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The plan of Mrs. Belinda. S. B&iley,
national president of the Ladies of the
Grand Array of the Republic, for the
establishment' of , a home for Indigent
veterans of the war of the rebellion, is
not for a big building but a series of
little cottages, where the aged soldier
can live with his wife and be cared for
by her, " . ,
"for," said Mrs. Bailey. , who Is in
Portland en route to Indianapolis, Ind.,
"as a rule when an old, soldier is .ad
mitted to the soldiers' home, his wife.
If. she is. unable to support herself, Is
taken to the alms house, ' My yUlt to
Oregon circles Is to inspect .the lodges
and incidentally to push- forward . the
plan for a new home. At present I have
but $1,600 in this fund, but expect to en
list the women of Oregon and Washing
ton, along with those of , California, in
the CaUse."-r -
Mrs. Bailey resides In San Francisco
and during her trip to Portland stopped
at RoHeburg, Eugene and Salem, where
circles of the .order exist' She will ad
dress' the" local - circle this evening and
' will go to; Seattle tomorrow. :'! V .',:
The Ladles of the Grand .Army of the
Republic is comparatively a hew organ 1
zatiorf on the coast although it has been
in existence since 188. It Is of ten con
fused wltli' 'the Woman's Relief; corps,
the auxiliary : of the G. A. R., but Is a
separate -organization and is in no way
connected 'with the Grand Army, except
that, veterans of the rebellion -are ad
mitted ' as associate - members, ' and all
members must be lineal descendants of
soldiers, sailors or marines who fought
during the civil war. t ;
"This organisation." Said Mrs. Bailey,
"will live when the 0. A. R. and the- W,
R. C. cease to exist, because we can con
tinually take In new blood 'and may' be
regarded as an organization such as the
Daughters of the Revolution. ;
"Just at present, however, we are not
growing very fast, but this is accounted
for because the mothers are' too old to
take' an active part in the. work. Many
of the wives have household cares that
take up their, time, and the daughters
are most too young.
J. E. Walton,, a Seattle marine man
who is visiting in the city for a few
days, 1 of the opinion that there is an
entirely too great a loss, of life by
steamship wrecks. - He suggests a plan
which,: if . followed, he believes would
be the means of reducing the mortality
list In this connection to very small pro
portions. Mr. Walton says: :
"AH steamship companies should be
forced to carry lifeboats on tbelf vt-
sels, the same as the government has at
all life-saving stations. These have air
tight compartments with port holes' on
the-sides. As fast as shipped, water
would be discharged. They are made
of the very best of material. Rigging
could be so arranged that the passen
gers could be lashed in the boat mak
ing it Impossible for anyone to wash
overboard. - - -:. -' '; :
'."Eventually the passengers would find
land, and not be drowned Ilk a lot ot
sheep, as Were those unfortunate people
on board the Clallam.
'The Are drill is something to which
strict attention should be paid on board
a steamer, j I have made two trips to
Nome and. return lately, and know that
this matter was never given a thought
by the captain during either of the voy.
ages. This is all wrong and unjust to
the passengers, whose safekeeping rests
entirely tn his hands. There should be
a (Ire drill every day in the presence of
the passenger", and in the moment of
peril there will not be nearly so much
excitement shown as under the present
method of doing .things."
Justice Reed is carefully sifting the con
flicting' evidence submitted to him yes
" terday when Paul' Helnti, keeper of a
boarding-house at Seventh and Gllsan
streets, was tried on a charge of assault
and battery. , ; . '
Helnti was accused by Martha Meyer,
aged IS, who charged him with seising
her by the arm and ejecting her from
his house Wednesday of last week. She
had gone there, with her sister, Lizsle,
who, had just quit her position in ' the
Ileints household. Both sisters claimed
that Helnti and his wife had circulated
tin true stories about them, and when
they accused them of till Helnti became
angry. : ' - -
' The defendant who wears an Emperor
William mustache, was . considerably
confused on the atand, but he claimed
that Martha .Meyer had . used insulting
language to Mrs. Helnts and had dared
him to put her out. He said be simply
led her to the door and used no unneces
sary force. , ' .
Charged -with passing four bogus
checks during the past month Albert
- Stags was arrested by Detectives Kerri
gan and Snow yesterday afternoon. lis
was found at Third and Burnsldo streets.
After the alleged forger ws caught he
. was : Identified by , Samuel, Waflen pro
prietor of a saloon at Fifth and Burnstde
streets, as the man for whom he cashed
a forged check Tuesday night .This was
drawn on the Canadian Bank of Com
merce for $17 ' and ' purponted to have
been signed by William U Buckner. U
was in favor of Frank Davis.
The detectives also claim that last
montn mags passed bad checks on J,
M. Toomey of the Barr hotel, and an
other on H.-.W. Olson of 55 North First
street. The latter cashed a check for
$14.75, signed by Buckner and drawn In
favor of John Knudson, The paper
cashed by Toomey bore the name of
Buckner and was made out to Charles
Baker. The amount was $11.85.
. fendleton. Or., Jan. 21. At the coun
cil meeting last evening a special com
mittee was appointed to see that proper
Are escapes were constructed to the
Park theatre building, and If necessary
to close the theatre until such repairs
are made. .
Jourtial ; friends and readers, when
traveling -on trains to and from Port
land, should ask news agents for The
Journal and insist upon being supplied
with this paper, reporting all failures In
obtaining It to the office of publication,
addressing The Journal, Portland, Or.
M 1 ' Tfc: ReKaMe Store's ; ; . S
' 38ih Grand Friday Economy Sale
fegj V Occurs Tomorrow . - ..v&4V.-ij
- - . . . . - . . ..' "v . , i . ." : . I-'-.; y.."- i . . ' . , ! - - .- ; y : - : y
It seems almost like "bringing coal to Newcastle" to add further to our hundreds of matchless economies, placed her for a full weak of bargain feasting for our public, by atill further Increasing their : mighty saving op
portunities in sending forth these reinforcements, as we do for a special one day sale. However, this house never adopt a featura without first' making sure of its great mutual . benefit to its fast-growing publio and its
own steadily onward march, through Progress to Perfection. We have therefor grouped the appended list of splendid Friday Specials and formed an aggregation of values for our 38th FRIDAY "ECONOMY, SALE'V
TOMORROW that we believe will not be approached by any house In'all the West. A SALE DEMONSTRATING ANEW THE UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES OF THIS GREAT 8T0RE IN VALUE GIVING! Not ono artiolo
in all the big bargain collection but is new and down-to-date. Not an obsolete atyla or antiquated pattern in anything offered, but everything made by the best manufacturers in the world for the highest class American
trade. In addition to tho special values mentioned here, thousanda more art her, unable for laok of space to reach mention today in publio print, and more "Important of all, keep everlastingly in mind that during this,
OUR 26th ANNUAL JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE, EVERY ARTICLE IN THE HOUSE IS UNSPARINGLY REDUCED. Costs and profits are Ignored, and for eight days yet, our stooks ar at th mercy of your cash.
Ladies' 50c
Wnst Bags 35c
(rirst noor Leather Good Aisle.)
Very neat Leather Wrist Bags, with
complete inside fittings, colors in
tans and blacks; best 60a bags
- ever aoldTby - us tomorrow only
' for . . 83o
Ladies' 85c
Belts 15c
, (1st rioor Leather Goods Counter.)
Neat, dressy, Leather - Belts," colors
of black and tans, leathers include
seal, suede and patent finish; a
big assortment of styles In the
. choosing; usual, values in the lot
up to 86c your choice tomorrow
only . . .............. j..... .ISo
25c Jewelry
Pieces 9c
Pretty Violet Jewelry Pieces, very
, handsomo novelties, embracing
fine assortments in Hat Pins,
t,, Waist Bets, Lace Pins, Stick Pins
. and Brooches; extra good values
up to "two bits" each 25c) to
: morrow only, your choice for. .80
30c Whisk
Brooms 19c
' (1st Tloor ToUet Sundries Aisle.)
A fine quality Whisk Broom, with
. celluloid handle; an unusual good
20o worth tomorrow only at. .19o
85c Black SUk
Taffeta 53c yd.
. (Aaaea lirst Tloor.)
1,000 yards In this grand offering;
. a splendid 27-Inch, all pure Silk
' Taffeta, absolutely fast black and
free from dressing; an extra wear
ing quality and the best 85c value
ever offered, even by this great,
surpassing "SILK STORE." On
Friday only wo move it' to a bar-
' gain counter, which bears a yel
y low price ticket, marked for tho
"Economy Sale" at, the yard. .B3o
Clearance Sale of
. Second floor Aaaex, .. -
f Slightly mussed from having been
used in window and department
decoration the " lot Includes every
sort, from the simplest up to the
elegant and elaborate, of organdy,
lawn and linen, - high or low neck,
handsomely trimmed, age 4 to 14
years: . ' y . :, -,;
Values up to $4.40 now at. 97o
' Values up to $0.00 now at. $3.69
50c Heart Pendants 1 5c
Jewalry Aisle rirst floor. .
An exceptional Jewelry value this: we will close-this lot Of pretty Gift
Jewelry away below cost of making at this sale. Pretty pickings here
of dainty gold-plated or sterling silver heart-shape pendants for watch or
locket chains. Regular half-dollar values Friday for ;.. 15
Women's Gingham Aprons 1 9c
"y. Abbs Heooad "floor.
Here' an everyday want at a Friday bargain . price. Women' ,full-slse
blue and white checked Gingham Aprons with long, wide strings. Mag
nificent value at a special "Economy Sale" price of. each,. ...... .10
Kid Glove
rirst noor.
Thousands of pairs that represent
thousands of dollar, all go In a
grand Sacrlftc Sale Friday. ..The
stock must be lowered to a'mini-
mum. The profits, and more, are
yours. All wanted color and Im
mense variety, all else.' (
Our regular $2 fancy Madonna Kid
Glove, our regular 3-clasp Jouvln
: Kid Glove, our regular $1.60
1 -clasp Plympton Kid Glove, our
regular 1 1.7 5 2-clasp Mentone Kid
Glove, our regular $1.25 2-clasp"
Hector Kid Glove, all at one
' price ........ ............. ..'.So
Sale of Whitney
Baby Carriages
rourth floor.
Propelled' by force of heretofore
unheard-of bargain prices. ' Reed
bodies, patent foot brakes, enameled
running gear and patent anti-f ric
tiorr wheel fasteners this week go"
down the price hill like this:
$11jOO values foK. 6.79
$13.60 values for........ 9 8.SO
$14.00 values for. ...... .f .as
$16.00 values for........ 9 .7S
$16.75 values for. ........ 910.60
$16.60 values for........ $11.00
$18.50 values for.
Sewing Machines
"Tonrtfc rioor.
Join the bargain whirl. A buy
ing stitch now In clearance time
saves money Hate on. Put a ma
. chine in. the house now and pocket
all the .profits and more your
self. Every machine guaranteed for
10 year by this bouse.
A ' regular $50 ' Machine (agency
price), with five drawers, modern
dropheaoV ball bearings and oak
cabinet this week only here
The usual $40 (sgency price) Ma
chines, with Ave drawers, box
top, ball bearings and oak cab!-
. net this week; her....... $18.50
; : t ... 1
Miles of Ribbons
at a Shortened V
Beautiful All-Silk Satin Taffeta
Ribbons, all new, i Just received
from the makers, much wanted
just now for making up the new
"Fifth ave." Bows latest fad In
""" Isdles neck dresa-r-tomorrow and
Saturday you may select from the
usual 35o and 40c qualities at.
, .'...84o
T -ssu.
2 Big Book Bargains
Temporary Clearance
Sale Book Store
Xa atillinery Saloa Second rioor.
25c Classics Pocket 9c
This line include popular essays, should be Included In every library or
In every book lover's home. A rare bargain.
Popular 35c Novels 15c
. Embraced here are some ot the latest most popular novels of modern
writers. . Reproductions of stories by famous writer who are engaged by
America' leading journals. Rightly termed our "Newspaper Edition of pop
ular fiction." The publisher's prlc for these Is J5cj our price Friday only
15o a volume. Hundreds of other similar value fill th bargain shelves. We
are going out of tho book business and have moved our entire stock to the
millinery salon on second floor to close out at slaughter price for a few day
only. , Tho greatest bargain sale of books that Portland ever knew, Th
time 1 short, better select what you wantJFrlday and save oney for your
purse. 7 ' -
r J
A Price Bombardment
That Means a Quick
Surrender of Onr
Stocks to the Friday
Bargain Brigade
(leea of Action Talrd rioor.)
Engagement tart at 8 a. m. and )as:s while we've a piece left or until
p. m. Friday.
Wlttt light green border, green tinted edge, gold lined and gold traced hsn-.
dies, knob and embossing , '
60-plec Dinner Sets,' $ 7.15 values, on Friday for ................$ 4.75
60-pleee Dinner Sets, $.58 values, on Friday for '. 6.33
100-plece Dinner Sets, 1 14.28' values, on Friday for ................ $.49
112-plece Dinner Sets, ' 17,63 values, on Friday for ......... U.73
Regular $1.75 the dozen values, Friday for ...... f I. ..$1.10
,8.00 the dozen Values, Friday for , 1.18
2.25 the dozen values, Friday for j, 1.4$
.2.50 the dozen values, Friday for 130.
3.25 the dozen values, Friday for $.18
3.60 the dozen values, Friday for $.30
4.60 th dozen Values, Friday for 9.90
6.00 the dozen values, Friday for,, 3.15
7.80 the dozen values, Friday for 4.70
TBX9AT OBXT. ' '" -
Women's $4.75
Black Petticoats
Axumb looond noon
Womfn' fine, well made black mer
cerlied Petticoat, seven style In
the choosing, very stylish makes,
flare flounces wltn butterfly
ruffles, hemstitching, knlfe-plalt-ing.
Van Dyke styles, and some
with velvet tand flve-row trlm
mlng. Two value in the assort
ment, $4.50 and $4.75, all at one
. bargain price for Friday' selling,
Choice for ........... $3.97
Men's $1.50
Street Gloves 69c
Men' Haberdashery rirst rioor.
To close, we offer in the men's shop
, for" Friday selling, choice of two
.linea of Street Gloves on or two -
sizes missing stylish grey or tan
Mocha or brown and tans in
regular street glove., Value In
cluded to $1.50 on Friday you may
elect at the pair.. .69o
Special Sale Petticoats
Ann eoond rioor.
Petticoats, now,.... 380 Reg.
Petticoats, now...,. $4o Reg.
Petticoats, now...., 94o - Reg.
Tettlcoats. now.,... $1.39 rteg.
Petticoats, now..... $1.99 . Reg.
Petticoats, now..,.93.09 Reg.
Petticoats, now 9X93 Reg.
Petticoats, now 9349 ' Reg.
Petticoats, now..'... $440' . Reg.
$7.50 Petticoats, now...
$9.00 Petticoats, now...
$12.00 Petticoats, now. .
$16.00 Petlcoats. now.b
$17.00- Petlcoats. nowi.
$20.00 Petticoat, now.'.
$25.00 Petticoats, now..
$45.00 Petticoat, now..
1 85.00 Petticoats, now..'
Men's 50c Neck
wear 2 for 25c
. Ken' Shop rirst rioor.
A wonderful value in neekdress mad
to interest the men in our Friday
Economy Sale. - A . line of fine
black silk or satin Four-in-Hands -and
fancy Batwlng Club shapes.
These scarfs Include values up to
50c. You may buy two her Fri
day for half the price of one,
viz., two for 95o
Women's $1.50
House Shods 98c
Shoe lection rirst rioor. Bear.
Women' wirm, comfortable House
Shoes, nav broad, easy toes and
flat heels. Best $1.60 value in
Portland, here Friday at the
. .98
Boys' Splendid
Shoe Dargains
rirst noor Shoe Store.
Boy' heavy, solid leather, durable
shoes, with double hard wear sole
1 and full round toes. A worthy
-bargain' this..: ;'.-.' v.
Sizes 11 to 13, regular $1.75 values
. for, .............. ,.,......9143
Sizes 13H to 3, regular $2.00 values
V for $1.48
Sizes 2i to 6V. regular $2.50 values '
for .M.9I-MF
$2 Velvets for
72c yd.
(Ana Tirat rioor.)
Nearly 600 yard In this lot of su
perb fancy Velvets, in rich, pretty
effects, embracing Persian, Dolly
Varden, striped and dotted pat-'
terns, In a grand choosing of col-. .
or and value up to $2 tho yard
Friday only, at ......730
$ J. 50 Novelty
Silks 69c yd.
(Annex Tirst rioor.)
Lot Include nearly 1,200 yard of
20 to 24-inch handsome Novelty
Silk, including neat checks, satin
brocade, neat, pretty plaids, plain
. Armure ' and Bengalines, depend
able qualities and much-wanted
now for spring gowns, waist and
skirts. Th regular worth and
- selling price range up to 81.50 tho -
. yard you may pick and choose
on Friday only at. the yard.... 99o
New 50c Corded
Wash Silks 35c
Annex Tlrst rioor. '
2.000 yards of new Wash Silks.
among the new arrivals in Silk
for spring wear, blacks, white
' and an Immense variety of col
orings, stripes or checks in the,
generous choosing. A splendid
too quality. Choice Friday at.
the yard .350
$4 Wool
Blankets $2.95
rourth rioor Bed Clothing Store.
Right in need Ylme come thl un
surpassed Blanket offering. Choice
of a splendid lot of all-wool, plain
gray blankets. Our matchless
$4.00 grade, on Friday at. the
pair ........... .......,...$3.98
$3.25 Lace Cur
tains at $2.15
roortb riooi- CurUln Section,
Tour choice Friday of a large Int
y ; of handsome Lace Curtain Iri
BruHsels. effect, flur de Hh an I
pretty stripe' patteri'S. IC'
$3.26 valttos for .. ,.. ....... ,1 13