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    tiis Oregon daily journal. rbnTLAND. thOespay Eyr::i::3. aucu:t i:, i::;.
: 4 '
Attorneys for the Government Gather Damag;
ing Evidence While
r : Try to Have Their
X Tli Blue mountain reserve e)
e tend fraud case la to go to trial e
next Monday morning ' with --
Btata Senator Franklin Pierce
Maya, - Wlllard. N. Jonee ana
.George Borenson aa defendants.
Congressmen Blnger Hermann
and J. N. -Williamson were In
cluded In thla Indictment, but
Hermann baa, hn a ranted a
eTranoa and v William on haa ;
: not been notified to prepare for .
. trial The government doea not "
desire to try WUllameoa at thla
time, and may decide that ao far ,
aa he ta concerned It la aatletted
with one. conviction.; ? - v V:
The big fence 'of .the' Butte Creek
' Lend. Livestock A Lumber company la
now being wound ardund Clarence B.
Zachary. whose trial fpr perjury . haa
already taken three day of the time of
Judge Hunt and a Jury. At every turn
of the case Special Assistant Attorney
General Heney brings in a string of
barbed wire and tbe defenaa vainly ob
jects, for the court holds that auch evi
: den re la admissible to ahow Zacbary'a
motive when he made affidavit that
Charlea A. Wataon bad compiled with
the requirements of the ..homestead law.
Zacnary -Is ranch manager for the
Butte Creek company. While the fence
Issue waa In dlapute thla morning Judge
Bennett; counsel for Zacnary, said: .
There Is no particular enormity la
the fact that these people had soma
government land fenced up, ss every
body had been doing that for years."
In this instance "some government
land" meant 18,00 acrea. K. Putnam,
the man whose persistent fight against
the methods of the Butt Creek com
pany brought about the- Investigation
that resulted In several Indictments,
gave" Important testimony for the pros
ecution. - He told of the string of home
stead clalma along which the company
ran a fence that connected with the
rlmrock along Butte creek and" John
Day river. Along the south Una of the
fncloeure, which the company modestly
called Ita "big pasture," were claims
taken up by Clyde Brown, a sheep
herder; "Dug Sellers, who drove the
Fossil stage; Lee Smead. ' a, horse
breaker; Mrs, Cynthia Hamilton, keep
All those readers of the comic sup-'
plement who bavs labored under ths Im
pression that ths Mr. Butlnskl, who has
been so graphically depleted by the pena
of the versatile artists, waa merely the
figment of an overwrought Imagination
can have tangible evidence to ths con
trary by applying to P. Brain, inspector
Of police, ... ,.; .... . . . .
The captain was approached' in-the
, Station this . morning by a foreigner,
who aUted that he wished to notify the
authorities jt the theft or a roll of
blankets, containing all " his worldly
possessions, from -' -the Grand Central
station. Brain, after securing one of
the report blanks, as a preliminary in
quired the name of the complainant To
Head of Police Department Made
Member of Health Board by
:: Mayor Lane. .
-atayer Lane last evening delegated
Chief of Polios Orltsmacher aa a mem
ber of the board ef health to acquaint
the health officer with the wishes of ths
council ' as' expressed at. the' meeting
with regard to disposition ef the Tanner
creek gulch leper.
- - At the eouncM meeting A. Walter
Wolf appeared In the Interests of hla
neighbors who don't went Wong Sue
anywhere la their vicinity. Olven the
t privilege of tbe floor ha told the coun
cil that the neighborhood was up la
arms, that tbe hideous victim of leprosy
. was frightening women -and children,
. that the children were accustomed to
playing .about a spring only 10 feet
from the leper e shack and that every
':. resident of tbe vicinity wanted tbe leper
moved away without delay.
Preston remarked that he bad 'In
tended ths health committee approprta-
tlon of IT0O should cover the expense
' of oaring for ths leper. Finally the
matter was left In the health officer's
1 hands. ..
Dr. . Wheeler declares that the. tTOe
' appropriated will not more than cover
the expense of the smallpox hospital,
- emergency eases and other regular ex
penses during August. . ..
- Twenty years ago II lepers were
found la Portland. They were at length
. confined In a stockade on ths county's
property as far away from the poor-
farm bouses as possible. Occasionally
they took a notion to come down town
and levy tribute upon their countrymen.
Then the police would have all kinds
or trouble getting them back to the
stockade. Finally they were exported
to Hongkong. Some died on the voyage
an it waa always oeueved hero that
the others were killed soon after they
left tbe British colony and before they
reached Canton.
. Chief Orltsmacher Intended calling on
the health officer and accompanying
him thla afternoon on a visit to the
county commissioners but the commis
sioners were not at ths courthouse. ,. ..
ties reel Speelel Servtee.t '
- tt. Petersburg, Aug. II. There is
freat activity today among ths police.
' Their attention was called to at least
t we ei-memberg ef the doama. A
former deputy at Klehnoff waa arrested
and the police entered the residence of
Prince Doigurorr while ne was enter
taining a party of friends. The prlnoe
In greet snger telephoned the perfect
and after tnaelt parleying the police
were withdrawn, the perfect being as
sured that ths party st the prince's
bowse wee a private gathering. , .
eUiea at Lewie Beet Bread,
Attorneys tor uetense
Protest ei
er of a boarding houaa at Fossil, and
Mrs. Brarn Wilkes, a waitress. .
Putnam testified that he never eaw
any of tbacpersons named living on
their claims. Each claim had a cabin,
like the one on Watson's claim, but
there were no signs that the cabins
mm hvm Inhabited. :
: A cross -exam (nation of mors than aa
hour ' failed, to ahake Putnam's testi
mony. He had, fought Ihe Butte creek
company for several years and he waa
sure of his information. . ; During his
testimony ha told of his vnin sppeaie
to United States Attorney jonu n. nan.
Land Commissioner Blnger Hermann
and Special Agent Clark K. Loomls. all
of whom have since been Indicted.
Clyde Brown waa called and testified
that he- filed on a homestead at the sug
gestlon of the - defendant. - Zaohary
agreed to buUd a cabin and put up a
fence for him. Shortly after the federal
greid Jury began Its Investigation of
the Butte creek company Brown aban
doned his clslm. . - I ' '
- Henry Neal told of going with zacn
ary to put ttoora and stoves Into several
of the cabins on the south line of the
big pasture. This was dona after Spe
cial Agent Dixon of the land office ap
peared on the scene.
, ' aTe Deagee, Said Saebaiy. ' .
5 Irvtn Wilkes testified that his wife,
Mrs. Emma Wilkes, had Uken up a
claim, but had never lived on 11 When
the Investigation came off ahe told
Zachary ahe waa afraid to prove up, and
he assured her there was no oanger.
Wilkea himself took up a claim De
cember it, litfr Ho had an agreement
with Zachary and was to get 1100 after
ha had made final proof and deeded over
the claim. Cost of filing. Improvements
and all other expensss were to bs borne
br the Butts Creek company. Wilkes
made final proof aa agreed, and one of
bla witnesses waa Clarence B. Zachary.
The direct " examination of Wilkes
waa .still In progress when tbe , noon
adjournment wss ordered.
Numerous witnesses were called yes
terday afternoon by Specelal Prosecu
tor Heney and United States Attorney
Bristol,' . Their testimony, which was
ths same as that given at the trials of
Charlea A. Watson and Coo D. Barnard,
tended to show that Wataon had nsver
lived on his homestead claim.- ' ' t
Slow progress Is being mads and
there Is now no prospect of the eass
going to the Jury before tomorrow
night. . . V . " ' ' . "...
hla great surprise the fellow gave his
cognomen as Butlnskl. To make sure
that there was no miatake Bruin re
quested the man to write the name in s
clear, lesible. hand. - He wrote Andrew
Butlnskl. According to Butlnski's state
ment he secured a position through sn
smployment agency and repaired to the
depot to board a train. He laid his roll,
containing a miscellaneous collection of
effects including everything from a
pocket mirror to a violin, in the waiting'
room and went out to get one farewell
doss of Second street Joy Juice. During
hla absence a thief butted in and carried
away hla belongings. Detective Raising
haa been detailed on the caae but haa
no clue to tbe Identity of the thief.
Many Will Plead Busy Season as
Excuse and Special Venire
May Be Necessary. -',
Of ft men whose names were drawn
la the circuit court thla morning to act
aa Jurors for ths September term, are
farmers by occupation. As . most of
them will ask to be excused because of.
being busy with . harvest. It Is thought
probable that many special venires will
have to be ordered before the Juries are
secured to hear the trials. '
Other occupations are scantily repre
sented In the list of talesmen drawn
this morning. There are four capital
ists, three- engineers, two laborers, and
each of the remaining IT has a different
vocation, from clerk to deputy sheriff. '
, . The veniremen are: A. E. Bell, - Wil
liam Frledlander, J. . Bhadenberg, Scott
waiion, james uurran. w. b. uiaxton,
John Drlacoll, John Larsen. R. B. Carr,
H. P. Smith. Fred Klelnschmldt. James
Bysrs, W. J, Bums. O. H. Flthlsn, N.
Davis, Peter Stenbler, H. C. Coleman, J.
Bedmont. J. B. Beck, P. Schmidt, Ellis
Robb. O. C. Metsger, A. Munson, James
Richie, Prank Laver, O. W. Kenney. Z.
M. Knight,- Thomas E. Colllnson, Sam
uel Streben. 8. V. Stone, J. O. Paup,
Mark CrandalL A. Do Benedtttl. William
Cornfoot, Thomas Dodson, Charles Walt
man, N. u. snow, Frank Orchard. Percy
Olesle, Henry U Coffin, William Sas
teekn, Frank Dioklnaon, Michael Fisher,
William Tegard. I. J. Herman, V. E.
Ramboe. J.' H. ' Courtney, Fred Knecht,
Mike O'Oara. WlllUra T. Legg, Clar
ence PhlUlps,' M. Heggar. Frank P,
Davis, James A. Lawrence, P. Mority,
O. I. Neal. Alex Duncan. A. I Turner.
J. F. . Roberta, - H. - Freebough, Fred
Brandea, Joseph De Harton, Frank
Powell, H. W, Mathtson. John Connelly,
H. C. Leonard, D. W. McKay, Mike Ras,
C Morher, William Patton, Henry Fleck
ensUln. P. J. Lynch. Charles Slner, J.
H. Preston and C W. Herman. .
Colonel Batcher to Meet Brraa, :
(pedsl Dlspatca as The aersal.l
Baker City, Or Aug. (.Colonel W.
F. -Butcher, the stalwart Democrat Of
Oregon, leaves tonight for Now Tork
City to attend the great reception which
haa been planned for 'William Jennings
Bryan when that notable lands on his
native snll- after a trip around - the
world. Colonel Butcher expects to make
a long stay tn the eest and while there
will confer not only with Mr. Bryan,
but with the leading Democrats of the
Oerpe rations a ranted OaASsers.
. (aperlal IMssetos te The Jesraal.)
Salem, Or., Aug. Is. The following
eorporeUono filed their artlelee la the
office of the secretary of state today:
The Portland Messenger Delivery
company. Incorporators Ales A. Oiler,
K. E. Farrlngtoa, Nelson S. Bortsnd,
main office Portland, capital stock $.0.
Clovsrdsle Telephone company of
Cloverdale, Tillamook eounty. Ineoreora-
tors Charlea Ray, Charles p. Nelson and
Mori Nelsoe, eapltal stock f Mv
'.' 'i ::,''. ";;
Mrs. Mabel Warner Xing Arrested
at Weston by ' ,
f "'wV''";- Bank. . ;
Three' Different Tettgmentt Cause
: Trouble in Estate of ' Late J. W.
. Young-, Who Died During April of
This Year, V :-fy, 'tkr
(Sseelal DliDSteh to Tie JmirMl.l '
Pendleton, Or., Aug. Is. Mrs, Mabel
Warner King Is charged with the forg
ery of a will and a warrant for her
arrest has-been sworn to by.B. B. Hall,
cashier of the Farmers' bank at Weston,
and the woman la expected to be In the
custody of the sheriff todsy.
Tbe trouble occurred in the Bank of
Weston during AprtL Mrs., Warner la
the niece and adopted daughter of the
late J. W. Young, who left a wlU and
an estate valued at 111.000. ' When he
died laat fall no will could be found.
The dead man had been keeping hla
papera in a box at the bank, but no
will was there. f .
There are now three wills, or alleged
wills, in evidence. The first one, exe
cuted on September -J. 1111, is ths wilt
now before the probate court. . Tbe chief
beneficiary In It la Mrs. F. D, Watts,
wife of Dr. Watts of Cosur d'Alene,
Idaho. - , ' .
The second one la tbe document whioh
Mrs. Warner declares was found among
her dead uncle's effects in a box at the
Farmers' bank of Weston, and ' which
Mr. Hall declarea waa Inaerted In the
box by Mrs. Wsrner while his back was
turned. ' In this document Mabel Toung
Warner la given a substantial bequest.
The nature of the third, and most
mysterious will cannot be learned. It la
aald to bequeath Mrs. Warner 110.009
and a few hundred to Mrs. Flcard of
Walla Walla. ! - .
(Special Dispatch to Tse Joaraal.) '
Eugene. Or., Aug. It. R. A. Booth.
manager of the Booth-Kelly company.
today announced that on account of the
car shortage on the Southern Pacific
oompany'a lines the night shifts at ths
company's four big sawmills In Lane
oounty will be taken off this week, and
unless conditions sre bettered within
a very ahort time the mills will posi
tively close down until such time ss
ths railroad company ia abls to furnish
enough cars to haul away the orders.,
The company la now 600'cara ahort
of what It ahould have In order to meet
Ite ahlpplng requirements. The Booth
company uses on an a vera ge of 160 cars
psr month, whjereas laat month It 'only
secured 110 cars. Ths extent of the
loss to this eommunlty-ln case the com
pany's mills close down Is shown by
the fact that the payroll la now 1100,
eoe per month. Tbe company has sa
abundance ef logs, plenty of labor and
the beat of markets, but is handicapped
and does not look for anything better
for some months to come. ' .
(Spedal Pispateh to Tke JeereaLI
Pendleton, Or.. Aug. The .Uma
tilla county examining board has fin
ished, the work of correcting papers snd
It is found that II applicants for eounty
papers have paaaed, according to County
Superintendent Wells. i .
In Baker eounty II teachers have been
Issued ; eertlAcsteo sines ths school
examlnatlona held laat week under tba
direction of Professor Payton.
County Supeajfttendent Bragg ' ot
Union county states that out of II ap
plicants JO paaaed the required mark.
wnicn is considered a very good show
lng. , 1 ' t
(Special Diepatrb to The Joaraal.)
Forest Grove, Or, Aug. it. Anions
Herman, the ii-year-old son of William
Herman of Verboort, near here, was
thrown from his horse lsst evening
wnue armng arier eatue. HS fell on
his bead and haa not regained con
aclousness. Dr.. Wsrd waa summoned
but can not yet ascertain how seriously
Hurt me ooy ia. .
(Joeraal aperlsl Srnee.t
- Toledo, Ohio, Aug. II. The interstate
commerce commission today ended lta
Inquiry into the methods and workings
of the Ice trusts, seversl members of
which wore.', recently convicted. Ths
findings will not be msde public or ac
tion decided upon for some time.
' (Joeraal Ipedal Service.) ""' '''
Colorado Springs, Col., Aug. It. The
typographical union today unanimously
chose Hot Springs, Arkansas, as the
next meeting place. A public reception
wss given this afternoon and an address
made by ths governor, A barbecue fol
lowed. Married at Salem. '
" (Special DIsDatch to The Jom.lV
Salem. Aug. II. Robert IL fclavage
ano miss iaa oiege were married yee
terday afternoon at 1:10 o'clock at the
Baptist parsonage by Rev. Mr. Cllfre.
The groom and bride left on ths north
oouno tram ror a lo-daya' trip through
ths northwest
Isaac H. Campbell of Springfield, Ilit
nola, and Miss Inss Shelton of Jordan,
Linn eounty, were married last, evening
at I o'clock by Rev. W. H. Selleck of
the Methodist church. Ths marriage
was celebrated at the home of Mrs.
Lydla Campbell ' two miles south of
Mtataal Cevaaory to Besoms,
(fteeelal Dlepatek to Tke JoeraaLY
Salem, Or.. Aug. II. After a vaca
tion of three weeka the Salem Mutual
cannery will resume operations next
Monday. The first work on this run
will be esnnlng pears and ths msnage
ment expects to glvs work to J 10 people
for ths remainder of the see son, con
tinuing until November 1. The peers
thst are coming In now were bouaht
under contract for 111 nor 'ton and this'
iprioe ww reaaaia i feree
mala la fetee aU
IlLilfllCKS G1S
Called by Prosecution to Jestify
Against Clarence B. Zackary
In Perjury Case, i ' ';
After Sentence Ii Imposed He Will
Be Barred From Giving Testimony
in Any Court Until Judgment
Atainet Htm Is RevWaed. . '
Irwin Wilkes, witness for ths govern
ment In the case of Clarence B. Zach
ary. charged .with perjury, teatlf led thla
afternoon that after bo had proved up
on his homestead claim In Wheeler eoun
ty he carried but hla previous agreement
with Zachary-by deeding It to the Butte
Creek Land, Livestock as Lumber com
pany. At that Urns he was given the
1100 promised him by zacnary. tie nao.
never lived on hla claim a single day.
Wilkea further teat If led that his wire
also deeded her claim to the Butu
Creek company and was paid 1100.' She
had visited the land two or three times,
but never made her homa upon It.
On eroaa-examlnatlon the witness de
nied ever having tried to sell hla claim
to Coe Barnard or H. K. ogiivy.
Hamilton , H. Hendricks, , formerly
United States commissioner at Fossil,
waa next called and made what may
prove to be hla laat appearance on the
witness-stand. He waa recently con
victed of subornation of perjury and Is
to be sentenced next Saturday. After
sentence Is Imposed bs will be barred
from giving testimony In any court un
til ths Judgment against him Is reversed.
This afternoon iienoricxs issunea
that Clarence B. Zaohary had appeared
before blm as a final proof witness for
both'Irvln Wilkes, and Mrs. Emms
Wilkes. Ths testimony -of Hendricks
was formal In lta nature, merely rout
ine to offlclsl acta, and was called for
hv the arovernment for the purpose of
Introducing In evidence tne nnai proorr
affidavits made by Zachary. wno awore
that Irvtn Wilkea and his wife had con
tinuously resided on their homestead
clalma The desired affidavits were sd-
mitted over the objections ox ma ae
fense. ...
nrk E. Loom la. who wnus special
agent of the land, off Ice did things that
resulted In his indictment, wss me nexi
witness. Hs testified to Investigating
the Illegal encloadre of the Butte Creek
company. At that time Zachary gave
him a written statement- in regard to
the fanelna? of government land.
. Prosecutor Heney produced the state
ment referred to, the wltneea identinea
It and it was admitted In evidence. ,
-e-r . , i .
To create by legal and mors regular
means the office of assistant building
Inspector, it Is probable that member
of the council and ef the executive
board will soon hold a conference at
which a truee will be declared. t
The veto of Mayor. Lane of the ordi
nance creating the position and naming
Walter K. Benvla to fin It was eus
talned by the council last night It
was a cinch for the mayor, as less thsn
two thirds or ths members were present
when ths session began and the six In
their chairs split even on the ote."
The need of an assistant for the In
speetor le not doubted, but the council
hss -contended that It has ths right to
appoint while the mayor holds that the
authority rests with tne executive Doara.
- What will be , done Is - ths probable
Introduction of a' new ordinance by
which the council oreatea the position
and the executive board appoints the
man to fill It Benvle Standa at the
ton of the eligible list, having passed
ths . civil service examination at the
aame time as Inspector Spencer.
Variel Vlcer and Dlmltar Todorow re
ported to the police thie morning that
a sneak thief entered their room at IS
North First street laat night and stole
161. Detective Carpenter la endeavor
ing to locate the thief.
J. M. Plttenger of 174 Borthwiok street
has notified the 'authorities that during
ths absence of his family laat night
some one entered the bouse and carried
away till In gold. The key to the resi
dence had been secreted and tbe fact
that It waa found In ths door after the
crime leads ths polios to believe that
the thief was familiar with ths prem
ises. ......
"With reference to holding Inquests,
1 wish to be thoroughly understood on
that point," said Deputy Coroner Arthur
L, Flnley thla morning.
"1 have consulted District Attorney
Manning on numeroua occasions .with
reference to holding Inquests and 'bavs
nsvsr been advised by him not to hold
one. The statement In ths paper yes
terday purporting to come from him to
that effect that I bad stated be advlaed
me not to bold one snd dsnled by him,
is consequently erroneous.
"We havs beld numeroua fnquests at
hla advice and numerous ones without
consulting him. ' But In no case has hs
advlaed us not to bold an Inquest"
v....:;.,. . ., t
. A sawmill for the aawlng of hard
wood lumber for the Paclne Coast Hard
wood Lumbar Manufacturing, company
la being erected by the Banneld-Versey
Fuel compsny at ths Steffen shipyard site.
corner or front and liall e treats. The
company will have the mill In operation
by oetooer i. Tne bunding la 11x124
feet and will be equipped with one of
the moat modern plants tn the country.
It wlU'aaw oak from the north Paolfla
coast and. other hard woods from Si
beria and the Philippines. The capaolty
of the plant dally will be 15,000 feet of
hard wood or 40,001 feet of Pacific coast
fir. .. . . ' ( .
Death of aa Ootogeaarlaa. , .
(Special Dispatch to Tbe Joaraal.)
Salem, Or- Aug. 11. John P. John
son, sn sged and .highly respected cltl
sen, died this morning, shortly after
midnight at the home of his son. Wal
ter W. Johnson, 411 Church street this
city. Mr. Johnson was born In Indiana
tn lltl and came to Oregon II years
age. Hs le survived by bis wife -and
els ehildrea,
DL'OIiCE iirj
Declares ' Couplet With Children
' Should Not Be Allowed to
V Separate. . -'r,;A--.
Three Mismated Couplet Granted Re-
.' lief fpr Desertion snd Cruelty Jen
nie Rogers Telia Story of Her Un
happy Matrimonial Experiences.
"The separation ef people who have
children is a great evil, and la becom
lng more and more common. For the
saks of your child you ought to live to
gether," aald Judge Freker In the cir
cuit court this morning to D. W. Camp-
ball, who waa auing for a divorce. from
Alloc Campbell. Campbell testified that
hla Wife had deaerted him la January.
1101. and that he waa willing that ahe
ahould be given the custody ot thslr
1-year-old son. .
Well. If she Is good snough to havs
lbs oars of ths child, .why Is shs not
good snough for you ' to . live wlthf
aaked ths Judge. ' .
I am willing to live with her," re
plied Campbell, "but aba will not come
back to me. I have asked her repeat
edly, and ahe has refuaed. ' She fhad no
reason for going that I know Off."
"There la something In this case that
doea not appear here, said. Judge Prav
ser. "A woman who baa a child doss
not leave a good husband for nothing.
Tba greatest percentage of children whd
get Into trouble are those who bavs but
one parent, ' the other- being dead or
"You are technically . entitled to a
divorce, but If I had any discretion I
would not grant it" - - .
Preferred Xer XnAspendenee. ;
Campbell and his wlfs were married
at Skamowa. Washington, In April, ills.
Testimony was Introduced at tba trial
showing that Mrs. Campbell's parents
are well-to-do, but that ahe prefera to
earn her own living by working aa a
waitreeo. She , la now employed, at the
Vienna cafe. . '
' Two other divorcee were granted by
Judge Fraserthls morning, both on the
grounde of cruelty. ..,,.
Jennie Rogers testified that : Fred
Rogers had married her la August, HOB,
and sight days after . their wedding
day kicked her out of the. bouse and
blacked her eye. Next" morning, shs
said, he told her they were not legally
married, that bs had not been divorced
from his first wife six months. Hs
said he had purposely married her 10
days before the expiration of the six
months so shs could not claim any of
his property.. ,..
' Mrs. Rogers went to her attorney and
to District Attorney Manning, shs said,
and waa advised by them that the mar
riage was legsl and binding. Thea her
hdsband begged her to return to him,
promising to . be good. She aald he
asked her to sign, deeds to the property
soon afterward, and when ahe refused
railed her names and kicked her out of
the house at . midnight when It was
raining.- She went to the home of her
daughter, and when ahe went back to
her husband's bouse next morning it
waa locked and he was gone..', . .
wets Sivoros and Alimony.
Mrs. Rogers' daughtar, Mra. FOsdlck.
testified that Rogers had told them be
fore he married ' her mother that hla
first wlfs bad been dead five years,
snd that after the marriage ha had read
them a summons .from an Idaho paper
proving that he had been dlvoroed less
thsn six months before. Mrs. Rogers
wss granted ft divorce and lit a month
alimony. Rogers mads no appearance
to contest the auit- .
Atba Shaw was granted a divorce
from Martin Shaw on the grounds of
cruelty. - sne testified that her husband
was a gambler and that he told her be
fore their marriage that he was a news
paper man. 8ha said hs hsd assaulted
her frequently, had threatened : to kill
her and ones whsn shs woke up at night
ner nusnana was trying to chloroform
her. ' She said be served a sentence of
six months In Jail tn San Franolsoo for
beating her. They were married la this
city In November, II II. Mrs. Shaw
aald ths laat time ahe saw bar husband
was In thla city and that he told her
he was running a keno gams at , the
Portland club. . -
The boo at the dty park will eoon be
enriched by the addition of an ant
eater from Mexico. W. H. Shepherd of
Vancouver haa been given permission to
put bis pet ant-eater in the park and the
transfer will be made Immediately.
Thie odd little animal will be one of
the queerest exhibits of ths boo, rank
ing close to the long-qullled porcupine.
It has bssn raised ss a pet and la ss
tame as a oat Having been given the
run of fhe house it had developed all
kinds of mischievous traits. One is to
find a nswly made bed. then roll the
covers up In a wad and tumble the
whole thing to the floor. It ia passlon
ately fond of perfumery and goes
straight sftsr every bottle It smells.
Ths carpets and furniture of the Shep
herd resldsncs have -been plentifully
sprinkled with the perfumery the ant-
eater has thrown ground. ,
4' Joaraal Speelsl Servtoe. I
Milwaukee. Aug. 11. The fight for
the presidency of ths Eaglea la on be
tween H. D. Davis of Ohio and Bdward
Krause of Delaware. A surprise was
sprung upon the delegates when Gerr
of Pennsylvania withdrew In favor of
Davis. The Convention was surprised
by the nomination of Lieutenant Gov
ernor Coon of Port Townsend, Wash
ington, for vice-president against Theo
dore Bell of Napa, California. The
buslnsss sssslon has been dropped for
the parade, which takes place this aft
ernoonu '
tfearaal Special In i m.l '
Ptock. Aug. II. The terrorists broke
loose this morning snd there were sev
eral claahea with ths police, in one
mix-up 'flvs policemen were killed and
two hurt.. : i
, ew Oesrtee fot BUUsbero. ,
(S.ieelat maps tefe to The Jcnrasl t
,' Washington, Aug. II. Walter Thomas
has been appointed rural carrier and
Fred i Thomas substitute carrier for
HUlsboro, Oregon, . :
State Militia Had Left for Man
. euver 'When Executive
'':7'wvt"v" Called.
Oregon's Chief Will ' Be Present at
Big ,, Conflict of Opposing ,Armiei
Tomorrow-- Sharpshooters Pre par
Ing for Trip to 8eagirt. ; ' ,l
' : (Special Dispatch to Tke Journal.)
Camp Tacoma, Aug. II. Governor
George S. Chamberlain ' of Oregon, ao
eompanled by hie ataff. paid aa Informal
visit to eamp thla morning: Oregon's
-executive arrived from PorUsnd in Ts-
coma at 1:30 a. m. After breakfast
the party secured aa automobile and
a rove out - to campj They toured the
camp and visited ths location of the
Oregon troops but tbe militia bad de
parted.. .
Oeneral Funston at beadauartere waa
visited. . Tbe trip of the governor and
staff was purely Informal. Oeneral
Funeton was extremely grselouo and
ahowed the distinguished party ths
usual eourteslse. Governor Chamber
lain and hla staff returned to Tacoma
and left for Seattle at 10 o'clock. They
will -return tomorrow mornlnr to cams
In time to view the conflict between the
opposing armies, which la the bla event
of the week, .; . , - .
, Governor Muck Pleased.
This was the governor's first visit
He wss much pleased with ths sits of
the encampment and exnreased the
opinion that It was very desirable to
have tbe combined camp. He studied
the map cloeely and ahowed great In
terest in everything connected with
tbe encampment .
Governor Chamberlain waa accomna-
nled by Adjutant-Oeneral Flnser, Colo
nel Houston, Colonel Waddall, Colonel
reruns, Lieutenant - Colonel -Hasan.
Captain Meara and Lieutenant Jenkins,
Oeneral Flnser returned froA ths tar
get range at Aurora to most ths. chief
executive and hla staff. ,
At Range No. II the sharpshooters
are practicing diligently, and will con
tinue to do so until Sunday evening.
On Monday morning a team of 14 men
and three officers, under the adjutant-
general's command, wul leave for Sea.
girt, 'New Jersey, to compete la the na
tional rifle shoot Lieutenant Jenkins,'
one of the team, bats ths shooters are
doing splendidly, although the range Is
strange to them. While here Oeneral
Flnser arranged for tbe pay for mem
bers of the team. . , , . .
- Om a tftevKOe Mate. -Ten
minutes before the eovernor and
his party visited ths Oregon camp tbe
Third and First bsttaltons had left to
partial pets In today's maneuvers with
; ;,',. ' r ,
Jasper Patton of Row River Vio
.tlm of a Murderous
. Assault. - '
(Special Dispatch ta Tbe Joaraal.)
Cottage Grove, Or, Aug. II. Jasper
Patton, a resident of Row River, east
of thie plana, was stabbed by a hobs at
Alca today. ; Patton had paid ths
tramp's fare from Toncalla to Corn-
stock, then went with him to Alca, to
the Chambers sawmill. The hobo want
In ths oookhouee and used some bad
language to the eooke. Patton ordered
him out . Tbe hobo went out and Pat
ton followed him out and knocked htm
down, 1 When Pattoh turned his back the
hobo stabbed htm In the back, striking
ths flftfi rib, which stopped the knife
from going Its full depth, which would
havs killed Patton. Tbe wound le not
serious. ? t ..-.. -.'..-.-,
Doctor Beet of Cottage Grove, wss
called to dreaa ths wound. The mill-
men tied ths tramp la tbe mill arm tele
phoned for a constable. They talked of
lynching. .. The constable brought him
to Cottage Grove for confinement
Prosecuting Attorney Brown of Doug
las county, will investigate before thsrs
Is any trial. Patton says bs will not
prosecute him as be made th asssult
himself., . r: ..' ."
(ftDeela! Dlepatek te Tbe JearaaL)
Sumpter, Or, Aug., It David Ecolea,
president and H. H. Spencer of Ogden
director of the Sumpter Valley railroad,
also Joseph West, chief engineer, havs
arrived here. It ta understood they
will proceed at once over the line to
make an Inspection with a view to ex
tending the road through Grant county
Into Burns. If this Is dons it . will
mean much for the development of
Baker county, ...
- (Special Dispatch te Ths Jooreel.)
Salem, Or., Aug. II. Artlolea of In
corporation of the Grand Rondo Reser
voir -company were filed in the offloe
of the' secretary of stats yesterday af
ternoon. The Incorporators are George
Stoddard, Walter M. Fierce and Tbomss
H. Crawford. Ths capital stock Is
f 100,000 and ths main offloe of the
company will bo at La Grande. Tbe
company was organised for the purpose
of irrigation tn ths Grand Rondo valley.
.;'' : " '
(Joaraal Beetle! Service.)
New Tork, Aug. II Chicago, Mil
waukee St Paul directors today au
thorised aa Issus ot common . stock at
par to ths sxtent of It per oent ot the
present holding, both' common snd pre
ferred. Ths issue will amount to zl.
000,000 and will be used to extend the
road to the PaclHo coast. . Contracta for
the extenalon tovnost between 110,000.000
and 171,000,000 were let last fall.
. Beed Leaves fee Seattle.
Henry B. Reed left this morning for
Seattle for the purpose of investigating
conditions preparatory to beginning his
work of exploiting the Alaska exposition
which Is to be held In that dty in If 01.
I He predicts a great uooeea for the fain
J ths Blues! Ths Oregon troops were as-
Signed to the Important duty ot ad
venes guard. Captain. Doble's com
psny deployed ta advance of the Blues,
who ere marching about ten miles south,
of Murray to blvouae tonight . -
V ;' eett Tistta Oamg.
Senator Nathan'B. Scott of Weat Vir
ginia toured the American . lake eamp
sits yesterday. Hs was aooompanled by
Senator Plies, Congressmen Cusbman
and Humphrey, and a party of prominent-
Tacoma business men. - The party
circled ths entire elte, traveling over 10
miles. . After returning they paid a visit
to Oeneral Funston's ' quarters, where
they were briefly entertained. ; re
sonator Scott who ranks second on
the senate committee on military affaire,
expressed muoh enthusiasm ever the
grounds for ths purpose of maneuvers.
He admitted .their desirability but added
that ha will not advocate the purchase
ot the property unless ths property own
ers agree to sell at reaaonable figures.
Hs believes that ths prices should be
most reasonable, as the eoil la useless
for agriculture.
Quia, ad Champ. ' :' r
' Taatarda waa m. mil., l u
The militia did aome drilling. The First ;
Dauauon, uregon militia, put In some
time drilling and practiced In ' tent
pitching In preparation for tomorrows
maneuvers Thla InimlM, K4wm.-mI.imm
tomorrow night and the Oregon boys will '
not bs slow in getting shelter for the
night. ... . , ..
Today and Friday the Oregon troops
Join the army of the Blues, under com
mand of Colonel Maua, Twentieth In
fantry. The oommander this morning
conferred with the Oregon officers. In
structing them rea-ardln details nt .
f roblem. Ths guardaman paid eloae at
entloa and It will be a surprise If they
do not nrove a mnt min mIu ,
Colonel Maua force. Thie body marches
about 10 milss to 'the south, .remaining'
Out Thursdav nlarht- rattirnJnv -i,n,tl,
Friday morn In a. Before nooa that a
ihey will engage In eombat with the
Browne. Thla will be the apeotaoular :
movsmsnt of the wee.k - .
Pay Pap fee Troope..
Yesterday waa pay day for all the Ore- '
gonlans. The men received ths same
wagea aa Uncle Sam pays the-regulars.
41 cents a day. Each man was paid for
10 days snd when ths mllltla returns '
home.. Oregon i state will add to thie
smolumsnt about II psr day . for each
man. .- ' . , ....
Colonel MoBlrhey of the Second Idaho
called oa Colonel Oantenbela yesterday,
bringing ths Idaho staff. . It was a
happy svsnt and ths best of good fellow
ship prevailed. Oregon and Idaho mili
tia are vary friendly, aa they were
camped side by side two years ago, ...
weanesasy afternoon ths Third Ore
gon baaeball team defeated the Montana
mllltla by a score of 1 to I. It waa an '
exciting game and there was plenty of
enthuaiaam. ' , Tbe umpire, had a hard
task, however. - T -
The Third Oregon officers have the
beat mess on ths grounds. They sat '
under a large tent and have a competent
set of chefs and waiters. Many visitors
sre being entertained at thla table, at
the Oregonlans always have the latch- '
atrlng out .. .
Lieutenant Edward Dunn Said
v to Have Brought Woman :
- - Aboard Ship. ;i-
(Joaraal Special Serrlee.)
Vallejo, Cai., Aug. II. The court-.
martial ef IJantanant WAmrA r. -4
V. a N., charged .with ecandaloue con
duct aboard the receiving ship Inde-.
pendence at Mare Island, which com
menced . yesterday afternoon, waa - re-
sumed today. Attorney J. T. Ryan rep
resents Dunn. Ths first witness. Boat
swain Kitting, testified that ha saw the
womsn In ths esse. Marlon Churchill,
who was from ths local tenderloin die- -trlct
come on the ship. Dunn was sx
pecttng her. The witness did not see
her leave, but shs might havs done ee
without his knowledge. .. .
Psy Clsrk Price saw Dunn and ths
woman in Dunn's room two dsys later,
when the witness demanded that she
go s shore. Hs testified that when Dunn
brought her to dinner at the officers'
mess hs . waa badly Intoxicated. The
next day' the witness ssw Dunn drunk
In Paymaster Nicholson's office. Tbe
witness knew the Churchill woman to
bs a womaa of bad repute and had seen 1 .
Dunn with her In the tenderloin district,
e MM .H ,M
' (Journal Speelel Service.) " t
New Tork, Aug. II. Indications' are :
today that Charles E. Hughes, the In- .
surance Investigator, will be nominated
by the Republlcana for governor ot New
Tork. Udell's friends have announced
that ths ex-governor favors Hughes. , it "
is Intimated that Roosevelt has been
notified of this plan. . Roosevelt : alee
favors Hughes. This plan eliminates
Hlggtns snd wilt cement waning fee
tlons. Odell's friends say that If the
schsms carries Odell will gladly retire
from politloev. '- ... '"-",..
(Joaraal Spsdsl Serrlee.) "
Constantinople, Aug. II. Ths sultan
as a mark of gratification ovar the re.
eovery of hla health has ordered the re
lease ot all prisoners In the empire
who have' completed two thirds Of thels
. .. Wheat Sales at Peadletoa, ..
(Joeraal Sseeiel Serrtsa. , '
Pendleton. Or.. Aug. II. The second
wheat sales' day by ths Umatilla County
Wheatrslsers' association was held yes
terdsy afternoon, tl.ltl sacks having
been offered In all. As before the local
wheat buyera refused to attend the sale,
only one Independent buyer being In at
tendance. . In the local market club
wheat has been quoted at II cents and
bluestsm st II cents, a drop of one cent
having occurred. .
. Wants te Keoover Option.'
(Special Dlepateb to The Joeraal.)
Baker City, Or., Aug.. II. Por I1M0I
Tlllls R. Bsrrett offered a three quar
ters undivided Interest In ths Wolverine
group of qoarts claims In Oratat oounty
to Isaas W. Anderson, seoordtng to hot
petition of complaint filed in the cir
cuit court. Anderson, she claims, agreed
to pay the price upon certain datea or
forfeit 1710, He failed to do either,
Mrs. Barrstt says, and shs aske Judg
ment for the smount claimed. Fred '
Ponatlne ef Sumpter . rsnrsesnlg the
somplainaat ' ..... .. t