Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, March 03, 1892, Image 1

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    Tho-l'apcr for the Stock
hum, Jorehanl and
Volume AY7'.
a-LYVO.V CITY, Glt.'hYT COUNTY. OH EG OA', Til UHSDA J '. . !.- h'Cll .V. YS.9if.
Number oO.
The Paper for the Fwm,
the Workshop and the .,
i a ronffMMtrJ eitritt of rUmparlUi,
"" 8t liotk. 11pjic:i, Juniper IWrrlri,
irakr, DiinUllon, ana Mhrr taliublo
tiWo rciHrdlfi, mjr lncrntknt txttn
jr purr, and the brit u( IU kind l it
jM to buy.
irrprrd hy tborfttiRlily competent Vh
JW tt. In tin romt nrrful minntr, If
l5 jculUr Combination, lrupnrtleti and
l'roceu, citing tu It cutallie power
To Itself
II will cure, nhen In tbo porr r of mcdltlns,
HcmfuU, Salt ltlifiim, ltl.l lVltotilnj,
Canccroui ami all llumnri. Malula,
Dyspepsia, llllliHimrji. Slrk llradaebo,
CaUrtli, Minimalism, and all dlfflculUcJ
with Hie Urrr ami Klilnrjrs.
It overcomes: That Tltcd Frellne. Off ate i an
Jtptelltr, and girts Ereat mrnul, lierte,
t-oIlIr, and illRcillto strength.
HcKMl't Harsaparllla l sold hr all itrticglits.
Hi tlx for fx. Troparrd only hy I. Hood
ft Co., Apothecaries, Iwcll. Man.
N. 11. If youtlrrldo to tako Hood's rUrsapv
rllla da not be Induced to bujr any other.
IOO Doses
One Dollar
Take Notice.
1 is to w;
'5? or rotm
,mrny lanil.
tarn nil itersons from
removing wood or timber
and. or drivinc thrntioh
MM Mflllll. Wlllionl till- IM.f-ttllliQIIIM
Anyone violating, will bo prosecuted.
(ii:itllAIIi Topkkn.
Canyon City, Or., Feb. If. 1S!)'J.
Three yonrlingH; ouu stoor with
xvmio iaco, one red lienor and one
light rod muloy heifer, brnnded 07
on right hip and hwhIIow fork in
right ear. I'artioH inforiniiiK mo of
their wherenboutH will bo p.dd for
troublu. 11 O. Stas-h:i.l,
Canyon City, Or.
rCiraill !,
for of tho
oaseil. i
claims nguinxt '
liorebv notified i
iriHiont them to me, I
rbor vonclierH therefor,
5ck, (!rant eouuty, Oregon, I
Hix inontlis from the dato uf ;
notice. ,
Uiven under mv nnutl ami datol
this l'.hh day of Feb., lKii'l j
John V. Mautiv, i
Adiiiiiiislnitor of tho estate of John
Lakoy, deeraHod. :
Ih.1 oi!lr &t Hum. Orrtfun
lb JJ. iwf
Notlc ! Utitby stn iUi tli fullowtn.'.tiMiacU
Mlllvr li.. flle.1 iioik uf lit. mttittlMi tu iiiakit
lliul pl.aif III Ult 'of lilt Claim, lltd llol l.l
IToof nlll lir nu.1. Iirluf. tlx Counl) Cl.ik r
ilr.nt Couiitjr, aliamuii ear, Orvemi, un April
V, IU'!, vli.- JOHN' Illlliiil-IIIIKU ll-.l S'i.
71l. fur llw S.'nr NVirn.l Sr, SK iir hrt. II
ml SW nr NW ,,r H. is, Tp IS , It Jo K W II.
jWt r.AlMC. Ilm lullimtiip lo prui. til.
iwiiiuuvi. ir.iuini' Hmim Bliu rillllV.llOH VI
of IJ l.n.l. tic, John
JaclMn L'timiiWri, Jaunt Luflun, all l Cu)mi
Cltv, Orruu.
J. II. IIUNUMiTO.V, llf.-l.ur
Notico is horiw' tlm
uiulorsigiioj tkuiit-
oil hy ' J
- J
So Anxiously Concerned ?
The prestige of the Royal Baking Powder and
its constant success are matters of anxious coin
cern to envious competitors.
It is noted that advertisements of other baking"
powders are filled with spleen, malice and mis
representation against the Royal, more than with
u'cst claims as to their..ovn goods.
the Royal Baking Powder makes finer,
'-,wectcr, more wholesome cookery, the
yi ' have tried other kinds arc willing to
, ' '-tell their neighbors; this fact is a
. )rn to all competitors.
?b quality of the Royal Baking.Pow-
ul above all other kinds, is never so
when tried in
wilt rf
a roRKioN scoukob.
While Chniriimn Stump, of the
house immigration committee, in
congratulating the country tlmtonlv
ono-tonth or one jht cent of inimt-
grants last year wore foun.l ho ob-
iectionable that they were refused
admiyiou to this eount-v, tho hm'
pie of New 'ork are almost in a
panic because of the throatoned
epidemic of tnalignant typhus fever
brought over by those i o'. found
olyectionablo. kiRhty-niiie caNon of
thin highly conttiotiH diea? have
develoed atnont; tho Uu.nian He
brows who woro jiaseiif;erri on the
ntfamor MeFnilia, and there in pravo that it will cproad to the thick
ly populated sections of the city nnd
become epidemic. Eleven yearn
ago thero was a similar outbreak of
the dixenfo among immigrniits, and
in oti.S CMC there were UK) deaths,
showing mortality of xir cent.
This is a phase of the immigration
pieslion tnnt has received too little
attention. Our scourges of disease
are brought to us from abroad.
Born in countries where famine,
ignorance, filth and ixTcoiial tin-
cleanliness nurso it to life ami give
it tho strength to attack thoje whoso
i manner of living would give it no
chance to develop among them, the
plague of cortagiuus disease in
drought to us by those who bring us
little else. A menace to our health,
as well as to our jwlitical, social, in
dustrial and moral life, these swaru.s
of tho lower stratum of KtiroH are
highly objectionable, even if the
authorities are not able to pronounce
them so under our present immi
gration laws. The fact that under
the laws now in force so few were
turned back, while so many were
undesirable in every particular, i
the strongest argument that could
bo advanced for new legislation on
this subject.
We have paid a great deal of at
tention to the Chinese, aniljnst now
the subject of extending Hie restric
tion law for another oriod of ton
years is before congress, but we
Quality in smokiii"; tobacco
depends on the peculiar and
correct .selection of best
varieties of leaf tobacco, and a
proper knowledge of manufac
ture. iMastifl ring Cut is
the result of thirty years'
J. 11. 1'iuv TuUuxxi ('., Itk'tiiuond, VlrnlnU.
comparison. It has
not deteriorate with
vry as
have done little to avert tho
er evil that threatens us from across
the Atlantic. While wo are kvp
ing out a few thousand Chinos,
hundreds of thousand. of the dreg
f Europe are swarming into thH
j country. Tho Mongolian in e.xelud-
ed from citUenship, hut the rituen
of European birth, who cannot read
his ballot nor understand what ho
is voting for, unless it W for money
h a too frtxpient sight at the polls.
Our great cities aro hot IhmU of
Hlitical corruption, owing chiolly
to the groat mass of ignorant and
vernal voters of foreign birth w ho
are used by Nlitical manipulators
and Ihjsscs to give them absolttto
control of the government machin
ery. Living in squalor, tilth and
ignorance, tilling our jails, alms
houses, asylums, brooding con
tagious diseases, supplying a vast
corruptuhlo and corrupting element
in our K)litical life, degrading our
laltor nnd lowering the average
standard of intelligence and "moral
ity, these EuroHan swarms con
stitute a most, undesirable and
highly objectionable portion of our
population, and any law that ad
mits them to this country, and,
nfUT being hero, to premature
citizenship, is inadequate, and needs
in lical amendments. Oregonian.
The astronomers all over the
world nrr just at present watching
with much interest a very large sun
sjKit, or rathor cluster of sjmts,
which are so largo and so distinct
that they may hi quite plainly sevn
by the naked eve, protected" with
smoked glass. The suit is oval in
form, with n greater diameter of
alMiut iOO.IXX) miles nnd rUl for its
smaller. It iwcupies, in itf loncer
measurement, about one-sovonth of
tho sun's diameter or a HiiHrlicial
area aliout nine times as large as
that of the earth, s hemisphere.
I'rof. Wendell, of Cambridge, if we
aro not mistaken, says: "It is the
most magnificent display of the
kind which has been seen during
the last '-') years. It ill bo im
mediately followed by a magnetic
disturbance on the earth, and we
may expect a violent storm some
where on our surface lmfore long.
The H-riod of solar disturbance, ten
yrari apart, will return next year.
The i-fleets on earth will begin to
be inamfent this summer, nnd the
.itiunshi'ric disturbances will in
i mist- in intensity for tho next two
months During this j k! riotl there
will ! an abnormal increase in tho
imiiiHT ami in'.e n.i'.y o! tin; cy
I'lmit'S." - . -
Tin1 Corvallis (iiuette speaks
glowingly of Oregon jK-ars, and at
tho same time sHaks truthfully
when it nays: "They grow apples
everywhere, very nearly, but they
can't grow such jH-ars as Oregon
does anywhere else in North Ameri
ca. Eastern Martlets aro small and
inferior compared to ours. Last
summer the people of Helena had
their flml taste of Oregon llartletts
and they declared they never before
kntjw what a Itartlelt pear was.
They had for years back had ISart
lott jH'itrs from California, you see!"
A case of Kculiar interest to
btockmoii of Oregon and Washing
ton is that of E. 1. Junor vs. Owy
hee county, Idaho. Juner paid
taxes on sfieep in Malheur county,
Or., and soon after drove tho ani
mals across the line into Idaho,
wliero he was again eomiKdled to
nay taxes under section l i'.'ii of the
laws of tho Idaho legislature of
ISUU-tM. Junor's attorney holds
that the section is void and that
Juner having paid taxes on the
she.iji in Oregon cannot bo roasjwss
ed in Idaho.
The Dalles Chronicle says the
county court of (iilliam county, on
tho ground of economy, has rofum'd
to provide silling booths, as pre
scribed by the now election law. As
Wasco county is jointly interested
with (iilliam in tho election of con
gruiiiman, circuit judge, prosecuting
attorney, state senator, and a mem
ber of tho board of equalization, the
Chronicle suggests that tho (iilliam
county court bo cotnxdled to olroy
the law. If it don't, it may find
itst If in trouble.
Homo charitably inclined cnplc
in Eugene made up a purse for a
man and woman who hud stranded
in that city. The man was seen
treating to drinks in a saloon, mid
how the iM'onle who contributed to
thifl-opuienco nro not nearly so
charitably inclined.
' St. Tutor Whonrovou? Annli-
vid An huinbloToxas rain-makor.
You'd bettor apply
Thoy'vo boon com-
Jluiro ovor since
Wasuinutox, D. C. Feb. 20, I Still.
ElllTOK ( i KANT Co Nkws: All
alniard for Chicago and the world's
fair! 1 his evening a cihmIIv ihir
tion of congress, accompanied bv
their wive, sisters, cousins and
aunt, ami a mnnier ol newspaer
men start for ( liioago, uxn the in
vitatlon of the wot hi s fHtr coinui'
I ih of that city, to for thetniielves
what preparations are Immiik made
for the great extNHiitioit of next year
It will 1kj pimply a jolly picnic for
toe great mijoruy. mil tnero nro
low sharp oven along that will not
1k dimmed bv champagne am
Havana cigars, which will seek for
stern facts, without prejudice for or
against the management of the
world's fair.
Tho republicans of tho house
practically have the fate of the frc
coinage bill in their hands. That
seem a queer statement, in view of
the fact that the democrats are
more than two-thirds of that Iwxlv
but it is nevertheless strictly trin
as matters stand at this writine
A big majority of the democrats
favor the bill, and hnve signed
ix'titiou to the committee on rules
asking that a date lie net for it con
sidcratiou, but the democratic
minority is relcntlcs in it ojiKsi
tinti, ami hy a count ol noses it lias
discovered that it may U defeated
outright if the republicans will vote
with them against it, or it may
defeated by filhbustcring, if tho
publicans will join with them
not voting, thus breaking a quorum
whenever the attempt is made t
get it I m' lore the house, and, it i
said, that negotiations aro tmde
way hetween the anti-silver demo
crats and the republicans looking
to such a bargain. There aro some
republicans who will not join them
as they intend voting for tho bill
hut how many is not known.
The senate finance committee hns
reorted adversely on the bill pro
viiliug for an income tax to 1)0 ap
plied to tho payment of jM-nsions
etc , on the ground tiiat such leg!
lation cannot constitutionally lie
originated by the senate. Several
similar hills are in the hands of i
house committee, where no cousti
tutional obstacle prevents action on
Ueproentative Morse, of Mns
thinks the interstate commerce law
is one of the thing that ought to go
and he has introduced a lull for its
The proceedings of tho Itehring
sea commission, now sitting in tln
city, are, of course sn ret, but there
is always a tiny leak through which
news escapes, and the news which
has escatM'd is not altogether favor
able to tho satisfactory settlement
of tho questions which are to he
arbitrated, owing it) the failure of
tho commissioners to agree as to the
cause of the decrease in tho number
of fur-bearing animals. Thero have
loen some billy rumors to tho effect
that the Hrilish commissioner nro
intentionally delaying an agreement
so as to give the I auadiau sealers a
chance to get into liehring sea at
the expiration of tho teuiirornrv
agreement, befoio another one is
made, hut noun of our ollicials ho
Move them.
Senator Tiigh, of Alabama, pro
diets Hill and (iray aa tho demo
cratic national ticket.
The last statu dinner of the wa
son was given at the White House
this week, to the supremo court.
The senate and house committees
on agriculture have an opHjrtunily
to show in their action U)M)ii the
anti-option bills hvfnro them,
whether the fanner's alliance, back
ed by the agricultural nouses of the
country and many jsople in cities
who are morally oposed to iqiecu
lating in grain, etc , believing it to
be gambling, are more inlliicntinl
with them than the grain mid stock
brokers from the big cities, who are
here in droves ss iling their money
liberally to defeat the hill. All (if
the hearings; for and against the
idea, have almiit Ik'cii completed,
and reNrts from the committees
may bo expected in a few days.
Tho farmer's alliance mumlmrs of
tho house hy a vigorous pro tent and
demand of their right to debate tin
Dill prevented tlm Indian appropri
ation hill being railroaded through
tho house.
Itepresentative Livingston, of
Georgia, oll'ered tin- following reso
lution and asked unanimous con
sent for its consideration, hut Hep
rucoiitativu Taylor, of Illinois,
objected: "III view of the uiirokt
mid extremely distrcMcd condition
of tho luasfcos of tho jicoplo in this
country ami their eager inquiry as
to tho policy of this Tiousu towards
tho people, resolves I that wa extoml
to t hunt our ainwire svmisithy ami
prtmiis to do all in our jMjwer for
relief on the line of improved finan
ces and reduced taxation."
A joint resolution for the investi
cation of the recent introduction of
v i typhus fever into New York and
I llnmklvn by Kussiau Hebrews, il
legally admitted, has been passed.
1 lie iiotise Lommittcco to investi,-
gate tho "sweating system" of labor .
is getting mm n to worK, ami expects
to liegin hearings in about ten days.
Tho house committee on lalnir
hns nskel for authority to make an
investigation before res)rting on
any of the many bills which have
Ikhmi referred to it.
It is not to Ihi wondered at that
the uututoreil rtHlskins indulge oc
casionally in a wild inessiah crane,
when white xoplo, who lay claim
to a certain amount of oiviluation
and education, are continually
freaking out into wild fanaticisms
of religioiirt fervor. Tho latest case
in point comes from Iowa. A bain)
has just U'on horn and is bailed by
an excitable sect of Free Methodists
as the new Messiah. The iK'ople
have gone w ild, and their series of
"shouting" revivals eclipse the ghost
lances of the Cmatillas, recently
sHikon of by Mr. Eddy. E. O.
dispatch from Cadi, Ohio,
says: deorge Wright, ol t'nio
alley, Oregon, arrived in town
yesterday morning to call on an
"unknown corresiKindeiit," who
proved to he a preM)ssesniug and
romantic girl named Ida (ircen.
His most sanguine expectations
were realized. As he was passing
fair ami had brought with him sat
isfactory proofs that ho was the
nourishing owner of a KHMI-acre
stock farm, the young lady accepted
his protosals. Last night Mr. and
Mrs. Wright departed for their
Western home.
The persecution of the Jews in
Russia cannot he as bad as it is
pictured, or hundreds of refugees
would not he beseigiug tho Utissian
!onsul in Now l ork for passage
back. They claim that they can
not make a living in this I'uited
Staies, but if they cannot earn a
livelihood in this free ami enliehten-
d repiihlie, how lo they exH'ct to
lo it in that fainino-strickeii coun
There are between and 10,-
(XM) hills before congress, but so far
as the public is informed only the
I oari I lulls of the iiieiiioers are ho-
ing pushed. This is perhaps all
that can reasonably In) expected of
a congress that went in with a
wild whoop for reform. I ho broth-
rertUrytirsted too much to warrant
the hAMi that they would accoiu-
lish anything. Oregonian.
U...-I l.i I, .1,.,..
i'ir.i-- hns Ik-cii eolneil
I - L .11.11. ( l -.llll.lllilll. It
i. i v i i N.i;nl.y liiinilres
nfti i Hi - li i ilu-i:il st iiiilini of .lulitl
Sci.lli lohn SmiiU'.1" miiii. ImhIv imi
repli -a. "nil, ho Is 'a whorvui. '" '1'hu
l: !-,.! is i i I'nmiiiiin iim'. A ulrinier
It iiol 'a li-urnlmr tho im-uiilii. "A
v here i ." is ,i mini ho hux had n plogo
of pr..iK-rt.v Mild out hy the nherilf to
sntmfv a iiiurtgauo. One can remllly
trace tho ilei'iviition by thinkini; fur a
iiinineiit of tlie form In which kherilfK'
miIok nro iiilvortUcd. "Whereun, .lnhn
Smith, hy liU certain deed of IruM,"
and mi on mid mi on. That in tho wny liiformiitiiin ktarto olf, nnd
that is why John Smith Is called "r.
i hoioiik.
Itov Avn yonm old Moo.1 with
father in Uio dimr-yiinl liKilclnir nl the
liuxill mid MsiUo of Il lirltrliln..
Yok." hhIiI hik fiithor. "It Inn, nut U'on
m) hrlghi fur Mime time.' "Piqxi," Mild
tho little follow, "I irnekh (Iml's wnkhiul
tho iihmii, hatu't her1 I!uelu.l..r l'..i.
A To:k. (IChii.) K'Irl refiikoi to mar
ry h limn who had for a Iiociim., lo-
cans.- her futlier wu Iihi old l.i su m i r t
Mili-lli-lnw, ami tho tfirl liei-M-lf ImiiI
list much M-iike to ohllifnto hurkelf to
iiiirl ii IiiisIkoiiI.
Tiik hrldnl veil (irhrlimleil In tho run-
torn of 'i-foriiiingtlio iniitial eoreiinmy
under a M mire pieoo of olulh, livid out
tho hrldo and trroom to coiiceul tho
lilkhok .if the laltor. At the tnnrriULfu
of a widow it wa dlkS'UM'd with.
Ai.wavs forgive yonr onetiilok - ekiM-
dally thoko you can't whip.
SttMij men are liorn jrroat nnd trrow
Mimllor every day of their liven.
An im mm proudly coiim-Iuii that h
never mmln n inlktiihe In liU iHiylnxHl.
Man llndk ifouiiiue dlninnutU hi na
ture. The toko oiuui ho uinUiU him
Tin: Individual whn entertalim
tliouirlit wouldn't always like a acinic
tmr to kOO lllk mlOkt.
Win N a iiihii ilisoovcrs Ids nclirlilxirs
lovoid of vlrtuok never pofcM'kkml hy
hilUM'lf he U klHH'kiNl.
It U rut In-r dtkoourneiiiL' to n liinu to
li forced to wait until lie Is dead to ills.
cover that ho U n i;il deal of a follow.
Tilt: world iiwm tin nil a living, yet no
mail cau collect tlie dohl tiulow. ho pulls
ulf UU eont and taliuH It from the
worhl'k hldo. ; , - --
Our Tlntio xt.l ll.nltr. nt ,jr s,. I, Iter.
tUriilit rtii-t.. Iiolttr. Mi.mIIi,
Miifli li.n Iwii written nlmt the
iramlilmt; i.i.lelir. il In j tin) nirinlK'rx
of the r.-altir nriuy, liul uiilHxtv- m
liH lie li.m sK'nt MUiui tliao w i!li the
ij I.lii-r !my. m the weste-n frunllor
wimlil I.. Iii-vr that tho italtk wt'r M)
Inr.i or the iraniet mi lusting n they
nr-. As mtii-h a otio t)iiinnilil iliillnrn
t u ..iiiciime Ut en a Uml. mi.l thi.t
' !v r, who have nilv their iwi.r
, iram''!-- w tit, whleh U hut twvliv ilnh
Xar'a 'i l i' "iiUhUv Naturally
i the iii.".tl.i i nrl": How can thoy Iwt
thiiii I . on a hiinil oa a capital of
twelve il..:hn '.'
An ..l.l viMror who U Hnnntiontly
locate.) in t'lUolty ami w honr.nt many
! yenrs mi fnmtior, explain. -.1 tho
j inntlor ti mo. Suhl he: "On the llrst
if cm-1 1 month the hoys nro paid olf, i
iiiul without ilehiv the onnU nio pfo- j then huhl Uio spihiu iiirlht l i 111 eon
iluoe.l Hit.t (ilay U lngtiu. Si p!ay-in i tor of Uio i-ni. If tho '" i at
will taUe imrt In eai-li imino, nnd oa I trai-to.l to tho mi,iii ami clui-fi to It, ho
will freou.-ntly wo on pay dnv n wlon
n'iiui'lit illviiled up Into pal ties
eiifc'a ;! In playing drinvp iUer. 't he
If.iin.' w ill l ,it llrst for small Klr4ox,
and n . each Ulan Voon hroho' ho drops
out of tlie e.ituo. A iiothitr InUes lilt plneo,
nut I dually tho entiro wnOs of the
iv'inu-nt Is In tho hands of ' lm nue
mail nt ouch tnhlo. Thou tho winners, nl
each lahlo uinlto iqi other games and
they play for larger stalios.
'I'mully, ierliiips six i r seven of tho
liesl uml tiu'liiest ihiyors III tho roul
tneiil will hiixc all the money, and then
they w ill IhikIii lo (liny, while the oth
ers hIhum' iniuioy It lost w ill sit hy nnd
wiitoh tho tf.iuic. I luivo hicnvii olio
uiiiii In it n'tfiuioiit to have within three
tlnyk of ay d.iy all the w nuos of all tho
iih-ii In tho reliiieiiL When there an no
more Holds to ooniiier ill the roliueiit
the iiiniie. ed men wilt tuko n wnirnii
uml ilrhe to tho nearest town, there to
iitich up' iiK'idnst fnro or sonio eiiinlly
eiitleln' game. Somotliucti they u ill
hrenh tho intuit,' and thou thcro will
Is' rcJuUiujf In camp, hut In tho olid
the profokkitimil iru mliler will f.-t ull
tho imuiuy. This thing Is repented
month after month.
"The MilJlor hns ao oxciim-h, tlie
gntoruiueut Miin)rtlni,' him. uml ho
uniiuol hH'iid hit money in uuy other
way, mi ho plays. It a way.
The plnylnif cards nsisl nro an
iutorostiui; featuro of tho irame. It It
dillk'tilt to irooure now curds, and
those they have are Ireie.ineil up mi. I
well liiiihod after. Thoy are ifronsy,
torn and i;e!iornlly dilupiihtted, hut
each jdnyor Idiow-h tho '11111111011' o.irdn,
so nil have an oven olutueo."-N. V
I'ulll IM-II Hie Arl.lm r.illr Cllipi.i Se.oii
I) lltrreili'il till. Ur.Mll.lir 1. 1. nil.
Sir William l'rnsor, In Id rendu-Iseem-es
uf l.unl lloaooutllel I. h I o
ensluii to c.iinutoiil oil the 11.11 ruwuo-oi
of the limit 1 which ciri'iiiutci'.bi'd fash
loniihlo MM-iety a Irene rnlhui or mi ago.
IV..II1 1.S7 I.. r-TU. In- mitx, i.oli.loll
doty con .istod ( Imm three liundred
lo live 1 linn. lull perMins. These
wore the intmiuh to U loot nt tho liest
IniIIk and evening pari leu. The
clinrineil circle wns gmirduil from the
liitrnsloti of ontklilers with tho uiniiist
Jealousy. k "l.vorjono knew evi ryumvj
else, at lean ny Mgni; nun you met lln s,mu oinniuonU woro known to tho
snmo ixirlnon, night after night for ' Jeue. of tha oile I'.oklol, xrl , Vi
threo iiionlhs." j ..,,i t m , u ,,,, ,.. lltK,. ..
Itooont dUehmirot havo iniulo It mid Ikiiluh ill.. 'Jl: "The rlnu. nn.1 1......
clear, if ileimmhtnitlon wiih neisleil,
thill 110 such exclusive fiuihlumihlo
cli. pie exists now, or, if ll klill exists,
that it no lunger enjoys lu old pissli:;v.
SiM-ial distinction lo uni a phr.iso
which, however cluumy, n.-v.-rtlielesi
has it prccim. lucamug may Ihi achieved
hy almost niiyouo w ho euro to purso
ll, provided ho or kho luakon prop -r use
of Mime p.ii-Miuiil and Houllar iiiulltl
cntlon. Any kiuglo ipiHlillciitiou, uod
tho right. tyny.w ill siilllec: uuuo i- liii'r
iitlvo. where
there is wealth; the luck Ixith of I .reed
ing and inonoy may ho couiH-iikatiMl
hy good liHiks or iinpudcnco.
Mrs. PniiMinhy do Toiupkvns may ho
fiunillnr with dnchckM's. Sir lieurglus
Mldns may ontorUiu tho highest In the
laud without ollhrr of them kiilfcrlng
the nITrouts or exciting the ridicule
which Mr. Punch lirut Imnlne.l skV
cicty, which wiik oinw a clique, has
now iKVome a cniwd, and u highly
mixed crowd. In which may ho mot nil
Mill nnd ooiiilltloiik of men and
women. Tudor the present ill!onui
tlua tin) privih'gok unco iuolinmlliml
hy rank nnd hlrth ore now within tho
roach of H'rou with neither Soiuii
pi'uplu are admitted only liocauso thoy
are rich, other U'cause they nro talked
filxnil; other, only, UH-ainto they nro hi
a way amusing- Chicago Herald. I
.In .xiii't-iliite uf I, mil. Will, '
1 111 iiuilieilkive inonur. 11 l.HiM uc'lilt.
nut uue inuri.lng. 1 lien nw miulsiurs
iiiIImI ukiii him. i
"Uoll." kintl the king, "how aro tho .
puhlli! uirain.'.'" 1
"Hotting along vary nicely. lro." ,
mid the ndnlktors.
"limn! In Unit rnv-," inltl the king, !
"I think I will liuiysl lake u w .lk."
Next inoruilnf-lifler hr.-ul,:a-.l tho
ni illinium chmtii Htfiini tirn, nnv iio
tho pijU'Mi a I fa Irs got on to-day?" rwkisl
tlio king.
"Very (sully Indeed, klro," kuld tlio
"II 11111!" exclalmod the king, "In that
cnM, 1 think I will go uml tuko n
walk!" 1
Next day 110 ministers called on tlio
king. 1
"What hns ioomo of my ministry?"
said tho king, after hreukfal. 1
"Hire," Mild tho palace funothinary
who tva hi alteinlaiio). "imrtlninont
has turned out the inlnUtry."
"Ah!" said tho hliigt "thou It's thoy
w ho have tukuii u walk thU time, chV'i
Yolith' Compaiilvu.
Siiiiililnc Cmli'lc Miimlit l.r-aril All Their
l,i.,iiiti liy llr-.trt.
lien, nro u few ol.l Mii.M UltlniH re
tranlniK' the ever-frlenilly oiqi that
ch.'i'it: If while tlm ton li lniiig
iicvli' uml the llil, which h:m boon re
in, ive.l to Hiar In the u'alj'r, Is fniynt.
ton, it U a sure sign that miiiiu one wilt
"ilrHi In to ton.''
Ifnnlniflo Mrwia hnon to hnvc
tuHSHni in Ills or hor N
n luv.lli tliiii that tho forlnnale (or mi-fiirmi.-it'-?!
ilrinUor of that p.u tioutnr
ii mil Iko ni.irrloil wllhlti a year from
i Uml il.ito.
If ymi put eronm In your cap hofnra
the mi.mi It wilt "oro.i your loiro,"
Iw Very rnrofnl. '
If i tea t.ilU In tha onji. It I
ralle.l n "Ih-iiu" uiiil' .fTfon llu kVxn
tiniii.irrie'l wimvrSti icJi tlr t'lelr Ut
very tin eUlr mfin I all I r in i I, anil
will Iki fciirj to e.ill very sliorily. If not
that inuiii eiroiiiii hut if the ktulU
I'm' lt Uio 1. tlo of the cup ho will nut
is ime.
i:ainlno tlie ton lonvot In your cup
If yon iro pleh.iiui onoti fh to hoil tour
tea tiisto.t.l of ; ll In I't r -II.hmI
nnd d.ilnly f.ishloii, for a hit of le.ire
mean money mi.l fortune.
If yon wiinl lo know how ninny
yeai'k w III elapso dofurs' vou iniiv ox
'ot lo U' imorleil, 1 11 41 1 lee tout shiii
'i the odifo of your ciqi. In- t in-ling
that It Is ix-rfootly dry, 11)1 ion. liter
.KMtu mrlly with lo.i. nil I h.:i.n; ll
11 U ic tho lniluuoo.l spiMin, let the Oropi
of the ton if.lllier to the lip of I lie sshiu
nnd irantly fall Into tho how I of llm
olio IhiIow. Counl tlie drops ousU
one klaiuhk for n your.
It Ik n sign of fair tventln-r If tha
cluslor of small air huhhlos fn ine I liy
the collect mil 1v1111.11 .1 l!io
is-ntoi-of the oup. Iflhey nis'i to tho
kldes It will surely ruin h'f.iro n.ght.
When toast Is mail'. Hunt 01 (our
thin hlloo of linra.l .must Ikj 0111 tho
whole leutfth of llu) loaf, nnd piuccd
one over the other. Thl ilono, thoy
must all Ih-out in half with 0110 sweep
of ihu ktiifo. If this is done hv n
yniiiiU' wouuiii, uml the si loos nro not
M'tonsl clean throuijh lo tlie pinto, sho
will not ho married within tho venr;
If tlie lirea 1 parts III two even lieiipi,
hhe might us welt oi-ler r.'i tlons-.-mi
On no iiivoiinl must she the -.1
p.oeo of or hro.l I on t..e p,s o,
nil ess kite wishes to ho mi O.J a. si. I.
N. Y. Advertiser.
O1I1I I iriiDiiif nt.
tiX llm Sn
The ornaments put through the walls
of Hie nose vary greatly. Thoiv uiiiy
Ih hut oner iM-rfiirrilloii In eneli tvnll tu
thoro may ho Mivonil. In New Zenl
nnd thiweik, In Now liuluea alioni-s
I11.I1, In the Solomon Iklun.U u era lis
claw, in Now Itrltutii thorns. smI ojif
right, nro the ohjecU tjillk worn. Tliesj
nro nil original ami primitive; nflrrlhe
natives come In contact with whilos,
lln-ie give place to metal hutUiiis ami
digs. In tlio Sturgis eiillucllon n
i.ither (irolty iioko-uriiaiiieut front
New liuliioa. It Ik V-kliupod. and tlm
Anna 111 hy ktild-shiiiikk, 0110 Into oauh
uull of tho hoo.
Jew elk, I ho chocks are plorood hy
koine Eskimos, who weur llttlo round
Mil. I huttous In tho hole. Ktirn am
plorvotl the world over. A few cases
must kulllco. Schwoinfurth snys thnl
HnliiieUer womoii iierco tho rim of tho
oar rvH'iildly uml wear therein hltkuf
straw 1111 inch In length. Inning twenty
Midi, x-rh.ip. In i-.ieli tear. This ro
, hi ileil plenini; of tho ear Is common
, mining h.irh.usius people, ami wo hnvu
' seen 11 wouiati of tho sac ami l'o In
j diinis xv lio wore set en lir.iss rlugt III
j 0110 our, lairs may ho slit nnd
1 str.-teheil liiklouil of plercisl. 'I'hoy
then linug In long Iihih. t'ntlln glros
' 11 pit lure uf nn Indian whoto henuty
I had Ik'oii Increased lu this way. Thu
I Aiielioiite UtHinlor slitk Ids oars whllu
tho I 1 J nn uftou ha llieiu slit uml
, stretched to sm-li an extent that the
two llt might ho ptuoeil in thu open.
Ings. Silt car may ho uf pra 'llcnl
use. Tho Itnlllr carries his Miulfdiox
in hi oar-U il ', an I Captain Conk llg
, uro a MuMgiiia islnmler who curried a
i Inrgo kmfe lu his right car. - I'rof
l-'rcder.ok Starr, in Popular faclmiiru
.. iu.fii iioiii,
Ulehinji l. Mo.. 1 the hninr of a
clown jrijul v!iloh U a noil r 00 of tiuiitko
ni"in alt ulong the Ifoiuiolk'o. lie is a
s't aiiii2 tho kloamU nt men ami
rx-'al.ii- at the tvlmr
c.vyOjt tor
ut twe t
,,it tf.tjUTy MfU.rwur.1. wIimii th
kKaaJrlCeuiiolk-j ariivotl. tho oat
w. Tlied calmly down tho gnngplauk,
,i,VhslM j u Mil. ,) M trnsork. akwal-
lull coal uml a Moxeplpo lint, lie
.t. ,,, nM(,(m wllll fremi.
the tie !( huniK mid oamo homo with nil
,u.,..llh.., dignity of iMiiring naturally'.liioiil iism n vUlt lo Hint learned
town. When h lady hi thu ttnlling-
room p, tied him tho goat wilpK'd her
veil from her face and swallowed It in a
It inkling. 'I'lieti ho tvoiil hoilio In Ids
new togs, which ho has proliahly since
''ovsiciiiiT merchant ndtertlMH
'l"te.ids and hodding."
A tl.l.i. hoy at Udiauou, Pn., was
attacked hy 11 gamcoooU and in if dlo of
hi wounds.
A llr.ilH.x.v street hoggnr lu S.ui IVaii.
ol" was fuiiiid lo hate SJ.UJJ Ui liU
orodlt In the (lurman-Auiorluiiii h.uilr.
A Jtrsrici: of Nutv York has hut dn.
elded that you need nut nav for 11 m.iiil
-lorilored at a restaurant unless youout it.
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