Grant County news. (Canyon City, Or.) 1879-1908, September 10, 1891, Image 1

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    ?7(i Paper for the Stank
man, Merchant and
The Paper for the Farm,
the Workshop and the
hi a me XI fl.
C.l.Y)V.Y CITY, CLLYT COU.YTY. Oh'EGlhY, TltintSD.'l V. SEPPEMliEli 10. IS!).
,'Ytimber 2o.
First Eastern Oregon
District Agricul
tural Society
Will hn hdil ill I ho nmv Agricultural
nml Driving Park of the Onindc
Hondo Yalley AKiioiilturnl
Society, near IrfiCntiiilu
And Continuing Six Days.
Tor Agricultural mid lloitieulturnl
Products, niitl for I.ivo Slock
Mechanical Handiwork
nml Domestic Fx
Of the ( lunula Hondo Valley
Agricultural Socioty, for iU first
mooting October Mil", 18111:
nn.vr ha v.
Huiining, litoeigliis mill) for 'J
year olds, fioe for nil, purse $I."iO
golllillg tO C'lllV ill pOIIIld, fillies
10"; winner of nnv "Ji enroll! nu-o
this season ll pound extra.
8i:comi HAY.
Htimiing, out! half mile it ml repeat,
2 in !l, puiMi S I TiU. Not oily - in II,
for 2-yuar-olds, fioe tor nil,
? 111)0.
Tiiiim nay.
Siddlo-hoino rare, one-half inilo,
pursn ?Ti(), cntrmico So. Kiitinneo
money to go with moo. First money
(10 per cent., second, -lO per coat.,
third It) pur cont. 'I'ho din-cton.
resoivo the r ght to bnr race liorms.
Trotting, !l in fi for :!- oar olds,
purHO f'20().
Running, ono-hiilf uii'o ilush, free
for nil, put so elOO. trotting, .!
iiiiniito ulnss II in .1, pui ho $:.'().
nrni iav.
liiiuuing, on' mnl out-half inilo,
freo for all, ptiisn $.10(1. Trotting
II in fi fri'ii for all, puise fllliU.
HI Mil mv.
Itlllliiing oiiii mill', uoveltv, 1st r,
850, '-'ml qr, loll, 11,1 nr. SMI, Ith (jr.
150, puro $'200. Trotting, U.ltl
clttsi, .1 in 5, puiso :lli().
Thu purses aggregate Sl'.'JOO
Premiums ;i,.'i00
Total $5,700
The Muttagtimoni Will do Fieri thing
in Their Power to F.ntortnin
anil Huiiollt tliu Public.
Cititmu of Wallowa, linker, Mnl
hour, llinui mnl Union counties, Huh
ih your Tlllltl) ANNCAL I )IS
TKIOf FA I II. ami llrmi.lo Hondo
Vnllov, "Tho (ImiloM of the i mis,"
with it bountiful hart oat of oioiy
dosiniblo product of thu liolil, orchard
mnl ganlon, gioots you with ti cor
dial welcome.
no lnthanck j' uk will uk
chahokd in any class
Bring Eeenj .Irtiele of
Merit from St'ahle. Pasture
Field, Urehard, Garden,
Dairy, Meadoir, Forest,
Aline -Priiitl Erery thing
bat your Dog. Letnsshoie
the People the I 'aried Ite
sourees of Eastern Oregon.
For lint of l'l-dimmim, Rule mid
Regulation!) nihlrowi,
A, (J. Mi i.i.Kit, oi K, S. MeCoMAS,
La Grande, Oregon.
The constant dripping of water
will wear away a stonr; the constant
gnawing of Toivser will nrnlye a
lx!ii'. the constant lover's a daisy.
mi think! a trusting maid, and n
constant advertiser in the one wlhi
get the trade.
. . .
MeniU-rx of the eilininif tr.ilion
have already begun to dim tm the
w aya ami meatu of raining thr mon
ey that it will ! nhditUlr weea
siry to have in the near future to
meet K'imiiti payment under the
preaui Ihhii. Stt.e nirt of a new
tux hn. pot to lw tiiiMMed. ami the
inoht of them deem inclined to Kit
it upon whikev by raiinn the rev
inue from '.hi cent p.-r gallon to
"nlni'tbilik: ! tv ll 11 J'1 .Hid fl "l
r jt ill.m
lit f. i u: l,i-inr r.nlr.i.iil and
ati .in. -bp k'- in- 'I igent"
I III. ! I'.l' ill s. s(i ll
i ah Tin: in ua t:rrtcT
C. iir Urr if lli V i H
I hH r 1 i '. i. i I ' K B
1. .1 iiuilv if Uul I. .rt.'jM fi -iili..t
. Iim i.i j u i . r i ri. 1 u i i i- ttl.M
I ili. umlUlui. SI. M l" H I.
.Kll 1'lfUK C... !., N..T.
I w ir,utilr,l vllh frcnuiui' nml Irtwl
manv ivmeOlr l.iit i.t n.i 11H- 1 bail )lil.Mt
J.-lul li.'ii . um.mmI) eHiinpiHli,-l I
ir Kii la Spit 1 1 r Ii ami look
I ul lll ( il. ulil. ti l.r .UKtil .i k mi
liflii,.ri ! c-nl c. r I Mi. r f.-if rw.'iii
ii.rtHi ilii rvfii- l All tiiJrrir, it u.-i
uuiiu 1I.411 etiMKU-.!. It iiM-nk linfir
litolII.K I'AMA.V.
A Vrtltiattln Ilok on Ntrou
IHmmi mx t fro to mr nJilr
im1 HMir itlriiu in tjtta
this tiuilt lup tvr nf )iarits
Yl rftH'-tlr t-n jiti-tvAfJ by tb iWvrr
rti i ritr K i.irf "f Fort V n. lint . tine WTfl,
ftuti U ikiw in itftrvd untlr ttU tlltxtrtlou bf th
KOENIC MED. CO., Chlcngo, III.
Sol.l lir Irik-klt Mt Hi prr I lot 1 1 0 fur
LarcoSlic. Wl 73. 0 Itottl for 1
W. l TCllM.I L' El!
and J EWE LEE,
Uakkii Cm, - Onr.iaiv
Detiler in
Mi.v) t.. Imii un ColUUrmU.
SC" Op(M .silo Union Moat Market,
.Main S'.rett.
To .lullS I.MNVM'i: Wll AM. I KKlMINS
I'l.UMIMI II V oil TIIUOI'illI til M
You are hereby notified thai
I lime ewinleil rloo.00 in lnlr
mid linpiovoiiieiitH upon the Orient
iiiine. Said mine was located May
1, l.s.'t by John Lniirnuco and is sit
tinted on the iliviiliug mlge botwei-ll
the loft bund fork of Dixie ueek and
Hull Hun, in the (Jiiart.hurg milling
dihtriot, in (iiaiit cuiiulv, Oiegou,
being (he aiimiiiit i tquiioil to hold
the Maine for the year lMHi, mid if
within IH) dnjs nfter thu lilsl pllbli
cation of t li ih notii'o uni frtil ui lefnse
to coiitiibute your proportion o such
expenditure as a co owner, your in
toroit in said claim "ill become Hie
propyl ty of tho mibucribor under
section 'JIt'JI of the Kuviaed Statutea
of tho Ciiiled Suitea.
.!fTiN 11 K.NMV.
Praiiie City, Or.. July J ), lSHI.
To tii k Hon. tiik Cot'My Coi nr
of the State of Oint'Oii. for
(irutit county.
We. tho undersigned your
petitioner most rospts'tfully repre
Mitt that mo are each ami nil rtsi
leiita and legal voter of DayMlle
prcciuf. in Haul count mid state,
mid wo auk that a license be guiuted
to T. ( '. Adkiii. to ki'll und dis ose uf
sjiiritUiiiis, ' inous mid malt Illinois,
in sin. I Dnywllo pieciiul, in less
ipi.uititles than one gal'oli fut a pe
riod of six uiouthh from the IJth ilii)
ul September, A. D. 1MU.
Datod this Ith day of August ls'.H .
Win Tniro, John llenttie, Willium
M ut i ay , Daniel Murray, (leorge
('ratio, 11 llingsinyer, Thoinns Con
nor, Ward Swift, J O Hrown, J h n
P Powell, F L Wood, Fred M L
Onion, Max KoIm-koii, SLCiohh, II
A Tluelkolil. Alex Murray, I M
Tiililmid, K StwrL A L lliown,
J W Orceiiwoll, II ('lint Hue, (ioorge
K cltl, Juliu Macdoiiuld, A 11 lingo.
I) A Stow.irt, F I'inlaysoii, Kuuuuth
F MHeltae, It S Smder, V. M Y mig
Notice is liHtel.y given that on Sat
urday, the I-ih day of September, A
I) I Ml I, the llllduisiglied will iippl)
to the Hon. County ooml, of the
Slate of Oiegou, for Orant eoiintv,
for the iaaUHiice of the licetiko men
tiaiied in the foregoing petitiun.
'I . U. AllKIKU,
Trouble In the Moon.
I'rof. J, I. Unv. of San Francisco.
who has Ihimi for aome mutithi im.t
1 clondv sludviiiK the moonV contour
tliroucli lua Brent telejK-utie. now
coiuca to the front with a Mat. 'incut
of ft MarlliiiK discovery of a riM'enl
terrible volcanic action in our long
eoni!erel dead satellite
l'or ame mouths a?l he has
Iwn of lh opinion that volcanic
action on the Moon, if it has Iteeii
extinct, h not so ivow, even though
li could not supply reaaons bv tin1
nebular livnollieais. "On the nidit
of June '.'i." says Prof. Hay, "mv j hwp or any kind of live stock along
theory waa conllrmitl as I gated up-! ''''if puhlie highway and cans
on our once ipiiet and mislest Luna, j 'ig Mich higliivay to In' obstructed
evidencing tremendous energv over , thereby with stone, earth or other
her whole surface which preacnted debris, and leaving the same to so
itwlf. 1 .iw that what here of late, remain fur more than twenty-four
have 1hhii comndered great gray i hours, shall l det'imil guilty of a
i. In in are in rrnlitv irreat sous, or
lui n liiikltitii ttlrida 111 t Briti till,
n. . use dheets. seming of water.
thrown thron'ah the lunar atmox -
pl.- re and finding n resting place at
1. .i.t n tboimaiid times from where
ib, y former! v were I saw grout
ii.i.imtnins s'ink tho whole hhkmi
Hw.iyedtoand fn, and everything
in the lunar heavens was in the
wildest confusion. I gar.ed with the
i.timit awe tiH)ii this awful sKcta-
le for hours, until the confusion
tinallv siilffideil. and there seemed
In 1 a dead calm ns lieforc 1 feel
i lullv conllileiil mat tne iihkhi whs
thrown tw'vcral'degrees out of her
course, and she is also jKirceptibly
nearer, K'rliaw 20,ihK) miles.
"Now how this inav nflecl the
natural order of thing I cannot tell
but aa the revolution of the moon is
caused by an instantaneous force
hurling our satellite into sluice and
the constant attractionof tiie earth,
then if this constant force of the at
traction of the earth increaswt as
the square of the distance decreases
and tliiti instantaneous force remains
the same, we we that the two no
lunger balance, ami this harmonious
action of forces would bo destroyed
ami tho iiiisiu will finally come di
rectly to earth, and terrible will lie
tho crush."
With the agricultural and miner-
lit . e i.- . n
nl development of I'.asteni Oregon
1 .. . . n . .
there is no reason that there should
not bo ten times the Mipulatioti there
is at present. The mines near Can
yon and linker cities, the coal mines i
at Fossil and liutler creek, with an
available route to market, will at- j
tract capital and sjpulatiou largely, ;
and in a few years this Krtion of!
Oregon will afford as giod a field
fur Investment as any part of the,
I'liited Stales The future of the
Inland ICmpire could not lw more'
promising than il is at present, and
the next decade will witness such a
revolution in business as will aston
ish the moxabneks who are indige
nous to this region. Mountaineer.
It is learned that the Kast Oregon
liailway Compaiiy will commence a
preliminary survey in the near fu
ture, 'fhe company was orgiiiued
some uionths ago at Pemlleton, for
the pui-jftc of building a railroad to
the llutter creek coal mines, and
the (ireenhorn milling district, tho
main lino to load from llcppner to
the coal mines, thenco lo Alba and
thence to (ireoiihorn, a branch to be
built from Pendleton lo the coal
mine. Several outside cajiitalists
are interested in tin' enterprise K
MaV' ll .' Mi' ul mmjr -o.i liilicraWo. i (In. li-jili l u. Hull. Ihilirx
all. r rain tmir tUiUia. li, li V. Ih'UAi'Imi.
Ii irtt i. i .,,.,( aij- liie. a film, "all itoiie"
l.c.iui;, ta. U1, coat. J tuui;u, au.1 Irr.'tu-
. larll uf ll.o Imw1, am
Dl8tro3S oo of tlio iiiur rcuninuii
AftOT Jiitonw. I)tiwili iliH't
Eating K,- vr.ll i.( Itwir. It
trulri rairlul. vriltriit
allriill.ui, nml a muni II.iu.rt rUru
parllla. arH bi-iiIIjt. )rl nutvljr au.l
I'tn.lciilly It t"i..' Urn t.iinli ami ullur
orcaiit, ipculal.-i tl.o Uljotiun, cuaiu a
pwI aiiH'tltii. ami y tliuj Sick
a i- rcmnliig ll. I.ical ) uij- u ' .
loun ii'tuoici tiio ijrMijia-Honcinctio
tin tic rSnrti (it tlia illiruo, tanltlin ttin
licuUrbit, ami rrf.'Iu ll.o tin .I inlml.
"IliaiK l-'ii Iri.iiUcU wllli ilripri'Sla. I
liail tut litllo &ftiln, r.nJ nliat I lnl rat
u. . ilittmtrii mo, nr .li. I nm
rionn Uld t,i j., a l(lUr
burn After calliia I wirtil.l r
rl'nrc a falntiii'M, ur tlri.l, all suno (ccllug,
at lli.iiiiili I l.a.l ii.itr. ti n aujll.tnu. My Iruu
til, I llilr.V. a assravatnt lijr mr ImiliM'm, It that of n ..liitr. ai..l fn-m U'tiiji
nieri' tr lr lmt U In a Sour
rcnu Willi fir Ji aliit. Lam ,u i tiu n.r. Harm- aiomacn
rllta-turk ti'.'s lHt:i. ll ili.l mv an
liuiiirDtc atanuut i t r -"'- It Kt ns) an
apiniar, ami n y f' 'l r- l.-t.--I ail t.ui-luHl
lt,i i-nilnj l linl l' l"H.U) rxix-fwuccJ."
Uu ni.K A. I', aIi rt..Ali, Mat.
foWbraiUrurllili fl ! ..r f ITM"-l attl
tijC I llooli co,Ai,0.rU.l l. !
IOO Douou Ono Dolli"
Warnlnc to Owners of t.lve StocV.
The follow ins atate law
proveil by (mvernor I eunoyer, l-eb-1
rmiry 'M, 1SUI;h-u1 iaone that ytm-k-
men -liouin netni
"An act to prevent and punish
the driving or herding live-atock
along or near public lughuaya (nut
toll roads) and causing the same to
le obstructed,' mid is as follows-
He it enacted by the legislative
assembly of the stale of Drcgon.
Sec 1 That anv jM'raon or jn-r-sons
drivintt or henlinit or causing
i to Ik driven or herded, cattle, homos.
iiiiwleineanor, ami uiion conviction
i thereof shall ! lined in
anv sum
I nut exceeding two hundred dollars,
' ""Hi line to be enforced aa other
' Ihhw in cnininal cast-, and jtisticed
of the pnco of tho county wlH-ro I
I '' olleiiw in committeil shall have
I ".riKitinl jtiriwlictioti of tilt violation
Oregon farmers are said lo be
gradually getting out of debt, and
as there is retried to lie a dcciea.e
in the amount or mortgage imlccleil
! neas from venr to vear. such inav
IM- tiie taw. As lite principal ev
lainae of oening up the wilderness
lias Ik'Oii paid by tho first settlers,
it would win that Uh fruitful a
country as this ought to work out
f ,ebt very rapidly, and it doubt-
less would do so, were it not for the
lack of traiiSKr(atiuii fa.ilities. and
the exorbitant tarilT taxes which the
farmers are called on to U-'ar with
out any cnrrcaHiitling rextiltmit
benefits. Time will show under a
different administration uf national
n Hairs one of these duys that the
Oregon Farmer will not only work
out of debt, but that ho will come
us tiHiir getting rich its any class of
agriculturists in tho world. When
the Nicarmigua caunl is completed
and the tranaverse valleys of the
state have each its railroad to salt
water, the development of tho state
: i.l i.. i : -...i
in "I'liuii mil oiiiv ic i on ii v in i ci i .
.... ' ,
Sa l w ater traimiMirtiitioii is n erent
i e- - ---
thing for any country, but a dead
and sn I tod-down war tanll is great
er. .Iacksoll tile 'fillies.
Chincie Mini Succci.ful Siiiui;i;Ich.
'file sleek-faced, tmsin eyed Celes
tials are the most successful amug-
glers. There is no sirlion of a ves-
sel or its cargo sacred or safe from
I the manipulations of the rascals,
j T hey have the deadly drug plaited
I in their ipieties. ipulted in their
j clothing, packed in the cork soles
oi their sIiik-s, ami tnckeii away in
the soft, clinging folds of their silk
handkerchiefs. They have false
bottoms and aides to their camphor
wood trunks., false lotloma to their
cisiking utensils, and they are false
all tho way through. They will
construct material lo resemble coal,
till the interior with opium ami
place it in the coal bunkers until all
suspicion is allayed and the steamer
discharged, tlu-y construct tin lsixes
to lit around the tiiasta and coer
their deception with fnlM- mast
coats well calculated to deceive the
inexperienced eye of a landsman.
They will store it away in boxes uf
tea. cover it up with preserved ging
er, ami have it they will, despite all
efforts to suppress the practice
'fhe visit of the resirler these
days fail to break the monotony of
everv-dav all'aira. lie must ate tint
high life below stairs und low life i
h'kivo stairs in order to garner m
the newt) of current evenU as full v
j n jMNtbihlo. With shariK'iicd jh-ih 1 1
i ho niton intercepts ami interview
an unsusjH'cting individual, ami by
j following the Socrntic methisl gain
I intelligence which would otherwise
! never be read by the public Some- '
! time he strikes ore rich in every
' iinrti uhir; but on other occasion !
i he micstinu and cross-iiuesliou mid 1
nothing there is no "pay j
dirt." Such i the life of a reporter
I mid some of the hardship to which
it is incident
I'liiuu Pneilie SvsUiin oilers un
eipiiilled facilities to tourist en
route to all sjint east. Vestibule
Sleepers, Diners, Free Cars thiough
to Missouri river and Chicago with
out change.
lie ell'ei'U of the hut weather in
cast have been terribly fatal.
I In New York tho ambulances have
been kept busy carrying victims to
the hospital, while jieoplo elimbed
to tho lioutctnM and gaod all
night. Tho heat reaches from VI to
1U0 in thy sliaily.
Mil. HriVci of Scapxxie Kelatci
Kttiicucc witli Dr. Uatrin.
Mt Fditor My lav was serious- i U'T "n" or nnle out of ashmg
lv nith rhen.natisn. in the l" City nftrr his crime was known
nrin and wrist It became m, bad , ;uul '"'V,!' w,'ri" " ,,IM ,rn('k n'"1
and inllained that mi aln .s furined ! " 7wn foU,,"L ,Sonu'
and pt.ces of lame came from it. i has killed a number of women in
Dr. Darrin curcil him with electric-1 h,,,,,rl V' ol1'' ",ost
it V. We are pleased bevond ex-1 I."'!'""""" districts, where htiiiiamty
iression ai d wish you to publish
this. I have iiIki boon under Dr.
Damn's care and successfully treat
el for heart trouble nml general de
bility. Mits. It. .1. Fkaki:,
ScapKHis, Or.
'. . - . ..
I)ca(iu nut l In i; iic In the 1!ji CuicJ.
Ktlitor Oregonian, Dear Sir For
Id years I have been deaf, nucomtin-
mm wmi ringing uiusch in my ears,
I ..I...I ...I.l. .1 I
! ,,r I'arrin cured me in
hy electricity. Hefer to
ii. ii . i .... ? .
.- miuiiios
me at the
curlier of V and Ulackstonc streets, mime desperate i limiiialu are hedg
Purtlaiid. 1 los-this w ill encourage j ed about with an atmosphere of ini
others In their relief, I remain yours ' penetrability and tindiscoverable
trulv, Wm. II Ct MMis'n. ness.
Dr. Darrin treats with electricity
and medicine all curable chronic,
acute mnl private diseases, blood
lainta, lot or failing inaiTliootl, nor -
vous debi'ity. ellirts of errors, or ex -
cesses in olil or young,
ory, disease caused bv
loss of mem-
the iliipniiM-r
treatment of private
diseases, irregularities
and never publish in
in women,
thu paH-rH
Ollice- 70 J Washington street, Port
land. Or , ami I he Normandy. Seat
tle. Hours: 0 a in to S p m ,
daily. K.xainimitinus free and con
fidential, tit"itinu blanks ami cir
culars sent gratis to any address.
Patients cured at home after one
visit lo the doctor's ollice Medi
ciuissciil to any address without
tho doctor's name appearing.
A writer speaking of tho result of
last year's boom throughout the
towns and cities of the west, says:
"'fhe preM'iit stale of things is per
fectly natural, 'fhe towns cannot
develop far in advance of the coun
try which must sustain them. They
have had their Usiiu, hut unforfuu
alely Ikmiiiis do not clear lauds for
tho farmer, ujien profitable mines,
or develop a great shipping trade in
a day. I he towns have grown tun
fast, ami, though much against
their will, they must wait ror the
country to catch up It is a com.-
try worth waiting for, a land of.
splendid resources and an assured
future. Hut he is a forehanded
fanner w ho can add to his tillable
a lea more than two or three acres a
vear in that region of dense finest
foday the farmer is lovermg the
sky with the smoke of burning logs,
but the process of clearing land for
the plow is slow and Intuitions. Ilich
coal Holds ami mountains of metal
are there, but il takes tune to at
tract sullicienl capital to open the
mines, liailmad building, too, is
at a standstill. It is high time the
boom went out of business ill these
wi stern towns. They are bettor oil
without it. If they never we it
again they will In- just as big and
prosM-rous in the long run as nature
means them to be and as human
enterprise can make them: and
without the boom they will attain
the full limit of their development
just us ipiickly, and with a good
deal less wear and (ear during the
'fhe fog was no thick recently
that million of wild geese became
liewildered mid lit in Hurtle's mead-
ow, where they were caught by tho
(sackful. The'fnu' was so thieli that
a man's hand could not be seen be- i
fore his face, but evcryliody caught
large number of gi eso being attract
ed lo thein by the panting of tho
exhausted bird. Ily evening a
cold snap occurred, mid next mo'rn
ilig the geese Were found ill Vast
ipiantitic, their feet friuoii to fences,
tree, etc., on which the bird had
lit. .lerouie Itastel
Cox estimated they
and Cncln (ieo.
had nine mile
down by the
ol leucing lirnKeil
weight of the geese. McCluiid
Hi vor Pioneer.
'fhe Ciiioii Pncille System have
on sale excursion mid single trip
ticket of all classes, to all ioiuts,
which are sold at reduced rates
daily for regular trains. '
'fhe price of wheat has advanced '
considerably in tho I'nited States
and Kurojic, within the last week,,
mid the market still shows mi up-,
ward tendency. i
It took some of Salem's mechanics j
sixteen days to 0eti a safe that re
fused to hmsl thu comhiuntiou rack-!
ot. T hoy would not miikij huucoiw- J
All burglars,
Tascott killed n millionaire in thu
heart of Chicago many month ago,
and has never been found. Marsh,
' the ilcfnitit intf K t.vutiiiin Inti.L- rutt.
I. ..,. ...... .. 1 ..I I
limn rMiiiiiri, iiiui mi ii ,1-iHiilIlil
Ynrtra detectives have never boon
able to smell his trail. Some two
or three weeks ago a desierado
walked into a bank in an Ohio town
killed the cashier, utole what money
was in sight, walked out into the
street, in broad daylight, liting his
revolver at everyone in sight, walked
across a Held into n urove. and
though in a few minutes hundred
of men were soarchim: for him. he
.1 I. t
lias not yet oeeiunsoovereii. .Manv
., ... . ,
otiii-r casoH inigiii no iiioiiiioiuhi
I w Inch might seem to evidence that
, The latest p0Kisithn of tho
j treasury looters is to pension clerks
who have completed a certain term
' of ollice. not urged that tho
' payment of these cuiiiliiviea i less
or their work more arduous than
in i tho employment of ordinary mortals
who may not hojie for pensions, but
, the theory upon winch the looters
, proceed is probably that the average
1 l . t r
government clerk has so much tiino
to spare that he is led to spend his
money, without making duo pro
vision for old age.
A gentleman in Lo Angeles hna
grow n in his yard, within tho city
limits, this season two bunches of
banana that have rieuod fully ami
are pronounced by good judge a
line fruit as could bo grown any
where. 'fhe governor of Texas has been
instrumental in saving some II.IKXI,
(XH) acres of laud to that state, 'fhe
i:overnor's name i Hoee. but ho is
not the kind nf a hog that wants
'everything in the trough himself.
j - .
I 'fhe fact that the mayor of Conn
jcil lllull. wants all former negro
, slave pensioned suggests the ipies-
lion, Haven t thov an iiismio asv- i
,, in ,.,..
, Mr. Parnell has finally deciihsl to
visit tho I'liited State this fall and
1 conduct a campaign.
; Texas is first, California secnuil
and Oregon third ill tho produ tiou
of sheep and wool.
lr imt ' UI.IHX) to irllil tliu iliiine III the
xti.t. Ii.'ii ia Ihmlon.
A li... i IN I ill. I Ullelli'tl is to ln im
lulill.lifil III New York.
Nmv YiitiMCn every yenr hiiii1
Si.voii.ixkj fur uiiihri lliu.
( un alii Uit . l,!ii:i hotelh, with u
total cupui H.V for 11'., 000 trtieau.
Itolil III WU. of ISroolilyn. own the
ulil i.'iiii with whieli Urn. I I'litnnin fclmt
the ivulf
A ii. an ii at a lariru I'hllRilelphla
h.ili-l U worth fMO.WHi, while the pro
prietors are Insolvent.
I'oiim year. a:ro n New York man
murl.i'.l i UurU r mnl i.l It lul clreu
I itluii. It han jnt relin m il t i lilm
I'nii mi i lilt a tafcte U growing
rri'in liy. The Ki'ni rnl ejirhnnire Mhin
ti. Ih I'htnlilUheil liui. U'eii ilirUleneil
" The PMInilrlplila Itnlifw."
A Ni.w iua mail who hiul U'eii
kieketl liy n hop," ami but sllfflilly In-Jun-il
mumI the owner of the animal fur
f'ai.isHJ tilnl rewiveri'il a venllel fur
Ht.'iOu re,-eiitly.
A ll.l timoiii' tii-tit liinl enra.'lie eoii
tlini.illy for elei n yenrs. 1 'iinil l he
icoovereil ami ilellxlit ilrotrehim Iiikjiii.
A I. Il l I K cliilil 111 Wu.vueUirti. Ilu ,
Hwallowi'il a ralvunl4i Iron htnple uinl
exis-rt.-ne. it im liail n-uiill'. fnmi It.
I In Mi I. Ml, of riittfclow n, tut a
thrviuleil nrislle out of the fun! of Wll
Hul l Kills the other Uov Kill', ill.l nut
llliuw hntv It Jfit there, hut has illfere.1
from it for wrerul yoitr
A Mihiiiti Isty 'nt t.i UoiIm Hie
fur meili.-nl trcntment N uhiioriiiall)
fun. 1 1 f water, iilth'iiitfh pnvtiUN to mi
m . nl. .ti.ntlM;f Milne m.mthk U"u he ns htnniir an iiveistiin to It. I'ur
the iufct two mniitha he )iu ts'eu i illluj,'
in tub of water, nml M-renins a. If In
the j.-n-aU'kt agony when out of hi
hne teli.
Ilrr I.miIIi Vu l.trtit- liiiiiusti,
iliut Tutliiii; Ml slint'tHi was born
with a kilvt-r .ooii in Ii.t uiiiiilli
Miss Ii mllnir luflt-r u yliuu-e nt tli.-
mutithi T'ubltiiSMiu?- Jury.
'I'm, tflfU nml bet-piests riM'wbetl ilur
Intf the mj1 ye by Vale i-Olli-ife a;,.
irreifitte Ifl.l.H.vli. i greator tiuiuiliil
than in any ytuu of thu lilstory of tJie
eolli'ije Tint attenilsnee wn thu
largnt Mer rotjonlml lu thu unlurt.lty.
Ilia HuU'Ul Wly uutuWrluif l.iiti
Till ill nre l.'-fl WM.sTU wutolirn In u
a! I he tre-M'nt lime
Tin littil Mnlne olnireh fair wrlnklr
Is ser mi; )"' oreaiu on a shingle.
Iii.snsissnv that It Is a physical Im
sssll illty to set illtimiinils III teeth.
A li v Mill r. of Mich, litis broken
lite rissir.l of shiirlii it man In twenty
l M'lNtttlU.
Ar llltmltiKlntui, Ala., tlirre Is nit olil
hen u I. ieh hills sparrow s. Shn couxea
tlii'in tip w Ith bttit.
A U'i.i i imiton Kan 1 man sohl Iwo
pntli ie ili. Inst week to n Now YoiW
man fur set cut v il.illnrs
Tun Mi-ii laert'liitlits haniltn s larxT
itinniuit of reaily money than itny oilier
i'Iiiks of business men
Two tol mi men In llitlTulo, on hnvliiK
a sHtt titer it tainlein bicycle whloh
the, iKittHht Jointly, took the iiiNcltlue
iiHiit mnl eni'li wns I'iven lutlf.
A ci.l.vr.n bitlniielni- net It erliiriiieil
by it mull In it I'nrit vlreus. He initkua
n tower ol twenty I'liitiupiiK'tie Ixiltli
mnl Nrelien himself on the summit,
I lt lllM'KI K. of AutiTli'iis, (ill . tins a
lin-ee of ehlliaw.tie seien bllil
elKhlJ two Scars , '',. tlnto, 1 100.
is pliilnly slituiM'il mt tiie Iniitoui uinl
Its only llnw is n liinken liamlle.
A mom i nt Anliiime lint stteil hei
IiiisIhiiiiI fur the reeoteryof her fnlsr
tivtli She bit bun nml lie look them
nwny from her
A IlKXtr.n (Me I man wants nil'tnrVf
fiMiu his wife of four weeks' Muiiillinf
Inviiiim she refuses lo uiaUe llapJuoliM
areorillug to ins reeiM
A I a iiveitl II.M,tiin wi'ilillni', ns the
new IV'iltnrrieil pair wen' IlKiri'liliitf
iluwn the nisle. the ornunlst plunl fur
n ifi'fssiomil the well-kuiiwu liytnii:
"Hint nut, l lirlttliin Soliltrr, Murchlnif
on to ll nr "
As object of Intei-ett ami curiosity nl
Tovka Is n bri.le who mnliitiiiueil a
e. irresiu.lein-e with her liiisbamt for
f. iurteeit years wnhuiil seeing him In
nil that time nml withuiii carry lag on u
lllrtnti.m it Ith any other mini
Noltlll I'tlim is t netfro hlreil a ear
rlaire to tnke him nml his sit ri'thrnrt to
the church in winch they were In Ik
in irrleil, lent iter htm no money with
which to it fur the license The wcit
illiilf i:trtf walte.l until itnyllhl nnxt
inuriiiii-r. hv tthich lime he hu.l uo
OiS'ile.l ttt -aiiii the license money. ,
A III im uf eighty lite billTillo will
tc cxliihitc.1 at the fair
Jll tx bus tu'.cit.'.l the lurltntluii to
purti. 1,1 .tc 1 1 the cxKH.itiuti
Ktto .ii li'.i I'lli'isii, n ( hlticvt nier-
I'hlllll ill Hull; Uullg, lilts llpllci fur
apace mi exhibit uf Chinese pMsls.
Dm ut Mini, n rn.uuMi Mildlcis
Kiitheicil from the lemihir nrmy unit
lint i. null imunl ttunhl make un eireclito
fenlure i.f the world'n fnlr, no (len,
Mill thltiliH,
ll Is nest toeeitniii llmt the exisl
Hull tt ill Ih' open etcllllltfs, III 111) of tin)
ilcpnrttiieiiU The illicit. irv bus enlleil
fur . ins mill estiinutes fur 'iiaiit ll) IT. by
clectrietiy, all in Hie liillhluigs.
Ol'l lciAI. iuveitiii'e uf the liivltntinu
t.i pinticiiiite In the ex.M,ltiiiii him re
.enlly U-eu reeeivcil from Ntciiriigun,
lilll, Sun I . nil I n'i , Turkey, Ku.vpt anil
iK'niii.irti 'i'weiity-une forelgu uutloiis
b ite nutt necepleil.
A mv tl. bus U-eu fuitiiil fur the elht-
lay ehs-k It Is Mute, I Unit n Liver
jKi III. in linn iliveuteil mi eli-hl-ility
level watch.
I'M.t Mtur sa.l.lle, tthlch mny bo
lllleil with either air ur water, hns been
Invelileil by It I'nrlhlau l'or rlillnj; lung
.lUtaiietis. either un hurschuck or ou u
bicycle. It is n ileslilcratiiui.
'I'm: n -wei.t iiiii.'rael( In the hnmls of
the street isnl.llcr ii, u little trifle sin
iihtk bank, n wmaleii iHitttlih a tiny
ilrawci tt lileh uH'ii to receive a coin,
nml I.m's the coin uiysterlniisly when
ever it is skill.
I'm smallest "iiKxiiikhlne." illstill. ly
ever cupliircil by the rctcr.iie ollli.eris
tvioi fuitiiil leeently In Atluctii, (in., nml
sent to itkliinulnu n u curiosity lu
enpacily is iiUnit three ir.illims. It Is
cun .triK'te.l an ns lu M oS'rnte on tt 1 1
onliimry eouklu stove nml It Is coin
plete in every iletiill.
TlIB iTK niti that Mime tt'nile "love at
tlrst sljfht'' is bccnUM- they ilnn't liiiow'
eiteh ulher thi n Columbus I'ust.
iicn a (flrl turns up her nose it Isn't
generally lu order that you limy kl's
hel li inure easily. Somervllle Jour
nal. ll it t vi uim a little higher tlirtu the
uinrk," aavs n phlluMipher Wluil! Kiss
it K'rl un the nose? Never! -Ailrinn
Dally Time".
A I'iiii. tir.i i'iiia young man recontly
hiIhtIIm'.I fur it wife nml his sister an
atvereil lu must eases, liotveter, lh
oilii;r iiiiui iI.kji nut rM'itpe mi eiislly.
New York lleeonler
Ir weakens it young man's culliii
she m, im matter hint iiiucli he iiuty be
In love, when be gets the llrsl
kioniite letter (mm ih iiiiimuraU uinl
Hints that she siiclls tlear ' i!e" "Soui.
i rt illc .lunni.'.l.
A 1 in:.t i mr 1 1. MTfurinnnce wut g'veu
tit llnlinurnl ensile recently In which
the pint, were taken by ineiiilien of
i.'nci'U Vi. tiirln's liniiM'hiilil.
I.lin Sai i.w l.l.l. has tifc.'kctl his great
park lu Kent. Kng , with wihl Umr for
the purswe of Indulging his friends lu
it hour hunt of the true medieval order.
Tun niot'HAMi dollars was paid fur a
pulu my two w cells ago by Iird Dud
ley. The smy U'longcd to Mr. Joliu
Watsnii, a member uf ttw tcum tlutl vW
Mi. i.'uwpol ttan yJiti agj.
- t
. 1