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Oilier Classified Ad
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found on pp. 16-17.
$1,000 per acre was the-price paid
yesterday for 181 acres on the Heights.
I htri undo eontraot owner begged
ma to lot him oft todaya traot ot 9
acres that I will sell for 93,760, only
,$760 mora than one sere coat them; alio
a tract of IU acres X will aell for
$1,650, only $160 mora than a half
acre of their land coat them. Those
traoU lay beautiful and are cleared all
but a few trees you would '.want to
leevs on the ground. .' ii.'y. ,',v
Can eell on eaay terms. Owner will
raise this prloe double after my con
tract expires.' vo- ..-.' :; ,
Boom M, WMMnrtoa Building.
W NTKr-ltiDerienced helpers for sash and
door department. Portland Mill A fixture
' Co., 441 H. Madison. . , , , .
A WIDE-AWAKE drrrerf meet be a hostler
no other seed apply. Berlla Pre Work, Ml
BeCOOd St. ' .
MIDDLI aged womaa to eeok - for one men
and take care of baby. SB Union t., North.
8880 B UTS a ft-mrna boose snd bars; lot
soxioo, 8 blocks trau ear aad CUatoa AsUy
ecbool. ,
4,ftOO A beautiful borne en Bast Ankenr.
3.500 Fine iroom aeuss aad , larga lot
OB Clscksmss at. v ' - "
ll.eoo Nice 6-roora boaae and basement
.tea eerline) east front, a bargain,
. 9.oiw Broom boose oa Willamette
' Betghte. Bicsllcnt
$10,000 eV-room home ea Knob Hill. '
(It Mohawk Bloc. , Fedfie 1280.
' OO0D VAL0ES. -
$8.000 BOxioo. t too ma, sear lotk , and
Karl; a good buy.
88,500 oi loo, rooms,' Tory asodsra, Bast
mm act in; terms,
84,600 Oi60, 10 n
eorner oa Kaet Ooneh, eloae
oonoluded to put Into the Chilean port
for additional stores , rather than take
chanoea of running short In crossing the
equator, where oftentimes Ions; delays
are caused b calms.
Ordinarily the run from Hamburg to
mis port is made in the time that the
Conway Castle bag been on t and her
consignees were beginning; to look for
ner arrival at the mouth of the river.
Portland Second Port In Point of
:' Whent Exports.
i Portland , climbed to second nlaee la
point of Importanoe as a wheat export
ing port In the United States during
ino monw or April. New Tork leading-.
Galveston eomes , third, ,' Philadelphia
xourin ana me combined - Puset sound
cities Seattle, Everett and . Taooma
fifth. Theae three oltles combined
shipped large quantities of flour during
the month, Isadlnar even Mew Tork. but
divided among the three cities none of
tnem shipped more than Portland.
' The wheat shipments from the main
porta In the states during April were
M follows: s New Tork, $II,$7$ buehels;
Portland, $11,721 bushels; Galveston.
,ln1flneOta;f0tl, -. Philadelphia, 621,111
. $6.000-80. e-room. moder swell home S. !L .. .a' W8Hsls.
ea ( Bnrn.Ma, tyrant place; a snap. J j since the first of the cereal year, or
commonwealth TftUBi CO., J during the 10 months ending with April.
Sixth aad Askeay.
BIO boos at barn la sear B. S. ear. d reoeas
oowastairo, au plastered; ess mass e nor
rooms epatalre. Has bath, toilet sewer, gas.
flne cement basement, eament aidawalk. and
aU around boose. Suy before June 1, tor 1 818,41$ bushsls, valued at
- 82.900. I Jt . L - . .
the lsrgsr Wheat shfonlnar norta axnart.
sd: Nsw Tork, 1MSM6T bushsls; Oal.
veston, lt,Tl$,l$$ bushsls; Phllsdelphla,
$,$$$,444 bushels; Portland. ,I41.$4$
bushsls; Puget sound, $.$$$.744 bushsls.
The total wheat shipments from the
states during the 10 months' were $$.
$1.S00 tarre d-room hoaae.
- -
lDlh ideal restdsnce tract on oarllne, not
) tar out. . Flna wide macadam roads on
two sides. Graded street through trac$.
Commonwealth Trust Co.
Bole Aganta.
AJT9 AJnpisTT. -:
aleatered aad ,Wh11 dur,n tn torreaponding time of
papered, One cement baeeraeat, lot sOxlOO, . V" "V.Jl"" si,u,u ousnsis.
yoang Dearmg nan trees, a una un ex i '"" or iiu nair me
raaea and Bowera; on flne street la seUwoed, I quantity. The ' total flour shipments
. ''. . , . rroro ujs states during the past !
tu i riret at T Boooi L ' a ?"'m f".?X. .., errew.
vfuw oil, aav,vax,vue ft
MOVINO e farm, win sail aew, modern alee. Following were the flour shipments In
. ..,htL.0,w(e2 .oSJ?"'' " . T a'" from the leading ports during the
r limit nr. thim ark..fn 12 90Ot wttar InanM- I . - -
pas iii monini: ruget sound. Seattle.
1 furniture this weak, , (or $3,200) yoar Inapoe
. tloa and comparlaoa Invited; want to bear
front actual buyers.! , Address B $01, Journal.
CHEAP 800 ban aew e-roooi settage ta
Mnrenreoc rara; rise 1 renee sua jawa;
teraie. Phone owner, Mala 889i,
0LA.RK flarak May to, at 11M Bet- tnneral at Tlnlers SnOertiklng
parlors. May S3, t:$0 s. at. Frleade larlteC
WBAJC stea, froai say eaaae, any are, or length
er time ermeteo, sens i ror a recipe u
Inaarae qulrkly and forever year complete aad
perfect reeteraUoa, res ardleea ef fallores er
dlaappolatmenta by prevtous ' treatments or
awtbods of ears yea may kae tried; poal
tlratr - karmlee and the greatest restorer
knows today, tmnlo O. Carr. UA North Aa
dersoa sL, Loa Aafelas, OaL
XOtmO lady gives
room e.
$88 TaatbUl,
$275 l-room house and 4 lota,
fSOO I lots la MontavUla. .
$17of Nearly new l-room eottage;
cam ana bassmsnt. . , v
For two days only we will sell It
lots on Ainsworth avs. near Union.
Hers la a chance - for an investment
; These lots are cheap at $00 each.
1BJ Alder, Boom 10.
Ths dtatnrbasre yesterday ecennrlns the ln-
ter-BMMintald state haa axived eouth and kt
sow central ever Arleona. The weather le
clear la the North Pacific states, sad light
frosts not mi ad this moral f In exposed plsces
seat of the Ceacade amenta lua. waminss for
f". at.? lJ!LJl! I WB HATB a flae snauner resort st ths beeeh,
IK A BOOMING mill tows, 100 nllce treat
Portland M for sals ths grocery aepartatenl
ef s seaeral departaent a tore; this ii ss ax-
eeptlonal opportunltr end le s bargain:
interoeted addreae X 188, care JouraaL
' If rear hotel Is for sale In or oat ef the
elty. bring It to a snd we will procure a
purchaser without publicity. Reference Hotel
Men's AeoocUtlon. 0. B. Arnold A Co., orlr
- Inal hotel broken, eacceaeor te P. U Aeatu
Co., 12O-120 Abloctoa bldg. ,
predpitaUoa has yet fallen la the eoatkwest
la sonsectioa wits ths dietarbancs sver Art
sons, bat llcht rala has eocurred Is the Da-
kotaa wastera Mlnaeeota, snd Kebraaka. Tns
if Inneeota Blah preeaure area preralla la the
Atlantic states. lAsut to Beavy rroati save ee.
enrred In Michigan, weatera Hew York, westers
Pennsylvanls, and asrthera New England.
The Indications are for fair weather la this
, fllitrlet tonight and Wedneeday. Ufot Droats
will probably ' oceur again tonlgbt eaat ef the
vascaas ssoaotaiaa. , .
m naia Mimm . .mi.
It yea wiab to make some money let me tail
yea about It.
A fine restaurant the beat money-maker ta
the ettr.
7 . 0. S. ABNOLD CO.,
128-128 Abuurtoa Bldg. t
so-BOOst betel, paying $800 ser month ever
and a bore every expenae; eentraiiy mcateo,
; e-year least oa good bolldlng; don't atlas this
ir yoa want s money -msaor: price ,uux
Lafayette Bealty Co., 81 8 H Waahlagtoa at.
Taeoma and Everett. 1.618.06T barrels:
Nsw Tork, 1,447.484 barrels; Phila
delphia, -- l,7t.4l$ ' barrels; Baltimore,
1,414,104 barrels; Portland, Ttl.lll bar
rels. ... .,,.! - ' : .. ,,r
- Exporters are of tha opinion that If
crops in tha eastern states prove below
me average Portland and the Puget
sound ports will ssnd very little wheat
to surope next season, as with a strong
asmaaa in ue orient and lively bidders
east of the Rookies the European buyer
wpumi iana lime snow ror bis money.
Colombia Will Not Rise) Rapidly
After Next Son da.
Colder weather is beine- raeorAsA in
the eaetern part of Washlnaton and
Oregon, and this will have a tendency
to caeca- ue rise in the Colombia river.
The Willamette will eonUnue rising
mis wsea, nowever, ana win likely
reach the 18 6 feet mark nsxt Sunday.
District Forecaster Beats seems quits
oonfldent that there will be no water
on Front street this season, although
It la lmposslbls to predict the approxi
mate height of the river mors than a
week ahead. Present conditions Indi
cate a check In the flood, and Mr. Beals
says the river will rise very slowly
here. If at all, after next Sunday. . An
other hot spell east of the mountains
would probably Changs tha outlook,
however, so the forecaster speaka only
a week In advance.
rmTU mnnA
Tfte Oiieago Oothing
Sadsfgctloa or Your
Money Back,'
Horseshoes Over
the Doors.
'' Max.
Atlanta. Oeorsls 80
' Boston. Maaeachosetts M
Chicago,' Illinois ....i.....d
Cincinnati, Ohio ' 4. .5"
, Daneer, Colorado . ...... ...84
Kansas City, Mlaaonrt ....S
Loa Angeles, California ...78
New Orleans, Loulalana ...84 .'
New Tork, Mew York .....84
Omaha, Nebraska ,....... i.S4 ,
' PhUaderphla, Pennsylvanls..e8
Portland. Oregon ' 64
St Louie, Missouri ....... 6S .
Mia. Prerlp
; St, Panl, Minnesota
45 .
40 ;
1 44
' .01
WANTEDt-A party to tola me 1
ranch oa Crook farm. Mala 8840.
CBIBOPODT and pedicuring. Mrs. M. D. Bill,
Hnom bso rieidner siog. notn pnonee.
Salt Lake. UUh .,...M
San rrandsco, California. .94
Washington, D. 0. 08
. Ths river will reach s stags ef 164 feet
Wedaeaday afternoon, 1T.0 fret Thursday, 17.S
feet rrlday, 18.0 feet Satarday, and 184 feet
Sirs. Belland Arranges Prograjn for
. -- Tomorrow Night,-
The regular weekly concert at the Sea
men's Institute, 100 North Front street.
chicken I will be given tomorrow evening at
o'clock under the direction of Mrs. R.
O. Belland. A good program bag been
arranged, as folows: Piano solo,
"Zampa Overture," Mrs. R. O. Belland;
song, Mr. Mstt; mandolin solo, A. oeis
ler, 'British stsamsblp Tottenham;
"Spinning Song." Miss Rosey Robinson;
song, J. N. Davis,. British ship . Tola;
song, Miss Bennett Johnson: piano solo;
Mrs. R. O. Belland; song, J. H. Sloans,
British ship Jordanhlll; song, I Leaoh,
British ship Zlnlta; piano solo, Miss
Rosy Robinson.; ' - "
Oorbett at. : double labor sneumonla.
: B. r. Peynter, T13 Speneer at., IB I Asars
' 'clfinK. Brans, Oregon Cttyl S3; Lottie
; LovelL 22.
William Sllcott, Ths DaUes. Or., 4j,Ksth-
James Lope, 27; Sadie Beebe, 10.
Mas rinkel. 088 First st, 81; Eathsc Stela,
' James Bawden, Seattle, We., 48; May Can-
ana, ss.
Harry B. tslie, S4; Florence B. Lass, ta.
Charles Wilkins, 024 Uorsl st, 81; dna L.
1 Rsley, 18., . ,
Wedding Carte. W. O. Smith Co.. Waah
tagtoa bldg eorner rosrth'and Washlngtoa ate.
An kinds of plants for sals st 41$ Vancouver
svs.; prices reasonable- Phone Beat 6J70, ,j
h A Co.. fmrtsts,
133 Sixth at.
tar flowers sf sB
Clarke Bros., florists Flos flowers sad floral
designs. tS Morrison st .
Pall drees -eulra for rent, all slave.
Tailoring Co 80 Stsrb st
WBDDINO INVITATIONS La teat and beet; $8
per 100. A. 8. Hawk Co.. I4BH Third at
Exceptionally Fine Weather Fa
vors Norwegian Tramp
From Eurppe.
The Norwegian tramp steamer Bark
broke the record for speed in her class
when she made the! run from London
to Sam Francisco in $1 days and from
Bsn Francisco to the Columbia river In
80,$oura. , Ordinarily It. takes at least
70 days to make the run from London
to the Golden Oate, and the distance
from San Francisco to Astoria Is seldom
made In : less than three days by ths
cumbersome freight carriers. , - '
The Bark reached the harbor last
night and berthed at Oceanic dock,
where shs will load, wheat for Shang
hai. Captain Da hi said the trip from
Europe and all ths Way to Portland
Charles Llndstrom Selects Site Near
Astoria for Shlpballdlng.
fSDeelsl DIsBSteh to The JouraaL I
Astorls, Or.. May 11. Charles Lind
I strom, . the shipbuilder of Aberdeen, Is
in the city the guest of 3. H. Whyte,
president of the chamber of commerce.
He Is looking for a location for a ship
yard and was shown some very good
si tea He selected one on Tonngs bay,
but came to no conclusion, as it was
impossible to get the exact,' price at
which the site could be purchased. ?
SMITH May IS, te Mr. snd Mrs, Philip A
niuuu, uit w iiuus es ususuwi
WDNDBB May 20, to Mr. sad Mrs. George
W. Wttnder, 806 Malks-f are., s son.
OONRAD May IS. to Mr. and Mrs. John 0.
Conrad, 8 Bsat Ninth it., s son.
M'COY Mar 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Button
McCoy,. Oales Creek, a daughter.
8CHWKNDT Hay IT. to Mr. aad Mrs. Jobs
, Scbwendt, 434 Sacramento at, s son.
WILLIAMS Mar 8, to Mr. snd MrsT Tom Wil
liams, at Portland maternity hoaplUl, a son.
WILSON May 15, Mrs. Charlotte B. Wilson,
aged 85 years, 4 months, 13 days, V164T B.
slat ar t old a and analna Dectorla. -
MAORI Mar 18, Dominica Macrl, aged S3
yeare, at Sixth at, rock crasher, fracture ef
fknll received ia ecciaent.
LKOLEB May 10, Mrs. Lottie Leffler. aged 47
yeare, months, XS aays 100 Hanaau st
r trukararditla.
AiaCii()May 19. Antoney Grege1., aged T
years, a montns, j aay, . 000 uuaion ei,
cerehrsf tnenlnaltla. 1 , -
, BTU NTS R May 10, Mrs. Amasds Hunter, aged
. 66 years, at Oood Samarftaa hospital; cerebral
aemorraage. - -:
- TOCOM May 10, Mrs. Oro Irwin Tocom, sged
' M yein, 8 months. 34 days, at St. Vincent's
hospital; acute peritonitis, - following aalplng-
' WOLPB May IT, Jacob Wolfe," sged M yesrS,
4 mouths, .36 daya, 81T Spencer, ft j senile
!:-' decay. ' " . : . -
- BJCHEX May IS, George W. Richer, aged SB
years, 8 months, days. 655 Marlon st;
! general debility. - ; i ' . ,..
' BCHSIDKMANN May 18. William Scheldt.
1 ; ma on, aged 10 rears. 0 months, T days, 878
Beat Fifteenth St.; diphtheria.- 1 ' v
.: ANDERSON May IT. Mrs. Eatella Mabls An
'l dereon,. aged 16 rears, 8 months, days, ,846
? Coroett at; doable lobar pneumonia. i ,
, WIOKLCND Mar 1. Mrs. Johanna Wlcklnnd.
i ' aged 68 years, 11 months, 14 days, 671 Tenlno
.!.-' at.; carcinoma. ;' '-"' ' ,.1
" NKLflON Mar 18, Thomas Nelson,' aged S4
;., rears, at Open 'Air Banltarlum; pulmonary
tuberenloalo, " , ;
; SHORT May 18. Mrs. Emms J. Short, sged 89
ye are, t monthe, a days, 140S Boons a vs.;
ssaest C sewalsj V . ,., . s ,
' The Haniman liner Costa Rica, Cap
tain Mason, sailed for San Francisco
this morning,
The steam schooner Northland and
the steamer- - Sue 1 H. EHmore are on
the drydock today undergoing reps Irs.
Preparations for the official trial
trio of the steamer J. N. Teal of the
was moat remarkable because the finest Open River Transportation company are
kind or sunsnine was enoounterea every 1 under way,
inch of the way. . Not a drop of water I The - British steamer Tottenham will
fell on the deck and the sea was almost finish loading lumber this week at the
smooth as glass zrom port to port, mills of the inman-Fouisen compsnv. ,
Once In a great while .the big craft The British bark Zlnlta will shift to
would bowl into a nice rolling swell, I Greenwich dock late this evening to
but time did she toss about on I discharge the-remalnder of her cargo.
rough water. f v i ; 1 ' 1 - J Bar pilot' Leigbton.JeaveslhJssvee
rvccaaionauy a vessel maaes port aner ning ior Astoria, ni naa oeon in tne
a.long voyage with a tale of an unevent- city for about 10 daya receiving treat
ful run, but the Sark is first during the ment to an eye. Having fuUy recovered
past 10 years to bring a log showing the physician told the pilot to return
not even a trace of a atorm all the way I to his labors on the bar.
from Eurcpe. It was due to this fact I It is rumored along the waterfront
that the steamer arrived at her destlna-i that Watchman Col well who Is wanted
tion about 10 days before expected. And I on a charge of larceny of $250, for
she reached the mouth of the Columbia I which amount he sold a gasoline launch
about 1$ hours ahead of time. The to the skipper of the British bark Jor-
Sark was launched three and a half danhlll and then took to traveling, had
years ago -and carries about 4,000 tons I several other boats and houseboats for
of wheat - sale and that ne possiDiy oecampeo witn
The British steamer Hyndford will be (quite a sum.
in the harbor late this afternoon, hav
ing reached the mouth of the river early
this mornlng, She will go on the dry
dock 1 for 'painting before commencing
to receive cargo, so it la likely that she
will co direct to the dock this after
noon. 1 The Hyndford comes under char-
"' Astoria, May 1. Arrived down last
night, ship Columbia 'Arrived at 4 :8 0
and left no at 8:46 a. m., British steamer
ter to Frank Waterhouse. ito -earry f Hyndford. from San Francisco.
; San 'Sf Francisco, May r $1. Arrived,
schooner Annie Larson, from Astoria
Astoria. May ZO. Sailed at p. m..
schooner: Polaris, for San Pedro. Ar
rived at 8:S0 p. m., schooner Glendale,
from San Francisco. Lft up at I p. at
schooner' Irene. f.-.-x- -.-",":
Queenstown, May 10. Arrived, French
ship Hoche and British ship Formosa,
from Portland.
Valparaiso, May JO. Arrived, British
ship Conway Castle, from Hamburg, for
London, May 1$. Sailed, French bark
Marechal do Turrene, for Portland. :
Astoria, Mar 31. Condition of ; the
bar at 8 a to, smooth; wind, north, four
flour and general freight to North China
and Siberia. Tha Hyndford, too, made
a quick run from Ban Franolseo. ,
British Ship Conway Castle Pots Into
''. ''-'Valparaiso.''.''' : Vy.
Spring Time Brings
i ; : That Lazy Feeling
Do yon wake; up in the morning
feelinsr as if ' yoa could sleep
soundly ior a week? Ever have
that tired,, lazy feeling come upon
yon during the day while at work,
and feel as if you could enjoy an
hoar's sleep more than anything
else on earth? There's a reason
for that. It shows that your body
is lacking in electrical force; This
is the power that gives a man en
ergy, and if you lack a full supply
you will be tired and sleepy when
the wsrm days come round. t
- You see,, heat does not impart
energy to the body, while cold
stimulates energy. This lazy feel
ing shows that your body has nof
. j . . . A . , .
cnougn electrici
ty to create the
necessary energy.
The only way to t
get more energy -is
to get a full '
supply of elec- '
tricity, ,
- You can stim
ulate energy with
drugs, but . you
will feel worse
after the effect
of the drug has
passed off. ,1 hat's the unnatural
way. My way natures way is
to pour a stream of electricity into
your nerves, these convey the
power to every organ and tissue
of your body, giving strength and
new energy to every part
My 'Electro - Vigor does this
while you sleep. It fills the nerves
with new life, new vim, and out
crops the new courage and energy
which makes a man a man. .
Electro-Vigor is not sn electric
belt It is a body battery of dry,
cells and makes its own power
continuously. It does not shock'
the nerves and ; never burns or
blisters, and the use of it does not
interfere with work or business.
Ifs the hustler who succeeds.
ana tne man who baa tns same
amount of energy in warm weather
tnat ne nas in cold is bound to suo
oeed, while the less energetlo man
is just as sure to fail behind.
I am much pleased with Kleotro
Tigor. It hss helped me and I can
conscientiously recommend - It to
others there Is nothing like it for
strengthening the whole - system
M, 4. BUtillVJLN.
-Vernon Station. Fruit vale. Cal
When I came to
you I was in a
very distressing
condition. A con
tinual drain had
debilitated my
system, and as
invariably hap
pens, the nervous
system broke
down also. To a
man in such a
condition life la
nothing but a
I am happy to
say that , I am
now perfectly
healthy and full
of energy, ", all
tnrouga ths use
01 Klectro-Vigor.
rSLliBil, l
Molns, CaL
Get my 100-page book describing
jiiieotro-v.gor ana witn liiuetra-
. tlons of fully developed men and
women, snowing now it is applied.
This oook tells In plain language j
many tniuKS rvu - mini TO KHOW,
ana gives a lot oz good, wnoiesoms
aavioe zor men. ,
: I'll send this book, prepaid,' free. If i
you win man me una coupon.
Cut it out now.
S. A.HoU,M.D.
1439 mimors Street,
Please send me, prepaid, your
free 100 page illustrated book.
;, . :,A- S-tl-T
Nam e ....... . .... l"m
A dispatch from Ban Francisco to the
Merchants' exchange of this city this
morning reports that the British ship
Conway Castle, bound from Hamburg
for Portland, has put into Valparaiso,
No explanation Is given.
., The Conway Castle left Europe Jan
uary 11 for this port with a cargo of 1 miles: weather, clear.
cement consigned to W. Pi Fuller AY Co.! San Francisco, May Jl. Sailed st
Having been out fully five tnonths and! lt:S0 fk nt Steamship Columbia, for
being still about two months from bar I Portland. , u
flesUnatlon,' Captain .WUllams probably Sydney, N. . May. ttAxTtvad
f-French bark Turgot from Portland.
queenstown, v May 11. Arrived
French bark Jacobson, from Portland.
." Tides at Astoria Today.
High Water."'--,- Low Water.
7:01 am. 8:1 J p.m. 1:15 am. 1:27 p.m.
S.S feet ' 7.6 feet 8.4 feet 1.4 feet
Begnlar liners Due is Arrive.
Bosooks. from San Pedro and war.... ..Mar SI
r. A. Wilburn, from San Fran, aad way. May 33
Columbia from San franclsce... May 23
Nnmantla, from orient....,..,,... Mar 23
Alliance. Trom cooe say .....Mar as
O. W. Elder, from San Pedro and war.. Mar 28
Costa Blca, from Saa franclsce. ....... May S8
Arabia, from orient...,,.. ............. .June 'M
Aleala. from orient. July 16
Nlcomedla, from Orient..... v .August 10
Begnlar Liners is Depart.
Alliance, for Ooos Bay ..May z2
r. A. auburn, ror Han Fran, ana way.. May 23
Boanoke. for San Pedro and way1 Mar S3
Columbia, for San Francisco May. 86
G. W. Elder, for San Pedro aad way,... May 80
Costa Rica, ror Baa Francisco , ..May 81
Numantla, for orient. ,...... ........ .June 6
Arabia, for orient. ..................... Jnne IS
Aleala, for orient .,.. ....July ST
Nlcomedla, tor Orient .....August SO
Vessels in Port.
, i. Marhoffer, Am. str., at WUlametts I. Wks.
Bayonna, FY. ah., st Astoria dock.
Dtmedale, Br. bk, at Astoria.
" Mlchelet, Ft. b(., st Astoria.
Vola, Br. ah., at Elevator dock.
Jordanhlll, Br. bk., at B. A W. mills.
- Eclipse, Am. str., st St Helens. ,
Slnlta, Br. bk., at Irrlng dock.
Tellua, Oer. bk, at Columbia No. 1.
Tottenham. Br. str.. at Inmaa-Poalaen milt i
Polaris, Am. sen., at Astoria.
Stratbclrde, Br. str., at Unntoe. '
Manbli. Am. sen,, at Rainier.
Washington, Am.' barge, at Ellsworth. Stf
-miles above vaacooTer.
Sintram, Am. ah., at Stella.
Redondo, Am. str., at B. A W. mills.
Whang Ho, Chinees Junk, at Astoria. . , .
'John Palmer, Am. bktu,, at Kalama.
EjnsIon, Am. sch., at Portland Lumber Co.
Alrens, Am. sch., at Ooble.
' James Rolph, Am. ech., at West port.
.Aaate, Am. bk at VaacooTer.
William Olsen, Am. ech.. at Astoria.
Makawell, AmJ bkta.. Wallace Slough. ,
: PlamonS Head,' Am.-bk.. Vancosver.
LetitU, AD. sfh., t Ralnln.
Louisiana, Am.' atr.,. at Astoria. .
Muriel. Am. atrH at Newport.
John Smith, Am. bkta. at Stella. . : -Kmlly
Reed, Am. ah., at Pott la ad Lumbar Co.
Strathyre, Br. atr., at Rainier.
Costa Rice, Am. atr., at Ainsworth wharf.
Alliance, Am. atr., at Conch street. s '
Northlsnd, Am. atr., at Drrdock. .
Bark, Nor. atr., st Oceanic dock.
Irene, Am. ech., at Ooble. ,
Columbia, Am. -str., at Astoria. '
Byndford, Br, atr., at Drydock.
.'''y.-tamker Carriers Za Boats.""
B. F. Whitney, Am. bk., MakswslL
BlweU. Am. ah.. Baa Pedro. , ,
Lillebonne, Am. erty, Manila. ' - ,
Lncllle, Am. eh, Saa Franclace.
Mabel Gale, Am. sch., San Francises.
Retriever, Am. bkta., Saa rraactaoq, , ;
Aarors, Ana. bkta., Saa Fraaeleee.. .,..v,
m, sta ss
W- '- Hams, Am. sea., Saa Pedro.
J. . Stetson, Am. str., Saa rrandsco.
Daley Free man. Am. str.. Saa Frandeoe.
Johan Poulsen, Am. str., Ban Francisco.
Virginia, Am. sch., Baa Francises. ,
Churchill. Am. sch., Sas Francisco. y
King Cyras, Am. ech. Bin Pedro. '
Abble. Am. sch. Ban Fraaeleee.
Jim Botler, Am. atr, Saa Franc.
K. F. Bandera, Am. ech., Saa Pedro.
. Cheballs, Am. bktn., Saa Pedro,
Glendsle, Am, sch., San Fraoclaos,
Nokoais, Am. sch, Sas Pedro.
Alumna,- An. sch., Saa Fraaeleee.
' Ea Bests With Comsat aad flsaaiai.
Bnecleoch, Br. sb., Hamburg.
Brenn, Fr. bk., HulL .
Conway Castia, Br. bk, Aatwers. ,
Palgonar, Br. ah., Hamburg.
Europe, Fr. bk., Antwerp.
Oenerlere Mollnos, Fr. bk., Loodoa.
Rene Kerrller, Fr. ah., Hamburg.
Laennec, Fr. sb., 8wansca.
Le Filler, Fr. bk., London.
Martha Roax, Fr. bk, Hamburg.
Mosamblque. Br. ah, Newcsstle. B.
Samoa, Br. bk.. Shields. . !
81am, Oer. ah, London. ' '
Socoa, Fr. sb., Newcastle, B. ' ' ;'
- -V wssJsMsSJs- lkBty4MsVBlTJy'
Mareebael Turrene, Fr. bk, Hambarav
Villa ds Mulbooee, Fr. bk, AatwernT
Ouethary, Fr. bk., Antwerp.
Plerri LotI. Fr. bk., Antwerp.
Walden Abbey, Br. sb., Anfwers,
Gleneeilln, Br. ah, Antwerp.
Veraallles, Fr. bk., Lelth.
General de Bolsdeffre, Fr. bk.. Londoa.
General de Negrier, Fr. bk, loodoa. -
Coal Ships Za Route.
Helen, FT. bk, Newcastle, A.. v
Col. de VlUeboU Marenil, Fr. bk., MsweastlawA.
Clarerdon, Br. sh, Newcastle, A.
Wlllacott Am. bk.,..Newcsstlst A.
Tramp Steamers la Xoase,
Ascot Br. str, Buenos Ayres.
I'rusaa Mara, Jap. str.. JsDaa.
Africa a Monarch. Br. atr, tan FTandaoa.
nii,u,0 osa sranciBOS.
Tellua, Nor. str, Saa Francisco, v
Maori King, Br. atr, Shanghai. '
Knight Templar, Br. str, orient. '
Henrlk I been. Nor atr., Sas Francises
Queen Alexandra, Br. atr., Madras.
Kallbia, Br. str., San Francisco.
' Manaha Mara, Jap. atr., Salinas Ona
Hyedes, Am. atr., orient.
Mackinaw, Am. atr., Seattle.
Saa Mateo. Am. atr., Saa Franc laoe.
- Oil Carriers Xa Boste.
Marerlck, Am. str., Saa Prsaelaes.
W, S. Porter, Am. atr., San Fraaclsee,
r f'. J-- ;. 1 v. -
' (Special Dispatch te The Journal) '
Albany, Or,, May il-AIbany fisher
men are enjoying rare sport .With the
bass that abound In the : lakes and
rivers Adjacent to ' this ' city;' BUck
bass fiahtng has become a great pastime
and good catches are reported. The
principle bait used for this time of the
year la live minnows, and with these
any angler can be assured a good string,
The Willamette and its tributaries are
F"""-S . ! A
Jl . Am
J'. "', V ' . A .' -' ,"
' a- s ' ' ' ' ' t '
1 ' tXl
r . am at " " r ,
if y
The y.esdlng SpesaiaUst, :
Note the announcements of all other spa
. oUUsts and medical Institutes and yon will
see now nttie they say about their treatment,
tor Xea's Weaknesses and bow lightly tbey
pass over the subject Tet one man out of
every ' four has a vital weakness which oon-
stentiy drains his power, and that man must
conUnually force himself along In his every
day path of living. There Is no real lov or hannlnesa that Is not marred
by bis ever-present feeling that he Is not as otaet mea. Now to such,
men I offer hope. X not only hold out a helping hand to lift them up, '
but Z urge them earnestly to acoept my aid. I can gals thslr oonfldenoe
from the first examination by locating the seat of their trouble exactly,
and can always entirely convince them ef the logical ef foot of my treat
ment when I explain Its action. Z never eharge for this examination or
consultation. . ,.. . . - . ., -, .- : . ,
That there Is some functional derangement the direct result of Inflam
mation,, onlargemsnt or u excessive sensitlvenees of, ths pro stats glsad
(ths nerve center of ths, reproductive parts), brought on by early dis
sipation or .resulting from some Improperly treated contracted disorder.
This condition saaaot possibly be removed by Internal medicines, and
any tonic systsm of treatment that stimulates the activity of the
' function can but result In aggravating the real aliment This Is a
sclentlflo truth I have ascertained after a careful and sclentlflo study '
and upon which my own original system of treatment is based. I
employ neither tonics, stimulants nor electrlo belt a I treat by looal
direct methods exclusively, and my sucoeaa In curing oven those eases
that others have tailed to temporarily relieve with their tonics Is .
oonclnslvs svldenoe that my method Is ths only posilbls means of a
complete, radioal and permaaeat oture. ,'-:. ,.-.
A Guarantee 5
Z do not care what roar experience has been witn other treatments,
what guarantees you have, and what promises were unfulfilled In ths
past as unsuccessful, unsclsntlflo treatments and unreliable eonoerns -are
In no way a, reflection upon boaest, trustworthy bmstzteee mstaods
lived up to by me for twenty wears. I have an established reputation, '
and my guarantee means that my patients are Isdlaputahly lasnzeA of
success In their casa There Is all ths difference In the world between
a. ani Bran tea of ihim k-tnit mttA eti w w,kanA
SS wllnK mwttt .a.H.,,.Mh II I I t , . w . . . ,
.g , " .. wuuuui uuuii ta uusiaess, rvpeais any siraiinuorwara,
n square proposition to wait for my fee until ths ears is effooted, . -
My Fee ia :
W fMBfayfA.AfAlf AASJVaVasel ,
B1VOOD POISOBT AJTD nZJBS, " I . also trsat and curs promptly and
thoroughly. '. - ...."' '' ", -
I offer not only FREE Consultation and Advice, but of every ease
that comes to me I will make a Careful Examination and Diagnosis
without charge. No ailing man should neglect this opportunity to get
expert opinion about bis trouble. . , . t j
If you cannot call, writs for Diagnosis Chart My offices are open
all day trom t a. m. to t p. m, and Sundays from 10 ts L, -
the DRJ TAYLOR co.
1 M
WE- cwe Mm
Gonorrhoea, -Gleet,
Stricture , ,. .
Hydrocele), '
Blood Poison, ;
Ixwt Vitality, '
Kidney and
1 Bladder Diseases,
Prostatic Trouble.
orrm stjoczss xs sn oi
Firs eina skUled speolsJlsts.
Beeond Having ths best saulppsd of-
Soe In the West, - - .
Third By never promislsa' that
Whioh we saanot do.
Tourth By givtaa wvery man a
souare deal.
wirtii bv asliur eolestifla and aaody
em methods of Usavfaasnt.
Blxtn- By onzua svery case anas ww
aooept, ,
As to termsi Ons large
praoGioe) enuus aa io our iox
less money than the average
so-oaiiea speeiansrs ana yon
see the resmits before yon are
required to pay as. Xonesrt,
eoaeMMsa'Bons worg speaan zor
Itself, rtwtenders, Jealoosi of
ear saoosss, try to belittle as
because our fee is inuUL but
latelligent mea are not tsfJ'
enoed by theta arramsats. We
aaa any man suseruig zroan
aay ftisesss we treat to sail
aaa see us. numy eases -sup
posedly lavourable are often.
the result of poos treatment.
aad wham methods anon as we
employ are directed - to eras
the eaaae. and with eare- an4
psopev attention to you esvss.
you earn no oures.
Nervous Debility
Tlili to men TIO 1VACX COXTKAOX. whose XXBTTS are BSAJTT.
whose STBS have lost ths sparkle, when brains are muddled, Ideas eon
fused, sleep restless, confidence gone, -spirits low aryl easily depressed,
wno are backward, hesitating, unable to venture because they are afraid ,
of failure, who want somebody to decide for them, who are weak, run
down and restless. It Is to msn who have part or all of these symptoms
and want new life, new energy, we especially solicit those cases . In "
which many so-caned treatments have failed, or where money haa been
waeted on other methods of treatment Don't experiment when our d
root method offers a certain means of euro. .- , -,. , ,' ,-, ' ,-.,;.
-owttt.tatiow raJTH AJn IB f lTBi Our reputatlotf and work
are not a mushroom growtik, We have been ourlng men for It years.
Write, if tou cannot call. All correspond en oe strictly confidential and
all replies sent In plain envelope. Eooloee s-oent stamp to Insure reply.
OFFICE! HOURS I a. m. to If, m. Evenings, T to 1:90; Sundays,
I a. m. to 11 noon.
Sf. Louis Stf d Dispensary
- T" m mmmmmm,
: We need skilled shJrtmskers
at once . buttonhole-workers,
seamstress more help I helpl
help! Is whst we want ? Apply
at once at the . ,
Jacobs Shirl Co.
Phone Main 10S7. - .. v '
gaii. stark St, Bet. Tourth and
Fifth, Fortlaad, Oregon.
rapidly becoming good baas fishing
grounds and the lakea within a die tan oe
of four miles from Albany are allvb
with these fish, it is nut a rsw years
since they were introduced in the waters
of this section, and the rapidity of their
increase has been a souroe of wonder.
fc' to 4130.
General - abating'
after tha raeea
Parscr.3 C.
sao to ix
Ziadlea I'cr