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. - - - .' . . . . i j . . .
VOL. V, "NO. 77.'
... 'T.rn -
;77 rt Ir.'i
President Presents the
r: Facts inTRe"Packing
House Cases and . Ex
poses Conditions
; Uporv WhJch Meat Is.Thrown
LILSald to Contain All Manner of
Diuasr jCerm
(7oaTel Spariat Barrle.) --.-.--i--'
Washington. June 4. Horrifying
: ravalatlon almost beyond bUf war
... mad In th special report on Chicago
peoklng-hou condition by Commli
. etaner of Labor Nelll and Reynold of
Nw Terk. and war submitted to ,coti
greae tfday ny ho presldenCT"
: sage aeompanying th report. President
, Rooeavelt - deeorlb ' tba .condition' a
revolting' and urge)' lmniediat and
drastic legislation... "V. . ". .
' Thar report 1 -not nice- J-eadlng... 'Tba.
; ttataraent kre sickening and lhowthtl
th paekars generally displayed dlere--gard
not only for the common -rules of
-sanitation' , but. area, common -deceney.
Tba '. report .say the toclryard-pav?-.
menta are moatiy brtcic rilled witn ret-
uaa and Improperly cleaned. They a4
slimy and malodorous . when wet and
duaty when dry. Th atock which died
. On route are thrown on the platform
for tha reason of -delaying removal and
saving expanse.
Th interior of the bulldlnga la most-
ly of wood and tha floors ar aoakad and
.. slimy, and th rooms poorly lighted and
Illy ven tllated. Many of them ar with
out windows. Systematic ventilation
i ' '' was not . found anywhere. But on por
celain receptacle . was" found OfTneAlsT
--V:v--;0nkSBJnt-of CoadMona.; 'I.,;;:7;.,
..:': Sanitary .convenience fop th em-
ployea shows that the employers were
--Vrndlfferent to cleanljnaae. The retiring
rooms adjoined tha working rooms and
Were usually cut off from th latter by
j low jwrimiin. -. ......
f - Th condition ar auch aa affect moat
r directly th cianltnaa of food products.
Washing alnka wer small and dirty.
Thar ware neither .towels, aoan .-or
"toilet paper bi-ovided. The men Trtd
- womeh return directly from these places
to plunge their unwashed hands into
th meat products and sausages.
Nauaeoue odora war conatantly aria
"Ing from -dirty, t blood-aoaked.- rotting
wooden floors fruitful cultur beds for
' disease germs of men and animals.
, Tha Investigators found an absence of
- cleanliness every where In handling meat.
Tha workers climb overheapa of meat
, and aelaot the pleoes they 'wish. Fra
Quently they throw them upon tha dirty
' goors beside the bench. -"
In cutting meat " on tha -banch tha
meat was usually held against aprons
. which aa a rule war Indescribably filthy.
, Men wer aeon to. stand on meat tablea
UV VJ T.I rij 1. IVII . ll.lll. - III
"iunch hourvthey werO saan to ait on th
spot whore ha meats were cut, and under
tha superintendent's eyes. Th report
further saya: ,.,' . . 1 ' V
i i i Tradaaaly Tlooia. ' I
"Ws saw meat shoveled Tronltna
l filthy floors and piled on table. Th
. . .1 .ki . . .
meat was nm i j .'i wwwt
put into rotten box-cart that a r al-
f ways gamariny uiri. iiiudi.ii miu n.iwt
filth, .j. - "
. "A extreme ejsmple of tha disrsgard
of employes for cleanllnaaa In handling
' dreaaed meats that - w aaw killed,
cleaned and washed: A. bog atarted to
th cooler fell from tha alldlng rail to
the dirty wooden floor, slid part of the
way Into tho filthy .lavatory." -It was
than picked up- by two employee and
placed an .a truck, but no effort waa
made to clean tha carcass. Thers Is no
.-i government lnapactlon in preparing sau
sages sna 1 finer prognriB, Miinuugn
they bear Hfbelo' stating that they are
govepmantj Inspected.'"
Msdrldr JuTiaH The boy -ef Manuel
Morales, th would-b aasaaaln of King
Alfonso XIII. was burled her today.
(Joarn.l Bptdal Rervlea.)
; Columbus. June . Elgh(i companies
af state militia were ordered to Seanes
v'lle today to. await : davelopmenta at
foal Hollow, where the striking miner
fired on the guarda last night. More
troubls is thrastened. - . i , ...
Tha miners are In an uly. mood and
Arthur Pue Gorman Expires of Heart! Failure
, at His Home Jn Washington After an Ill
ness of Several
United Sut SenaWrtrm
' C- This Morning. " ; . ; ?V !
' '' "''.. 1 f ' " . K ..... .. -I
. (Journal gpaclal 'Bertlca.) V
Washington; '-June i.-Untted States
Senator Arthur , Pue . Gorman dld t"at
his home In -this ''city this morning' at
:15 o'clock' Or heart falluro. " The aen
ator ' had been ill for .several weeks
and Til' death was not' Unexpected." The
funeral will tnks place at Laurel. Mary
land, probably next Wednesday.
Tha i senate adjourned today at 12:10
p. ni. out of respect to the memdryof
the. late Senator Arthur Pue Gorman.
. Arthur Pue- Gorman was born lW"
Maryland -March 11, 1131. His old home
was In Howard county. ' He waa edu
cated In , the public, schools. 'In his
younrer days he waa. appointed a page
in the TTnltrd Slates senate and served
In. thlarapacllylatheaeaalona bet ween
lt62 and 1861. In tha latter year Gor
man was appointed collector of internal
revenue for the fifth district of Mary
land and ha held, tho, offlca for' three
years.- . .'. .
CaliforniaMember$ Assured Ap
- propfiation Will Be Passed
; . . by Congress. ' .-. ; ;.
" JOnVnl plal garri-. . ' ' '
Waahlngton, June 4. The treaaury
departmental preparing a bill provid
ing for a new subtreaaury at San Fran
cisco, to .coat tllt.OOO. Tha building
re f dee to confer uji til thay-hear from
their leaders. They say 'that the coal
guards prorlplfatod, the trouble by try
ing, to-break1 up several small meeting
that Wcri twlng peacefully held, on th
coal comphny's grounds.' i A Tnfrnre
may be railed brtw! th mlnaa. and
mincow tiers for tomorrow morning end
thie may prevent trouble--' '; '
, - . ..-.' . a '.. ."
Weeks Duration
Oorman a. aptitude .for, bustneas .'di
rection attracted the, attention of 'the
Officials oV thV'':heaapeak . Onto.
Panal- company, " In which concern1 na
hid ' Inveated ' considerable money;.- Ho
was elected a-director of the Company
and -remained in this position until'
"s hrt" lie'1' was eln
which office he held until the time 'of
hie death. : - '
Gorman first entered politics In 1SII,
whejiTie"TrV,momtnated -for the office
of member 'of the house of delegates
of Msryland . and elected by . a large
majority. In 1I7S he became .speaker
of the house, and in 1D7S he was elected
to the Maryland state senate. The Gor
man constituency mntde a auccesaful
though somewhat bitter fight to elect
him to; the United States, aenats and
ha held the' senatorshlp until the time
of lilst dcatH. : '-
Senator Gorman's home was at Isu
ret. Maryland., a very - beautiful , sum
mer residence town near Washington,
D. C . ' .
will be tiaed aa a cuatoms-housa and
for offices of other branches of tha
f edernt- government. Tha--Callfornia
members have had assurances that-' the
bill will pass this session--; . . U
(Jmrnal Uptclal 8 !..) 1
Sacramento, Cal, June:. Wlth: th
clearing of the emergency measures th
BPMdVPSdaturday and Sunday
by tha leglelatur began iaa,
this morning arrived few members wer
In either ehnm-ber. .
--rWhn ha-hou- waa : called . to order
a bar quorum wa preaent. The first
rlppl of the session developed when
word was passed-around that the senate
Judiciary committee had decided to re
port adversely on assembly bill No. t.
-which valldutes all official or legal acts
or publications don during the holiday.
It wa anticipated that thla bill would
have rough sledding, but th speedy mo
tion by the senate committee aaro as a
surprise. ' . : . -.; '
' Santa Cru. Cel.. June -4. Delegate
16 the grand lodge of Odd Fellowa ar
arriving rn this . city. ,'Th 1 seaalnn
0ena this evening?' An' official rerep.
tlon will be extetnded to th visiting
delegation tonight.' -
- . JOIffllT
State Chairmen Busy.
at Polls. Police Watch
"Tor IliegatfVoting
Th battf o?Tbanotraontodarr
but thAis far no -reporta of heavy can
donading hare yt been received at the
hadquartrs- of either of the' two big
political armies. Both Chairman 8 week
of the Democratic stats' committee and
Seeretaryr . apenr of the Republican
atate central . committee say , that' their
advice .Indicate a normal vote !in pro
portion sto the registration.' Tha elec
tion Is ''proceeding quietly.' Weather
conditions generally, era favorable to a
large -vote) but It .la not likely that the
total for th atat wlll axread 'tlS.OOO
and It may fall 'atinrt of that number.'
THresi)trBtlon' Is I0.00S, which wiaJMs
It oartafn that thai vota 'cast wfir be
leas than that of four yeas rsgo": '
Haar WMwtwomah county the ."Re
publicans, are making strenuous efforts
to induce voters to cast their ballots
wlrhouk a'acrAtch! Party workers1 with
a trl-colored. badge Inscribed ""Straight.
Rerfubllckrf. Ticket" ar 'stationed ' ai
each' poling ' place. ' Their duty Is -to
hand 'a card bearing 'the names of the
nominees to each' voter, and. according
to all accounts, they are not overlook
ing anybody. - -.-
Women' who Ts.?6? the suffrage amend
ment arealso st work at the polls.
Beside these the army .of workers In
clude opponents of woman's suffrsge
and advocate of tha amendment to tha
local option law proposed by tha liquor
dealers. Tha ItemocratshavJZXe;
workers out and are relying on th
Independent Voter to carry the day for
Governor Chamberlain, .Senator Gearln
and Sheriff Word. ,;;,' ' ;
Ohalrmaa Sweak Busy.
Chairman Sweek and Secretary Ryan
began work early this morning, snd
have been kept busy all day receiving
meaaages, anawaiing lnqulrlea'and look
ing after votera from other countlea who
lar confident that Governor Chamber-
lain will fiivw mntA MinnlUa thla
lain will carry mora counties this time
than he did four years sgo. Sweek's lat
est figures, baaed en reports. from every
part of th state,- civ Chamberlain 4,00
majority, over. Wltbyoomb. . - .
An encouraging from
Dr. Bernard. Daly of Lake view. In a
letter he wrote that L&ka oountv. In-
prealdenJUU),,,! nr th,Bepubllcan In th list of
Wlthycomb majorities, would be ear
rted by Chamberlain and Gearln. A tel
ephone meaaage tarns from F. W Dur-
bln-tf Salem f-t t -
"Everything look fine her,M. he raid
W have Just raglatered three Grand
Army men: All three will, vote . fr
Chamberlain." - " , . ,
' sToa-Basldeatsj Tot star.
Among th wall-known . Democrat
from other countlea who voted her by
affidavit, taking atx property-owners of
Multnomah county with them to th
polls rn order to comply with the . law.
were Supreme Judge T. Q. Halley and
W. r. Matlock of Pendleton, C. B. Red
Held of Heppner. Jama Harvey Gra
ham of Baker City, C K. Kline of lie
Minnvllle and J. Scott Taylor of
Klamath Falla
Tha day election board of on of th
precinct wanted to vouch for i Judge
Halley, but he declined th offer, say
ing: . -.. - : v.
. "I appreciate your kindneaa." batt
wouldn't, b. right. ; I can't decide my
own eaaes. and I don't think you ought
to decide yours." . ' i- .
.. With that'll went away and returned
soon afterward with six - property-owners
and caet a ballet for a tat officers.
-Chairman O.. A. Weat gate of the Re
publican state committee was not at
headquartera today. - He went home to
was that . Wlthycomb . wouTdwtn dT
from 12.000 to 11,000 majority and that
th Republicans would . make a .clean
weep.-.- ,
' Watohen at. fee roll.
Chairman Thomas of th Democratic
county commlttea had plenty to do to
day. Ha said that - challenger and
watcher . hsd been aaalgned to every
precinct In the city, this work being
looked after by th . committeemen of
the various precincts. Wheivaeked to
express an. opinion as to th probable
result of tha election Chairman -Thomas
said:' "I believe that Tom .Word la 4
winner, and that John. Van Zant baa
an excellent chance, of election." 1.
Chairman Cake of . the Republican
county committee spent moat of th day
going from prerlncj to precinct aneour
aging the .party worker. - Secretary
Sherwood, who. la ' holding the' fort at
headquarter, eald that hi reports In
dtrated that.Jtepuhllcana generally war
voting the fiirket etralght. , .
tContlnud on Pag Tw.J
Timid, But Determined, :They Stand Near
: Voting-Booths and' Hand Out Their
.Literature, .to
, ' A Woman Worker Pleading tot
.Trcm to the -polls' today,1 and I- am
going to stay here, now' I'm here, but It
wllLbtht last time." ' ' '
This la th statement made today by
on of the worker ' for" the ' equal-auf-
frage amendment, after a flrat bitter
taste of election-day politics in one. of
the north-end precincts. -The right .to
be classed above Idiots, criminals snd
Chinamen did not seem .to appeal to her
strongly Just then.
But the discouraged words by no
means expressed the- aentlment general
ly existing among the women workers
who stood about tha, polling-place.
Most of them wore upon their face an
expreaslon of stern resolve. They felt
that they wer consecrated to a great
.work, and said so. Though their feces
paled anon when a man -reeking with
the fumes of liquor passed By, they
stuck steadfastly to their, places and
pasaed out their election literature.
Nearly all were a little nervous, some
became almoat hyaterlcal at times, but
all tonk their work very seriously;
Soma were better worker than others.
Some Stood apart from the men and
huddled together In groups of two or
three and did not pass their cards ex
cept when a male with a ministerial ex
pression came along. Others went
among the men. button-holed them.
Joked with them and acted as on who
had been born to ward-heeling.
..... ! Woman Are Active.
There was no more active faction. at
the poll today than the equal suf
fragists. ; Contrary to the predictions of
tha anttsy-the women turned uut tn a
large -force and ateadfaatly held their
places at every polling place In the city.
The antis worked beside thotrr.! err there
was no Issue concerning either men or
Charge of Shot ; Enters - James
Walker's Right Lung, Caus- '
' ' ing Fatal Injury. : '
ioeraal ' Uptrlal fcar.Jre. J ' J
Wood burn. Or., June 4. James.
U-year-old on of Mallcarrler W. O.
Walker. !waK accidentally shot"1" and
killed this morning. .The "accident oe
BurTd"at Oarar Mahler' en I en rawh
Tho charge of a . musl-loadlng 'gun
entered hi right lupg. - - -,
(spariat tMsnatck to Th laaraaLt '
Sacramento, Cal., June 4 The hous
was In seaaion only ,a . few ' minutes
this morning snd adjourned after intro
ducing two bills snd a( similar number ot
resolution - -. j
Ona bill . provldea an appropriation
of $.",00,000 ' to defray tha expenses In
curred In 'calling out tha natlonaKkSKtrd.
Tha other enable school prlitcfpalA to
make affidavit aa to acaool attendance,
"..." v-
tne . voters:
a Vote for ' .Equal Suffrage .
rHnctpl--whlch -was- mora,, vigorously
fought .fm. or-; more sealoualy -championed.
Toward the' women there ' was
dtrectetfmamr euiluslty. on the part. of
the hangers-on, and in aome case; un
plaantnt. Incident occurrad. to .Indicate
to 'the women, that the exeroia of tho
right of suffrage has its shortcomings.
; For the women workers the most try
ing precincts' were all In tha saloon dis
tricts,, mostly In the north end of town.
At the -polling places in-the residence
districts the women were treated , as
courteously as they would ' be at a so
ciety function. At the Fifteenth pre
cinct, at the. corner of Alder and Elev
enth, the two women workers were In
vited to go Into the polling place and
rest themeelvea In chairs which war
provided. The offer was gratefully ac
cepted ahd""the"'woinerrtook turnsvt ;
: V ' Plsooariaay is th dearth. -'Tbe
most unchivalrous precinct
turned out to be the fourth, which holds
gia record for the prcnasje of illegal
registrations. About- this place -there
congregated about as tough a looking
set of bums ss can- be gathered together
In the city of Portland. ,
"Huh! Get onto-the petticoats."
Them? They can't glv no card to
- "When my wife get her 1 dishes
washed and her' meals cooked sh has
nough to do. No politic for her."
These snd -mora offensive things were
continually being said In a loud tons
calculated to reach the ears -of two
women. Dt. Mary ASpencer and Mra.
Ida Porter Boyer, who stood eaat of the
polling place.
Juat west of the polling place stood
(Continued on Pegs Two.)
1 1 1 i .
thla being mad necessary by the de
struction of school cenau record with
out which the school could not ecur
appropriations. Adjournment was taken
until 1 p. m.t at which' time a number
of committees ' are expected v to make
report. - ' .". : , ,,:,.-.'.-
-.fjiwraat gpeetal Barrio.. 1
pact for the obliteration of anarchlatsT
v-iiiiRivM wvum gQUDiiBi. paaa such a
law but the difficulty Is that th country-has
no- national poltca tr en fore It
' v -' apedal eTlc. '
- Ban ""Francisco, ' June 4 Striking
cooks, firemen and sailors this morning
tied' up th steam achootier Herri Mon
ica, San Pedro and James F. Hlsglns,
reoent 'arrivals' rn ort. The Steam
Schooner Owners' association and renr
santaTlves of the sailors' union are no
'In session for. the purpoe of bringing
ta atrlka to a quiet termination, . .
Landslides and Wash
outs Cub OffTrains"
'for Indefinite Period!
iry Eastern Oregon
Four Hundred Passengers Arer
Stranded. ' Soma - Without -
Meneyf an'd Betng-Cared for by
Railway 0fficiars--lndications)
Are7 for M 6 re St6rms. T
Spaeiat Dtap.ti as Tha Jesraal.t
. La Grande. Or., June 4. Tha rallrei$ .". ..
situation la wore than ever thla morn-.
Ing, the landallde at Durkea etiUtng off.
trains from' th east for an indefinite)
time, ', . . . . ,-. -v ' .
.-' ThaJrepalr work -dona weat of nere)
Wtwaahed.jiwaythls morning.'- There) -
are no propect for trains to.b run
wt Insld of four or f tv dy.ji It l -till
rainy and cloudy -add It look as If.
another, heavy -downpour "eiaa Imralnmit .
In : tha mountains. , No crop damage la) ';
reported thla id of the mountain.
Four, hundred people have been helrf ,
up here- by the flood, and many hav
staged lt-te Pendleton. , ' . ? . -i
v A number are atranded without money
and the railroad la caring for them, , .'
Without Mail for One Week Ex
cept One by Stage From
. (Bped.l Dlapateh ta The JouraaL)' "'
, Baker City, Or.. June 4. For thr
past week Baker City has been cut off.
from the weat entirely by waahouta
n-ha O.-R.- 4V N.- Tha tnty-;ha re k
cervad nutronr n-iatr-mr-that-tlma.- whtcht -wa
aent from Pendleton to La Grand?
by stag. Thl city I completely cut
off from tbe world thl morning by s
landslide near Durkea atatlon. east of
here. It Is expected to get train I
from the east in 14 hour, but thla lsjj v
not certain. A number of travallngl
maajurafldeaJir are unable to ajaQ--
out, ...... . -, .. ,- .
ON LINES OF 0. R. & N.
(Rpeelal Dtapatch to The JaunaL)
Pendleton, Or., June 4. Heavy raina!
prevailed In Umatilla county la at night.'
nui ii is ciear cooay. All signs of tha
flood sre gone. .-Train to Spokane ara
running regularly on tha O. R. a v.
All tbr-traina m thl ltrta are stnT"
tied up. It Is believed travel will be on .
tomorrow If th Arlington landslide l
cleared away..
The election is quiet all over I.mtiii.
county, although voter are out an
use. It la believed that Chamber .'1
lain will win and that woman suffrage
will carry. . .. t, . . . .v ...'..
(Reeeial Dlateh to Ta"joraaL . ,
--Arlington, Or.. June. 4. During ti -:
storm here yesterday a cloudburst ooi.
curred at Wllaon's camp on. the Qortt '
bank road. ? - ' . . ! - . .
Tha water fell on th bluff above ih .
camp and came down the hill In a surg-
yater-ymt.j,yp. The cloudhnrst .le.
mollshed th camp and tore up aaveral
hundred feet of gradn, causing a loss eC
several hundred dollar ta the oona
tractors."-; - .. r
. Owner of vessels made a ii.mrt
to Andrew Furfistth. preelilenl of . tht
Waterfront federation, ' to- tlie affix-tl
that they were willing to make rrti-i
corlceaslona to tha atrilkrf and urj j
a speedy aeNlero'Mif of the trfni, .
they rlalm tKat In' Ita present dim- u!f
San" Fran.'laco wonM ha Injur! I
prolougatlon olj th