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A lBLwkv
HEILIO Sunday night Jaa Corcormn In The Freedom of Suzanne "
IUIUO HI Henry s Minstrels, Tuesday and Wednesday nlghta with
special matinee Wednesday.
MBILIO "Parsifal" Friday. Saturday and Sunday night, October lt
M, Curtain at 1:45 o'clock.
BAKER All' k With mattnrea today and Saturday, Baker Stock com
pany In "Lady Huntawortb's Experiment.". If
EMPIRE All week with matinees today. Thursday and Saturday, Allen
took company In "The TWO Orphans."
LYRIC All week with dally tnattneea. Lyric stock company In "A
Mother's Secret."
PaNTAOES Vaudeville alt week, with mutineer dally.
4RAND-All week With dally matinees, vaudeville
HEILIO "The Col lege Widow" October St, SI and 14: Henry James In
Merry Wires of Windsor." October St. St and 17.
BAKER Next week "York Stat Polka"; la preparation. "The Sorceress."
EMPIRE Next week 'The Holy City."
By Johnston McCulley. 4 .
THE pant wank has Indeed been a
busy one In theatrical circles.
All the play shops have been
working overtime. There has
tart keen a dull night nil week. And the
- ranee ft the attractions ems from utter
VOt tb artistic success.
The Trellis: start efl off the wee with
Mans Robert In "Checkers." Press
agents had been active In behalf of this
production, and a crowded house greeted
ft. "Checkers' was a disappointment,
esatsld of one or two characters. There
were glimpses here and there of the
work that made the play a hit In the
east, but taken as a whole the play aa
given in Portlnnd wan not worth 1 per.
Which the theatre charged.
"The Maid and the Mummy." which
Bve a one-night stand Thursday, was
tter than "The Royal Chef." bat did
not fill a long-felt want for a clean.
Sparkling comic opera. The costumes
and scenery Were travel-stained and the
company played on a Walla Walla basMs
tar as merit Is concerned.
It took Jane Corcoran In "The Free
dom of Susanna" to brace up the reputa
tion of the Helllg for the week; and this
delightful little actress did work that
Mined for her many admirer among
toosi play-goers.
At the Baker, the stock company gave
Finer"' 'The (lay Lord Quas." which
beat anything the company haa given
this season, unions It Is "Because She
Loved film So." The Week merited the
return of William Dllle to tne east of
the Bakerltes. and he waa given a royal
oration. Lillian Lawrence added an
other jewel to Mr crown In the role of
Sophie Fullgaraey, and as His CI race of
Quex. Hlehard Thornton waa about IS
nor cent. Unpaid Bowles snd Frances
Meewou did good work In this produc
tion. hn frteppliag has resigned from the
MWtitee. folded his tent and silently
atasla away. Today Mlas Fiances A rue
fas Uses atan. ft rs presumed the man
ggsWIin will fill Miss Arno s place, but
no annountwut to thst effect has been
w w
At IM Stat the past week the bill
it, m y
. 4
has been "That Olrl From Texan," and
the Allen stock company, headed by
Miss Verna Felton, haa done excellent
work. This little theatre is rapidly
getting a reputation aa the home of
good, clean amusement, as the crowds
The Lyric gave "The Deserter." a civil
war drama, and played it to good audi
ence. Frank Fanning, Herbert Ashton,
Wards Howard and Lily Braascombe
did excellent work.
At the Grand and at Pantagos' there
were good vaudeville bills during the
This week we go from the ridiculous
to the sublime. At the Helllg. HI Hen
ry's minstrels open the week Tuesday,
ad "Parsifal" closes it. The Helllg Is
nothing If toot versatile. The produc
tion of TtrMfar Is looked upon as on
of the events of the season, and It l
declared that It will Be produced In 4
capable manner. The prelude will be
gin at 7 to o'clock and the curtain will
go up I minutes later. No one will
be seated during a scene. The produc
tion will be given st one sitting.
The Bakerites wul give us "Lady
HunUworth'e Experiment," a. clever
comedy which ought to make another
hit for ths stock house. "Pet Peter
son" will hold forth t the, Empire.
"A Mother Secret" will be unfolded at
the Lyric sod 'The Two Orphans" will
nans tears ta he shed st the Star. It's
going to be all kinds of a wank.
Race Whitney, formerly dramatic
critic for The Journal, has blossomed
out as a writer of lyrics. His opera,
"The King Maker," has been accepted by
John Cort and will ne produced by the
Stewart opera company In Seattle In
February, coming to Portland Immedi
ately thereafter. It Is sM to he highly
original The music la the work of g
California cose poser.
Cathrlne Countlsa, who was second
woman to Lllllaa Russell In the star's
new play. "Barbara's Millions," went
down with the Ship when tjint piny failed.
Those who saw K In New York spoke
good words for It. but weather con
ditions and the hoodoo worked agalntt
the production to such an extent that
sna V
It was prematurely slain. Miss Count
ies was pleasing In her role, and wan
plaudits from the critics.
H Henry's Minstrels Tuesday Night.
HI Henry's Minstrels, which are said
to be one of the best minstrel organisa
tions on the stage this season, will be
the attraction at the Helllg theatre next
Tuesday and Wednesday nights. October
16 and 17, with a bar gate-price matinee
Wednesday. The curtain rises upon the
moat gorgeous full stage first part sat
ever conoelved In connection with mod
ern, up-to-date minstrel presentations;
a dreamland c i caption of the fabulous
palace of Aladdin, of pearl and gold,
described In the story of the wonderful
Arabian Nights. The chief end man ar
Charles Oano, Bobby Baker, Tom Mack,
Jimmy Baxter, Tom Delmore, William
Cogley, Ed Cermlohael, Harry Morris
and also the popular "Taooma Boy,"
Charles Seldere, whose host Of friend
will be pleased ta learn of Ms success
as a comedian with this popular or
ganisation. Among the songs ea the
program are "Alice, Where Art Thou
Going"" "The Rosa Is the Flower for
Me," "By Bya. Sweetie," "I'll Be Back
Id a Minute." "At Evening." 'Borne One
Thinking of Same On," "The Direr,"
"Twenty-three," "Just One Word."
Th second part will be devoted to
vaudeville. Including Mack and Baxter,
irrreqhaled dancing experts, the Euro
pean sensation. Mantell mechanical
mldgeta; Charles Oano, the Twentieth
century' nvonologlst. HI Henry win pos
itively appear, rendering asms of his
world-renowned cornet sotoo, composed
snd rendered only by himself Advance
seat kale opens today st the box office
of the Helllg theatre.
"Parsifal" at the Heilig.
Onewof the most striking and beauti
ful features In the spectacls of "Parsi
fal," which cornea to the Helllg theatre
for three nights. October 19. Se and SI.
Is ths lower garden scene, with Its
fascinating flower maidens. This gar
den, as wa are told In the story, Is the
creation of Kllngsor for the deliberate
purpose of seducing th knights of ths
Holy Orall from their Uvea of rectitude
sad holiness, How well he succeeded,
for a time at least, wa are told In the
story and play. But It la In the at
tempted destruction of th soul of the
hero himself. Parsifal, where Kllngsor
put forth his greatest efforts, that the
flower garden and Its occupants sre
mails to play their moat important part.
The garden Itself Is fairylike and en
chanting. Ite luxuriant foliage and
tropical plants and flowers of gorgeous
and varied colors pre' sufficient to das
zle th eye and bewilder the sense
with their splendor snd penetrating per
fume. Then again In and out among
this sea of Orisntnl color and luxuri
ouatreaa thsre appears a number of
Tim WED.
AT -i r
THE nti
young and lovely maidens who rival
In beauty of face and figure end msg
nlfleenoe snd, charm of their exquisite
surroundings' The whole scene biases
with lrridescent grandeur In the bril
liant sunlight.
It Is Into the vortex of sensuous ere
stion thet th Innocent end guileless
Parsifal le lured by Kllngsor Intent
upon hts moral downfall. And yet we
see how this noble youth le enabled to
resist at the alurements and tempta
tions thst beset him. how even the arch
temptress. Ktindry, now transformed'
Into an enchantres of wondrous beauty
and voluptuousness, Is powerless te at
tract him. We see these two arch de
mons, frustrated In their evil machina
tions, at laat resort to physical vio
lence, fearful that Parsifal shall es
cape them. Kllngsor hurts the sacred
lance at the head of the valiant youth.
It fails to strike him. but miraculously
ismslns suspended over hie heed. Par
elfel grasps the holy relic, east with It
makes th sign at the CToa. A load
crash of thunder 1 heard and, as If
earthquake occurred, the msglo cas
tle crumbles Into ruins. The flower
garden and all It contains is turned Into
sn Slid waste, and the Kllngwor disap
pears forever. Ktindry le overwhelmed
with fright and horror, while Parsifal,
holding aloft the holy spear, springs
over the ruin of the castle and Is lost
to view. The orchestra prelude wll be
gin at 7: to o'clock, curtain will rise at
7 :4t. Advance seat sale will opaa next
Tuesday morning, October It, at It
o'clock at the box offlee of ths Helllg
theatr. Out of town orders aigrieest
to W. T. Psrgl must be accompanied
with money order and a self-add rs seed
envelope for safs return.
w w
Louis Jaxnee as "Falataff."
Among th pretentious dramatis of
fering ef th season the coming pre-
Kntatlon of "The Merry Wive of
Indsor," by Louis Jamea, will be one
of the most conspicuous at th Helllg
theatre October St. II and S7, for It le
said that Mr. Jamea has not only given
s magnificent ecenro embellishment to
this delightful comedy, but heo etrr
rbunded himself with a coterie of con
frere worthy of his association snd
best consideration. Nellie McHenry,
Who has been Identified with some of
th most Important productions of th
rlVaanaTftxtP' aats? t ffHIfn. .
last decade, has been epeclaly engaged
to play Mistress Quickly, a character
that Is aald to fit her Ilk the proverbial
Norman Hackett, a sterling young
actor, who has been identified with
nearly all of Mr. James' productions
for ths past 10 years, will be Master
Ford. Aphle James is tne Mistress
Ford and Charlotte Lambert, an aetreas
of excellent reputation, th Mistress
Other playera worthy Of more than
K sal tig nots are: J. Arthur Young, Lll
ia Lancaster. Nathan Aronaon. Wil
liam Chrystls Miller, C. D. Burt. H. D.
Brown, O. W. Ward, H. F. Maurice, etc.
Mr. Jamea will of course be the Pal
staff, and there are few characters in
which this splendid sctor excels with
happier results than a ths Inimitable
knight of Windsor, Happy Jack Fal
ataff. WW,.
Jane Corcoran at Heilig Tonight.
Ths brilliant young star, Jsns Cor
coran, supported by Jamee M. Brophy
and a painstaking company of players,
will present the delightful comedy. 'The
Freedom Of Susanna" at ths Helllg
theatr tonight at 1:11 o'clock. The
brains and energy of tble talented ac
tress are Indisputably demonstrated this
season in her presentation of the New
York Empire theatre success entitled
"The Freedom of Susanns." Surely the
selection of this play for Mlee Corcoran
la aa near to the goal of perfection ae
it is possible for money and brains to
make it. Space here fa altogether too
Inadequate to allow a detailed descrip
tion of this eterllng attraction The at
traction la meeting with pronounced
and triumphant success throughout the
"Lady Huntaworth ' Experiment."
This week at the Baker theatre the
popular stock company will present
enether great aucceaa In "Lady Hunts
worth'e Experiment." a delightfully
hsppy comedy from the pen of R. C.
Carton. This play was obtained for
production at the Baker with great trou
ble and only after arrangement with
Daniel Frobman. who controls the pro
duction. It has won universal praise
aaxaxk' fisxeaV .JsC .etjaaxeaaaawM'
maa "aBBBBxeBBaak AbbbbbBbbbx. '' W - sfH-t'
Jsaam, . W M,.
ssssssssss I obBssNsbWAsBsssI
r Jt Tt r ile. i- - v el
In London and New York and haa been
declared one of the most delightful
comedies ever written. The play. la la
three acts, the scenes depicting the gar
den, the kitchen and the Horary of a
vloarags. It is one of those comedies
which have a dash and go to then. All
the favorites will be In the cast. The
three scenes hsvs been painted In the
Baker studio with great care and are
of exceptional beauty. It la antici
pated that "Lady Huntswerth'a Expert
ment" will prove one of the meat de
lightful productions of ths present dra
matic season. The play never falls to
bring a hearty laugh from all claeses
of people. There are but nine oharao
tar la the' piece, bat thee are warked
every minute from the rise of the cur
tain to the cloae of th play, and the
result Is a charming mixture of star
tling situations flUed brimful of wit
and humor.
The eaat for Lady Huntaworth'e Ex
periment" Is aa follows:
dandy, man servant at the vicar
age William C. OMetaon
Rv. Henry Thoresby, carats Of eWlll
fofd Howard Russell
Lucy Pilllnger, Rev. Audleys daugh
ter .Mies Franc Slosson
Rev Audley Pilllnger, vicar of Still
ford WUllam DUla
Mis Hannah Pilllnger. Rv. Audley'a
Bister Mrs. Nina Crollus Oleaaon
Captain Dorvaston, lets Bengal cav
alry Richard Thornton
Caroline Ray ward, cook at the vicar
age Mies Lillian Lawrence
Mr. Cra yell John Salnpolla
Keaiah, house maid at the vicarage.
Act 1 The vicarage garden: morning
Act i -Ths vloarags kitchen, th
same evening.
Act t The vicarage library; th next
"Th Collar; Widow" Cominf.
The breeey and wholesome "College
Widow." with It plethora of A de-lam a.
uttered ths most dsllghtfully recog
nisable American types, comes to the
Helllg theatr Monday. Twees y and
Wednesday nights. October St. tt and
exeaB aTamK A aweasaxaBxeaai
S4, with a
peclal-prloe matinee
This really splendid comedy, with
reocrd run In all the large cities of the
country to Its credit, he what is said
to be Its strongest cast on the present
tour. Among the well-known players
In the cast are Louise Ruttar, Estella
Dale, Bessie Toner, Patty Allison.
Frances Chase, Rosalind Allin. Ellas -bsth
Van sell. Helen Torrey, Robert
Kelly, J. Bereeford Hoiiis. Otis Turner.
Alan Brooks, Wilson Deal. Oeorg S.
Trimble, Oeorge C Odell. John Fenton,
Alton Bennett, Erneet Anderson. Ad
vance eale of aeats will open next
Friday morning. October It, at box
office Helllg theatre.
w w
"Pat Peterson" at the Empire.
A new Swedish drama will be seen
In Portland for the week at the Empire,
starting this afternoon. Tble wiu us
"Pet Petereon." one of Praxes suc
cessful shows. It runs along the line of
"Ole Olson," "Yon Yonson," and many
others- but haa the virtue of being new,
and -in every phase original, tt will be
found moot pleasing to every on
This week, special attention Is called
to the change In prteee at the Empire,
and these new snd reduced rates will
hold good for ths rest of the season,
at the popular uptown theatre, which
will no doubt be welcome new for
Ite aaaay patrona. A matinee will
also be given every Wednesday,
making matinee dsys at the Empire
Sundsy. Wednesday and Saturday.
"Pete Petereon" should be a winner
this wsek. It has proved so all along
the line. The play is said to fairly bub
als with rich lines and uncommon fug,
and theatre-goers who enjoy good com
edy, oatohy songs and pretty scenery
should not leave the theatre diaap- ,
Solntsd. It offers aa a hero a eomlrnl
wede, whose sole ambition la to become
a detective. ' and who he-. s
love for his employer's daughter. Dur
ing ths action of the piec . ..
snd most popular songs sre introduced,
tnd four acting dogs perform numerous
tricks that delight all who see them.
It is said "Pete Peterson" has always
been th beet Swedish play and no ax-
(CeWlnued on Pag Twenty-tweT)-