The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 26, 1904, SECOND SECTION, Page 10, Image 10

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Washington's Birthday to Bs
Made the Occasion of a ,
Croat Festival.
Largest Number of Novices Ever
Taken Into Fraternal Order
to Be Initiated.
The Woodmen of the World will make
WaahlngtonS birthday th occasion of
celebration embracing the Initiation In
Portland of the largest number of
novice ever; taken Into any fraternal
organisation In Orpgon
Home of tM f Qatar of th eoealon
are not yet settled, but a pared of the
mirnriM nk haa taaan rterlded UDOn. and
the member of the order In Portland
are enthusiastically preparing for what
they Intend o make a memorable day la
the annala of woodcraft. The Wood
men claim the largest membership of
any eecret organisation In Portland, and
a turn-out on Washington, birthday,
accompanied ' by rauelc, arid traced by
the regalia of the order, will attract
crowd! from all over the state.
The west aid Willamette camp are
to contribute a large part of the new
member, who. with their friend, will
be In attendance, and Portland oampt.
la honor of the hero of the cherry tree,
are exerting every effort to mak the
commemoration of th birthday of tha
father of bla country and th father of
the order a success.
A series of concert, the music to b
of, a high order, has been arranged by
the committee of th various camps.
The commute In charge of the execu
tive arrangement Is composed of prom
inent members, selected for achieve
ments In former function of th order,
and a conduct of th affair that will be
In line with what the order desires to
provide for It frlnd and member to
assured. That members are: William
Reldt. Webfoot No. M. treasurer: B. H.
Knapp. Multnomah No. 7T; K. Schad.
Portland No. 107. preldent: W. W, Mc
intosh. Albinm No. Ill, seorstaryi J. J.
Jennings. PropOt" No. 140; H. A.
Fred rich. George Washington No. Ml;
T. Hammer, Bunny side No. IN; C C.
Bradley. Prosperity No. Ml; Oeorge P.
Punk. Montavllle No. It; J. W. Booth.
Rose City NO. 776.
M. C. William, a private detective of
Spokane. Wash., forma the principal
figure In a Tale of Two Cltlea." Af
ter he waa bound over to th grand Jury
by Polio Judge Hogut thl morning
to' an war a change of stealing a dia
mond ring vslued at $100 from Ml
Josle Davis, a telegram waa received
from the chief of police of Spokane say
ing that b U wanted there for larceny.
Owing to th laek of corroboration of
Miss Davis" testimony. Williams waa
about to be discharged Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Hansy believed th man
guilty, but thought a oonvlctlon would
be difficult. Deputy City Attorney Flts
gerald advised the holding of William
to answer. Miss Davis swore that he
took the ring from her room In the
Abbott house. William denied th
truth of her statement, but made a poor
Judge Hogue placed hi ball at 1100
cash. Detectives Snow and Kerrigan ar
rested William yesterday as he was
about to . take the t p. m. train for
Seattle. They were Instructed by Judge
Mogue to visit all the pawnshops to see
If th stolen ring could be located
While the judge was talking to the
detectives th wire from Spokane
reached Chief Hunt William' ball was
immediately raised to 11.000. His coun
sel. A. wattor Wolf, says he will go to
Spokane without a requisition
In furtherance of tha evangelical de
sign. Dr. J P. Calhoun. D. D., of Pltts
burg Is In Portland and will, while at
tending to tha business of his mission,
deliver addresses to Portland audiences,
as follows:
Sunday. First Presbyterian church,
10.30 a. m . primary lessons In prayer;
t p. m . First Congregational ohurch.
"A Truo Revival of Religion;" T:80 p.
m , Taylor itret Methodist church. "Tha
Spirits Harvest."
On Monday the doctor will moat the
Interested ministers of the city in the
T. M. C. A. parlors for ths purpose of
a discussion cf the objects or his visit
The Presbyterian slllanc Monday
evening will tender the vllng evan
gellst a banquet at which h will ad
dress the Assemblage on the subject of
evsngellcal work In Oregon.
After leaving Portland Dr. Calhoun
has a comprehensive Itinerary embrac
ing the principal cities of Washington
and Oregon, where evangelical service
will be rendered during the winter.
"Drinking bear In moderation may not
be a very grievous offena," said Police
Judge Hogue this morning In sentencing
Pat Duffy, "but you should be taught
not to steal In order to obtain It"
Duffy waa charged with stealing a
pair of ahoee from O. - Kamuahsr, who
lives on Couch street between Second
snd Third He was found guilty and
sentenced to serve six months In the
county Jail He winced when ths severs
sentence was Imposed. The evidence
showed tha shoe had been sold for M
cents and th money used to buy beer.
C. Hail and William Mclaughlin were
charged with tha same offense, but It
jta proved they war not concerned In
the theft, though drinking th beer. The
sse against them w dismissed.
aoou at
Six lads, th eldawt of whom Is not
more than 10 years of age, appeared be
fore Police Judge Hotrtt this morning
on th charge of throwing rooks t
a Chinaman. All professed Ignorance
of who threw th rocks.
"You boy go hem and get together
on this thing." said Judge Hogue.
"Somebody to lying. Come beck here
Saturday prepared to tell me the truth
or the consequence will be aerlnua "
Th bey are: Charlie Hannah. 281
First street; Walter and Albert,
ill Jefferson street; Harry Johnson. 281
Front street: David Landy. 184 Main
atreet, and Oliver Bocarth, 281 Front
T Oar a Oetd to One Day.
Take U settee Brsaw Qetalse Tablets.
drurtsts refeaS tee aasar If H fell to ears.
RW. Sreve'e elgsatar a eaeh box. ate.
C. E. 8. Wood Talking Enter
tainly on the Basis of
Many Rsforms.
The Woman' club was addraeed yes
terday afternoon by C B. S. Wood,
whose topic waa "Economic Freedom
aa the Basla of Social. Moral and
Religious Reform." The address was
heard by a large and Interested audi
ence. In the course of his remarks Mr.
Wood said: .
socialism may or may not be the
best possible condition for the state,
yet many peoplo believe society la
rapidly trending that way trending
toward tha common ownership of all
wealth by tha state. I do not say thst
Socialism is th best solution, though
I, ha f helleve In that condition Of
AII Whlnh altftWI linV fflUI th fr-
dom to help himself, to and make tha
best use of that wnicn no one ia
using or which another is not using
raw.. thra can he aov STOat
etrldea in development the first law at
the universe must be rmea. ana n
...i. t .lw mnMlltv to those who
do not reach It. Chaetlty, purity and
. . . I . - J . w.lM
Virtu cannot o upnwu rviu
who r living a life of drudgery, whoa
aaaail ....i,, Att nilt movMa them
with sufficient food and warm clothing
and a comfortable plane to sleep and
rest and It la not for us to condemn
them because they have not been able
to Obtain these comforts.
"As to gambling, I admit mat u is
not a positive necessity Of life lt to a
craving or a passion to make a big
amount by a short cut, hu.1 Idn Ml
presume to condemn It any more than I
would to criticise th fault of any man
until I had stood In his shoes.
"A higher plane of moral (which la
custom) will only come from a higher
(kn.i.hl m wA tha ntarhar Diane
of thought can only ba produced
. . - . mw . . .
through pnysicaj coraion aii awv
awai laaaa ... ,hA tlvateaa are the nur-
sult of happiness and selfishness. Food
is th first cry of all animals and la
tha only real necessity or hmwik
Other thlnga are In a sen necessities,
h nt real nii Todav the DUrSUlt Of
nappinsss is so complex iu. a
a great many i rungs.
Nellie Roy's face, whan In normal con
dition, la net Olbeonlan. When ahs ap-
aaa a ,h. Miln AMirt t Ma mnrnlnf.
with both eyes discolored and swollen,
snd tha right tod f has Jaw puffed out
O ID l it resemoiea issi va a Bruuuu
i T,iaa Hnsna leaned over the
bench and Inquired, "Who hit your
lliy narper, was in anaw-T.
"That Kllv must be able to put up a
ira.laaa -acran ' " remarked Deputy
City Attorney Fitsgerald.
She can, murmureo name, " jm i
alto, tha effort further distorting her
already badly mated cheeks.
"Where did It happeni querieo. me
in a room over a saloon at Front ana
riav streeta. It wse becauee of anJ
Italian gentleman, and she hit me while
I was tawing to mm in anuwier ibaij
room." . . ,
,.. Xat 'MntlMua' and ladv
talk!" savagely ordered the court We
deal with men and women nere exclu
sively." aa-. atlaa WTallla Ma lad hselc to (ail
and a warrant waa Issued for th Har-
or woman, who was tax en mio cue-
tody. She Is of Amssonian build, which
explains how Nellie waa so badly pum-
(Jooraal Special Service.)
TaTsi a K I nafnn n r Nov. It. Amonc
the various recommendattona by l.leu
tenant-Oeneral Chaffee, chief Of staff,
in hia annual rcTinrt la one for the en
largement Of Vancouver barracks. In
which he estimates mat iiv.vuv win
purchase th additional grounds. Port
Baker and Point Hnnlta. he estimates,
should be given I125,0flv; Tokeka Point,
Wash.. 12,600. and Port Bayard, N. M.,
Mo. ooo for improvements.
rwaiina. with desertions, the report
ays that no apeclal rsaaon can be found
other than disappointment In .army life.
He recommend th disfranchisement
of all deserters. Legislative action, he
believes. Is required to provide better
equipment and aeoeaorle for coast
gun, which are deprived of their full
value through such lank. Tha report
alao practically favors the reatoratlon
of the canteens.
Journal Special terries.)
Preeport 111., Nov. M. Orac A. Bol
lander. a -year-old girl, bind herself to
serve a seven yearn' apprenticeship St
housekeeping work, and will take lessons
from Jacob Lauck. according to a unique
paper filed with the recorder of Steph
enson county.
Orac la the daughter or Frank J. Hol
lander. She binds herself to serve In
the Lauck household until ah la It
yeara old, and during that time she Is
to serve her. msster faithfully, honestly.
Industriously, keep all secrets and obey
all commands. Th party of th flret
part agrees to teach her the art or
housekeeping, to have her Instructed In
th ground roles of arithmetic, and at
th and of her apprenticeship to give her
$20, a nw Bible and new dresses. The
father of th girl I to reeelve t( a yar
for th service of hi child
Aoovsas oar TioaAgor.
vs.,nv Mmiihinn who nnre drove the
police patrol wagon for three yeara, waa
Charged this morning wun me oirense
of living with and receiving money from
a a1laa aitman Ua area taken to the
olty prison by Patrolman Carlson tost
night for being out attar nour. a
complaint waa alao laid against the
woman, whose name l unknown, by
Deputy Attorney Fltsgerald In order
that she may be held a a witness.
A letter from President Good to Sec
retary (llltner of the state commleelon,ln aa la tha nrnsrreaa of the fruit
exhibit led tO the secretary td make an
Inventory this morning or wnat is si
ready on hand. He found SIT boxes of
apple In storage and there i every In
dication that 1.100 boxes will b on ex
hibition by the time the fair opens.
(Joaresl Special Service.')
Stockholm. Nov. M. Henrlk Ibsen,
th great dramatist, Is still In a very
low condition, due to hi laat attack of
heart failure. He breathe with great
difficulty and there la but little hope of
hi recovery.
Preferred Stock Oaamed (roods.
Alien Lewto' Beat Brand
Republicans Charge That Demo
cratic Fixers Secured Many
Fraudulent Votes.
Peabody Remains Governor Un
til Opponent Secures
(Journal Special S'rtlr, i
Denver, Colo . Nov. 8. Republicans
now charge, that Democratic "fliers"
from Denver operated In all parte of
the etate on election day eecurlng frau
dulent votes for Alva Adam. Democrat.
who on tha face of th returns Is elected
... . - t. kl. ..Kacaa la
asaiuvura,ia l.i; Hi., Mn . ...-
Intended to work up symysthy for
James Peabody, Republican, defeated for
re-election for governor, ana le prelim
inary to an attempt to count him In.
Contest have been prepared by Re
publicans against the Democratic sen
ators elected from Pueblo and Boulder
counties. The Republicans charge nat
uralisation and other frauds. The Dem
ocrats say that they haw. evtdenoe of a
plot Of Republicans to alter the returns
from Pueblo county by means of acid.
They charge alao questionable tactics
in Boulder1 county to revere the count
of the vote for senator, whloh waa fav
orable to the Demoerata.
The supreme court today modified It
previous order restraining the election
commission from Issuing a certificate Of
-1...1 i.nimll.. nraaldentlal electors
and congressmen. Unless the court re
scinds the order Dy January iv aohh
cannot obtain a certificate of election
and until he. la Inaugurated Peabody
will remain governor.
(Journal Special ervle.)
Wllkesbarre, Pa., Nor. Id Five
, ...k... i .aI., lnA .Ha nnuaa of
aged Mr. Rose Farley, at lurn and
ae ,a -an Ka
ra an inuri w lmu wviwr .
M v. - .i,.!,,.. Annla The
Aim liar .ii,u-a.a,. J"
men forced an entrance about t o olock
In th morning by amaaning tne ooor.
using a railroad tie aa a battering-ram.
ata Fa-lev and her arand-daughter
were In bed together.
The men thrust revolvers in ineir
faces and threatened to kill them If
they screamed. Mrs. Farley was naked
where hr money was hidden, one toio.
ASA aMa all ana kaii ThAV found
It and 11.80 In small change, but thought
the oM woman had more. They held
matches to her bare feet until the grand-
.liii a.jAtaa4 Aa. hakto arva nil. I
cniia. in sin euwi v gsw wi
mother further tortui. declared h
- - eahau ka -nSnStf l 1r1fi.n Hilt
rail w vv 1 13 1 rt me wwusi " ---i-e -
when they failed to find th coin aha was
kicked and beaten. The roooera ran
sacked the house, but found nothing and
then left.
(Journal Bpeetil Servlea.)
a. ut...tiH Mav " flreat 1 o V
has been caused In Liberal circle by
th apparent encouragement given by
th csar to the Zemtvo movement.
Through the new ministry of th in
terior. Count Mlrsa-y, rour icsoere 01
,i nf,r,nr, Messrs Petrun-
un.m.ii, . -
kevltch of Tver, Rodalnnlko of Bkater
lnoslav, Sklhoff of Moscow and Count
Heldgen were given the oenent or a
long conference with Emperor Nicholas.
While the ear expressed no opinion,
hi evident encouragement through the
Interview and Incisive questions, cov
ering Mia -
mands. as well aa the kindly manner of
his adieu to tha rour conreree. is isaen
aa an Indication that he la seriously
considering the granting to his subjects
of oonitltutlonal righto.
(Jna real s peels I Berries. 1
Hri.fieid 111 Nov. It. On an or
der of the aharlff. who feere more trot
ble a company of militia naa oeen or
dered to Zelgler today. The union
miners hre eatoblUhed In a permanent
camp near th Ittor mlnea While no
outward lgn of violence ar manl
feet th situation la gradually grow
ing mora critical.
(Journal Special servtee.)
Washington. Nov. 16. The 106 en
tors and representatives who will sit
In the approaching session of congress
ka. tnenaut their faces toward Wash
ington. Most of them will be here by
the middle or next wees, imj unna
with them several thousand camp fol
- ahn t.nva nr .hone to have gov
ernment employment of some kind dur
ing th session. There may siso oe
noticed a distinct movement In this dl
.. .(,, nf eenresentatlves of special in
terests of many kinde whloh need
watching at tne naaionai capital wnne
the legislator ar here. All told a
session of congress bring! to Weehlng
ton snywhere from 1.000 to 8.000 tran
sients. rom
(soar all Special Service.)
Philadelphia, Nov. I. Noted women
Interested In temperance work are ar
riving from all part of the country to
attend the annual national convention
of the Woman' Chrttln Temperance
l-nlon. which mewta in thl city next
Tomorrow will be observed aa world s
temperance day and the pulpits of msny
of the Protestant churche will be oc
cupied by prominent preacher and
other speakers who are among th dele
gate and visitors to th convention.
i Journal Speelal Service.)
New Tork. Nov. II. The Nan Patter
son trial was unexpectedly adjourned
thl morning until Monday on soeount
of the sudden lllneaa of a Juror.
A story to the effect that J Morgan
Rmlth. Nsn Patterson'a brother-ln-ls w.
who fled after being subpoenaed by the
grand Jury, hae been found looked up
at headquarters, is denied oy in ponce
(Journal Speelal Beiilce.)
Chicago, Nov. 18. Edward Orndow.
who was arreated last night st Jbltst
on suspicion Of connection with the mur
der of Chauffeur Bate near latmont a
week ago, waa declared not to be th
myatertoue "Mr. Dove" who to being
sought by the police. He will probably
be released today.
Representative Homes of Portland
....... .r,, -.. y j,-.'- T'lJHBBpJB
saaaal asaaS.T7- ' ,-aaaaSaaaaal ' SaaaaaaaPaaaaal
Jal Bsto5faerr1TaBSSSVtf- .BSmavSBBHmml.
Jl saaaaaaaK al Baaai laaBaaaaaay'
mt ' aB 1 Saaaaal
BKM W- 1 "' A-afr'H 'TBaBBBaaafUHl
laaaP',AttBte aaaaaSaT
Bl(iH I B 1 JH i aE B aamaaaaKaaaOaal
Sal BaSaaai BaSal Bafr'aaamaal mk bbb BaaaffaaTaBB
Sal saHaaaaVa'mal Safe M ff. "i fflV9Klaaai
BatifTB ISaaaaB.' ! ' tl B . l3KaaMaaaal
m00tfll'tnlWh0'-M ai " - 5r.isrTaB
l B HIMsaaaaaaaTsaa
Colonial style of architecture to
some residence picturea anove. a
enhances the effect. Dark shutters
the body or uie nouae, wnicn i -oi i
efflolant system of wara-alr heattna;, InaUlled by th
company. The archltecte of tha building were Whldi
County Clerks, Assessors and
Recorders of Oregon
Session of the First Convention
of These Officers Comes to
a Close Tonight.
Judge Cleland'a room al the court
V. ...... aa wall fllled this momln With
aaahan n tha newlv-oraanlied SSSO-
ni.iinn nf flraaron'a countv clerks, as
sessors and recorder. There were also
many visitors at this meeting. xai
morning was spent in listening to ad- an varlnna ionics of Interest tO
the officials, and In discussing th
numerous new reatures uggeei-a uy
the speakers.
uMiinr Rrandps of Multnomah county
spoke thl morning on "Auditing
Claims." County nem smun oi uurry
oounry spoke on 'What la Tour Opinion
aa to Circuit Court Fseer "Should the
Assessor Mak th Tax Rolir waa dis
cussed by Clerk Zopher Age or nougia
county. John W. Koiana or sanon
aafata ,M,ul in "The RsSiB-
terlng of Votero." "Taking Homestead
Proofe" was described oy n. a. acmn
iel, clerk of Sherman county. "Handling
.v.. c.aaiaiiMi.n' Journal" was X-
plalned by Clerk Simeon Bolton of
Wasco county, and "salaries oi iw
corders" was discussed by William Fol
aom, recorder of Umatilla county.
This afternoon's session of the asso
ciation will open with an addreea on
"How to Treat the i-uouc. aj
n.iA. e enrtian' Mr. Fields Is one
of the moat popular oounty officials In
all Oregon and he will tell the vtoltor
of the secret of making every person
who oalls to so the oounty clerk happy
whether th oaller geta wnat ne wanve
or not. Mr. Portwood Will he- a
paper on the subject of dtrct primaries.
How to Handle the Tax Roll" will be
discussed by J. B. Oilham of Union
oounty. Mining claims will be dsall
i.k v. ii ii now. recorder of Jackson
county, and 'Th Employment of
Women In Fuono ijinces ie ma pi
cate subject that Slecorder J. C. Slg
mund of Marlon county haa been asked
to speak upon.
Th visiting ana ioai wamr
n. -iuls took luncheon at the Commerolal
olub today. Tatrday forenoon they
mad an extended tour of the Lewis and
Clark exposition grounda. Last even
ing the member of th association
visited the Columbia theatre, by
court eay of Manager Oeorge U Baker.
The eeion of the association, which Is
ths first to be held in this state, will
Close tonight aa -m aw
Th following rs th officer or the
new society, elected yesterday after
noon: P. S. Field, president; O. W.
Jones, vice-president; J. C. Selgmund,
secretary; C. A. Branded, treasurer; J.
a Oilham, J. W. Rowland. Simon Bol
ton, director.
Permanent organisation of the Lewis
society of Portland waa effected laat
night. There were SB Individuals of the
name of Lewis at the meeting, many
of whom are descendanta of Merlweather
Lewis, the explorer.
Officers were elected and plans wre
discussed for entertaining th Loyal
Lewis legion and all other Lewi or
ganisations throughout th United states
when they come to Portland next year
to celebrate the 100th anniversary of
th arrival of th Lewis and Clark ex
pedition In Oregon territory. The cele
bration will be held August II. Th
day haa already been set aalda by th
fair officials and it will be known as
Lewi day.
It la expected that several hundred
members of the Lewta family and their
descendants will com to Portland At
the annual gathering of the Loyal Lewis
legion In St. Louis on August II there
were over 100 present. There was much
enthusiasm over th Lewi and Clark
exposition and after the invitation to
com to thl city next year waa read,
each one of the members present prom
ised to act a a special committee of
on to work In th interests of the next
gathering In Portland
Detailed plan for tha celebration will
not be mad before further communica
tion I had With tha headquarters of
the legion, whloh is located at West
Kingston, R. 1.
Officers of the Portland society are;
(resident. John M. Lewis; vice-president,
Andrew T. Lewie; secretsry,
Charles A. Lewis; assistant secretary.
Letta P. Lewi H traaaurer, H. R. Lewis.
(Jearaal Special Ssrvlee.)
Washington, Nov. 18. Secretsry Hey
announoed today that Spain haa an
nounced her willingness to participate
In a peace conference at The Hague,
admirably exemplified in the hand
massive nropiace cnian.i . u..u,
form a pleasing combination with
The houae la heated by a very
he W.
vj, Mcrnersou
3den & leswla.
Fine level lots
$350 and $400
a lot, part oash,
beJanoe en
time. Improved
streets. olty
water and sew
era. Sunnyside
is the most
aocssslble of
any part of the
city where lots
can be bought
at such Tow
Title Guarantee & Trust Co.
6 and 7 Chamber Commmrom
$5 a Month
Stops Your Rent
$5 a Month
Buys Lots 50x100 at
Stewart Park
Por a few days to buyers
who build by Jan. 1st.
Only a few lota left.
Take Mt. Scott Car.
Office on ground.
J0 Down, 55 a Month
On the high
ground, within
' a few minutes'
walk of the
sawmills and
the . factories.
On the oar tins,
olose to fine,
, , large school
house. Hy
drant water,
perfect drain
6 and 7 Chamber of Commmfea
Homebuilder. end Speculators
Yotr Attention!
Do not fall
to carefully examine
WUm VaJSK property
roperty. It la lo-
cated on the Sjost sightly ti
oet alghtly table land be-
t ween the
e rivers ana on do
srs and
both car lines
Nn aueetlon Walnut Park will become
(he enoat valu
valualile resident property In
the city of Portland Prle most lib
eral. Terme cash: monthly or quar
terly payment" Title perfect. War
ranty deed given.
Do yourself a kindness by calling or
sending for walnut park maps
REMEMBER, I have many more
choice bargain in rortiano property.
Kern parK
p In platting the beautiful field which lay hotwMu th original plat of stern
Next to the Cat Line
We want to attract flower lover, and those who take a Interest In beautifying
their home grounds. In addition to twelve roses free to every buyer from now
on. we will siso give -
from 18 to III for the beet lawns, Best garden, eta. Those who have already
bought, as well sa these who shall hereafter bay, may compete for theee prises.
ot oti at Kxrsur rams basiot
Heap Your Ex
Scores of people are anxious to
know just what kind of a house
I will sell them at
f 10 Down and $10 a Month
In a very short time num
ber of the houses will be
ready for Inspection at Bvalyn
and their can see for them-
-. a m .- . . - T WaaalAaS-
SS1VSS. !! W II lie A SSI. S.M
and specification at my office
or In agent a hand at Bvalyn.
I hav a number of proposi
tion for responsible homeeek
er. who wlh to cut out the
Tent leak, that 1 know will In
terest them.
Lots 3.00 Down and
3.00 a Month
Fastest growing: Portland
auburb. All lota hav allays
and water, mala. Street ears
at tha door. Every city con
venience. Best oleee of pwenT
and lot of theisv Come out
and see how they Ilk It
fSsryii .cottfc
Phole Wnif"4"
West Piedmont
OOjtlOO Fmmt .
City Watmr Graded Streets
The Immsnsa barn of tha Consoli
dated Railway Co. is n earing, comple
tion. Many new houses srs in course
of construction. Two stores will
soon bs established. Fine place for
ft hon.Ce
Title Guarantees Trust Co.
6 aad 7 Chamber of Commerce
See This
Newly built modern 8
room cottage end nice
quarter-block In very
desirable part of Holla
day's Addition
Only $4,850
' o
The liealy Investment Co.
2IO-2L4 Jrblitgton Building
Real Estate and Financial
Dealers in FARM, FRUIT
W have aa extensive list of de
sirable ranches at price that will
be attractive to intending pur
chasers, ranging in prloe froth 810
per sore for Improved land oloss
to olty, and $8 for unimproved.
3. have on our list soma aaseal
y good buy. at thl. lime.
as fee detailed info
Van W. Anderson
RcmsI Batata, Loans
sand PI res Insurance
201 McKay Bid.. Cor. 3rd and Start
Booms U and IS, SSS Washington St.
House and lots In all parts of the
city. Money to loan on city real es
tate. Collections In United States and
Europ. Special attention to collection
of Inherltaneee and settling of eetate.
In European countries. Soott 8711.
on snr. sees, oak
Bargain List In the Finest
Suburban Addition to
A nice, new l-room house, with large
fruit tree; tha house all oomplate tor
8880 cash; worth double the amount.
A R-roora cottage, not quit complete,
for $800. or I Will complete It for you
vary cheap; tbla 1 a bargain.
A fancy 8 -room houae, with 1 lota, a
tine home, all for 81,800. 1600 cash, bal
ance 10 avit.V'
, A faaoy fcfoaSJ modern house, with i
large lots,hon the corner 81. TOO, $600
cash, balance to suit.
A l-room house, nice lawn, shrubs and
fickst fence, for $1,100160 down and
IB per month
I will build you a 8 -room house for
$800. Including lot.
I have a5-acre tract with an 8-room
house, good well and pump, 100 fruit
trass, half acre of strawberries; all
fenced, for $1,000, part cash, balance 'to
I have got some choice
Building Lots
From $80 to $150
Easy terms $1 down sad II per month.
Tou oan save the commission by deal
ing ennn
with the owner
Joe NaeSh
Business and
Real Estate Chances
-Rooming-house, It rooms; fine
location; every room occupied;
muet be sold; thla la a money
maker. -room flat, modern 1 1 urnlahed 1.
rent $18; location flrst-clasa.'
SISOO New modern 8-room houae, on
a.u mar atarinj; terra.
for sale in the oialiss
tatMcti ta the olty.
-room notaags.
S sSO Cigar and fruit stand;, good lo-
. v lauvH, a anaiy. k
S10OO Cigar and newe stand; fine loca-, a, uiuiic; iiiaa.r.
We will eell yon a lot and build you
a home; closest addition to the city;
easy term..
Pacific Land Investment
In that great Industrial osnter
St Johns
Real estate Is cheap new, but
the raise In value will be enor
mous in one year's time.
Lots in Shepard's Add.
$5 down and $5 per month.
All kinde of property handled.
Shepard & Tufts
T miles from North Yamhill; on half
good timber, balance cut off: 7 acres In
cultivation; fair house end barn; other
outbuildings; 1 sere orchard; land lays
well; poesee.lon given at once. Price
On railroad. I mllee from town; .mall
house, barn and some fruit; II acre
In cultivation. Price 180.
Steak and fixtures, will invoice about
9; nice trade, "ood location; owner
ng east ahd must sell.
We have bargains m farm., acreage,
timber land and olty property.
Call on s or writ
Maxwell & Burg
Choice lOklOO-foot south front lot on
Between 14th and 21th streets, a big
bargain at $1,800. 7
III Stark St. Phone Main 14.