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;Btearjief Crashes Jhto
i- Ship Barmbek,
.. . ' (Journal Special Service.) '
i A8TQRIA. March .-The British
Steamship Oceano'. which wai anchored
' fa the lower , harbor " with. a , cargo of
lumber fet. the Orient. dragged er an
chor this morning and swung- acroii the
bow ot the German ship Barmbek, The
Barmbek had Hearty all her head rigging
carried away.andithe teemshlp was eon
aiderably damaged n deck. To repair
the vessels will coat Several tbouaand dol.
i 111 fate rseetni Id he following the BHt.
la heteamahlp Oceano, uts thla ia the see
ond serious secldent , that has befallen
tier In the taat few days. ,.".... t
On Monday, ' while going ' down the
river. ah raft., against the! Sylvia da
- Grease reef,, and at the earn time ran
v Into n "senk' two barges which were
" used by Hale Kern in removing the
- eef. The , damage sustained by the
Oceano wa. hot to great as at first be-
ileTaA.end fftefv undergoing-,. A. careful
. Vxamlnatlon'by Lloyd's surveyor, she was
. i granted. permission to continue her Jour..
Ids for Its Construction Were
' Opened Today. '
; fiids foK thtbuUdln the new Masonic
i ttempla, is fca 'BatJ a t 'tlw corner ot
itoMsoii and fifteenth streets, were open
ad 4t the offlLJdf iUthltect Martin in. the
' Zua building, at 9:90 this afternoon.
Vtt4 Maaonia Templa will be of stona and
; fcrtlc. Its oost-wiu p aboat.K0.00a and
fthedeoorations and furBtshlnara will cost
"HOB more. It will oomprise three stories
'suitk Usealnt ,Tha flrat sory wtlije
fltted.ujfae a danolo ball or fcr aanom
I fcuaa of all kinds. , It will have a ataee,
! tnta-rooial ladles' parlors and other con-'-,
.j Umaenoea. 7 f-tk . ' .- - V V'wa- - " '
i The baaemeat will be uUltsed aa a
tsaraent.' wnH foe two upper stories
Vllt b devoted exclusively to lodge work
t Trth Masonic order. Every oent of
(noaey fot the payment of the new build
Ingu ia In rsadlnea and. tba lot haa al
ready been fully paid for.'
. (Journal special Service.) .
XltTQXKE. March J8--The Lane . and
STouglas County ftndeavor district con.
ventloh eleOted the follnwina ofllcers for
the eniulnf ear:t President. ' Majtft J&A
Munaon ot ildabuigi secfetarf" MifaJte-J
Callum of Eugene; treasurer. Miss
P0 1
stance' Handsake at Eugene.- An ad
visory committee was elected aa follows:
Baik W. A Wood. Rescbara; He v. jy.
Tkaaineoi 'fteSeeurar Revt' J. V. MsnrlU.
XuateM; RV Mr H."Wallaaees-BB-er
Baw; b J Beek,,Coage Giieve. jgha
UiMtiUe. JlMnaaA . Mll -a
gT.tiuuuu mvjvy iww v slii a mxij ga a
Congregational Church,
: Company Fourth regiment;- O. N. 0
tnany members ot which were engaged
In th battle of Malabon, on Luion Isl.
and. Mart gS, .UW, celebrated the third
anniversary ojt the event, last night by
giving a, reception to the various mill
tary and patrlotlo organisations of the
city. It waa largely' attended and voted
gt pronounced success.
polonel Oeprge O. Torsn of the Faurtn
regiment, O. Jf, Q. haa issued orders for
the quarterly Inspection and muster ot
. Companies A and C and the Fourth RegU
ment Rand, a I) of Eugene, on Monday,
March .'',
i The loans
xhlblt of American artists,
In the LtWary))uiMMg'wafhe subject
ror dlstoftMitlnof, the Cur
Mnt Events Club last evening. A d
crtptlon ot .the ethiblt waa given by
pharlal,afBarre hnd Miss Bjrfonf , iho
U in chargl of the exhibit read an" In
tereatlng.papero American art and arts,
lata Addresses were' gtveq by Mrs. Ab
Un Gilbert and E. B. Coovert, after-which
Vocal selections, were rendered b)P Mtos
thuppe and Miss Edwards.
Judge Fraser has signed an order noti
fying the Columbia Jteal Estate Company
9 appear In court April 7." and make
art accounting-. In :the garnishee proceeds
' lngs. Crown Cycle Company vs. Sherman
! JJ. Brown, defendant v. .
The Crown Cycle Company secured a
Judgment fof $SS,85 against Brown in the
Stats Ctrcuit Coartr"The Tasa was ap-
fOljr 1 W
lllsL-Msr hy fcoddy, poorly
v7 - put.togather ejothlnf. , ,
, . s";Xsi t irv?' . ',:?''-'M v.ri
i x; '; never enter their rotods. -Bovi Clothes
pealed to the Supreme, Court In '81 And
the decision - of th lower tribunal -we
kfflrtned. ,.V - . -
U la cleaned that the garinshe co
pany has property helongfng to the. de
fendant In addition te answering under
oath concerninf the earn, the real estate
company li retrained' meanwhile from
making any disposal or transfer at De
fendant Brown's Interests.
. The Oregon Hurtian Bocjety held It
30th nnual meeting at the' Unitarian
Chapel last . evenlngvlviee-Presldent" T
t Eliot presiding. 04 account of L the
death of the president.; D. P. Thompson,
during? the year, a report of the work
for. the past U months tu presented by
Dr. ESloL " "." .
pThe;work thua eonslst chiefly ot
ention being retorted t only In eatress
cases. He asked the hitty eo-operation
of all good citlsehs In the work, "and x
pressed a desire for a closer corelation
with alt form' of charltiee. .
The anual report ef Treasurer Mills
showed the receipts to have been f2,368.tS
end expenses t?.8C8.28. - , .
Trustes and o(tlcersjLor the coming year
were sleeted, as follows:: - Trustees for
two years Frederick Jtawnaend, ' to suc
ceed D. P. Thompson, and Mrs.' Cleveland
Rockwell;- f of Threy "ra-Mra. Roea. F.
BurreU and Judae Alfred T Sears. Jr.
C. H. Woodward wig lote4 president
Rev. T. W Eliot,' vlea-prealdentt W. T
Bhanahan. torrespending secretary, a. H.
Himes. recording seceretary, and A I
Mills, treasurer. .' - 1
: "M-.jf;. '. V"T"" 1 .''"'iVvr';V..'-''
Mrs.' Harriet fctlsateth ford,--Wife of
Petective tfenry Ford, wha died In this
city yesterday morning, was burled at
lUllaboro' this afternoon. .
t Mrs. Ford was bbrn in Tillamook Coun
ty s years ago, and was the aiurhter
of s, pioneer who, fell fetors ana of the
murderous raids tor'th reasxina.
Mn. Ford'a fmfne.' in cars of Funer
al Director Holmanr wefi sent to Hills
boro in a special car attached to this
morning's regular passenger train on ths
West Side division of the Southern Pa
J. P. Mock Wtthciravis From
Supervisor Hart's Bonds.
jr. M. Mock of trnlverelty Fark appeared
before the Board of County Commission
ers this morning and asked to be relieved
from Road Supervisor. Hart' bond.
Mr. Mock stated that Frank Walker
had promised t gV tin the bond with
him, but had not yet dona so. He seem.
ed to think that, ha nad teen Induced to
teirthbnda feymlstcpresentatieik ana
firitnil region flesuW tolLa reltk
a - m 1 i El .J . k. jl I B i .
The board refused to allow the with
drewal until hnothsr botldsraan could be
seuradY'i I ' .4 '" .fe,.,,;.5-' -fo. j
HrVerad-6t6ck Xystara.
..jnr1 ousters; wgg tins
" T 'i. ' rl" T
The fact that W. Ck, fearc, .General
Manager of the Northern. Paciflo Rail
road has resigned will give color. In
the oolnlon of sema of the members of
th losal railroad" world, to "a slgnKluant
fact. Gossip is always Interesting, wheth
er founded on truth or hot." Speculative
theorising will often do. M well as any.
thing els in dlsousslng" railroad mat
ters:. Sometimes .these rumors come ' re.
markably near to the truth. i
Boiled right down to ths narrowest pos
sibie limit. cerUIn1 ones, see In Mr.
Pearce's resignation, ' cbnilrmaUon of
their belief that Old tlans of President
Jamea . J. Hill regarding' the Northern
Pacific's statu -In Uia'vKorthen Securi
ties company merger, ana assuming deft
njter ahue,., ,M ?,,,,ot
-i;- . . r,i, :, i,, ,,-'
An adjourned meeting, of City Council
Is in session this 1 afternoon. The law.
makers are Considering an ordinance
amendjnjt ths present tew rcgulatlna
plumbing. This matter has been under
trie consideration of ths Conimlttee on
Health and Police for several months, but
no reoort nan been made on It- plumb
ing inspector Hulma Is anxious for ths
plumbing ordinance to be , amended, as
some of the terms IA the law as 'It new
stands ere ambiguous. -
"''t; ff.l L' '.;yv;:rt 'i. ''''
Preferred. ttack-Salmnn.
Canned from Royal Chinook only.
I the only argument advanced
ougnt to ec maae-nouDiy strong. , Material .
hould be the very "best and up-to-4ate, too
,Ours stand vthe test. , They have, been
tried by thousands who always come again.'
Cheviots, Tweeds, Wortteds, Serges
Sailors, Vestee Suits and Double- ,
eseaBssssBSBssssisswssisssaasBBpBBssBBssBsssssBBssBBsso esiessassasasssasssssMsMssssssssssslsssssssssssss
: YoURjREDitP i VT'--'ra ! fJ t A'VAflf:: Iyour credit h
4 We cannot afford to be tinder
sold, We must ell goods to live.
! To. do s so' ve 'must;, make prices,
that are the loirest. Come , just
to gee.' ' t ' .
This is the loir
est pxtbt -we
have ever made
on an Iron bed,
but it is not the
cheapest - bed
that is made. It
it Is our regular $J.2S bed, "We
ant all the people who read this
paper to trade with us. Mention
f he paper and you can get ths bed
?- For $2.65. "
A Few Spruce Chiffoniers
PuU -size, ' J T
while.they '
last; . .
Ash "
Finished in
golden oak
eolof,? f Ash
is aigood
hard wood.
We offer a fine
selection of odd
pieces, frames
mostly Mahog
any finish; all
kinds of cover
ing's. Chair
like the one
$I0--Hair Mattresses-$I0
Buy from the maker . We do not
claiitok6he;cheapest Half
ISIatlsesaes on Tth'i ml ve can!
sell you a better Mattress for;
$10.00 than you cari get any place
rise iui miiii,c.
185-87-89-91 Flfst
Margaret Busby, aged 62, 70 East Blath
North, cerebral trouble.
Harriet, Elisabeth Foard, aged S3, 798
John street, heart failure. vra
Isabella Irene Pummer, Infant daughter
of Matt Pummer and wife, SI North
Twelfth, bronchitis.
William Gillian, aged 75,; 0op Samari
tan Hospital, exhaustion following-
Katherlne Neomeler, aged 65. 170
ttnth street, asthma. -
John K McDevitt, Infant son of John
R. nd Nellie McDevttt, 23 Wdlef.Ti
Harry Mash. 49, Sellwood. lesd poison
inir. ' T
:Ptef TPeterson, aged H 913 Garfield
avenue, pneumonia.
Tfce Edward Holsaam Uadsrtasi
laasr Co- foaeral directors amd ana.
b aimers. 280 TasablU. Phoma 507,
Otto Schumann, monumental and
building work, 204 Third t. Eitl
mates on first class work only.
P. -Ftnley & Sons, Undertakers
and Embalmers. Third and Jefterton
streets, do flrst-clasrs work and daal
honorably with all.
At the Patterson-McCormicK revival St
the Rodney Avenue Christian Church last
evening Mr. Patterson gave a masterly
discourse on "The Faith that saves, - ana
was listened te Wltn ciosesi- anenuon
throughout. Miss McCormicrs- solorf
brought every heart into accord Wltn
the sentiment of the gospel Songs whlcn
jlhe sang. A' list of aubjeots'on whtcH
Evangelist Patterson will discourse- Will
be handed to all who attend this evetr-
Ing-. He will preach tonight on "Hepen
tanc ftnto Life." Miss McUormlcK WU1.
slna- a solo at the owning of lh ser
vice, and also at the close. Hervict be
gin at 7:80 o'clock. ' ' V
J-' ' v.," " ' 1 1. i. 'i ' ' " ""'-v-. ; -' .it .4 -'?!
Evelyn Ar Steel et ukj te Id J' ,
Bohlman Parcel land Ella and '
Everett streets I
tv. T. Scott et . to Clarence flv i
Fanchrr Lots S and , blk l)
Patrvlew ;
Ida M.' Johnson et ax. to George
Rupprecht-loLT lk SB, Central
Alblna K..,....,V..; i
J. P. Menefee and I Menefet t
Clark Hewett-Lot 1 arid part ot
lot blk L Piedmont
R.t VAH. Tltlk lt.iiM,M,.n4 ikifMiitl
io Real Estate from to Title" Guarantee
at Trust Co Chamber of Commerce.
Reasonable Terms
"j We sell, on tasy payments if
you wish. - It costs but a trifle
more to buy that way, than for
cash. Do not be afraid- to ask
lot credit'
At ouMtoe you
can find the great
est number of :
, Dressing
toielectfrom. A
neat , little- .one
like ihe cut, with
French mirror,
made of polished
quartered oik,t&.7 S ; others
Up tq $25.00
To those
who .read
this ad.
this $1.50
sold' for
' (CooHt36bblerse4t; solid oak
Vurld Rocker, $2.75.'
- Un'lr4-
Here Is a .
Special of
more than
There are.
but thts is
our $3,50
Rocker, at
the price of
Vj:'; coiches. :.(
t we make them We sell them'
at reasonable prices; Come and
see wnai you can get tor tiu.uu.
The Barbers' Union of this city Is inves
tigating serious charges against the of-
Octal Board of Barber 'Examiners. The
charges are in the hands of a commit
tee which will probably report at the
taeettng1 nest Tuesday night.
" Barn Howard, president of the board. Is
'absent 'from 'the city and other membrs
of -the1 hoard are reticent, but the affair
li being- discussed with more or less free-
tyjflr-bir the individual member of the
WL V '
i If yeeasged by some. that the board
receltd for an applicant for a certifi
cate 'a larger fee than the law permits.
Should these eharges be sustained the
uniph .will ask Governor fleer to remove
the members of, the board who wtre im
plicated. It la, understood that ths union
as a body Is opposed to the law regulating
the business, and the next Legislature
.will probably be aske dto repeal It.
" Following Is the venire of Grand Jurors
drawn today to appear In the United
Statee tMitrlct Court April 14:
Frank Stilly, farmer, Dayton: VVm. B.
Xaalr.' agent. Astoria; Roy Bartlett, mer
chant, Grant's Pass; Fred A. Bancroft,
railroad freight agent. Portland; A. Hop.
sohf farmer, Melton; Caivin Btcniey, mer
chant, Kewberg: Dennis W. Crowley, cai.
'Hllt. Portland ; Alfred H. Mallbry, drug
gist. Portland; P. I Kennedy, farmer.
Washburn ; A. H. Blakeuy, hotel man,
ftt. Helens r,Wm. H. MeadTretlroad man.
Portland; Wile Hitman, farmer, wells;
Yf: TV. Idvln, merchant, fjarlow; David
I fovey. mawufaeturer. Portland: E. M.
Brannlck. merchant, Portland; J. J. Ka.
deHjfj hardware merchant, Portland; Jess
Crandall, undertaker, The JDalles; Joseph
Pollvka. tailor, Portland: "Frank fltout.
farmer, Caritonr Gustav Bimdn. merchant,
Portland r Ed Hall. Insurance agent, Port
land; Bernard L. Stone, capitalist, Port
land; oeo. b, srnau, eouor, asaaer city;
J.1 L. Savage, farmer, Worth Powder; J.
R. Braver, carpente)m Oregon City; Ben
I.: Cohert, banker,' Portland; wm. ve Ha
ven; miller, Sheridan; J. Jfct- Carmicnaei.
itrmer, Lexington; Ktnara crow, tarns
er. junction CUjel Wlrt.Laugniin, termer,
JJortft TamhilL ' "
The pollee have started another . cry-
tads against bicycle scorchers. Archie
Hooker will have to. answer a eharge In
the Pollee Court for scOrtntng. He was
arrested by Officer Chlldera
-flffY CENTS
lhareiKWnlr4 sy towM aioney af
No. I Cranlte Sane Pais .
1 Royal steel
ware, 20c
No 20, :
same, 30c.
No. 18 Granite1
Sauce ketti..'
Royal steel en
amel ware 23c
- Noj,jtame, 5:
We Handle
the product ' o seVeral foundries.
The celebrated "BUCKS, and the
theap BEtLEYlLLE'llne, also the
A gbod'6-ole Cisi. range, 22-inch
late pattertl "auareHjven ; our guar
antee with each, "
Those who want A food Stove
smaller slse we cansupply at
Met List
T i yiii c
.35 ctsJ
50 cts
.65 cts
.75 cts
Half-tool Carpu.....k
All-wool Carpets. a..,,..
Best All-wobl Carpetr..
rrs ititrkWWW. wl '" at
. The season Is, nearly over. We
have reduced the price on all Lamps
excepting ihe very cheapest ones t
There l t present One saloon at East
TwentyAraf and Powell streets. At one
time. there we;riwe 'sajoons there, but
one of ihent Went out of business.
An application J te he presented to the
City Council for a Ucenss for a new sa
loon Irt the huildlng formerly used for
that purpoaei and In opposition to this
wU be presented a largely signed peti
tion hrsylhr that Jiuoh license be not
granted, 'c... r f,
Mrs. pkpttlfl Kerns' presented this re
monstrance tooths Clinton Kelly Board
of Trade last night, end It was signed
by a)t hut two; ot those present.
The pefsotl oonduatlng the present place
keeps what I known as fen orderly, law
abiding saloon. where, minors are prohib
ited from; drinking Or. loitering about,
and It Is not so greatly objected to.
she Had Nd License.
Captain "Bob" Ilolman. got "up against
It" this morilng whsh am Arabian wo
man Wasblbught before hf mto oe bootced
on a charge of peddtinf without a li
censee -
"What'iur nllms, jaadamr- tie asxea.
Nothir.fV'hut a, blank sure rewarded tne
official. -
The, genial blueooat tried an Ms per-1
suasive Dowers, ' for hlc" "e is noteo,
but In the end was compelled to boon
the woiaan simply ''Arabian woman."
The woman has ten peddling notions
on the street for some time, but neglected
to take 4tit a license.
It Is not known whether sne can speak
much English or not, but it is suspectod
that . ehe is. nhxmmln'wltn a view to
pleading1 Ignorance of th city ordinances
when she gels lnte court, -
jlii f i i.,
.'tJournal feptclal Service.) "
" atTGSNsV March jWVlncent Btraub,
son or Pfore4sr Btraub, of the Oregon
State University, Hied 'At 1:18 this mom.
log while sittlrif In a chair. Bfls death
was unexpected and was a great shock
te h family and friends.
After dtspttsing of two 0 three miner
matters rl' the 8tU Circuit Court this
mornlnf. Prtsldinf Judge Fraser adjourn
ed further proeeedlbfs udtil next Mon
day. JUdgfea-Qeorge., Sears and Cleland
did not appear on the bench. a ' '
There, U. an, almost; .unprecedented
dearth ol legal business being transacted
In the courts et this time. Uo Jury, trials
have beeb had for two weeks ,and none
will occur tilt April. A good share of the
work U et parte, ' , , 4 .. iw
1 y 1
ii'jr4 ill I
Our big store Is J00 ft. squire,
three stones and basement all
full of up-to-date goods. If jrou
want to furnish we can' sell you
everything you want ? i
Cutlery, .
Are here at price!
that are right.
SET. . :
6 knives and 6 forks,
$2.50 -
Thi cut shows
oneof our best
values In
f Prtcetf Clock
Good time-
"keeper, neat
brass frame,
Price $10 -
Handsomely up
holstered v SPRING-SEAT
Solid oak frame,
.finely polished,
regular value $9,
special price, '
. Come and see an English 10
piece, decorated porcelain Set.
worth $6.50, for ", ' '
$4.50., '
Do not buy It t you do noi
want it. . . v;J , .
........ i j-j r"vr t"r-ir-j -m
We make them. - We know
what we put in them; and. Te Till
tell you truly 4ht rod Are buy
Good Pair Feather Pjllows, $2.00,
finsfvi'mt"--; .Arts
-y Hs removed to
343 1-3 Washington Street
' , corner Seventh,
Where ; He ivjll be pleased to meet i
Ms friends and patrons.
Oregon Phone 2191 , ReWeace Phone Pink 57
Our pretty window. See the class of merchandise we carry compere our
prices with others, who handle Inferior goods you'll be surprised to see how
many times our prices are low then others, notwithstanding the difference in
quality. --".JOHN.AI.LESINA
TWO STORES. ZM Washington Bt , near Woodard, Clarke A Co.: SOS Morrl-'
-: gjJjerMejfj' Frank Cp. ,..-;..;..:. ti
Oil i tlfll!
That sturdy old-timer and well known
citizen, Richard 8. Perkins, is very 111 et
his home 655 Flanders street,' and It Is
not likely that he will ever again mingle
with his many friends and associates of
the busy world. ' , ' ' .
Mr. Perkins, who ia ft year f age, was
taken sick about six months ago, and has
been confined to but home most of the
time since. HJs affliction Is. a geperal
breaking down of a, Vonetltutlon once as
robust, almost, aa a lion ths natural col
lapse of mas abo has led a life of al
most unexampled activity, :
Mr. Perkins. In the early days, made a
fortune Irv the stock business, for many
years looking after hie Hooka and herds
himself. Few western stockmen are bet
ever all the vast -domain ot Montana,
over al Ithe vast "Bomain of Montana,
Warning, Idaho, Washington and Ore-Sen-r-
Retiring frem the Stodk business a,dos
en rears ago, Mr. Perkins erected the
splendid hotel .that bears his name.
When the panic came he,'witV hundreds
of ethers, found" hlmeelf vnehl Uf realise
on. property he owned la Various parts of
the city, and in oonaeduence lost the ho
tel and 'several place of turn land of
greet value in former years. . Frem the
wreck, however he saved enough to keep
bfm comfortably, the . test : of Ms days
among vs. He has heen one of the rug
ged, enterprising men of his day.
The Unitarian Church It being thor
pughly repaired- New windows are now
being put In and after Easter the tnlnt
Ing; of the building will be complt? ud.
. We employ , 'only first class
salesmen They axe not ' persist
ent. You are free to come and
go. . You will receive the same
respectful attention whether you
buy or not. ' .'. V
Our Stock of
Is absolutely the most attractive
in the city to the buyer of modest
means, It Is our constant effort
to give the best values. J The
above is a staple bed, brajtsrod,
head and foot. The foot end "4s
curved out what we calf a swell
foot. We have them in colors,
white, olive, red and cream color.
(. Mirror, r
" SweU-- i
Golden ' i
. Finish
The very lat
est desiga,
Lace Curtains, pair ..,......$1,00
Sheets, per pair 1.2Q
Pillow Cases, per palr....... 30c
Pprtieres, per pair....'..,. 2.25
Window Shades, each. '40c
Door Mats, each ,..'.:.4.,..;. 40c
We Guarantee these
Remedies ,
If you are suffering- with rheumatism
get one bottle of La-Caa-Ka and Snake ;
OH Liniment and If It does not benefit
you return the bottles and your money
Is refunded. At all druggist at fide each.
Yucca Boot Balve wiirVfetr the most
Obstinate eases of skin disease's, boils anil
carbuncles. It Is a sure speclno cure for
pile. Try a box. Only Ma t all drug-'
A bie bottle of the t3ret Yaqu!
Cough Cure never fall to cure the wont
severe cough or cold. Stops It In vna
dose. The only 'sure remedy known for
croup and whooping cough. At elf dn-
gisu. , ' .,- - .'.
It your druggist docs not have a,f dt
these, remedies on hand ecwa'fo h'd
quarters,- , .
i .- 42t Washington street. .
JJ L. Jill. U
California Butter, . - CO end t'j
Best ereamery
Pull cream cheise
Cwlns rtipfsc
Llinburuor. esch ...
5-11) pml lurd, .r .
Wlb l"'l 1. !. ..r .
LA lu.A.i . C
Jmi..'.'n'M?'.v)i t.-Js .