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Newt of Fightdom Critic' Opinion of the
Bench Show-M,cA. A. C. Beats Oregorv
Hunt Club Riders Very Busy Autoing.
Giants Continue to Lead Leagues-Seattle
Beats . Angels and Seals Whitewash Timers
.Eastern Games' and. Racing -Sportimg
Edited fry
Evwy-ttUnw. la
Sportdom ;
High Praise Tendered to the
Retired Champion Declares That
Annual Field Meet ' Next Sate :
urday Attracts Attention . .. .
V: of Horsemen.'
-Canines Entered at Local
. Only Disaster Will Get Him "
r -i;. -. IMo Ring.'. ,
J3!Flars7 Page: M )
History of Breeding Shows That
Constant Care la Essential to the
Keating of Dogs Worthy of Notice
---4fow Local Animala Appeared.
By J. i. DeWltt. " - v '
- Msch credit U due the Portland Ken-
el club (or a very successful : and
diHr bench show. . From Indications
the do cult Is destined. to reach a higl)
nUae of advancement In the northwest.
Tor there Is now established an annual
. circuit of bench shows that will do
'-- muck for the breeding of does and alee
for the education of the general public
The bench show Is the fanciers' and
breeders' exchange and clearing-house
combined, for only by competition and
Tr comparison at regular Intervale can the
Klines of type and quality be. properly
determined. , What bench , shows hava
done for the perfection or Improvement
f various recognised breeds can easily
he seen by comparison of type and
breeds as abowa by the pictures of the
, crack doga and leading' breeds of two
and three decades ago with 'the like
illustration of the hlgh-claes Indl-
Timiats-of -the- pi eseut day. " '
-The- til eeflliig of dogato type nrhe
.' development of essential qualities la a
. desideratum reached by years of obser
' vatloo, experience and Judicious mating.
The great recognised - and successful
breeders are. In consequence, compara
tively few. ..That thla la true Is shown
the strict drs and-fen-
ileia devote
bleed tinea and eressss
from which results havs been- achieved.
-' in this respect there has been aa much
care and application ah own 4o develop
bead and expression, body conformation,
lege and feet, coat and color to varloua
breeds of dogs, comparatively speaking,
as has been devoted to horses, stock and
poultry, Results have proven that the
game was well worth the candle
IcHntera and setters, for Instance, have
developed In nose, speed and bird sens
to a degree that leaves but little else
desirable; save that the favorite gun
. . dog could 1lkv - And -for-that-matte
seme of them come pretty cloae to It,
ha enrle Olaae.-; t
. The terrier breeds, bred originally for
the .destruction of ground vermin,
badgers, stoats, weasels, not excepting
. wildcats and foxes, are 'now endowed
; with punishing Jaws that physically put
them on par with their quarry, with' the
- added element that these breeds have
also had 'admirable . game qualities de
veloped to- the euperletlve-degi
-stances are not rare by any--means
where a Scotch terrier has killed a wild-
cat In Ita lair. These little fellows, of
- which there were two good specimens
In the show, are well termed the "Die
. herds," for there Is not a gamier terrier
living-than the Srotty, giving, all the
rest of the group .their .due fix this re-
apect. ... - -"'-."-'
- Bull- terriers - are Jhe -acknowledged
i gladiators among" The so-called
pit bull terrier, whilst a rather for-
- f (voidable looking brute. Is a mongrel, and
f Is not to bs reckoned with the smooth
w. coatedboadV-oyed.- aymmetricaL ttvtn
-- rail a ef the berbaroua agea of dog-
i dor the white dog of the present- day,
of which there waa a splendid exhlbl
' tlon during the week. These dogs when
. 'ready for action get down to business
without any noise or fancy flourishes
- smowhen a bull terrier finds the proper
epot for his teeth he ataya at his work
' with a gamenees and determination that
' 1 ends only In victory or death. These
. dogs are to a certain extent anatomists,
1 for a good fighting bull terrier Is un
erring In his selection of the vulner
able points of an adversary. As an ln
. . stance of what Judicious breeding will
do in Intensifying qualities of a dog,
one Hlnks, an' English breeder who
practically introduced and made popular
the modern bull terrier, bred the fa
mous female, Hlnks Kit. Kit won at
every show where ahe waa - exhibited.
L It was acknowledged she waa a strtk
Ingly handsome animal, but she waa an
unknown quantity go far aa game and
fighting 'quallttea went in the days
when a good fighting dog waa thought
: more of than a good one of type. --
' The nghtteff QaaUtlenr - i
Hlnks being bantered about the scrap
ping powers of h) -bitch, took.up his
-Incredtttou's-questioner with a proposi
tion to take her off the bench and fight
. ' her with the best one that could be
found for a turn up against her. The
proposition wss received with favor by
those present and a math arranged for
give pounds a aide . to take place at
once. Kit killed her adversary, a noted
pit dog. inside of tt minutes. Cham-
plon Edgecote Peer, a Portland bull ter
'rler, le a dog that will compare favor
. ably with Any bull terrier In the United
rltataa. Contrary to the general ltnpres
eloa, theee dogs are the gentlest and
. inoet trustworthy playmates and com
, panions for children that can be found
among the canine race. : -j
Airedale terriers were a very good
exhibit at ths show. These dogs are a
variety of -terrier rather new to the
- coast. They are grand doga,' possessed
of stamina, gamenees and Intelligence
to a degree.- An an all round dog thej
- have been advocated as the choice be-
lens ssawy hrtsdsi Thss ten lei s win
' work to the gun splendidly. The fact
' that they point, retrieve and work In
water la not generally known to our
sportsmen. '
Another good dog overlooked by many
- devotees -of the . gun la the Chesapeake
Bay dog. These dogs run to slse, TO
, pounds In the males not being con
sidered too large, but for a water dog
they are not excelled by any breed eave
possibly the Irish water spaniel. King.
, towned by J. O. McLean of Seattle, Is
one of the moet typical Chesapeake Bay
- tings- trrf shown on the coast. - For
duck hunting these two breeds are bet
ter adapted than any others in use by
sportsmen. .--.-
Tho eUer Breeds. ,
- The pointer' display last week was
teeming with type end qusltty, more no
than tiW writer has 'noticed at any
bench- show within 1 years. A glsnce
ever Ike breedlng ss -Seen fn the cats
ugtie, wUl show gome ef the best
, - ' t '
Professor Kroan, of M..A. A. C -
I pointer blood line in either the United
States or England. Otto Schumann s
Sport, ths winner of the special, la built
on i sturdier lines than' Mason's King,
who seems to be a 'rather .more clean
built animal. The difference waa but
a shade, however, both - ' dogs being
grand ones. Many of the spectators
would rather have seen the stylish
looking Mason's King sent to the front
English setters were, another exem
plification ef the oere .and attention
sportsmen Of the northwest have given
the breed. ' Mallwyd Bob, Fleet Sergeant
and Handsome Jim are a trio hard to
beat anywhere to the ' United Btatea.
Each of these dogs show In' their pedi
grees a- line of bench show and field
t riarwin n erthr-prwes---Mbiooe-"wtM
are "two . handsome matrons of - equal
worth and breeding. .---r- -- - . r
Fox terriers, need never have a better
champion from Portland " than - Mult
nomah Blue Boy, a terrier from the
ground up,;an4 a dog that will -Improve
one here and there, were not as good aa
shown st some coast shows, -The Judge
could have placed Dandy over Nobska
II without any setioua fracture of the
ehow-iing tension. . Dandy la devoid of
the t wrinkle and wide, choppy musale
that Nobska Is endowed with.
irtth the Coekera. ;
- Cocker spaniels were principally parti
colors and brought out several splendid
Individuals. a. well-known
bench winner and probably one of the
beat on the coast today. - Duke- Royal
was deeervedly - placed first - in - blacks
and Is a well ' wearing, all round good
Cocker. Wilton Blackberry . la notable
as having; as typical a Cocker head as
ean be founds The Barker kennels' en
try from this city would be hard to
beat In Its entirety at any. coast show.
K tlehan Pablo and her ilr. Portland
Kid, are a brace of handsome dogs that
are a credit to the breeder. .
As a sporting dog ths Cocker has its
hese Intelligent little fel
lows are adaptable In low, thick cover.
Arthur Alexgnder, Who ill Com
pete for the Ladd Cup in Tennis
impassable to the setter or loo severe
on ths unprotected coat ef the pointer.
The big breeda were In Indication, by
the-'sbee nee tf muie 1 eiitiies. 'that tlis
large doge are "giving . way to their
smaller and more easier handled', (and
fed) conquerors. The St. ' Bernards,
Belfast Buster and Star of the-North,
were good typee. The Oreat Dane Lief
la a specimen that will be In the. rib
bons nt any show, being a more than
average good .one. -
Following the Flag.
When our soldiers went to Cuba and
the Philippines, health was the moat
Important eon eld ere t ton. Willis T. Mor-
Xan, retired Commissary Rergeant V. 8.
., of Rursi Route 1, Concord, N. H.,
saysi "I was two years In Cuba and
two years In ths Philippines, end being
Subject to colds, I took Dr. King's New
Discovery for Conssmption, which kept
ms In perfect health. And now. In New
Hampablre,we And it the best medicine
In the world for coughs, colds, bron
chial troubles snd all lung diseases.
Guaranteed at- gkldmore Drug Co. Price
10 and 11.0-, Trial bottle free. . i
.in the Act of Starting , String. of
Brooklyn Continues to Lead the
Race With Seven Victories
- to Her Credit.
In the Grammar School league yea
terday - Brooklyn - defeated WUllama
Avenue, 2 tO-J..Jl'haUlne-.up:
Brooklyn. v I- Wllllama Avenue.
O. Wilaon..vV. ....p.. ......... Morris
Heacock .,...... ..c. ...'..... Brown
Hoyt '' i ... ...... Jasman
Cornell 'v..... ..2b .,... . Brady
Lnke , ..Sb., Bloom
H-..Wl)sont.'. .. .,S ..... . ... . .JBerr
Bherrett .'cf , Ftlauf
Melton, .". .' .rf Bartell
The schedule of games for next week
la aa follows:
Jane 4 Highland vs. Conch, at Eaat
George "McMiMn," Football Warrior,
' : Entered in Tettnia Matches.
Thirteenth and Davis streets; Brooklyn
vs.. Ladd, at East. Eighth street .-. and
Hawthorne avenue.
June 6 Couch vs.' Atkinson, at East
Thirteenth - and avle - atreeta; Haw
thorne vs. Ladd. at East Eighth street
and .Hawthorne avenue.. . . . , ; .
Won. fxnt - P.Ct.
Brooklyn . ' . .'-. .
Mount Tabor
Hawthorne . f...
Williams Avenue -Highland
. -Couch
- -. ' . . . ......
... T '- 1.000
, . . . . ! i
.' s 4
..-..ri o
f t Vf t f"
. ,. .., . ..' ... iii r t.
' - l - -Won. Lost '
Chicago-. . ..........21ii.. ..
New York . 2 Ji
Pittsburg Is
Philadelphia ......... 2( 20
Ht.Loufs .T..... 24
C'inc.l n n atl . . . . .m . . . .1 9 ' , ?7
B rookTy h . . .... . ... ...IS Si
Boaton . . ..14 12
At Cincinnati Cincinnati 6. ChlearoO
t Philadelphia Philadelphia 0, New
xora z.
At Pittsburg - Pittsburg . 10, 8L
Louis 2.
At Brooklyn Brooklyn 2, Boston 1.
Won, Lest F.C.
New Tork , ........,.2 U .T
Philadelphia 2S 1 . ,i
kl'Mhr;;!!- l 'ill
Detroit . . It '' 1 ,4t
Chicago . . IS 12 .4i)(
Wsshtngton . It 2ft - .176
Boston.. ..'.. j...... U II ,2t2
At Chlengo Chicago . Cleveland 1.
At Boston Boston t, Washington 2.
'At it. Louis St. Louis 2, Detroit 0.
At New York New York 14-i, PhUa
delnhla 1-7. ,, ' i
Youngsters Who Will Compete in
4 ' '-
- V- - -4
Frank Wilder, in Training for Mult
nomah Club'g Tennis Matches.
Tigers Are Held Down to Two
"Scattered Hits and the
(Special Dispatch by Leased Wire te The Journal)
Oakland, Cel., June 2.-r-Roy Hitt'a
wonderful pitching and Captain Doyle's
kicking at the umpire were, the features
of today's game at Idora 'park, which
waa won by Ban Francisco by a Scot
or to o. . . . ; . .
Doyle was ruled out of the game In
the first. inning for talking back. Ths
talking back did not bother McDonald !
much, but-the language - in which the
protest waa couched waa too much for
tba arbitrator. Ths score: '
' '. ' '. . FRESNO. . . "
' , . AB. R. H. PO. jk. K
Doyle, rf. ' ... 1 0 0 0 0 0
Cassy, Jb. .......... 4 0 0 4 2 0
McLaughlin, If. ..... S 0 '0 2 0 0
Kagan, ss. ....... 2 0 0 0 4 1
Dsehwood. jf fc. l. l-ll-lr
Cartwiight, lb S 0 0 S 0 u
Arellanes, tb i 0 0 2 2 0
Hogan, e. 1 0 0 7 0i 0
McGregor, p. ........ 0 "1 0 2 1
Wolters, cf. ........ 0 1 2 0 0
, Totals t-.... .11 0. 2 24 IT 2
', SAN FRANCISCO.- , . ,
- i - -. ' AB. R. II. PO. A. E.
Rpencer, cf. 4 .2 10 10
Wheeler, ss. . .r..... 2 1 12 ) 0
Mohler, 2b. ......... 1 1 ' 2 0 0
Irwin. 3b. 2 0,1 .0 2 0
Householder." rf.' ;;... 4 "0" 2 S 0"0
Williams, lb.. ....... 0 , 0 10 0 0
Hears, If. ............ 4 0 0 2 0 0
WllSOn,- . tii o-.TA-ir4 ; 0-0 ,0-00
Hltt, p. 1 1 11 I o
Totals V ...........20 i T 27 10 "o
Fresno . . ....... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hits 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
0 00
0 12
2 6
San Francisco .-...0 0 0 1 2 0 0
Hits ..2 0 0 1 2 1 0
Home run Spencer;- Sacrifice hits
Wheeler. Flint bans
on errors Han Kranclnco, t. First base
on called balls Off Hltt, 2. Left on
baaae Fresno, z; Han Francisco, 0.
Struck out By McGregor, i: by Hltt. 0.
Hit by pitcher Williams. Double
pisys irwin to Momer to Wllllama
Arellanes (unassisted): Hltt to Wil
liams. Wild pitch McQregor.' Time of
game one nour ana-eft minutes, um
plre McDonsld. .. ....
. " " ' Won. Lost" P.C
Portland... , ., 1 .900
Han Francisco. ........ 7. . S i .700
Heattle 4 .000
Fresno S ' 7 . .200
Oakland 3 S . .272
Los Angeles . ...... t.. 2-7 '-.222
Thie Is So.;
vsry candidate on the Demoeratle
ticket, .received his nomination fairly
and sold his political soul to no man. -
the Intergramraar Field Meeting.
Reed Held Opponents Down to
Two Scatered Hits and Won4
: ,-- an Easy Game. :
Taking ; advantage of Allen's poor
throwing nnd easily solving the oppos
ing - plteher e- twisters.-Portland acad-
tetilslvelj defeated 'Aliens- preuar!
atory school yesterday morning by the
score of II to 1. Reed, for the aoad
emy, pitched good ball, and the result
was never In doubt. The- complete
. . ..AB.R.H..PO. A.E.
T-Myers-aa. .......... 1-4 J t 1 0
MePhereon,-lf. - 4 3 2 0 0 0
Houston, lb. , .6 3 1 1
D. Clarke, rf.. ... 6 - 2 2 i.0 0 j 0
Reed, p ... 6 3 4 0 4 1
P. Myers. Jb. 2 ; 0 - 1 " S 2 1
M. Myers, cf. 4 0 10 0
Corbet t, e. S 0. 2
Jones, lb.
t I 1 . 0' 1
Totals ....... .....3S 13 II 3T 11
. . r ALT.EN--:'-
AB. R. H. PO. A. B.
Morrow, 3b. .......
Clarke. 2b. ........
4 0 0 Z.Z.A-l
3 0
0,2.1 3
1 8-1-0
Parrlsh, e. ..........
Herb Barlow, ss. . . . 3 0
0 2 1
Hal Barlow, cf. ..... 4
Hunt. If. .... ... 3
Kubanka, lb. ... 3
Thomas, rf. ......... 3
Thompson, p. ....... 1
Boss, p. 2
0." t - 0
0 7 . 0
1 0
1 X
a j
.T...;..2 1 I 17 10 . t
P. A. ;..........4'1 0 8 10 0 10 13
Hits 4 0 0 2 2 1 0 3 012
Allen-,, ..0 0 ! O ft- 1
-Hits . ...0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2
(SUMMARY. .:..-.'
' Struck out By Reed, o: by Thorn n
son, 2; by Ross, 4. -Bases on balls Off
Reed, 3; off Thompson, (; off Boss, 4.
Two-be e hlte McPherapn. D. Clarke,
Reed. P. Myere. Double play T. My
ers to P. Myers to Jones. Stolen baaes
P. A., 12; Allen. 2. Hit by pitched
ball Hunt. Passed Balls Parrlsh, 0.
Tims of game One hour and 86 min
utes. Umpire Rankin, t- -
1HBMMaB v .
" Voters. r''
' Vote the ticket that is not tied up.
Vote the Democratic ticket. - - .
l -A aOy- kfefr'rH '')": 1 '
II - c-- r,:f!.1SSftff:'l ?i- ':0l:1 ?v - .
Ill b; v.jii .. .
III ' - fe?aS2fi ViS 1 --:.- '
y PW:: ' ' .
J,-. ,.-'i-. -5, . - s .---.-' ,f,:i-.'X
Herrera and, Nelson Are Criticised
for Their Actions V In the Recent
Fiixle Dane Could Have Waived
" at Point and Met the Mexican.
By W. W. Naughton. .
(Special Dlepatch br Uw4 Wire te The Jearasll
- San Francisco, June 2. I saw Farmer
Jeffries last week In Los Angelesf He
sat next me '. at . the rlngslda of ' the
fight that flailed. While those around
were prattling uppershoots and cross
wallops Jim regaled me -with interest
ing chat about his life on "the farm.
"Ton should see my alfalfa.' said Jim.
' I did not feet called upon to tell Jeff
that all the alfalfa I had ever aeet was
from the wlndowa of flying trains. In
stead I looked wtae and waited for fur
ther Information.- ,
"It's the flneet yon ever laid eyes on."
continued the retired champion. 'T get
In for -It on the ground."- - . - .
Feeling that the big fellow might
carry me beyond my depth, I suddenly
asked, 'What's all thla about your get
ting back to the fighting gamer'
T :have not said anything,-; ne as-
Well, this la the f lret chance J've
had to-put to- you the question, ; are
you likely to fight again?"
"Now, Til tell you." said the big man,
"When I quit the ring I quit it In good
faith. ---I did not care if I nerer set eyesH
ottti boytii r"Haveagarn: inTTHTThaTh
my sentiments remain the same. I
never cared ror righting. - wnen you
came to my camp at Harbin Springs,
It did not take you long to rind out what
part of. the life there I liked best. It
was the hunting and- fishing and being
out In the mountains. I'm the same
stilt I'd rather apend tonight out on
a range waiting for a shot at a deer at
daylight than. I'd walk lnt this ring
'before- these . thousands, even . if . sure
victory waited me. I'm aa happy a.s
can be out on my ranch and I want to
stay there." . ......
"StllL that doesn't answer my ques
tion,". I urged. "Is there any "prospect,
either Immediate or remote, of your
going back into the rlngT". -
jro Immediate Prospect, - .
"The beet I ean say Is that there Is
no Immediate prospect." I don't want
any more of It, but I can't tell what's
ahead of me.. Lots of friends of mlns
lost everything they possessed ' in the
San Francisco fire. If I should meet
with a dlsaatsr ef that kind. It might
be that I would have to fight again., I
sincerely nope mat oay win never come.
Training la mighty hard work and when
a fellow is out of the game as I have
been he doee not Improve. Say, let's
talk of aomething else. I did not be
lieve that fellow Herrera was gdlng to
fight." -
From the foregoing It will be seen
that Big Jim la not quite sure. - So long
as fortune smiles upon "him ahr ths
alfalfa keeps coming up eight tlmea a
year-be win never dream of fighting.
If everything goes wrong, -well, you
(Continued on Page Kleven,
r -
and why?
A Bishopsuitadds thcEINAL
Your. Personal Appearance!
For Good Outside Impression Get inside One of His
' " ' " .-. -'- f ' ' ' "
' -. :' ..J-, ... : - .- --'-. '- '' . : ' e '
C. IP.
85-87 Third Street
Marengo I Touted to Be- the Best.
; Weight-Carrier, for the Distance
Bennett and Oregon Kid Win Be"
""Close Competitors. "J, 7 t'""'r:-
' Interest, in the , spring meet ef the
Portland Hunt club la4very evident ln ',
the vicinity of the Irvington track thesa
days. Every morning and evening the'"
grounds are overrun, with Hunt-olub
members and one can get ' "dope-
enough there In an. hour to last a pro -feaalonal
tout half a lifetime. A cele v
brated authority once said: "It Is a 1
difference of opinion that makea a horto .
race," end - certainly if difference of -opinion
makes horse races there will
be races galore on June , the day act
for the Hunt-club meet. V -
Within the time required to ' walk
a hundred feet . the writer heard that
"no other horse will be past ths paddock. -
when -Marertjto finishes ths two-mlle
race." and-"Marengo will not be 4a the
staetch when the leaders paaa under
the wire,"- There la taore than a dif
ference of opinion to make, that two
mile event a -race. Eight well-matched
thoroughbreds raoiog a distance of two
any track and will be of particular .--
Interest in this esse as It is the am
bition of every Hunt club member to..;::
own or jrlde a horse that can beat Ma
rengo a, distance of two miles. Maren- -. .
fgw'a tune iastr-ycaiff":4l"yrwltn
ICS pounds up. la remarkable.' On the
same' day there weie two V rvf esstgnnf
two-mile rscee run. One In Seattle,
time 8:61, and one at Del mar, time 2:B. -
and presumably the weights were in the ' .
neighborhood of 40 to 50 pounds lighter
than Marengo carried. . . , '
Baetvo ajd Oregon XUl
Furthermore two other local horses,
Raclvo and Oregon Kid finished only a
fraction of a second behind him. carry ....
Ing even greater weight. In Oregon Kid's
caae 185 pounds, and the Kid is one of
the greatest weight carrier for a email
horse that ever walked, to beat Marengq le -
easier -said taan - done, and after the
raee is run the horse that beata Ma- r
rengo will know that he had hie work"""
cut out for hlra In big, chunks. ,
Lou Leadbetter, . worked him - a mile
On Wednesdsy In 1:4 S, without, urging. .'
with 185 pounds up. and he waa so
anxious to go on that he ran another
half mile before he could be pulled up. . .
This is reported to be the best-work-,
out so far. -
Oregon Sunshine' and J. H. Bennett '
did the circuit In 1:02 with lota left In
them. VI nee haa not had a hard work-
out yet, but Charles Murray, his trslner,
thinks he is fit and looks like a winner. .
Vince Is a hard one to rate and Is likely
to overrun himself in the f lret mile.
Raclvo and Oregon Kid are a well
matched pair and will be found out in 1
the lead a goodly part of the journey,
as they were last year. J. H.' Bennett
hag a world of speed and Is possibly :
the -claiie of the race. The distance
will probably prove his undoing, aa his
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! V'
. i ... .
B - - '" ' II
.' it
1 .