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W have dun cver-thliia tor till eltr IkihI-
Die to M aone to mint it immaculately ciuan
I' clean. J i . awilivHrintiftil-loTal-. 1 . W
hare reformed' --? tiling In ight and' out of
It. We are the people,, and on Monday we'll
launder our linen at thee reformed price,
therefor maka this to official laundnr of ,Uu.
earth,,,,..,,.... ;). w, f--,.v "'.-"'
ttAvmi . .
flheete ' . ......... Preaaaa . . , ., . 10a
niiD . . ........ ausDKiri ....
Rpraada ,.6 taWaieta ............. 8
Tablecloths......... .fl loCoraat Of era...... St
Hullara ,,4TV....i Cbfnla ........ M
Towela ', it Drawer U
Nankin ..... .eNlgutdr ......
Handkerentof ..... 1 Wrapper ,...101
Haodkarcblefa. eilk. SeApron ...H
.w. . ' . . ' ..... . .1 Mil irriiiww oiit
ne omce or tut Butte uoys Mining i 8tlB(1 a,.,,.....,., aoCbiid-s Pieces......
" BOX U.0MXD, - . v - ' IXTKM.
Arahlrt Ul Blanket. . WOOL :
Nightshirts 0 pair ...... .......We
tTul.rahlFa . - ... AnRlankata. cotton..
Drawer .. Be pair ........... .JM
Dock SoQullt M
A. i.uAtoaA th Town"
gaet .....'Th Dictator"
Empire i.,,.................',Bwar of Men'
"Sealed Llpa"
.....................'Tor Mother's Bake'.
Inhabitants of Lead, S. D., Leav-
; Ing Because " Great . Mine
Cannot Be Worked, A
Dakota Bank Cashier Moves to Ore
Con and Settle at Woodburn, Be
lievlng ";. That Willamette i Yaliejr
Town Is Just About Right. .
Threatened with desertion by all theif
customers, the business men of Lead,
South Dakota, . ..are confronting- .- the
financial problem of their Uvea, Ow-
lnr to a disaster that menaces the great
Homestalce mine with destruction, Its
1,600 workmen are leavlnr tbs place,
a,nd Lead ... is ,. rapidly v becoming , do
or .ne men ; are
vuuijinny, bq nasi Mornso.i street, wui
Ta ' 1 . ...ui. I
. Those , unable to jtt away - from their
emplorment durlrir today or this even
int.. to take advantage Of the company's hV'".T . s '
lO-cent-per-ahare rati- ss on Monday X -
" luereaiier L lOO' pni;t wui u u- i union ............ . . ....... 4..r4 K I Ladle eata.,...i So
"u, ...uu, " i rhiM. : a f t . ;, .
inv ihar.. i.e.. T7..iiint uni'nrifi. I . .... , . M .
" " ,,. . . . No ablrta, collar. urr. rem, vrmin v
and Manager Bever will . depart Xo I tamper don la toil departsrant . Ke buadl
uuiaiieia on Jdonaay - to , esiaousn a w u wc. . -raaollne,
hnlat tn take the olace of the I . TTHTOar IaAVWDMT CO,
hand hoist heretofore In use. This will I Swwd nd CoinmM t. Telephone Mala 80S.
xpedlt - development, and enable the
management to hurrv the Butte Boys I .. . .. t.te. ni.n. " mi nnintt at
I . - w " i t- vuv aai i , y rw , . ar " " ' - i
iw ' profitable column. ;. Sales of Uhe White Temple "wUl bo ably supplied!
ouui tioys anarea nave oeen tneiwhii. k. a ancii annonnctv.
i ;l3"tt ever, known In Oregon, more Iment concerning arrangements for mu- ;
!i . . w'uuw naving oeen aisposea ot inigia this summer wlU be made. Bunaay
: tnree days. Ana now, at we morning. : h' ::SJ - I ''a '"
viu.u pt mm aotive campaign i siocai .. y-. v ' v
eiiing at 10 cents per shars, the com-1 . yree' admission to ' the ' Museum of
pany aesires to assure all owners or, its I Art at - Fifth, and Taylor streets , will
Bapet that time will show svery buyer be granted tonight from t ,'to 10 o'clock
at absolute hnnaatv and carefulness I an (nnitniw .ft.rnnnn fVnm 1 until
..III i. . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . I .nn.ll.t.4
,t in T ii n mimin... iiiuir. ui i : n'j nnv v . nni mtuiti or Tin ini mir. vwv.iivw wm,t
we enterprise, and that ths very best will be bung In the. lower gallery, coming to urcgon, otners ars neaaea
efforts of ths management will bs putlamona them works of Rollo Peters, '' Alaska and other ? parts of the
forth to make ths greatest oroflt pos- I William' KJeth. Oeoraa Da Forest Brush I Faclflo coast . v ,
slbls for those who have purchased Its and John Ennekinar. . -'.'v; ,, I March a Bweda who was earing fot
gtocav- it-: ... ..... v . ... . - - --'- n f . I mules ' on the. (00-foot leveL aooident
.1- i,'' ' . ,i- Gentlemen We. carry - lrr stock the ay aicaea over a lamp ana set ur to
rfie Portland chamber of commerce best and most popular Unas of Sua- some hay. The flamaai - wraa wun
has been advised, throue-h a latter to pensorr bandages In the market Every !uch. fPid!ty that when the excited
. " i . . . . . . . ihvm. iimmAfi! hain the nr. na.
in warren fackinc. comoanv. tbat a man, xor pereonai ramron uiu iiruioc ------ ---- - - -
it fn. . -i -"!:.. V. v. tio -h..M ... nr.. .nri w. ara nrattv yond control with the meagre equip-
by clients of Dormaa. Huxford k Co, sure that we canlult you both In style fha,nd to!ihJn, ?n irln.
Boston brokers and I commission meV: and price. , CaU and se-us about It LB! TnfoWmin.
chant It is said the Dackers wani-td Bernl's drug store, lit ' Washington, lon L" la!e.I.,n .T?. m,-?f
. . . . ' I . ....').' i wnrf, fax wnrr ann n v nrnmni sacrLiiin
vmrnoiifliv m rannfrv with ponoiitv i near eecona - :, : . - ., i : . -------
hflpriftil sin4 nthaata . M,lf sBaaha.
tary B. C.' Glltner. of tha chamber. aur.I the chamber of commerce on May I forlv V" onT IWffni wltn Tire.
geata tbat Oregon cltlea havina nead for I the purpose of organising a state, tsso f - Then began a battle against the
such Industries should write to Dor. I elation to affiliate with the American I flamea that has continued to the pres.
man, Huxford A Co., Boston, Mass. . j NaUonal Retail Jewelers' association. lent day witnout any prospects or vio-
7. i, m,. . , itaiiroaaa Jiavs grantsa special rate to wry. a oium ui sruunu noaur miw
At tha meetlnar of th i-v hnrd . Portland and It Is expected there will be mUes square has been catacombed to a
terday the contract for the erection of JW attendance. .y
niihiio i .vi ... 1 . . . . " , ported by pitch pine timbers, and the
was awarded to J G Baver A Co Thai Rev. ' O.' Ifc 'Perlne ' will speak on I fire la eaUng away Into this hive of
bid was for l,07. Ruedy Broa bid "Prophecies and Socialism" at' All sky J mnammawe material. xne utmost -nm
.M ii.h.rf n.ii ..!hJi toniB-ht at 8 o'clock. To be foUlcrecy Is maintained by the mine man
for conveniences ,n Columbia! Holladay lowed by questions and-general discus- agement as to the progress of the Xlre,
and" Albina parks were ordered adver- on. Sunday falght. May It, Mra MUlle with a view to protecting as far as pos
tlsed for! Bids Tforthe same con vwll R. Trumbell wlU speak on -Work for Me the stock quotations of the Home-
ences In the north psrk Blocks, ths socialist Mowers.", mere wui do gooa i DU" l. 'v:.-.. ' i.s
vuw vr uvif suww ' mm - 4iwvmm
playground of the. children, will beDl-. . ; f
asked for also . -U' - r
; ,, ' ?";;i;;;A-:..v:-i1-, I E. B. Hobeck pleaded guilty to the
Through the" efforts of Rev. Father charge of larceny and wa sentenced
Gregory, chairman of the committee " 2a?" th cou.nty by
appointed for the purpose by the Brook- "',0 u.v..uj
' lvn .nrf Tmnrnv .m.nt ol h I Sf ternOOfi. 1 IlObSCk WSS ' SCCUSSd ' Of
the O. R. St N. has promised to clear
tne brush orr the 11 acres or land, on
Milwaukle street In Brooklyn, owned
by that corporation. General Manager
J. P. O'Brien promised Father Gregory
the work would begin at one. ;
with water as fast as It can be poured
into the maw of the immense excava
tion. Thus far It has had no material
effect, and It is believed the whole
mine Is doomed. Should the entire
works Inside the mine be destroyed.
.t..iir. . M w.toh. AiAmnnA rin- and the necessity arise for retlmberlng
and Surveyors' implements on the night U, s mining Operatlong could not be re
of February j. : - J aumed until the expiration of two or
' . a .1 ... I lurefi year. . i
),m.i R.' BrodU at (7nrva.ui write I r The burning out of all the timbered
that he Is In possession of two very chambers would require many months,
rare English coins. Both are of the nd u tak lon tlma for this
time of George IL One Is a two-1 mine to cool ao inai removal 01
Dr. X. D. Driver will preach at the 11 "lnm I-C6 da"twl ln 17J$ ari(, the other debris could proceed. Then the work LBrooklyn much annoyance. Sparke fly
a. m. service tomorrow at Grace Methj- f. . ,.na. nn, .r. 4 of retlmberlnr would require a yeav,
odlst Episcopal church. All the old-time ,tt or preservsUon and Mr All the fine hoisting machinery would
residents of Portland sre expected to be Brodle la certain they are rare. . have to be replaced. It Is -said the
present Dr. Ervin 8. Chapman of Los BV'. wr .'M''f' !1'' v Homestake'a engines and machinery
Angeles, president of the California officers of the' Portland Women's comprise the finest and most scientific
Anti-Saloon league, , wUl preach the union to serve during the ensuing year mining equipment In the world. The
evening- sermon at Grace church. Dr. wiu ba elected at a meeting to be held Homestead operated about 1.000 itampi
Chapman Is one of the most eloquent Monday afternoon at 2:80 at 610 Flan- It was started about 1870, and is the
An effort will be made to place all
the churches (n the Portland presbytery
on a self-supporting basis. A commit
tee, com posed of all the Presbyterian
ministers and an elder from each churoh
in the presbytery, will meet May 9 and
endeavor to perfect the plans discussed
at the spring meeting of the presbytery
looking to this end, .
Only One Nan Out of 20
05 per cent of .-all ' men -over : years
of age are dependent upon theifdally
earnings or their children, for support
Which class are you going' to belong to7
Wsy not be independent? ' '
Why not start by opening an account
with us . today, then you will be sure
tO Save. '-oC:;V VV' if.
. f'- , omczui ' .
JT. THORBURN ROSS...'...VsPresldent
GEORGE H. HILL. Vice-President
T. T. BURKHART. ......... .Treasurer
JNa B. AITCHISON.'. . . . . . .Secretary
Banking hours,,! a. m. to 4 p. m. '
Saturdays, a. m. to 1 p. m.
Saturday evenings, S to 8 o'clock.
Title Guarantee & Trust Co.
r . ....... ' ..
840-444 Washington St. (Co, teooad),
. - roxTXAjro, oxzaov.
Brooklynits Afraid Houses Will
Catch Fire From Glow
ing Cniders.
. . t
A couple of little donkey engines
operated by Gleblsch eV Joolln. street
contractors, have given the residents of
Rev. Frank E. A. Smith of Hood River
was invited to becdme ; the assistant
pastor of the First Baptist church by
r the-prudentlal committee at a meeting
held last night' Mr. emitn was present
at the meeting and announced that he
would take the call under advisement
; Miss Nellie Furnish was elected secre
tary to the pastor and assistant pastor,
G. E. Egan has been appointed f reight
- agsnt in charge of all southern racuio
and O. R. & N. freight handling In East
' Portland, from Sellwood to St. Johns,
snd will assume his new duties as soon
as arrangements can be made. William
Merrlam. local freight agent for the
Harrlman lines, will have jurisdiction
over west side freight nouses. .
The dedication of the University Park
ronrreeatlonal church Will be held to
morrow : afternoon at t o'clock. The
pastors who will take part In the cere
monies are Revr-Danlel. Staver, Rev. J.
J. Staub, Rev. D. A. Watters, Rev. Ver
non Cooke, Rev. Paul Rader and Rev.
E. S. Bollinger. Special muslo has
been secured.
- Obsorvstion Car Dally TripsRose
City sightseeing cars leave Second and
Morrison streets at 10 a. m. and 1 p. m,
i. th. hot are n la beauties. Take
PHajj. Council Cresfths greatest panoramic
I rloT America. Stopovera on Crest
and Forestry building, competent lec
turer accompanying car and tells story
of trip. Time of trip, SVa hours fare,
80 cents. , '
Dr. Brougher will ' preach his last
sermons Sunday morning and evening,
before starting east-to attend the Na
tional Baptist anniversaries. The doc
tor will preach and lecture In NewTork
City, Patcrson, New Jersey. Washington,
D. c., Baltimore, Maryland, and Chicago,
He will also visit Richmond and James
town. Virginia, attending the exposition
and th North American Baptist conven-
ders street Reports of th work don oldest quarts mine in the Black hills,
by the snlon during the past year I A majority of ttg; stock ; Is owned by
- ' . . . ., r ......I u.. Pkuki Hunt . ',
Coming year, discussed. G. -w. Huffman, who was "slstant
;,,-,. i . J cashier of . the Meade County bank at
"Portland academy kindergarten ohll- Sturgis, 18 miles from the mine, has the scnooi gymnasium yester- oa mmmau. y-.
day afternoon gave their Annual gym the controlling Interest In the Farmers'
nasium exhibition. A large number of A Merchants bank of Woodburn, Ore-
drills and exercises that the children gon, and taken active management or
had h..n linrht dnHnv tti VMr wars I the latter concern. i in rvruauii
' m - m . . . .
gone through.
Ornamental tree an 'shrubs,' Japan
maples, asaleas. rhododendrons and
commercial club yesterday he said:
."This Oregon country looks, good to
me. I came her looking ror a .peiier
eiimata . some place wnere iney ao
balmlo at Va Imac i s-i f it Ha. 4is nasili saeJ I not have tha cold Dakota winters. I
minx l nav iuuuo . ; .
Woodburn. a splendid town, growing
north rapidly, with a beautirui location ana
a progressiva pempiw .-v .....,, -'(-
veranda decorations. Large stock lust
arrived, from Belgium. J. B. Pllklngton.
nurseryman, foot of xamhllL
8ld)a,.r'-r; ''v. ' ": .i.-;'.'!'vTJ" j" ;
' Unfurnished apartment, . four rooms k and Salmon streets, will close to-
and bath; New very convenient de-1 mnrmw Th p.homs. under the dlrec-
slrable Jocatloa' Steam heat. hot and tum of H. A. Easton of Chicago, will
coia water, etc. Appiy to janitor,. iniIv. tha cantata, The Nasarine," at the
Sheffield, Seventh and Jefferson streeta I .v.nin rvio -
Telephone Main 1600. ' , .
rti. n. ViuIMk. niiunM tn 4AI-4-B
Call Steel Bridge Fuel Company, phone o.ti.nV hid. rAa of atomach.
East 484, for choice No, 1 fir eordwood. I , t , , , ,
dry or green slabwood. Prompt dellv- Acme Oil Co. sells the best safety eoal
ery. both aides river. OfBce and docks 0U and fine gasoline. Phone East 788.
foot of Randolph street I - ;
Woman's Sxchanae. 188 Tenth street
Rev, Edgar Rothrock of Cleveland. I lunrh ii:a to 8: business men'a lunch.
uiiiu, win pmacn at in uni vongra-
gatlonal churoh Sunday, mornlna and
Steamer Jesse Harkins. for Camaa I
wasnougai and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday, Leaves Waahlngton atreet J
aoca j p. m.
Have you Joined the E. Side Ath-
letio clubT 85.00 entrance fee saved If
you Join this week. , Prof essor Ringler,
AtwMj . !...,..... : . I
.... .WW. ' I' . :, ..
Why pay more? Metsger fits your
eyes for 81. 8tt Wash. St, eor. Ith,
formerly at 111 Sixth street
Eastm.-.n kodaks and suppliea t
l Lesser Cohen, 111 8th, the Kodak stora
from the engines all day. so Councilman
Rushlight-told the executive board yes
terday afternoon. Sometimes they fly
at night also and the people He awake
ror rear mat their houses may be
ournea over tneir heada i :,
T Advice from City Attorney McNary
was to the effect that If there was an
element of danger in the operations of
the engines the contractors could be re
quired to desist Fire Marshal Roberts
said there was a great deal of danger
to tne , residences and ) spark arresters
would not be much, of a preventive. The
matter was referred to . Fire ,. Chief
Campbell, 4 s, ,
Dr. Ervin S. Chapman of Los Angeles
will deliver his leoture, "A Stainless
Flag.' at Taylor , Street . Metbodist
cnurcn Aionaay evening. May s. at 8
o'clock. Dr. Chapman was a lawyer be
fore he went into, the ministry and In
bis address deals with the liquor prob
lem from a lawyer's standpoint No ad
mission fee will be charged.
Preferred ktoek Canned Oooda.
Allen A Lewis' Best Brand.
Fred T.
Merrill for eouncllman-at-
Dr. William Cavanaugh, dentist, has
moved his office to 803-4 Buchanan bldg. ;
D, Chambers, optician, 188 Seventh.
Berger Signs 884 Tamhlll Phona
KIser scenlo photos. ', Imperial hotel.
r- For Sale A few second hand Ineuba-1 Dealers in real estate' declare that
tors; good as new. , izi Bast Morrison.- nronortv in the vicinity of the pro-
corner First Street loosed location of the new city Jail has
not advanced ln . value ' since the an-
Dr. M. Monte Bettman, dentist has nouncement that the councU had practic-
returned. Office 403-4-5 SweUand Jally decided on a quarter block on which
building. 1 .'. . the Jail will be built Quarter blocks on
L - r -' " - - - . Park between Everett and Gllsan have
1 The special series of meetings at the he.n hold at about 1S5.000 for several
Central Christian chureh. East Twen- months past The site which the coun
cil has under consideration was offered
I at 884.600. and could not have been se-
I cured for less at any time since the first
of ths year. , '
.Many of the most substantial fortunes are made by the advance in Dr' a- Tuft" of the international re-
Twelfth and Taylor tta.
.Vv'Tv'y 10i30A. sc - 1w"' ; '
-An Affair of the Heart"
' s Lord's Supper Observed. !
- ' Ti4S T. XC .'
'. -Up AgalnsMr
. . OR
The People Who Win la Spit of
It yon are discouraged, comet
The sermon will give you "grit,
grip and gumption."
' , , pnra xvsxa
i xm mm.
the movement
to keep saloons out. of the east side
residence districts. At U a. m. he will
speak at the Memorial ' Evangelical
s-i iiaaiay. .m
ttail'n? 1011
rlr-. 1 -fe- v t-.. .. . rorm bureau wm aaoress two meetings
v...v. , jruu vwii jrwui tomorrow In behalf of!
own nome you not only save in the land
lord's profits, but take advantage of anv
increase in tne value of the property,; Be- church at East Eighteenth and Tibbetts
gin at. once t6 save money to buy a home. ets and at. 7:80 in the evenmgat
A ill n.trln, mA.AU ... the Second Baptist church on East An-
A small weekly or monthly deposit 111 this keny and East Seventh streeta Tha re
bank Will SOOn enable you to make the fom bureau, stands for' a pure ballot
first payment on a place of your own and VSS:-
you can arrange to pay the balance in -j-
monthly installments, which you wiU meet QUICKSANDS ON SEWER "(
as casuy as you uouie rem you are now j ? OnilTC f1CDfnMC
lUWI .auu w UM Wl ' V..V. ne Jala, and hard
compound interest on them. Start a savings account and you will work the contractors building the
soon own that home: ' . . . , ; - I " "
roweii, wnere quicksand i and tinder
I grpun watercourses were encountered.
continued at this, one place, and not
untlr yesterday was' the difficulty over-
I coma From now on the. construction of
I th sewer will proceed rapldlj
If energy and ambition ZS,
g - are Iacluns
1 If the mind is dull, Inactive or de- ""
aa prewed aud trifling annoyances -""
irritate snd ezaa peratc, then the -"
a" 1 . LIVER is in trouble. The system wm
j b clogged with undigested sad
JJ decaying food, , vmm
DsCastro's Sacred BarkTea
gna Is tha beat remedy for LITER asj
ts trouble. It lucre both enerey "Sf
m- and ambition and Induces health- Ma
m- tul sleep. It Is -i,' :.v,'! ---ss
sa vmks aw an vrmw Dira
. Booklet and Sample Free. -
" ' Save Rv Tim
- Save ares KaaJtk
' : Save r Weary Steps ;
Save Toav 01othS ,
. Save Mm Temper '
Sar xt OompUxloa
1 - , '
rill in coupon and mail to us
The iron jvill be delivered, with
all necftsary equipment, abso
lutely free of charge
First 4uid Alder Streets, Portland, Oregon. ,
- Gentlemen Yon nay deliver to me one -Electric' Flat
; iron, which I tgre to try, and If nnsatUfactory to me, to
return to you within 30 days from date of delivery. , If I
do not return it at that time you may charge stmt to my
account at $4.00. It is understood that no charge will be .
a made for the iron if I return it within 30 day.
- . .'. Name . . .v.....,...........;.,,.,.,..,.,,..
. v . . .....
Address i, . .,......'.......,...
DEPT. J. ,
Portland Municipal Association's Endorsements
- fqr Primary Election Today
For City Auditor. . ; . ; . 18X. ........ Oscar P. Miller
' -For City Attorney. f . . . , .20X. , .. .John P. Kavanaugh
For Municipal Judge. . . . .24X. ...... J. S. Winchester
, For Councilman-at-Large.S6X.,...,,;f,,.J. N. Blair
For Councilman-at-Large . 30X. . . . . . George M. Hyland
For Councilman-at-Large. 32X...... Horace G. Parsons
Councilman, 4th Ward. . . .84X. . . . . . .Rufua. C Holman
Councilman, 5th Ward. . . .34X. . , . .... .Dr. W. L Cottel
Councilman, 6th Ward..'..34X ...... .....J. M. Mann '
Councilman, 8th Ward. .. .85X. . .. .... .George F. Brice
Cut . This Out and Take It With You to the Polls .
The Association Has Mods No Indorstmcntfor Mayor
SundayExcursion toAstorla
Sunday, May 5th For Astoria
Will leave Alder street dock 8 a. m arrive Astoria 1 p. m. Leave
Astoria 3 p. m arrive Portland 9 p.m.
Meals served 30c ' Tickets on sale Alder street dock. Phone
Main 563.:' s.- . . . -''-':YtM-i-
Dr-WIA. Wise
Sucoessor to "Wise Bros., Tientlsts.'
Palaleas Xztraotloa, Boot ates, SS ap.
iPhoae Main t02. Third and Washington,
Easy to Remember
nrr .6- n
(Five Trunk Lines) - ,
,i )--. I 'L r. .'-4 I
"J Conttrvatlw Cuttodian"
For the convenience of
itsjcustomers on Satur
day Wehingsfrorn 6 to 8
114 Second St.
, Corner Washington
or roKTijuro oaaooM
W Lwt tJ Sit r Orafas
" CAUSE ' ' -
MmjiutUk Aim tt Wmi Bmnmtm
i : aMMMnaj , . ' A
Wav K taltk T.rm. S. H. Or Onl MW
M. M. Ob lacraurf B.I.StMtarOM'llaajk;
' . , ttxaf h twttk Oaaand Cwai "
; : imTTmm. "H'-V ''''W'
.:.'' ''.'mimbm .
. Prdaa4 Oasir f Casaarae
- - rardaaa- Sar4 f TraSe . V "-
'' , ,t. , ' SinaiNces . "
Caea Tra a StId lank ortln4 ON.
Th BralatMM Casvaay , ,
., 4 O. DS ai Ce. Co iirclal Agracr
W sms a rraaUa w 4s aac Mill . .
W (h ye aqur 4: taakMSS
'.',' s ' y'.
On WuktwsM mj Sixth rwtkmiOm
jjHj itj "-jj"
xxax gkads razvTa, tab.
aasxzs, aminnrxs, axanra
An oxxa. 5 4:;'-
We are selling; our entire stock
at low cat prices, which we know
wlU cause it to sell. Now Is
your opportunity to ret food
Paint or Vast) Is h at low prices.
Store for rent. natures for sal.
W Are Oolnr Oat of the lUtall
. ; Bnslaes. .
; OU and Faint Kakers, ..
44-4 V. SUth Si, BTs Conch Bt
BraaUnftoa mumu iuuiiai. jtM t.
Taalfkt, :! e'Oeck Last Time Tobmrw
, : la the If osteal rare Camady, -"aaOUMD
TH TOW.-..
PRICKS tower rkxxr, l; Batnrny, TM, (0e(
wawv, awv. oval mrw Baiting IDaair. '
utk an nriitc rnriTDc roa
HULiU lUUIlHIi llalal'
Monda, THaadar, Wflnada and Taaraday
MSDta, May. e, 7. s aod 9,
la tha Delightful Conedr-Drana, "
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