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Pigskin Representatives Arrive in
Philadelphia for An
nual Contest
many Noted men
will witness came
Betting Men Favor Army While
Others Like the Navy's
Untul Speciil servlea.)
Philadelphia, Nov. 16. With the mem
ber of both temma In prim condition
and eager foe the fray, the army and
navy football eleven arrived her to
day, ready for their annual gam to
morrow on Franklin field. With the
team cam a small host of official
and friends. Both eleven visited the
athletic field this afternoon and In
dulged In a little practice work.
The uaual crowd of distinguished offi
cer of the army and navy is expected
to be at the gam. President Roose
velt's trip to St Louis prevents his at
tendance, but tile secretary of war and
secretary of the navy wilt attend the
game, along with numerous other offi
ciate of the several department of the
federal government. Most of these will
resch Philadelphia about noon and wilt
be entertained as guests of the acade
mies of Penneylvsnla, under whoss aus
pices the annual game between the
army and navy I played. The cadets
will return to their respective Institu
tion In special trains Immediately after
the close of the game.
There promises to be mora betting
this year on the result of the contest
tli an for several .years past. Ther 1
B strong feeling among the supporters
of the navy that the Annapolis boy
have a fair chance of winning and thus
balancing up In some (light measure
the series of defeats they have sus
tained at the hands of the West Pointers
for several years past. The army, how
ever, 1 a decided favarlt and some of
Its most aident admirers are offering
odd that the nary will not be able to
The Pennsylvania authorities were so
greatly plessed with, the result of their
plan last year to get rid of the evil of
ticket scalpers .and the general dissat
isfaction of many persons who did not
receive invltat lone In former years, that
It allotment of ticket will again be
sold and the proceed given to charity.
Exclusive of the box, which line both
side of the field, ther are a trifle over
18.000 seats to be' ifclsprissd of. These
have been equally divided between the
University of Pennsylvania and the two
Army, 0. ,
Navy, 1.
Array,: 4.
Army. 4.
Navy. 5.
Army, T.
Navv. 6.
1M1 Army. II;
lMi Nsvy, I.;
1st! Nary. ;
llt Army. 1:
1100 Nary. It!
1901- Army. 1
1902 Army. 2S:
' Navy. .
1901 Army. 40;
Navy. i.
(ionraal Soectal Rervle.. )
Philadelphia, Nor. 16. With foul-touch-down
In th first half and two In
the second. Pennsylvania wiped out Cor
nell without a score yesterday. So cer
tain of victory were the Quaker that
with the exception of four players every
man of their regular team waa replaced
by a substitute In the second half. Wil
der for Cornell was apparently excited
for hi passes were wild and caused
much fumbling. PlekarakL left guard
for Pennsylvania made several fin run
and scored three touch-downs. Steven
son. Carson' snd Reynolds slso crossed
Cornell's goal line. The line-up:
Pennsylvania. Position. Cornell
Drak L. K Ooodapeed
Butkiewlscs .r...L. T Smith
Plekarskl L.O.Downes. Olderklrk
Torrey-Taylor ... .C. .Wilder, Chapman
Zelgler-Ksne R. O Furman
Lamson R. T.Costello, Halllday
Sliikler. Weede,
Reynolds R E Vsnnorman
tevenson-Corson.Q. H. . .Bird. Newman
Reytiolds-Bennts. I.. H Rice
Oeene, $heble . . . R B Gibson. Dewey,
Smith-F-olwell ...F B Halllday, Davis
(Journal Special Service.)
Milwaukee. Wis. Nov. 16. Benny
Tanger and "Kid" Bayre will meet In
a in round bout before a Milwaukee
elub tonight, and the Sayrea crowd I
displaying a great deal of confidence
over th outcome Sayres ha trained
herd and Is reported to be In excellent
shape. The same feeling of confidence
I dlsplsyed at the Yanger camp. Th
boys mat a few weeks ago and fought
a draw. The meeting took place In
Milwaukee and wa a faat affair from
start to finish.
(Journal Special Service.)
Saginaw, Mich.. Nor. li. Harry
Forbes of Chicago and Joe Cherry of
this city will meet in a 16-round bout
here tonight. The boy will light t
110 pound, and the bout promises to
be on of th fssteat of the season.
Forbes will rule favorite, but th Michi
gan boy wUl bar considerable support
among tho acquainted with hi past
performance In th ring.
(Jearaal Special IsrTlee.)
Philadelphia. Nov. 16. Much Interest
la manifested In th fight to he brought
off In Industrial hall tonight between
Jimmy Walsh, th crack llttl New Eng
land bantam, and Hughey MoOovern
The fight will be for on of th largest
purses given her In a long time, and
It la expected a large crowd will be on
(Journal Special iirrk. I
Eugene. Or.. Nov. 16. The paper
chss hold here yesterday afternoon x-
ltel considerable Interest. It being th
flrrt on ever seeri her. Ther were 10
lady participants. The Srst prls was
won by Mrs. Frank Blair, of Fall Creek,
second by Miss Winnie Hadley. of Hsd
leyvllle. and third by Miss Hasel Hamp
ton, of Goshen.
Portland Lads Play an Interest
ing Tie Came with the
In ona of th fastest games ever seen
at McMlnavtll. Columbia' crippled
team prevented th undefeated team of
McMlnnvlU rrom scoring yesterday.
Th Baptist were conceded th victory
by thro touchdowns, but a few moments
of play demonstrated that Columbia
was playing a gam equal to that of her
opponents. In the first half Columbia
was on McMlnnvllle's 10-yard Una, but
was held for downs. McMlnnvlU.
worked the ball to Columbia' 15-yard
line, when time was called. In th
econd half McMlnnvl'le's superior phys
ical, condition began te tell on Colum
bia' crippled state. Twice McMlnnvlU
was In striking distance of Columbia's
goal In thl half. One she was on her
opponent zo-yara line, and again on
Columbia's 16-yard line, when McMlnn
vllle tried a place kick which fell short.
Columbia In thl half advanced th ball
to McMlnnvlU' ft) yard line, but lot
It In downs.
For Columbia Moore, Smith and Maal
gold did th moat brilliant playing.
Moor' run of 16 yard brought an up
roar from th audience. Smith' kick
ing was far superior to hi opponents,
and Marigold played hla usually bril
liant gam. For McMlnnvlU. Patty,
Day and Thompson played the oest Dan.
Their play were all directed through
th line, differing from Columbia'
style, which rrus directed outside of end.
Patty s two runs nf 26 yards ware the
moat spectacular plays In the last half,
when McMlnnvllle's superior condition
began to tell on Columbia.
Columbia. Position. MeMlnnvuie.
BSggersr It K. I. no wen
Qulnn R. T. L R Calavan
Qulnlan R. Q. L Llnderman
Meany C Ward
nrussl I .. S. R Miller
Scott I , T R C. Calavsn
Wood L.E.R HU1
Leeston -Smith Q Gray
Mangold R.H.L... Patty (capt.l
Moore (capt.) . . .1 H. R Day
Webster F Thompadh
Referee. C'immlns: umpire. Long; line
man. J. Gray; timekeeper. Davis.
Length of hslvea Twenty-flv min
Los Angeles. Nov. 16 The racing
season opened here yesterday with a big
attendance Result:
Six furlongs Luckatt won; time. 1:14.
Five rid one-half furlongs Cutter
wen; time. 1:01.
One lull. Opening handicap. 110.000
added Bthelvn won. High Chancellor
second. Flobob third; time. 1:40.
Five furlong Elfin King won; time,
On mil and one-sixteenth, selling
Trlon won; time, 1:61.
Slauson course. 100 feet short Of six
furlongs, selling Durbar won. .
At Wrw
v . IWl af Maw 4K Results
One mil arid 70 yard For Hand
won; time. j;t i-e.
Fir and one-half furlong Edith
stay won: time, 1.07 1-1.'
Seven furlong Gu Hsldorn won;
time. l.SS.
Inaugural handicap, sis furlongs
Floral King won; time. 1:11 3-6.
On mil and on -sixteenth Oregor
K won: time. 1:41 1-sV
One mil Snd one-quarter Prince
Balm won: time, 1:061-6.
Oakland. Nov. 16. Summary at Em
eryville track:
Six furlongs, sailing Sad Sam won;
time, 11.1H
Qne mile and- 60 yards, selling Bsb
won: time. 1:44.
Third race, six furlongs, handicap
The Mist won; time. 1:14.
On mil and one furlong. Thanksgiv
ing handicap, value 11.770 Claude won.
Fossil second. Gold Money third; time.
Futurity course, purse H. L Prank
won; time. 1:10.
One mil and one-stxteenth. selling
El Plloto won; time. 1:47.
Multnomah 6, Oregon 0.
Carlisle Indian 11, Ohio 0.
Kentucky Stat College 11, Kentucky
nlverslty 4.
Alabama 0. Tennaaa 60.
South Bend 6. Physician and Sur
geon of Chicago 4.
Simpson 10. Or1nnU (.
University of Rochester 16, Tufts 6.
Pennsylvania-Dickinson 10, Washing
ton and Jefferson 0.
South Dakota University SO,, Morn
ingaide 6.
Illinois 10. Nebraska 10.
luwa Normal 0. Cralghton 0.
Drake 0, Aroe 10.
St Louis University 60, Rush Medical
College 0.
HaakeU'a Indiana 46. Washington Uni
versity 0.
Purdue It, Noire Dam 0.
Kansas 11. Missouri 0.
Minnesota 11, Iowa 0.
Unlvorslty of Virginia 11. University
of North Carolina 11.
Rose Polytechnic 11, Indiana State
Normal 0.
Utah University 41. Colorado 0.
Lafayette 40. Lehigh 6.
Chicago It. Wisconsin 11.
Medford. t; Ashland. 0.
Seattl high school. 7t; Spokane high
school, 0.
Marahfteld high school. 7; Independ
ents, S.
Union high school. 0; I. a Grand. 0.
Whitman collage, 4; Washington Agri
cultural college. St.
Chetnawa Indians. 10; Fort Stevens, ft.
Ashland high school, s. Normal's sec
ond team, 6.
centralis, II; MontesanO, t.
(Jennal Special Service.)
Cincinnati. Nov. 16. The annual
meeting and tournament of th Ohio
Whlat association began today at the
Burnett houa and will continue
through tomorrow. Th large number
of player and Interesting program of
contest give promise of a highly suc
cessful tournament.
gggTOBKl HAVaoOD H. cared taoesaa
ef ens of Kim Deatlltr. laaoaiaia aad Atro
phy. They clear the krals. .tngtt the
rkcalatie. aiat dlsestfc. perfect asd IsaMrt
rassetle vlgr ts th. wl.ole keiag. All aralaa
aart ! roped permanently. 6100 per
li 0
i ei gnsrantoe to ear or reread
on Mane Man
Beck free.
1-enUa Med. Co.. tSM Arc. St.. PMIadelnalo.
Pa. SM I rma esjy y trssk Ma
Pwtlaad Hotel Pharmacy.
Eaatorn Own Portland Lots
At BaasbaJI Sporting Nsws.
IriABDC UflH Tvwn
I lUEIlv TV II ' nw
(Jearaal SpecUl Barries.)
Frssnp Call. Nov. 16. Taooma out
classed th Browns yesterday and won
two tather interesting gam. Both
lberg and Tkielman pitched good, but
thlr team-mates were got equal to th
occasion. Score: .
TaMMte f.!7. . 1 I I ' 3
Portland IO0OOO00 t 1 I 1
Batteries Fltsgerald and Graham .
Iberg and Frary.
tisegd game . .
Tacoma . 0 1 1 0 0 0 1-r 0
Portland 0000 1 00 II 2
Batteries Keefe and Graham: Thlel
man and Frary. Umpire Perrlne.
Los Angel. Nor. 26 Seattle and
the Angels played a tie gam in the
morning, but In th afternoon th hon
or want to th northern man. Scores i:
First game R. H. K.
Seattle . . . V. . . . .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 6 2
Loa Angele. . ..01 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 I 4
Batteries Hogg and Leahy; Gray
and Spies,
Second vam a rv ri. sL.
Seattle . 7 ... .41000100 6 IS 20 ' 0
Loi AngI...00 1 0000 20 I 11 3
Bat terlee Newton, Hall and Spies.
Shlslds. Blankenshlp snd C. Mall. Urn
plre Phil KnU.
San Francisco, Nor. 25. San Frn
clsco mad mine meat out of Oakland
yesterday and won both games. Scores:
Klr.t nni R. H. E.
Oakland !55fS!?2 2 J i
Ban Fran werwvua a -
n. Merles J ones and Stark: Wheeler
and Wilson.
fikrinnil aVSl TV ah R. H. I".
Oakland. .. 0 00000 1 00 1 I 4
Ban f ran ivvvvvwv - .
Batterlea Graham and Stsrk: Whalen
and Wilson. Umpire McDonald.
as A are lea .
Baa FY or tec.
3 16
IVrtl.nd ......
11 10)
t n
(Jearaal Special Service.)
Willamette University. Salem. Or.,
Nov. 24. In th harde( fought game of
football ever'played on Willamette field,
the Willamette university team defeated
the Albany college team by the acore
of It to 0 this afternoon.
During the first half the Albany team
put up a strong gam and th ball
changed hands frequently, but th play
ing waa all don In th visitors' terri
tory, and after 10 minute of hard
work Mao went bver th 11a for th
first touchdown.
During th remaining 10 minute of
the half the 'vanity team carried th
ball from their own 10-yard line, whore
Beach received It on the kick off. to
Albany's 16-yard line, where time waa
called. Thay ware twice penalised 16
yard for off side play and forced to
punt, but Albany was not able to keep
the ball.
Alton Coatea, th famous Multnomah
quarter-back, waa playing quarter for
th collage, but wa unable to last more
than the one-half. His loss was a severe
on to th oellege.. even though their
regular quarter, Babb. took his place.
During the second half thro of th
Albany tram were laid out and th game
was atopped five minutes before time
was up because thay lacked substitutes
to fill th vacant places. Long made
two touchdowns this half, taking 10
mlnutea for the first and nine minutes
for th second, and the team wer on
Albany' 16-yard line when time was
Pollard, both at tackle and when
called back to fullback, played a great
game. Roder waa th beat yardage
maker, covering 16 yards on on run
and 16 yarda on three other. Saltmarah
waa th star man for th visitors
The Presbyterian were slightly
heavier than the home team, and both
teams were In excellent condition. Th
field wa faat.
Referee Zacher. of Salem.
empire Coach McOea, of Albany.
Tim of halve 10 and 10 minutes.
Albany. 8a tan.
Mack C Ki el son
Morgan L G. R Marker
Grltnth (e.) UT.R Pollard
Francis L. K. R Henkle
8altmarsh L.K.R iLong (c.)
Butler hoi. Jsmes
Dolsn R. T. L Rader
Underwood R.K.I, Patton
lonard R H. L Mace
Coates-Babb Q Beach
nglehart F Launsberry
(Journal Sperlfl Service.)
Eugene, Or., Nov. 16. In the game of
football here yesterday afternoon be
tween the Eugene high school and Hill
Military academy eiven, the latter won
by th score of 11 to 0. th same made
In th game at Portland between th
two team early in th aeason. Th
Hill boy outweighed the locals and
showed better team work. Th grounds
were muddy and sloppy, favoring th
heavier t
Both elevens dined at the Portland
after the gsme. Th table wer pret
tily decorated, and on th club table wss
a miniature gridiron of sand with 11
players on It.
Hoi Rlumauer remembered th win
ning eleven by sending along a large
package of something that bore a white
The game wa the most Interesting
and cleverest played contests ever seen
In th west.
Th Nineteenth Infantry band waa a
big feature of th day. A little music
helps some, but a whole band la a
how In itself.
Both team attended the minstrel
show at the Marquam laat night.
Pick Hmlth endeared himself to every
body by his true sportsmanlike manner.
Dick Is composed of th right kind of
The crowd waayadmirahly handled and
the entuslasm ran high. The rooting of
both sides wss commendable.
Th T. M. C. A. Indoor baaehall team
defeated the Marshall-Well' nine last
evening In a cloaly contested gam by
th score of to 4.
Club Man Triumph Ones Mors
Over the Eugsns 'Varsity
Oregon Showed Hsr Stesl
Disputing Every Inch
of the Way.
The Multnomah club's football sieves
met the sturdy University of Oregon
team ysslerday afternoon and won a
decisive victory, th score being 7 to 0.
Th much-heralded proWeas and speed
of th Oregon boys waa in evidence from
the kick-off until the close of th gam,
and th clubman had to exert every
muscle to keep them down.
Th game Waa the prttlt and hard
eat aver played, between th two teams,
and although Oregon lost, th highest
prslse should be bestowed upon the
visitors, for they played a gallant, up
hill battle and never flinched even when
Multnomah' heaviest plunger hit their
line. There wa glory enough for Ore
gon even In defeat, because her men
Played aa eleven men. and they cam
back at their opponent In vigorous
faahlon, tearing and ripping up plays In
splendid style.
Joe Templeton played the gam of hta
Ufa, a did also Latouratt. th shiny
quarterback, who ran In punt with
brilliant daring and cleverness.
In the first half Multnomah played
wretchedly, fumbling with remarkable
regularity, and not being able to con
centrate her attack In any decent form
at all. Seven miserable fumbles pre
vented the clubmen from scoring In this
half, six of them being recovered by
the Oregon men. In th second half
M. A. A c took a brae ajid In four
Dlays sfter the kick-off scored a touch
down through Oregon's right guard and
center. Ross. Btow and Keller making
a big hole, through which th clubmen
hot Horan for the score. Tne pisy was
a delayed cross buck, and the visitors
didn't seem to be able to get their force
In the right place to atop the runner,
and he simply trotted aero th chalk
mark. Leading up to this play were
several pretty performances. On the
kick-off Murphy sprinted back for 40
yards in clever fashion, dodging tn
Euaene tackier In thrilling style.
Corbett on a cross fake earned 7 yards.
snd Bam Stow tor off 6 mora around
tackle. Then the entire Multnomah
team gathered around Horan and car
ried htm along for some more distance.
from where th play started that gave
Multnomah th victory. Toward th
close nf th same a bad paaa want over
Latourette' head and h wa tackled
hehind hi own line for a safety.
The Multnomah team playd a much
better gam In th second half, and on
defensive stopped up Oregon's play.
Ross played the best game or nis ca
reer. Ho showed up his opponent by
getting through the line time and again
and tackling- tn runner iia a nna.
He displayed splendid Judgment and
was a tower of strength in helping his
men when they had tn nan. niy
waa also ther with th good and be
sides being s ston wall on defense,
tor through th Oregon lln for a 16
yard gain. 'T"""!. "
At th end positions Captain Dowllng
and Dave Jordan played peerless ball,
making tackle that appeared Impos
sible, snd bringing thslr men down with
great fore. Stow and Klrklsy proved
effective ground -gainers, forcing them
elve through small opanlngs and never
falling to make distance. On defensive
they never did better work, thlr play-
In. Kelnv clean cut and decisive
Behind th lln. Murphy pUyd a
haautlful same, punting and running in
punt In gret form. HI punt wer
ike ht of the season and wer well
placed. In passing the ball h did
good work and. waa a big aid to th run
I .oner an n. at fullback, showed up
in a pleasing manner and his bucking
and running in punis wtn
Harry Corbett played his usual good
game, both olvely nd defensively,
and tore through the Oregon lln for
subatantlal gains. H wa In every
play and always alongside of th msn
with the ball. Qrtor was the goods
In th flrt half and Keller wa there
with the bell on a his sucoessor In
the second half. Keller's tackling down
the Held was a feature.
For Eugene every man plsyed perrect
ball, the Templeton. Krron. Latour
tt. Chandler and Crow doing plendld
work. Jo Templeton fought a brave
fight, but gave way to a bad knee In tho
middle of the second half. Th club
men were well pleased with the perfect
game that th Oregon put up and they
pronounced th team the best that Eu
gene ever sent against Multnomsh
Dick Smith's cunning was In evidence In
the wsy his men handled themselves,
and the club boy congratulated him
heartily after th match.
Th Une-up was:
Multnomah. Position
Inrdon 1. E R.
Stow L T R
Ross L O R
Orleva-Kellar. . Center . . . Reld-Penland
Seeley ri t u . .aivimriuw
Klrkley R T L Arnapiger
Dowllng (C. ) . . . . R EL. .Moores-Johnson
Murphy. Sui!Sr ' Lateurett
Corbett .L H R-Templeton-Oray
Horan R If L. ... F Templeton
Ixjnergan Full Kerron
Umpire Mr. Thompon.
Referee Mr. Hamilton.
With th Oay Throng
Between 6.000 and 6.000 people witness
ed the game. The grand stand was
packed; It waa a waving mass of yellow
and whit and red and whit. Th hill
side and all available space on th west
Ids of the field wss crowded with root
er. Tho tiers of seat qn the east side
waa black with man, women and um
brellas; th human tld aurgsd back a
far a th club building and crowded
every Inch of th muddy slope
Motor cars puffed and coughed their
way slowly through ths mass and swell
rlga and turnout deviously sought a
point of advantage On the north end
of the field there wa a narrow string of
humanity that blockaded the way to th
grand stand. On the eminence back of
the grand stand a detail of police offi
cers stalked back and forth In constant
sesrch for th hole n th fence where
th small boy entered.
On th hill side to tho south, where
Chine gardeners live and labor, people
also gathered In th tree-tops on ths
hill agile youth saw th game for noth
ing and through window and crack in the
wall In th auditorium building ther
peered a scot of eye Th field waa
taxed to Ita limit; It waa gorged with
foot-ball enthusiasm.
Of course it rslned That Is. ther
wss a drissl that would be called rain
any where alee. But It la doubtful tf K
In any way interfered with th attead
ano. Th sky waa overcast throughout
to day but refrained from showers untu
Just before th gams. Then It ralaad ft
llttl and stopped again till th first halt
was over. In th second. howvr, It
Ml steadily, though gently.
Over In th grand stand th Nineteenth
Infantry band from th barracks serosa
th river played before th gam began
and during th Intermlaaion. It waa
ths feature of the day. At times Its
strains war almost drowned by th din
of yalls and horna and balls aad every
blatant sound that sxubarant enthuslaam
could devise, but th band played regu
larly and ssnt ths thrill of its numbers
all through th crowd, while that or Ita
vociferous rival was confined to a scanty
fww who wore chrysanthemums and
Society wa there en masss. Pretty
girls, bedecked In colors of th elub or
varsity, screamed shrill shouts of en
couragement or despair. Once when an
Oregon man had the ball and apparently
fair chancea for a get-away from th
struggling maaa a woman' piercing
scream roae above th frightful din of
6,000 yelling throats.
"Go t, Jo, run. run." aha creamed.
then the whole crowd uttered a good
natured laugh a a be sank back Into her
at overcome Dy ner crtmaonea con
The university town wa represented
by as large and loyal a crowd of enthusi
asts as ever followed a team to victory.
Th grand stsnd waa far mora prolific of
yellow and white than of other color.
All the old graduate war there, nun
dreda of student were ther and friend
from this and othsr cities added to their
cheering. Mr. George D. Linn attended
with Mr. and Mr. Fletcher Linn. Mr.
and Mr. S. H. Friendly and daughters.
Mlaa Roaall and Thereae war alao
ther aa were Mr. Emma Thompson.
Mrs. Jerry Bronough, Mr. Charles Mac
rum, Ml Dolly Ankey. Mr. and Mr.
Joseph I.uckey, Misses Nona and KUa
Hendricks, President Campbell snd
scores of other from th university city.
Among th rooters for the club men
waa Mayor Williams. A. L Mills. J.
Wesley Ladd. br. Stephen Wise and
many others who ars prominent In this
Th members of the Wararly Oolf
club spent Thanksgiving on th links
in spit of the rain and damp grounds
Several of the enthusiasts mads excel
lent scores considering the handicap of
th weather. Mlaa Lanyon troll th
lgdle' Thanksgiving cup. while 3. K
Kollock and T. A. Llnthloum tied In
the gentlemen's event. Score:
. Orou. H'oap. Net
Mr. R. KoehUr 116 7 111
Miss A. Slbson .... Ill 14 117
Miss M. Lanyon ... Ill 14 106
Miss Jewell HI 11 HI
Men' scores:
T. A. Llnthloum ... 91 10 61
J. K Kollock ... M 17 II
A. T. Huggtna 61 7 tl
Capt. F. B. Day .... Ill 10 101
J. E. Young 10 II
W. H. Corbett II II 14
W. C. Alvord 17 10 17
T. 8. Brook 101 17 II
P. B. Olfford II I II
P. W. Langtey .111 16 17
William MacMaster.. 101 IS 00
T. R Wilcox : 100 II II
A. Kerr II II
Thomaa Kerr ....... 17 11 It
... ... (Jearaal Special Service.)
Seattle. Wash.. Nov. 16. After on of
th bitterest struggles ever held on i
local gridiron, th acorekeeper at yes
terday's game wrote In hi little book.
one Two Three Four
Five Hundred
of em
Made for Young Men and Undersized
- Older Men
Chesterfield's, with Velvet Collars and Satin Sleeve Lining,
. fi- y '. jtf -
Cheviots in Grays, Blacks and Mixtures
At a reduction of one-third from our regular prices
which were already the lowest in the Northwest
All $10.00 Coats Reduced to ... $ 6.50
All $11.50 Coats Reduced to ... $ 7.50
All $13.00 Coats Reduced to ... $ 8z&0
All $14.00 Coats Reduced to ... $ Q.OO
All $15.00 Coats Reduced to . . . $10.00
Drop us a postal staring your ago and ws wtB saafl you
full particulars how to protect your fsinily sad bojild up
an estate for yourself.
AGE 25
6 CENTS a day saved each year will PROTECT you
for 81,000.00 and guarantee you a OOOD INVEST
MENT. Why be without a Policy?
Insure with
The Washington Life
Write for particulars.
BLAIR T. SCOTT, General Manager.
HARRY B. SCOTT. Agency Director.
609, 610, 611, 612 and 613 Cham, of Com. Bldg., Portland. Ore.
California I. Washington I. Th gam
wa aa fast as can be played. Time and
again long - haired Washlngtonlans
grabbed the pigskin oval and started to
play tha title roll in "The Kunawaya.
But just- as often ths vial tore acted the
Same part. McDonald won the laurel
wreath aa th star actor, rue une-up
c.iifornla Position. Washington.
Howard LSI. Tlbbala
HeltmulMr I. T jncnonam
. . . i , ti saococa
C , . Crini
. . R O Zelbarth
Stroud (C.)...
R T Rail shack
Q Brlnker
Snedlgar . . .uuJtlt... THley
KernT...i. R H. .......... Bhaw
Boy n ton w atcsiimon tui
Referee Best. Purdue. Umpire
Vanhovenberg. Columbia
Th Marshall-Wells Indoor baseball
team will play th opening game of th
aeason with tha Company C team at
the Exposition building tomorrow night
The teams will line up as follows:
M.-W. Position. Co. C.
Henderson C Lss Lewis
Parker P Pugh
Williams IB Moore
Bkuah IB Dole
Beavers IB. . .Larn. Gordon
Camp R S wsst
Eva I. Murray
Johnson -R F. .Collins, Oodfrey
Ollsan If.i R. Murray
(Journal Special Service.)
Denver, Col,, Nov. 16. Stanford didn't
do a thing to th 1'nlverslty of Colo
rado yaterday. Th tory. bristly told.
1 Stanford, II; V. of C, 0. One the
miner got within 16 yards of th
"Golden date," but that wss all. Trow-
bridge. Welier and Dole war great and
shining lights In ths visiting team.
Nearly 70.000 people looked on and
wanted to hallow for Colorado, but
they never had a yell comma?. Th
Has up i 1 -
Stanford. Position. Colorado.
Clark L E Allan
Horton L T Smith
Thompson LO itoiisr
nya w sniiw
Van Sickle R O Xarutli
Shields R T Colon
wast R E Chrtstonsan
Bansbaoh Q Quran
Dole L H Colsy
Trowbridge ..... R H ......... Johnson
vVslls .......... w . . ........ Robsrts
Referee A. W. Riley. Umpire M.
B. Kennedy.
From th London Answers.
A curious contest, be. ween a kangaroo
and a buffalo, took place in a largo
zoological park In th north of stag
land. Th two animals, after breaking
loose from their In closure, met face,
to face In an open space in th park.
Without any preliminary quarrel, "th
bull mad a furious onslaught on th
kangaroo, which at first contented it
self with an endeavor to avoid th
After a few moments, however, th
bull's attention became altogether too
personal to paaa unrsbuked. and, using
Its hoofs as battering ram, th kan
garoo belabored th buffalo In th most
effective manner. Roaring and hallow
ing, th Irate buffalo mad repeated at
tempt to gore Its antagonist to death,
but with scant success, th kangaroo
proving a most slippery foe. Th fray
wsxed furious for over an hour, at th
end of which time tha buffalo retired,
showing, however, unmistakable signs
of th kangaroo's attention.