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    TH K UHtuUN UA1LI IUUKHAU rVRllAnir. anwnoasni a
Experts Say the Closer Tanner Creek Sewer l Examined, the
Worse Will Appear the Work Done Under the Supervis
ion of the City Engineer's Office.
Contractors Who Were Given Permission to Patch Up Conduit Are
Said to Be Unable to Control Water Where It
Flows Over Imperfectly Laid Bottom.
Opinions re divers retarding th at
titude of Mayor Williams la the Tanner
creek sewer affair. He la being sev-erely
criticised by many for granting R. M.
Rlner a Bon. the contractors, permis
sion to go Into the sewer and make
repairs, and also for his decision to
appoint another Investigating commit
tee. They feel that he Is overstepping
his authority, as It Is claimed that tho
sewer has been accepted by the execu
tive board, am) the authority to (rant
permission to make repairs Is Tested In
that body.
There are others who are of the
opinion that the mayor was right when
he gave the contractors permission to
repair the sewer, as It Is In a very bad
condition, especially at the place where
the stone block pavement has been omit
ted. These people are also of the opin
ion that Mayor Williams Is acting In
the proper spirit In appointing another
committee of experts to make an In
vestigation of the sewer.
R. a Qreenleaf and George Knight,
two of the experts who recently Investi
gated the conduit, are of this opinion.
They state that If the experts the msyor
sends into the sewer are fair-minded
man and make the proper examination of
the drain, they will find the sewer in
a much worse condition than it la shown
, to be In their report to the council com
mittee. "I am perfectly satisfied to have the
mayor appoint another Investigating
committee." said Oeorge Knight today.
"If the members of this committee know
their business they will find the sewer
In a more deplorable condition than
shown In our report to the council com
mittee. W were not prejudiced In
favor of the property owners, and If
anything we gave Rlner the better of
tho report all the way through. There
wars many defects found which were
not named at all In tho report.
"It will be Impossible for the contrac
tors to go Into the sewer and make re
pairs that will cover up the defect. They
are too glaring. They may be able to
patch up the surface, so that the sewer
will look better to the casual observer,
but It will be Impossible for them to
relay the bricks In the two outside tiers
where there Is no mortar without doing;
the work all over.
T was not appointed by the property
owners, aa has boon stated, but the
council committee came to me and got
mo to act aa aa expert on the work. Aa
faa aa I am concerned the report was
not prejudiced la any ' way. If It had
been I would not have signed It. Lac
the mayor appoint a committee; I am
willing that he should do It. I also think
he Is doing right In allowing Rlner to
put the bottom In the aewer where It
waa left out beneath the manhole, for
if It la not repaired It will be aura to
cave In thla winter, causing great dam
age. Whatever repairs are made will
not cover up the defects so that they
cannot be found."
R. S. Qreenleaf la of the same opinion.
He states that ha Is perfectly satisfied
to have tho mayor appoint experta to
follow their Investigation of the aewer.
"If the experta are fair minded men
and know their business." continued he.
to have them make Mat in
vestlgatlon. It win only substantiate
our report. They wi And the sewer
even more poorly constructed than
stated In our report.
"If they attempt to disprove our re
port end give reports which are not true,
then wo will go after them. Wo gave
an un prejudice- statement of the condi
tions in the sewer, and. If anything, wa
were a little lenient toward the con
tractors, aa I realised under what diffi
culties he had labored.
Defeats OomlA slot Be Overlooked.
'The defects -ere all too glaring to be
(Continued from Page One.)
She testified that shs waa employed by
the Linn County Abstract company at
Albany; that some time In November,
19(13. she received sn order over the
long-distance telephone from Horace Q.
McKlnley to prepare an abstract of the
lands described In the Oeorge A. Howe
abstract; that McKlnley appeared later
on. accompanied by Attorney Hardy of
Kugeae; that she turned the document
over to McKlnley and his name appeared
thereon aa the person making the re
quest for the abstract. Mr. Heney then
asked If the papers were ever returned
to her. She said that Attorney Hardy
came back Boon afterward with the ab
stract and requested that the name of
Horace Q. McKlnley, where It appeared
In the certificate of Manager Payne on
the last page, be erased and that the
name of Oeorge A. Howe be substituted
She compiled with hla request. By
turning the abstract to the light. It
could be seen distinctly that this had
been done. The Jacket of the abetract
contained the printed words, "request
of." followed by the name of Oeorge
Baking Powder
To the Housewife
She knows that she need no
longer fear failures in her baking.
She is always certain of success,
sod as vest wo-thirds of her baking
powder money.
overlooked. We reported on nothing In
which tho whole committee did not con
cur. Individually we found many defects
which were not Incorporated In the re
port. There are many bad places In the
drain of which we aa Id nothing.
"Although the contractors are allowed
to go into tho sewer and make repairs
It will be Impossible to oover up the de
fective work so that It cannot be found.
They may smooth over the surfsce, but
any expert will be able to And the de
fects. This Is especially true where the
two outer layers of bricks have no mor
tar surrounding them.
"If allowed I would like to make the
suggestion to ths mayor, since hs Is
going to order sn Investigation, that a
portion of ths sower be uncovered from
the surface eo that everybody who ue-
alres may see the poor construction of
ths drain. A ahort distance weat or the
manhole at Sixteenth and Alder streets
there Is a portion of the work which la
but a few feet below the surface, and
It can easily be uncovered. There Is a
space of over 100 feet In this location
where the second and third tlsrs of
bricks have no mortar surrounding them.
and If the sewer is uncovered there it
will disclose the defects so they msy be
seen by the public without going into
the sewer "
It waa stated at the city engineer's
office this morning that the contractors
were having a hard time controlling the
wnf r In ths swir Thfv have not
been able to dam ths water and flume
It over the space where there Is no bot
tom and stone blocks have not been
laid. The contractors are said to have
several men at work in the sswsr to
day. as Wot Selected Committee,
Mayor Williams had nothing to say
today regarding the matter, other than
that he has . not selected ths sxperts
who are to go Into the drain.
Several members of the execu
tive board were Interviewed this
morning. Whitney L Boise stated that
he had nothing to say regarding tho
"I have kept out of the mess so far,"
said he, "and I propose to keep out r
It aa long as possible."
Several others expressed themselves
aa being much averse to becoming mixed
up in the scandal:
It was hinted around the city hall
this morning that In all probability the
city council will take some action at
the meeting neat week to compel the
mayor to carry out the recommendations
adopted in the report on the sewer re
garding the dismissal of City Engineer
Elliott and Oeorge Seoggln. bis chief
deputy, and Inspector J. M. Cay wood.
No trace of Walter Thomas has been
discovered by the grand Jury and It Is
still ths opinion that hs Is in hiding In
this city.
The grand Jury today la Investigating
ths Tanner creek aewer scandal, and
may report the result of Its findings
tomorrow morning. Witnesses before
them In thla connection this morning
were Contractor A. B. Blamona and J.
O'Nell, an employe of City Engineer
Elliott's office. No one from Contractor
R. w Rlner s office has yet been before
the Jury, but E. W. Rlner. son of ths
contractor, has been watching the pro-
uBodiiigi from the hallway.
The arson charges which have been
placed sgainst Bachelor. Miller and A.
B. Coon for setting firs to the building
leased by Coon, SSS Fifth street, are
lso being tnveatlgated by the grand
Jury today. Fred Weatenfelder. who
owns the building, waa before tho grand
Jury thla morning, aa also was Mrs
Marie Fouchst, a lodger, who claims to
have been offered 110 by Coon If aha
would set fire to ths building. Bschelor
Is said to nerve made a confession Im
plicating Miller, and that Coon waa to
pay them tto. for the Job.
A. Howe, written with pen and Ink. A
careful Inspection demonstrated that
some other name bad been written and
then erased before the Insertion of
Howe's name. Miss McCoy testified thst
when this Jacket left her hands It had
the name of Horace O. McKlnley written
on It In her handwriting, and that ths
nsme of Oeorge A. Howe, which now
appears there, waa not written by her.
Miss McCoy was cross-examined by
Attorney Hardy, who stood up. and lean
ing over the table, said, "You don't
mean to testify positively that I brought
that document and asked you to make
a change In it, do your'
"I do testify that you did bring an
abstract back to me and asked ma to
make some change In It, and It is my
bast recollection and belief that this Is
the abstract which I had in my hand
that you brought back," replied the
"Haven't I had lots of business with
your office, and lots of abstracts made
for my client, Mr. Wlthee T' Inquired
Mr. Hardy.
"You never bad but one abstract made
there to my knowledge, and you bad no
other business there that I know of,"
replied the witness
Charles A. Hardy this morning denied
that he bad aver met Miss McCoy, and
did not know that she waa connected
with the Linn County Abstract company
unUl ahe so testified on ths stand. He
stated further that he was not In Al
bany on the date ths abstract is slleged
to have boon made, never had any busi
ness relations with her of any kind, and
that whatever bustnsss he had with
the abstract company there, which, he
says, was considerable, was transacted
with one of the managsrs of the con
cern, other than Mr. Payne, but whose
name he could not recall. When asked
why he did not cross-examine Miss Mc
Coy more closely upon these points, ha
replied that he should have done so, but
waa so completely taken aback by the
nsturs of her testimony that he failed
to realise the Importance of refuting It.
Mr. Hardy said also that hs wss under
tbs impression that ths lands embraced
In ths Howe abstract were sold to a
Wisconsin man nsmed Bslssr, who, It
la alleged. Is a personal friend of Mc
Klnley Following Is the letter written by Mc
Klnley to Frank Alley, In which ths
former's connection wltb the Howe Isnds
Is cleariy disclosed:
Portland. Or. Msy t.
'Frank Alley. Roseburg, Oregon:
"Friend F. I haven't received the
msp ordered -and did not know but whst
you might have sent It to Kugene in
stead of this plsce. Tho case wss post
poned until Uts 14 la, U you haven't
already sent it. plsasa have It here by
that time. If convenient
"My friend, Mr. Wlthee, Is the owner
of the Geo. Hows mads, snd he would
look to me If anything waa wrong; so
any favors yon can do ms In the matter
I would greatly appreciate, and would
make It right with you to look after the
matter for ma In case any one Intended
attacking the tlUa. Tours truly,
"H. O. McK "
Six of tho seven fraudulent entrlea
which were conveyed from the original
locators to Oeorge A. Howe, have been
deeded to one Withes Of La Crosse. Wis
consin, ths person to whom Hardy re
vrxDawoea ooutimvmb.
Handwriting Expert Shearman con
tinued his testimony this afternoon. Hs
said that he had examined the signa
ture of Horace O. McKlnley on the
bond that was given by him at the tlma
of his arrest, and had compared the
same with the signature of Oeorge A.
Howe in his relinquishment to the
United States at ths time be made a
forest reserve lieu selection, using por
tions of 11-7 as basis. Ths witness
waa of the opinion thst Horace O. Mc
Klnley wrote the Howe signature, to
gether with the body of the Instrument.
He testified that he knew of two other
Instanoss In which McKlnley wrote the
body of the document: a lieu selection
and the accompanying non-mineral affi
davit. The lieu selection was signed by
Oeorge A. Howe, but witness wss unable
to say who signed the non-mineral af
fidavit. Mr. Heney here referred the
non-mineral affidavit to witness, and he
identified the signatures and body
thereof as being In McKlnley s hand
writing. The introduction of the non
mineral affidavit In evidence was ob
jected to by Judge O'Day. snd aa there
seemed to be some doubt regarding Its
admissibility. Heney withdrew the docu
ment. By a large diagram Mr. Shearman
showed the "letter forms" In the non
mineral affidavit written and signed by
H. Q. McKlnley, and displayed to the
Jury the strong similarities to the writ
ing of the mythical Oeorge A. Howe.
Maud Coffin, who la to be one of tho
wltneaaea In the esse, was a conspicuous
figure In the court room today. Rumor
haa connected her with some of ths
tranaactlona by defendants and her ap
pearance In court aroused the. curiosity
of ths spectators.
Una County Deputy Clerk Olvea star
tling Bvldenoe.
The evidence adduced by the prosecu
tion in the land fraud cases yesterday
afternoon was damaging in the extreme.
R b. Montague, the former deputy coun
ty clerk of Linn county, completed the
confession of his own share in ths con
spiracy, acknowledging that he had
falsely certified to the execution of
fraudulent homestead filings in township
11-7; Miss Mlda McCoy, a atenographer.
In tha employ of the Linn County Ab
etract company, added to tha evidence
Intended to identify Horaoe O. McKln
ley with the fictitious Oeorgs A. Howe;
Special Agents Greene and Dixon gave
damaging testimony against Frank H.
Walgamot, whose contradictory state
ments made to them seem ta convict
him of complicity In the frauds; and
John P. Marshall, former cashier of
ths Alnsworth National bank, a hand
writing expert of many yeara' experi
ence, capped the sensations of the day
by asserting that the" signatures of
Joseph Wilson. Thomas AV ilk Ins. Oeorge
Graham. Oeorge Pettis and Oeorgs A.
Howe had been forged by Horaoe O.
McKlnley. that Emma Watson waa ths
writer of the signature Emma Porter,
and that tha name of Hattle S. Lowell
was forged by Marls Wars.
Rumors Regarding Columbia
Theatra Cause Uneasiness
Among Members of Co.
Thers Is soms uncertainty among tha
members of the Columbia theater stock
company as 'to what course they should
pursue. In view of an offer received by
Oeorge Bloomqueat, one of the members
of the organization, from the Tannhau-
ser stock company of Milwaukee. Tho
offer, which waa In the form or a tele
gram, stated In effect that the Columbia
company was to oloss snd tbo Tann
hauser people could give the young actor
Mr. Bloomquest at once communicated
with Calvin 8. Helllg and J. E Blaster,
both of whom denied the report. A mes
sage was then sent to Milwaukee stating
that tha report of the prospective clos
ing wis untrue. In reply came a letter
from Manager Tannhauaer, In which he
quoted a letter addressed to him by a
New Tork agency, stating that Manager
George L. Baker had hlmsslf ssld while
In New York that the company here was
to closs "soon."
Until Mr. Bakor's return from the east,
which Is anticipated late this afternoon,
an explanation Is lacking. Mr. Bloom
quest has not accepted tha offer and
presumably Intends to await develop
ments. The company Is supposed to re
ceive three weeks' notice of the closing,
snd none haa ss yet been given by the
management. Cathrlne Countlss' con
tract la a guarantee of 20 weeks' em
ployment, and the season has not passed
tha ISth week. Aa her salary Is a largs
one, it la not likely that the manage
ment would pay the guarantee and close
ths house.
Nehalem eBach Discloses Fate
of Men Who Were Missing
When Schooner Sank.
(Special Dispatch ta The Jonraal.)
T. 1 . . nk t r lte 1 Th. tioiltnn of
two sailors. presumably from the
schooner weDrooi. were waaneu
on Nehslem beach today. Ths Webfoot
sailed from Coos Bsy Sunday. Novem
ber It. and Tuesdsy. November XI, she
was towed into the Astoria harbor in a
.i.,in..Ml nfindltlon her cantaln and
Ave of hla arew being almost fsmlshad
for want or rooo.
Tk. MhAAMr was lnmher-lsden and
s heavy squsll placed her In a sink
ing condition. Tueedsy, r.ovemoer z.
k. fnr. t,in arrived one of the mates
and two sailors lsft ths vessel In a boat.
Intending to land. If possible. In TlHs-
mook bay.
Nothing had been heard or sssn of
them sines they pulled swsy from tho
schooner side, until the finding of the
two bodies on the beach.
Main de
i Journal Special VrTtet.)
New Tork. Dec. 1. Judge Alton B.
Parker haa declined to aerve aa a atom
mlesloner of esttmste snd aasVasment
In two cases In which be wss appointed
two weeks ago. Tha compensation Is
but 110 a day.
Shows Exciting Rise of Four
Dollars a Share Mora Than
on Previous Day.
Amalgamated Copper Opened
Higher and Closed at Advance
of Twenty-five Cents.
(Ipeelsl Dwpstek to The Journal I
New York. Dee. 1. Thla waa a re
markable day on the stock exchange.
Aa during the session of yestsrday. Chi
cago at Northwestern was the special
feature and during the day ahowed an
exciting rise of 14 a share more than
that of yesterday.
The market opened up with the ex
pectation that It would be a dull atook
on account of the sensational rise of
yesterday, but the opening figure waa
III. an advancs of "6 cent a from tha
closing of ths previous day.,
Just what la causing Chicago a North
western to' show Its present strength la
unknown to even the larger traders and
they are aa completely In tha dark aa to
the future movement of the stocks aa la
tha humblest dark who tradsa In a
bucket shop.
One story which Is gaining a great
deal of attention la to tha effect that
soms one Is trying to buy up a majority
of tha sharea of tha road, aa it la a very
p run table one. At preaent It is known
us a Vanderbllt line, and so perfect Is
the orgsntsatlon of tha latter s holdings
thst it Is believed that the price will be
reached up' beyond 300 if the preaent
people try to obtain a majority.
The rise In Chicago a. Northwestern
has a very rapid aa wall aa a steady
one during the past two years. In 1SSS
It reached lta low point at (4 and tta
high at 116 H. and In 1895 It waa high
at 107 M and low at ST. It reached the
top In 1S97 at is: 4 and Its low level at
101. Again In 1 It showed an ad
vancs by striking the top notch of the
year at 173 and the low point at 141 It,
In 1001 its rise was very great tho
stock reaching the top at SIC and tha
low mark at 101. A year ago at was
high at 32S and low at 16S. Of tha for
mer leaa than 100 shares was sold at
the high mark.
Yesterday Chicago a Northwestern
showed sn advance of S7.II, which would
make Its rise during the past two days
1 11. IS.
Amalgamated " Copper opened up
higher at Slo and closed st SOfte. an
advance of SSc during the day. Sugar
Refining closed SOc higher after a very
strong market. Atchison kt the close
was showing an advancs of SSo over
the previous close. Bsltlmore Ohio
was 75c up, closing at SSttc Rock
Island st the closing was H point down
st SSc St. Paul, after a rise of several
points, clossd down, whtls Colorado
Fuel waa a loser at the close of 76c.
Metropolitan Traction closed at 1S4H.
showing a rlss for the day of 76c Pa
cific Mall was quiet, but closed SSo
higher. -
Deputy Escapes and with Posse
of Forty Farmers Puts
a Stop to the Firing.
BMal SaaaSsq-i
Benton. 111.. Dec. 1. Two companies I
of mllltla have arrived with rlnss ana
I XOUr g'""g glltia hut Htn "rtmMm In
quail ths riot at the Zelgler mines last
night. Firing on ths camp began at IS
o'clock last night and continued until 4
o'clock thla morning.
Four militiamen were wounded. Dep
uty Sheriff Stein escaped from the stock
ade thla morning, gathered a posse of
40 farmers, who rode into the mining
camp and stopped the firing from the
outside. Two additional companies of
mllltla have been asksd for.
A posse of 100 men left hare for
Zelgler today. More trouble la feared
tonight, aa threats have been made to
dynamite Leiter's ,1,000.000 coal plant.
Property ownera on Russell street
who are to be aaa eased by the city for
the Improvement of that thoroughfare
with vitrified brick pavement, have filed
a remonatrance with the city auditor.
It la alleged in the protest that the
work la not being done according to
plana and speclflcatlona. They call
special attention of the council to the
"so-called vitrified brick." It la further
ststed that the city has not compiled
with tbs conditions of ths chsrtsr in
ordering the Improvement.
"It Is not the duty of these property
owners," continues the protest, "to
give any notlcs to th- city of Portland,
or Its officers, that tho City of Port
land and lta officers are not complying
with the law and contract and specifica
tions on Russell street.
"We do this further so that when
this matter comes into tha court tho
city attorney will not advance the fal
lactoua argument that 'It la tha duty of
the property-ownera to perform the
functions of city engineer and execu
tive board." and that the property-owners
have neglected to perform thalr
office; therefore It la Immaterial how
much the contractor and tha city en
gineer have deviated from tha specifi
cations and contract, and Immaterial
how poor a job has been constructed by
the contractor and city engineer."
Ralph R. Dunlway Is attorney for the
(Journal Special dervlee.)
n,. d.i- 1. I.ouia Esteves. vice-
president of Cubs, today realgned office,
owing to continued 111 health.
Iligh-Priced Dolls
Given with IVaal
and CHrla'
with Men's Sails or
Overcoats. Our rep
utation for quality
and price la well
known to be' reli
Cor. 1st a TaaaaUL
BY CLEARING HOUSE shows a great tm- 4s
provement In business over the 4
same month of 1S0S. Thla la 4
seen by the clearings of ths aa- a
soclated banks of this city.
The report of the clearing
house shows that during ths 4
month of November, ISO, the e
clearings amounted to 119.82,- 4
1(1.40 and tha balances to SS,- 4
604. 2S6
During ths same month a year 4
ago the clearings amounted to 4
S17.S7S.24S.41 and the balances 4
SS.S67.S1S.OS. showing an In- e
creaaa of Sl.SS4.Sll.0t. 4
London Assumes Gala Attire in
Honor of Occasion la
Given Royal Salute.
(Journal SpecUl Service.)
t sAnw, rwA i i.nolclnsr as vounx
snd beautiful aa the average woman of
three-fourths ner age. wueen aitotoi.
today celebrated her SOth birthday, hav-
, , T-w.. t... i ma Tha
anniversary was celebrated in the mldat
Of a family gathering at nananngnaiu.
During tha day her majesty received
many messages of congratulation, as
well as a number of presents, the donors
comprising ths German emperor, tha
csar and c sarins, tha king of Portugal,
the king of Italy and the members of the
Danish royal family.
In tha morning the Prince and Prln-
... e v.ii. with thalr children, visit
ed her majesty to offer their congratula
tions. A roast was given n an "-
,,. .k. ukiwil rhiidren of the Dar-
II.,. ,11 ... . - -
lshes of Ssndrlngham, Wolferton, New
ton and Derelngnsm. in ins evening u
king snd queen gavs a dinner party.
In observance of the anniversary ths
public buildings of ths city and ths
west end clubs were decorated with
flags. The customary salutes wsre fired
by the royal artillery In St. James' park
and at ths Towar. All the ahlpa at
Portamouth ware dressed, and the royal
standard flew from sll ths stations and
the town hall. Royal salutss wsrs also
fired at Malta, Gibraltar and other
places '.; ' -
Man Arrested at The Dalles Is
Believed to Have Come
from Portland.
(special Dispatch to The Journal. )
The Dalles, Or.. Dec L Ths holdup
man that assaulted and robbed Albert
Johnson yesterday was caught at Ar
lington laat night bx Chief of Police
Wood' and Sheriff Sexton and brought
to Tha Dalles this morning, where he
waa fully identified aa the man wanted.
Ha gave the name of Charles McWal
ters and la a deaperate character.
He was a rreated in a boxcar, where he
waa beating hla way with a dosen ho
boes, and la believed to be the man sus
pected of doing several holdups in Port
land. He waa arraigned before Recorder
FUloon thla morning and will be triad
tomorrow afternoon.
Portland's garbage crematory occupied
the attention of the city board of health
at tha monthly meeting held today.
On Invitation of Mayor Wllllama How
ard Whiting, who constructed, the crema
tory and who was foreman at the reduc
tion plant for ona year, was present
with a plan to repair the furnaces and
take charge of the crematory during
Tha crematory had not been doing
good work, because it was not properly
handled, he said. Thoss who had charge
of It . did not know how to operate tho
Whiting told the board that he could
take charge of tha crematory, repair tha
furnaces, so thoy will do tho work re
quired of them, for a total expenditure
of 116.000, in 1S0. Included In tha
tie. 000 is his salary of 13,000 a year.
At a special meeting next Tueaday
morning some recommendation will be
made to the city' council regarding ths
M. C. Wllllama, arrested a few days
ago by Detectives Kerrigan and Snow on
tha charge of stealing a diamond ring
vslusd at SI 00 from Miss Josle Davis,
and held by Polios Judge Hogue to an
swer to ths grand Jury, has an ambition
to bo a detective. Hla mental, pabulum
la yellow-backed literature.
When the man s grip waa aearched by
the police It waa found to contain two
revolvers, a pair of handcuffa, an elec
tric pocket lantern, a pair of felt-soled
shoes and half a dosen dims novsls deal
ing with tha wonderful exploits of "Nick
Wllllama also hsd s number of cards
In his grip advertising himself aa pri
vate detective, with offices at Spokane,
Wash. He will be defended by Attorney
A. Walter Wolf.
nr a mow.
City Treasurer J. B. Werleln and the
city civil aervtce commission sre hav
ing another controversy over the ap
pointment of a clerk for the city treaa
urer's office.
Mr. Werleln affirmed thla afternoon
that he would refuse to recognise the
desires of the civil service commission
regarding the appointment of a clerk, aa
he thinks ths demsnds sre unjust.
J. S. P. Copelshd wss temporarily ap
pointed clerk for a period of SO days.
November 7. At the recent examination
Of clerks Mr. Copeland signally failed.
Bdwln W. Jones wss the only applicant
who passed. His nams was certified to
the treasurer Nov. 2S. Two dsys later
he received a communication from the
commission asking when he Intended to
make tha appointment of a permanent
Mr. Werleln thought the commission
waa forcing him to make the appoint
ment Immediately and became Incensed.
He waited upon Secretary McPherson of
ths commission snd warm words re
sulted. Mr. Werleln wss given to un
derstand that ha will be compelled to
conform to tho rulea governing appoint
ments. He replied thst hs did not In
tend answering the letter sddresssd to
him asking when he Is going to make the
appointment, and that he la going to
Ignore the commission In thslr demands.
Pref erred Slook
Allan a Usli Beat Bread.
r , 1
The Spiel of Baron Hohenstauffen
At the Columbia Theatre
Oh Baume und Countiss, Counties und Baum
Eddie und Kitty for aye!
True lof ist wundersame
Eddie und Kitty for aye!
Dit you seen dot "New Dominion"? -
Be ist so wunderschoen ; .
Gewiss, in mine obinion.
Die pootiest kind of blay'n.
Bin edler Deutscher poy (dot's me)
Ich go selbst by Amerakie,
I wants to studie botany.
Poot studie som'dings mohr lof lee;
Die pootiest Fraulein in der Sout
Mein Gott, Ich kuss she on der mout'l
Oh Baume und Countiss, Countiss und Baume
Eddie und Kitty for aye !
True lof ist wundersame
Eh, Baron? Eh, Flora May?
Go to the Columbia Theatre this week
snd sse "Tile New Dominion;" don S
miss It It's the best sver.
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THE JOURNAL, DEC. 1, 1904. ij,.
Come lost to look. .!'.
Meg this Coupon wttfa
wot oooD arrew
Great American
331 Washington Street,
We have removed to our new quarto
ana are preparea to oner trip trans tne
to be round on the Pacific coast.
portable and brlck-srt 4 feet to 12 reet.
Cabinet Ovena for Bakerlea. Restaurant
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Importing Tea Co.
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The Portland
American Plan
$3 Per Day and Upward
single gentlemen. A moJirn Turkish
H. C BOWERS. Manager.