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Xmas Week's Big Cut Price Specials
The Big Store In the Middle of the Block
69-71-73 Third Street. Bet Oak and Pine
w I f?
Open Every
hpm KJirmi
Principals Have Enthusiastic
Meeting at Which Many Prac
tical Suggestions Are Made.
Card Board
Till 10
p. m.
V gggSSBsV
f mWmX
f KjsbW
i Am m
M m
m m ask. agU
m ggftgafga WLr9
: I w
It Will Be Composite in Char
acter, and Will Include
Work of All Grades.
At a remit meeting of the Multnomah
County Principals' association plana for
the Multnomah county public school
hlblt for the Lewis and Clark exposition
Were outlined In detail. There was a
Cull attendance of the principals and
much enthusiasm was shown In the
sjrork, '
Superintendent R. K. Robinson had
.asked the principals to prepare susses
Itlons for exhibit materlsl on arithmetic
and geography, and there was a irener-
us response. K. O. Adams, principal of
the Mount Tabot school gave a lesson on
ehalk modeling and showed how It could
Be made to display relief Ideas In geog
rsphy and Its educational value In class
Instruction, together with Its utility for
xhlblt purposes. He presented Interior
photographs showing the work on black
boards and sand tables.
It. H. Baker, principal of the Wood
took school, gave his Ideas regarding
preparation or work in arithmetic, and
,Sava practical suggestions in business
problems. Other members had! responses
Which had many valuable suaa-estlons
Superintendent Robinson outlined the
principles of the plan of arranging the
jeounty exhibit. He proposed making
the Multnomah county exhibit a compos
ite one. Including all schools outside the
,elty. The work Is to be arranged by
sjraoes, commencing with the primary
gold going on through the school.
"Bach school Is to prepare such work
as k may oesire, saiu Mr. Koblnson.
-The display wlU be Installed so as to
(best represent the real work being done
in public Instruction in the county. It
Is deal red that the exhibit shall express
mm nearly as possible the exact condition
f the schools."
The principals reported a great inter
test on the part of the public and the
School officers.
"There Is no question," said Mr. Rob
inson yesterday, "that the school offi
cers are fully appreciative of the ad
vantages offered hv the ImIi nH ri.rb
exposition to bring together an expres
sion of the educational work that will
not only place the northwest In a cor
rect position, educationally, but will
through a comparison advance material
ly our educational interests."
Peart Westphal, Pretty and Re
fined, Found in Saloon at
North End.
Pear Westphal. the IS-year-old daugh
ter of a wealthy sawmill operator of
Sherwood. Or., waa found by Patrolmen
Baty and Burke In the International
saloon, drinking with a man and was
placed under arrest. The charge against
her Is vagrancy.
In the police court yesterday she
told Judge Hogue she had a disagree
ment with her relatives six months ago
and left home, before she was of age.
For a while she lived with a married
sister at Walla Walla. Wash., and
worked as waitress in a restaurant
Coming to Portland a few weeks ago.
he secured employment in a lodging
house and later in a restaurant. For
a few dsys she has spent most of her
time around the north end.
Her sister secured a divorce not long
go and came to Portland. The girl
is comely and refined. She waa grad
uated from the Tualatin academy of
Wash Inst on county. She professed re
pentance for her error, and said she
was willing to return to her parents,
who have been trying to locate her since
he left Walla Walla.
Attorney A. Walter Wolf, who ap
peared In her behalf, asked the court
'to continue the girl's case until her
Ister can be found.
"Yea. I will do that cheerfully," re
plied Judge Hogue. "if the girl Is will
ing te go home, we had better send her
there. I think, however, that I would
llk to Interview this elder sister, who
has been married and has had experience
enough to cause her to try to ueter this
.girl from leading a wayward life instead
I4)f assisting her In wrong-doing."
After a careful Investigation Police
Sergeant Slovrr reported to Chief Hunt
yesterday that she Is unable to dis
cover a single circumstance tending to
prove the truth of the report that Pa
trolman 8lg Myers has been In the habit
of smoking opium at a Cblnese laundry
on Russell street, Alblna.
Patrolman Croxford Informed the chief
a few days ago that such a rumor was
i current In Alblna. It Is believed by the
police that Patrolman Myers, who has
always been regarded 'as a trustworthy
and efficient officer, has been made the
victim of a plan to injure him, concocted
by persons In Alblna whose punishment
for misdemeanors has been due to his
This Means You.
Ton certainly need gas and electric
Chandeliers, glassware, stand lamps.
Undaav and Welsbach burners for the
hoi Maya- Call on the M. J. Walsh Co..
141 Wsshlngton street, where you can
find the largest and most up-to-date
Stock of gas fixtures, gas burners end
glassware. Promptness snd good work
manship our specialty
Lewis & Clark
Co n Brooch for a
Xmas Present
Priest M . S Mi $kVM
Vtt a Uww S Qarfc
GcM Seller
Mounted on this beautiful gold wreath,
the coin not the least marred or matu
rated, sold over the counter or mailed
to any sddress at 14 BO for slxe No. 1.
and l for No. X. The coin alone sails
they grow tot age.
2 I H persons who are mat
2 aajsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal or aipi assist Ofcrtst
presents to oat
MM I friends and
w mm this week
mi ggggggggglgggggl press company or n
eV mmT If desired. Bapert
of town
we bars established for
postal free
service, where goods will
he lapped and packed,
also delivered to tha est-
if desired.
pie will paok any articles
yon may desire, BO mat-
where bought. giving
Cthe advantage of
Insr TMr nminli
packed neatly and safely,
free of any charges. The C
Chloag-o, the people's S
favorite keajfgjsj place. m
January Clearing Prices
Will predominate Xmas week. No faint heart half-way business about it, but as
fast as lines get broken in sizes and variety they will be put on sale immediately and
closed out regardless of cost or loss. Every hour of the day will produce unparal
elled bargains in each department of Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits, Overcoats,
Cravenettes, Pants, Hats, Shoes and Furnishings. Below will be found a standard
schedule for all week. The wonderful values and immensity of the style and stock
will open the eyes and gladden the heart of all diligent people.
: i P
i w
mm m
And next Saturday, X-mas
eve. till midnight. A triple
" . ' expert salespeople,
also tailors, bundle sud k
Hvsry people A fresh corps
of salespeople will report
esek evealag ipsclsllr for tho
Tsnlss trade, insuring to
ps trans cheerful sod pleasant
senior, ss sslsspeopls that
have walked all dsy are tired
sad not is condition to (Its
the people their best efforts.
The Chicago a-snts Its cus
tomers to be cheerfully served
snd every detail of conveni
ence snd sstlsfsctlon Is csre
fully looked after, regardless
pf any extra nips net. Ws
know and roe know that
alesswa snd others that bsve
sorted hard sll day are net'
In condition to rive custoin
rrs their best efforts and be
is eoortsons and pleasant as
they will be when not over
worked. So we kave pro"
rlded for the best service.
nwn m. unwrnw
Young Men's
S3.7B fr All-Wool Dark Color
17.50 Sutta.
S5.00 for All-Wool Very Nobby
110 Suits.
SS.SS for AU-Wool Single and
Double-Breasted (12.50 Suits.
ST.SO for All-Wool and Worsted
111 Suits.
SS.OO fT Imported matettals.
very fine, tit Suits.
Sll.OO for choice of the flnet
and best Suit in the store. This
offer Includes all our finest
grade, that we sold at 120, $22
and even ttt.
This sals of the choicest snd
finest grade Of Toung Hen's Butts
t One Half Value Is the greatest
slaughter of fine goods ever made
In the heart of the season be
sides ws show the largest variety
on the entire coast.
Young Men's Overcoats
and Cravenettes
Wa can supply you with tha kind
you have In mind and save you
exactly what the below figures
S4.BO for fine and nobby 17.50
plain or bolt Overcoats.
SS.OO fo vrv handsome tit
Overcoats; 10 styles.
S8.BO for choice of 100 112.60
9.50 for choice of 100 tit Over
coats and Cravenettes.
S12.BO for choice of tha best in
the house all our finest tit,
ttO snd tit Overcoats and
More than 2,000 for you to choose from. The Chicsgo does not
say more than 2,000 and mean a few hundred. We are Port
land's greatest clothing store, carrying the biggest all-new stock
and sell more good clothing than any store in Oregon or Wash
ington. Did you ever stop to think why The Chicago leads?
Investigate. There must be good reasons for it.
dST For choice of 500 All-Wool or Worsteds, in
P ' CJV single and double breasted styles, in black,
blue, also plaids, checks, stripes and mixtures, in clay worsteds,
serges, cheviots, tweeds, homespuns and cassimeres; the very
latest and best styles, made by Cahn, Wampold & Co. to retail
at $12.60 and $15.
diQ ,Kf) Fr choice of 700 Suits, excellent all-wool or
P "-'V-r pUre worsteds, in select patterns of very choice
clay worsteds, serges, cheviots, tweeds and vicuna, in double and
single breasted sack and cutaway frocks : sewed with pure silk
throughout and made with shape-retaining shoulders; made by
the great Cahn, Wampold & Co. to retail at $16 to $18.
For choice of over 1,000 single and double
breasted sacks, in imported and domestic
materials, high class all hand-tailored, sewed with double test
pure silk, triple warp serge or Italian cloth lining, shape-retaining
collars, front and shoulders, 100 styles of patterns and colors, also
fine blue and black; made by Cahn, Wampold & Co. to retail
at $20, $22 and $25. ,
JSC) or cno'ce ' over '00 of as fine Suits as
H eJV money will buy; you can take choice of the
finest and best single or double breasted sack, made to retail at
$25, $30 and $35 ; or choice of all Cahn, Wampold & Co.'s finest
silk or satin lined, made to retail at $30, $35 and $40. If you are
a good dresser this is a chance of years for you. Come early.
Overcoats and Cravenettes
Fully 1,000 strong. A display of overgarments that will agreea
bly surprise you for style and quality, and more than please you
for low prices. The purchase of the Cahn, Wampold ft Co. fine
wholesale stock at 60c on the $1.00 enables us to sell finest qual
ity fall or winter weight Overcoats and Cravenettes at less than
actual wholesale cost.
JKjpv Does wonders; hundreds of elegant fall and
winter Dress Overcoats, made in box and knee
lengths or just below the knee to the ultra fashionable long belt
coats; made by Cahn, Wampold & Co. to retail at $12.50 to $15.
liQ JSf) For choice of hundreds of elegant Fall Dress
r JV-J or winter Overcoats and Cravenettes; a great
many of them imported materials; all hand-tailored; in black,
blue, gray, steel brown, tan, etc. ; short box, opera or long gar
ments with or without belt ; made by Cahn, Wampold & Co. to
retail at $16 to $18.
JSC") Cravenettes and Overcoats, with over 500 to
make your selection from, elegant high class-
hand-tailored garments, none of them made to retail at less than
$20; in black, blue, broken plaids, pin stripes, mixtures. These
garments merit the attention of the most critical and thrifty
buyers. x
.KQ Fr the best in the house. Every Craven
W ette or Overcoat that we own, including all
the high class Crouse & Brandagee and Acorn combined with all
the Cahn, Wampold & Co.'s finest garments that we sold earlier
in the season at $35, $32, $30, $27 and $25, are now on our coun
ters and in this great Xmas Bargain Sale at $17.50 for choice of
the best best. '
Real Half. Price
Sale of . . .
Boys' and Children's
Suits and Overcoats
We secured at our price tha D. M.
Pfelser ft Co., Chicago. I1L, entire,
manufacturers' wholesale stock of
Children's, Boys' and Toung Men's
Hulta and Overcoats, and will give
to the parents the best bargains
ever offered In Portland, in the
very newest and choicest of Oood
Clothes. Suits, 1 to lt-year sises.
In all the prevailing and exclusive
Suit Prices
Norfolk. Cnssark, Buster Brown,
Reefer and Double- Breasted styles.
For all styles tt.tO Holts SI. 25
For all styles tl.00 Suits.. SI. 50
For all atyles tt.OO Suits.. SS.OO
For all styles tt.00 Suits.. S2.60
For all styles tt.00 Suits. SS.OO
For all styles $7 on Suits. S3. SO
For all styles tt.00 Suits. S t.OO
Children's Overcoats
14.50 Overcoats for SS.SS
tt.00 Overcoats for SS.OO
$7 oo Overcoats for S3.SO
tt.00 Overcoats for S4.00
wmyam :
... BSSS
Srt mm
Goods Bought
B time infill Christmas
HBnj and Thursday, December
S. fam aaaa ooVor. alsaaa a f
anything- anemia sot be ss
satisfactory. Spsetsi S
aasssassaaaaas Amm e "
Sunday delivery
their roods yj eatid at
any special time. Orders
bought for presentment
are ronaomaois in mar- i
ohandlaa only, aad foe j
the artloles syeotfled by Z
tha donor.
Xmas bargains In this glgantlo
stock of dependable and extra
fine Shirts, Underwear, Oloves,
Umbrellss. Smoking Jackets
and Bouse Coats, Handker
chiefs, Neckwear, Mufflers,
Collars, Cuffs. Jewelry, Fancy
Bilk or Wash Vests.
Smoking Jackets snd House
Coats,. t4.1t.
Fine Sweaters, wool and wor
sted 1. 1. IMO. II,
11.60. It. tl. It. r H
100 Styles of Shirts In neglls-ee
and golf lie, 10c. Tic, tl.
11.11. tl.10, It. 11.60.
Underwear tic, 10c, tie. 16c,
tl. Ii sv tl.ll. all
Umbrellas 45c. 71c. 11. SI 25.
US", tl, 12 so and up to tio.
Hosiery, good wool or cotton
c. llViC 10c, 15c. tic. 60c.
7 Sc. 11.
Night Shirts 60c. tOc. 75c, tl,
tl.10. tl. up to 17. SO.
Neckwear 10c, lie, lie, tie,
tOc. 75c. tl. 11.11, tl.10.
Jewelry half value sale 1,000
pgirs Cuff Buttons. Studs,
Silk Vests ti ll.
Suspenders 16c, lie, tic. 60c,
tec. 75c. tl, 11.60.
Handkerchiefs, all kinds to,
te, 10c. 12 c. lie, lie, lie,
too. 7li. tl.
Mufflers, fine silk 60c, 76c,
tl, tl.10, tl, 12.60.
Oloves, heavy or dress lie,
lie. tic. 60c. 65c. 75c, 1.
tl-ll,, 12.
There is no place like The Chicago
for Men's and Boys' Good Shoes.
Our immense business in Shoes
keeps this stock moving all the time,
and the result is very best and latest
styles. We turn our entire Shoe
stock every 30 days, that's the rec
ord for the past eight months, and
it cannot be duplicated in all Amer
ica. Every pair of Shoes we sejl is
warranted to give entire satisfac
tion. That's the kind The Chicago
sells. We are big cash buyers and
sell Shoes at about what other stores
have to pay for them.
$1.65 For choice of 1,000 pairs,
11.50 Shoes; calf, box calf, valour and
vie! kid; In Bluchers and baL
92.65 For choice of more than
1.000 tl.10 and 14 Shoes, patent colt and
vlcl. calf and valour; In congress, bals.
and Bluchers and boot tops -a shoe
ssle that It worthy of the name.
1,000 Pairs Holiday Slippers at
Wholesale Prices.
Boys' or Little Gents' Shoes
This end of the shoe business is run
on the Glory Basis. We do not aim
to get more than actual selling cost.
We want the little fellows to wear
Chicago Shoes. They are great.
Every Hat In this entire, fine.
' new, fresh stock must be sold,
even If we shoulder a big loss.
$1.35 For choice of 10 styles
of tl soft and stiff Hats.
black, brown, gray, tan aiM
SS.SS For choice of SI styles
of tl and some soft or
stiff f Hats; exact duplicate
of Dunlap. Knox and Stetaon
fall and winter styles.
SS.68 For Genuine John B.
Stetson It Hats.
ROt4 Caps at this store are
town talk they are treat.
Boys' Furnishings 'A Price
7't) for 15c double-knee black
lOf for 26c double-knee black
S for 10c Suspenders: THt)
for 16c. and 1SH for tic
10 for a big left of 20c and
16c Caps.
19d fnr fine quality 40c Fleece
10 for Boys' Negligee 40c
and 60c Shirts.
33s) for extra good quality and
make of tie Black Sateen
37' zt for assorted colors 7td
87 H) for basket weave, all
worsted 11.75 Sweaters.
194) f"r Boys' 40c Wslsts; de
tachable band, percale or
ST'idV fr Boys' extra quality
76c unlaundered Waists.
ev ST"
t rree
2 Am Commencing
w IssB m Monday From
t m mMmKi p. m.
s I
I SsaaaH
S m mala balaomy
mi m m presented
" BaaaaV ffffSV Chloag
f ! "BBav the
Wa will distribute foot
ball lists to all boys that
eaU at tha store. This
! an extension of one
day over tha original
time mentioned. Boys, S
a soys- ana c un
dress department, take
right stairway to tha
XOsts are
returnable aad footballs
amy evening
from 4 to S o'clock.
Coma, boys, this IS the
last free football distri
bution this season. Ho
purchase necessary- The
o gives sll boys
opportunity. aTo
prise baits or prize
prioes at the Chicago.
Will Nsvsr Recover from Effects
of Terrible Beating Received
Few Months Ago.
Eighteen Pieces of Bone Taken
from His Skull His Logs
Rendered Useless.
John Kern, boiler maker, will receive
$6,000 ss compensation for a beating
given him by a gang of drunken men
last August In Alblna. Kern eued them
for 110.600. and the Jury gave him a ver
dict for 16.000 yesterday afternoon.
The money thus received, however,
will not restore to him hie physical pow
ers which were broken permanently
when he was set upon by his assailants
and left almost dead at his own doos,
He may never again pursue his occupa
tion as a maker of boilers, the evidence
disclosing that his legs sre Injured so
as to render him s crjpple and his skull
Is fractured.
i Jeorge Mllger Is accused of being the
principal In the assault, and of using a
boulder with which to pound Kern Into
Insensibility. A. Baum, Jacob Hurt
ung, Phil Schmidt and George Wolf took
part In tha assault.
It was at John Sinner's saloon in
Alblna last August that the affair took
place, according to the evidence brought
out In court. The Ave assailants had
spent f 10 In Sinner's saloon, the effect
of the liquor causing them to become
boleterous and inducing Sinner to close
his saloon and turn his guests out Into
the night. They kicked open the door
and Sinner appeared with a loaded gun,
which compelled the boisterous Ave to
Then Kern, living next door, came on
the scene. Inquired the trouble and for
his pains snd solicitude for ths peace
and dignity of the state of Oregon waa
set upon and beaten and lift for dead
at the gateway of hla own home.
Attending surgeons removed It pieces
of skull bone from Kern's head s.nd a
human skull was shown In court to Illus
trate the anatomical features of the esse.
In sll probability an ordinance provid
ing for an additional liquor license of
tlOO a year In advance for all saloons
which desire to keep open their floors
from 1 to I o'clock a. m. will be passed
at the next meeting of tha council.
Councilman Fred Merrill will Introduce
the ordinance, and he states the propo
sition has already received the Indorse
ment of a majority of the council mem
He Is of tha opinion that at least M
of the 400 saloons of the city will take
advantage of the new ordinance, should
It be passed. This will bring an addi
tional revenue of ttt.OOt Into the city
treasury the first of the year. With this
Dlrmet Importation of
Brass ware, Satsuma.
Bronze and all kinds
of Curios. Fancy Chi
na ware and Baskets,
Bamboo Furniture
K. N. Kiriyama
tha city will be able to make many de
sired Improvements In fire snd police
Orandest display of fine scenery ever
seen Portland at yie comer of Third
and Alder streets. On exhibition from
I in the morning to I at
From Filth
Tou can arrive at the station
of personal neatness by the
Union Laundry
Laundry Second and Columbia.
Tel. Main III.
Our wagons call anywhere
you want them.
Whales Wot Wear Bxtl notion.
Ths It-foot whale blown ashore on
tha Maine coast the other day brings
evidence that its generation Is not verg
ing toward extinction, as It haa been
ths fashion to aasert In recent years
The kind-hearted old woman who won.
1 ILetL III Cut Rates
Boston Painless Dentists
are now giving their annual CUT RATE
PRICES on all dental work. Ths
charges are less than collage prices and
all work done by our painless system
and by specialists of from 11 to 20
years' experience. NO STUDENTS em
ployed. TEETH extracted, filled or
crowned absolutely without pain by our
secret preparation applied to tho gum a
rree Examiiiatlofa Frea
Silver rililags Saw
Bold Fillings Tea
Bold Crowns S3.00
Fall Sot Teeth Sa.00
AS Work CSTaaSllS 10 Years
Have your teeth extracted without
pain and replaced with new ones tha
same day. Come In at once and take ad
vantage of low rates. Be sura you are
In the right place.
Boston Psinlsss Dentists
mow s
li. Morrison. Lsrf
tat uoaesrm fax the world.
I gsaaBnaai
dered "what waa to become of the poor
whales" when petroleum came In, with
Its ruining competition, ought to have
lived to see this Maine whopper, with
prosperity and racial well-being written
all over It. In spite of Standard OU and
all tha expedients of rivalry.
Yes, you hard-working
man. If you but knew
how much money I can
save you on your
Watches, Clocks, Jewel
ry, Diamonds and
Optical Goods
If you but knew, you
would not be flocking
down to the high-toned
store and pay exorbi
tant prices for What
you get. You would go
direct to Goodman,
where ALL sensible
people go for their
Watches and Jewelry,
and you could save
nearly 60 per cent on
your purchases, as all
my customers do.
Chas. W.Goodman
and Optldar.
33 1 Front St., near Madison