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i" " '' ' lj I'," 1 '.' V 'i' " ! .' ,' I' '," j ' ' 1 , ,. 1 "i 1 v' ';" 111 "f : II , i 1 . . . , i
r I next legislature .i on, this ' Question. I "XT" rrvT- a . TTVn .-aw"r ww.. r--V :- t A ', ;i i . - f-
a a. jackson
next legislature on' this question.
And probably, it would be ; well to
reelect no member : who ' cannot
prove that be worked and -did his T-f nnint eiPt tmMp f best f or this -lawfTbe -people 1 !n J
VZSwFlU rSSSi VtTr; o?- Oregon hare the weapon; ' let them
Ent.r.Mh. Mtnrfw .t Portund. or.. tor lose them, lit is- time the little fel-
Stu" t.r?u", i,!"1 V "eo4" low elected to the legislature of thls
and, other states learned that
Letters From the
,OOK ABOUND the tdwa calmly i streets we'll come back and invest,"
and dispassionately and see If I they sajd to Tom Richardson of the
; the demand for .better streets Commercial club; on departing; - y
.1 ; ,Is not justified ty; the facts. ; That Is a remark ; that ' ought to
Tou won't have far ( to go. i- If I sink right Into the innermost think
roBBioM advertising REPRESBNTATivs I fmvrrt eTMn twt? cwam crtMi I re" oowntown Just look around tank of e very; citizen of Portland.
Wmm A'lTff1"' " I 1MY. V,'UNU the corner perhaps the fond re- "When you get better streets we'll
V? . . -,' Trr rpunvi uitm TITS.
An frpwtmeati neb4 by thu Dombf . ' Till I they, but the people are masters.
lie operator th dPfxrtiuMX yoa winu
Information fpr an Inquiring Reader.
Portland.' April 28. To the Editor 6f
j The Journal Please answer the follow-
. Ins: -v"'i'A- ' ' -
1. How many senators and how many
representatives are there In the United
States congress? . ..''...;
'vs. How many , ln.the Oregon legis
lature r . t ; , , ,
Why War Voes
V Not .Cease.
Braiuwirk BuUdlni. 28 Klftb ifM, i
, : Tort; Trflmne Building. Cttctga-'
Snhwrlptloa Ttrmt by nail to dt aMrM
la tlx United Sure, Can.da.or Mexico.
, , AILI.
One rt.Ui 30o I One ktoata.......! 40
One jw.. URO One month.,.....! J8
- .8 Wheu does Fulton's term expire?
r. .' Whe bears the exoense of Internal
improvements; , was this always so?
t. What ( was the ' Hay-Pauncefote
; Every great and command
ing'' movement In the 'annals i
of the world is the triumph of
enthusiasm. Emerson. .: '."':
T IS no surprise to find those In once a brick pave- come bach and Invest." Nice thing
Oregon who repudiate the idea m?t wUI nump Itsqf before your i to be said about our city, isn't, itf
of small farms. Rtsmm nt ti. W Or perhaps some of the blocks If this article Included the usual treaty?
still live in the old Oregon at. wooa mock , pavement will arguments for first-class hard-sur- ?' !r!"f Uj-
mosphere when it took 040 acres for j w,W,a T0 1 lon enough. At If ace pavement ft would sonttd like an I tiona, please answer this onet What
aoout , me Japanese school
; v a n r; a riirn
.nM. lf hlA .Ink. .1 a . W fl M.M.nfKM T..A A . . x.t I - '. .(,. v . - ,
enougn to move around. But thosal w nvM 'suii uocy tuuwi uo-1 tumnuicn, out me omuarvi , . vin.
. - . . I-ia- v- - k j .... i. i ... . . I .. " rP 1 umea as tn
or our . brethren who-Cling to this vo,: rac" n 7 ?w oi cleaning a crusnea roc ures, nve territorial deieirates and one Harold" was, he was a true lineal do-
perishlng notion are passing.' They th curt that th Btreet Cleaners street and a hard-surface pavement. SJSTJEK?; Si..?!?11!!: ' the -ape and tiger- man or
wlll sool beUhrustbye can nevertte world the street It, cost. $6 m year to clean one mile & SSlX
marching army of new people rising wwan 'C ' j,;r v Xf: v. v I01 ara-iurrace pavement- ana i5 - """" "a7u half ferocity.
. - By Rev.'ThomaS B. Gregory
Lord Byron astonished and astounded
all Europe one day by declaring that he
would "mightily Ilka to know how It
felt to be a murderer." -
The noble lord was perfectly honest.
He really desired to experience the feel
Invs ofthe man whose hands were red
with his brother's blood. - This does not
monster, but only a thoroushbred human D1101 ,on'
belnr of the masculine render, with the
normal , predilections of that strange
product of nature, i ' .
' Byron was, according to bis own
humble confession, "as mild a mannered
man as ever- out a throat or scuttled
Ship," , and yet, because he was a thor
oughbred, he wanted to know "bow it
felt to be a murderer." ' "
Gifted as the author of "Chitde
Small Ckane : .
Zet thr be peace tomorrow, "''
.,.. "e, , '
Those defeated lunkv.
alL , ,
Fourth Street is Portland's, not w
8. P.'s. '
It is difficult for girls to do anything
peculiar. . ,.. -. , . ... .
', - i . .?
Democrats won't have to study their
S. Ninety;
. . A . . I . . . i.l muwtiivn - ' - . . "T . . i. . . . 'I (A .1. 1.UI Any. amma
mnn ... . a. - t .i i na now Tor fha ra manM nttr I a year 10 Clean nn stiiia nr mni-an-1 , . . . . . .; j . - - " '""',
shores to take 'up the! affairs of life RHy the Society ; for Prevention amiaed pavement Ai to how clean - The federal (government; or, ; in that ln that humanity 1 the . tiger u
In nn.n. r,i " y tv of Cruelty to Animals should take the crushed rock street ever Is.' th X??z!-?r:I.?. I everywhere apparent. , ; !
" """" "uu I . . : "i 7 . T . ... . -v ' I ww w W Th tlnr loves blood There is no
sort of doubt of it The king of the
Junvle mightily enjoys destruction for
destruction's own sake. - He Is a great
hunter,; and the birser the game the
sreater the enjoyment ; tM. ' .,
It ts hard to say how long It has been
since man was a tirer, but to know fils-
tory la to know that there Is still much
of the tlgsr In. man's composition.
Man, like the tirer. Is a treat hunter.
and, like the tiger, ha enjoys hunting
big rams. The blood ' of the srlsily.
the blood of the elephant, the blood of
the moose, pleaaea him Immensely; but
not so much
royal . game.
In nthftr arnrrf. man .hIav. Ullln.
man. Enjoys it, I say.' There is no ex- v VtT!'VOT'il i yer ?ay"
hilaratlon like that of the -battlefield! I whether Judge Hebbard has sobered up
Mountain air is fair sort, of tonln. J too drunk for, utterance.
I champagne is a decided ouickener off
the heart love's youna dream la calcu-1 An average Of one Juror in two weeks
lated to haaten the pulse somewhat I has been selected for the Ruef trial, and
but none of these are to be compared yet some people complain of the leaden
witn tne rama or war. in wtiinh iivtnartreet at lusuca.
board -Ives it as his opinion that If I aocidentai hindrance, that the niant anal human beings are sltted aaalnat livinrl .
la hard-snrface costs 20 per cent of j everything belonging :, to the .; canal j human beings, the biggest game that!7 San Francisco is certainly very kind
io any sucn proposition, nor in any J naDB twothlrds th ct f 'ti. 1 1 hot An nn vn it fmn hns the value of .the property It is nev-1 that, these orovislons should sdo1 to I The glory with which the area have I extent of a million or so. the oltr tavs
wise recognize tno validity of that o. a.v .u. ..- u. , .,. ertheless true that the market value 1 waters within three leagues of the ter-i wreatned the soldier's brow Is the trib-IITe a dar for bis keep.
old DermiL On this issue th.' Wtv T'- w ,w "? "?ratm of that ..m. nronrtv 1,aa MB. iWs : tmt, .was ? to this Indisputable fact in human '
: . . " , . , ' yiues ,wm ao u. . LiOganDerries. ai as-soon as it is laia. l n " , : -r i signed eoruary mi, b? u jsngiana i nature ismeniaoie raot a -shameful, 1 5 A man may be a very good cltlseri
iu a tow vases iuo iui ijviu i is aiuiuua 01 Tor uau i ui.araurojiu iucs, out suit m laoi. . . i personally, and yet be no more fit for
.- - --i-: I tlll hold to this primltlvs Idea may It-Jiand. : Ajremendous: amount of I dwellers ton ' thosei thoroughfares locks. Tee.-, . h ;
rHD CouwiLas done the w well get ieady to sing the swan Ult9 t4rmIe hed ck !
, ngni ining ai last wiin re.i-1 gong of their going. j dumped ;upon the cityli thorough- TWs isn't takjng into consldera- the ciayton-Bulwer treaty of 1880.
10 me JOUrtn Street - a .. a- .v. r farea. onlv tn ha a-rnnnd h tntn mnA tlon ; the . curtains that must he c proviaea inmj, iungiana anouia
f rr r - - ---- 77 ... .v.v . . i i.-.M1' joint proprietorship and manage-
lamette valley Is confessedly small, nd ut The rock doesn't -do any washed because of the dust that ment of an isthmian oanaVsothat the
and yet it is not out of th. question. I to :.pesk of. " f"' .? fOTnSnH
Obviously. only the best land would 'The city la paying $3 a cubic yard leaned because of the mnd ln wlnr und. Artiole i suspends this part of
be ntUised la such a farm, and that tor this rock delivered on the streets. itr- The Poor crushed rock finds .Vy0hn-B"'.
means a growable capacity as great By the xity ; Is meant the property luW Into the houses before the
' structed under the auspices , of : ' the I
as anywhere in the world, and ore- owners who are ravin for the im- ena oi.ap year. , inai is one soiu- united states, which is given the. ex-
s.-.r.-; railroad franchise.' j It has
. ordered the Southern Pacif id to free
the street of Its nuisance) within 11
months, which is a reasonable time.
and what Is more Important, has de
clared that no electric line can be
substituted except under an entirely duotlon ,n Jtg m0at intensified form provement. That means you. either tlon of tn esWon "Where did that
new irancmse, me lerms oi wmcn of mny product known, to the tem- upon one street or the other."
vue cuy . wm mewte. me yournai perate Mne; The present popula- This rock costs the contractors U ,
recently pointed -out the danger of tln doe not reallae lt m there Is U yardt the Quarry. ' They make a
", ,IU luo r"iro t cuange me npwhere a soil and climate of great- fair profit by hauling it
gr.iiu, uu iu, uiPUqo mai er Dr0dncina- nnwar thkn In th. Wit. i.; nt .n iA M.h tmfh aHtt, .n
vWU1u,u .u j.uu.r.i.K OH. .; pr0TaD,e tnat ,treet contractor, and ;he will tell
granted to a pioneer " railroad corn-
one acre of Willamette land -will you that ; the rock Is practically
pavement go anyhow?"
. , Macadamizing a street . does , Im
prove its value, but lt has cost a
good deal, a great deal when the
permanency of the pavement is con
sidered. ;vV
i One . member of the 1 executive
I , . - ,. .. I aaaHwaaarW. ,.. awMW
W A IX WAfla as in Tntija Un I
" rieia rougn reea for a cow wortniess. "it's, the best we can
musneTer consent, even .mpiieaiy, throughout, the. year producing per- get'.' ha may say.; That Is true, but
tn an anMi nrnnncltfnn nnr In an I . ....... w ' . . , , '.
elusive right to provide for Its regula
tion and management Artiole In tiro-1
viaes mat tne canal shall be open to I
the vessels of commerce pf all nations.
tnat tnere shaU be no discriminations,
that charges shall be reasonable and
equiUble. that the canal shaJI never be j
blockaded and no act of war committed
In It that vessels of war must not
revlctual or take on stores except as
necessary nor any belligerent vessel em.
nark or disembark troops except for an I
. ,
Go and vote Jf you are entitled to.
somehow. 'Tie a duty, ; j . . . ...
Any Democrat can safely Quote Jef.
ferson; he's dead.
Doing anything yet about next win
ter's fuel supply? ; .
Tet a lot of people don't clean tin ,
their, vacant' premises. ,. "n , f ;
But aren't Mr. Thomas' followers a-'-
sistant Republicans la effect? i . . s .
No avowed candidate for mayor salts '
the Municipal . association nor 'some
other voters. '
Mr, Stead oannot complain that Amer :
lean newspapers have not advertised
him liberally. ' . ' , - i
A Kansas man htfs seen afat with
horna. Prohibition state - wHUkey la
poworful stuff. v -
, (. w m
Tet the . man who differs with yon
may be as honest and even as intelli
gent as you are.
The only individuals in Ban Francises
as the blood of that most h arl "ot ftrJk,n for n' lgpt-hour ,
man. , ' v , day era the clocks. , '. ,l
Hrorda.' man anlnv kllllnarl -i ,-:. . ,,..-....,.' . ...".
irrnat ha nronnrail in tnatnfafn a Ann. I -
.,.vw . coming product wita an inexhaust- . "Macadamised pavement- sounds
that me ctvnd nc Z . 3 m"ket for canning purposes good, but really It's a slander On that
ImirS t2f will yield a marketable product as dead and gone old Scotchman. Ma-
JhSS hih 00 per acre. -fApple.Jn cadamo ring hi, name Into jt He
that street; that even If the old per- nMA . .um..: : ' i 1-'Z ... .
. m -vi. .it . . j '"'"'"a loiouuaj i never imenaea mai rocg oi me ciass
a valid franchise -the ti aaa .... ..u. ' ..T . .v..
0 )v w w a.AA vivu iuvi V yot
acre. 1 Belgium 1 sustains; a popula
tion' of 418 to the square mlleand
the standard of living there is good.
That would mean la the Willamette
valley, under intensified methods, a tween those who demanded a real
population of three million souls, an PaTement : and the , other ' ; property
average oflhree people to every five owner. who m QOt want to pay for
acres. . The ultimate in the ,W11- any improvement Bo good many
40 per cent
mlt ; is now
railroad can and trust be removed
as a nulsancerpthat so removed the
railroad company has under Its old
. permit no right whatever to use the
street io construct and maintain a
new and different kind of line; that
to . carry the doctrine of "vested
rights" so far would be an absurdity
and . most . manifestly;, inequitable;
that, in brief, once It has removed
the present", ndibancej the railroad
must obtain a franchise de novo for
Us proposed electric line, 1 and be
subject to just such terms and con
ditions as any other applicant would
i ! This seems to ; be the dea and
position of the council, and , If so.
The Journal, which Jhas not failed to
creaBed market value means only
increased taxes, but Increased mar
et value means more money in the j
pocket when the ground is to be sold.
Economy shows itself in peculiar
ways. Somebody away back In the
dim past started the system of put
ting only one catch basin on a block.
to be found or usedin this vi
cinity should t.o into his pavement
' Because a macadamised pavement
Is tha chnanAat nnaalhla hlnor tn tin . ... . . .
Tfle eaten oasm is an numnie impie-
ft n aa VAaAaA e M at, aAH.,MAiMlaA Tk j I t
comes to crossing a street dryshod.
In most othe- cities there, is a basin
at every one of the four corners.of
a block. ; Here there is but one, and
has to run around one comer
least before Jt can ' reach ' the
a century. ' I It is the Jer in US that all the CUl- mavor than a. vaatAurant waltar 1. tn
,v.l ..j,, ..- J ' w'Jf. V . l.v . raimanitni ajw . religion or commander ef batUeahip.
...V . uiBwivi; - uimj uo vrouuca w I uwumnui ui years nava nov teen ame I
Vitus Bering, a Danish navigator, who I to eliminate and will . not be able I
was sent to explore Arctic waters by to eliminate, perhaps, for thousands of I i T f . . ... n't'tuainousiy
Peter ; the Great of Russia, In 17t. years to comef-.. v ' " " v J eomplalntng about the exacUons of the
stick cannot take a swing in that di-.
rection. . ...,- ;.:v.
"Now that Hermann is acquitted, his
lamette country will be small farms mllea of have been laid in Port- 1
of B, 10 and 20 acres on the bet- land. U v v ;v Z Z
ter lands, farms of greater arreaea ' . ' v' . l : ee
f1. ; w nsbiiv t ti vara . n nnT w . na i . . . ... xtviii n irv ann :'.' m wnnT'i mail - innnvaipai rrtiri
ads, and an export- h, . A ,1 1 TZ. ."W 01 Jap.n.'and T coessmpired- with the
of 1200 000 000 i 7 6d the Btreet cleaning department has request. VrS ; i C , EDITOR.
! ' ' treet hM Jever been improved at told, the council, what a difference t f: i t J ' ZTT, , -i'v.
criticise that body for various sins of tn4 pagBlng of the blg f .mer
commission And omission, desires to 1 v
express Its approval and commenda-i
greater acreage
on the poorer lands.
able production
- 1 t ' ; ; , I all i ta-ar mnntha afta th. Br1r I .. ' i . '. . . . . .-
Cllnr as we will n thi i nlmaart l . T. vv tne numoer or eaten pasms make in
!! A 5 -f. 'ha teen done, al ;a, general .thing, the cleanliness of a street, but' the
all the property owners have to show 0ne-to-a-block system . remains. In
for the improvement is some assess- cidentally the street cleaning de-
mpnt rvalnta , li .. I . . : i .. ...... ... .
r""" .. . ;. . v , u f now cleaning me nara-
. Two men who control the Invest-1 surface streets with the same num
ment kof . millions of dollars were In
the city last week.' They looked over
Portland, as they had looked over a
dozen other; western cities.
'"When yon people" get some
Afterr preparing for three years, he
made a trip, returning ln 17J0. in-1740
he started on a like mission, and In 170
reached the North American coast
where he waa wrecked and died the
same year on the lslana that bears his
name. -. The -water known as Bering
sea, or the Arctic ocean, was named for
him. i :: ."..' -.-.;..". , ' . r
7. Tha Ban Francisco school authori
ties and Mayor Schmlts agreed to provide
schools -for Japanese children, , and to
treat them the same as other for. gn
children, and the president agreed . to
and did recommend to congress tha ap
proval of a treaty by which Japanese
laborers would be excluded from - this
Country and - American - laborers from
'The Hague has Just begun its benefi
cent work. - -i..;' .-.-?., i. -;
If you don't believe that this Is so,
look around. Behold the patent facte
mat on au sides challenge our attention.
Bee all the "civilised" oeonles armed
to the teeth, ready at a moment's no
tice to spring at one another's throats!
nay, hoping that the chance to spring
may coma, and eome quickly. :
Mine tenths of the thing called "Pa-
accusers are in aire flistress," says a
southern Oregon paper. We nad not
heard of Roosevelt, , , Hitchcock and
Hency being in any especial distress.
Mrs. Terkes-Mlaner wants to get rid of
each good enough for the other and
ought to be held legally tied together.'
idea, of farming, the world moves
and -natural laws will take their
coars.. i The curtain will fall over
blgfarms and the monolith record
Roosevelt's Cabinet
Borlngr Or., April 29. To the Editor
ok xno journal win you please an
swer, through The, Dally Journal, the
following Inquiries, and oblige: -...-.
, First Who are the members of the
president's cabinet' their respective po
sition ana their, home state?
''Shall the president, be command-
Rar.onil Who ana tha n.tlnn.1 ranva-
er ' vi men as were empioyea lor I sentatives of pregon? . ;
the same work back in 1891. There a subscriber.
i- -k.. v .F"t Answer Ellhu Root secreUry
4UOI..a.Uvuk m.vv ...a iuuyu y. of ' state. New Tork; QeorgoB. Cortel-
ment, but -better wages and civil I you, secretary of the treasury. New I
aa-wtoa li&W '4naita"t1ia nAaathU I aora; wmiam 4. xan, secretary oil
Up competitive water lines, by differen
tial tariffs aimed . at water-borne
freight by monopoliea of terminal fa-
ciutlea, by . using . tneir - vast pouucai
influence for the killing of the canals,
they have wantonly sestroyed cneapi
A -..' , fit . I field, secretary of the interior, Ohio;
notherXahapter of SttSr
the Alton Deal.
v.v, y uu VollCf oa iae ed to keep his placet" asks the Salem
iiwl., , Journal. .It means, not to keep
a ?S a.", PalaTerlngjr the sphere of hi, duties and
d oublealing in this mattevThe d lis presidential business, but
council duty Is plain. It murt free h9 be "commanded: to run for
Fourth street as soon as It can be president again. There Is no such
reasonably done from - the present tnlng M command,ng a matt t to
inCUbUS. ; But In dOlng SO, It mUSt rn fAP a.nt-an nffln. Th
Clearly and unequivocally protect the nVfiafAnt hsi his Individual Hh water traneportatlon. ,rToday-the rail
lut ai urn - BiiULurr i rHH sarin iinrnna . . y .. . .1 luaug sviw m uia uuaiiiuu ui uio swui
- rflMBl frnPhia -n. f " 10 reiuse, ana mere IS no power in majl who .u off more than he eould -ITe more the Alton oesi is studied the Fulton, Astoria, and Jonathan Bourne
uiuouai irancnise, or any action on I the people to compel him against his Chew. Tet there Is scarcely an lm- more extraordinary doe Its history ap- Jr., Portland representatives, first dls
the railroad's part assuming n,ia ia a . .,t portant railroad In the country which pear. 'Here is a chapter which did not trlct W. I Hawley, Salem; second die
the 6M alWorf,tM . . iaat I "f would not be better oVf if It had effi- come out at the recent Union pacific trlct, W. K, EIUs, Pendleton.
I - ,p -.--w...,. - aopet t0 me extent tnat a man can-1
i Ior " e,ecino un?' ' Tnw tn not be railroaded Into a hard job
not toierate, ana mey against his will.
win waicn me council cioseiy, Tnere
iu u no joos or -joKers" m misi 'Democrats In the New Tork legls-
g vuoiurao. - . j ,:' '' -i
trlotlsm" is simply the couohant tiger Ber Wgh-rolllng husband so as to marry
tn us, anxiously waiting for the chance J somebody else. ... But she and Misner are
to tap it cnopa in blood. . t. .
Look at this most 'XrhrlsUan" nation.
"Ood'e Country,'! with. Its high ideals
and larger "sympatnUs" how it is
honeycombed with militarism! , See the
little boya all over. the land, all dressed
out in khaki, t with lmiUtion guns on
their shoulders, and imitation sword
bayonets at their sides, marching to the
aound of the drum learning to be pro-
te.sionu muraerersi .
Peace congresses are all right but It
will be a long time before their beauti
ful dream le realised. With the nations
so many armed camps, with the presi
dent of the, 'leading" nation -killing
uungs jusi ror tne . saae of killing
them, or, what amounts to the same,
Just for the exhilaration of the hunt It
looks rather discouraging ' for ; the
"dove." ,;, t-
, Still, the. word ls-Courage! Truth
and right can afford ' to wait and. If
neea oe, to wait a long time. - The tiger
Qregon Si Jeliktp t
Vale will be a big wool shipping','
point , .i
The Dalles boasted a full-blown rose
on May-day. .
.... . .... ..v,-; .
Catholics have bought a block of
ground in Hermlaton. r
yy. a .';.; v. v-f! ''
The long-felt want of an opera 'house
in Joseph will soon be filled. . . h
An Albany man has' offered to build
a 140,000 hotel if given a bonus of
A brooder and 100 little chicks were
From the Wall Street Journal
The more the Alton deal Is studied the
ter-general,' Massachusetts; Charles J.
Bonaparte, attorney-general, Maryland;
uscar a. Straus, secretary or, commerce
and labor, New York, .
United States senators,-Charles W.
ui Buova ino rums - tnat . mnr
wrought' j. 'V'.:'"--'V,.V -'' I-.
ta railroad s part assuming that ,m nhikr t tr -.,,. I portant railroad In the country which pear. 'Here is a chapter which did not
v. aia -ti i .. . I WUi' 'J TOnnirj, we not better Aff if it had effl- come out at tha recent tlnion Pacific
clent water parallels Ito relieve It of Investigation,
slow, low-grade freights and leave Htl It will be recalled that Ue Alttfn re.
the higher grades for quicker trahspor-1 adjustment took place
tatlon. . ' I man's absence la Alaska.
This is .well, understood in Germany i theless been held by publio opinion
and France, where canals are being con-1 chiefly responsible for it and his asso
structed or Improved at great cost to 1 elates In the schema, - Messrs- Gould,
work with and not against tha railways. I Stillman , and Bchlff, have ln a large
Farmers whose rops now rot for lack measure ; escaped the . condemnation
of transportation,; business men i whose which has, been Ills portion. The Idea
goods are delayed or damaged by rail-1 has prevailed that Mr. Harrlman planned
of the navy. California! James R. Gar- Is dying slowiv. hut ",- T- .,n- v,."," T.w :Lm ':."
field. secreUry of the interior, Ohio; peace will yet alt crowned and .trtumnh, needlesslv common. - - : r v
' Sagebrush is a thing of the past In
Baker county, says the Democrat where
sagebrush was ln alfalfa.
' ' )C -ifj .-i'-.'i.. e .
- Newport is to have a skating rink
with a floor space (0x111 and a circular
wall around the skating area. .. ' 1
A saloon at Beulah, Malheur county,
burned up, all but . the whiskey, which
was true wet goods and .wouldn't burn,
-A l-year-old- Athena girl started -U
walk to Pendleton; it miles, but had te
stop, over night, in a house along the .
lature voted f - against
Hughes' removal of the
dSriSmiil Ptila Jelpltia's Need
ka. He has never- J " Jr fc,wv
' The Queerest of Cabins.!: "
From the New Orleans Times-Democrat
. "The queerest house in the world."
said a aoologlst ; "Is undoubtedly the
famous bone eabln In Wyoming, near
amiivma jbbw river. ?. This cabin's
foundations are built of fossil bones, -n
"Bones Of dinosaurs Jaws of . the
oiptoaocus, leetn or ue brontosaurus,
knuokles of . the ichthyosaurus, verte
brae of the camaraaaurus, chunks of
ne oarosaurus, the ' cetiasaurus, . tha I
uracnionunia, tns
PEOPLE ARE WEARING TROUS- commissioner,' indicating . that they
a LARGE majority of -the Michi-
- A an assembly favors -ar pri
: l mary nomination law, similar
-, to that of, Oregon, but there
is . opposition, which ? the Detroit
were willing to do a wrong thine I road - freight congestion, , look, to the I thai deal before haleft for Alaska, and
- , n " w I A J at. A. .a. ,kaAla ifnnft I that SarhlMK tnftlf txlflnA Lla. - V
to thwart an honest Republican gov
ernor. It is such base partisanship
as this that Is breaking the old par
ities ' into smithereens.
StecloSAUItiia. : tha
ornitholestes or bird-catching dinosaur !.S
all entered, into this wondarfui mk. 1 rr"a'
ln's foundations. .. . -
"This hut was built by a Mexican I Relying on the assurance of the.
sheep herder who had happened on the o1 Statesman, Tha Journal an
grandeit extinct animal bed in the nounc that paving on flute street has
world, i This was a nlot about ha rii. begun, - 1 '
square wherein lav ln rich nPnf,,nvl . ' . ."'..
Released on- bail.-ha wnt. ta I !e bones of aU the animals of tha ren-1 The JUnn county farmer ha
. . . I ,11 . . . ... y 7,- - 1 .4 An ... il . . . . .
ni v : - -1, v -i I a" ww I,,, .rr - win in - taa ; last mn
Tne piace was evidently once a river I years. : ho is now getting next to him'
From the New Torkr World.
A wealthy merchant of Philadelphia
was arrested in New rork, charged with
a serious offense. . He added . to , the
gravity of the original accusation by
trying to escape prosecution ? through
Hoboken had attempted suicide.
The newspapers of Philadelphia have
waterways 1 for- relief as a check upon (that which took "place during his ab-
railroad greed and . mismanagement isence was simply the carrying out of his
No other nation except possibly Brasuiiaeas.
has such a vaat system of natural in-1 , Mr. Harrlman, to-his credit be it said.
1 . 1 I... . .n,.o.k. , ...... Vt .
. .a m.m H,Ma maila Nt whlfih AttAnha tn tha tnaaann V,. n0 Printed One lin Of the facts.
: XT 1- ,. M - a. W. Tl T ii i , Vm..! maIbaa4 l-Bn I ftin S that. KiI1aM ..... ' AU - A. I WUUIUVII
; lUl t sjutu isj , UJ ilQH :U1A; liVBiOVvOU. i ui mu iuv uuiuuu wpuil htiv siiuuiucrs
n- . A-1 1 .! i V' V.. .L-Ia.. aM a I - t4m SMAntataa! . . J" TTI A
a , . . l a. i iv i iUiaDiBaiuyt :y, mvuv awes v sp w ewi i w. aoouvia .va. , a ai v A-ascstvaa ms jr. a. il
w r ii DRoniH Rrn nnvin v oninr i - - . . . . 1 1.-, ai a , I v muvucwmm uiv newi. - t wo uia bo j?ti i . -.. - . . - "- - ewui ,u-p i rz . - - - sei, .
New. says, affords a "pitiful specL. ' ann' Vn h,
- ittcio, ttuu continues; I tnmiMncn pnrannnfpn for r a! I "lean, ew lorK, is only Zb miles irom I n aaa vevn oone wnne ne was away,
C" ' The people have arown ' out of Intel- I . . . ' .t . tne Geneseo, flowing into Lake Ontario; I reeiine; that a mlstaice had been made-.
S'lectual ewaddlin iMnds and have at-1 lar returnea in ueatn losses, no it receives through- the Chicago drain-1 , xma,;. nowever, did not prevent him
bar, and the dead bodies that fin.t.ii I self, an up-to-date, buainesa man. aava
down the stream were here arrested to the Democrat,'. :,';'.!';
.to the newspapers, of New 'for I r01! '"thousands of years
Two did so Frl-
tlll the sheep herder set about the
A Medford laundry advertises that It
Ined the age and dignity of trousers, j wonder those companies can acauire i canal the waters of Lake Michigan from going ahead, with his accustomed
Flftr vears ao when Ullteracr-was too I :, .. v- . ana lt arains the furthest i limits - or energy to maxe a success of tne trans-
common, when one .periodical, sufficed I --'a..v , ""'"-t0
; for a whole, village, wbesjtiw daily and land have plenty of money, for cam
tne session-labors, of th state wgisia pB,jgn contrlbutiops.
tilt at mrawA tinlrnnnt m rka WTimttm ftf fhA
' people ami the prominent legislators
, were demigods to their own party and Dont imagine that the number
. monster? of iniquity to the other party, , nm,.. f-.
jit was fit and proper that senators Democrats in town Is measured by
should be chosen by the legislature. 4 the number of votes cast for
Pfinnla ara inmlnir tn fllfifrHSt ICff-lThnman
lslatures more and more, and ito un
derstand that ; they . can and must "The presidential campaign has
Montana. The little Thames and Seine J action. Complete ': success depended
are canallxed and made to beaf great J upon making - a market -for the bonds
burdens from points where they . ate which had been issued to the Harrlman-
smaller than scores of American rivers Gould-Stillman-Schlff syndicate sit OS. .
that do no work at all. ., t Enliatlng .the aid of .- Benjamin B.
Odell, then chairman of the Republican
Fordnff a Crisis J we ,rommittea. , it , is said ,;Mr.
From the. Financial Age. . ., ' tl 1 Tltr: .3,1
During the last few days newsbaDers I nrmtmilhl uvinr. hanv im,m.i.t.
contain telegrams from Omaha that J to these Alton bond s.
the Urtloh Pacific is stopping building I - A fact of extraordinary lntr in
and improvement work for lack : Of I vlaw' of recent devnlonmAnta la that thi.
. . . .. . . .. I r "
juiiub. ( flaw was Blamed bv. Oovernnr Th,nHnt.
publishing the news on, its first naa-e
and the other by printing half a column
on- an. inside 'page.A-,N;y;''S:n;'.j7fc.
NOt Content With the sunnraaalnn nf
tne news by the local papers, the newlv
appointed . director of publio safety of
t-uuaaeipnia, . apparentiyi peueving A the
-puDiio saiety; to be menaced, sought
to prevent the -sale of the New York
newspapers In Philadelphia by issuing
vruars inai newsDoys wera not ta-nra
aloud the contents of .the papers they
were selling and by bavins- noiiman
order them to "mova onf -
Today in History.
147t v Lancastrians " .defeated
TewKosDury. , (war of the Rosea.
1043 Louis XIII of France died. -
179s Irish rebellion commenced..
1801 Samuel V. Merrick, builder of
the first' armor-clad vessel, born ' in
Maine. Died August 18, 1870, ' .
1826 Thomas H. Huxley, Physiolo
gist, born.- Died JTune 29, 1895. - 5
187S David Livingstone, African ex
plorer, aiea. .iiorn ii7. .
lSSftr-Dr. P. H.. Cronln, Irish National-
which a button is found to be missing
irom a garment mat-lt launders. Oh,
for laundries like that in PorUand. ,
, With, his double-bitted ax across his .
shoulder a Jackson county man was ,
looking skyward siting tip the appear-
anoe of a big tree when his feet sud '
denly slipped from Under him, and fall- .
tna; backward , the ax cut a three and ai
half-Inch gash In, the; back of his necli
severing 'an .artery. v. :v , .vr ,:i '
:ir S & i'viXgi) il'X v
- blatsop county has at the present time " '
onjy a limited number of orchards, says -
-rely more npon themselves and trust opened," says the Louisville Post.! ,How "' Th. Union Pacific has Roosevelt Thus the signature of Roose- mih c0.UI!.t Pub"c moraj
New Tork V newsoaners ..- hava thAl. 1 1st aetAtor. murdnr. in cm. .
faults, but ; uniting to : suppress legltl- 1897 Paris Charity baiaa fires 180 the (Astoria Budget, but the conditions
mate news in regard to the arrest 'of J Uvea lost - I here re favorable for raising- certain
an, mua merely Decause ne is rich is I J Andrew Carnegie sold his in.
not One Of ' them."...' Refuslnar ta nrln I terest In tha nara.rla b..i .
..di. .. . . " '
; ; MtUe to legislatures.. the plu-
rality system the people may not get
;' much If any better men 'for United
, ' ' States' senators, members of the fegis
, lature and other officers, for awhile,
4 but they will at least keep the unfit
- legislators from Having much power
' and. from electing senators. .To this
I end the initiative and , referendum
; are necessary means. , , y '''
; Oregon - needs now to order, its
next legislature- to pass ; a revenue
. law, such as was recommended by
the tat code commission; r The ' last
legislature neglected to pass such a
law, 1 though it was 'well understood
that the- people' demanded lt. No
chances should be taken with the
For goodness
Eighteen month
too much,"
..irai txTa w. always claimed to have millions out Jvelt completed the Alton deal by giving can. lwy Justified, but no such
sake! "W9 hope not, ,n the cail-money market. What has the lto bonds the prestige which I notlvj actuated the Philadelphia news
iths of lt would be "too,-! oecome of themT The Union' Pacific j taehes, to ;.a savings bank investment They were not concerned about
Get ready- to take, your medicine
and look pleasant tomorrow,' gentle
men. Worse things h&ve happened
The people admire " a cheerful
loser. - '
,'. Our Neglected Waterways.
' From the New Torkjjorld. .
President' Rooeevelt has named
admirable waterworks commission whose
memoer are an wen equipped for a
work of very great Importance, k :- .'
For years the railroads have been ob
structing water 1 commerce tn ivlsplrlt
of short-sighted selfishness. By burin 1
has its treasury full of stocks of otherjTet at this very time the essential ,fts Pbi1moral" buJ; Pole,r about, the. fact
railroads Why not turn them into cash of the Alton readjustment stock-water-iV,1 ,th,f n,n ,undr rrt wa wealthy
This Is not. a new policy for the so
called newspapers of Phfladlnhia , tn
pursue. The same thing was done, also
"im m KBBisuince oi a pupnc Official,
when Frank K. Hippie, president of the
" c " company or .miladel
phla, committed suicide last year, is it
oBionisning inat tne (newspapers Which
the public cannot trust to print the
now wiinoui zavor anouid hava 11..
tie power for public good In a city "cor
rupt and contented r , ; ' ,
and continue work In NebraekaT Or is
It only intending to stop buying material
ana. oeprivo rwpfKingmen 1 of waxes In
order to force a crisis m the belief that
tne suriermg masses wtu then hold the
president responsioie lor their condl'
tlons? ..... :. . '.:
The President's Advantage.
Fr6m the Atlanta Journal.
The president has the advantage of
Harrlman . 4nJ that the people are. rather
Inclined to remember that Mr. Roose
velt never stole anything. - ,
' ;.Prohibited.
'Do j you," asked the preacher, "love
your neighbor as avourselfr" 1, , .
"No." She Is a pretty widow.' and m
wife won't 1st m." - .
in and all had been made nubile.
This, of course, does not Imply any
complicity on tne part xf- . Governor
Roosevelt in the operations of the Har
rlman syndicatoJ iOn the contrary the
governor anquestlonably r accepted the
blU as it came to him, la good faith, be
lieving tnat it represented the desires
f the Investment market He did not
then understand the matter as he does
now. i ' ' . ' . r . .
Seven years later, as president of the
United States. Mr. . Roosevelt believed lt
to bt his duty to proceed against Mr.
Harrlman and eondemn this -very- deal
which he himself, in his ignorance, as
governor of New York had helped to
From Washington. D. CL: to MeNeirs
IaUui4 ta aualia A ohjuia-a. r
. w From the Albany Democrat' " v '
An exchanae kicks bamnu tv, o .
land Journal ;; Is getting a lot nf . f,
advertising on Its prey "women 'con
test r The newspaper that can get Some
free advertising U a hustler.
! A , Pertinent Question. C ; f'v
Senator Rayner of Maryland is in Tsi;
vor of adequate salariei" for . school
teachers, and at a Teoeptton he told a
story about a teachers' meeting In a
district where the salaries were ex-
iremeiy low, 1 -
! "A rich, portly banker " opened the
meeting with an v'addreas.r he said.
The banker concluded his remarks with
an enthusiastic gesture and the words:
xiong iivo our school teachers I
- "What on V shouted a thin, ; pale,
seedy mast in a black coat slightly
smwarea. witn cnaiK mark's." v s
New Problem In Kansas. v '
: From" the Quenemo IKan.) News. :
Why is it that a; 7-vear-oId kid ean
drop a half-burned match ln an alley and
Durn au me earns m a oiocn, while an
able-bodied man has to use un a whole
box of . matches to get a fira sUrted
In a heater that haa draft enough to
draw all the .furniture ud the toe-
kinds of truits and there Is certainly
no valid reason why the numbers of
orcnaras snouid not materially be In
creased, provided the pests which de-T
stroy the trees are kept out i;;, rs a: v
. 'Tillamook Herald: .The editor f h
paper met with a veryalnful as well
a unfortunate accident laat Thursday
morning, in badly cutting- the back of
ma .on nana wun n ax wane chopping
wood. A fractious spruce limh and a
" cause, 01 tne accident
but there is one thing that we are
thankful i for, and that Is that the ax
was what we would call damn dull, and
therein lays our thankfulness. - -
Mr Nancy "WeslfaU 1 has , written
from China to an Albany friend as foi-
that is first Urn I been to China I can
not live' here as I has poor helthln
Chtnajso r come back to, oregotu I
America aU my Ufa. ,v 1 was brought
up by America- race. .
so much. about Nancv .ti
friend ln feh6 0t "r