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zrte i.
i V
C as
4 ' ' '
1 ' 4- &unty;PrkonT-TooIs
. tion wxo ssoAvn. i
' ' ;' ' '"
1 Frank' allss rJohn-
4 8mtth-Are f year, .height
."".' feet Inches, weight 18S to 140
' pounds, - dark complexion, two -
' t tower front ten missing.
James Turner -.Age I or,
40 years, height t feat 0 inches,
weight i pounds, light earn.-..
nlexton. sandy mustache, near
down the right' side of face. -
.: Uk KoieyAg . . or 49
yea rs. hetgnt . f eet lacrHWT
weight ISO pounds, ; dark. , hair
'and mustache, dark (ray .eyes. ;
Mysore' on right forearm. j : ' .
' Frank Matthewsr-About ; SS
.years j(4d, height v.i feet 10
luetic v4ht rlW -pound,, red
mustache, light, hair, right hand,
crippleu. . ..' . ; v. ' S; . '. ,
Frank Hc-gah A g about 4,
years height I feet Inches,
wel;ht 114 pounds, , Ty ' hslr
and mustach, reft thumb ampu-
tated. :.'"' -:ry .i
a Attention la called by Sheriff
Word to the fact that aU the . a)
fugitives may have shaved oir. -w
their 'mustaches. A reward ofw
110 will be paid for th appr-.
hension of -each, of the men, . ..
Five shorf term , prisoners saw
through the "bars of their ll and the
trrldorpf an Inner court at the county
jH last night and gained their liberty.
Indications are "that the saws with which
they obtained their freedom wera .se
. -cured whlie the fugitives wera at work
on the rock pile. Sheriff Word aseeft
' that there are a jiuraber of suspicious
ctrcumsUtnees ra connection with this
' break not usual)- attending s,uch affairs.
Tbebreak-'1ftaa not discovered until
. o'clock this morning, when Julius von
Prloi. a "truaty," want Into Corridor No.
t to give tba prisoners their breakfast.
lie found cell No. unfastened and a
glance showed him that one ef-tha- bars
had bee sawed Mr twain. rairacui
' ately informed JaUef Grafton ---and
iMnutv Sheriff Dtnsnajdof bis discovery.
An Investigation showed that tha five
prisoners kept m the cell had gone, the
-method of their escape being plain.-: Th
ascaried men ar:! ; , . .
" ' liiksTWey. semim a yeas tor larceny,
whose eenteno would have aspired next
(teptember It; Frank Matthews, one year
. for Uroeny. wlthie same date of dis
charge; Frank Bodwell. s alias John
Smith, a year for lareany," who would
4iave.been released next July li; Frank
"r irogan,' k yearr-laTTenr.-'data-af e-
: clratlon "of aentenoe - next - Marck
- 1 -
2 i '-fT ' ' : ; ' '
Estimate of expenaituVes of th Port
land fir department for 1M has been
. made by Chief David Campbell, in which
ample proviaton. is njade for th run-
nlng expanses and the flv new engine
' companies and Improvements In the fir
alarm system which he desire during
tb coming year. TL total , estimate
- of running expenses and Improvements
, Is $274.8. Ofthl smount f 14.840 is
- for running expenses and. f 110,f50 for
"improveront of th service. '
provision Is mad for tha following
...- Improvements: Shigin company ' at
Third and OUsan street - $18,710; en-
gin company at Fulton. 110,580; engine
' company at Broosiyn, angina
company Portland Heights, $18,78;
T chemical : at Highland Changed to n
: gin company, $11.88; truck company
in Alblna, 14.820; flreboat lios wagoa.
v. $S. 880; Tour reserve -horse, 8800; flr
-r alarm and telegraphy $14,020; lira alarm
, sad telegraph in caae five new companies
. are organised, $10,100.' ' .
Kstlmst of sxpensea for other !-
Htrt meats are-- follows: - City . en
gineer's offlc,. $75.72; street repairing.
i $ST,8$: civil service commission, $1,000;
- 1oard of health, $28.(90; plumbing in
- prctor's offlce, $2,885; poundmaster's
i office, $1.77; city attorneys office, $,--'
"60 The othor departments filed their
. I ' estimates at the meeting ef th council
. ' this afternoon.' ' . : -- ., ; .
(Continued from Pag On) ''
It,'' reiterated Mr. Robertson for the
' third lime, r .' ? '
Some Salrs to Ooatsit WUL
Whethrr ' or- not -Mr.. Robertson's
-.cvaKiv replies are to ba regarded as
confirmation r.f tha Supposition that
; Mime of th Portland heirs ara Inclined
i Vf Join -in contesting th will, there Is
, little doubt that certain hlrs In Call
. fornla wlU attempt to break th will If
Ahrayt.Hsnienber th Full Nam
gaative llromo, CyMne
' Aiwuts aatrsiwAC (aimm nwnnw ,'v".'t
November f, J04.i;,'...v
I. ' My estlmste on th total vote
veracer , isve, is .fix
WAMaf .............
, - - POfSTOlTICB , ........
'. '.' V ' -. z
state :. .........
sro rimn 6 jjrr 2tnrr
X lerst In th electloo and In th
: Great Presicte
W will glv fr on s timet If sent
' : v'v ; n , I ' '
a ' . . . .
4 Mii44i4ftim4$f4iifi
v; "V?
Smuggled r tovThem
Jamea Turner, sight' months for larceny,
who would have . been , reieasea -jiext
March li. . ' "
YMa ave-Tka atonim,
' Tha prisoners got ot,fJJ
sawing bar In two. sliding One
upward, extending a hand J"?"
aperture and lifting th bar
th door and climbing on 9jttMbl
sawed two bars out of acn of two win
dowa. on window fitting into ach sld
of a thick brick wall. , '. w,"
f . Crawling through th
mad, they obtained
extending from th rr of th Jail Into
a central twurt.. Kachlng through th
bars of an Iron door at th wAot the
corridor, they sawed brasa lock off
and found themselves at liberty.
- Corridor No is located In th rear
of th Jail structur and can not b Sen
front themaln corridor. Th sound of
sawing could not be heard In th Jailer1
apartment ' It Is Improbable that ny of
the other prisoners would have sounded
an alarm in as they ".ht,w,"
In progress A pecwH 'ot th"' not
th. nrriAnr Wall located TOT f
break, but that th bars wr-sosoft
th prisoners sawed only y Prt way
through thn and easily broke them t
"Tier li no doubt In my mind bu
tha.t thes saws wer ebUlned by th
men while' at -work on th rock plla,"
said Sheriff Word. "1 do not believe
that with tha strict watch which has
been" kept and for other reasons saws
oould have been carried Into th prlsoi
In any other manner., There are a num
ber of auspicious circumstances in con
nection with this and the previous break
not usually attending such affairs.? v l
' sTigM Wetofcmaa Vidiit Sea.
The guards on th rockpll r James
Johnson and W. Briggs. ' They were ap
pointed by th board of county commis
sioners Might -Watchman Lea did not
hear th noise msd by sawing th lock
of th outer gat of th corridor leading
into the central court Lea failed also
to detect the last escape previous to this
lit time to render any service. He is jio
special -night watchmen of th Jail, but
ef th courthouse w , - , - -
meriir wora win ssa in eotmiy com'
mlssloners for a Jail "irtght watchman, to
be stationed. in the broad corridor, tn thr
rear of th structur, or, to keep watch
in- the rear af th building.' With sue!
a person keeping vlgir neither of th two
recent, breaks could have been so easily
The authorities of all near-by towns
hav'bn telephoned descriptions of th
escspad men and telegramsf have bean
sent to San Francisco, Seatfle, Taeoma,
BpoKsna, waua walia-and other cities
Th descriptions f the men are a fol
this should seetft possible. In View, how
ever, of the a4abllbed faota of Urs
Reed's resident-. nd th provision of
th orepon laws, Martin Winch, th ex
cutor, s not uneasy about tba outoomei
He said this morning: r -- -
- "I have heard th rumor of contest,
but I know no thin a of Its truth:' Tha
California attorney 'did not call upon
m. Of course, w wish to maintain the
will and if any of the heirs ar dis
posed to contest it we shall have to
"inni. rn uoudi some ot tnem ar aiaaai
isfied. but th property waa Mrs. Reed
and she had right to dispose of it as
sh saw fit t Her wishes should be re
spected, i There can be no Question that
Portland was Mrs. Read's legal rsldeno
at th time of her death. Th evidence
on that point Is overwhelming." '
Mrs. Reed left numerous minor be
quests to the public snd charitable In
stitutions of this cltr. tewr them beln
oTinmn in ner generous girts, while
only a slngls institution in Pasadena,
Cel., her temporary home, was, thus r
membered. This, of Itself. Is regarded
a convincing evidence that ah looked
upon Portland as her home. If this fact
bf resMeno In- thla city Is establialuut
it is airncuit to see bow a content en
d. successfully maintained, at least
to xnai part or tn estate Irlns- in
, f ! (JootmI Bpecial Berries.) - ' "
Chicago, Nor. t. In tha lobhr of the
First National bank a niost unique com
petition will take place this evening
when clerks representing ' the leading
banks of Chicago will engage in a
money-counting contest- Th First ,Na
ttonal bank wlU provld $1,000,000 In
bills for th battle of brains and ulck-
nesa. -in cierxs who make th best
records for speed and ; accuracy in
money counting will recelv prises and
other prise will be awarded for profi
ciency us of adding machines.
Tha, rules are: .Each package will
contain . approximately, $5,000 In mixed
money, th same to be sorted and mad
up in packages of $500, marked. Initialed,
entered on make-up and footed. - Inaccu
racy In count bar. contestants.
' y j
bat. 35c
Free i
.. :z;-.X
- ,;- .
to be cist for President an Me.
............ ...7.................,
. . - " '' : " ' ..... " - : , .-
Xii order to stlmulat in-
ntial Contest
In -on the blank above. ' ' : . "
ran vi aaa, rvnnaaP! on.
. . .
a urjtiTi stilt, xa
710Oaf--m6r3rrar 'TTOaurr
'z'Amd xaoAJb TzrzMwswtiTtrm or
arsAsa stATa wajuc MMaxnawt,
Sheriff Word is still master of the
Situation, so ar .as th operation of
poolrooms If concerned. Th Warwick
turf exchange remains - closed - and In
charg of Deputy Sheriff Parrbtt It
will not .be allowed t reopen unless
Sheriff Word lose In court proceedings
whjin h anticipate will be 4nstitutea.
'An agent of th' Portland General
Klectrio company called up the sheriff
by 'phono thla morning and said he had
been Instructed by Mansger M. O. Keas
of: th Warwick to- . inquire as ti
whether , or not th sheriff would as
sume responsibility for electric light
bills. . e , .- V . .
Th sheriff srs he aeaumes nO re
sponsibility for anything". replied -Dep-fi
uty Sheriff HoUlagsworth, "Any order
to contlnu or shut off th lights of the
Warwick must, com from j Manager
Neas.- . - " .J - -
Pending- their disposition by habeas
corpus proceedings, institutea yester
day by Attorney John M. Oearln and
Judg Watson, th prisoners were re
leased last evening on their own recog
nisance by Presiding Judge George of
the circuit court Argument was begun
yesterday afternoon by Attorney
Oeaiin on behalf of th arraaUd men
and by : Attorney H..TI. McGinn, repre
senting the shertff. The aeoaiei . was
heated, and tr etwen, Attorney mo-
Olnn and District Attorney Manning,
who attempted to explain MS position,
somewhat acrimonious. .
- Attorney Oeaiin declared th men ar
rested had -violated , no - law and were
being held without complaints being
filed against .them. Attorney McGinn
asserted that th law had been violated
and declared In emphatlo languag that
It was th duty of District Attorney
Manning to file informations - against
them without delay.: 1 :
Mr. Manning then arose and explained
that he had seen in th papers that
black-lack, nokerand other games were
being played at th Warwick, but he had
learned this to b untrue. If the vt
dene - submitted were strong- enough,
h added, he would fil Informations) be
fore lea vine- the' courthouse.
- "Sheriff Word Is not responsible ' for
Statement accredited to Mm In certain
of th papers." said Mr. McGinn. "He
has never told anybody that gambling
other than the selling of pools waa go
ing on at the Warwick. It Is your duty
to prosecute these proceedings.
Mr. Manning Intimated that he would
not do so until ha had examined th
evidence, whereupon Attorney McGinn
declared that before, th public prose
cutor was through with th affair be
mlghthav to do so, ' A "postponement
ot further argument nntll 1:88 o'clock
this afternoon waa granted by Judg
George. "TArtrwrd-Attorny" McQtn
and District Attorney Manning; held a
conferenc In JudgQeorg'g chamber. 1
which la said to hav been of rather
heated nature. 1 -f-
Sheriff Word announces' tnat If th
district attorney refuse . to tu infor
mations In- tin circurf court Ttfid tho
men arrested ar discharged following
tha habeas corpus proceedings, he will
lay Informations In th Jostle court
"I do ear abdut th operator,'' said
th sheriff. "It I tha closing- down of
poolroom gambling that I am -after,
Th Warwick will remain . closed wt
long as I can keep It closed,' Damage
suits hav no terrors for- sh.v .
?"Ybu ar bn record now; that w on
Important fact w wanted to accom
plish". h' r-.-..-,r-.--,
- This final slap of Attorney Henry E.
McGinn at District -AUomsy Manning
marked th conclusion Of proceedings In
habeas corpus before Presiding. Judge
George of th circuit court thla after
noon, resulting In th release or th won
arrested when th Warwick Tnrf ex-
changs was raided yesterday by Sheriff
Word's deputies.
v When tha defendant appeared In court
Attorney r McGinn . Informed - Judge
George that no answer had -been 'filed
to the habeas corpus proceedings by th
district attorney. ahouht uearini
ithereupon moved that th defendants b
dismissed front custody. Judge George
SO ordered. . - ;.' - .
: Mr. Manning, who failed to appear id
had been summoned by telephon Wis
t explain his stand. Ha said no (evi
dence had bean gtven him pr compfalnt
mad relative to th poolroom. Attor
ney McGinn declared IhAt th Ilcens at
th city ball spoke for Itself and that
Mr. Manning had turned John Bain of
th Municipal Reform association down
when he went before him to lay an in
formation. This wss denied by Mn
Manning. 7 Attorney McGinn then made
th remark which closed th court pro
ceedings. '
Jasper I Fuller, a Veteran r Indian
fighter, waa this afternoon sworn In as
a deputy eherirf . by .Sheriff Word,
given a rifle snd placed--on duty at
th Warwick club on Fourth street
nesf Alder. He wss Instructed to hold
th poolroom at all haxards. ' Another
armed deputy will reinforce Tuiler to
night - , , v -, " ,p
.to oun Cstxnga akbs,
' Instruoiion it Is reported will "be
given to Chief of Police Hunt by the
City councll-thls sftsrnoon to close all
th -fantan and- lottery games that ar
running. ! Chinatown. It la said' that
there are 14 fantan games In operation
and It Chines lotterle. ' ' ,
v..iv,;-'!;- 1 : 1 1 u tH-v-vj.-
.('' (Continued from Page One.) .
' Special service In honor of th event
wera hrA In alt churches.' and with each
was cotiblea- praxw-tor a vfotory for
Russian srms. .
It was announced this evening that
General Llnevltch will take command of
th first Msnchurlan army and General
Kaulbsrs of th third Msnchurlan army
under General Kuropatktn.. ;t i
. - .. V.-W.'Jf
' - y BtTSSXaJra &OSB lfiOO XflBV. ' '
Japan Said to kUva Captured Two
--.;-W- tg a Pert Artknsv -s.v-s;-
' . . . 'Jearaal gneclal rtlct ' '.
Rome, Nor. i. Blspatches from, Man
churia state that th Russians lost 2.000
men snd four. runs in th fighting -of
Monday last ; Ths Japanese right and
center continue an enveloping move
ment It is also said th Japanese havo
captured forts 1 and I at Port Arthur.
; i ' ' . XCTTM3sTT AAttU. : ; ':; -
' joarast Special Ser1re.)'j ; ,:i
Gibraltar Nov. J. All th excitement
caused by IM mobilisation or yesteraay
has a be te. and th crisis Is believed If
ba over. , While no outward signs ar
visible It la known thst strict watch Is
being kept on sny possible movement
of th Baltic fleet . . , ', -
' , . , , i i
- Wvef erred stoek Oanned os' '
' Allan 4k LewU' Beet Brand, V
LOOK OVER 'liii.;33
T - - . . '';
:. ,..-T... . .... '
sroBTstzBST 7. ACilxd lC- mJttiroxa
mat ma to sbow tbsm: m-
' wavw AJTS Dlfllll tJTOjsT
"Through th f forts of A. K. CI aland,
general passenger agent of th-Northern
Psclflo at St Paul, and A. D, Charl
ton, assistant general passenger agent
of this city. train, load or passenger
snd immigration agents will visit this
city thla month tor tn purpos ot see
ing th country that Is traversed by
thalr road and . acquainting themselves
with conditions preparatory to th great
rush' of business that la expected dur
ing th Lewis and Clark fair. They
will arrive tn Portland November, 15.
Efforts hav been in progress y
Charlton for several month to arrange
Kor- the western excursion. It Is ths
intention ox muse wnw wiu,uw.. -trip'
to gain mor than a superficUl
knowledge of this country. They hav
of cours read of it In -pamphlet knd
an kinds of aiteratufe ; that has been
distributed'fcy th varloa railroads. It
la believed, however, that a personal
trip of Inspection will b of mor bene
fit than anything that could ba pub
lished. -After th trip thay wia b "pre
pared to lend their assistance to th
fair and to this section of the- country
la telling prospective Immigrants of Its
resouroes. .!-- .
Mr. Cleland wllt personally conduct
th excursion. ' . H will "b accompanied
by . Wr-Mott of 81. Paul, chief of th
Immigration aspaxtmen t. - Tn immi
gration agents. It la bitVd, wmb of
lmmens assistance to tha fair. Re
cently Governor Chamberlain acted on
th advice of Mr. Chariton ana ap
pointed 800 of th Northern Psclflo
passenger and Immigration agenta. as
special commissioners to th fair. , .
Mr. Chariton wiu iiaeiy maae ui
trip a far east as Helena in order to
meet the excursionists and escort thera
to this city. They wllr spend several
days tn Portland and will make separate
trip through th wuiamstt vauey ana
up ths Columbia.- Beside visiting this
city they wilt also stop at Butte. Spo
kane, Wall WanarKennewtckV Yakima.
RiiansbursL Seattle. Taeoma. Victoria,
Yancouveat Everett and Pendleton. TbeyH
will also visit other snuuier cities n
Oregon and Waahlngton. -' z
Th complete personnel of th party
has not been arranged, but It will In
clude th following: District Passenger
A genu C. K. . Foster. - Boston; W. C.
Mason. Buffalo: J. C. Thompson, Chi
cago; J.' J. Furryi Clncluuatlt r-gt-H
RookwU, De Moln; W, H. wnitaaer,
Detroit; C P.-O'Donnell.' Indianapolis;
Charlea C. Trout. Milwaukee; P. W.
PummlU,- Philadelphia; C -. Brlson,
Pittsburg; D. B. Gardner. St Louis, and
Harry W. Street St Faux; uenerai
Agent f ths Jassengr Department C.
Ar auuiuid,' uiimiv i.-.i...,-gratl-AgentJ..
JU Daugherty. ChJ-
m. TnvaMna -reis7i ana ruMnisr
Agent XX L. Robb,. Cincinnati Travel
Ing Immigration' Agent H, Bw-Brynlng,
Kansas City; District Freight and Pas
senger Agent O. W. Hsrdlsty. Montreal;
General Agent.Paaanar-Jpsjrtinnt
W-F.:.MerBhon, New Tork; Traveling
. . a W r "UVirMHM
Omaha, and Contracting- Freight Agent
W, Mv Burit. Bt, ym. -w .,w..'v
be ,y?nonstr rally, at which John A.
Jeffrie, candidate for prcsldsnUal
elector; F. V. Holman. national com.mlt
teeinan. and other will known speaker
will address th erpwq. "
Jut.a iMMiin of nolltlcal belief
Th crab meets Thursday " t
irhlch tim J. W. Cochran, f Chicago,
win irnlM an address. ' . z '
. Ward xomes from Nalem to Bortarr
Hsney that at a meeting ot th students
of th Willamette university s Parksr
and Davis Democratic eiun was organ.
Ised. with the following officers: Presl
dent Edgar F. Ayerill; vie president
Murray Shanks; secretary, A. Markir
treasurer. George K. 8lmpson.
A committee was appointed to arrange
for a Democratic meetlna- to b held thtr
week. .' Bishop H. I Barkley, W. B
Dlllard, preldntlal elector, and a num
ber of other prominent party men wl.
b th speaker. - I
, The -roll of membership at present
contains 2 names. . ,..,-, ? , .
i Th C&tholio cathedral fair' will open
tomorrow evening In th Merrill build
ing. Seventh snd Oak streets, There
will be a special musical program each
evening, voting . contests between the
Foresters and- th Knights of Columbus,
and contests for th most popular young
lady. . A business men's lunch will bs
served nqb afternoon..
V So many people .who have apparently, recovered from an attack of La Grippe arc stricken:
with Pneumonia. This is due to the fact that the Bronchial Tubea and "Lungs are left weakened:
and unable to resist
"a i1 - V - :, . . '
not only curts La Grippe Coughs, and prevents Pneumonia, but strengthenhe; Lungs so they
will hot be susceptible to , the development of serious lung troubles. v Do not.' take chances ' with J
some unknown preparation that may contain come harmful dru when;FOLEYSi HOMEY AND
TAK costs you no more ana is saie ana sure. contains no opiates
' I hsd bad case ct La Grim
o weak that I have bees troubl4
FOLEY'S HONEY AND TAK, wnicn cured me completely and mi Mint
o longer trouble me. J. H. BROwTHNO, D.D.S., Orrtck, Mo. r. . v ;
The Soc bottles contain
Every plec at HALF PRIC3 yr".'.'
tunlty for art lovers and Chr'i i
. Our Beautiful Oriental Art c ...
' ra Tsaea. Xoroa. raX: t
evexy, XHaa Oread Iry a4
Biaia saul its t4
j " lmrmg this sai our revar rflai
without exception, presenting an unoa? j ; onoortunlty. to all , Oriental
Art iovers. bwjsz x j t,
7K . I , ' '-. ' '
;HSaSrtrS33li.'. ::zV-
sZ:i: . rz.zj i
- v v RUBBER GOODS ; : ; v r :
Bvry Rubbr Item w sail la guaranteed If not satUfactory your money :.
back. ! - - - ' ...' ..,.. .
NOTtV Ladies win always find competent saleswomen In attendano. bit '
rect telephone Exonang 11) to our Rubber Department . We , make .
prompt and free delivery to all parts' of .tha city.; SOBCB SFBOZAJUI .
Win xvtuv, r t
JNGB-BApId flow our vary best; '
fully guaranteed, l-quart; regu-
lar ti.
WoojJardCClarke S
'z-.'-yi' "'"' 'rl ' ' V 'iz - Jy''''''-1 " "'f , 'UV.-K''".''-' w "- i -""V-" 'J:'--'i'is'-tt-
1 - .L 1 Th Suits and Overcoats which we had .made tj j fof us by. the leading makers of America
, i-Hiccording to iurt specilicAtions figure among thejmost perect garments that were eyeir b.uilV,
along modern lines they must be perfect in every particular before they' find a place in our.
stocic. ne variety oi graacs,
the prices range -j t
" , . ; t
WSB : -a.
, ! Each : grade is guaranteed "by us to be the best the same amount of money -can buy :
relsewhere. on this1 continent -and front 20 to 30 per cent better values than a like sum' .will J
buy in any other store in this city. A complete variety of styles itv shown h?e at each jprtee -station,
so' that the man who can'tor don't want to pay more than. $10 for a Suit "or Over
, coat can dress as fashionably -as; the owner -offhe1 biggest -bank -account--the, difference lies
-solery $tnd onty 4n th quality tf4he-goc-ni-trimmtog.-V
' . 9BITB$I atXJJTOPOSB. . , ' ,
- "The Great Roico," th kins; of hyp
notist, -who is filling an engagement at
th Bijou theatre, performed hi marvel
ous feat of driving inrougn in city
0 j o
!diseas&v,,' .i.,;.;-l-,lu'-';'
about tsn ycara ago which loft fny Lanft
mora ef leas every winter aiace until I used
two and one-half time as mock as tlje
i ;
, L
at:or, Th season's ppor-"
rrlslnr-' - . '' '
- - A yjm - Psrsslsrss,
aad Oleisoas
" Inatanc ar
in every Instance ar eut tn two
j n . i, - ,..
Electricity is a
care Tor '
llcny Ills I v
This li a cut Ot our ':
: Woodlark Horn Medical
. Apparatus, ' tb f lneat
lectrio battery for th
treatment of " disease
ever made; polished oak
box, full set ' iof nickel '
lectrodea, , sitljt -covered
. cords, sponges and book "
- of Instructions; uses dry c
call; no liquid to spill
or stain,' Our popular
jrtc . for . this" BaUery
complt 1 90.50. .
Our Royal Fountain Syringe, fully
sk-llsa n niavA4 i ... , J A
Tynan Family Bulb Syringe. V
Bulb' Syringe. I,
',bard rubbr ; Iff"
iplpea. OIK
Bring Prtscrlp
i Compare our prices, W sava you money -' z
on your medicines. No stale r musty
drug on our shelve. W turn, our stock v,. -
i over constantly. - -. -:-'Z'., ' '
' BOTB We send for. prescriptions,, fill ,
, and return th medicine promptly.'and
mak no extra charg for th service
Pnon Bxc.hang II, , ,--;f &..h'
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-25 mm
blindfolded at 1 o'clock today. H
accompanied In tha carriage by a com
mittee that wag appointed to see (hat no
deception ' was practiced. Befor th
carriage left another committee had bid
den. a pin which Rosco found. , '. .
Jr. -V
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v7 nr'n
; ; O. VACHER, 1ST Osgood St., Cbleafo, saye? "My wife bad very
ever caae of La Grippe, and It left ber with very bad. cough. She tried
a bottle of POUT'S HONEY AND TAR and it gave Immediate relief."
small site soeUhe fixio bottles almost
rro Vlzts "end ';
, UrjzrDCpsct&t
,' ' ' '-. Quarts.
California Port and Sherry . ,2St ,
Cloverdale Claret, our popular tab!
- win . . . . r. . . v, . . :. .7. , ; vx j
Crystsl Rock. Ry and Tolu , . ,i4 1
; Canadian- Rye i..f0l
Old Cabinet Blend , .65-
Tli C:fora
S. wt..l 8 UUJ,
' beats ths world; bolls pint of water
lh 3 minutes usee no wick; burns,
wood or alcohol; will last a lifetime.
Our cut prloe ...... ....... .)9
,Dr. Tu!!cr's .
:l(h!rlin2 Spray
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Cold wyerhr ls for :
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a4 Fcrchhert
MotTbca St. v Phone Clack 201
Tacoma," Nov. i. Th big steamer
Shawmut. it days out from Yokohama,
arrived in. Taboma. harbor last night. A
fun cargo for the Shawmut. f or t th
orient, haa been engaged, but It Is doubt-
it w
iui ii sne can sau again wrtnout repairs...
alx times as Brack.
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