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    The Paper for the Stock
mutt, .Merchant and
77 Paper for the, Fart it,
the Workshop and the
Volatile AY.
.Yumber 3o.
Tlio world in full of thoughtful
students. Tlit' old liiiit' iIoiiimh are
ono by oik leinu expUsled, nml,
thank to llie can fill ftw.l y .uil pa
tient rcss'nreh ofthese self-npisiinted
oW'rv rii, we nro constantly learn
ing, soon thin", new.
Dr. .Sttude refcrt'iic to tins nn
liquated belief of no old ignoramus
who still fonilly clings to tho ideu
that "swallows nml swift hibernate
in the mini, nt tlio ImMunis of rivers
during tli winter season, ntul llutt
tin- juncou turn into sparrows in thu
summer and buck to juncoi when
winter approaches," recalls to mind
ii iiiiiiiIht of oilier absurd tlit'orit'D
tlnvt educated people no longer
ooiiiitcmuire. Tlio llrst is the joint
miuke, or, an it in more cuinidy
oulled, (hiss-snake, which, tifior
throwing away his taii, is credited
with "hitcliinc on" to it nj;iiiii. It
is notion", unustinl for otherwise
well-read and intelligent jiooplo to
HKvrt "ith nil the force of convic
tion thnt these snakes will, on boiii".
suddenly disturbed, throw them
selves into niimrrous pieces mid
eventually, always after the observ
er has retired, jump haek together
ngnin. To such an extent has tliiii
"yarn"' been eireulated, that the
.ivenigo school hoy rceats it with
apparent emidor. As u mutter of
f.iet, the throwing, or breaking ap.irt
process only oecttrrs when frighten
oil, and in caused hy a Midden con
traction of the muscles of the tnil,
which cause it to break oil' nod
usually into several piccei, lis if it
wore brittle. According to the clas
sification of most authoritieH, it in
not a snake at all, but lizard.
.Mr. It. V. iJiinkaid, a ineinber of
the Academy has one of these hand
some little" fellows in captivity.
Some iuterestin", facts not generally
known concerning the habits of this
lizard will probably result fioin the
forced conliiieinent of this specimen.
The ipiick eye of a frolicking;
HchiKil boy detects a moving thread
like object in a roadside middle left
by u recent shower. Lo! llu has
discovered a horn-hair possessing
life. The hair-snake is captured
and critically examined by all the
school children; teachers as well.
lCven if the teachers have given zo
ology some attention and know bet
ter, "many of them do not take stilli
eieut interest in the matter to con
tradict the old time noncsense, and
tile boys go home, procure a number
of horsehairs which are put alloat
in the "rain-water" barrel, or some
other receptacle, and patiently
watched for a number of days. Of
course, they never come to life, but
the boys, having positively seen one
"live lioiM'hair," grow up and tell
the same ridiculous tale to their
childien. Like the, this
tiny worm is not a snake at all, !;
ing" placed by naturalists among the
vermes. They are clo.-ely allied to
the fatal trichina, though they de
velop in much lower forms of ani
mal life, leaving them on arriving
at maturity.
Another' exploded old time notion
is that owls see only during the
night, whereas they are now credit
ed with seeing equally as well dur
ing the day aa by night. That
owls turn their heads round and
round until twisted oil', in their eff
orts to watch an enemy, who, know
ing his bird, is reputedly walking
around his prey, impatiently waiting
the fall of the "head that he may en
joy a dainty meal, is eipially as
rank rubbish.
Notwithstanding the assertion in
Wood's Natural History, that rattle
snake and burrowing owls live in
prairie dogs' durrows, finding an
easy subsistence otV the young dogs,"
it is known to a certainty that the
rattlers and owls "in all eases oc
cupy the deserted hill rows of the.o
quadrupeds, not living in common
with them, as usually iiposed."
The emblem of our country, the
bald eagle, is no longer considered a
noble bird, but is known as an
ignominious thief.
Yours ago, the natives, in prepar
ing skins of the biids of paradise for
foreign markets, for funic reason,
best known to themselves, always
removed the legs, and in such a
manner that an examination of thu
skins stiportcd the deception, so
that for many years these birds were
SlljiHsed to be legless.
That the wishbono of a goose can
in any way indicate the future con
dition of the weather is as hoelcssly
untrue as that, if the woodchuck
sees his shadow on the -d day of
February, we may oxjioctii cold nnd
luckwar'd spring. Likewise, we
may accept the "charm" theory of
snakes with considerable doubt, and
it is now the belief of naturalists
that the opossum does not "play
'jxiMiUin," hut is simply paralyzed
with four.
Our Atlantic lords possess largo
und intelligent eyes, and, aa some
djK!ele have manes, it ii not to bo
wondered at, that ignorant Kskhno
and Miertitious sailors, on swing
those itttitnuU unexpectedly emerge
frtuii the sen, with their inanos drin
ping w ith water and uttering sound
strangely human, should mistake
them fur human being. This, no
doubt, gave rise to the mermaid,
merman, sirrne, triton nml eon
nymph legends. The so-called mar
maids to lie wen in dime mmcuiin
are all manufactured.
The story of the IU'x dropping
from lofty precipices and lighting
on its horns as couioedly as we
would jump a few feet, ban long
since censed to lie considered any
thing but a "fake," though early
naturalists often reported it ns a
' Blind as a mole" no longer pre
vails, as moles have eyes, though
they are sin. ill and well hidden in
the thick co it of sofi fur covering
their head and Ittsly.
Thus, gradually, the fiction and
romance connected with and Mir
rounding many of our animal is
siiccumliing as reason anil study
x'iietrates and disperses the fog of
ignorance and Miorstitioii The
Inlertatlnc Ulacovtry In licypt.
The corressinilent of the London
Times at Alexandria telegraphed on
October 11 thnt three colossal stat
ues, ten feet high, of rose granite,
had just been found at Aboukir, a
few fret below the surface. The
discovery was made frem indica
tions furnished to the government
by a local investigator, IluniniH
1'asha. The first two represent in
ono group Kamcscs II and litieeu
lleiitmara seated on the same throne.
This is uniipie among Kgyptian stat
ues. The third statue represents
Kamesrs standing upright in mili
tary attire, a scepter in his hand
and a crwn upon his head. lloth
bear hieroglyphic inscriptions, and
both have been thrown from their
(Hnlcstals face downward. Their
kite is on the ancient Capo Zeph
yriuin, near the remains of the tem
ple of Venus at Arsinoe. Holies of
the early Christians havoU'en found
in the same localitv.
Within the past thirty days over
t l(X),(uO in gold bullion has been
received in this city as the output of
the mines adjacent to Maker City.
A large amount of money, to be sure,
but nothing as compared to the
amount that would be derived from
this source if reduction works were
established in Maker City. The out
put of our mini's could eus'ly le
swelled to .")(X),(XK) monthly ' with
the assistance af a little capital to
increase mill facilities Maker City
As soon ns practicable in the
spring the people of Maker City
should take steps, with the imsis
tance of the jn-ople of Grant county,
to establish a telephone or telegraph
line between this city and ('anion
City and way jsiints. Such com
munication is greatly needed by the
people of the interior and would
tend to great ik-euuinry benellt to
the business community. Dem
ocrat. The Sunday Mercury of 1'ortlmiil,
and the Town Talk, of Astoria, have
both '-icon indicted bv the United
States grand jury, tiie former for
sending indecent literature through
the mails and the latter for adver
tising a lottery.
A Miriuo.i.N Jury w:t up n
whole week tH'furv they limit I J.-U-ruiiiui
u ln'ther ir nut two men Mil lire to a
A wirNK.t til a o.ntete.l will o:ie ul
l'hlluilelihiu suit! the teMatnr was mil it
haul ilriuUer, ns "hv only 0iU twenty
live or thirty ilrlnUs n tiny."
A.N Aiiierlenii trxifler In llnll.tml who
haniletl a hotel waiter a tju.irtvr wiih
rnin.t!y nrreatetl tiixl lliietl three iUi
hint fur the olTetistv The timrt heltl
Unit he iifcetl limine Inlliienef In H.eure
inure U-itelll tli.ui hit fellow lravtlen.
is a iniirt'.er taw In Smith county,
Ten n leeently a eitllet wu M't mll
mi the exeei lion that one tit the iiiil
imitirlant wilnesMk huh an utheut,
The leifUlalure iiiihm) to reiful the
taw e iA hilling thut eliim from kM'M
In a reeent hiwiiilt In New Yurie city
one of the prim-i;t! nilmitteil thut he
huil liril to his lawyer, the emu t tout
the jury, ami tleelaretl that he lunl la-en
u liar nil hln tlayn. lie uii.l he wo.ihl
rather lie than tell the truth, ami that
he tfut Ihruiijfh thu WuiIJ ull tin hotter
f..i It.
A Ji iiv 111 a utiurt nt Mwxleo, Mo.,
hrtm.-l.t ,u ktieli an niitmueuiei venllet
thai the juJu ilUiiiUktttl Hum i tjt
I1IIII11I1..I1I1; fukhl.iii: "11 Ik the MfUtllUtl
of thl'. t-t.'.it tliut the Mieriir uontluut
you t . tie leur tUJi' tf the tuurthiiUMi
11 ml iiIIuh you In tleKirt, tvt your Mir
vU will 1 wit Ut Hi;aln rutinlrotl il'irlnir
my Wi Mi uf tilllce."
Of the Supriority of Kltctrictty In the
Cure of Dittaict by Dr. Dietu
Who Cn Uoubl When to
Many Ttillfy?
I So uiiicli his been tid in the
I prnie of )r. Darrin that it seems
tidess to add further proof of his
I wonderful skill. We talc pleasure
in piilili-biiig, however, the following
ojfii card with other references:
Mr. Kdittir, Dear Sir: About
threii or four years ngo I tisik my
Itiv to Dr I'arrin mid put him un
der treatment for scrofulous blunl
liltsvl sii-otiing and ilmpiy. Tlio
diM-tur siKUi cured him and he has
not had a return of the trouble since,
so the cure is permanent to this day.
I had the hoy at the hospital, under
the cure of several physicians, and
they gave him up, when I employed
the services of Dr. D.irrin, with the
result as above stated. 1 reside nt
Slaughter, Wash., and uan Im referr
ed to John IIowi.kv.
Mote I'coplc Cured by Ut. Damn.
George Schmidt, Astoria; def
iles", cured lb-v. J. K. Coenour,
Portland, Or ; skin diiense, cured
Miss Maggie Synehoest, I .a Grande,
Or.; cross-eye, cured. Isaac Thump
sun, L,t Center, Wash ; deafuest.,
cured. Jaiues Daily, New York
hotel, Portland; deafness, fifteen
years, cured. Milton Jones, Perry
dale, ( r ; cured of olypus of the
Dr. Darrin continues to treat all
elast s, the rich and poor alike, free
of charge, at 7J Washington street
Portland, from 10 to 1 1 a. m. daily.
Those willing to py. from 11 a. in.
to 8 p ni. at one-half his former
charges. He treats all curable ner
vous, chronic, acute and private
diseases, and makes a sHeialty of
ull diseases of eye, oar, nose,,
ami lung-', Iijks of manhood,
taints, syphilis, gleet, gonorrho-a,
stricture, sHTinatnrrlui'a, seminal
weakness or loss of desire of sexual
Kiwer in man or woman. All jw'
culiar female troubles, Iciicorrluca,
displacements, etc., are confidential
ly and successfully treated, and w ill
under no circumstances take a case
that he cannot cure or benefit. Con
sultation fiee. Cures of private dis
eases guaranteed and never pub
lished in the p,iHrs. Circulars and
(pii'Mion bl inks sent free. Inquir
ies .uisnoriil.
A common iiuuoyauco to cuntumera
In stores U nun that uuiloiililetlly U
never iiiiule the kilnt of complaint In
the list thnt ineet.i dully the eun of
the muuiiuers of the tlilfereut ilejinrt
mcntx. A customer will u! to ken
some nrticle. When it U nhiiwu her anil
she exprt-MKiH dlsKiiUsfucUon, nml itst
if It In nil they hare, live tlimis nut of
six the elerlt will say: "Nil, ll li not all
we have, hut the other U mure c.m-ii-klvit."
.N'tiw, are the elerUh iuslriu tcil
to Kiiartl iiLfnliihl cnstoincrt Ih-cihiiIh
exlravnx-inl.' Or their ekTliuet)
ennlile them to tell nt a i;l;uice just
nlHiut how niucli a cnslomcr eau utTuril
to iay for mi article? If Hie latter they
IliaUe kniue serious mistnlies at tiillt-k.
Not IniiK ajfo a woman ciime into the
eity fnnii a country town to urc hake
a fur ehiuh. It iiu rnliiln;', nml he
eovereil her rainy weather iitllro with
a k'ovsiimcr .She went to thu inokt fur tore In the eity iin.J In
foniieit the elerU that she wunteil to
look nt mln'. ottnt. lie showett
her an Inferior ifnule. Shu ilht ant like
IL lie Hlioweil her a little hotter ifnule.
.Still khe wiik nut tottltlli-il. The ulerh
llnally cIIiiiIkhI up in one Unit whs
nuirketl S'j.',o Sihe wheeletl iiruuuil ami
sulil: "Youu man, K that thu Uikt
clonk you have In the ktoiv'.'"
"Nu, ivrtalnly not. Wu huirii very
exiwiuklve outi."
"Well, hhow in th very lntt that
ytm have, uu rviuemlK rthli, you neter
eun lull how far u toiululll Juiup hy
the j ll IimiUh."
Th ult.-n.l.iut ktnre.l at her ami
khtiwvtl her u ulonk luurUetl &U. Shu
took it.
In nnotht r ktore a ImiuU store -n
laily wei.riu n mtlier khuhhy sealskin
iitlo-il for n M-eunil edition uf D.inte'a
"Inferno." sln wus iJiowu one thut
wus mil what kin nl;el for. She kali I:
"Have you nut the one I want?"
"Yc, ;.iui..tni, hut that is lery cxen
fclvu "
Mic ifavc him a hHik that ut luiut ex-preskt-il
yreal kiirpne, nml halil:
"Iliil 1 nay unyt.ilntf nUmt Ihu price?"
With a llukhetl face lint clcil; rt llw UhiU. ll was what llm huly
wauUil. Mie ialtl the j'rit n ami nrtl.-ie.l
the IsMik kc nt to hor aililress. The inline
wakoue maile the elerU vow that
never mfnin wouhl ho inaUu such n
, Minuter. Teresa II. I loan, In China yo
A ICilSTlvuiAN who had arrived at
nriiiirlty otTered hU llrst votti the other
tl iv. hut wi i;re:it wait hli excitement
that he fell In n lump In u dead faint (
an. I cull. I not kit up fur an luiur.
T'li-lf i 'lfcnerat.' I In a barrel of wilier
hrnnt vatiit-il i tal ncel.leiit In
I'niwfortl, N. .1., t ..l.iry Ileiiiicolicr, a
twelve-yenr-ohl ylrl. The barrel ex
pludtil ami u ktiivo ktnitik her In the
twil. . 1
An Author llrtitMralty l)--tOv How It
ll In llritwit.
Tho ship wai the Sir lleortro l'olUvV,
Captain Wtttem, ttouiut from UmJon to
I.yttelton, New Zcklmul. Wo irtt
lnit l.lnH) mllm vnuli of itic I'st. nl
(lotut Hojo, a very cold latlludo In tlio
month of ()eltitiir. 1 wim a subim t-
j mtutfrr and had N-en fl.nhlnk' for alb.t
trtei and mollymcok over the nlorn
' w Ith a lontr lino and hook balloilwlth
tail pork all tlin morning. Almit mid
1 day ii went dnwn to dinner, lait I, bo-
Inir anilom In catch a bint, made a luir
! rled intial and 1ik in-.l tack on deck.
The Sir Uourv'w I'ulhk wan an old-
fihlontit hlp w lib a hls'h poop, and. a
webadcottritim l-wnl. anumtsirof truo
of hay had n laahcd to tho sU-m
laftrall, where they were leiM llahlo to
U wetltsl by the ea than elehert.
When I (,-ot on the poop, no one elan
tiolnir there but tho man at tho wheel, I
fuu tut my lino had k'ol entangled with
tho rudder, t climbed on to ono of tlin
truasoa of hay with llm Intention of
canllni; the lino lo.w, and watteanlni;
down to do mi when the ship (jam a
pilch. I lost my balance and fell plump
Into tint sea. from where I wa
pnrcliwl on tho hay to tho water, at
tlio ship roio on tho wave, ira a clear
dropof twenty feet or more, and aa 1 fell
Mat on my chest the wind uaalcmsikcd
out of mo and 1 wai half stunned for
the moment.
When I ratlin lo myself I Wa lloatlntf
pretty comfortably, my IhloU woolen
clothea Mipporlltitt ine, ami my wldo
awako liat lloxtlnh- by my side. There
wr.j a heaty swell, in,l rvt 1 rote to the
crvwt of a wave 1 iw tho lilt, Icsikln
rry small, an If alio went already a luttif
way olf. I notiood. howeier, that alio
m hove to, and I felt sure then that I
hnuld bo plckid up My only b nr wait
that tint altiatrtnai a mltfhl sweep down
upiiu mo and kill mo kUIi Uieir terrible '
beaka, aa tin y had tho cnrponUir of tho
anno ship tho oyai?o lM-ftire. A bitii;
tin e im-ttsl hours, It seemed lo ine
and my ohiiht a havluf liecottie ooakial I
tlunttal low In the water ami run hi mi
!uHk,-sr empty my month fast t nou,-li in
p-t breath or kt ep the ship In slRlil-,
Kvory wove that came sunk mo deeper,
ami uindo me swallow morn water. I bit.
ntl to fet-1 di ml ly c. Id and I thought ll
waa all oter with lie; I could nol help
Idiiinliiif my fib lids i ii th, atop for their
cruelly In lettlnt.' mi' drown, when they
inlk'ht so easily hat - . ut a lml fur ine,
but I fork'nvo them anil said my prnyt ra
to myatilf, All I cuiilil do now I could
not keep my head alsive water, and at
laal 1 uw ll j;rt.en mir my eyiaaa I
look ul up, my head awnm round nml I
thoui;lil I was k'"'ns' I" ib ep. I was
urouaial hy aomelhtlik louehlti me,
(irvlnt; mo down In the water, and then
dratfitlin; mo ihu albiyether, and tint (
next th On: 1 Wuew I wa i atiiimir men .
who were tnlklliL. 1 cttiltl tu.l
understand them for the rushliv and
whining in my ears. s
The llrst wonl, I understood wort.
aomethtnk alsiut " me up," and
at the same limit I felt invietf Initio
llftetl up the ship's aide and suited by a
number of arm i. Then my elulh.-a
timed to come oil ull at unco- tlicy
Ismn rut oil by the .If tor with a sharp
k lit ft- and tin U I (lit all over
mo. I know that t was It.itff In
warm bl.tiiki-u w.ih hot Imt'es nnd. r
my arm-pits and f. l I ut hear
voices round me and km I ut tin y
sit Id, and I could fit I hull U i . I.ldnif my
It in Im and luriiiiitf me .,l--ut. lint I
could not spt-uk or inovi or show i.ny
itign of life, and In my nisi.l.i I ttili (ell
so cold 1 lUouulil 1 must din. At 1. n'lh
I felt ktiinetliiii) very hot in tur Uieutli,
and I k'iilcil and tl went down my
throat. It came again ami nifnln and
nnrmtKl in.' and made me ftells lltr.
ihoiik'h fearfully su-k. Then I felt a
tt rriblo prlrkliiir ud twiu-hlntf lis"
"plus and noodles " wht n your ft-tl has '
fono to aleep all on r inc. After lhal
I t;ol ilrows), ami the n il thlin; 1 re- j
inemlivr was lyln in my own berth with '
my father and sister altnnif by inc. I ,
wat still very weak and I had n very
Imd cough, but I was nut uf danger and '
fast rooovtirlnx. Two days l.tuir thn j
chiltlreu In the saloon, who were all
lrent friends uf luliie, were allow tsl to j
count and aeo mo and briiif mo Utile j
proatinls they had icdy for me, and in i
a fortuik'ht I was up anil again uatehliik.'
aenblrda titer tlio slum. 1 had Ision
nearly half un hour In thu cold wats I
of tho Sou t lien (Venn, and It wnj two
hours before they ismltl ttll for pertain f
whether I was dead or nllve. lilttanl
Wakutlold, author
uf "Now- Zealand
Afler 1'lfly Years.
The extensive. Bitrnut lodges t 1'urt
Wrangell aro an Inexhaustible noun-oof
beautiful and or minion tu! cur lost lies. Tho
cropping of the lislges Is nhout ten feet
wide, standing jM-rju inllt ularly und run
ning nurtheual mil southwest several
miles 111 length, tin- ib ptli of It no man
haa titer found nut. The ruck 1 of a
mica slalo formation und contains from
two lo four dot. ll gariielt to the cubic
ftKit. Tho gems aro regular polygons,
Ixinutlful In color, and. when fresh from
thn mines, hate a tl.ishiiig ami brilliant
luster, but w lieu exHist tl lor a lime Ihoy
becoine dull nnd uiaiue. Tho crystal
varlm In dimensions from the alto of a
pea lo that of a lien's egg, und to thu
notice aro iiilto fascinating and have
the npM';iraniu. of much value fur orna
mental nml other purpmt-ii. -
Tho lapidaries, howeter, have failed
to utlllio tlieiu for uny purHiso wlmi
uter, except as a curio and lo demon
strain the certainty of the unerring la w
of naluro which goverua etery phe
nomcnuu. Kiery plane of llm idgoti is
of the same form, eveiy angli. Is of tho
sumo degrie, and tmry (ui la tho
ttjual and like of IU fello-. Tho mill
lng und thu shipiiu ut uf this ruck hat
Im-ooiiio i nt t-t n businest. It is worth
twenty dollars per tou uu the wharf nl
Kurt Wraugell and la sliipptd iu all
part of the etiuntry to llll tho eaWnnvn
of thu weal lli y unit Urn Out lections In
public InatitMlUius. Hutreil 1'raiel'rnsi.
I to enn IS HUMAN.
An i:iljiiallnii ul tlin Otllii of Uutjr
Sown yitnn i;o an editor of a bi
weekly paper ptihlNlittl by tho itUilcnU
t.f Yu.o l'ollit st.-.H itsloMslusJ. and,
eien I.,.. re, seandAliiiil. In learn that an
citltonsl which he had regarded with
ftind initio rvferred to old mania who
eril ah ; ..( y for a dinnerparty.
Turning llm pik" he wanned another
product of hU pen, n thrlttltit; romalico,
ami .liKMiertsl that tho Ixtllltd villain
had ftrttt tli r e t-ilttii Into lilmsclf.
The taid i .liter had written In tho
ft ml ar'.li-!.-:
" tri.U.L Ik) aorvtsl ai eij.llnv fer a
& ' l"rr "
In ttiereHid article ho had written!
tlrinl Uira ImllrU Inl.i ItluM-ir."
ll la oftou aaketl with virtuous India
najleli uhy such lypotcraphtcnt errora at
tliim occur. Tho explanation, asldo
from tho total dopmvUy of luuiilmalt)
H.lilBa, Pan rna Illy bo fc-nen. Ill fact,
tlio wonders-rows that such mUlukosdo
not fr uftiilier tvrir.
ImnitHtl.ti. ly U fore n written article
Is n to rompoatlorii to Iki "set," tho
"iop)."ii thu umiiuMipl U toruital by
prinler., la scluurtal lulu "l.i Wei." or
n tiuna of t -u or twenty Inn a. Souio
llnnta t attention la jsild to tint
ri.,T4) loiif ami panel intlnn of
the written tno w tint urll. le It
lima cul up, and. p.ninsiieiitl v, tho last
line of a "take" may ufien end III llm
mld.lbt of n sontiMiee. When audi lit tlio
ease tho "lko" la wild U "Uid oven."
AtUr n iiianuscriit U cut up tha
"takes" aro roiiimuuly put on a ropy
hook, and tmlic.itesl by a li tter of tlin
alphalsit, follovtisl by ron.eeutlrn
llurns. Tor Instance, tho islllorlal
which brought aiith tsinatcriiattnn to thn
alndi ul w-aa out up Into tlirix
'l.ikts," lndlo.tU.1 as Hi, K'Jaud V. 3.
'1 be Ural "elided oven" with tho word
"aa," and the second "ls'an ovimi"
with thn wordt "pa.ldiiiK for a dinner
parly" Tho coniisit..r w hu ttsik Irom
tl.e htsik' the llrst "takti" sol It an
Ctuslinif lo copy, whllo the iiinswltor
w!.o l..k Hi. atvond "lake" ni.wl.t Ihu
error la i cry cvmtoon onfi) of iniatakliiif
ii for i., and kocouvurUsl "pidtlUi" Into
"pud Unff." Tho first coiniltor
flhUhtsl lil "tnkti" iiil.-kly, ami a proof
of ll was liumotliaioly real by tho
prtif-reiider. Tim olht r iMiiiposlltir
was alow, and did not rlulah hl "take"
until several mlnutea after eomposlior
No I had lliilshetl his. In the miian
lliiiii, tho prtHif reader, having'
busied with liiirlaut ami pressing
Uttallra, had fork'utlen tlin tuactoml
lii)T of K I, Soliik tlu.t ll 'J l-'K-in with
"ptttlilttikf for a illniicr party." and Ito
11. .tin that puddlui? wa prnpttr an.' Je
lir.tble at a dinner arty, lie did not do
loci tho coiupoktlttr'H error. Thl i error.
In fact, should bet nilotocii d 1 y tho
"copy-holder. " or tieisoii who followed
with hi eye the wording; III lint "copy,
" t'r'ff-readi r read aloud from llm
p..-., to win case, win copy
' 1"'W' r'. '1''"'W - nUlV of tho
t-stmsiuir, aiso iuisukik a lor u.
A similar uiUtako was modo In tho
I ,1' "' hemilikr villain who "llrtHl
I ,,ir"" h.t!htUi lino himself--w 1th the
, eiri'putiu iitai u una mistaken or u,
'I'hf llrst "lako" "ended in en" wlih the
ttitnl "ihriio, ami tlio nit a t "Is.j-an
rvon" wlih "bullets." Tlin compositor
w ho ml tin. sit-ond "lako" bubsotiienl.
y observed that he didn't have lime to
make st nso of tho "take," and thought
that ho had donn hit duty In following
(ul lit In In. mt at tho lime) the "copy."
The same editor who ex pcricm tsl llm
two harrow ink' surprise referred to
fciibiiiuenlly wrote, in reporting an
evonlue ii.ldr. as by I'haiiiitiey M Ilnptiw,
the si-n to nr. "Wit tin mil thus sully nur
arms." In rt iillns' the printed nixitniul
lue noil morniiif! In uw to iuh liorror-.
"We tlo not thus Hally our arms." Tho
(siiisiderjlti ctuiiptw'.Vir bad mistaken
' "sully" for mi u and, to make
M'ii;we. haa inane tl.e llrst letter In the
word "up-r onae," or a vupitnl.
.Moil M rtlo your u'a and your a's In
tuch wiao lhat lyis-aellera ttan not lull
take llieui. .N'. Y. Ittilpir.
Ilntr u Vl,..,iittl SitiMlitr Snrrtipiluil lu
t wtililtiic tlio Situki.r't !-.
This tnl td Mitsaurl lilstury la taken from
llciry II uea HtaudarU. 1hi writer
iloean I . n loa liuuic '
Huisou 11 a- ulna It a well known nuivt
pupor limn i f M ssltluk'len lb d lo llvo
lit H'.s.. ti. I si on limit i -r. s. mi ll hit
U.nti . 1.. glklitiut... uf w itU n I. sly lis
i. i leei. I I i His-sker. 1 liere was In Ilia
mmu 1.. 'I.tiuru h mrmUT frem Hitulher
tbsti I't It II U I t 1.1 IU lluU'lol.S hud OOU
ivio.l u . ejii.iics ug.tliikl. 'Una li. .01 naiit
tal l.i lir us utn hid m His Inter. i et hit
col,. . iti.ciu v, lul ho iifvur n'ciiii'd to Im
kble i it t t ii thn HKktkt-r k cyti luy after
il.O 1. 1 w.uld ttail until ruuUii.' uullort
ha.l h en t n'iiriKl utvuy, ttlisn Im won.. I rim
III hit . .ic -, un I, In Ihu pvnlUr Mi-.uurl
high li.l.ic, u.hlrun tlio prskljmg , rUvtir,
but witlinul rtHulvlug lliul rcc -r -Ulott
tti hrnil wlnflti no ineuilwr ef it sti . .uiicnl
uiy Uly e..ii pns'.wsl. Tlio ni. in r Dually
Uh'.ohh lunl of such Iruatutunl, uiel ouu
lilurliliig iidur Ihu lluusu hud InM'ti uallnd
lo older I n itiurtht-tl In Willi u i.tltt ml hit
altuulilcr, v. hh It, u le ni ho rtuiclusl l it atttit,
hu li auoil up ugaliitl hit di ak. Uu ihnrti
ijulslly loi til let lining). I thu ronton' huai
licaa was uUuul ull tliapotod of, ttlnu ha
alottiy im ktrd up Ins r 1 11.) und iuhj.wI n.
Wht'll lliu lutt iiiuliun hud btsm put and ilia
poavtl of our frluiid arute, p'uifd hit rllbi
ugiilntt lua ahuultb'r, droit- a bead uu
Hisuiker ltutchhit snd draw Itsl nut ; "Mr
HH)ukur." There tvst n aiisucu ut uf iltaitb
In thu Aaaembly i haiuUtr fur it few mo
lilt) lit which wat hrukuu by thu
H- iikiT hiiiitulf, tvhu alottiy uml uitimelly
1 auld: "Tliu gculluinuii from - hat Ilia
lluor." Tho member lutt una) lilt rillc, uu
; iHM'ktal i, mid then, ut If liothlug had Imp
i isiiiisl, proceeded tu luy hla bill bofoio tin)
I lltll Ni.l llti-f llrnl.
j "Can you let mo have ten dollars till
coxt wiiek?" usktsl the make islluir.
"No, I can l," repllial llm horse editor,
without the slightest hesitation.
"You don't apisiar lo remomlM'r whal
a giMst thing It la to lend that amount."
"It la X lunl." I'lltsburgh Chronicle.
a pioNcen uiuHOP.
I Ail Illinois Cloir. lt litculUry On An
j iniunrptl ua thf Aulltur of I In. llll.lo.
My first nvelleotlons of a getiei-al
contention, nays a writer lu the New
York rest, are couuiaiUsl with the eon
iciitioii held at Nt John's riiunli In
this ally, when lllsliop 1'lillutnlrr U
ChaM', of Illinois, prcaldiHl titer Die
lllotiaoof Iilahiips. lllahop Hopkins, o'
Vermont, ttaa the preacher, and Itev.
William ll Wyatl, I). 1).. of llaltlniore.
, was pnvthtent of the llouso of Clerlea
and Ijty lleputli. lllahop I'lmao wn,
a moat rcmarkablo man. lie had bet n
built for a pi. inner. Ituggtsl. Indomit
able nud full of tool, ho had llrst boon
lllsliop of tllito, where ho bad built up n
college and theological seminary, nml
then he had tnkt n up his stall again
and gone out Into Illinois todn tl. try
ing work of a church colonist there, lie
wnaalrlklllg 111 npHrtiuett tall, oagltf
eyed and sktre of llosh nml its I first
aw him silling In tint chancel of St,
John's crow nisi with his black teltel
skull enp, I thought lie might bo another
Tonilleiundn, His whole heurt was lu
hla work, and In those days the welfare
of Jubilee College, his latest
incut In Illinois, wat inost In hit
thoughts. 1 remember to have heard
that when seated nt the table of nil em
inent statesman of Knlckerlss.-ker an
cestry In this city lllsliop t'haso ttaa olf
sorted loeye with painful liileift the
uiaaalte silver plate that gllltertsl be
fore hla eyes and then (all Ihu III lilt
chair 111 a statu of collapse. Hla host
bent forward nnd ImpUred eagerly what
was tbi matter. "1 was thinking ol
poor Jubilee," was tho reply. Tho ro
spoiiso of hla entertainer was n promise
lo make nn linnu-dluto contribution to
tho cause In Illinois, and tho good
lllsliop ut once rtvoterisl lus isiilH)li
and ate it hearty dinner. It tins said
that ho eiidisl every loiter to a l.tyiu in
tt 1th a "I. S. Itemem or poor Jubilee,"
but this may hnto been a bllot gossip.
In his attire lllsliop Chase lookisl tht
plniieer iireaeher, and In hla ways he
acted It. Arrived nt a town In Illinois
where Hie service of the church bad
inner been heard, hn hlnsl n hall and
engaged tho lotvn-erlor lo go around
with n hell and aumiunrn thai tin would
preach thai night. "Who shall 1 say it
going to preach?" asked the guileless
ItoU-rlngcr. "Say Hint n minister ol
tho church which llrst translated tin
lllble Into Kugllsh will preach." Tin
ntu-struok erlor priMteisltHl to parade
tho town, and gathered tho biggest au
dience oier known In the tow n hy pro
claiming Ibnl "tho man that wrote tin
lllble la going to preach to-nlglil!" U!
Ilclally ami III private this prelate was
simplicity itself. Once when In Ha
gland ho went lo cull on linl Koiijnn,
from whom he had rts'elvisl large sub
scriptions for his college in Ohio ( w hlch
hat since grudtlntetl a President of Ibf
L'nlttsl States, Mr. It. II. Hayes, and set
oi l Cabinet .Ministers ami lltiteriun-xi
ami for whom be had nnnnsl it. Willi i.
Iratetiiigcap on his head, a lutilllei
about hit throat, ami earpel-bag in band
the lllahop ascemltsl the stoop i.i.d rntir
the bell. A suptirelllniis llunki.y up
poarod, gansl Uhiii him with m.oiii. to'.,
iilm Im tlid not know wheihnr he etntl
sen the uohleiiiau or nut, mid left lilin
oulslilo thn door while he carried 111 the
back of an old oiivc!iihi us a card. In a
minute more the door was Hung wide
oMn and the llunkey IhihisI nearly to
the Itonr ns he exelnliiiitl' "Wnlk In,
mo bud. walk Into tho drorlng-rotiiu.
His l.uilship will be ilotvu In a moment
to rts'oho your I.ildshlp Walk lu, mo
laid!" The pioneer prolate of tho West,
undismayed In the presence of while
uml red froullerauian, was token aback
at the plentiful snliitiitlun nml wnlkel
In, still holding tightly lo his en nul
ling and muttering lo himself; ' The
l-unt hate mercy on such u l.ortUhlp
luliie." Hut ho tistsl Ui lull lliu sltiry
wlth great glee uf turn artls.
Ilntr I. Illlt let .tls.ln llrr .llstiuus's VI..
II,, I. I t.t.1 lint ttinfor ImIiIm.
A tatupiii nf latllus wltii tvure rtss'iilly call
lug UJ llntoUliiiu, sat a tlu llostun Courwr,
were u.t-reil i.iUt it p trior upm llm 11. mr t.f
win. li I .j It I IK Willi II llll.llll of Sub I CIIUI
On. ,f r limy hid coattd lilt - biiiilaul
i.xtai'e tln-y were liorrlrltsl by llm illnstv
crt i very fuoiai. p Un-v h el la nui wut
ricitlj piliiw.l lu thisi upui tlin ulhtirwlso
alulliless aurfago uf lint rug
At tlicy aat gull ilr iKgurdliig lint olltsl
rug Ihu a u ill daughter uf lliu Itutlots cumo
lulu 1'i.t r-siiti, ttiiifilitr minute aha ciilurud
Iter toes fe. l ll the flkilprlillk.
- (I i. I isl a.'.t iheiti tihal yuu'vs ilniin,"
.he 1 1 ii'il ' You just nwe tvlutl my iiiuuiiiia
ill tl 1 1. 1 ) on , khu h id liial rug nil ..'jii.-.I
ul.. Hits in.iri lug fiir tsiinpany tn-iiii;lit
She inn ant! tl tuiiil mo lu lied without
lilt- leu-t-rnatu if I slepiKtl on ll "
Tins tins ull ileut tutsl In u Inliu i.f voice
a Inch b fl im loom furduuhlof lUMiiioiilt.
mil I lie Cullers teio divided isit Ivisjn a
ciisii ef Uieir guilt ami an liicllnatmu to
augu ul l lie milliner In wli.uli ll tt as In ought
i.niiu to tin-ill Kei tun.tii l for liit-.r nit)
if mind Ihu i utioaa miteml ul that iiiomrnl
Hid i-kp.Miiii d lhat the tug was nun
tliiitvi'ii i very trace of dual, uml Dial alio
luuiul II i.otestury lo lake strong unwaurea
in kit n ll Inn from Win liacka of tmr elill
lit li t feel, bill lln.1 it list Mil 111! nfli'ii.e In
t epou il fur ttliM'li aim isjuld not furglvu
her frici'Jt
S.iins nf Ills lli'SMint That Allrsrl Ilia
siruiisi.r Shi In I t.t llintltsr.
Tho power of fascination Inherent In
women may, inoreuter, 1st divided Into
two kin. Is. Allot ..s have seen the old
s'ly, generally .vlilte-lnilrisl, with Vlnd
y, pleatant featurea. on which lluiu baa
et no unfrl-'iiilly mark, whoallll retains
.11 her allractlvonest. Notii bow the
siya and girlt adore her; they will go to
her and coiilldo lh.-lr sorrows, their
hopoa, tholr ambitions, eteiT when they
itould not breallio a word lo tbuii
uiothera. Thn kindly, loving Intorost
minced In a lad's altalrs by audi a one
hut time and again llrst Implanted the
Impulses In his hitart whitfh utniituully
lial hliii un to un liniiurabln career.
, Numoroiu DonUiti Ootiurrliisr is All
l'lirUi of Uio World.
I C-ttrluttt snil A)iislllttf l-rsskt ttf Tltlt Slot-
ttt-ti mot ritiiilt.t Airviil uf llatrtii
lion . A riirtUlsu'a Itrpurl of si
llillsitvliiltts IVuiusu'a Casis .
Tlio majority of dealha from light
ning occurs In tho lot 1 1, open country,
trees, tillages and thickly bulll-up
towns and clllea, by their projections'
Into tint air, sort lug at conductors, and
thereby prottvtliig the Inhahllnnl t
from direct stroke. The loss uf life an
nually throughout the world la very
great. In lluropeau ISussl.i from IsTO lo
ls77 no less than 'J.'JTi) ptirsona ttorti
V lllitl by this cause. In Auatrla during;
the same limit 1,700 )or.ins weri like
wise killed. In 1'rus.ia It la reportssl
thnt kutenty persons are annually
killed. Ten thousand persons are report
ed as having been struck during n
period of nlne-aml-twenly years, tilth
t.iltl dealha In Krance. whllo In the
I lilted Slates during ISTO alnmt tkri
deaths from lightning were recortltsl.
Tho ellts-ta of lightning alroke nro
moat Interesting, curloua and appalling.
The general symptoms aro Usually of
hock. There is often uncoiikclouanoss,
ktiint limes coma, lasting from a few
hours lo even daya; partial or complete
loss ef sight or hearing, ataoc.lalcd w Ith
linp.tlrinent of the other scutes. Tho
tissues may Ut burned tnicrllcllly or
tlroply, tho lionet fracluretl and portltnia
of the limbs torn olf enllrely. Tho
tracks of lightning un the surface of
the body may have a fancied resem
blance lo tho braiu-het of a tree, the
tt t ii I n stems from which Hut brandies
lead olf arising at any irtion of tho
btsly. Tho skin In llioao trucks may bo
hi.nply acarlel III color, slightly awellid
or blistered, thn brauchea laporlng olf
until un larger than lite scrnteli of n
pin. They may pass In all illrotitlitna
from the place first struck or akip about
from one part lo another. This la duo
to the conduction of the current by tho
clothing, w ti Icli If nut acla as an excel,
b ut conductor.
Tor the piirMiso of Illustrating those
elli'cts the following reMirl of n cast, la
taken from the Philadelphia Mei', cul
News, reported by n physician who was
on tho smiI at llie limn the accident oo
curred. I)r. J. II. I'algei
"The current struck the chimney of
the homo and paaaisl down the aluddlug
m ar thu window to an Iron hook uu
a hlch waa auamii.lcil a chain ami n bird
cage, leased from this to tho head of Ihu
lady, kitting Just Intlde the window,
nud beneath the cage, atsito Uio left
eye, inldw liy btilwceii the eyebrow nnd
hair, which waa apparently the arl
nearest the corner of the bird cage;
pasacd along in front of the oar, then lu
the central lino of llm chest, descend
ing by the stocking superior, which
was ntt.trhcd to thn cornet; thence to
thn lop of tho atuoklngk, louring inarkt
lis)li txilli lliiiba, bill inilrn especially
upon tint left, on tho batik of which,
just nlot n ihe knoo Joint, waa a burn
kUuil Hie alio of olio's hand. It hud tho
appearance of an ordinary burn, and
wni only superficial. .No trace of Uio
current could bo detected again until
Uio (.Kit was reached, froin which It
iasstsl olf by the Joint of Ihu great loo,
louring a place alsiut two Inches in
diameter lu the stocking and slipper,
but not loai lng the slightest mark upon
the sklu. Willi thu inception of the
burned spot on the nalorlur part of tho
I. It leg, and one or two amall burns uu
the body and the right leg, coligestml
lines nlono marked tho course of tlio
electricity In Its passage over the Usly.
"Her condition was found to bo us
follows: Completely unconscious; line
llonless; muscles relaxed; loft eye
closisl, right eye open; face purple;
pulnu at wrist Imperceptible! neither
lieiirlsounds nor respiratory sounds to hu
heart). At once nrlillcial breathing was
resorttsl to, nml In from two to three min
utes the llrst sign of life appeared In a
tiioti nielli of llm left leg. The blue color
f tiled from the face and thu pulse was felt
at the wrist. Noon a new train of ayiup
tutus set In, Them waa dllllcult respir
ation. Thouiuoua ami saliva, which were
tery abundant, hud gravitated back and
could not Im swallowed because ol coin
plelo paralysis of the pharynx, etc.
There was, lu fact, paralysis uf almost
all llm muscles of the uppermost p.irls
of Ihu ldy, including the arma. Thn
symptoms were those eihlhttisl by nn
nut null when being aaphxlatcd; violent
miiseulur contraction; dltllcull and
forced respiration, etc. Under con
tinued elforls consciousness return.. 1 In
lhrce-iii.irlers of an hour. A porlod of
four weeks elapsed before alt the
lenses ami her general health were re
attired ami all paralysis had dUappoared.
lu this, according to thn Nt. I.oiil.s
(llobo-lli'inocrut, do wo see the ellisit of
lightning In a pronounced degree, and
there eau be no doubt but that this per
kon would have died f roll! the etfeclH If
the physician had mil been present to at
(iticn resort to artificial or forci-d respir
ation and w rap the bly to inalutalu tho
heat nncoasary for life.
WUT W Sink In UutrktalKt.
(Jillckaalid Is compoaed chlelly of kinnll
partlnloa of mica mlitsl largely with
s.aler. Tho mica Is ao smooth that tin.
fragments slip upon each other wlih the
greatest facility, so that any heavy body
which displaces them will sink, nml roll'
I i ii un lo sink until a solid lioltoiu li
reached. When particles uf sand are
ragged and angular any weight pressing
on them will crowd them together until
Ihey are compacted Into a aolld mass.
A kalul eompnsiHl of iiileaor aoapatoiio,
when mixed with killlluleut w ater, iteninu
Incapable of such consolidation.
I'slul fur Hltluils lloufs.
To uiukii a gixsl siiui fur shingle nsits
Unit eau be applied cold and dries ipjickly I
Tusiiimo lurrclul coal tar, ten pounds of
uipli.iltiiiu, ten pouudiuf ground slate; mix
I in ntil of lioal, und add two gallons uf
. alt