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    daily jour.:: fctlaiid, Thursday cv:n::o. august 18. ices.
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lln..i:L 10 OLj
Two Sixteen-Year-Old Coys
Come to Portland and Art ;
Capture by Cruin.
Saturday endi the greet Rummage Sale, The last few day th e store has been crowded with bargain-seekere they were all sat
isfied. The end of the tele hee come. Saturday ende the grea t Rummage Sale, where for the last two days we will outdo our
previous selling. Remember every word of these great bargain events.
Youngsters Ttll Plausible Story and
'i Prove They Ara Abl to Car for
; Themselves Without Atkins Any
.t one for Assistances-Told to Work.
Begrimed and .travel-atalned by their
long continental Journey in a "box oar"
..Pullman,. Nelaon Clark or Worceeter.
Massachusetts, and Albert - Phlllipa of
Detroit. Michigan, two 1 1-year-old lads
with roaming 'procllvitiea, fell Into the
clutches or the law aa peraonlfled by In
apeotor Bruin, aoon after their arrival in
, thta city. The youtha in arranging their
sightseeing tour of Portland, unfortu
nately did not leave police-headquartera
out of their itinerary and were taken
Into ouatody while loafing about the an-
trance 10 me atatlon. .-,.,
- Slung over hla ahoulder, each boy ear''
- rled a shoe-shlnlng outfit, and it waa the
possession of this, coupled with their
. unkempt ' appearance, that prompted
llmilM tM lair (h.m Int. ... .4 1 n
an inveeTigauon. in an interview 'witn
Chief Oritimacher, they told of their
trip westward : and the causes , which
prompted them to leave home. ,
According to both of the youngsters,
they had difficulty with their reapeotlve
parents and " decided to come to the
coast. Clark clalme that hit father ac
companied them and la now endeavoring
to socure work m thia city. Falling to
find employment in Denver, the trio em
barked on a faat" freight for thia city,
arriving here Uat night
- A search of Phillips'' pocketa by the
ehlet brought ' to light a aalt ahaker,
used according to the lad'm statement to
flavor 'Mulligan stewa" while en rout.
Clark waa the proud poises so r of a
allngshot with which they were able, to
add wild game to the dally menu. w
.. The story told by the youngsters 'Waa
ao plausible and they gave aueh evi
dence of being able to make their way
without assistance that Chief Qrlts
macher released them from custody with
the admonition to immediately secure
employment. or leave the city. They
were also warned not to ply their trade of
brilliantly Illuminating the pedal integu
ments of pasalng pedestrians upon the
penalty of-belng plaoed la jail. .
mmf mini: tniff
: vunub uuul, hiiu
Swell Residence of Newport In-
vaded by Robber Attired In ;
Natty Summer Suhv.-jt:
" - (Jorwnal Special SerIe.) ' ".
' New- Tort: Aug. II. -A special to the
Journal from Nearnort aava: Rurvlara
invaded "Felrlawn," the palatial home
of I. Townsend Burden, early thia morn
ing, and furniahed mora .excitement
than th "400" had in years. All the
Burdens, including Mr a. , Burden 'and
Misses Gwendolyn and Evelyn, armed
l(k - HiMil r (mImaA In .fO.A . Ktswla
hunt that followed.
.; Mrs. Burden was awakened by the
barking of her dog. She hurried to the
door and opened It in time to- see a
man attired In a natty aummer autt
and wearing a white" waistcoat run
down-the main etairway and through
the ballroom, The dog aped after him,
and Mrs. Burden aelaed a revolver from
the table and followed. .
Mr. Burden and two daughters, awak
ened by the noise. Joined in the pursuit,
bu the burglar escaped. ; A
Chemawa. Or., Aug. 1. The Chemawa
Indian achool will erect thia fall a new
BSBBBBBBS .11'., ' , , I I
Ladiee' Hose Supporters, ; velvet
grip, all colore ...........
Matchless, Brand Dress Shields,
dorlesa ... . . . . . ',.. ........ . .9 d
0o Blue Enameled i-qt. Agate Tea
fPota. Friday only .......... ,.Z7f
' Ho large else Agate Iteet Enameled
Wash Basins. Special Friday., 15e
Agate itew Pans, : 1-o.t else, with
atrong handle, sold ;' regular ; ZOc.
Friday t. i ...... 10t
lOo Thin-Blown Optie Olaaa Water
Tumblers, ' In f different atylee.
Frlday only, each..., .5
' ' ' a ' 1 ' '
Waterproof Folding Lunch Boxes,
sold regular lie. Special ,
.Friday . ...... 4. lOf
Agate Bteel-Knameled Tea Kettlea,
hold quarts, aold regular ate.
Special Friday only ....... ...55
1 1 , . 1 '" '" 1
ISO 11-qt. ' Steel-Snaaeled Dish
Pans. Friday only. . . , .35f
I8e Boxes (Swift eV Co.) Toilet
Soapa, t eakea in box, in aweet
scented odora, auch aa violet, lilac,
crab apple, roao and many others.
Friday apeotal, box. ....... ...10
lBo Bottlea French Liquid Blueing,
beat brand la market.- Speelal Fri
day, bottlea .SSf
Oloas . Toweling . l-in.. all linen
jeaaak toweling, regular price lie,'
.or ,,,....
mm to
Tenjjlsfoot Fly Pcper
Best that's made. . Special for Fri
day, . I double aheets for .5
Women's Hose,- fancy lace and
stripe effects, all colore, good lisle
'hose; regular lie. . Friday, ...184
Toweling. Ml
1-lc. for
In. bleached;
Sheets. Ilxld, beat grade ef Muslin
Seamless Sheets with I -in. hem:
regular 7 val., -for .....634)
"' ' ' "' "
Mualln Oowna, elaborately trimmed, :
the choicest of our II. Tl stock.
Friday for .f 1.98
White Muslin Sklrta, laee hem
stitched - and tuek-trlmmed, 11.00
and 11.11 values. for...;.....,T94t
Short Black Silk Mitts; regular 10a,
Friday .'.,. .894t
Tour choice of all of our, fine aelee- :
tlon of Lawns and Organdies which
we sell regularly for lie,' Ho and
toe, Friday for..'...,. ...9a
5,000 Yards of
All this season's goods, worth up to $1.60 a yard; all
colors, fancy and black In the lot Extra Special
Friday, 47c a Yard
': '
Imitation -wood -carved, with or without chain weight.
Beautiful for the halL They regularly sell at $1.00. Fri
day afternoon only . ,
. 4 Ccforten fer 62c '
Full slaa and good quality, in all
patterns, aold regularly for 11.00. -j
15a China, deoorated 'After-Dinner
Cupa and Saucer. Friday only, "7.
each . ...... .104
Oloraa, long silk gloves, 14-button
length. In white and black silk;
regular 11.11. for ....... . ,. .81.69
0-tn. Tapestry for ooueh covers
and portlarea, tn Roman stripes and,
figures, per yard.,.. rr 43 4
IMa Swlssea, white ground with
toOp figure in blue, yellow and
green; regular tlo, for.,,. 16 2-8
Ladles' All-Wool White and Cream
Mohair - ' Round Langth Sklrta
pleated panel front, aide and back,
extra full; IT.I0 values, now your
choice for
Ladles White Wash
11.00 valuea. ' no. . .
Silk , Waists;
ir Yoa Dont Vblt THE PIT
. You'll Regret It
lj llf El Entirt Corner 3d tmd Yga&iu X eg!iJ BaES Tsl
' ' " ' ' '- . ! f tf '" ' . ' b :
Ever Riccay 1
Safety :ViQzoTi
Complete with T bladea, in morooao
case (I extra blades Friday only),
a regular 11.00 rasor and guaran
teed. Special ........81.00
Ribbon. 4 to. wtda, Dresdea SOK XSav
boa; regular tlo, for..,.....19e
Corset Ooveis, laoe sad
trimmed, a largo
loot from,' for...
assortment to aa-
Ladles' Vesta, fancy fbbod seam
less, " Test laos trimmed, - rlbboa
atrungi ragular tlo. . .Fitdast .t9f
Long Black Bilk Mitts; relaw- Tie.
FHday ...... .MM.48
Ladles' Oxford Ties, patent kid. rff.
bon ties, turn sole, with Cuban
heels; 11.00 vals., for. f 1.99
Men's Low Shoes, Russia aalf, taa
and paUnt kid; 11.10 vaL,
for ........ ...............92.49
Ladles' Oxford t Ties, - gunmetsl
flnlah. hand ae wed., with Cuban
heels; II I val., for. ..... . -92.89
Chlldren'a Hose, whits and tan, One
ribbed Aose, all sises; regular 1 00
pair, Friday . ,. . . ... .ir v ...,11a)
11x10 Sheets; regular price 17c,
for ........J,. ....... 4.... 4T4
Pillow Slips, 42xlf. good wide hem.
extra quality: regular Ho, for.lOf
Business Location t '') :v V :.- ''-. ,: .; ;::!
Ill- , , ' t '.
brick hospital for which 111,000 Is avail'
able. The plans ' and specifications for
the building were received at the achool
yesterday and bids for this building will
be opened at Washington on September
11 by the ' commissioner of Indian af
fairs. The main building is 10x11 feet
and will be two stories, having two
winss iix4 feet each.- '
In addition to ward a for both aexea,
the building has office, dlapenaary, op
erating room, waiting rooms, convales
oenta' rooms, private wards, contagion
wards and rooms for the nurses. It Is
supplied with the latest Improved meth
ods or ventilation and sanitary plumb
ing, la steam heated and electrle He-tit-
ed. The open-air eanltarlum, which the
scnooi Jaa established with vary satis
factory reaults,-will--o continued and
extended In connection with the new
hospital. Dr. George 3. Fanning, the
school physician, has entered enthusias
tically In carrying out the ideaa of the
scnooi management-aiong these lines.
tf yoa have wot aasweist Taa goa.
aal want Ada lately yoa hara gettea
aai ox eonoa wna saiaga.
AVgetable Preparalionfor As
similating meFoodandBeflula
tlng the 3 tomocbs andBovwu of
Promotes DigestionJCterful
nessandRestContalna neither
OpiumJMorphine norKiaeraJL
.ei's tn
teisVesat' '
A perfect Remedy for ConsBpa
Hon, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
heai and Loss or Sum
TacSimiU Sijrtahira of
For Infipta and Children.
Tha Kind You llavo
Always Bought
Bears the
For Ovor
Thirty Yoars
Salem Editor Demands to Know
Why He Isn't Mentioned as
Being In the Race.
And now cornea 'Colonel" Kmeet
Hofer, editor of the Salem Journal, and
proclaims himself ' a candidate for
United Statea collector of customs.
Moreover the doughty colonel la serl-
oualy aggrieved because hla name was
not included in tha Hat of aspirants re
cently published in this paper.
1 am very much surprised at rout
omitting my name from the list of can
didates," wrltea Mr, Hofer to Tha Jour?
1. "I flled my applloatioiwwttti sena
tor Fulton early In the game. It is true
that I have not backed it up with any
personal solicitation, letters- of recom
mendatlon from alleged influential poli
ticians or notorious hae-beena. I have
not made any trips to Portland or Aa
tori to beaiege tha delegation or bowed
down to the throne of any supposed po
litical boaaea."
Instead of resorting to auch time
worn artifices of tha professional Job.
chaser. Editor Hofer haa preferred to
rely upon ' hla distinguished and dis
interested services to tha state. Eight
development conventiona have been held
by htm during the paat year and aa
preaident of tha Willamette Valley De
velopment league ha haa labored with
out reward-though evidently not with
out hope of one..- With rare modesty
Mr. Hofer adda: .
'A a a result of my labors, and Tom
Richardson's, we have tha state criss
crossed with railroad surveys, several
tranacontlnental lines are being built,
and electrlo Unas are being projected In
every direction. At least f lOV.OUO.OOu is
to be expended in Oregon If your paper
tella tha truth, aa tha result of this de
velopment campaign."
Through an evident oversight the
'colonel- falls to include In tha list of
his aohlevementa for Oregon tha con'
atruetlon af tha Columbia river Jetty,
the Celllo canal and tha portage rail
way. In spits, however, of his pre
eminent claims for tha office, none of
the other candidates la reported aa hav
ing withdrawn. ,
(Continued from Page One.)
mlnal company's grounds begin, . be
tween : Eighteenth and Nineteenth
streets. Here the Portland Seattle
haa veered aaat and bought ground
along tha aide of tha terminal com
pany's tracka for aeveral blocks, and
haa also bought a number of fractional
bloeka along the south slds of Sher
lock avenue.
Passing through tha plat known aa
Terminal block, tha Portland at Seattle
has bought a part of 4 he block and
condemned lands of the Marshall heirs,
who demanded 1100.000 for about IH
21-foot lota extending through thia
block. Reaching tha foot of Upshur.
Thurman and aavter tha tracka aroaa
tha Terminal company'a ground and
run south into tha Portland Seattle
company'a new yards.
- The claah of Interests cornea from two
causes. The present terminal company,
controlled by tha Harrlman compaaiea,
haa discovered that It la completely
hemmed in between the Portland
Seattle eempany' grounds and tha
Willamette river, and that tha Pert-
Seattla asmpaaf a golag to he
We have at our disposal a fine location, in good neighborhood, for
A Confectionery Store
and branch bakery. There are living rooms in rear, counter and
other fixtures; low rent; long tease. Just the thing for the wife to
handle while the husband is busy at bis trade. Apply at FRONT
AND GIBBS STREETS (key at drug store), or to
Gevurtz & Sons
173-176 First St. .
In a position to Interfere ' with tha
movement of Harrlman traffic at the
oroaalna. . ' "" '
The Portland Seattle haa also ac
quired sufficient ground, and with de
sirable proximity to the present union
atatlon, to make it practicable for that
company to erect lta own passenger
station ahould favorable terms or con
aeaalona be refused by the Harrlman
majority management of the present
union elation. Altogether the stakes
make it worth while for the big com
pant. a to fight it out for possession of
tha row of blocks that are now the di
viding line between their terminal
jrrounde. -
Reported In Wall Street That
Harrlman Will Announce
Four Per Cent Profit.
(Joeraal Special Srmee.)
New Tork. Aug. IS.- Unless the
ones of Wall street are mistaken liar
rlman and bis assoclstea in the south'
ern Pacific are determined to put tha
atock of tha road on a 4 per cent divi
dend basis. On tha atrength of thia
general belief tha atock haa rtaen to a
record pries, touching II H In very ao
tlva dealings. The best previous recora
is 11 mads In 101. The southern
Pacific atockholders have been watting
for a dividend for more than f 0 years.
Jn this soma of tha stockholders have
manlfeeted an aggressive Impatience, it
waa C. P. Huntlngton'a policy not to pay
dividends until the property should be
able to continue payments.
By adhering to this policy in the race
of much criticism, ha prevented the road
from going Into receivership hands
when nearly all of the big western rail
road companlee were In financial dlffl
cultlea. Railroad experta agree that
the system la In auch good condition
that lta traffic la bound to increaee and
Justify dividends, oow for an indefinite
period. . '
' Appelated areas Phyalolaa.
Chemawa. Or., Aug. II. Dr. Frank E.
Slater of Salem haa been appointed reg
ular phyelcian at the Omaha and Win
nebago Indian-agency in Nebraska. Haj
has accepted Ua appointment aaa will
leave for the east In a few days. Dr.
Slater waa temporary physician at Che
mawa. and becoming Interested In the
Indian work applied fer a permanent ap
At the Lyric.
It woald be Quite difficult to flod s better
flay thai the (oar-set Witter? Srama. "The
larrhtng glment," which la the attraction at
the I-jrle for tbe current week. The eerte are
well aaslgaed and sra Being enacted m a stghir
efficient manner. Ibis preduetloa shenld be
eta by ell. -
w. ' ' ,. J -':)
As eicellent pro-real Is tbat ef Pantages thle
week. It la beaded by Harry McCra ana ble
troupe In "Tbe Old Oaard." Tboae who bare
mm thle sty tbat it la worth stany times tbe
price ef admission, inner reaturea are Menu
Slaters, art la tie slngera and graeefnl dancers)
(be jQreat Melaotte, who with bla dainty ward'
rone Impersonates tbe gentle sea; a llrely little
comedy skit, "Wanted: A None." by Mr. end
Mrs. Ueerse Merrell, and aaany ether entertain
ing acts. !. ...., i , . ,.
. ; At the Star.
"Caaiht in tbe Web" Is ta be the epenlag
reduction ol the Allen sioca eomnaay. whiry
epene at tbe Star theater ae a dramatle stack
souse next Monday' eveetng. Tbe policy ef tbe
Management wiu be 10 rarniea rsrtiass wita a
a aeon ef society SMledreaae, .
1 " m . , ,
At the Grand. .
Tkoss wke enjoy a' vanilevllle entertainment
where ell tbe acta are ef high standard will find
what the seek at the Grand thia week. Tbe
MU espeere aartk-ulartj good ea aeeoaat ef tbe
bright sad freak anpearanee ef tbe house, ae It
haa been eempletely renovated. Edward (elite,
tbe humorist, la tbe top liner.
Oaaaea aahabarw. '
resale Merrltt rarnMr ta Womas'i
Cempankia. ,
fare tbe rhaharb and eat Into oee-tneh
pieces, eslng e llrnr knife. Pack eolldly late a
Jar. pet under the cold-water faucet and let
the water run for SO mlaatee: tbee adjust tbe
cover, I hare naked many cbemletn why rhn.
barb eonld be preserves la tbla meaner, bet
hare sever received s satisfactory reply. As
s matter of faet. I bare known rhubarb ao
treated te hee Item eee r ha barb eeaeea te
the Best, , , ,
Waahlnrton, Aug. It. Tha situation
la Saate Domlace la far frem satlafae-
r,iit"j, m?t u ,7-'
The Cweustonwwaita ShUldlag oa Slsth and Bturastdo ssrearsa, the aUstrilmV
. . ag depot ef the aaeed-Preaoh Plaao aaabeai1as O -
Tha peculiar wants of tha Reed-French Co. make tha Commonwealth
building Ideally adapted to their purpoaea. The Portland offloee of tha
company have the whole northwest to look after, and . ahipptng con
veniences la a first consideration, flenty of room, excellent light, near
neee to depota and withal a two minutes' walk to tha very center of
town makea this location and building Just the place for tha whole ;
sallng of musical Instruments. . -
The warerooms' are rapidly filling up. (Mr. Pick has three wagons
going). About tomorrow will hava- lota of planoa to show fall- styles
lit fins pianos you know there la an up-to-dateness about pianos the
same aa la everything else. ,,.(: ',.:,'.,,' ,
And when Saturday cornea we' want you ta call (Sixth and Bumaide.
you know) and aee a piano that we're prend of. We doiy't want to get
too extravagant In deeeriptlons. but we're aafa In thia caee. We will p
la rant house the sweUest, the most ap-to-dase, the moo MsosmUy fwa
aataed plaao era showa la this towa for SS1T (pay as yea Uke). This
price la at least a hundred dollars less than retailers aaiurt ask for the
aama thlnf. ' .'.,'
It you don't mind looking around, a dleordered store eonva In befwre
The Reed-French Picno r.::.
nraost kajcbb to watk.
.''.: Ooasrioawf
Sixth aaa araeide
tory. Orders hava been for Souther
land, the senior American naval officer
In those watered to prevent th landing
of any. hostile force thai may have
been organised In Porte T
American territory. 1 .
revolutionary eefeCJl Li
ChrlsU atawaa,