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Mariners-Begin to Fear-That-III-fated Bark
., Has Been Lost With All Hands
r: . During Recent storm.
Wr-pitsa Wd4e
" CaDtaln Morton of th steamship Co
lumbia that he had ind. th missing
British bark lverna oft th Columbia
rtver three times while cruising about
In th pilot schooner Joseph pulltser
during the paat two weeks, la now of
tha opinion that It was th Brltlah bark
Oalana h sighted. Pilot Wood did not
know that th Galena had bn wracked
on Clataop beach when ha related hla
. experience to Captain Morton of the Co
lumbia, but learned of the disaster upon
reaching Astoria after he had turned
the Columbia over to River Pilot Know.
Jn aa Interview In Astoria last night
with a Journal representative he eald
he js now positive that the bark chased
by th pilot schooner waa the ill-fated
Galena. The Galena, too. as baa already
been stated In Tha Journal, mas off the
bar for nine days, riding- out tha storms.
... Chased th Bark... .
' Cantaln Wood says ' he chased the
-rk f-4o-tb-nturUjlthJla.flyln
when sbe first appeared, off the bar. But
was unable to gut within distance. The
day before she went ashore he again
gave chase, this time to southward, un
til Tillamook light waa nearly reached.
Both vessels were then close In and
Pilot Wood turned back, remarking that
if the Englishman went further she
yj9jrjraujableto keep off the beach-.-He
saw no more of her, put' Wat not
surprised to bear that she had plied up
on the sands. , .
This leaves th lverna mystery as
puasllng as aver with even v slimmer
hopes for her safety. SKe has now been
missing for mora than a month, tha last
seen of her being on October If, when
she parted company with the-French
bark Sully In the vicinity of Tillamook
rock. She stood out 14 sea In order to
avoid being caught ltf-the current that
Sent the four-masted barks Peter Ire
dale and Galena to their doom. A four
masted bark In ballast waa seen a few
daya later by the lookout at North Head
and be at one telegraphed to Astoria
for a tug. - THe Wallula went out. but
had to return alone tha following day,
'. tha big windjammer having outdistanced
her in a race to seaward. Since then
not a sign has been seen of the phantom
bark. .
. Offer Solution. .
: Shipping men. looking Into the matter-with
all seriousness, are unable to
offer any solution whatever to tha pus- Oolllnrswood would un
doubtedly try to reach port In order to
save hla charter, which expired last
Thursday. But still , the sticks of the
missing bark fall to loom up within the
scope of the powerful glasses of the
lookout at North Head. The telescope
In the tower covers the ocean for a
radius 6f 10 miles or mora, and yet It
has been unable to bring the white
wings of the lverna Upon the horlson.
Twenty miles is considered a safe dis
tance from shore at any time off the
mouth of tha river and for that reason.
It Is argued, the bark must have been
either disabled or wrecked by one of
the recent gales. 8he was possiDiy dis
masted In ona of the earlier blows, and
rendered unable to Weather the eubse-
quent galea In ber .crippled condition,
went to tha bottom. Thesa ' are con
jectures, but they aeem almost convinc
ing to men who have followed the sea
for year. . 'v , ,
Tha-anara-ln-ngiaaa.r -worriea
over the disappearance of the bark.
They cabled their special agents nere,
Kerr, Glfford Co.. yesterday that they
fear th worst has happened. Unless
shs shows up within the next few days
th lverna will b a fit subject for the
reinsurance gamblers, and it la predicted
that the rate will run VP with leaps and
bounds when ouce on the boara, , ior
every day will . greauy reauc me
chances of her ever reaching port. An
other fw- weeks and herfat will be
put down for that which overtook tne
bark Drumcrsig which left Portland on
the twenty-second of September. 105.
for Manila without having been heard
from since. The Drumcralg was caught
In one of th October gales off th coast
and th most, plausible theory la that
he turned 'turtle and went down with
ail hands. That she encountered a se
vere gal off the mouth of the Colum
bia river Is known wits certainty, be
cause the barkentin Koko Head, upon
reaching port some time later, reported
having paased through . a most severe
blow in the vicinity Where the Drum
cralg was certain to be If sbe followed
th course usually taken by vessels
bound for her destination.
Th revenue eutt'er Thetis, which
started on a hunt for th lverna last
Wednesday, has not' yet returned and It
Is doubtful in the minds of many If even
this extreme measure will servs to solve
th pussl. .
Dr. Ralph Matson Tells Academy
f off Sctenoe All -About
the Disease.'
Science Solving the Punle and Prob
able Cure Haa Been Found Dis-
. eat It Peculiar In Many Things
Sometime Not Contagious.
Property - Owners on Stark
Street Up In Arms Over
Proposed Improvement.
Historic Old Bark Bought by Wil-
iiam-T. Carroll From San,
. Francisco Owners.
Second Vessel to Be Purchased by
' Portland Capital During tha Past
Few Days-Plied : Between Port
land and Orient in Early Days. .
Declare Private Interesta'Are Being
Guarded and. Public Welfare Rele-
gated to ; the Rear Other Notes
From the ast Side.
i - East Sid Department.
-j Tfi objection vf'some-ortl"poperly
, owner of lower East Stark street to the
miMin. through iif the contract which
IPX Mf improvement 01
that - street, - which - Improvement pro
vides for a fill In the lower end as far
as tha river, has aroused considerable
resentment among many of tha property
owners along . Grand avenue and ths
central east. aide. . Tbey are almost
unanimous In the opinion that th con
tract should be carried out as at first
Intended. r
. Several cast side business men were
interviewed and all voiced the same
.sentiment., that East-Stark -waa - the
natural thoroughfare of the east side
and should have been opened up long
ago. '
H. H. NewhalL president of the East
Side bank, when asked his opinion said:
"The fill should be mads at once, as it
will have to be made aeon anyway.
Senator Nottingham protests because
under tha present contract tha value of
his property will" be arrectea ana a
building . will be practically destroyed.
but he forgets that a number of years
ago I lost a building on Union avenue
because of a fill of a similar cosrac
ter. tha old esst side hotel, and other
people were Injured in tha same way.
Asks for Square Seal.
C. A. Blrelow says that the method
now being usedto block th opening of
East Stark ahould not be sanctioned by
anr pne who - wishes to se fair play
given to east side Interests.
W. B. Halt president of th Esst
Side Business Men's club, ssld: "It Is
contemptible. After so many attempts
to bold back tlx development 01 mil
section Of th city this act Is outrage
ous First one axcuee and then another
has been offered to hold back this street
which Isthemost Importan t r) w
opened long ago. It connects us di
rectly with ML TSDor ana Momavuia
by the Belt Line road and la an easy
grade, and would be the main street
of this side o thrlvr-if given-hall
s,cnancs." """" 1,1
' It is too lata to bring In a rention
strance, and aome of the business men
of the dlatrlat-totimat that lack of
time Inspired the method of procedure
adopted bySenator Mottlnahsm.
Case Is Dismissed.
Th Reding case in which Stephen
Reding wss charged with wife 'beating
haa been dismissed by Judge Olson and
will not come up for trial. The charge
waa only made so that Mrs. Reding
could set her effects together and leave
the country. While Reding was being
detained In Jail Mrs.- Reding received
money from her people In the east and
Dr. Ralph C. Matson, bacteriologist of
the state board of health,-last evening
told th Oregon Academy of Science,
assembled in the city ball, how th
treatment .discovered by Captain Ross
of the India medical service has .vastly
altered all preconceived Ideas of leprosy.
He also told how he and his' brother.
Dr. Ray Matson, bad manufactured lep
rolln from -the -sores-of th Chinese
leper whose presence three months ago
so disturbed the residents of the King's
hill neighborhood. The old Chinese,
who contracted the disease in China,
Is now being treated on the county farm.
He occupies a shanty by himself, and
the effect of the leprolla Is betng eager
ly watched. 1 ; ;
BtereoDtlcon elides showing the bao-
terla colonies on cultures and also in
the blood vessels were thrown upon a
eoreen. Hawallans and Hindoos suffer
ing from extreme cases of the disease
were vividly portrayed. v "
Th disease has been spread because
to let It be known that a person ws
suffering from it meant Isolation," said
Dr. Matson. "These people have been
confined without any right . whatever.
It has been proved that leprosy Is not
an incurable disease, and that in Its
early stages It can be cured as-easily
as tuberculosis and by similar methoda."
Is Carious Disease.
Dr. Matson told what a curious dis
ease It la. Here are .some instances;
Chlndren of leper parents do not neces
sarily have . the disease. A nusbana
and wife rarely both hav it. on
Chines woman had thr leper hus
bands one after the other and never
contracted it. Leprosy is primarily a
disease of filth and poor food, though
a king one died of It.
In Iceland, where there are many
cases, parte of the body not covered
by clothing, such as the face, are the
only portions attacked by the disease.
Norwegian emigrants orougni ne uis
ease to Minnesota,
Always Follows War.
leprosy always follows war and pes
tilence, the people being usually phy
sically Impoverished and less able to
withstand the asssults of the germs.
These germs may live In the skin for
1 -years without ever entering the sys
tem or making their presence knwwn In
n wv. Leorosv rerms are killed by
contact with chlorine or any of its
salts, such as common salt.
. The leprolln, in brief,, is a concen
t rated essence of th leprosy germs
themselves, killed by beat and strained
When this Is Injected the living germs
cannot abide their presence, immediate
ly rush out through the skin, causing
m. hlirh fever. CaDtain Ross, th discov
erer of leprolln, la swsraped with de
mands for It from all over the world.
Dr. Matson Is one: of th few other
bacteriologists who have made it '
During th cours of hla lecture. Dr.
Matson said that the theory that fish
dlstwas pnrtilly responsible, for lop
rosy is now held to be false.
Another historm old windjammer has
been purchased by Portland capital and
thle port will now boast of having two
notable lumber droghers registered her.
William T. Carroll, who recently bought
th old favorite bark Ceioma, yesterday
purchaaed the equally old and historic
American bark Aldan Bess. The, bark
la .now on rugei souna loaaing iuraur
for San Francisco, but ah I expected
to come here as soon as her- present
ohartar expiree. '
The Alden Bess Is on of th oldest
craft . afloat on th Paolfla and she Is
known almoat everywhere, for there are
few porta of Importance at which ah
has not touched at-om tlm or other. J
She was once upon a tlm engaged In
freighting between this port and Hong-
kong, as did th Coloma, and many
storl-rs yet being told along th
waterfront of how she did a landofflce
business carrying Chinese, dead and
alive. 8 he carried live Chines coming
this way and tha remains of deceased
ones returning to th orient. Frequent
ly ah would hav quit a lot of caskets
on board, for In those daya tne ooaiea
of departed Celestials wsre shipped snore
often than th bonee, as Is now th sys
tem In. vogue.
There Is said to be a growing interest
In marln matters her and men with
capital are seriously considering build
ing several steam schooners (or tne
coast lumber trade. ' At present most of
th oraft plying along th ooast ar
owned and operated 'out of San Fran
cisco; although moat of th cargoee ar
furnished by th northern ports. .
LvwWaawwsAAW m A W tt w '. m Aw.'ViSw'Xslvwj
Now 1st tie
Our fall stock is now complete and awaits your inspection. Critical house
' furnishers will be pleased-with-the race-and beauty4aheldesign of-the-JiewJ
patterns, while the prices will, appeal jto thlhriftieSt.shopperAn wejynUi
"give you what credit you need. No matter, how small the deposit may be
we'll meet your demands somehow. Every business man uses his credit. )
Why don't you use yours? Come in this week and take advantage of A our :
new stock; then let our salesman figure on furnishing your home. . ' .
at Astoria
Oovernmest Tat" Sotoyomo
.on Way worth.
- Th government tuc Sotoyomo is at
Astoria for coal arid aheltar on her way
to Bremerton to act as ona of the sta
tion tugs st the navy yard. Sh left
San Francisco November t, and reached
Astoria Thursday after a very stormy
Th weather was thick all the, way
from the Golden Gate to the Columbia
river and oft Cape Blanco' th tug en
countered a big storm that : compelled
her. to heave to for eight hours. Th
crew report that she was to all Intents
and purposes submarine, because her
decks were under water moat of th
Th tug Is In command of Lieutenant
E. H. Dodd. who . was her a year ago
last, summer on th torpedo-boSt de
stroyer Paul Jones. She carries a ere
of It men and O. Johnson, mate. Th
Sotoyomo is only t2 feat long and has
a tonnage of about 175 tons, but can
make 11 knots under good weather con-
I dltlons. ' - - "
jTorwegian Steamer Jethon Joins ni
No. 137 Iron . Bed, 1 1-16-ineh continuous post:
heavy filling, finished Vernis Martin. .f 14.00
No. 926 Iron. Bed, finished cream and gold,
1 1-16-inch-post, well filled ;..10.8O
No. 706 Iron Bed, 1 1-16-inch continuous post,
straight rod filling, 3 brass spindles . in head
and foot, finished Vernis Martin or cream and
gold -00
No. 772 Iron Bed, full brass filling, continuous
post, finished in cream enamel M.SO
Uo. 7 Full Napoleon Bed, In genuine mahogany,
. . hesvv claw feet . . . ;...f 85.00
Trd.T6-Napoleotf Bed", Mw heidrfinished-in ma- t
hogany, ttirdseye maple ano quaner-sswea
golden ale , 42.ri0
No.. 340 Napoleon Bed, finished in birdseye
rasple,-mahogany andquarter-eawe4 golden
oak $31.60
sh had
returned to them and when
safely departed Reding was
The-couple reside at Qat
Trolley Wires Break.u-i-
Troily wires on East Morrison street
caused some trouble again yesterdsy
afternoon end traffic was suspended
for a few minutes on the bridge because
one of the breaks occurred near th and
of the draw. Breaks are oceurlng often
In thl vicinity and causing consider
able inconvenience to those hsvlng occa
sion to pass over the Morrison bridge.
It seems that the trolleya are not heavy
.nnii,h to suoDort the trsfflo and resl-
rint declare that sorrre new ones of
different style will have to be provided
before th street Is ecur from further
accidents In this line.
3 J
-' .... . . --
Every garment cut according to the latest dictates
-of-fashion-from substantial-Woolen and-Worsted
Fabrics. .;-"''-
Salsbury Hats The
best known, and known
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Boys'- and Children's
Suits and Overcoats
almost.... K PRICE
-JBr-Stetson Hats,-Any- Style and Colorr $4.00r
Famous Clothing Company
Three gangs of longshoremen will go
to work this - morning loading .lumber
on board of. tha Norwegian steamer
Jethou at the mills of Inman, Poulsen
AV Co. The- steamer-arrived In the harbor-yesterday,
afteanoon from Port Los
Angeles under charter to th Paclflo
Export Lumber company to load for
China. Bhe trill carry approximately
I. (00.000 feet
Captain Peterson rcporls having had
a fair voyage from tne (.aiirornia.porc
to the Columbia river, but he ran into
thick weather, off the bar and had to
lay -outside from Wednesday morning
until Thursday morning. A gale sprang
up and It was about all th big freighter
could do to hold her head to th seas.
Her engines were turned to their ca
pacity, and yet she made barely per
ceptible headway against the seas and
wind.. By hanging clo to th light
ship th steamer was ready to cross
in as soon aa conditions became fa
vorable Thursday morning.
The Jethou carries a Norwegian crew
numbering SO all told. She signed the
men at Antwerp, from which port aha
brought a cargo of cement and building
material to Port Los Angeles. She waa
fortunate In meeting with good weather
all the way from Europe, th storms
off Cap Horn even subsiding In her
path. Other steamers that doubled the
Horn about the same time reached port
with tales of awful hsrdshtps and close
escapes from, total destruction, yet the
Jethou hardly shipped a sea on the en
tire passage.
Captain Peterson is Veil known here
ss the former master of the Norwegian
steamer Norman Isles. The tatter ves
sel was here a few months ago and
took a lumber cargo to the orient Sh
Is expected to return here soon.
No. 50 Dresser, finished golden, mshogany and
whits maple, 20x24 f rench bevel oval mir
ror .... .....fl5.00
No. 22 Dresser, finished golden, 18x24 French
' bevel mirror S12.00
No. 2199 Dresser, base 45x24 inches, 30x30 round
. bevel mirror, made in golden oak and birdseye
maple.... f38.fl0
No. 368-Golden Oak Dresser, full swell base,
30x34 French bevel mirror ....fSft.OO
No. 19 Chiffonier, finished golden, mshogany.
and white maple, oval. French bevel mir
, ror . . . . ........... f 14.T5
No. 51 Chiffonier, finished golden, extra large, 5
drawers u..... . .t.l jO.OO
No. 354 Chiffonier, birdseye maple, golden oak
end. mahogany, shaped French bevel mir
ror........ ,..25.00
i j "p
Fiirniliirp V
vanish leather. r:7.T.trr.;..f la-SO"""" We
athered Oak library Chair, ssddlev fcN
. ; . . . . ... . f T.ttO - - SS 1
" tered in Spanish
No.. Z6S Weath
seat . .
No. 9 Rocker, weathered oak, Upholstered in
'Chase leather . . . :......f0.T5
No. 2259 Mission Rocker, in weathered finish,
saddle seat . .96.50
No. 6398 Cellarette, complete with bottles and
trsy, westhered finish , 15. 50
No. 150 Weathered Oak Hall Seat, upholstered
in leather, heavily carved back... 15.25
No. 16 Library Table, top 23x42, weathered fin
ish .... .......f20.oo
No. 755 Library Table and Magazine Rack com
bined, weathered oak. strictly mission in de
sign . ....S25.00
No. 851 Hanging Hall Rack, finished golden or
weathered oak, 12x30 French bevel mir-
- ror . . . . ...... ......r....ri...Tr7;.;v.fT.5o
No. 1002 Hanging Hall Rack, in golden or.
weathered oak, 12x18 oval French bevel mir--rorT-.-,
; . t...... ;w. . ( . . f .50
No. 438 Hanging Hall Rack, 14x14 French bev-
el mirror, weathered or golden oak V1.00
No. 790 Hanging Hall Rack, in quarter-sawed
golden oak, .18x24 oval French bevel mir
ror , . ,,..f9.T5
No. 547 Music Cabinet, in genuine mahogany,
oval French bevel mirror "in door.. ..10.50
No. 0551 Music Cabinet, in Circassian walnut,
full swell front fSS.OO
No. 490 Golden Oak Music Cabinet, French legs
and patent door pocket S18.50
No. 541 Music Cabinet, in mahogany finish,
French bevel mirror on top f . ...... . .10.50
No. 550 Music Cabinet, in mahogany ftn
; ish f.T5
W& OSgCt 0QQSJ0 Csft
Th Harrlman liner Columbia did not
get away for San Francisco last night
because of additional freight being re
ceived at th dock up'to a lata hour last
night About too passengers went on
board, however, and sh will leave down
some time this morning.
The big tramp steamer sighted off the
bar yesterday morning Is believed to be
th oil tank steamer Atufs. She did not
cross In during the day, but stood, oft,
evidently walUng for th bar to quiet
down. , " . . . '
The sieamer George W. Elder will
sail for Port Los Angeles via San Fran
cisco and a.ureka Tuesday morning. Bhe
will tske ail tne ireignt en can carry .iT w
snd most or ths passenger accommoda-J ' ' rr b';
tlons hav already been spoken for.
The oriental liner Numantla, whloh
arrived from Hongkong via Yokohama
early yesterday morning, will take a
full cargo of flour when she sails for
the orient in about a week.
..The Norwegian steamer Terje Vlken
will finish loading lumbar at th mills
of th Portland Lumber company Mon
day or Tuesdsy. She goe to Port Pl-
rie, Australia, and will return her fort
anoiner wi -. v
has been discharged.
U A 9
down at 1:10 p. m. Steamers AHlsncs
and F. A. Kllburn. ,
' San Frsnciaco, Nov. It. Arrived
Steamer Costs Rica, from ' Portland.
Arrived Steamer Sailor Boy, from
And Veteran Boomer of Cqos
- Bay-Has to Tramp Seven
Miles In Mud.
En route to Kansas City snd Wash
ington, D. C. as a delegate to the Trans
Mississippi congress and the National
Rivers and Harbors ' eongress, Peter
Loggle of North Bend arrived In Port
land yesterday and left for th saat.
He was delayed a day by th heavy
storm that swept the coast counties and
crippled ths stag Un between Marsh
Held and. Roseburg.
"Trees were falling around us, and
at nightfall, th stag brok down," he
aatd. "I bad to walk Seven miles
through- mud to reach- th nearest
plae where I could stop over night. It
was the hardest trip I hav . had be
tween Coos bay snd Portland In the
many years I hav lived on th coast."
Mr. Loggl goes to Washington as a
delegate from Coos bay eitles to work
to secure government aid la improving
the harbor and rebuilding th jetty,
whjchls now n"ry destroyed, . owing
to the failure of th government to re
new It The Coos bay people ask for
an appropriation to extend th )tty
and deepen the channel to something
Mr. LiOggl
will probably remain in Washington
most of the winter, looking after Coos
bay Interests.
Astoria, Nov. IT. Condition of th
bar at I p. m., .rough; wind, northwest
t miles; weather, cloudy. Arrived at
1:10 a. m. Schooner Irene, from Re
dondo. Sailed at l:0S p. m. Steamer
Asuncion, for Ban Francis. Arrived
Portland and Oregon ar th conspic
uous feature 4n a. near booklet uat is
sued by. th advertising department of
th Chicago Northwsstern railway.
The booklet is entitled "Th Paolflo
Northwest." and Is on of th bst Illus
trated publications Issued by any of
the railroads Interested in this Motion
Of th sountry, - .
'Th sgrloultural, fruit. jnlnlngand
netting resources f Oregon sre shown
to great advantage, and ths book Is a
credit to the railroad company. Port
laad is shown In a birdseye view from
Trading at one place where you are treated right Is much
more safe for your investment. We are proud to say that
we held the same customers for the past 13 years and many t
of our new patrons have been recommended to us through
our square dealing. We always carry a large stocky of first
class Men's and Children's Clothing with general line of
Shoes, also Trunks, Suit Cases, Blankets and Comforters. .
We make no arrays, but we save you money on our prices
Drug Co. -
Wholesale, MannfaetnrlnaT ' aad
Importing Brnggists,
Announo the completion of their
Analytical Laboratory, completely
equipped. In every detail for the
analysis of foods, rocks, oil,
fuels, fertilisers, drugs, mineral
wsters snd for technlcnl research-.'.
Our estsbllshment, eorser Klnth
id Son snd conveniently lo
cated near Union Depot and Ter
minal Grounds, Is the largest In
ths northwest.
Sealers la Oasoara Bark, Bal
aam Wl aad crude druse pf ths
ths heights and occupies th plac of
honor on a front pas. Vlws st Mount
Hood, Hood rlvr valUy orchards, Cas
tl Rock, Multnomah fails, Th Dallas,
wheat -fields, vineyards, fish canneries,
forests and dairy farms are shown. The
booklet will be given wlds circulation
In ths mlddls wsst.
( Aoki Oomlnf to Coast. ,'
(Ipeelel Dtapttr ky teseed Wire to The Joerstl)
Washington, Nov. IT. Aokl, ths Jap
anese ambassador. Is going to th Fa
el fie coast to study the conditions of
his countrymen there, especially In re
lation to ths California situation, , ,
... r-