.
at the time of the great upheaval and
reconstruction, when , the present em
peror came into power, discovered unde
veloped ttpourcea In the family poaaea-
aion, neglected and undeveloped mines.
and developed them and saved the day.
Bhe remains In business and makes a
specialty of employing young women In
ner counting-houses. ? s f
Yapan'a aTew Womta, :.
A noted character 1a Japan, one who
atanda in the eatlmatton of her country'
men as tha new woman, la Madame
Hatoyama, the wife of Dr. Hatoyama of
Tokio, who is a graduate of Tale, where
ne also too his doctor of laws degree,
She la, a charming matron and aston
ishingly progressive. . She la an able
linguist and with theae othera who have
been mentioned and with many who
have not been mentioned, leada la all
movements ? for the betterment of
women. ! ",....
Polly Evans has been . a contributor
to the press for some years and at
known aa a ready and a versatile writer.
Her juvenile atoriea are enjoyed by
hundreds of eager youngsters who read
The .Journal. . ; . , , "
In private life she answers to the
name of Miss Oraoe Zarbaugh and aha
poaaesses a ready wit. a sympathetio
manner - and a winning personality
which endear her to all who know her.
She haa many friends In Portland who
are rejoicing In the fact that aha la to
remain some weeks la the city. . -..
Convict Ma7 Be In the River.
- -(8pedr Dkrpatek te The Joareal.) ' 1
Boise. Idaho, May 11. No trace haa
ret been found of Andrew Gilbert, the
convict who escaped from the peniten
tiary Friday night It la thought ha
may have committed suicide by Jumping
Into the Boiae river, which ne told the
guard he would do if ha got the chance.
TW Housekeeper and Pure Food.
That waa a auggeatlve and interest
ing meeting held Monday afternoon In
the Interest of pure food. ' Many points
were brought out which are of especial
Interest to the housekeeper,' Indeed, the
whole matter of the i adulteration of
food, its substitution. Its proper ban
dllng la the marketa and - the proven
tlon of contamination by the dust of
the air Is largely a housekeeper's cues
tionA ' -A. - , ' -
These things were emphasised: that
housekeepers should: abolish, the. tele
phone In doing their marketing. A per
sonal visit to the dealer Is really, nee
essary to Insure a general tidiness and
sanitation of the premise. One dealer
la quoted aa saying that the silver thaw
of last January - which put the tele
phones out of commission also made
him acquainted with some of his patrons
whom he bad never seen before..
Another duty which was urged was
that of apeaklng to the dealer when
anythtng la seen which Is unhygienic.
- One of tha speakers said that aha saw
a woman buying uncovered oysters and
upon the oysters Ahe saw a fly, . She
realised that she ought to speak to the
woman and remonstrate, but pleading
that she was tired and disliked to make
herself disagreeable aha refrained and
felt a-ullty. Housekeepers should In
sist upon having foods covered In the
markets and npon the .personal clean
liness of those who handle xnem.
Here was another good suggestion:
that the women of any one neighbor
hood who have the same source of milk
supply should appoint a committee to
visit the premises of the dairyman and
Investigate his methods. The man who
la doing as he ought will be glad to
have his patron's confidence, and the
one who Is not will learn what Is re
quired. . :vr.
It Is -worth while emphasising also,
both early and often, though It was not
touched upon at the meeting, that often
the housekeeper la herself responsible
for- the contamination or suon suo
stances as milk and butter. Too often
the milk which has been delivered In
good condition Is poured Into a pan or
pall which has not , been scalded, and
therefore It oourej then the milkman
bi-mad. Often It la placed where
tha odor of vegetables, such aa onions,
may be communicated to It, and again
It la the milkman who gets the blame,
if w cannot all have Ice, we can. all
have oold water, and right here I am
stA tA av that if a pall or pan of
milk la plaoed In another vessel holding
cold water, and a xowei ia piacea wvor
tha et tha nalU with the enda in
the water, tha evaporation of the water
and the passage or it inrougn in wwn
win vn h milk cool and sweet. :
vrnt,ir should always oe bubdmuous
r.t iv which does not , sour in m-
......l ttma 'One woman whom I know
found that the milt wmcn sne --
Around all day with aa aohing back!
' Can't rest at night;
Enough , to make, any one "give onC
Doan'a. Kidney Pills will give re
newed Ufa. . , i ' ,
They will oure the backache; " -v'
- Cure every kidney ID, v .' " ' 'r ,
Here la Portland proof that this Is so:
' , A. Ii. Maney, , repairer oa the Port
land Cable Railway, and living at (54
Elm street. Portland, Oregon, sayat
"Doan's Kidney Pills completely rid me
of an -attack of backache which was
brought on .through the Jarring and
Jolting of riding on the cable ears.. At
least that was the only way X could ao
count for It tit was very annoying and
worried me a great deal. Being lnduoed
to try Doan's Kidney Pills through rec
ommendations of . the remedy . X found
quick relief and a. final oure. That was
over three years ago and there has
been no return of the trouble slnoe."
Voi sale by all dealers. ' Price II oenta.
FosterMUburn Co., Buffalo, .New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember tha name DOANS and
take bo other,,
,'Vf '.'
If s ;.WIt,X See
Mot Wfeai' We Say
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v none have the advantages now found in f
s r jt m
Words can't make sightly locations, grade streets give the most
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Take a:W-W orW-R Car
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. ' v i where.-- "'"'r - t - ,vfc , , , - .;t "
"' . i,;,-.. ''i::,:,i--i:ltit f-i;'vi-'. :--,.; -i-r ., ', -"' i .-, -f : ,i r -i;-, i t:- ' , . ";
Lots arc 5325 up. ; Payments of 510 per Month
Main 350
A .aV
h on the Ground
Ing her baby when left In the refrigera
tor for two days bad not eoured. Bhe
left It three.' and the result waa the
same. Then aha changed her milkman.
Undoubtedly the milk had been treated
with formalin, which delaya tha process
of aouring, and wbloh rendera the milk
poisonous to the child. ' ' - '
When preservatives are need la meat.
as was discovered la some of our city
marketa not long ago, the housekeeper
may buy unknowing. In a general way.
It la aafe to say, look out for hamburg
ateak whloh la too red. When beef baa
been ground for a little while, if un
treated with preservatives It will turn
a graylah color. If It haa preservatives
It will stay a bright red. Of course
absorb only a small amount of
poison with each portion of the meat
but should we pay to be poisoned at all?
Small doses of poison, as Dr. Tenney
showed, may oause no effect at the
time, but their long-continued uae wilt
be disastrous. Besides, such preserva
tives cause meat to pass : for , fresh
which Is really far past the proper
stage. - Again, as the preservatives pre
vent the decay of the meat, they also
prevent Its dlgestlqn and assimilation.
See tha meat out and ground, and It
will be more satisfactory. i
V In taking up the aubjeot of the con
tamination . of food with the germ a
whloh are la the air. Dr. Pieroe said.
and surely many echoed, "Banish the
broom and' the feather duster." Long
haa It been urged that- the proper way
to oust a room la not to sweep the duat
off into - the air to ' be again . de
posited, and yet one constantly sees it
done. A damp cloth la infinitely better
and more hygienic, or, aa aome prefer,
a cloth which haa been slightly oiled
with a mixture of, sweet oU and kero-
That sweeping compound whloh eon'
tains sawdust and keroaene la good on
bare floors: I am not sufficiently ac
quainted with Its merits on oarpets to
apeak wltb authority, out tan oia ana
naeful war to gather tha dust oa a
carpet la to wet some paper several
newspapers at enee and tear them Into
small pieces, distributing them over the
caroet : . They will gather and hold the
dust Instead of scattering It Of course
they must not be wet enough to spot
the carpet
It la a long warfare which woman
has beea waging against dirt It aha
haa not aa yet been entirely suooesszui,
at least aha haa progressed, and the
widespread Interest In sanitation and
byglenlo living la a proof that the fight
la not a losing one. -
Courage, my sisters, wa shall yet
learn mai. things and ..have brighter
and more healthful homes. -
fleenal gDeelal Berries.
Dublin. May 21. -The Irish national
convention, called to consider and take
action on the Blrrell measure for Irish
home rule, opened In Dublin today under
the nresldencv of John Redmond. The
Importance of the meeting Is evidenced
by the large attendance. More tnan
1,000 delegates are present among them
nearly all the Irish membera of parlia
ment and several former membera. Tha
United Irish League or America is rep
resented by T. B. ntspatrlck. John
O'Callaghan and Dr. P. J. Tlmmlna, all
of them officers of tna league, xnei
opening proceedings 1 were . thoroughly
harmonious. ..The session will oontlnue
several' day a ,
. It is problematical whether or not
the convention will aocepi tna mrreu
bill. If the measure la deemed worthy
of acceptance, aubjeot to amendment by
the Irish party, the aoope or tne neeaea
amendment will be outlined by tne con
vention. . i v
(Joornal Special Berries.)
Washington. D. C. May II. -The com
plaint of the National Petroleum asso
ciation against the cnioago, Milwaukee
A St Paul, the Pennsylvania, tne Ann
Arbor and other railroads, klleglng un
reasonable and discriminating rates on
petroleum and its products, came up for
hearing today oerore ine interstate com
merce commission. , v ,
The National Petroleum association Is
an indenendent oil company, and It al
leges discrimination in favor of the
Standard. In anticipation of tha hear
ing today the railroads a week or ao ago
announced a big concession to tne inde
pendent oil men, especially on the rate
for the return of empty tank cars from
the Pacific ooast. The readjustment of
rates means that the Standard Oil com
pany will no longer enjoy aa exclusive
rate from eentral freight and trunk-line
association territories, to the western
coast-- '
. (Journal Special Serrlce-) .
RioftmnV-V.w Ma y. 21 .The . annual
national reunion of the 'United Confed
erate Veterans wilt be held in this olty
next week. Never before In tha history
of Richmond have such elaborate ar
rangements boon made for the reception
and entertainment .of people from
abroad as are being made for thia oc
casion. The added attraction of the
Jamestown exposition la expected to re
sult In aa attendance of at. least 100,000
visitors, . . . - , .
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