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A Little Rom
With a Great Sermon.
Gathering up tha aunbeama, and mak-
" Inn; Ufa beautiful from .the little bless
ings that descend upon ue every day ie
' e theme that la preached from every
pulpit, la taught by every phlloeopher
and practiced by a very few. It la a
guod phlloeophy and Ufa might be made
1 one clad none, with but here and there
minor note. It It waa adopted aa the
j universal rule. But thla la a glva-and-take
world and while many are quite
willing to take the little things, haa It
ever occurred te you how few think of
giving the little things that make life'
whole beautiful for eome one else? Thla
doea not oome from want of generoalty.
Quite the contrary. We are an extrava
gantly generoua nation and we heap
burdensome gifts galore upon every
occasion. Even our Cbrlat giving the
. glfta that are to commemorate tha gold
franklncenaa and myrrh ef the wlaa men
have been bo multiplied and Increased
that much Af the joy haa gone out of the
Chrlatmea aeaaon by reason of the bur
den It brings But that la another atory
I and we were talking ef the little things
that are Ufa's aunbeama for ua to scat
lold away among my "old lace and
lavender" la a faded and dried rose, at
tached te it le a tiny card bearing thla
meeaege: "Compllmente of the Michi
gan Central. The Niagara Falla Route. "
It aounda like an advertisement, and It
la, but tola le ita atory: Traveling poet
baste between Chicago and Detroit, we
had Juat returned from the dlnlng-car
and aettled ouraelvee for a long day's
ride It waa Sunday morning and we
had nothing to keep ua company but the
voiumlnoua Sunday papers the boy had
deposited In our aeat. The day prom-
leed te be hot. dusty and lonesome, but
as we drew Into the elation of Tpsllantl
tha magnificence ef the depot yard with
lta tiers and tiara of gorgeous flowers.
almoat tropical In their profusion, die
polled every other thought The land
scape gardener had certainly exhausted
hla aktll and our eyes wars fastened to
the apot till the train drew out end we
caught tha last brilliant flash of rosea.
asters aalvta and verbenlaa. Turning
with aomethlng very like a algh. there
beside aa lay a beautiful acarlet roes.
fresh and fragrant with' the early morn
ing dew upon It. It waa the little mer
aage that brightened the whole day, for
It brought to ua the perfume of our
Oregon home. The worry and turmoil
or business vanished and the happy
thlnsrs of life came troonlns Into view
We were quit willing to wear tha little
adverttaement card all day. for the per
fume of the rose whenever wa turned te
It. It. we verily believe, had converted
us to the belief we were traveling over the
greateet acenlc route In. America, when
wa knew It was the stump-ettclrcled
fields of Ontario, for aomethlng had
-changed our entire vlalon. and we were
enjoying the day that had started so
li.auapw ioualy.
The rose rested la a glass of water
that night at Niagara rails and eras al
most too wilted to take with ua, but
lust aa we turned next morning to leavs
ft the thought came. -No, here le a
little sermon for ua to carry back te
Oregon." And the preachment and the
moral la thla: Michigan le not the land
of roses or even of flowers, and yet
. every stranger who trsvela through ear
. lies with them the Impression that It
la gifted of the god ta thte respect.
Never have they sees) aueb a Is visit dls-
sTp-sy. sad If even tlm deasM jmrds grew
t flower, like these, what must the
homes and lawna her In, short, thla
railroad baa put Michigan's beet foot
. foremost, and Instead of the eld sheds
and dumping grounds that usually
adorn the railroad surroundings end are
excused because "railroads always run
through the worst- part ef a town."
they have discovered the dec rat of first
Impressions and put It te practical use.
Thta was the first lessen the Utile rose
taught us. The escead ems the kindly
! thought that would send a little girl
throaigh the train te drop a sweet flower
Into the lap of every weary traveler.
Of course. It eras an advertisement, but
. It had a loving thou sift back ef It. and
who cared the leas for the flower that
It and near the card af a rejfieass esssv
psnyT Certainly no one oared the leas
for the company because It employed
such a messenger
We were told that the essay any main
tained anei mass greenhouses lit several
places ts supply these depot yards with
flowers, that blooaalng flew era were
kept la them all the time, sad aa fast
aa one .lot had faded later esses were
eeat to Vf place them, and even In win
ter, when this section of the country
Is ecveree wlttv snow, ere
en ret tha blooming plants
thousands ef dollars are expended
yearly he mslntstntag these depot yards,
and the entire management of the enor-
aaeus week Is under the supervision of
And new for the moral! Dees) any
stranger coming Into or going out of
Oregon ever learn from any outward
anpaareaas af the ra Bread euaitundliase
that they hnvs been In the land of
' rosea, the very paradise of flowers?
Have they ever carried acres the eeev
tlaent a rose that was the free gift of a
railroad company T
BttlroaSa are not charitable Inetltn
ttsas and it bj re as asm My certain that
ta eetns way the Michigan Central
makes tta depot gardens and Ita gift
rases pay If they pay la that cold, tn
hospltablo climate where flowers have
te be changed and moved and a cheese
ream weM withstand, the winters, why
would they not pay ha Oregon whore
earn per cent ef the care et money
If It were aiaeHi to get down to
iitataal causes, we would ne doubt fhsd
that the Idea of then ospot gardens
roes gifts originated In ths mind of
te tula stats
est beautifying the
te a year there
has any
! a thing pays and tboe
wili enter heart oast asset teen it. first
ftad east from these roads how they
make It pay; get their testimony that It
antes pay. and them begin te Tie ansa it
away nt your earn rsasV Help them
with suggestions, demand nothing, but
ask for everything. Get Into touch
with tha-etoto ctvte
uniformity li
It a bnataeae preposition, and the
There's grave danger from the ptnsrue
of Coughs anal Coses that are ee preva
lent, unlsss you inks Dr. K loafs Now
Discovery for Consumption. Coughs and
Colds. Mrs. Cteo. Walls of rarest city.
Me., wrltss: "It's a Godsend te pa agio
living In climates where coughs and
roW prevail. I nart It quickly e
thsnt. it
weak 1
Sooruutoed by Bast Cross
a the naeteeal
the wins am ta
would take up
i sens rhvT fever, and mskes
i rwmimDllon. Canasta SSBt Colds. tots
sod 1 1 00. Ousrsnti
Pharmacy. Trial bet
Sarah A. Evans
thoas things which are among the little
blessings but which garner the sun
shine for the use ef man.
t at
Illinois Study Club
Holda Special Meeting.
for the purpose of setting the club
properly sisrtsd on Its winter's work.
the preeldent. Mrs. Worrell, came up
from aouthern Oregon, where aha haa
v., Tu.sdTv Tt the
epeelal meeting last Tuesday at ins
name, or ears. . v-. -r "'A." I
way There waa a full attendance, and
every one expressed
preeeed pleasure at navrag
the preeldent with them ana in renew
ing the club relatione that had been
suapended during the summer.
It had been the Intention of the olub
st Us closing meeting In the spring to
open in the fall as a deportment club,
and not confine its membership to for
mer realdenta of Illinois, aa it wlU be
remembered that ths club was originally
ths auxiliary to ths Illinois State so
ciety, and at the eloss of ths Lewie sad
Clark fair became a permanent club,
affiliating with both state and city
At the meeting Tuesday it waa de
cided that in view ox roe proiougeu ao-
aence of ths president, which win con
tinue well Into the winter, the deport
ment work would not be token up st
thla tlms, but bold, In abeyance until
another winter, and in the meantime
department work will be mads s study
and ths club will feel Itself that much
better equipped to take It up a year
During Mra. WorrsU'a absence Mrs
Nina Lot-owe will preside.
The next meeting of the olub, which
la a regular one, wlU be held with Mrs.
Charles Qrltsmacher. SS6 Taylor street.
Thursday, October It.
A Pendleton Cmb
Issues Handsome Book.
One of ths most chaste and delicately
beautiful yearbooks to arrive this aea
aon cornea from the Current Literature
elub. The cover la of heeVy cream
linen wth the elub name and dates
worked In In violet, thue carrying Into
the design the club colors.
The first page msksa the simple an
nouncement, "V. 8. History, Literature,
Mualc, Art."
The club meets alternate f rldaye. at
the homea of the members, with an
annual Club evening or reception. Jan
uary 15.
The conatltutlon. which le bound In
the yearbook. Is a moat excellent one.
being not overburdened with rulea, jot
enfflclent to govern sny body of women.
The program for the year la a most
admirable one. showing breadth of view
end s desire for more than the euporfl
cial atudy that characterises many
The club was orgsnlsed ta 1W7
joined the General federation In ltt.
snd became o member of the Stats fed
eration In 19. being one of the charter
members of the state organisation.
The club haa a limited membership
of to, which le elwaya full, with a long
waiting Hot. The officers for the ensu
ing year ore: President. Mrs. Margaret
Clark; vice-president. Mrs. Martha
Johnson: soorotary. Mrs. Alice Itert
man: treasurer, Mrs. Maud Shoemaker.
"Art Wa Laggard
Nation?" Asks Mrs. Catt.
Writing front Copenhagen. Denmark.
Mra. Chapman Catt, president of the In
ternational Woman Suffrage as socio-
Oregon, which recently declared sgolnat
woman suffrage st s popular election.
wi. -hi-. n.a lust onfran- 1
.kl It. oars: "The noDulo-
tlon of Oregon was. ta ItSe. 41I.4M
persons: snd certainly aomethlng leas
than tee, see ore women and girts, who
must now. because of the recent vote,
remain disfranchised. The population
of Finland ta lOt was 1.11 .!, and
1.420.131 women, and girls who will bo
women, have been given full . suffrage.
Including eligibility te sll offices, snd
that, toe, with belt one dissenting vote
la four houses of parliament. We may
truthfully soy that ths woman suffrage
campaigns for IPOS have resulted la.
universal suffrage for nearly 1,
i 00.000 women. and the tem
porary defeat of suffrage for
stole lessee women. In n broad
it noon not matter whore political lib
erty taenia first; it must come to all.
the world over, before our work ta com
pleted. Finland offers proof that the
cause te moving on.
"Wo are forced, however, to oak ewr
aolvea two questions: L Do anprie
slon and dental of rights asake men
more HWrai. breed minded and gener
ous te their opinions? Apparently they
do. oo witness the attitude of Finnish
end Russia a men toward woman euf
frago. S. Do personal liberty end full
political rights make men more narrow,
set fish and unjust te then? eosntonst
Agnsrintly they. do. aa nltnooe the ac
tion of aeon of Oregon. These are esnv
dittoes worthy of
St St
Hoods Its Second
The meeting Inst Tuesday ushered ta
the first real buetncee of the club. Sod
the Bsombere neohag that from new en
It would be work end little ploy.
The Tuesday Aft erne en club te etart-
insr upon Ita third year of
tory and literature, and no
tory beginning took for the subject of
the aftornoeessonnl Bto apian hMkts
eg i east paper on the "Pence of West
phalia. ' by Mrs StalUngs. In
the Sanaa
W. B Bht took
Mra. Pugh. Sweden, Bant Mrs.
Germany. The papers Sol
showed deep thought and were hoth
Iswlieitlvs east Interesting
At the etone ef the mooting light re
freshments were served.
The club
i be
y by atsoi wearns
Beet Ankeny street.
st si
I The
After a three months vi
Wsaaan'e club took up Its
week with renewed life and vigor.
ing Ita Brat meeting October t, at the
bantl fin now soma or am
to. a.
of tho olub at
nunsbsra 16, wltr
Itted which will ha
membership next meeting.
The club has arrives at the
Of a JialBUh. Which will bo ready for
nnnnnnnnnhho. In f most Am vt
I club wUl devote the greater postiooj with
of the year to the atudy of English
novelists, beginning with tha old favor
ite George Eliot'a "Mill on ths flosa."
Several meetings will be devoted to
domostic science and forestry, besides
ths dub Is slways alert to ths work for
which It wag organised civic Improve
ment. The club wUl send Its full delega
tion to ths state convention, and It Is
believed that a large number of the
mcanhere will attend who ere not dele
gates, as the greatest enthusiasm eras
expreeead at the meeting over Mrs,
Decker's coming.
Whom the Gods Destroy
They Pint Make Angry.
An anti-woman suffrage meeting haa
Juat been held In Bngiand, The LoriBon
Chronicle saya there were eight people
John Brom- who called the meeting
association to be
celled "Ths Society for Keeping Woman
f But If Tees ner-
.,..MI the mectlne lnatesd
of eight, they would have been equally
powerless to compress the modern wo
men back Into ths groove occupied by
her grandmother, or to keep her out
of any place that abe wonts to reach.
(Continued from Pegs Eighteen.)
W. Grout, Mrs.
Chris Bchubel, Ui
M. McOeehnn. Mrs.
re. Ed L. Story. Mrs. J.
L. Bwofford and Mlaa Maggie RelUy of
Oregon City.
Mr. and Mra. . George Thompson of
It Union avenue North gave a birth
day party the evening of October 7, in
honor of W. O. White of Woodlawn.
The house waa beautifully decorated
with ferns, rosea and autumn km van.
The reception hail ahowed autumn
leavea, the front and back parlors roeee
and the dining room ferna and chrys
anthemums. The evening was assent
with cord a and music. Henry Lettow
sang several selections. Whtet wss
the game played. The first prlsee were
won by Mrs Harry Adama and frank
White, and the consolation prises by
Mrs. Prank Mobery and Leon Cowlea.
Supper wss served in the dining room
at 11 o'clock. The hostess waa assisted
In entertaining by Mrs. W. O. White
snd Mrs R. H. Oliver. Mrs. J. P. Ken
nedy and Mrs. F. M. Gray, assisted in
A theatre party waa given et the per
forma nee of "The Maid and the Mum
my." Thursday evening by e number of
the frienda of ths loading lady, Mlaa
Genevieve olbeon. The members of the
party were Mr. and Mra. J. 1, Wright,
Mr. and Mrs. A- D. GJebiocb. Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Gove. Mr. end Mra. P. L.
hompaon. Mr. and Mra. E P. Preble. Mr.
and Mra. W. H McCltntock. Mr. and
Mrs R. P. Joplln. E. C. Gilbert,
Mrs. P. Joplln. the Mlaaea Minna Uhl
man. Alice Brady. Ruby Klckert, Mar
guerite Thompson. LI da McCltntock and
Maud McAllister and Wallace Joplin.
Mr. fowler. Mr. Hall and Homer Mo
Daniel. There wae a supper given after
ward, with. Mien Gibson as the honor
The members of the Rebekah lodge
at CorveUla wore "at home" to to In
vited gueota at their hall one evening
last week. There eras a program which
Included a vocal solo snd encore by Mlas
Edna Anon: reel tattoo end enoore by
Mlas Mary Donnemon. end cornet solo
and encore by Harold Wi l kins. Pro
gi anal i a whist was the entertainment,
prine betas token by Mlas Lara Klaor
snd Mlas Carrie Da lineman la the
gomes Mrs. J. A. Henry took first prise,
and Mra. Emery Allen the booby.
Dainty refreshments concluded thla
very enjoyable affair, which waa one
ef the p lesson test "at homes" of ths
fk-d fawlng riuh, W . B. G. .mot with
Mrh Nellie Ctepp! n Kara Perk. The
work sccompUshod was satisfactory.
and at I o'clock the guests enjoyed
luncheon pi apart d by the hsettss Mrs
Thursday afternoon the Llneoln-Oor-
Penwell of George Wright corps snd tb Drt0osBnaldo. Harry Gaylord and
Mra. Bo wen of Sumner corpe served. Kerry Stephenson were the ashore, end
The mooting before was hold with Mra. Nsa Barrett attended the bridegroom.
Mary Downey at St. Johns, snd tha The bride waa charming in n Paris
work was mapped out for the winter. mnmnn of whits trimmed with English
applique lace ft em her mother' a wedding
The AUmxehra elub gave Its opening j gown, gate wore a veil and carried Bride
party of the season last Thursday even- roses on sheerer. Her father. H. M. Do
tes; at the Auditorium nan. and a very Prance, brought her In end gave her ta
pmeeant evening was spent. There waa marriage. Miss O'Connor wore pink silk
dancing te popular music, furnished , mull snd carried pink rasas, and the two
by Parson's orchestra. Delicious punch bridesmaids were gowned alike is white
was served throughout the evening The silk with pink girdles, snd carried pink
poU dpi aai a were Mrs. W. T. flnnlgan. rasas. AH throe of the an andante wore
Mrs. W. N. Bublneoa, Mrs. William ! wreaths of pink rosebuds ta their hair.
Brendan, htm. George COvacb, Mrs. W.
ar-d Mrs. William Kerrigan
of Mtos Ethel C. Reed
and Otto & Free! took pleas Tuesday
evening st the asanas ef Mrs. George V
James and was an unusually pretty one.
The bride has atnne her home for the
post two years with Mrs. James. Bev.
Henry Mareotte of Weartssineter Preehy-J
tartea church ornctetea and mere wore
fully 100 guests there to vtaw the biaa-
Thm main Awontlom In the
worn of autumn leaves, but the music '
reeen where the ceremony was per-
riimit woo rtaeasreimiii into a oeiignt-,
rhl mtetetnre ibagtt Palms ta ths
with wide white ribbon, forming amiss, nrrcraury of the aaorrtago of the bride
aakt the flare to the chancel rail. The . gram parents, who were united te
gnosis were held bnek by the ribbons tM, , quarter eSa century ago
r -ne r....n. -
plants was
the boy strati w.j
where the party
a canopy
Of tUll.
Ton Are Bore.
by Nov in, and" the bridal party
tho stair Mrs. Frederics
tho matron of honor, snd
de chine snd csrrtsd a
soon Tho little flower
girl was Jons OBeilry. who wore fluffy
white iranadtai and carried a basket ef
phak oast white flowers. The bride en
tered wtth nor father. Jameo Rood of
and abe woo gowned In white
at Ik net over silk trimmed with loee.
veil and image blossoms
and emerald brooch, the
WlldeCe orchestra
y there wss s recep-
Jneasn, In black silk, helping
Ithe guests. In ths dining
woo n Borne table, where the bridal
rty sat It was beautiful with grape
wec rToon-!l
ana white noonn ano rune in us
rt about tha
Mrs. Prset
Ban On a wedding
Springs, and will be at
at the 9uill!atune after Novem
ber Is.
Lucls Angela 7tllepl who has
so reach entertained the past few j
Ethel Shoe anno, "Wha
frost woo
sr.' 'the brutonroetn'
ployed the weddang
frtn to Bsnff
Bplscopo! church to Dr. Joseph A. Ap
plewhite Dr. George B. Van Watara
officiated. Mra. Warren B, Thomaa
played the wedding march and preced
ing the oeremony the Boyer quartet
Mfee Bulah Bennett, Mian Jessie Mo
Connell. W. H. Boyer and Melrose Bal
ing an appropriate gong.
The church was decorated with au
tumn leaves end palms. The bride's
slater, Mrs. C. R. Watson, was ths ma
tron or Honor, and Mlas J eases Hsrklna
and Miss ArvUle MoGulre were the
brideamalda. Little I. nolo Gillespie
Watson, the bride's niece, was the
flower girl. The wedding was a pink
oaa and the effect waa charming. The
bride wore white chiffon over silk, with
a duchesss berths snd veil held with
orange- blossoms. She carried a white
prayerbook. Mra. Watson wore pearl
gray silk with e ploture hat and car
ried pink rosea. The bridesmaids wore
lovely In pink prlnceaa gowns with pink
hats and carrying pink roses. Ths little
flower girl was In white with s bouquet
Of whUo rosebuds. Dr. Samuel Slocum
was the beat man, and the ushers were
Thomas Kerr, Stuart McOuIre, Dr. Irwin
and Dr. Hanson.
After the ceremony a reception was
held at tha home of the bride's parents,
Dr. and Mra. R. L. Gillespie. The deo
oratlona were of autumn leaves and
bridal wreath and only the bridal party
and family were there.
Dr. and Mra. Applewhite are at home
In their new bouse on Esst Twenty
third and Belmont streets.
A pretty home wedding woe cele
brated Thursday evening at the resi
dence of Mr. and-. Mra. O. P. Graham,
lit East Eighteenth street, when their
daughter, f lorenee J., was united In
marriage to Robert H. Hawkins.
Promptly st 6: SO o'clock, to Mendels
sohn's wadding march, played by Miss
Cordelia Nealand, tha bridal party de
scended the stairs. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. William Seymour
Short of Astoria. The bride was given
In marriage by her father, and was
charmingly gowned In -white silk mull,
trimmed In ahadow embroidery and lace.
Her long Veil waa caught in place with
orange blossoms. Hsr sister. Miss Ger
trude Graham, acted aa maid of honor,
and wore a gown of cream liberty silk
and carried Sofrono roeee. Mlas Mabel
Strahan waa bridesmaid, and waa at
tired' In pink crepe de chene. She car
ried pink carnations Henry W. God
knee ht attended the groom.
Ths houee was prettily decorated
with autumn leaves snd pink rosea.
Only relatives and Intimate friends were
Ths bride'e bouquet waa caught by
Mlas Strahan.
Mra. Hawkins ems ths recipient ef
many beautiful presents, among which
was a handsome out class bowl, pre
eentd by the "W." girls, of which club
she la a. member.
Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins left the eome
evening" for California. They will be
at home to their frienda after November
1, st at! BBaworth street. No cards
The marriage of Mies Rebecca Catlln
and Walter A. Goes took pises at
o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the First
Presbyterian church. Dr. J. R. Wilson
read the oeremony. The aai ilea was
simple and there were no cords, but s
largo number of their friends attended.
The bride was sttended by Mlas Alice
Strong and the bridegroom by bis
brother, Albert S. Goee. four friends
of Mr. Goes, who have been Identified
with him in tennis contests, were the
ushers Harry Bladen, Arnold Roth
well. Don Bellinger snd Irving Bohr.
E. E. Coarsen was at ths organ. Ths
bride wore a delicate embroidered chif
fon tat white with a lace veil and car
ried Bride en ga g Miss Strong wore
pale blue touched up with white lace
and carried white chrysanthemums.
f ami lies wore on torts ks ad by the bride's
'mother, Mra. John Catlln. at dinner.
Mr. end Mrs. Goon left on the evening
train on a trip east to
weeks The bride la a
of the Basses! families of Portland and
Mr. Goes Is a prominent business Jnpm
and" leads ta Irvlngton social circles.
Mien Lillian Atanee Defrance and
Brockwell Statter were married Wednes
day evening nt Trinity church by Dr. A.
A. Morrison. There were no cords, but
a large number of frienda attended the
ceremony. Mine Madam O'Connor was
. V. , , . i .4 k ,i n . mnA VIm Cm II.. X-Jrtl
hfc mnA wt -' art. ft. ....
An Informal reception followed at ths
to which only the bridal party
Mr. snd Mra, Statter went to Seaside
en their wooding trip, end will bo nt
home alter -November 1 st 70S Overton
street. a
The marriage of Mlas Era Sandy to
w. Verne St ruble took place en Wed
r.eeda y evening st the rgasllnii of the
i brtdegroom s parents. Mr. and Mra.
; George R St ruble, 440 Benton afreet.
Bev. Henry Msreotto, pastor so? West-
minster PtaahjInilBB church, offlcfat-
hag. Ths re ramosy eras witnessed by
about 50 Intimate frienda and relatives,
end ths renptton which foBowod the
attended by over 100
young people.
by n h tidal
h . Rv jhn K Al-tOn.
Wr nrA W rm
W. V.
Skrable win
street after
M isosoonn nt OPS
,v,,k-, ?n
A pretty home wedding took plare
aster et high nun, at tho hi hirst
CosvalllB. when Mlaa Rnsa
Hurl wss united In marriage to Ivan
hv M. Walts of
IS relatives and Intimate friends
fhe eorwosimj. The brhte
nty costume at whits stlk
The rooens were artistically decorated
with fir boughs, white asters and) efo-;
marts, and the bridal pair steea) under
a large white boa eospendai from an
arch of green. A wedding dinner was
Ths following evsukeg a ro
wan hah at Use nemo ef tho
parents, Mr. anal Mrs. Arthur
ntenlij wtu Pawhte te
u,, otreet.
the eoeooton o Joyous one
Qortlon ana sura, mnaian sv inmne. both an su nn gs; nsi igs Ml III I Id snsa. laaanjannnsj naWnuBBB ar.
Port land Tl,- -r-mony rook lfnunssV BPy iBsH BBl 30.ll I "Jsj-oT lnnFaU il OsnnnnssnHLV WMME.
enwswh. etfi Taylor atreet. They ax- Wk ZJKR
pmrt to roeree m Portland. Bsiaset J TQLA
Loot week Mlaa Almsdu 1 McCoB of , B H-jdswnE
Otber weddinge celebrated by Dr. House
were of- Mrs. Clare Doe Fargo Brock of
Los Angeles and. J W. Dickson of Chi
cago; I Mlas flora K Myers and H. E
Alburt, and Mlas Ena Mlohael ana
frank T. Sutherland.
' Mlas Anna Loulae Hecker of Benton'
county, the youngest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Hecker of Wells., snd
Leo Pennero-of Portland were married
In Salem Wednesday st 19:10 o'clock
They wlU reside In Salem The bride le
a charming young woman of Benton
county, end the groom cornea of a well-to-do
Portland family.
At m College street, Thursdsy after
noon. Everett D. Adam son and Miss
Edna O. Kyler of Portland wars mar
rned by Bev. Henry A. Borden. There
were present at the wedding the groom's
mother, Mra. T. D. Adnmaon of Port
land, end the bride'e sisters, Mies Fern
Kyler and Leo Cannon of Oregon City.
Thursday evening at the home of, the
bride's alater, Mrs, L. M. Bchwarts. 612
Esst Ankeny, W. E. Ledgerwood mar
ried Miss Beryl S. Geretel. Rev. Henry
A. Borden officiated.
Miss Nsll Psttlson and WllHem B.
Cariln ware married by Dr. E. L. House
last week. They will reside In their
new home at 41S Lorrabee street.
The first monthly tea of the
at the Patton Home will be held next
Tuesday. The following excellent pro
gram has been arranged by Mrs. F. M.
Branch, commencing at 1:16:
Violin nolo Selected
Miss Lenore Gregory.
Solo "She Walts by the Deep Blue
Sea" Moore
Mrs. J. C. Bryant,
Duett 'Toot Night" KJerulf
Mrs. Hamilton and Mra. Ham p son.
Bonding Selected
Mrs. George P. Henderson.
Solo "Shadows" ,Carrie Bond
Mra. Emily Hampton.
Solo "There's Ever a Song Some
where" Aehton
Mrs. J. S. Hamilton,
Trio (s) "Absence" Metcslf
(b) "Highland Lad" Scotch Air
Mesdsmes Branch, Hamilton and Hamp-
Tenor solo The flag Without n
Stain" Whits
Ira Routledge.
Oregon council. No. lilt. Royal Ar
canum, has Issued Invitations for a
smoker at Auditorium hall. Tuesday
evening. This is ths first of a series
of social evenings to be given by the
council. Tuesday. November 10, there
will be a whtet social for men and
women. The committee consists of .J.
E. Werleln, J. 8. Hutchinson. J. F. Bom
ford. W. J. Hall. E. W. Jones and W.
H. Smith.
Corinthian chapter No. M. O. B. B, le
olonnlna to aive s "domino" or masque
rade social Wednesday evening. The
members snd their friends are requested
as far as possible to wear a domino of
some color, or represent some cnoractor.
The evenlns- Is to be spent In cords.
gomes appropriate to the occasion, and
refreshments wtu bo serves.
Montrose M. Rlngler and Ml
enmsyer hove sent out Invitations for
their opening party Tuesday at Ring
ler-a ball. 0t Alder street. The pat
ronesses ere Mra. T. W. Masters, kirn.
M. M. Rlngler snd Mrs. C E. BID. Per
sons orchestra wll play.
w w
Invitations are out for the marriage
of Mies Esther Robinson snd Albert
Bote next Wednesday overling at 7
o'clock at the bride'e home. They will
be at home from 1 to I o'clock next
Sunday afternoon at tzt Columbia
Mrs. R B. McLood has gent out tort ta
ttoos for the marriage of her daughter,
Alberta Jeanne to Dr. Orel B Fowler, at
her home In Baker City, Wednesday
i antes. October t4. at o'clock
Mr. and Mra. William Went a nil Quotes
the engagement of their daughter, So
phie Luo. to W. A. Martin of Portland.
The wedding will take place Tbursany,
October it.
Mr. and Mrs. Joaooo A. Mott of Beo
vorton, Oregon, snnownre the engage
ment of their daughter, Isabella, to Nel
son A. Walker ef this city.
Mrs. A. Newby announces the en
gngainint of her daughter, Virginia, to
Ray C Mend. The wadding will take
place Monday. October If.
The nmrrfoge of Mlaa Margaret M.
Josses. to Rowland B Lloyd will take
place Wednesday nt the First Ft oobpta
rtan church. No cares.
Mew Wronk M. Cohn and her daughter
hfjas WThnka F. Cohn hnvs letetnod from
a short Ttett to Forest Grove, where
they were the gueota of Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. H. D. B&aaodell has returned
after a month' a vlott In Idaho,
eastern Washington and tho sound
i lltee
Mrs. Alice C. Walker te visiting in
Portland, em her way to California,
Mr. snd Mrs. Sam B Stay and chil
dren left last Monday for Alameda. Cal
ifornia, whore they will remain through
tho winter.
Mrs Sherman Brown started east
Thursday to Join Mr. Br owe la Now
Teak. She may SocMs to remain there
for tho winter to pursue her violin
Harold V. MlUtsan spent ths week nt
Newport, end wtu return Tueaday. BBSs
Attn Broughton will substitute for him
no organist Of Calvary Presbyterian
i r
J hTlatjft tuTjMae'w'n JTslled nhw
li. meter, ehleh h east la ceeerete ta eae seen ewery moons within hts power to leoltu
i wese. lmately gain "tm,J
A store or place of business which is net
lighted by Electricity has "let down the bars'
to the inroads of its competitors.
No matter how complete and fine your
stock is, the improper lighting and worse ven
tilation of your store will turn away many
probable purchasers A GREAT MANY.
MIT! The fall trade in the majority of cases la
that part of the yearly business which is great
eat in amount and profit. There is ample
time between now and the first of November
to wire for ELECTRIC LIGHT or to erect
An electrically-lighted interior and exterior
are juat aa necessary for successful store trade
aa the rigbt line of goods and clever sales
people. Our reduced ratea for current on motor
basis put the use of Electricity within the
each of every storekeeper. Our representa
tive with facta and figures is at your service.
Phone Main 6688.
Frau Wagner and Conried Went
to Law, but the New York
Manager Won.
Apropos of ths forthcoming pressnta-
hwn In this city of Wsgnei-s celebrated
tsele of -Paratral." it stay not ne
xsvern that tno many Amen
lovers of- the sMeeteel end chaste hi
drams were very nearly deprived of the
pleasure of witnessing this bsaatlfo!
production at aB, or. If determined to
do so, would he eaanspsOsd to take a trtp
the ocean to tho little town ox
th. sitae fad In Bavaria, tn order
to gratify their desire.
When tho Immortal Wagner died. It
was found that he did nnt wlah this
wonderful production to be given oot
alde of tho famous Festive! theatre In
that country city This theatre Wag
ner hnd butlt expressly for the purpose
of presenting "Parsifal" In conjunction
wtth e few other of his creatlona rrsn
Coalma Wagner, the masters second
wife and pi asset widow, was determined
to carry oof hla wfll to the fetter. Bnl
renth waa tho only piece In the world
that alliisasig -Parsifal" till It was
seen In America In Its. It was o rig-
nail y produced In BelreaCn, berore
Wagner died. In 12. Wagner died In
Parts. St. Petersburg. Berlin. htndVht,
and those In ear tunwtij of Bow Tort.
Benton. Chicago oast nam Francisco, ap
plied to rrnu Wagner for tho privilege
ef pieowslag -Paralfnl."
Xelther an treatise, threats or men's y
could Induce the loval widow to grant
nor consent to a violation of what she
considered s seared trust. It remained
for Bear lech Courted, who had keen rev
cently eupntnteil to the management eg
ths Metropolitan theatre of New Tsrfc
City, to break the deadlock. It la truth
fully sold that thin gontleenem
nor to sUow hies to
tn Bow Tor.
It in even sold that ho
fabuMNM asm. of $1.000, too for
liege. Thte vast sum was i
out Msnttsnsj by th
waa not until every ether
tried that Mr. Courted
egianOnsa of a legal
prod nee tho spec taste tn
without Pros wags era
spectacle hnd ranrheS the Cntteat
although it ha
tlon of the paSUeheie he
thla should be tho esse In fact.
effort was pert forth by Proa Wannii
to obtain a a quartan of aB that nsat
reached ths peahtte tahmussh the SSOBt Og
others than herself.
Mr. Cow nod" a 1
the posalhl destruction of any
tlon of the copyright Mr trsst tan
Wsamsr's only anfaajnard. Tho
eminent of lawyers, wmel fee
right law.
A hitter
This famous senWaiaiaj anal fight
among the legal giants af Germany sent
the Crated States aasSsd ha senxtstete ts
tery for Mr. Omelet, stash to tho
ehatnrtn and uitrfhssUen of Pvsu Wso
m J ney. fc
The result woe the production -r
Wagner' much pstsail creation ffl New
Torh flty with the are aim rsotptlnn
end success ever acmrded a stmllsr
work In the history of the Metropolitan
la refreshing to relate, however,
atnee then, and on account of tho
meant. nweSBwr that Mr. Courted
presents tha spectacle, Prsu Wagner
hOo again lose onto friends with her
great Mew Tor rival
There are fewer sheep ht LaaW i
than at any time ht many years
loo.ons have sewn sold end en
I so i pes of tho
w vW uV 9taajah0t)m wfy WlAaw uPawnWete