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rpXJri? TlT I'D XT A T A "b'PPing industry eannot be built
X 1 XL( J Vjf U Ji N XJU on a foundation of mere bounty.
It ' cannot lire except ' by bounty
PublUber I wrune from ninar indimtrlAS. It
party's action throughout the coun
try, and sending government of
ficers hither and yon to dictate what
shall be done or not done; that It
Letters From the
. - , , People
Tne Heartlessness of
r veronal? 'nl jm'fMi- ousot t die- That 'la what happens should rely upon its record, its pub
rnrVirthni'armbm Vtrtj Portunav or. to farming, livestock and. kindred Jn- lie 'acts and professions, -and' trust
. enters it the pottoffiet t PartimMi. or., for dustries, and shipping is no better the party to support and 'sustain it.
" -T th&n r Every experiment we A ; president and J his - cabinet. 1 and Mitchell W noting to 7 bit aa to
" ' .- telephoned maim ' Tin.' " '''T' '"' " " I hte ver made with subsidy has upjpther government officers of respon-jtiJ Boosaveit pioda should think
ah Drtmnta rMcb or tbtt somber. Teu set tne contention of those who plead Isibilltyl it 1 will 1 be urged., have i f. of i would begin to put on
.. TheisO Silence 8ignlfict.-
Portland, April 10. -To, th Editor of
The Journal- I mi that, Comper and
for the graft, and now come the three enough t" do in! Vttn'r.- W . "?lB c 1 nd . I.! w0 .fm...
vj.inj-Buimia special AdrHini Apntf, n BW n er .. eauie io sun lunner people's business ; without spending both vice-presidents of the Cltisen's al-
Lnair limit inn arrnrta n , tn t 1 n -
. ' . 7 . . . ' I They are limply using; the labor oraant-
rww BoiMinn. m riitb itom, We confound subsidy apostles there,'
J orb j. Trtbno BnlldlDf, Chicago. - I .... ,,: .
j eddnaa I
- Babaeriptloa Tanna tr M to an;
la tbe Valta4 BUtaa, Canada er Mas!
.,v , - AILY. " " - A,.- ...
One raar..,....3 00 I o Month.,. ....I M
One faar. ...Ixto month.,.....! JS
Ona mr.:...r...S7A0 One BooU....... jB(
MONO all the sorts of people
that it takes to make up a
world are those - with av mis-
':.'. slon. reformers of soma kind.
and if they do their duties well they I sationa ' to. milt. their oapltaiut com-
can safely leave the results to the Pniona. ' with whom they hold office.
people, and to the rank and file of Uny opinion on the subject "No man
their Dartv. ' I kl 1 ' lean serve two masters." If theae men
naa oeen true 10 lanor iney wouia never
t r-Hr Rev. ' Thomas B. Gregory.'""'
la civilisation a blesalng.or a .curse f
- To take the bull . equarely by ,, the
home, la the present oondltlon of the
world an advance upon v its condition
1,000 or 1.000 years ago? y J-
t Let us pause before answertnr in the
Those early aces look pretty grim In
the perspective of history. - The annal
ists have told some pretty tongh yarns
of . the anolent : folk; but how, do the
stories that come down; to us of the
Pyramid builder and the rearers of the
Babylon walls corapar In coldblooded
Inhumanity with the facts of our mod-
N AN address made before a Cem- M cranks, yef many of them are
ocratio club last Tuesday even- worthy of approving attention. Such
v 7 ,, V 7 V M HaMfar- wh u aHh CTI he U doing -great things or will aee
;ed that all Democrats who would HalIfax who is waging with voice l-
. and nn a ortiaa. .raln.t ,fnw wf J luwwwr,
iioicr, i7ur, liuui m taej .ueaqf 01 ' . r . ,
the, party tjeket should Indicate that He truly says that not only men,
preference by scratching their bal- but youths and even children, are
lots in the coming primaries. Thomas ddlcted to this foolish and to many
declared that he would abide by the oibe? - Peopi : disgusting I habit of
result. r WIth thls Idea la view, a U8,n "bla8Phmoui, TUlar and ob-
communlcation publlehed on (the first cen language," not i only ' among
page ot this paper urges Democrats tn0B h appear to like it, but in
who prefer Lane, to Thomas to go fne (bearing and regardless of - the
But we BUDDOse the critlfta will ha Z T."u."v"..u" ?vAnZZZ? ZSZ rn clvlllsationT t v,
- - ' - 7 "-i iiaarv juiuqu viisj billion el auuauuoi wv uiuii , a u . - .
t.. ". ft... it. r.,.. ,. nwBin- nf I ' .wvorwuy, inaeeo, must do eur
. .-r- - 1 ." i - z..:' . .4. i answer. ..-mv-i:
that the party will with rodfe
acclaim surrender all its privileges and they are silent aa the grave. There KLrSlJSlJiJ'L
an4 prerogauve. to the man in the M-ur.. gJS JSA JKSS
mite Houser agreeInf not only that out boldir and denounce jn .unmistak-
able tonaa the insult tendered tp every
man who .tolls for. a living. Ifll were
affiliated with the A. F. of Xj. I would
but that neither, he nor any one he I soon do something to Mr, -'oomper. He
tunas ana curses lor rerreanments. -f
we are told how the men who reared
TkeNee & of Inland
'Waterways, ; -
"rjrro,,,- the Boston Taliban
At ft the lapse o many year pubuo
sentiment again favors the building of
canals for commercial Durooses. : mor
to the raMroad era, the nation relied
upon inland Waters for the shipment of
f relght , , Then cam the construction
of railways, and canal . digging was
practically abandoned ; '
:Now the case la different. 1 Canals
are demanded because of the extraordi
nary congestion of railway traflto.
Thla congestion of trafflo extends ait
over the country. . J. J. HU1 : has in
formed the Interstate commeroe com
mission that the business of the coun
try Inofeased , 110 per cent from 18IS
to 1901 and transportation faculties for
handling the saros Increased only 20
per cenhv during" that time. He added
that the country needed at least 78,133
miles of new railroad to relieve con
gestion, which would cost fully 15,500,
000.000. a sum Impossible to raise.
Under the circumstances It Is likely
that more rapid progress can be made
with the building of Inland waterways
than with new railroads In the next
Small Ctange.
Portland certainly has enough to cW ,''
brat over. . ,
, Every spring la the most' beautiful '
on that vr waa. , -K 1 .
;A nomination in not ult ' Mqutva
lent to an election." . , , i ,
, That man Ooethala is stayer; his
resignation Is overdue. s
' : i" i
The most prominent presidential tlm -ber
appears to be the Big Stick. .? v "
Fairbanks' popularity ought to in
oreaae during tb hot weather. . ,
Why should the poor complaint They
can buy platinum at only $14 an ounoe, '
fj , V' "-..ti;, :'.;i.i,':t!.J- 4?. ,r Ik . J-y.
' Three Republicans will And out that
the people haven't called 'them to nu
tor mayor.
-. Perhaps Secretary Taft
elded to run. for president
fat exercise.
th Hanging Gardana of Babylon and J ooen years, particularly a numerous
chooses can do wrong, i
would either be on my , aid or step
down from his pedestal : aa national
president of the A. F. of I The Appeal
to Reason aounded th alarm when it
came out that these two men bad taken
that ' position about th time of th
great strike commission -wherein Hark
the tomb of the Pbaroaha were driven
to their work by goada and keot at it
by clubs until, tired nature being sbl
State are not waiting for eongreaa to
do all th canal work, '
. At . present . there 1 projected ' a
N DISCUSSING his vote on the La
to endure It no longer, the poor icrea- water rout for freight extending from
tures fell dead at their task and were the Cape Cod canal throogh Ixng
born away to make room for other vie- laland sound, th Sest Mver New York
tints of man's vanity and heartleaants. harbor at d Rarttan bay. This inside
. All of whloh 1 probably true. ! route, as described, aa'to the Delaware
nut how much leas true la th bar-IT' riian canai, io vetaware
to the railroad rate bin, Senator elmtaiuts. The Anneal eald that tbe h." th rml4 builder and Hanging j
tP., .... ,V. M - I h.B. mMntwrl I uwu oom
n- o-..- ...trellrlona or roflnM nalhllltua f ' . . " I nt mruiul ihnr would hava to choose I snau we aay or tn modern boases.
t". , Bu.u.r --".r- :" T """""" prouaDiy a gooa measure, hut that Jbetween the two orassatlona. It seems 01 ln Present day captain of Indua
that preference, and it is explained P0 hon " offends. Aside from U couldnt pass the senate. th. almighty douar,
In thm nmwini.tinii f lanr religious consideration at thai. ... Unt.ti. .n.t An th uhiMt. Alas for I are crushing their human vlctlma a
..vuwwU v . - ----- -i f Mur. nemc a rood mnaanro. wh 1 " r . "..r ' I remoraelesalv aa ma mm Jtaa-mraantat
matter, vulgar, obscene and what Is eoilIdn4 lt 'm, -'Wll'
I lnmmni' saaavh A. A - mm- en m, lja.I: " " . : t- i - - . - , r . " i- .. . . I
lot how they can do this.
bay; thence by a canal to be out, using
existing waterways, to Norfolk har
bor. Going down Chesapeake bay the
rout will eros southeastern Virginia
and North Carolina to the Atlantic
W&iL'.?&Ato Pleaae om. men.
wa a wo iaa V4Hi lsa W V b,ual yasxa, vt uw 1 , , , - i "-y
Doaslblv. bv dlsains a new one. Now : J,r2P after h tm loted Inayof
finally : d
is an antf
:-. '.V-
at a iji-"''- t '.v
' There seem to be some occasion new
for resurrecting the saying,' "Keep your
.V. Alii .I.-.,'
' That Honor Jaxon spalls hi name
that way doe not necessarily mak htm
an .undesirable cltlssn.. ,
hiyV.iV:f e.f.,v'fet!k:,!':'';l'
Well, If Portland I going te Jgsv
that big Fourth of July celebration
is time to be on th rustl. ., .
,m. '.' ',-7 e; , ; . .
''A Milwaukee man sued for a dlvoro
because his wife refused to talk. It Is
'. t: -
I Af 111, N,hnAli,An.mM . 4 TKMkM I w.Bw. -www.!, v& fcMW wvl- ..... . .
legislation, and the ?."0' .f,1' what la it i the.; ar-r ..ST !t on th . AUantio -ooa.t without ,T,w,I?
It was. why were there Kr o?th?TO
fM ! . t. v. I ), it in th Kf k to naa a familiar I ' " sucn tning as m sacreoneaai . .k., j M.-.h I .... v.r v v.
The Journal approves of this ,ng. commonly: regarded as profane lan- ... mnrtnnm
gestion, and hopes as many Demo- " au excoeamgiy rooiisn- vice, jgenator thinks
, crats as possible will go to the polls Tber l federally ;no evil or "bias- ., iA,v
.V , v ! mt ' I nhmnna" Intent In hA a aI .1 1 . T I n . v.. ha . ,K.
. - rwiw yean "VV.wT the United States a place Ekurtri roWy Ve.pon.ib e spirit .of Independence.
ago.Dr. Lane i.nd Mr. Thomas were lanjtiage. it is simply a bad habit, where legislation is tot a Question of M hZbrm "aJ andhop. m th heart ad,i
candidates, and the yote was about but Is one that offends a large pro- the merits of a measure baiaalaal theae atrenuSu tim. onto th .Am.n. J W " 'HI'1'!y !.w? v
'.I, nortinri 'naAniai '... .-4 w nts or a measure, Dut,a Ques- ..w-rt-, Beware.- t th locomotive pound the ateel track
uieB Bn" Jr, yor TJ " "I " " tlon of whether or not the .senators T, ' SOCIALIST.4;
is. not ow etnoioato. lot. tno ;vv -x will let it pass? an the senate, is
nomination, and his name will not Obscene, indecent language Is pro- legislation not so much a matter of
be printed upon the ballot, but all hiblted by law, and if would be well what would be good tor the people
Democrats who desire to express the if the law were more frequently en- M , matter of what the senators' are
opinion that he has given the city forced, but the more effective cor- wm,ng t0 ,et the ,a hayJ, . .And
a good administration and that he, fectlve is In teaching the rising gen- In thlf geneis it the custom for
T luwmr ' r. . I kU! roup of the senators to "stand in" tor lfright now,? Th lader on Mrs.
, candidate. , can and shoaM 'Ote as achools the -uselessness, ' foUyand page in-the tssu of April tt.
iaey uuu in tne primaries Saturday, i uwoKrtjaoiouwsB, nui w j7 wicaeai now macn
Mrs. ' Dun! way r Appreciates The
; Portland, May 1. To th Editor of
Th Journal If there remains a. mud
woman In all Oregon who 1 not a sub
scriber to Th Sunday Journal ah
ought,: In luetic to all womanhood, to
over whloh tt speed.
In th mad gam of money-makins
th finest human sentiment are crushed
as tbe falling tree crushes th wild
flowers that 11 in It way,
Carolina coaat, connected by short artl
flclal waterway, will Insure at fully
sheltered rout from Morehead city to
Cap Fear river, where another aerie
of sound and bays on th southern
coast of Bouth Carolina and' Oeorgla
will take the rout to Florida, where I Cuba any rain tor six months.
naviaaoiv-'waierways sxiena into in
peninsula to points easily pierced to
give plenty of water to the .Oulf Of
nobody , aa
1 r.
"No wonder th Cubans are dissatis
fied with Unci 8am'S guardianship!
his weather bureau men have not giva
Truth, Justic. kindness, courteey. are I uin . a. .i
u,.w0nlLto.b hov ?v,.p f1- eoeata ot Loulalana and Taxaa glv
that Democrats will make any effort I dence that the user is not a , real
to make him their nomluee. He haslKentleman; . - :.
Detroit News:' A kettle slngtng on
th stov and th sound of th wind .
In the chimney these are two of th
sweetest sounds of civilisation,
f AjJ: -y? T-l'-'l
Back aat' peopl seem to think Mr.
Bryan's advocacy of th Inltlatlv and ;
referendum ' la very radical, even chl- -merlcal,
; They ehould take a look at :
Oregon.:,; ;,, ,v , - '( ; ,'
aorernment to lmnrove it I . Mr. Watteraon is Quoted a good deal
houses I navigable water, particularly th Iwrae I Just now. . Any editor who can afford
th Onlv I rivers, tharebv , malclnr . tham rrutllo itund Mvtnl month! In Bursas '
elf-respeoUng woman th selfish an-1 jning mat' makes lire worth having I freight carrier and rat regulators. I every year or two could think, of om
imua that nromnti a frfw tiuraa-nroud 1 numan jov ana innanea. th spirit Of I v It la Ineontrovartibla that well lm. I thins to say In that tlm.
tons interview aamits tne senate to sisters of plenty and protection to op-1 wnvwj ana ueipiumeaa is rapiaiy i provea rivers .and cheap ratea wouidl ,, v
contain, In my Judgment, the best.
blsh, : No regard 1 had for human, foal-
inga A man . 1 valuable, and 1 re
spected, only to the extent that h can
be uaed as anlnstrument of "profit" to
his employer; and when, in th em
ployer's opinion, he Is no longer "profit-
Or how little legislation mo.t inral .nil h mrr war lrref ut-1 able" h la kicked aside without csr-
. iuu.oiucui, is auw jirompMsa iuxt9 m uiav j hm Aunwc.A tha nnr.W th-n able reDlv to th "anU" onhistnr 1 mony ana wiinout explanation. :,
by Mayor Lane. So far as The Jour-1 habitual or even freauent use Is the Lu. . -.-:,1 against equal righta for the mother of T Great fortunes are being
u. - .i, - wi.-iJ ! " . w.wugH . nwnumoi t- M that. I have vr read anywher 1 " ollare and centa, la
ua iB UTiociUa lie ua.u uu laawieaze I "ifcM. vi uou btcu uaiuia auu oti- i ..u. i , . . - . .. a . .,) lomi awtit tha Maa.iMa
- w- , a inni 1 1 a air l aa w n i ii as r . -,. a ir niiAsiai narnra sivairw iinnrrvBinvinB'. i Ma (wiu sbmisu .arem uie tuociu ki ixasa
great opportunities for the continu
ance of th rout to th Mexican fron
tier at the mouth of the Rio Grand.
While th statea on the border of the
Atlantie ocean ar Intent, evidently, on
penorming tneir auty in perrecung an
Insld water route along the coast, It
I oontended that lt la the dntv of the
pua up i federal
This Is about what Senatoi." Fnl-
made and will make no requester bomfta or be. fit is about what Senator La Fol- 5- f,rt7 d lUo tM2t5 !!.kt?J A-J?0..?-P"1!"0- ''A New Tork woman 1. Offending
wuroH avroi - - i ui.uu.wi.n,miimuiii mu i dlvorco suit brousnt urainst ner on tna
ihould read f P't It la crushing something and railroad. Th railroad realise that -Vd that wbeVeverafh heard her
kvery voter that la -weaker than ttaelVV:;ii ' leanale could now kelp business tn. lbUw'.txlmt
ainrf ' mim. ', in th land aoqualnt himself with th vn civuiamuon, wi iw am sioaa 01 impairing k. 1 va n new water- gha denle ' that th whitl waa tin.
tusingj to reducp by ten;milllona the ,ortc faU t0 flnd wltMn lt engine and autos. it kyscrapr and wayacould tak car of a commarc "J .Sfl . blowing of ItTuTd Oi
raUway allowance for carrying the columns; and, by allrmeana lt very ateamships. It. billionaire and captalas ranroad ar now unabl,to outlon 1 When h took hr hu.
... .-i.-.i- ,. . , s iwiiub . SArthv Af tM iimt uotulnt Of industry! '; - -n . handle.. ; ' . ... aim v. -
mu. in n w oe. , WiBpoui I Sjlf ' wttu th Wisdom and logU of Better, a thouaand time, better, th II la significant ' that th Nw Tork
ple.seof the older tlmo, which, ;wlth bond Issue y tl state of 1191.000.000 f. . mmal mV. nart aMN 'M him
ait af it. ... u.a tar th krnL.iit . th. ' a'na wan muat snor let nua
suggestion of this kind, and for his language is an 'offense, and when
own part Is entirely willing that Mr, ' young man finds himself
Thomas should receive an. ; uncon- using or tempted to use senseless
teeted ", loralnatlotu A f But f a large "swear words" or rile epithets or
number of the Democrats of Port-etpletives he should stop and think
f ' . . . AAA AAA at .'lUUlUttLCB Ik S.U UH. 1L IBi & till 11 L 1
iana, we are very certain a large pi nis motner, sister, Bweetneart or ,."8"" woom ana gio ox "iil..t7,fc- "lfw.ii T.V.-- LU. .1. up with snoring without blowing . a
i r ... - .n a v km. What the people almost .Universally such dub women as 8arah A. Evan,-, unclvlllsAtlon-the bejbarlsm, if-, you C.ntrrollwayv voted to aup.port the -S.-u.. wa thinv ,h. ouahtto win.
majority or them, it Lane were a
candidate, would prefer him to
Thomas, as they did twp years ago.
They cannot vote for Lane aa air
active, av wed candidate; if nomi
nated thus he is under, no obliga
tion to 1 run; : but they can express
their; choice' wb.ich both as Demo
crats and citizens they ought to do,
wife, and ask himself how she would
like. to hear him.
conceive it to be. and is. incidentally,
why a change Is wanted in the Ben-
ate and Its methods. .
EOPLE. even Republicans, will j : In each
,, Chinese Famine : Sofferers. :
ISTortons, Or., 'April 19. To th Editor
of The Journal I noticed In your paper
mi favr A m va m am mn MMiint Af lh. anff..
ward there will . be the j lnr In, China, but wish to ask a mora
aii ox no oruaeneaa ana rougnnes. had I wr ui amargement oj .us axis canai, iu . . . . -r .-
vet soma llttla noetr iml inn um. M tha around that the lmnrovemant of I v. """w
little regard for human right and hu-J that waterway would cause such an lit- " ; ; . ;a -
man feelings, than th heartless greed. 1 ux or peopi into tn stat along it r . f liiw 'X. J .wUi..
which In its hast to "make Its pi la," j hank and o many additional manu-j ;-VrCgUl VJlUCllgilV9
tuw&i iuv xiuiJVBi anumanu or ins) smotiif viuvi v tueai, iusj auaiumsi
and rough-rldM it ovr all tb graces th jod in tb carriage of pan
U .. rt :;.;;U; t nW tnnr n-mrt,. i. .11 llattmiaTte hew to .ed 2-f2 ,1",.".-?"; 'North Powder wlU build considerably
I . . ; . .. I r.v.' a. t. . . I money, vt course, wa who llv .far I .'.w. ... I ha nr. nni ii,m..i. k n I year,,,
the -resident s renorted actlv- on ? the .ballot to be ' voted for .r" i 7 .k7- -"Ir" T7.: . courti that mak man man.
. . .t" ! - . .1 ij amsvi venuvt . , w vui uwii uubui, . . - -i. , - , i
lty in New York, : Ohio, the I mayor, auditor, one councilman at I Now, to what address in San Francisco
.. ' . lanntfi anil aliMdon n'ff,, I InrirA and In mm. sinti nna winl can we aena it one sareiy renaDier
Ai mey Deiieve ine mayor nas aone ' --v..;...u. - - -
and would do well, and Vis better 01 tne W1 oy himself of the next councilman. ; mere is no opposition,
timber for mayor than Thomas, let national Republican convention and so far aa the ballot shows, but Dem-
them say so at the polls Saturday. :? Its Pllcy and candidate. Many will ocratio voters can fiU In the blanks
Since it is certain that some Dem- "a7 that wnUe 'ordinarily this activity with any tame they; choose, or can
ocrats will vote for Lane, though ould'.be Improper and mischievous, substitute a name" for the printed
not a candidate, as against Thomas, thta Is an exceptional case, especially one. In this way, if they desire,
it would be well if all who prefer as Roosevelt win not be a candidate Lane instead of Thomas may be through the column of your. 'paper
Lane would do so. iWe think Jiis ad- for denomination. He has set out; it made the nominee. ' , which ,1. 'J
ministration deserves this much of wm be BaId to work out some great , J . large crowd of enthusiastic sport, (were
1 reforms, which it is of the ntmoatl The value of new hnlldlnara b- or waa) present, if hotn are correct,
b very much augmented, and the road
would, profit thereby, although th canal
would carry th low-claa frlght at a rllr5',..
mnih rAnmA mmt- ' .. i . ' I rhOdOdMldrOUa
Four Handkerchiefs Year.
ja. H. vadbk, i vom tne ew xora American, I. At nvtnhu rim. irt mini. htt..
' f Funds sent to th National Red Cross I Madam Creel, wife of th Mexican I nn -th fAiiar&i trrvr mint whlnh
society, Washington, D. C' will be for-1 ambaaaador. In aa Interview yesterday I own them, should Improve thorn. Many
; ' ".. . couia vm so improrea in a rew
w-j iuuuiu, pivimin t.,vvuivv a
rear. Tou ask me what I think a woman
with unlimited money ahouid spend on
herself. She should spend anything ah
likes; but she should not oa extrava
gant I will, glv you the Hat?
4 .
Th Coo Bay region Is abloom with
warded promptly to th famine auffr
era. Ed.j . , - ,
' Singular Verb la Correct.' '
Portland. April . To th Editor of
I The Journal Will : you kindly . stat
Klamath Fall. wUl hav a new M,00
Methodist church.
Larkspur kUled over. 108 ef a Lake
Vfailpel SI Si Kaa lltlllssuV 9fm sMMtMaiMia I
pUrpos. long: before new , railroads unty man' (Bhp.
Could he hllllt. Th mA h nuM h. I ' '.
to commerce t obvloua
Th coming renalssancs - of Inland
waterway in tn unitea state I. a
Madame Creel enumerated th follow-1 tm
PSi" laadaad Belgium depend upon their
.: ur nrssssB a ie en. i waterways for the removal of consider
. iwo osis ai .io sacn.
overwhelming majority of the Demo- j importance should be carried . fOr-jgun or' projected in Portland during
crats in Portland, if they would ex- warfl 1,7 his successor; powerful in- April amounts , to fl.645,450, as
press themselves, would vote for him terests will combine in opposition to against $550,000 In April, 19 08, or
rather than" for the man whose name 111086 reforms, and will seek to-con- Just about three times as much. This
will be printed on the ballot. Tsince trol th convention for their V own is the way Portland is slumping, and
Mr. Thomas, perhapB expecting that malign purposes; the president can we suppose, In advance of the fig
few beside his supporters would onT , make sure of his good work ures, that no other city in the coun-
vote, has thrown down the gauntlet I Deing carnea on r oy securing,, the try will show so great an uphill, for-
end Invited a test of strength, all conir01 OI ine convention and prac- ward , slump.
i which 1 preferable?
hi. fMtflitrartthnnt hrMlrln hnlb In
Shoe or boots, 14 pairs at til a pair, any of thos four countries, Germany
Two embroidered bag . for confeo-lowea her industrial nnintHt tA n.n.i.
.The jungle Congress. .
Br Wax jonea v
Without ' the allghteat bungl an
wild folk of th Jungle
Cam together in a clearing to pro-1
mot the cause of peace.
They elected , Mr. ; Buffalo (you ought
... vi .hum. r '
A. chVian mlng hat 5tt.h
i -ii warfara eaasa: ot Chihuahua, I did not have a dollar
Silk stockings, 15 pair at IS a pair.
Two handkerchief a ,
Two alternate handkerchief a'
. Fouropera cloaks.
Three purses, leather and .ilk.'
"I do not think," continued Madam
Creel, "that any woman should spend
1100,000 a year on her dress, s your
MUdemolselle Moroslnl says. When my
Democratic friends of the mayor and "eaUy dictating Its utterances and nicely, but t see a town grow come Then the .miiing alligator roasted ant. fig 'Pe?ain J?.0"??'. .1 ?on. cottog
. , .. . .. . .. ' KAmi.Hnn. w.. vi- a I . ..... h. ... . I owns ana OAnoea in them, too. I
his administration should accept the nominations, hence his efforts are to Portland.
challenge and go and vote for Lane. not onIT JuBtmapia but laudable.
ah tnis assumes that the presi- That the Gates brokerage firm has
SUBSIDY DEFEATED BUT Jdent to UBt rlSbt, that he is really lost several' million dollars lately
.... , '. uoms vt . aiiempuDK w ao great ana nas aeciaea to quit the game
s-ROil , Seattle comes the report good, that the country can trust no while heavy losers Is a very interest-
M . that three steamers are to be oneJelse as lt can him, and that he lng story in Wall street, but is of
J, added ,to the fleet. of merchant is in fact needed ' as ' essentially a but sllghf Interest out west The
vessels plying between that port dictator of all public affairs, , - country hasnV much at stake in the
and oriental waters. '-..What seasons j Protests against this 'assumption. Wall street games, and would not
ice announcement; with interest Island tnis use or the government to go Into a panic of grief If all the
that bo large an addition to the mer-j coerce the action of delegates to the players lost for the losses would be
chant service or Seattle should come j convention, will not he lacking. It mostly water and wind.
eo soon after the defeat of the sub-will be Bald-that under no circum-
Eidy bill, and com at that to a. city (stances ought the governmental ma- .There is only one more day for
from whence the appeals for subsidy cnlnery be used for ouch a purpose; candidates tq "rustle" for votes. No
were so strenuous and so prolonged that the president ought to trust ,to doubt they will all Improve it.
And Seattle, too, is the home of Con- j the ' people " who have shown i such
gressman Humphrey, whose fortlssl- J great confidence and faith in him to I ., .Criticising Presidents.
mo predictions,, of calamity to come nomlnate.a fit auccetsor and. make t From the New lork Commercial;
if subsidy was ot granted, recently right declarations withou this jres- toriwrtetteSm.nT
chook tho nation from stem to stern. sure; ithat the duly. chosen ,MeIe xaeoy that notion that the president
According to the news,, however, we gates, fresh from the people, and hot w" be'en ont'd "m " b"?lu'ly
have, rln spite of the. defeat of the an outgoing administration, are the that it is impossible to "Septate th
subsidy graftA not defunct mer- ones to settle the party's policy and presidency xrom. the holder of it th
chant marine so jtsslduously predict- choose its Candidate, $ And if -the Sr2d to a eK - ic't
c d, but added ships and tonnage and administration's ' -.policies', and pur-J should alway. operate to keep criti-
probably a proportionate Increase of poses are so clearly- andr aesuredlyf iVJIZT Zln Z .IU J? bouflda
maia mat caier .
To ths horrid vies of battle and
described it. dreadful harm.
"I move you, Mr. Chairman, as a delS
;: gat and fair man, -'
That the Jungle will b peaceful If th
Jungle folk disarm . . 'i ;
"Hurrah!" said Mr. Monkey and th ele
phant ao chunky.
And all the other animals In on ap-
"i plauOlng cher,
And said portly . Mr. Rhino, "Mr. .Chair
man here' what I anow- r
' Let us set about disarming, now that
everybody' here." . - '
"Oood," said Mr. Buffalo, la tone' you
couldn't muffle O,
"Let every one disarm himself and
guarante th peaca . .
We'll hav eighty million gallon, of as
sorted teeth and talons,
r And the' lions and th tigers will be-
, com a tame as geese.
But Somehow not a martyr would con
sent toj be tne starter.
uanais are a . .paying investment, aa a
rule, and they ar now a neoesslty in
ue unueg state..
Today In History. ,
I486 Lambert SJmnel., pretender to
th English throne, crowned at Dublin.
. 1494 Columbu discovered Jamaica,
- IBIS Leonardo da Vinci died.
. 1826 Pedro IV of Portugal abdicated.
1848 More Jhan 100 Uvea lost b col-
laps of suspension bridge at -Tar-mouth,
England,, , , v
: 1868 Jerome ' K, Jerome, English
autnor, Dorn.
Th Toledo poatofflc shows a gala
of II per eanf In a year. : . .
"- --t
Two Riddle boys -oaught lit fin '
trout on day In Judd creek. 1
; Cove expect th railroad to be 'xm- .
pleted to that burg thla month.;
Many rattlesnakeaf ar making aa
early appearance around Madraa
: . - ; - V ' v '
Emplr City marshal la It years bid
and la paid a salary of II a month. .
s.-c-4:"-.. .;.)': '.;:r:t.- .'vV'--' Vi.': . ''.' ''.',':
Many . peopl hav been paaalng
through Shaniko hunting timber claims,
never again had such a lovely tlm In
my life." - -v -,.. :";..
Madam Creel Is " th 1 dsWhtar of
uenerai Louis Terrasas, of Chihuahua. J Muguenota ' died. Born September 8,
xerrasas won nonors in tn Maximilian 1 1 - : "
Incident, and waa rewarded with . larg I ; 1887 Remaina of Rossini ' relnterred
tract of land , in northern Chihuahua. I in SanU CrocOv Florence. ,t
He owns more than, one twelfth of the! 1893 Deeming, the wholesale mur
stata His Wealth has been estimated I derer. convicted ; ab Mslhoum. . knm.
at mor than ,8100,000,000. He still
conducts many business affairs, : al
though more than 80 years of age.
Prominent Corvalll people ar . af
fecUd wltb rollerlsm not "holy" , but
skating. "- ' i -
His friends mad . th marshal ef
1864 O. Meyerbeer, composer of "Les J Praia a present of a fin new official
uniform. , ' - 1 ' '
'A Malheur county . sagebrush la IS
lnchea in diameter at th .tump and II
ft high. : - " ' v
. ' ..'.,..
All th fruit trees around Aurora ex
cept . pear tree prom! to boar larg
yield this yean
1887 Congress of th United Postal
Union opened at Washington, JX C
v 1901 Glasgow International exhlbl-
uon openea.
F;What Did ltK? ,7.TX.
V -, .. From th Dallas Observer, f ' I. y
Polk -county's goat again take "the
T AO A A MflAilftlM. ,V.. L... .. V-f
a th pool of 40,000 pound .old t: at I The Light That Hasnt Failed.
uaiiaa recently, went for v80 cents al " " Vom Life
pound, or . thre fourths of a-cent I Railroads have always been a branch
higher than any bid offered at any! of government, but it la only lately that
other place this season.- Salem 8tatea- they have begun to realise lt; If a road.
The high price paid for the
An Aurora man claims to hav caught
1 9 06 M. - Wltte resigned the Russian I one day over 100 carp, as long aa . a
plckhandl or a piece of string..
A deer wandered Into Bend and want
deliberately trolling around th atresia,
but curiously waa not molested. - -
r A lot nf . saa-arata will ha .vs. aninnaA
master who bosses the hiah wava Af hla I from Mlm tn Pullman fnv lnnMtn1a-
Pnllc I townahln la an nf ftnar , n I .-
-" . 1 , . 1 j - M . .. .. i . r . ' -. . v. . w. Bv,viuuiaui, I vu, wiu VUI lieu UU.. (9 BUI CAU n ISlSaW
i. And by laying down hi weapon, so county; mohair la one of the direct re-1 so, certainly, in essentials. Is the re-lamong their pestiferous fellows. .
advano th worthy cans. . suit or tn annual goat ahOW held at sponsible chief of th raBroad which r e-e V--,?t
They all looked -: rather f foolish, and : These, shows hav encouraged traverae. that township and Is chartered ;Aurora.;tsayi tht Boreal iwsjTnr'atr;
eyed th chairman cooll.h. the farmer to get rid of theirjnferior by th tat of which the townahip 1 a we lJ!lZ rJZ mlZ
And each looked rather nervou. at animal, and to breed their flock, up' to part ;;Ha. too. la-a public servant and
.v.. fiiH.'a a man atanaara or axeeuanc. Tn i thouah h ha larv Atmnn. i - ri ir".""
I I mohslr In tha Polk count t nool mnr. I datalla nf (ha uml... v. . .
"'.'-i ' ; -,-..-1 - V'- I . - . - f ' muni BlUfl
Well, of course, there waa a Quarrel nearly meet ,th -requirement of the 1 the rewards he shall exact for render-
(thls hasn't any moral), uuuiuimiu. "j vruuuuou bibb i ma; inem, wnen ( it comes to the final
And the tiger found the chairman
a satisfying lunoh.
where in the state, hence th high price
tn Duyera are wining to pay to- '
tnei,P-, ntiud to a certain While tha toothful alllsatora and ethar urS It Th goat Dreetlers who ar ,
. Z.rr. : --v. .u " .----Cir I". - . laAVina
ehipplng husiness, at least at Seattle,
Thus does fact belie the fondest
notions of fads and fancy.; The claim
that subsidy canymake or unmake
merchant marine is an oriental pipe
dream, and the- monumental fallacy
if the age.' Aside from Japan's new
experiment. Prance is the only cargo
paying subsidy nation In the world,
end her merchant marine is actually
declinlnf.'.; She .-has spent ; millions
subsidizing her merchantmen, and
tot b or reward she sdes her ships
i ctually disappearing from the sea.
. :. '-' ' ' .' a'.'.
. it- W i. . 1 - . "....-" 4 ""'"" - OUU
i or me puoiic gooa,- now .can mer? i pounas raignt oe conaonea in the criti
cism or otner persons; that while a
man may make of his tongue an un
corked bottle of vitriol at his own
sweet will, there 1. at least one In.
stance In which h may not do it with
out hideous violation of good taste.
be any danger of their being rejected
and overthrown .by a convention that
surely will be duly , appreciative of
them? , Is there . not something : la
this early and aggressive Interfer
ence suggestive , of the . Republican
masses being either foolish or venal
in, their political affairs, so much so
that the president must protect them
from themselves? ' v,
Not a few Bepubllcans, also, ; will
believe that an administration is out
of place la - actively controlling Its
, '...No "Social Equality.
From th New Stat (Okla.) Trlbuna
- A negro moved Into the town of Bug
ler and rented a house. : - As soon as
th whit people found out the fact a
committee visited the place, put a stick
of dynamite under one corner . and
touched lt oft The negro had not
etopped-Tunnlng when last seen. The
sentiment In Stlgler is against letting
negroes setae there.; , . - y , ,
hungry craters
Nabbed the unprotected fellow, that
- had missed the obvlou. hunch.
ucruuunu rit, L
Fonf Outing. t f '
In a single day Geronlmo, when In
hi prime, ran 40 mile on foot rod
BOO mile on one stretch, a. faat aa he
could change horses, and so completely
wore out th column which finally cap
tured him that thre t of - officers
were needed -to flolsh the chase, and not
mor than on third of th trooper, who
started wer tn at th flnlsh. - .
Kinds of Confidence.
From th Philadelphia Record. .
via the aame proportion In which Gov
ernor Hughes of New Tork ha lost th
confidence of the Republican machine he
has gained the eont idenoe of th public.
working earnestly ind Intelligently to
produce tbe beat possible grade of hair!
I are adding materially to Abe wealth and
prosperity of Polk county.
. . Dr. Harry Lane.
From th McMlnnvlll Telephone-fteg-
later. , .
Th people are now demanding-men
in public office whom they, .can trust,
and those that hava been tried and not
found wanting. Mayor Lane Is such a
man. The political Jeadera In the ma
tro polls - do- not want - him, for ' mayor,
bnt th honest law-abiding -people do.
He has a clean record and has done
mor for th city of Portland In th
past year than any mayor that city has
elected for years. The bribe-giver and
grafter finds no quarter 'within the
wall wherein Mayor Lane reigns. He
should serve Portland as mayor an
other yar. S.J.iWw, ,
want to th baU gam at Woodbum.
" v a a
The Aurora Boreall. 'office ays that
paper, does. Job work for all parte of vl
th state aa far south as AshlanSsvtast
aa far as Burns, and Portland and OTW. "
gon City ar good eutomera
Harry Stevenson and Delia Lady went -
show-down It is not he that own. th
publio but th publlp that commands
him. , 1 --. - - , r -v
Mr, Hartrman seems to hava hn
low in getting this Inexorable truth
through bis head, and has. doubtless. In
some particulars, found a nroflt in his (from MyrtlerCreak tn-...,,..
tardiness, t Mr. Rockefeller and hia I circus and innidaniaii .
friend were alao alow In apprehending Delia being only 18, her fatheA waa die- I
It and also found profit in Ignoring
lt Suob men do not realise such facts
until they hav to. v
' A Burning Nose.
. ' From tha Detroit News 1
A man with an inflammable no. re
cently created exoltement on tbe Boule
vard 8t Michel, Pafla H was lighting
a olgarett when hi nose became sud
denly Ignited, and it and hia beard. were
aoon on nre. Th man Jumped about In
great pain, and waej carried through a
horrlfled crowd to - a druirKlst's shoo.
where the bias' waa extinguished. It
waa then found that hw had a eeUulold
pleased, Harry skipped out Delia tried
neraeii out was aved, and It 1
supposed all will b happy otfn. -
Rainier Review: A cruiae of th tim
ber landa of Columbia county would
ooat not mora than - 810,000, and the
assessor Inform us that it Would re
sult In an lnoreased payment equal to
that amount from two flrma : In leas
than two year, it would ha .n
pens Incurred and an increase suffi-'
clent to morjr than quaL. the cost of I
ii.w. wuiiuuua.. i ne nirha.
uation yet placed upon timber land has
n ui an acre- ana .Om of
worth over 81,000 pr aor. ,
it u