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vol. i. K6:jie3,
dark and Harriman
Can't Get Together
Says He Will Parallel the Oregon
Short Line to Coast if They
Won't Male Terms.
SALT LAKE. Oct . Sanator Clark of
fcrs the Oregon Short Lin railroad $10.'
000,000 for 360 miles of road aouth of Bait
Lake.' Harriman Is holding out for CSV
090,000.'- Clark threatens to parallel the
Short Line and build the Ban Pedro, Loa
Angeles and Bait Lake, through to the
Coast, unless Harriman cornea to terms.
Two years ago Senator Clark headed a
company organised for the purpose of
building a railroad from here to Ban
Pedro, Cal., and purchased all the term'
inal lines In that city. Work on the pro
Jectod route has been going on for some
time and every assurance was made that
the line would be built. Immediately af
ter tho Oregon Short Line officials found
that another short line to the coast was
contemplated, they commenced building
extensions to their road, running In a
southwesterly direction through this
state, saying at the time that they in
tended to head Clark off by building a
road through to Loa Angeles themselves
and when the Clark crowd began to se
cure a right of way it was found that
the Short Line people bad practically
corraled every plausible route. Clark at
once went into court and won out, and
now has a splendid route to the coast.
However, in order to save time he wants
to buy what the Oregon Short Line has
built In that direction, consequently the
game of bluff between the heads of the
two roads was a result.
Epidemic of Self Destruction Strikes
the Bay City,
( Journal Special Service.)
BAN FRANCISCO. Oct. . An epidemic
of suicides has struck the Bay city, and
scarcely a day passes thaf one or more
-are not reported to the pjce. Within
the past three weeks 22 despondent mor
tals have passed to the other side through
their own agency, and the means em
ployed have been everything from suffoca
tion by gas to death in the waters of the
bay. This morning a man and woman
were discovered dead in their lodgings,
having taken carbollo acid. Their names
were not learned. Shortly after the
bodies were removed to the Morgue the
police were notified that the body of a
rirl wan found In Tier room with" the gas
Jets turned on In full force. The girl's
name was Nora Collins and for some time
she had been a domestic In the employ
of Mrs. Parrott. owner of the Emporium
block. No cause for her suicide is
IOWA CITY, la., Oct. 9. At this morn
ing's session the delegates to the annual
vmtBlt or the TOWS League' of Municl
, palltles listened to Interesting and In
structive papers, dealing with taxation of
personal property, the cost of street
lighting, and the filtration of public water
supplies. The speakers included Professor
Charles S. Magowan, of Iowa City, W. H.
Bremer, of Dea Moines, and Professor G.
W. Blssell, of Ames.
Prior to final adjournment late this af
ternoon the convention will choose officers
for the year and select the date and place
Party Enroote From San Francisco
to Portland.
BAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 9. The special
train bearing the party of Eastern bank
ers left here last night over the Shasta
rout Tor Portland, where they will loejc
Into the affairs of theft- large holdings In
that vicinity. The bankers spent the day
here yesterday looking over the city with
a view of probable investments, some of
them already : being interested in various
enterprises here.
Deputy United States Marshal Roberta
V. arrested Alex Joalland, a sailor, yester
day, on -a charge . of fleseTtion. The
charge was preferred by C. H. Lahbe,
French Consul In this city. Joalland xf
taken; to thtr donrrty Ja4J and laekted, .uffc,
Ha will be examined today by United
Btatea Commissioner Bladen.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. Oct fc The
Clyde steamer Apache collided with the
steamer Iroquois of the same line, 10
. miles off shore this morning. The Apache
made the harbor with, difficulty, but in
I M 114 A I hiur
Swear They Will Go On
";':, SSSS1SSSSS '
Redskins on Rampage Because of
Reduced Rations Troops
: ." Wanted.
NAPER, Neb.. Oct 9. The" Sioux In
dians of the Rosebud Agency are in a
state of great unrest, and threaten to go
on the warpath on account of a reduction
of rations and the refusal of the Gov
ernment to allow them the sale of wood.
Boss Farmer Edward Taylor was shot
dead yesterday by Red Bear, who a few
hours earlier killed another Indian named
Johnnie Shaw.
DENVER, Oct. 9. A dispatch to Gov
ernor Orraan this morning Indicates that
the Indians who shot Game Warden Har
ris yesterday are moving rapidly north
ward to the fall hunting grounds near
Neeler. The Sheriff of Rio Grande County
appealed to the Governor to have troops
In readiness to move "in case of further
violence, saying that the Indians were In
a very ugly spirit.
Two Ladies Injured by a Runaway
Team in Salem.
(Journal Sneclal Service. t
SALEM, Oct. 9. -Mrs. F. N. Smith and
Miss Sarah Ricks, living near this city,
when on the way out of town to their
home, met with a distressing acldent.
which came near proying fatal, yester
day., afternoon. . Wen, paspjng the Capi
tol they collided with a runaway team
coming In the opposite direction, and tho
two teams and vehicles piled up in a
hopeless tangle on the street. Heip was
soon at hand, when it was found that
one of the runaway horses was lying on
the two ladles and their wrecked buggy.
The animal was rolled off the unfortun
ate women and, the latter were at once
conveyed to the hospital near at hand.
They were insensible and It was feare'l
both were fatally hurt. Fortunately this
was not the case, Mrs. Smith having
esrared with a few bruises, while Miss
Ricks has sustained , a severe Fcalp
wound and her right shoulder wa badly
bruised. The first named lady was ablo
to return to her home last nighty while
Miss Ricks remained in the hospital,
where she will be cared for during the
next few days. The runaway team wis
the property of the driver of :he
WblteaJkAr. stage, ..and. one of ttiem. a.
fractious colt, was the cause of the
trouble. " The vehicles were both badly
Judge and District Attorney Asked
for His Release.
(Journal Special Service.)
SALEM, Oct. 8. Governor T. T. Gecr
has granted a commutation of the sen
tence of Louis Level, serving a term of
two years In the penitentiary for the
larceny of some tools. Level was sent
up from Portland for assisting another
man to break Into a toolhouse and lak-
out a number of tools. He stated
lie 'believed the-toola to - be -those -ofhis
companion, and thejr took them to -be
used In a job of work on the following
day.- He was sentenced to two years,
commencing his term of service last
February. The commutation was grant
ed on the recommendation of the trial
Judge and the District Attorney. Th?
Judge stated, in recommending clemency,
that facts bad come to his knowledge,
since the trial that, had they been
known to him at the time of passing
judgment he would have given the young
man a lighter sentence.
Will Probably Resign the Treawry
Pprtf olio Very Shortly.
NEW TORIC Oct 9. There Is but lit
tle ddubt that Secretary Shaw will, soon
resign the Treasury portfolio in compli
ance with the desires of high officials.
The Advertiser in today's issue, refer
ring to the matter, says: " - ,
"Secretary BhaW WiH, at the- suggestion
of- high officials, resign the Treasury port
folio as soon as the money market has
resumed its normal condition. He will
probably be succeeded by Crane. How
ever, It Is announced that Shaw will be
given another high official position."
- j
- 'WASHINGTON.' Oct. . The report that
Secretary Bhaw' intends to resign Is de
nied at IM Xraaatirf Pepartitoeak. " '
(By The Journal's Special Monk Corre-
, - spondent) .
SBW YORKOcc 1 Interviewed jthe
N Hon. IL W. Scott, when he arrived here
a rout to Europe, regarding politics In
Oregon. I found him talkative, excepting
on the subject of his own candidacy, and
the attitude of those MitoheJT Republ lo
ans, who object to the present Junior
Senator supporting the great editor".
"Mr. Scott," said L "how stands Mr.
Fulton?" .
"About as much show as a snowball in
, "How about Mr. Geer?"'
"Won't know he's running."
"Does Mr. Hlrsch stand to- win V
"He'll get lost In Vie senatorial shuffle."
"Will Jonathan be in It T"
"Jonethifh himself doesn't even expect
to receive half a dosen votes."
. And so on to the end of the list of can
didates, until finally I came to 'Mr. Scott
himself. "
"How about you, Mr. Scott T"
"I! Who said I was a candidate? Hav
en't I said I wasn't? Haven't I Told the
people I wouldn't be In the running? Why
in thunder do you bother me with such
"But, Mr. Scott, people out In Oregon
believe that you have gone away and left
your candidacy In the hands ot Ted
Piper, Judge McGinn and Jack Matthews,
and that they propose to coerce Senator
Mitchell and the other Mitchell Repub
licans into supporting you? Are those
people back there all fools to think such
Foreign Strikers Are Nightly Drilling With Winchesters
A Thousand Rounds of Ammunition
Confiscat'dby Officers
Operators -Send for Mitcheil to 1 Confer With -Them Reply to the Appeal
of Roosevelt Portland Labor Unions to Raise
WASHINGTON, Oct. 8. President
"Hon. Commissioner Wright has doubtless reported the delivery of your message to me on Monday, and my state
ment that I would' take It under advisement, -although I did not regard It favorably. Since then I have consulted with
the district presidents, who concur In my views. We desire to again assure you that we feel keenly the responsibility of
our position and the gravity of the situation. It would give me- great pleasure to take any action that would bring" the
strike to an end in a manner that would be a safeguard tp the interests of our constituents. . In our propositions at the
conference In the White House we believed we had gone more than half way and had met your wishes. It Is unneces
sary to refer to the malicious assault made upon us in response by the operators. Having In mind our experiences
with operators In the past, we have no rsason to feel any degree of confidence In their willingness to do Justice In the
future, inasmuch as they refused to accept a decision of a tribunal selected by ou, and as there Is no law whereby you
could enforce the findings of the commission you suggest we respectfully decline o advise the resumption of work simply
at upon the hepe that the operators might
We appreciate your solicitude for the people who will suffer from the continuance of the strike, but feel that not on us
this terrible state of affairs should be placed, but upon the side which refused o allow a fair and Impartial Investlga-
J'Vtbn:" ------ . ' --- -----
WILL FORCE ISSUE. I gathered outside of Senator Piatt's
NEW YORK, Oct. 9. All the presidents j office eagerly waiting for some announce
except Baer are In conference this after- ' ment to be made as to the result of t?e
noon with Piatt, Quay, Odell, Penrose and "conference.
Lauterbach. It Is unofficially understood ,
that the three Senators are making a J MITCHELL NOT THERE.
proposition r xne ictiitnwni i m
strike, and If the coal presidents refuse
to accept they will attempt to force the Is
sue. t
SCRANTON, PA., Oct. 9. Positive
proof has been secured that the foreign
miners are preparing for war this morn
ing In the capture of a large quantity
of ammunition.
A thousand rounds of ammunition wero
confiscated and the consignee, 6 Pas
sola. In company with a companion, wis
arrested at an early hour this morning.
This confirms the report that the foreign
strikers have been arming themselves,
pFvp&ratory. 10. carrying pn a Warfare in
the coal Holds. In addition to this it has
been rumored for several days that tho
strikers near Johnson settlement have
been drilling-; nightly, fully armed with
Winchester rlfies. Passola, the man to
whom the ammunition was sent.. Is said
to be the leader of the foreign element j
and is said to have urgea them on until
they are on the verge of an outbreak.
It Is deemed best to eXert extra efforts to
watch the actions of the miners at "OlI
phant. The officers have been looking for ie
velopments of this nature for some time
and have been keeping a strict watch for
Indications that would lead to thf dis
covery that ammunition was being ship
ped, to the strikers. Tms morning they
were notified of the arrival of the cart
ridges and waited until- they were de
livered, when they made the arrest This
la the second shipment ot ammunition
that has been intercepted within three
days. - ..
NEW TORK, Oct. . It is expected
that some Important developments will
be made here In the strike situation" to
day owing to a secret conference which
was. eslied this merntngr 7- -
An important conference Is now; In
progress In the office of Senator Piatt,
with Senator Quay, Governor Odell and
President Mitchell present. There has
been nothing given out as to the purpose
of .the, conference, but that gret Im
portance la attached to It there Is no
doubt, as the conferees met -secretly.
However, the news has reached : - the
financial district that something bit is
Impendlag a4 act tauaeaae. row4 baa)
. J-: "
"Those recalcitrant Mitchell Republic
ans and federal office-holders who don't
want to support 'me are a lot of blamed
idiots. They" are inviting my eternal en
mity, and wllj suffer in the future when
they have to receive the doses of literary
vitriol I will pour over their devoted
heads." 4
"So, you are' a candidate, then, are
you?" ,
Mitchell's reply to President Roosevelt was
be Induced or forced to comply with the
- - - -
NEW YORK, Oct. . At noon It was
learned that President Mitchell was not
at the conference held In Seator Piatt's
office, but Instead ha has been with. E.
If. Harriman of the Union Pacific Rail
road all day. After leaving President
Mitchell refused to say whom was pres
ent In Harriman's office and what took
place. The conference In the office of
Senator Piatt still continues, and the
crowd on the outside Is Increasing every
NEW YORK. Oct. ". Edwin Lauter
bach, a prominent lawyer and politician,
left he Platt conference rooms at 11:34
and went to J. Plerpont Morgan's office.
It Is generally believed that he Is en
deavoring to obtain Morgan's personal
participation In the meeting. He refused
to say anything, however.
NEW TORK. Oct . The Piatt confer
ence adjourned to meet at 4 o'clock this
afternoon, when President Mitchell and
Secretary HammerUne of the Miners
Union will be present. Attorney Lauter
bach made this statement: "My visit to
Mr. Morgan this morning was for the
purpose of making an attempt, througn
him, to end the strike. He was not in
bis office, but we will, however, see him
this afternoon, also President Mitchell."
He declined to discuss the natter fur
WILKESBARRE, Pa.. Oct. . While
the troop trains ware passing on the
Lehigh Valley road last night, dynamite,
near Jenlf ins' switch, wrecked an extra
freight and seven cars of cattle were de
molished and many of the animals killed
and wounded, Italians, are believed to be
the guilty parties. '
SHENANDOAH, Pa,, Oct. I. The first
fatality due to the militia, was reported
here this morning.
Last night John Durham, a miner, wan
dered Inside the plokst lines of the militia,
near the collieries. Private Wamsworth,
who was on guard at the time, saw the
man and challenged him i repeatedly and
4 gstUnJf & respdoae, find at Xtohaaa,
But the great editor puffed up with in
dignation and refused to spealf further
It is understood here that Mr. Bcott took
a run over to Washington to select his
seat in the United States Senate chamber,
taking one in the oenter of the room, be
cause he doesn't know exactly whether
or not he will be in the Republican ool-
umn until that party declares where Tt
stands upon the tariff question-
mad publlo this morning, and was
" " ' 1
recommendations of your commission.
killing hlra. What the man was doing In
side the lines is not known, but it is the
Impression that he was unaware that he
was the party addressed by the guard,
was the reason he did not answer him.
On learning of the death of one of their
number, the strikers claimed the body of
the unforunate man. This is the first
death due to the militia.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 9. It is believed
in official circles here that unless today's
conference in New York gives definite
promise of a speedy settlement of the
coal strike, President, Roosevelt will, ap
point a commission to Investigate, despite
Mitchell's refusal to. send the miners to
PARIS. Oct. 9. The strike situation in
France Is becoming most alarming, and
it" is feared that'the "country will be
without sufficient fuel to keep the facto
ries going. The latest move was made
when this morning 800 more miners joined
the strikers.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9.-An lmroel
crowd Is gathered this afternoon attend
ing the benefit at the Alhambra Theatre
for the striking miners. There were solos
by Mayor Schmltx, who also led the or
chestra. BLOW UP A BRIDGE.
TAMAQUA, Oct. 9. The railway bridge
at Slattery's colliery was dynamited last
night t prevent contemplated shipments
of coaL
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. I.-Presldent
Baer today said that be had not re
signed, and did not Intend to.' V
TO RAISE $10,000
Portland Workers Will Try to Give
Big Money.
The following call, directed to all presi
dents of local unions in the city. Is self
explanatory: . --
.7 Portland. Or., Oct 9, T 1902;
" Dear Sir: I have the honor to request
uiwaUaued oa seaoad page4 rr
Policemen, Commissioners and North
End Leader on Stand Lawyers t ;
Books May Be Examined. ;
The machinery of the Grand Jury, set
In motion by the demands of The
Journal, to investigate the open charges
of graft made by an official of the city,
has lost none ot Its powers of momenr
tum. Men from every walk of life have
been before the body and given oppor
tunity to Impart information which
would facilitate the work of unmasking
the monster of corruption, which has
been alleged to exist.
This forenoon ex-Pollce Commissioner
C. N. Rankin, Larry Sullivan. August
Erlckaon and Police Captain Moore were
on the stand, This afternoon ex-Pollce
Commissioner Hunt, Tom Coleman, ex
special polloeman, Frank Mays, a Worth
End saloon-keeper, and three Chinamen
wll) be brought tip to give evidence.
Today's researches are strlatly on tha
line of graft. Most all the men before
the Jury today have in some way been
connected with the police department, in
the past or at 'present It graft has, or
does exist, they are In a position to tell
a story of a sensational oharaoter. It
they feel so Inclined.
This witness Is an ex-prise fighter, and
has been a 'North End political boss for
many years. He is on the inside of the
workings of the police and departrfTenTB
of justice In the city. He has spent
J. A. Hadsea.. ??i4sL?4
Portland Is Headquarters.
The International Longshoremen, Ma
rine and Transport Workers, who have
been In session here for the past thre
days, will coocluda tbair work today.
Yesterday ft Paclfle Coast branch of the
national association was organised, with
headquarters in Portland. The following
officers were elected:
J. A. Madsen, of Portland, president;
3. C. Williams, of San Francisco, vice
president; Thomas Arthur, of Portland,
secretary and treasure An executive
board of tho following members was ap
pointed: Messrs. McKevitt, of jlan Fran
cisco; Morrison, of Seattle; Waters, of
San Diego; Gadsby, of Victoria, and
Peas, of Tacoma.
The law committee war authorised to
draw up a constitution ahdby-laws, which
will be submitted to the various affiliated
unions on the coast for approval. The
executive board was ordered to bring
about a uniform .scale of 'wages in all the
ports on the coast The executive board
will still be in session several days. In
perfecting the constitution and by-lawa.
The next convention will be held In Ban
Francisco In October, 1903.
Edward O. Shorrey of Grand Rapids,
Mlcni, la the latest Easterner to be at
tracted by the vast resources in the
Northwest and Invest his capital here.
Mr. Shorrey is a practical lumberman and
mlllman and will engage in the manu
facture of shingles at Ballard, on .Puget
Sound. He expects to have his mill in
operation by the first of November; which
will have a capacity of anout 300,000 dally.
Portland, however, will be his base
or operations as" he believes it the most
advantageous point en the Pacific Coas
in which, to do business. He will open an
office and shingle yard here as soon as
he gets' started and become Identified with
the city's interests.
Germany Shipping Coal Back to
the United States,
NEW TORK, Oct . The British steamer
Mariano has been chartered for the pur
pose o conveying 4000 tons of anthracite
coal from Hamburg, which was shipped
to Germany last year. The Brauer line
Is said to have purchase 29,000 tons of
Pennsylvania anthracite coal, which has
been lying at 20 different places In Ger
many., and will, have the coal shipped
back to the United States at once.
To Be Commander-in-Chief of the
. G. JLR.
WASHINGTON. Oct ; .-rThs Grand
Army,, elected Thomas Stewart, of Penn
sylvania ajr nnJiderii-ettV
money in electioneering that was donated)
by factions In power, and the source efl
which might be of Interest to the publics
He has been an alleged middle maa be
tween the powers behind the curtain and)
the outsiders. In many cases what ha
said went. In the way of political plums.
Was for years a special policeman. Ha
has during his career had several battles
with the regular police department ta
retain his star and was always success
ful in his fights. He served through
several administrations, but was finally ,
discharged for. alleged misconduct on bis)
beat. It Is alleged by those en the 'in
side that he transferred his beat to an
other party, but still gets a share ot thfc
proceeds from the work.
During his administration, he la Said tf,
have been disgusted with the shortcom
lngs of the police department and re
algned rather than be a party to a pro
ceedlng which was contrary, to his Ideat
of honesty and justice.
A prominent attorney stated this mora
log, that It would be a good Idea for the)
grand . jury to make an examination ot
the books of some of the lawyers In tha
city, and find where some of their feea
had come from in the past. Also to get
them on the stand and tell what they
know in relation to the relations that ex
ist, or have, existed between them and
ofllcers on the. police force,
Extensive Road Work-Being Donx Marion County.
(Journal Special Se'rvlce.y . -SALEM,
Oct 9. County" Clerk ' J. W,
Roland yesterday completed.. Ills' report
for the' six months ending September 30.
The total expenditures of the county for
the six months named were t38.9G4.10. Thla
Includes rebate of fees In divorce suits,
under the decision of the Supreme Court,
4S0, and tl7.58T.4S road work,,' In the mat
ter of 'road and bridge improvement tha ,
expenditures exceeded those of the same ,
term last year by over O2.000; this Is duo
to the extended permanent Improvement ;,
made In the past six months, and to tha
fact that the road poll tax, amounting ta
SG&OO, was collected in cash and then ex
pended, thus showing it as an expenditure .
vit the county, when the same worst la ;
previous years did not show on the coun
ty records. The showing made is a very .
creditable one. ajod.:.the. fact., that Marlon -County
is now out of debt and on a cash)
basis leads the publio to hope that mora .
money will be expended In permanent , k
road improvements In the early future-, j
Engineer Killed . and . Fireman
Injured on Norertt Fadflci
(Journal Special Service.)
TACOMA, Oct. 9. News la Just xe .
ceived of a fatal railroad accident Which)
occurred this morning near Weston,
small station on the Northern. Pacific, la. .
Kings County near the Kittitas line. - Ow,' t
ing to a broken rail a freight engine left r
the track while running at a high rata
of speed, and was almost completely de, ?
mollshed. .Engineer- William MJscho wa
Instantly killed and Fireman Emerton re .
ceived injuried which .willipjobably re
suit fatally . -
Two Men Are7 Serving Sentaince
for Anothers Crime .
BUTTE. Oct 9 Word has been received!
here from WUkesbarre, Pa., that E. W.
Tourey, ot Scranton, has confessed tha$
he was the murderer of Rose Kranta, off
which crime Thomas Hanly and.LHka.
Kelly are serving 20-year sentences la
Montana, having already- served sere
years. "" Hanly was president of the sil
ver Btrtr Trades and-Labor Assembly. "
'. SSaBBsaSSSBBSBSSSBSSSBBSB ' ; ;-J 7 - ay, ."''"-
SANTA FE, Oct- 9. Seventeen ecnvlcts
working In a stone quarry; two, taUea.
north wtst here; owrpowsrad" thrtr twor
gitards and took their guns away from
them. Only two 'of tha ga escaped..
The" others remained and libatated tha
guards. 'A posse and biooohonnda are la
pursuit . , ' , ".',''
NEW TORK, Oct 9,-Chaa, Schwsb has
chartered DrtxeTs steam yacht Margarlt
and will spend tha wiatep la tha Medlur '