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    ... f. - .. . ----
A.rjL 3, U.
I - A Kmm' v . a. I
I Li.
I ... ..'"aM t .-ctaat Girt I J "
-ad. ' ,........,.....a,.,.Va-
L- Trod! EfcksL who tom years ranted
.ths property At tli southeast corner of
'reond and Stark atnea. kai anlrf I to
Lr. A. J. Getaey and .Thomas Boott
Lreoke. (or liO.OM.' The oroDoaad loon
I tor accommodating eul aid ears, will
v 1 1 probably be built past th property, and
7 : ivslnss in thl locality hav an upward
;, -'tendency. Lot. I ta block. B. Cow&'a
addition, baa kwi sold by A. Wemma
to E, H. Wernm for IT.OOO. W. OJ
BaAflald haa sold to J. W. Cook a parcel
of around JOO by it la block B. Car-
tara addition for 17,000. M. Smith haa
bought from & Blew a lot In Couch
addition for MOO, - .J.. D. CQlemaa haa
aaeurad a building permit tor, the arao
tloa of eight flats to cost tll.OOO, off
Davis between Eighteenth - and Nlne-
. teaath streets. .-. ;.. ., ,-: .. - - .
Five -thousand, dollars damages - sr
demanded from the Portland Ccmsoll--datad
Railway company-for the death
of Bradofoft - Jehaaoa. , who waa killed
February 4, 1101, la th accident on the
r MontavllLa Una at Beat Twenty-eighth
. street. The complaint, which waa filed
V, today. .alleges negligence on the part of
- "; -The employes ' of the aompany in, par
: "' . ' mining the car to (at beyond control
while passing down the heavy, grade
- wear the corner of Twenty-eighth atraet
by which It was thrown from tha track.
' ' causing the- death of Johnson. Tha suit
la brought by R. O. Boott. administrator
the-estate of tha deceased, ,.; ? .
- c: Monsy .ahvd Ja purasa, nodntbooka.
u billhooks, wallets and leather novelties
"of. the latest and up-to-dats styles and
- , varUtlea. We bur direct from tha fee-
t.tory-ln quantities to secur the beat U-
oaa nave you money on your
irehsae. - besides giving you the se
, : Jectjon rrom one of ihe largest aeaort
v. ment of leather goods In th city. Ai-
" hart Berni. tha druggist. Second X and
- J Washington; :' , i . . ,
.1,.: ' at Laurella, Praaea's axaouUva com
mlaaioner to the exposition, haa sailed
' from Paiia. - Work la nroa-reaaliis ran.
- Idly on th nUUty building, which la to
- be ft portion of the mata entrance, and
: will contain thv poatoffloe, expreaa of
' " floe and tetoaTaph station. Tha Taqulna
" "hatchery has sent ft large consignment
: of salmon eggs for tha flaberies ' ex
' hibit of Oregon 'and Washlnrton. v .
- The following delegates hare leen
- destgnfttsd by Preeldant John H. Bter-
';, anson of tha City Press club to th
1.. second ' annual session of the Oregon
'Development league, April 2t and 17:
; ; ;Bdgmr B. Piper, John P. Carroll. Charles
. HyakaU, George U. Trowbridge. Paul
; : --R. Kalty, Johnston 'McCulley. W. IX
t. tMorrlson. Mas M. BhlUook sod LJonel A.
. :' Johnson.-.;--r - ': .' .-j.'if o'.?.
Xxctasivs styles ve ' piwvldsd - only
i ; by excluelye tailors. We make any ault
' - lntthe bouaa to order for Its. any panta
, , tl.iO i no more, no lea a. Ko other firm
in the city wU, do this. Small- profits
: and large sales la ourmotto. Blyery
customer s pleased customer, jjnuue
. jsUorin V company. ; til, ,,? Washington
r : , -vrV ' ' . t '
K' V w-. 1 . ' " . - '
',xi soar ox. Jet-iei un airmen, who
VT ,dlad,4n southern. Calif oral laat Mon
ou,i num mo uix uiia momma.- ac-
eompaaled by the mother, Mrs. J. B,
jtirscn, or roruano. im uh imw, Mrs.
Albert Ackemaa, of Oakland, Call
. fomla. . The funeral will be held vBun
W. R. Rlgby, an-employe,' discovered
. buar rlflingth. oSftn;!
- -. idebaker Bros.'' east side ent&bllahment
. - last night Tha burglar dashed through
a, window and made his escape, but It la
believed that ha was severely cut by
,- th glass. ; U secured nothing of value.
-r-"'0.-'W.' P.- trolley- trips -tomorrsw.t-
"rEatacada," th moat attractive outing
' ti?t?Lia Provided with the beat of Bets
""vice idfthecTimfi(WTEnillIOf 111
, guests.' Take ft ride Into th country I
. and ft dinner at the Hotel sstacada.
' Sunday troUsy trips tm th O. W. P.-s.
oars every li minutes, fare I cents. To
Oregon City and Canemah park, every
40 mlnntea. " Round trip 41 cents. Es-
taeadft 7:10. 1:4a, Il.tO,. 1:10, :!; f
cents rouna trip. : - '
Pickpockets secflred ft raluabla s-old
watci last night from W..H-Phipe4U)Ubelt--riir Hot
Falling street, as h mingled with the J 1T ! v tL,Y.
tarrmA In rront of tha nlavnt nf Ik. Tnt-t. i
' land Oanaral Eleetrla company. Seventh
and Alder strsets, when th Ughu went
ou t. i -'" '."- ;'xv -i1
I0,00 Xmmlgraata WantsdaTo locat
long ths Oregon Water Power do Rail
way company's Una between Portland
.. and Eatacada. For Information Inquire
of the Oregon Water Power Townslt
. company, 114 First street. Phone, Mala
': ' At police headquartera laat night, "E.
. Samson, who lives at ft north end lodg-
. Ins-house, reported th loss of s wateh
.'c .and . which were stolen, a said. He I
i had been drinking with strangers; After
f they departed he discovered th loss.,
.. .... Beware of adulterated cream: Cut
- .cans snd.' look . for; gritty-sediment
. .in nottom ' or eana.; une tnouaana
dollsra, reward - for proof of any
adulteration In' either Oregon Orap or
-; Paclflo brands of evaporated cream. ,
', Est cads !- Offers Opportualtles to
' V 'manufacturers whloh means - millions
; of dollars If 'properly handled.' For ln
. 1 formation Inquire of th Oregon Water
": Power Townslt company, -, 114 - First
''; ' street.. Foods, Main 1. --;.
-Best dollar apsetlcles on earth, 'cor-
rectly fitted by our expert optlolan. Ev-
cry pair guaranteed. Examination free
Mettger A Co Jewelers and dptlclana, ; on Wednesday at o'clock In th Dnl
. .. - in, . - -. Itarlan chapel. Th following program
r '- Tha excursion boat Oasellejrlll make I
. trips to St. - Johns - Sunday, leaving
, '. Washington street dock 10 tu m. and 4
' ' . n. m. : leaving St, Johns' 1:10 p m.
; and 4:10 p. ., v 7 ''Xi-, '
, " ;'. Rav. f. B. Myer of London praachea
l at th First .Qongregallonal. churoh Bum
day morning, v Dr . House preaches la
; the evening.. Beceptlou of members and
.. - baptism. ."-TV.:'-'-7"--X?-rW;' 'r- nv.-l
Steamer-, Souttt- Bay aalls Monday
v evening ror sarr rrsncisecc CsWa lU;
a , steersse, II; meal and bertha Included.
T- C. H. Thompson, agent, 111 Third street.
pTh cltr hart win bactaarrad tn' th
.i near future at acost of about 1100. 'All
the ton work will be sera pod and th
'Interior of ths building brightened.
Dlvorros wars' granted today to Mabel.
from Barclay Davta for non-aupport snd
'drunkenness, and to iCate from Edward
Floutoa for cruelty. I,
. Fr- f " ' f.
- i- . - - - - t . - i-
. f - i f
r- . ""':
'iV-v"?:!.''; 'i;: Mi Anna Pitchburn.1 . -' '' :
.aftss tAnnls XMtchburn of this city,
Mr , fw months' study with
Percy Stevens of NawTork. has been
I stnnpilwatstf1 BlAla AAmImHa l sewisa A Ksa
1 .
vwmtlj . fMIU I. IMUlUllgjUlw bllUlUIIVS , yv
the aaat.
-Th .Incident of. heev appointment .Is
an interesting one. Th Pirst Eplsoo-
pat -cnurcn or Lakeview, n. is . -a
vary faahtonab.le one. situated In one
of the moat .faahtonabl 'Winter reaort
of tha country, f any of New JTork'a
ln J22fS25.
and Mr. and Mrs. Georg Gould, have
tneir some, ueorgian wourt, at tnia
place, -where they spend a large part
of their winters. Mr. and Mrs. Gould
and Miss Helen Gould have ft pew near
the front rof this 'church. Oaul'a ora
torio,. "Holy . City," was to .b given
there this spring, and two daya before
hand th leading contralto waa taken I
sick. .' They sent la haste to Mr. Btev-
In ft bank 'or vauiror lodglng-hons
-this -cltv It. Is believed that there la
aa ana n tie una hinnrni n
March 15. Detect
r .
ives are trying td find th money." '" " "
Touss was In Portland last October,
and visited tils friend, Nathan SeglL
who has clothing a tore si IS Third
street. He had been a miner la Cripple
Greek- Colorado, for a number ot years,
snd Is said to have accumulated about
170,000. He had . tha money . With 'him
when h reached Portland. - - -
After remaining here ' for several
weeks h went to Hot Springs, where
tjsdles and gents' hat .renovated. Pa
cific Hat.. Works, 3l d it Cof lit
Aoaleys envelop display. Aoma Phar
macy, Third and Burnstdi ; .
"Ladies ;Bth' Parlor. W- reduce
th abdoman. cur rheumatism, grip,
Isms back. .411 Morrison street. ; Hood
101S. 2 , ..:?-r ' ' V- t v '
- Dr. , Amos, surgeon. -Dekum butldlag.
'oaUl ItaL-French rsstaorant, til Cpshur
-"'Ask your grocer for Golden Cheddar.
" Th third annual meeting of Ch Ore
gon-Prisoners'-Aid society wllr be held
will be presented: : Address by Governor
George XL , Chamberlain ; 'Xhir - State
Prison," by Rev. B. P Murphy; Penal
Legislation In , Oregon," by Dr. "s. 'S.
Wise; report of offloers;v annual elec
tion: vocal solos, by Mrs. FltcBt-J,lna
ftnd MTC'Anna Selkirk Norton.
The president of th society Is W. S.
Gilbert, D. XX vice-president and treas
urer. Ben -Belling; secretary. Mill la R.
Trumbull ( legal counsel. iThomaaJN.
- -Pireetojfa f, IX-Xts. ftj,. og. I i""' "V
WUliara Wadhama. Dr. & 8. Wine, R. J.T,wr . , ! 1
nenaricas. juessnasr .rr, a. r, sears, t
Jr., Mrs. George Russell, Rev. E. p. Hilt
- Fat Folks. . :. I
T hsv reduced my weight II pounds.
bust nln inches, waist eight Inches and
hips nine Inches In ft short tinW by. a
guaranteed, harmless remedy without
axercla or starving. - J want to tell you
all abovt it Enclose stamp and ad.
dress. k.'r. Ciarlotte Woodward, Or.
V Cty, Cr. - v r v - . - V - . ;.
ens for ft supply, snd Mis Ditehburn
learned th boo re, which Incladaa two
big alto soles, besides much quartette
and Chorus work. In tha twa remaining
daya.- Her vole met with such favor
that Immediately after the concert she
was aaked to become permanent solo
mV'-r-V -" --; - - r , " -v.-,',
Miss XMtchburn, while In Portland,
studied first with Mrs. Basis, and later
wun Mrs. llen-Kinsman, wb la now
In Chicago. Much of her attention was
turned to. reading. In which aha is very
clever, and she was ambitious to go on
the stare. - This her mother did not ap
prove ox, ana wnen Anns went ast ah
gavs much attention to mualo. Before
long, however, aha met. with such an
usual success that ah' gave vv we and
more attention to It and to ".German.
She will return, to- New Tork in Sep
tember, where she expects to continue
her voles, study, besides filling . her
church position,
he was kflled. It was reported at the
time that it was ft ease of suicide, but
oeveiopments snowed it waa murder.
The body was shipped to his horns In
Cripple Creek and an investigation be
gun. . , . r
Officers at Hot' Spring failed to find
his trunk or any or hla belongings. Evt-
dence was ' secured, however, which
caused the belief that ho left his money
in tnis city. , rne mother or touss wrote
to Mr. Basil yesterday asking that f.
fort be made to find her son's prop-
arty. Segil took the letter to polio
headquarters this morning, and Detect
Ives Carpenter and Reetng were detallad
on the case. r. ... ;- - ,; -.-
Hiving spent tha money In riotous
living in ths thro months ha has been
In Portland. R.C Sharp wss taken Into
custody today by Deputy Sheriff Pax
ton of Independence,' ' Kansas, on 1
charge of embessllng funds obtained in
th. sal ot ft butcher ahop there, and
will ' be 1 conveyed , to - Independence to
answer th charge. ' Deputy Paxton ar
rived this morning and found his pris
oner In the county Jail here, having
oeen arrested by nnartrr word sight
day ago on a description sent him. -
, Part of ths butcher ahop waa owned
by another man. - .After his money 'was
gon Sharp went to work on a city
sewer gang, aa a "common laoorer, . :
s, ', -. . - ; : .
: A statement that an Oregon City vet
eran I the youngest surviving wsldlsr
of ths civil war residing In Oregon la
disputed by Edward Carpenter,, who
conducts ft Chicken rafich near Damaa
us. Hs served" ft year In th army, and
Is now only. II yara old.i.. i.-.l.
Mr. Carpenter enlisted at th age of
10 years, 'la -oompargr-B, Forty-third
Wisconsin volunteers- st Milwaukee, In
June, 1114. He saw servles In Tennes
shV- esatn- Perreat's
JohnaonvillSti Hs cams to Ore
" " j
gon- three years ago.. It Is
la the youngest veteran la Oregon who
carried ft' muekel In the civil war. ' ;
- Th Toung People's socletfes of th
east ll(a churches will units In an
Easter sunrtss prayer meeting tomor
row morning st T o'clock, st th United
Brethren, church. East' Fifteenth - sad
Morrison streets,
- A . ,U
5l4Chambef of Commerce
; or 393 26th Street -:
vetotii rfmt i i Si isBsssssawwMWaasssSSsj . t ---
,... . " vH "-XT i,., .
Soliciting Monty for th. 8ol-
;Ciw Monumont Fund of -r
i- Lont Fir Comotery. v
Officers of the soldiers' . Lon Plr
eused of soliciting funds for the monu
ment without th sanction- of tha asso
ciation were authorised ftganta and were
lustifisd tnrcollrc ting whatever-sums
tney could. " .
TTHT funds collected" win grr-to-tha-aid
of the soldiers monument fund of Lona
ir cemetery, tor in purpose or beau
tifying th block in that burial ground
which holds the dead of tha Mexican. In.
dlan, civil and Spahlah-Amerlcan wars.
The officers of the association are:
M. L. Pratt, president; Captain E. Mar
tin. vlfjrealdent: CapUIn J. H. McMil
lan, treaaurer; J. W. O dl bee, treasurer,
z O. BL Cftukln, asalatant adjustsnt-gen-eral
of th department of Oregon, O. A.
who atated yesterday that tha two
woman should be severely; punished for
their Illegal operattona, made an investl.
gatlon snd found their operations wer
perfectly legitimate.
1 knew nothing ot their efforts yes
terday." he said, "and accordingly de
nounced them. However, I have since
learned that-tha funds ar being raised
for a worthy caase and have given it
my support." -
, Th entertainment .to which tickets
war sold by th women will be give
next Thursday at Auditorium, hall, on
Third street between Salmon and Taylor
streets.. . . . t . : . t, ? . :. ,.,
"Boxcar" - Cassy
at ' the county
poor farm, but
a into tho city yes-
terday. - Ho begaa
as ha arrived. he
inking gm as soon
snd took beer ss
"chassrs.". Th
cams dimmed s
recollection be.
failed to remem
found. himself in
bar snythlng unt
municipal court . 1
charge of larceny.
(rhomlng fsclng a
Police Officer A
along Second atraet yesterday afternoon.
and at the corner of Tamhlll street saw
Casey trying to make ". horss eat Bo
logna sausage. Hs had ft long string
of sausag on his arm. and held ft piece
temptingly In front of -the hors. He
wss very much surprised and ,bffended
because the animal wouldn t eat.
; Hs was charged with having taken th
sausage from ft near-by bu toner shop,
and waa given to days., ., !
-t-T-- I ' I I
Episcopal church Holy, week neon
meetings, whloh havs bean' held in -tha
People's InstKnte, Fourth' snd , BurnV
tcasta. aliau iaay with ,a
by George Burton, whloh waa In
Una with th practical teaching of the
week. Dr. Hop presided, and in closing
pointed out two highly 4 Important
aspects of th week's work; the gener
ous ana orouiany oourcesy or. me rres-
byterlan church to the Episcopal church
la granting all tha facilities of th instl
tub for ths week. and. in th second
place, th addresses have shown th
strength of th men la ths pews when
it cornea to a ess of advancing .tha
1 of practical Christianity. . Ths
growing Interest . of th laity of all
churches in ths essentials ot Christian
living' as evidenced by these meetings
promise in ths near future moat impor
tant A vlnfimant a . :.'.
iwra Satk This xseralag With
Cargo of Hay and Oats. .'). "
tTTaosn wTOTrTrimsTiro
ued at 110,000 and 11.141 bale of hay
worth $11,000. th,. British steamship
Sandhurst ' sailed ' this morning; for
Tsingtau, China, She has on a third
mors cargo than th Ras Elba. ' which
cleared for. th sams port mora. than a
month ago. . " -
It was supposed, that th Ssndhurat
would be detained la port for few
days, becaas on of her Chines sail
ors-deserted shortly after aha reached
ner. A penalty or rrom lioo to 1 1,010
be Imposed a gal net th captain In
a ess at this sort, but It wss decided
not - to prosecute ths skipper on the
Sandhurst, as It was shown that h
was not Implicated in tho matter. Aft
effort la being mads to locate ths Chin,
sse, snd If he la found h will be de
ported. ;. ' V ;
Immigration Inspector Barbour states
ha will explain 'th" "circumstances fully
to ua Department ot commerce and 1
bor, and-taaka reconunandatlona that
greater number of watchmen be place
on auty wnen oriental steamers
la port. , .'. . .. -. v ;
rxovsV AsTv .mAjr fob t avj
With I.I7I sacks of flour. ilOO
of bran and ft large quantity ot mlsesl
laneoua freight and many passsngsrs,
the steamer Oregon" ss Had last night
tor aan Tancieco '.-!. -.-.., . ...
Aevly all th flour la cdniina& . to
Panama and . other porta in Central
America. It will be reahlpped from San
Frsnctsoo on the steamers operated
ins t-acino nu , company. Blmllar
shipments' to ths sams destination are
mad en nearly every vessel going down
th ooast from this port. - Local ship
pers say that It- might as wall b car
ried tram hers direct to Panama, j . ;
Oar Oala fa On ftp
Utatlvs OmM Qnlalaa ' t werld-wld OnM
T era.taa nuaa. Call far tk fall sa we
d leak ler the algsater et I. ,W. Crave, sse.
ttvjk T.r : i rtlilion Ft WHI B
C:r,t ; ty; tho .. 'Corrnan:;
, V C::tmr RapsJIo.' f?
--f7- J- . V:wsBBSBBBwawJewBessj
Ccni!iment In Largo Placet,
u and is InUnded for Dock . :;
. v' - '. CuJSdinj Purposos. :' V.r
.-V ' ' .. . .-..... ;. --,
This morning th ' Paclflo . Export
Lumber company ahartered th German
steamship Rapallo to load lumber at
Portland L for Calcutta, . Tha vassal Is
now en route from tha far aaat. and 1
due about th middle of May.
The Rapallo is of about ths sam sis
aa th Aragonla. operated by the Port
land Aslstlo Steamship company, and
Is capable, of handling about J.OO0.OM
feet of Oregon fir. She Is et 4,141 tons
net register. 400.1 feet long, 11 feet
beam, 1. I foot -bold, and la owned
Robert M. Slomsn Co; ol Hambt
Bhs will, be . th largest lumber carrier
to visit tnis . port .ror mors . than a
yean It la probable that the cargo will
be completed on Puget sound, if s
full cargo cannot be secured her with
out delaying the ship.
Although mors-lumber haa been -die-
patched - from the -Columbia and Wil
lamette rivers to ths fsr east this sea
son than-usual, this will be the drat
cargo to be seat to Calcutta for - more
tnsat three-year! It will consist largely
of long beama and stringers, and la for
dock purposes. - Heretofore - nearly - all
f shipments for ths past year or two
have been bf sailing vessel.'. i'
Kxporters ar 01 tns opinion inai
mors Oregon fir will be sent to the
various ports "across th Paclflo during
ths next 13 months thsn ever before in
Portland' history. It Is explained that
ths commerce over there Is growing,
such an extent that It Is becoming lny
peratlvo that the oriental ports be pro
vided with more warehouses and other
improvements, necessitating big Impor
tations ot lumbsr. - . ... r';
Spencot Says th Big Oorpetw
sna Opposition Boats, '
Captain E. W. BpenVer says t he-Oregon
Railroad A Msvigatton company owna
tho steamers of tha Regulator Una.. It
will be remembered that these vessels,
together with the . Columbia River A
Northern railroad, were sold ft couple
of months ago, presumably to sn seat
em" corporation. ' ' ' '
T am confident that Oregon Railroad
A Navigation owns ths steamers.! said
Captain Spencer last evening, "for the
reason that tha railroad company named
doea everything In Its power to pro-
mot their interests. At ths Alna worth
dock they are given' landing privileges
and permitted to discharge freight there.
The Charles A. Spencer, however. Is
denied this privilege. Frequently the
brings freight from Th Dallea Intended
for Btaipmentby rsil to Interior points,
and of course it wftuld savs ft big dray
age charts if she were allowed to land
at the company dock. This snd other
mattara have led m to believe the Ore
gon Railroad A Navigation aompany
operating th stesmers .recently sold by
ths Regulator line." - c -
.Ths - captain - atated "that hs would
make things Interesting this season with
th Steamer Spencer. Believing thst
ths Oregon Railroad aV Navigation com
pany is his competitor on the upper
river he has decided to reduce the pes.
senger : rates' - to 1 between Portland
and Th Dalles. - The tariff la 11.80.
Th reduction -will take effect on May
1. i- Him steamer wlU also Tnake th
found' trip every day.' If -the opposi
tion meets ths cut and provides a dally
service he Is planning to fight It on ths
lower river " run. GBrTnesdsys,- Wsd-
nee daya and. Saturdays th Spencer will
make th trip to Th Dalles and return,
while 'on Tuesdays and Thursday 'she
111 make ths round voyage between
Portland, and Astoria. On Fridays aha
a -Idle .In -port- and oa Sun
days shs will- carry excursionists to
Cascade Locks and return.
By carrying out this program tha
captain states that hs will be In a position-
to make . It lively for the Oregon
Railroad A Navigation boats all along
th 11ns. H declares that nono can
show th spssd . that th Spencer de
velops. r--- - -r x-.
Owasri of Waterfront Prupeity to Jata
, . Sprlag monaenliasing Brlgftds.
At th solicitation of tha member of
the- elvlo Improvement board of - ths
chamber of commerce th owner ot
waterfront property have promised to
Claair and paint the docks Immediately
after the June rlae. Every . spring
cost of whitswssh has besa applied to
a number of the docks from which th
steamers operate.
there are other "structures that look as
though they have not been cleaned for
years. People coming to Fortiaaa from
othsr coast cities havs often remarked
that tho docks st Portland look to be
In worse condition - thsn the wharves
elsewhere. The owners generally agree
with them, and sxplsiii. that it Is not
necessary to paint ths docks at Fort
land every few. years as Is ths eass at
ths salt watsr ports, which are Infssted
with teredos. Piling In th Willamette
river lasts for' years, snd that la th
principal reason ths docks look shabby.
But It is contended that there la no ex
cuse for the owners to let their build
ings go" unpalnted. , i-- ; ..,,;?'
On Tuesday 1 ths steamer lone will
resume service nexween rorusna sna
Wasbougal. She has been given ft gen
rrsl -t and is now halng re.
painted. - - , - ' '
1 BecsuB of ths poor patronage shs re-eelved-.tbt.
steamer. GaseUe.. wastaken
sff the Portland-Llnnton-8t. Johns rout
Ctterday. Iter owners win operate ner
..the harborinUiageneral .'Jobbing
trade until the Liewis sno Clark rsir
oprna, when aha will again engage In the
.pasaenner nnainess 1 1. , uti
According to ths Ban rrsneiaco com.
ere In I New- the- British etesmshlp
tv,4.n. -Tinay- at -Hfmolntilla under
barter, to losd flour for Japftir-at San
.nolaco or Puget sound. - None of .the
lw.. -exporters spnesrs to anow any.
g about It. THR.4vssei was is
bi.ctied from s nsn- rrsncisco to tn
t with flour by ins ucciosntsi
tl gteamahlb eompeny isst montn.
Britian amp mn inunn rea-
afternoon rrom the inman-roui-
tha North Pacific mill, where shs
triplet hf lumber cargo. -
Steamer , t aseaue arni-sa mi
g - from can sTspciacej ar .
Ot i
ter Ir
Sr I
I wll V
:. ?,, , Th Plsssars Thlla f Vaany, .' wa
"Ifcndle Vlth JCcre
Is a sign never seen on ft
Mitchell of Snsli
Built ' for . endurance,! built for
spssd they-U stsnd th racket.
They cost from 111.00 to 141.00.
Cheap, aren't theyt ' Why not'
have onT Might as well get tha
best when: they can be had for
- this prlcev . r '. ' ' ,-.;T.-r'
Where they servo those Sunday French
Dinners, with wine, for L -
Suites with "Dftthsv-hoe-ftwd sold-watsr
and telephone in every
moored at ths Oreenwich dock to dis
charge general cargo. . She will load
with lumber for th return trip.
Th . government . dredge Chinook
reached th moorings opposite St, Johns
Isst night, andjgUl remain ther await
ing orders from ths war department.
Collector of Custom Patterson re
ceived word this morning from ths
treasury' department that C. J. Me
Cracken, '"an examiner of merchandise
in th government employ, will be
tranaf erred from Honolulu to the sub
port sn the Lewis - and Clark fair
grounds to remain until ths elos of ths
exposition. Mr. MoCraeken was form
erly stationed at Portland. .
The - aovernment survey post Arago
arrived In ths harbor last evening from
s erulss down ths river. Shs will prob
ably go out on ft surveying expedition
aoon. . v , -
After ft passage or ist aaya tne
French bark La Fountain, Captain
Hamon,' reached Astoria last evening
from Antwerp with a generaLcsrgo con
signed to Balfour. Guthrie Co, of this
city. Ths vessel will probably leav up
th river for Portland this afternoon.
Lft Fountain was here last sssson, tak
ing out a cargo -or grain tor in unitca
Kingdom. , - -j-- :. .-.x... j ....
t. 'A
Astorls. April 11. Arrived down dur
ing tho night and sailed at 1:10 a. nu
steamer Bee, for San Pedro, - 0 . 1
San Francisco, April II. Arrived u
a. ra steamer Aberdeen, from Port.
land.-' -j. ' . . 1 "
Bukera. April IT. Arrived, atsamet
Alliance, from Portland via Coos Bay.
Arrived yesterday, steamer Acme, from
Columbia riven . . .-
.Astoria. April ll. Arrived at ii:io p.
m., -schooner Endeavor, from Redondo.
Left' up st I n. m.. steamer Casoads.
Sailed at 1:10 p. m., sehoone'r Alexander
T. Brown. for MsnUftandi. schooner
ChurchUI, for Haiphong. Arrived at 4
p. m., French bark La Fountain, from
Antwerp. 1 Arrived at I p. m., schooner
F. Coates, rrom Han reoro. sailed
at 4 pi - m.r- ateamer North Jung, f 01
Alsska. ' ' '
Bmo "FrancigciJ, April II. Ballad,
American bark Hecla. for Portland,
galled at T p. m., steamer Northland,
for Portland, " ,1 ' " " r- -7
Tontraa wrxij tow babwbs,--
Bsrges of rock will be towed from tha
Bunker Hill suarry to the 'government
jetty at th mouth of the river this sea
son by tha steamer-Vosburg, the Ore
gon Ronnd Lumber company having
chartered her for that purpose. The
vesa Is at the Portland shipyards for
repairs, which ars practically completed,
ant r v .A be rdy to go Into corn.
' li f. v s. Ixcal Inr ec-
1 .'r arilocJor
'in t I -, . . ' ' . .
i;;';'" THIS IS THB J
01 mm
Will alwaya be tocepteft tf year
buggy coma from oar store,
They ar as good aa bey kx.
Half tha pleasure r ft drtv de-
p)dg on ta vnswr. ,
t -f
Oornsc Taugka aad wamty-fnxth (j. '
Ttaarrtw ifttrMtft. 1S o'Cltck
'V l: April 23 and 24 ,
'i;'v' Oamee called IcloVewck.
, J," .. Sundays,, 2:10.
enetml ftgmtaslon, Ua. OhiMraau tfo.
Grandstand for ladles free every
. . ounoars ana aouomysi men Zia.
day Friday.
I v Tmtm -a b-.
Henar and TanBiv ' ntrbta ih .
L. ft. T0CKWBU and t'MBft. I VIL.
la the Oaady-traBm. .
' ot. joaar sasxa'. r -
rainnft latM
, exeeM lt I
II; Uat I muwm. Ta.
OeJlary.. SBe aad IBe.
- Baleaavi le aaB t
Baaea aad kgea,
. seats . se
14th aad WashUkrtoa.
: . anami,- . . , . . .
ttsaTwnasiaaias W -Oatawan mmri
Preaeatlag nertba If. ri' r a mats
The ealv ftratlaaa tttnnua la .V-
fapalar prtota. SOe. Sae, auc. lrio; m
Urn, 11 . lOr. . DeenHtowa kes n .e ,
a azi sHrrMaa. raess Mate 110:
theatre. Mala 111.
ramrell weak, startlas Si
tha vm ulna faree-euswuT.
1 a-.- i.
Laat perfarasiBee taalght st 1:18 s'lek.
Tke Greet Tewseraace play.
All seat week. startlaB tinnnaa a.u ,-.
Ll he werld trntmnrnt eaaMtesal Breax. : r
worm iwa nmami arime. . "...r
ITXNtb ' and- lIJ)'t nvrrn
Brerr Afternoon and gv.. '
' Tha Vw.r-.rt '
- gseelalties fterwMa - AaBa." . 7
rfnrmaaCTB at 1:90, T:BO aad :1( a, 'a.
I'aual. price at admlaelea, 10 caata? '
mat wx.ros ? 1 ir wunxr, .
-'-.": i XsO'V. I 0i
,,i.-."7 Mis a m
. .; 1 10 4 Ci-ivyt
' " ' 1 f.uiB&iuaOU, j
sCV. I 0. . - , ....
mom. v. . --
x .... - -
LX. ' 7
ya,U.IOuaOU. A 1 .' 1
1:S. T:0, a p. a. Assdaale lee.
boitka a otcxx wsomi.
- at n sisn, ;
Third asd TaaHHII. KaattBg ft need. Kan.
OTB I'll ACTS; ,
TU IftAVXOLAS, ' ' '
feas trtlsaa. , Mr. aad stnTpaMy Xagaa.'
-sArtaVTBe Oreat Iegg siarr.,r
Shews at 1:00, T:M ft. p. BV ; Aeanaaloa 10
eeata t aar aaat,
natwa rmrmfmi
! mnmi, ioj lo rrjraix
yi ism tot i. .
TV OUVr II (. 7
XA4 IVX. A A7 U- -..-
, . aAat- i i j i .,
l.J J ..J. ;-r--
kl Itf I' .a.
ftA .' . i. "
Oeaeral adSLfealoa, loe.
la traat, lOr. Boa eeata.
--'." - . XJEil-AaJ X .
Kaw aeaa. Take Pwtl.a4 H-'-' e "4 f
eft at HawrWiie Tmr, ana I - , . i
Bsa. So m "- '. -x. m
Unt BH- .- cant IB '
SMetiral . el .w l r
nr. ra li. a a
-V- 1 -.-'-V V --,'- ' '