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Yesterday )
- Was f
1. Tonight and .Saturday occaeional
rain; easterly winda." ; ' . - "
VOL. V. NO. 219. S
PRICE TWO l CENTS. ; g7Akla?m. cZim
nnVAfl III! MARliF nr
uii I nu vv ill uiiniiuL yi
Nebraskari Thanksthe
Hood River Demo
crats for Prize Box
of; Apples Sent.
- r -
Will Comejo Portland and Stats
University at Eugene Is Glad
. of Governor Chamberlain's
Success -Thinks l. Fruit -the
Finest Ever Grown.' ,'
Speclal Plapatrh , to The Journal.)
,- Hood River, Nov. 1 a. An acknowl
edgement of the receipt of the box "of
' Hood - River applea sent- by the Hood
River , Democratic club to WHllem' J.
Bryan haa just been received by George
V. Culbertaon, eecertary of the organi
sation, I front the ; groat Democratic,
leader, (dated Unaoln. -November, 10, is
which b aaya:
''Upon , ny return home after the
close of the fcampaltfrin find your box
, of apples and alao your latter.,. I think
your description of .the applea cannot
' be questioned, at least I have never aeen
any suirssslnj them. '
"Mrs. Bryan and I are very fond of
applea and we eat one together every
night before retiring. ' She therefore
Joins nt In thanking the club for their
muoh appreciated courtesy. - , .
. -We may paaa through Oregon In Jan.
usry, but fear we will not have time to
atop any place excepting- Portland and
Eugene. (I understand tbe state uni
versity la at Eugene.) Am very glad
- to hear of the reelection .of Governor
.Chamberlain and that you feel hopeful
about the' campaign of lt08."
Mr, Culbertaon aaya an effort will be
made to have Mr. Bryan atop off at
Hood River during hla trip to the coaat
thla winter and that In a previoua corre-
(Continued on Page Three.)
Hugh Saxon and. Thomas Reeves, the Boy
i Bandits, Sentenced to Prison for Brutal
: i -Murder of-AgediWilliam Powell.;:
' . (Special Diapttcb te The Journal.
Eugene, Or.. Nov. . 16. Fifteen . years'
. behind the bars of the Oregon state
penitentiary await Hugh Saxon, the
boy who shot and killed William Powell,
an aged veteran of the civil war, near
Cottage Grove- last August, while
Thomaa Reeves," Saxon's elder com
' panlon. ia doomed to serve an Indeterml-
. nate sentence Id .the same Institution.
. Thla waa the decree of Judge Harris In
the circuit court this morning, who
.acted upon Jho boys' plea of. guilty to
the charge of marmUugnter. : t
Only the fact of the extreme youth
of the aaaasslns saved them from the
gallowa, aa their murder waa .the most
--eld-blooded -and brutal--ffar-4iv-the
; history of this section of the country.
Murder In the first degree was the
.' charge uiori-whlrh they .were to be
tried, but ea they agreed to plead guilty
and atund the penalty without trial, on
a charge of manslaughter, a compro
mise wss effected. .
One evinlng last August, - Powell, a
I The Best of
-' Indeed, the very best of all the. magatlne features are to be found In
' The Sunday Journal. ' And. by the way, the circulation of The Sunday
Journal Increases with every Issue. The people seem to appreciate the
effort we are making to give them tbe moat readable paper In the
yX " northwest.
, uh. oitrnan o. wibb, was looked on aa one or me trinieai men
In Oregon, and while here bad a-large following who heard with Interest
whttevrr he had to say; he begins a aerlea of articles on national toplca
in The Sunday Journal. : ' " ,
W. J. .BRYAN, whose letters have attracted more attention than slml-
lsr work by any American In recent years, discusses old World govern
ments In a wsy to Interest student, educator and the general reader.
' , W. T. ELLIS,-one of the cleverest of eastern Journalists has started
on a trip around the world to learn just what the American mission
ary Is doing, and will give the result of hla observations to readers
of The Sunday Journal. .
' BERT HUFFMANN, one of the beat of western Journalists, who al
ways has something of Interest to tell, write of Oregon's Swltserland
, and describes In- charming; war thla beautiful place thY will soon be
made accessible to all. - . .. . , ,
These are but a, few of the fine features that make r
The Journal the Best Sunday Paper" i
Portage Road Payrolls
Are Alleged to Have
Been Padded by Mr.
Cook. '
y ...... -t .
His Removal From Office of Sup-
;. erintendent. of Road at Celilo
V to Be Followed by Rigid In
vestigation Into His Recent
Office Methods.
". Sensational charges of .padding pay.
roll and miscellaneous grafting have
followed the removal oM. a Cook from
the office of' superintendent of v the
State Portage road at Celilo: He w
removed from the office at noon today
and Frank L. Smith, yaffle manager
of the Open River Transportation as
sociation of this city, took charge un
til Cook a successor la selected. -
The superintendent ' submitted - nls
resignation to the state ef flctalsT
vembor T. . Rumors of graft were In
circulation, however, and the officials
refused to accept his resignation pend'
lng an ' Investigation. The .Investiga
tion resulted In hla removal today and
may , also - reault , In legal proceedings
against mm. . ...... .,
Cook la charged with having signed
the namea of numerous men employed
on the portage road to vouchers drawn
on the atate treasury. . The system of
graft, according to the chargea, was to
send to the atate authorities pay-rolls.
containing- full month' a aalarlea for
men who worked -only a portion of the
month. On the receipt of the states
vouchers. It la charged, he aigned tbe
namea of the employes, had the vouch'
era cashed and paid the employee in
cash. 1 -v i '
In that way. It la charged, ' he kept
. (Continued en Page Three.)
man 70 years of age, who as a
refuges of the San Francis so disaster
waa working his wsy through the coun
try as a peddler, made a camp beside
the" railroad tracks near Cottage Grove.
He- lighted a Are and soon busied him
self In preparing- hia evening5 meal.
When a fat brook trout waa browning
nicely Ul a trpnt pan on the fire,- Saxon
and Reeves appeared on the scene,
armed with revolvers, and Commanded
the old man to surrender his food te
them. v
Remembering the days of hla youth.
when wearing a suit of blue In Uncle
Sam's army he had fought the "Johnny
Rebs" to the last ditch, Powell refused
to- doprlve-hlmself of hia ineal despite
the threatening guns turned upon him."
He considered the matter a joke and
laughed at the youthful desperadoes.
- Angered at not being taken seriously.
Saxon placed hla Anger on the trigger
of his gun and nreo. his millet went
true and a few. hours later the old
veteran expired. , , . .
the Comics--
. ... . .
I i ' : :i:-f i , : -J ! r : -'-
iLeK-wiw sasMfcaat fli
Morrison-Street Bridge, Showing
Father Steals His Daughter Who
Does Not Know Him From
Foster Mother- Court Orders
His Arrest and Refuses to Let
; Him Take Little One. ;
(Special DUoiteh to The Journal.) "
"Helena. Mont, Nov. 1. A Miles City
special says that I W. Page haa been
brought In from Ekalaka by 'a deputy
sheriff. Page had been placed under
guard tor appearance In the district
court by Justice Peck of Ekalaka for
kidnapping his daughter.
The Vage girl when but 4 years old
waa placed by her father In the care of
Mrs. BovelL Page .agreed to pay for
the keeping of the child f 100 a year
and she was to be kept until she was II
years old. The child is now II years
old, and la an heiress to $50,000.
Page called upon Mra. Bovall re
cently and tried to get. his child, but
Mrs. Bovall refused to give her up.
Finding that In order to secure posses
sion of the child he would be obliged
to resort to strategy. Page conceived of
a' scheme whereby he might accomplish
this end. His daughter was'lnteroepted
during the evening and Page took her
forcibly and placed her In hia buggy
and drove off to Ekalaka.
They stopped at a hotel over night,
but the child raised such a commotion
that suspicion was arouaed and Justice
Peck had Mr. Bogits- arrest Pae, who
was placed In jail on a charge of kid
napping. ' "
Mra. Bovell had raised the child tn
entire Ignorance of who her father was,
therefore the child raiaed the disturb
ance which caused Page'a arrest. -
- Page telegraphed to Bellefourche to a
lawyer who knew about the case and
also to Mrs. Weeks, an aunt Both tes
tified - that the child waa Page's, . but
that did not prevent the Justice from
holding him on tbe charge. Bogga
would not turn over the child to either
contesting parties until he had obtained
legal advice from Miles City.- Page will
take the child to Los Angeles. .
House Burns Down, but Woman
-iZLlsURescued Too - Late
From the Flames.
(Jmraal Special service.) ,' . '
Helena. Mont,, Nov. 11 A ., special
from Butte says:' As reason of Inju
ries sustained while trying to save her
little daughters from fire that was
consuming her Jiome, Mrs. Joseph Be-
USIO lies aeaa. ens leaves inree cnu
dren and a husband. .
While the flames thst had awakened
her' raged around her bed. Mrs. Bellale,
a woman of barely -?0 years, cried:
-"Nov I'll not come out; I'm going to
burn with my children," end it waa
with the utmost difficulty that the fire
men rescued the mother and, children
from the fire.
Mrs. Bellale' e death was directly due
to Injuries to her rungs eaused by In
haling fumes and gas from the fire.
' ' fjonraal Special Bervtee.) '
Minneapolis. Nov. !. President
Roosevelt Is the Issue- of the conven
tion of the American Federation of La
bor today. President Compere Is op
posed to any action and Vice-President
Mitchell Is leading the forces favorable
to the president. Oompers .Is sngry
because Secretary-Root wss sent to at
tack earst. Tbe convention adjourned
this morning until Saturday, ' The corn--mittee
la to eonsldtr its resolutions.
Rise of the Willamette River.
a I "V
Bridge Over the Clackamaa at Gladstone, Showing - Three Benta Washed
"Out by
Five Indictments and Good Work Just Begun
in San Francisco, Says Heney Grand
" Now Considering Belvedere Case.
(Jeoraal Special Service.)
San Frsnolsco, Nov. !. Despite the
fact that Indictments (ha . conviction
upon which Mayor Schmtts and Abe
Reuf could be sent to the penitentiary
for a term of 25 years have, been re
turned. District Attorney Langdon and
Prosecutor Heney thla morning took up
the task of seeking more Indlounenta in
the alleged graft oases. -with relentless
energy. With the ' French restaurant
caaea out of the way,' they took up the
Belvedere Music hall cases and are sift
lng all the evidence and placing It in
shape for presentation to the grand Jury
when that inquisitorial body reconvenes
this afternoon.
Francis J. Heney said' this morning
Male arid Female
Help Wanted
WANTED Machine man te work m tarsi
tare fartnry; alao boy to work in fac
tory. - C.ll 109 North Uth at., city.
' WA'VTED Carpenter ownlns kit r tool
tor Ineoor work; beg la , at once, eonanoe
wen r tn oar. . .uw wmm
Man," care Journal.
BOT with wheel te work all day.
. dard-Kelly Sboe Ce.
Ch an'l Dellrery Snva. "
Sober U Bret-, Tklrd and Uorrlsoa ata.
g i I.FS V EX-axpertearad - la sseea; alee la
eomeaUre. Olds,
Wortmaa . King.
WANTED Boy about IS to work la shop.
68H Nnrtk Mailt at.
riRHT-rXAris bartender for a Bj-.t-rl..
aakooB; raferaocaa. S. K., care JoaraaL
GIRL tot reneral howwork. f4 per weak.
- W. alow.r. Sot Marsuarlte are.
WANTetV-Experteneed reatadrast waitraea.
8S8 BatT alorrlaoa at. . -
OI Rt, te aaalat Is koeaewwk.
17th at., corner Kearney.
1M North
WASTED Immediately, yonag lady te
txarb ehlMren, nnne aboT tilth grade.
In prlrate family la eeatern Oresnn; food
asea and board. Call 3&S Alder at,,
room 16, Main S70O.
vow rtrav to thx CLAssirmm roa
, , , VXDES "KXLT WAaTTIft,";
Merchants! Housewives!
Whea yea need kalf ef any kind remtis.
b-r the great army of mmrnn read
The Jeurnal nad Jearnal Waata east
' LEsa Tit a a czirr a woaot .'
,. , .
e Flood Situation. , . e
' Storm continues but . weather'
la cooler. e
e . FaVorable Indications for sub- e
e - aldence. -- '
e Lewis and Cowllta rivers out
e of banks. . ' e
Woodland, Washington,' sub-, e
- merged Loss of llfa.Je.artd.
e Castle. Rock and Lexington ,
under water. , . e
e ' No word from Seattle or Puget
' sound country. -
, Northern Paclflo will have to e
e be practically rebuilt from sum- 4
mlt of Cascades to Tacotria.
Traffic resumed oa Q. B A.
Northern Paclflo trains going , 4
e via O. R. A N. e)
Western .Washington Isolated
e . by rail and wire from world. .:
e Columbia river at. Vancouver 4
e rises nearly 1 feet.
' V (Josraal BpecUl BerTh-e.1 "
Washington, Nov. It. Edward Grant,
a negro, was hanged thla morning for
the murder of Eva Barnes last Decem
ber.' .'' '.
that the good work in this city had just
begun. The grand jury haa aummnnad
to appear before It thla afternoon mem
bers of the company operating tne noto
rious Belvedere Muelo haU before the
nig nre; Eddie Granny, James Co ft roth
and other, who will be compelled to
ahow by what means Ruef secured one
quarter of the stock of thla comnanv.
It - is a matter of common knowledge
that he did not pay a cent for It, and yet
he, or another in hla behalf, drew down
Handsome monthly revenues. .
It Is thoun-ht that the effect of tha In.
dtctment of Ruef and hla man. Mayor
Schmlts, will bo to loosen the tongues
of some who are willing enough to talk,
but who have fee red the power of Ruef
in tne peat. ......
: William Burns, the government's fa-,
moua detective, Is still reticent In re
spect to Information In possession of
the prosecution relative to the boodlera,
of whom Mayor Eugene Schmlts snd
Abraham Ruef are the most conspicu
ous. ..
- The success of the prosecution In se
curing indictments against the arch
conspirators has not loosed the tongues
of Burns and Heney; butaeemlhgly baa
had the contrary effect. All that Heney
could be Induced to say waa:
More Xadlstmeats Coming.
"There will be no cessation of this
prosecution until the municipal graftera
of San Francisco are put to rout. We
shall continue to follow the rule laid
down In the outset of this Investigation
and refuse to discuss information we
have in our possession with tbe news
papers or give any. information in that
connection to the public, until the grand
jury ahall have acted. , Even then we
shall not give out any of the evidence
in . our possession until It shall have
been presented to the, court at the actual
trial of the offenders.
'"Heney said he would continue to pile
up Indictments on all poaatble charges.
' It Is recalled that almost essotly a
year ago Heney, who was then busy
with the Oregon land fraud cases, said
In a speech here opposing the election
of Schmlts: - ' ' ' .
-It I hart control of the district at
torney's office I would Indict Abe Ruef
for felony and aend him to the peni
tentiary, where he belongs, for I have
personsl .knowledge that hei Is corrupt.
If you elect these people," graft In this
city will become So great that the cltl
sens of 8an . Francisco will aak me to
come back and prosecute him. When
that time comes I will do aa the people
request aa arnatter of clvlo duty."
He haa made good" his werd In part
Ruef has lot much of his old boastful
sttltude. He realises now the power of
(Continued ea Page Three, J
- . I
' . , ... ' J J
surro mm
Railroad Traffic Paralyzed Between Columbia
River and Sound Cities I elephone and
Telegraph Wires Down Beyond Kelso Big
Dam at Leavenworth May. Go Out. t
- jFrirty -mrjiomen
rescued from the rising waters of the
flood in the Cowlits river last even
ing by the ateamer Georgle Burton.
Fleeing from the angry water they had
taken refuge on John Beck's Island,
three mllea above Catlln. It was feared
the- Burton would- not reach, the island
in time. She will reach Portland this
The Lewis river rose above Its bank
opposite Woodland this morning and a
vast volume of water poured Itself upon
the little city. Grave fears are enter
tained for the Uvea of the too inhab
itants. ,
Woodland la situated on the north
side of the Lewis river on the line of
tbe Northern Paclflo between Vancou
ver and Tacoma.- It la built on low
ground and when, tha Lewis river, which
hae been a roaring torrent for two days
past, broke over its banka and rushed
upon the town tbe latter waa surrounded
with water in an hour. Telephone poles
were, swept away like matches and all
communication was cut off from the
outside, world. Just how serious Is the
disaster ia not known, for people from
the higher country surrounding are not
able to get to Woodland and none of
the inhabitants of the town, so far as
known, have escaped to any point In
communication with tbe world at- large.
Dam About to 0o Oat. .
"A dispatch from Wenatchee to
Weather Observer Beals today says the
Wenatchee liver and all mountain
streams In that region are tha highest
ever known. A large dam at Leaven
worth, on the Wenatchee, Is about to go
out. with 10,000,000 feet of lumber be
hind It.
The Southern Paclflo trains are still
operating by transfer over the C & K..
and the bridge engineering force Is still
watching and waiting on the banka of
the Bant lam for that stream to desist
1 z
Earnest Bicknell Does Not Believe Charges of
i-Graft In Connection -With Relief Fund;
-i- --Explains Conditions at Time
(Joeraal Special Servlee.)
, Chicago, Nov. 18. Earneat Bicknell,
superintendent of the Chicago bureau of
charities,- nays: "I don't believe that
there haa been any criminal diversion of
the San Francisco relief fund. When
the dlsaater came Mayor Schmlts rose
to the occasion and showed that there
Is greatness In him. I do not think that
the money that. passed through the
hands of the committee of fifty or
through the hands , of the mayor was
misappropriated. I imagine 'that the
emergency bureau was organised of the
vlotlma of the disaster haphazard, for
receiving the funda and recording them.
Then think of the Immense number of
contributions -snd-the--paralysl-ef-the
aganclee of transmission. - I have no
doubt ' that many, remittances were
wrongly entered and all trace of them
lost, but I do not doubt but that every
cent contributed reached a proper des
tination and was honeatly distributed.
w - clerks taaxperleuoed.
' The letters arrived at the rate of 100
or tOO every malL Two hundred inex
perienced clerka worked In one room,
where the noise of 7 typewriters added
td the confusion. The jnan keeping the
Francis J. Heney, aaslstant United
States attorney general and prosecutor
ef Oregon land frauds, will be married
at Piedmont, across the bay front Ban
Francisco, to Mrs. Rebecca McMullln
Belvin of Berkley, 'tomorrow afternoon.
The wedding will be held at the resi
dence of Mrs. Belvln'e alster-ln-law.
Mrs. Betty Hayes McMullln. and will
be a private affair, only relatives of
the principle bihig present.
The bitiW t- t a w the il.iughter of
the lute Ju! 1 "'iillln, a we. I
known i ' r . ..
from Its abnormal activity. A dispatch
thla morning from- : Chief Englneea
Boschke said that the river, after fall-
v uiu.a infill ucivi. ..fnv .n
day yesterday, and this morning had
again fallen SO Inches. Today it is rain
ing bard, and another' rise will occur.
lila . force . of man will tomorroa
tempt to start false works for restora
tion of the tracks over the Santiam,
. Telephones Out ef Bervloe.
News of the Woodland flood waa re
reived in Portland .. this morning . by
Manager Hickman of the telephone
company. This company has a wire to
Kelso, which la considerably beyond
WnAill.nil hut ni' infnpnutlnn mm ,a
the condition of the people of Woodland obtained. j
: Beyond Kelso, as far as the tele
phone company is concerned, tha coun
try is a blank today On- aaoeunt - of
Green river floods- the company cannot
get word from Seattle, Tacoma or any
other Bound or Weat ' Washington
points via- Spokane. Kven Walla Walla
is cut off. Telephonic connections
with Spokane, bow ever, may -still- be
had. . - v.
turn . i la. i Diri.i coaiwi7 m-
tirely cut eft from the state of Wash
ington except in the case of one wire,
which goes only as far aa Castle Rock..
All the wires . are down between Co-
wawa mimmmit ataH liw-.icauiv- uveas
and there la no connection with Spo
kane or Walla Walla. The Poster haa
sent out a gang of 10 men -who will try
to get a wire through from Castle Rock
to Sopenah ' some time this afternoon.
It ia aupposed that the wires are all
light beyond Sopenah and if such la the
case the connection will re-establish.
communications with Tacoma and Seat
tle. Another gang of workmen Is out
with the purpose of repairing- the line
to BDOkane . -
(Continued on Page Three.)
accounts were victims ' whose homes)
were wrecked and whoee families ware
,.. B , llll. v, aw.' ill KUW f Ul I1SV.
These men could not be relied upon for
Many letters were received without
addresses, many signatures were in
eligible. In such cases thece- wsre many
erroneous entries. All who know the
difficulties under which' the work was
done marvel that It was done so well.
' Who trot the Funds. -The
governor received 11,000, Phelaa
hundreds of thousands, . Morrow large
amounts, Spreckles, De Toung and others
large amounts. - All these funds went
to the sufferers. - These, men are men.
of "brains. Had lhey designed theft,
they could - have done so by safer
methods, could have - used dummy
beneficiaries and "grafted' in payment
for cottages and supplies.
. "I believe that the mayor Is honest
and that members of the cltlaens" com
mittee are honest. ' The- story Is In
credible In the aaaumptlon Ulat then
men are dishonest, and further In the
assumption that they would be dis
honest In the manner of rendering de
tection easy; , ' ' -
"The engagement of Mr. Honey and
Mrs. Blvln wae announced sin. lime
ago, but at the time waa not admitted
by Mr. Heney, who conelilered that the
announwtnent had bum mml pr'mn
torely. It was Inter nf irrne.i, how-'
ever, both by Mr. il-vy mi l .v.-. -'iy
vln. ,
.Mrs. Belvin l 'l known li i '.
euro and M.-rk. V '' '" 1 ' 1
len pron
.mlii. I i t'.- "' I I ' "
two rl!t"
of e.:!,
f r I
1 e I n ti
a I i