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Friend of Dreyfus Let Enemy
. Shoot at ftim and Contempt
f uously Refused to Fire. : : ;
jvi; ; ' ,"..-vV-v ,
Against Laws of Game , to Fatally
T ; Wound Anyone Abaurd Side Seen
-. at Lett by Frenchmen and Cuiidm
Destined to Die From Ridicule.
V"'i By' Frank Arlsttde. :
' tCooyrlght by CurU Brown.)'
- Parla.' Aug. It. Dueling really
, n .. mmIvi lta deathblow In
France. The newa will com aa a aur-
1 cries to the eutaide world, -long eocus
tomaj to regard the code duello one
' or id. moil iirmir (bwdiidutu u
Institution -The sodden revulsion ef
feellna- which baa awopt over Franc i.
however, the direct roault of Colonel
Ptcqnart'a action In hla recent duel with
General, donee last month. Though for
many-yeara the French Antl-Duellng
leaa-ue has worked assiduously to sup
press thla barbarous and Irrational cus
tom; all lta labora have not proved any
thing Ilka . aa effectlva as the unique
method adopted by Colonel Plcquart to
. ahow hla contempt for thla manner of
It will be remembered that Colonel
Plcquart la on of the heroee of the
Drayfua affair. : When Dreyfue was
thought guilty by moat of hla fellow-officers;
Plcquart alone boldly defended
him, wrecking thereby all hla Immediate
military prospects, and. finally, being
degraded and treated almost aa unjustly
aa Dreyfue himself. : r y "-fi.
; lfrae to Dreyfus Affair.
It was out of. the Dreyfus affair that
the recent Oonae-Picquart duel arose.
Jt seema that, during tha trial, Plcquart
and General Gonse had a diacuaslon
orer the merits of tha case. Colonel
Plcquart announced hla conriotlon that
jjrvyiua mmm jhuvvvwh . -r
of weight to back up hla judgment. "If
. . if ji , a. .,a
yon aeep quiet, uint uvn aw
to hare remarked. no one wiU ever
know about It" These words Colonel
Plcquart boldly swore to at tha court of
caaaetlon: and. from that time, a amol-
derlng feud existed between the two dls
tlnirulshed army offlcera. It finally
, . " : :t .... ; ii ' 1 1 i
h 1
. W 4V ew.
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. . n . . . .Mf -' 1 .-t.4 -..ka a Ka Inonma tr Viflnr1rfriff ulVinenQS. Be
ceni since oepx. isi, ivj, ana bhuvuu umau jruu ;- ---- -.
r i l - .e miirh of the ctnr.Ic a vmir means Will UIOW. ; Alio
imuc auiu Oisuic uivcaiw iivji gv.i - - j t. ,
natural increase of pusiness ana inquiries ior motors nas lorccu uic a ur r"
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The Didwell Patents Will Double the Capacity of Any Motor
The Encounter Between M. de San Malato and CheTalier Plnl in the Bout de Boulogne, in Which the Fonnef
''- - v-v -" Waa Slightly Wounded in the Arm. , ::. -
Franca ia tha serious results that have
followed one or two duela lately. , t'p
to this time, dueling haa been tolerated
becaua It waa eonaldered "bad form"
for antagonlata to wound each other
vitally. . Ia-tfaeJ, expert eworaamen
moat French duela being fought with
aworda deliberately learn how not to
kill.) A man who ktlla another In a duel
in Franca la regarded In the eyea of the
law aa a murderer and muat flee the
country tf he wlahes to escape trial and
conviction on a capital charge. Duelists
strive, therefore, to administer alight
'Incapacitating" wounds; to draw a lit
tle blood; or even to give a acratoh. of
which the aecanda always take ad
vantage to declare that "honor la eatla-
fled.".. - ;:
Kolea to Frerem zarary.
In addition to thla all aorta, of devices
are reaortea to oy eacunua 10 nui
harmleaa. L-sad and mercury bulleta are
often uaed, which crush to powder on
belna rammed Into pistols; bulleta of
smaller caliber tha the pistols are em-
.'M , ; . " .
M. Albert Sarraut, Under Secretary of the Interior, (on the d M.
" Puglienti,' Member" of Parliament,' (onl RecenUy
-Met at Ville-d'ATray, With Serioat Reaulta. ; vV : ;7r..
reached lta climax when General Gonee
came out In tha Partaian preaa In a let
ter giving Ptcquart'e statement tha "lie
direct." Of couree, a challenge fol
lowed. Plcquart and Gonse mat on the
field of honor at a suburban villa of
Parle. '
General Gonse who la a fine shot and
posaeased of Intrepid coolness did his
. best to bring down hla man, but missed.
When Plcquart' s time came to fire, he
glinted hla eye down the, barrel of tha
pistol for a moment, and then, suddenly
turned and threw the weapon on tha
ground, with an ezolamatlon of disgust
"What good would It do to kill hlmT
ha cried. "Nothing would be decided
the whole thing absurd." ; ,
' v yiooaarl la Vphatd.' '
; Tha next day all Parte waa talking ef
the event, and tha atranga psychologi
cal phenomenon . presents Itself of
Frenchmen agreeing almost nnanlmoua
: Ir that Plcquart- wss right And thla
after eentnriee of dueling, during which
the coda became an approved fixture of
French Ufa. - .
Another thing thai haa helped to bring
tha "affair of honor" into disfavor In
ployed ao that they will not carry auf-
flclently far to do any harm; double
charges of powder' are need to destroy
tha aim of good shots; and other ruses
known only to the seconds and agreed
upon without knowledge of principals
have hitherto made the duel mora or
leaa of a paatlme. In sword practice
antagonlata who try to Injure their op
ponente seriously are not encouraged;
though, of course, occasionally "acci
dents" happen, and one or other of tbt
prtnclpala haa died. But thla la a most
unusual thing. ,
Soma duelista, however, recently have
shown a tendency to 'TOean bualneas,'
and It la on thla account that aa outcry
haa been raised in rraaee.
- erlona Oaelg Kaasly.
One of tha moat sanguinary en
counters recently waa the duel be
tween IS. BarrauCnnder-aecretary-at
the Interior, and M. Pugllesi-Contl. the
NatlonalUt deputy. M. sarraut ae
verely boxed the eara of tha deputy
during a sitting of tha chamber over
tha recent Dreyfue revision. Of course,
a duel followed. Swords were used.
and after a furious battle M. r8arraut
waa eeverely wounded under tha arm. '
Other serious duels recently have
been fought by De Roydaye. editor of
the Figaro; M. tAbardeaqua. Max Regie,
tha Marqula da Dion, Oerault-Rlcbard
and Bonl Da Caatallana. "Count Boni,"
by. tha way, la eonaldered tha flneat
pistol duellist In Franca, He haa
fought . Innumerable duela, often se
verely wounding his antagonist, though
not fatally. Hla favorite "hitting polnta"
are the right lung, well above the liver;
or elae In tha leg.
.."I always avoid tha head, er tha re
gion of tha heart," ha eatd In a recent
Interview with the writer. Peraona who
encounter M. Castellane may feel re
markably aura of escaping with their
life. His expert markamanshlp makea
him very popular among - those who
favor, duelling.
v ' .. Alwaye Sraws Blood.
Another great duellist is M. Lebar-
desque, one of the best swordsmen In
Europe. He alwaya -erawa oiooa
from the arm or leg of -hla antagonlat
early In tha affray. Duela with Lab-1
ardesqua are soon ever, owing to -his
wonderful aword play. During hla last
fight with . M. De Vellette, -the duel
lasted Just two minutes, during which
Labardeaque succeeded in mulcting a
severe arm wound which quite satis
fied hi antagoi!lat.,The aeconde haattly
called the duel . off and . the usual
elaborate "reconciliation breakfast"
was enjoyed by the party. Most French
duels take place In tha early morning,
at aome quiet auburb of Parla. and
afterwaTd there la generally a "spread."
Max Regie, known to fame for .his
entl-Jewleh cruaadee, haa had to-ght
manr a duel within the last, few yeara
Out of all theae encounters he haa come
untouched, often , inflicting gnevoua
wounds an hla enemy. Regis la equally
at home with aword or pIstoL He al
wava wears a large soft felt slouch
hst at these encounters.- Ha haa met
ofteneat in battle M. Labardeaque, both
theae men being deadly antagonists Aa
each la a wonderful swordsman the
meetings are usually regarded In Parla
aa extremely entertaining.
, ladlee Wltaeea 9ela.
Not Infrequently ladles, are Invited
to wltneaa the proceedlnge. Duels be
twaen these two men are never per
mitted by tha seconds to be fought to
a . finish, .for , Regis and Labardesque
hate each other ao thoroughly that it
la believed -a finish fight would and
In tha death of one or the other. There
fore, the slightest Scratch, drawing a
drop of blood brings the meeting to a
close. '
Oersult-Rlchard la another famoua
duellist, who, however, haa dona much
to suppress duelling by making It a
rule never to send a challenge, though
ha never refuses one. One of hla most
famoua flghta waa with the Marqula de
Dion, who elapped M. Oerault-Rlchard
In tha face during a meeting of tha
chamber. The marqula. eonalderlng that
ha waa tha offending party, announced
that he would await M. Oeraull-Rlch-ard'a
seconds. As the Utter never sent
a challenge, the publlo was Interested
to know how ha would meet the diffi
culty. ja did ao by publishing In the
"Petite Republique" an Insulting article
concerning tha marqula, who, after all.
eent aeconda aa a- result In this fight
ths marqula waa badly wounded.
Even In duelling clrclea In France
the tendency aeeme recently to . have
been toward a more, "common aenae"
view J of the - entire matter. Franca
eeeme. In fact to have suddenly awsk
ened to a aenae of tha folly of deciding
a point of honor by a question of good
markamanahlp . or fine - sword play.
Doubtleaathe action of the French
army officer will -result In vigorous
legislative measures being tsken to sup
press duelling altogether. unVss ' tha
practice dies a natural death from the
strong publlo feeling which haa sudden
ly sprung up against It - , .
Mrs; Jennie . L May, Who Shot
Her Traducer. May Not Be '
Tried on Murder Charge.
' (Joarnal gpectel service.) ' '
Washington. Aug. II. If Louis Lu
clen HConen, member of tha Marina
band, who waa ahot September 17. 105,
doean't die before September IT. hla as
sailant, Mrs. Jennie L. May, cannot be
tried for murder. The District of Co
lumbia code provldea that a person a
saulted must die Inside Of a year to
permit tha grand Jury to bring in an
Indictment' for murder In tha f lrat. da-
' Conen and Mrs. May were fast, friends
and the husband of Mrs. May objected
to this friendship so strenuonsly thai
Mrs. May finally yielded and prom
lead to aea Conen no more.1 A , little
later she heard that Conen had made
derogatory remarka - about her, and
meeting him on the atreet she ahot
him. The bullet struck tha spinal col
umn and entered the left lung and
while he la etui alive, tha lower part
of hla body la paralysed and ne hopes
are held out for hla recovery.
Should he survive ths nsxt six weeks.
the only charge that can be brought
against Mrs. May. who la out on bait
will be that of asaault with Intent to
kill. . ,
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Ottawa. Ont., Aug. 1 President
Roosevelt has answered for tha good
conduct politically of many thousands
of hla fellow-cltlssns who sre'now tak
ing up homea In tha Canadian west. - -
F. W. Heubach. well known ui eon
nectlon . with tha Winnipeg exhibition.
who haa Juat arrived at Montreal and la
now discussing tha Battling up of the
west, related how ha qulta recently dis
cussed this matter with the president.
Hsubach stated he did not fear the con
sequences of tha so-called American In
vaslon. and tha prealdent said:
"Tha - danger la even leaa than you
Imagine. Americana who are now going
Into your western country will find your
lawe Just aa good aa those they left
behind and they will, find them better
administered In the bargain. They will
aettle down to work eut a happy deatlny
under your flag and will never Ameri
canise Canada."
" ' ' : V .
(Jearaal Sstelal lerviee.) '
George H. Blakealea of Clark unlver-
it. m wrtMiftip. lfaaaaehuaatta ' waa
erreeted aa a auspldoua character and
releaaad upon tha raqueat of American
Consul Smith , at Moacow. Professor
Blakeslaa waa aocompanted by a newa
paper man, - M. N. Lubelskl, and ia
studying conditions In the provinces. .
' -l (Jearaal ipwitl Barvlee.)
Boston. Aug. It. Ths Calumst A
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Peter Cooper
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Tofk, Aug. l.-'The grand Jury
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